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Sony :: VAIO VGN-SZ483N Drivers For Vista X64

finding drivers (Vista 64 bit) for my Sony VAIO VGN-SZ483N. I have the original Vista x86 drivers, but as expected most of them does not like to be installed on a Vista x64 O/S.

Is there a site that someone could recommend please, or has someone with an SZ4xx attempted this "upgrade" and is willing to share his/her experiences.

I have tested my gaming machine with x64 against x86 (both Vista) and could say with reasonable confidence that the x64 installation outperforms the x86 installation without a doubt. It would really be good to change the O/S to x64 from the OEM x86.

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Sony :: Vista Drivers For VAIO VGN-NS10L
anyone know here i can download the vista drivers for this notebook.

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-cr140e And Vista 64 Bit Drivers
I have a SONY VAIO VGN-CR140E with intel core2 duo CPU T7100 1.8Ghz (which is 64 bit capable)

It came with 2 gig RAM,i recently upgraded to 4 .

I knew 32 bit Vista won't use all 4 gig ,but what i did not know was that if i go with 64 bit Vista i'm not gonna have the drivers i need..

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Sony :: VGN-Z Windows 7 X64 Drivers
IIt seems than Windows 7 brings many drivers, that works well - no need for installing all Software, which are suggestet here:

Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z
Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z

My first challange was to get Dualboot WinXP, and Win7x64 to work.

Short solution for the EFI GDT Problem
//Edit: see VGN-Z Windows 7 x64 Drivers for a better way (with advanced Menu)
(only needed for x64, if you doesnt want to format your disk)

Create 3 folders c:efi-iso c:efi-exe c:efi-dvd

Download oscdimg.exe from [url] into c:efi-exe

Extract iso using 7Zip or WinRAR (Or copy the contents of the DVD) into c:efi-dvd

Start up a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd)
Type: cd c:efi-exe.............

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Sony :: Z-VGN Z555dn X64 Drivers
I checked the sony site for x64 drivers and it seems that my PC can now have x64 drivers. My question is, why are there so few drivers on that page. There are no video drivers at all. Will vista find the correct drivers for the video and all the other pieces of hardware.

Here is the link to the drivers:

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Dell :: Drivers Installation Sequence For Windows XP X64 And Vista X64
I have a lot of stability issues with Factory Vista x64 installation, I will try to install from scratch Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista x64, I am not very familiar with Dell Notebooks (ex Lenovo guy), please could you tell me where I can find the correct installation sequence for all the drivers and tools?, I did some tests already, but I was not able to successfully install Dell Control Point, I got and error in the middle of the installation, I think I am doing something wrong, also I have installed the driver for UWB, but I do not find the tool to setup the Wireless USB hub?

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Sony :: Windows 7 X64 Drivers Novatel Expedite VGN-TZ 270n
I just finished installing Windows 7 x64 on a VGN-TZ270n and everything works great,

all hardware working well except the novatel expedite integrated Sprint card. I can't find any drivers that will work with the card.

I've tried a few Vista drivers and none seem to work

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Sony :: NVidia 9300M GS Win7 X64 Drivers For The VGN-z540
Has anyone installed Windows 7 x 64 on your VGN-z540 laptop? I tried nvidia's web site, guru3d, sony etc. but I can't can't find drivers that Windows 7 will accept on my 540 laptop. Every other piece of hardware works including the intel video it natively detected. I can't seem to get it to recognize the nvidia driver. The driver won't install from setup. I can manually try to force it by selecting the device, update drivers, select manually but it says it wasn't the right driver even though it is the 64 bit driver for nvidia and it has the 9300m GS listed many many times in the list.

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Sony :: Vgn-fz470e Upgrade To Vista Ultimate X64
I have a sony vaio VGN-FZ470E model and I was wondering if it can be upgradable to Vista Ultimate x64.

Are there drivers for this model, if yes where would I be able to download them.

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Sony :: Vista Business 64 Bit. On SZ483N
I'm thinking about installing Windows Vista Business 64 bit (replacing the current 32 version of the same) on my SZ-483N.

Now my only concern is if in fact the drivers available for my notebook at the following website, will actually work on the 64 bit version of the windows. Any help or information in this regards will be duly appreciable.

Product Driver Page: [url]

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Sony :: VGN-CR590C! Driver Related (Upgraded From Vista X86 > Win7 X64
I used to have Vista 32-bit on here and I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit. The problem is that the Sony website doesn't release Windows 7 64-bit drivers for my model as it is only sold with Vista 32-bit.


As you can see, there is no drop down menu anywhere to select which operating system I have.

And here:
it says that Windows 7 is not supported. (I have ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and my computer seemed to check out and pass all the system requirements.)

where all necessary driver updates for my computer are, as many things I've noticed either don't function the same or at all as they used to when I had Vista?

Here's a list of all the problems that I've noticed so far.

- Scroll on touch pad didn't work (Resolved by downloading Synaptics drivers)

- Plugging into the headphone jack didn't do anything (Resolved by downloading Realtek drivers but Windows Update keeps insisting I install their Realtek drivers which brought up the problem again)

- Volume buttons change the volume in very tiny increments and doesn't show the levels on screen (Major issue for me.)

- Doesn't support Dual/Multi Monitors

- Doesn't recognize MIDI Controllers (Resolved. Not sure how.)

- Card reader doesn't work. (Another major problem.)

- Webcam doesn't work. (Built-in mic seems to work fine.)

- "AV Mode" button does nothing (I've never had a use for this button but before it would make the whole screen go black.)

- Can't use the brightness up/down function keys

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Sony :: How To Do A Vista X64 Clean Install On The Vaio Z
I have a Japanese VGN-Z90NS, and after getting it back from Japan for a minor repair, decided to put Vista Ultimate x64 on there to take advantage of my entire amount of memory.

Some may have seen this thread:
Sony Z HD install and 64bit upgrade problems

On at least the older Vaio Z series (the Z90, Z5xx in the USA, etc.), I have confirmed that the EFI thing is an issue if you try to install a slipstreamed SP1. I happen to have a genuine Vista Ultimate x64 install disc that is RTM, and it installed just fine with no EFI issues.

To get the 64-bit original Sony drivers, download them here or here.

Once you download all of the Sony drivers, download Universal extractor from here, and run it against all of the EXEs you downloaded to strip the model check.

To get the Intel 4500 graphics driver, download it here

NOTE: My Z does not have the built-in camera or fingerprint security, so you'll have to figure that out on your own. Somehow my notebook no longer has bluetooth after being fixed (looking into that ...), so that isn't in this list either. I do have one device that I can't find a driver for, and I bet it's bluetooth since everything else is fine. I'll update if I sort it all out.

Install Process that works:
1. Vista x64
2. Vista x64 service pack (if needed)
3. Intel chipset driver - reboot required
4. Intel Matrix Storage Manager (I have the RAIDed SSDs and definitely need this) - reboot required.......................

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Sony :: VGN-TZ90S Vista To XP, Drivers
I'm trying to downgrade my wife's VGN-TZ90S from its default Vista to XP. I made a separate partition and installed XP then fixed the bootloader so it would load dual boot properly. The problem I'm having is I cant get a lot of the drivers working. For instance the graphics seemed to be straight forward, but none of the seemingly suitable intel gfx drivers work and when it tries to detect the integrated gfx via their website it says it doesn't recognise it.

getting all the hardware working in XP?

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Sony :: No Drivers For Vista Ultimate On VGN-CR4000
I just installed Vista Ultimate on the hard drive partition of my Sony Vaio Notebook (VGN-CR4000). The other partition has Vista Home and is working fine as it came with the original laptop.

I am not able to see any wireless networks to connect to the internet on the Vista Ultimate OS. This is because I do not have the drivers.. right?

I tried to find drivers on the Sony website, but there are none for my model. What can I do?

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Sony :: VGN-FW375J Downgrade Vista To XP, Drivers
I' got a new VGN-FW375J laptop, it was cheap, but I would like to downgrade Vista Home to XP, and need drivers.

I have an original XP Disk but that does not installing. because first I need to download somewhere a driver to Blue-Ray disk driver, to unpack my XP disk and to incorporate there that driver and burn a new boot disk.

But the first a have to be sure that there are all driver for this laptop or it will be a waist of time.

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Sony :: Vaio SZ491 VCC5 X64 Vista/Win 7 Driver
could not find the x64 driver for vcc5 cam. Can anyone point me to it ? This is a major dealbreaker for me to upgrade to 64 bit.

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Sony :: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Drivers On VGN-SR190
I own a vgn-SR190. I recently had HD failure, so had to buy new HD and reinstall vista. My original version of Vista was Business 32-bit. I didn´t make a recovery disc. So I went out and bought vista ultimate 32-bit. Figured I wouldn´t have problems, but I did.

I´m having the driver issues that someone in another thread talked about, when you get the problem with vaio mode switch and the battery issue. I downloaded the drivers for Vista Business, figured it would be the same for Ultimate. But I just read someone´s post here that the home premium 32-bit drivers are the same as the ultimate 32-bit drivers. Is that true? if it is, I would just have to download the home premium drivers. I just wanted to know if anybody knows for a fact that the home premium drivers are the same as the ultimate drivers, seeing as the business drivers are obviously different.

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Dell :: AHCI Drivers Vista X64
I am looking into installing Vista Ultimate x64 and was wondering if there is anyone here that has upgraded to vista 64 bit and what they did as far as drivers go. Mainly I am just trying to get all of the drivers ill need found before doing anything.

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Sony :: FW Drivers- Vaio VGN-FW463J/T
I have recently bought Sony Vaio VGN-FW463J/T, with windows vista 64 bit.

i want to upgrade my laptop to windows 7 32-bit, but the drivers available are of 64-bit windows vista,

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Sony :: Drivers Cam For Vaio VGN-FW31J
I bought this laptop:SONY VAIO VGN-FW31J

I cannot find the drivers for cam. I entered in web page of SONY and I could not find this drivers. [ link ]

As result he is not installed the program and I cannot speak from MSN.

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Sony :: Vaio Tz 91 Vista Drivers?
anyone know where I can find vista drivers for my sony vaio tz91?

(The recovery partition no longer exists and i don't have dvd's of drivers due to it being a 2nd hand machine

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Sony :: Where Can I Find Laptop Drivers- VAIO VGN-FS415M
Struggling to get the drivers for this model


Windows XP

On Sony website the link is not accessible

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Sony :: Where To Get Windows XP Drivers For VAIO VGN-AW11Z Laptop
I wanted to buy a laptop from a local dealer. Its a Sony Vaio AGN-AW11Z pre-installed with Windows Vista. I hate Vista. So I requested that he downgrades it to Windows XP SP2.

He called back and said he cant find all the hardware drivers for XP. Has anybody been able to downgrade this notebook successfully? If so where can one get the drivers?

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Sony :: Re-Installing Vista On Vaio VGN-NR240E
I'm a computer programmer and im having problems installing vista on a sony vaio. (to install XP i have to slipstream drivers into the isntallion which takes too long to do)

so i want to reinstall vista at this point for now my last install of vista somehow got screwed up oneday i booted up and it was missing windows files so i formatted it burned a vista install cd everything boots fine the install screen come up ....

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-BX195ep Vista Install
Just had a hard drive failure on my VGN-BX195ep lapton, I bought a new hard drive, but when installing one of my recovery discs (application disc) is not recognised.

I have a new Vista Home Premium here unsed, so thought I would try that. It installs fine, but I am really struggling to get the Sony Drivers to make it work.

I am without Wireless Lan, Flash drives and also have ? makrs on device manager on Biometric processor (fingerprint I guess) Mass Storage Controller, and two unknow devices which are listed as Intel 82891FBM LPC INt Controllers.

I have spoken to Sony support who claim the original installed drivers should work, but they they have errors on intall due to wrong operating system.

where I can find drivers?

why the Wireless lan does not work as it seems fine in the device manager? But when turned on, apart from the light on the front it is not working?

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-ns10l- Want To Replace Vista With Xp
Sony Vaio vgn-ns10l

I try to boot from cd via the xp disc but receive a blue screen of death after 20 seconds or so. I guess the hard drive is locked and needs formating etc. can vista be replaced ok? do i need to worrie about chipset, and is there drivers for the sata HDD on xp for this machine?. any information on how to replace vista with xp?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Vista Clean Install With Drivers
if there was a way to do a clean install of Vista (preferably Ultimate 64-bit) on the Vaio Z and have functioning s1/s2 and speed/stamina and Wlan controls. I found the guide for 7, I was wondering if there was something like it for vista, or at least a place where i can get the drivers. My viao Z came with alot of "bloatware", and i'd like to have it snappy.

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Sony :: Complete Set Of Vaio (AW Series) Drivers AND Instructions For Clean Install Of Vista

My system is VGN-AW190.

There are already a couple of "guides" floating around that describe how to install a clean copy of Windows on Sony laptops.

The process is fairly simple and involves installing certain Sony software and drivers in particular order (according to Sony).

For FW series, the guide is here: Official Vaio FW Clean Vista Install Guide

When I first installed Windows Vista Ultimate, I had no problems getting everything to work EXCEPT for the following:

1) CompactFlash (JMicron JMB368 ExpressCard CF) driver is not available on Sony's web site. When inserting the card, it does not show up as a drive in Windows Explorer. After some time playing around, I figured the following 2 ways to make it work:

a. Insert your card, go to device manager and click on "scan for hardware changes"
b. Boot Windows while the card is inserted

2) SD card slot works but is not mapped to any drive. While Ricoh MS driver automatically creates a drive, there is no driver on Sony's web site that would do the same for SD slot.

Sony's support is useless to a point where they told me that the reason why my CF cards do not show up and there is no drive mapped to the slot is because the laptop does not support cards larger than 4GB (and I have only 8GB Sandisk cards) What a joke. I finally managed to get a 2nd tier technical guy on the phone who said that Sony does not provide CF drivers and that there is nothing they can do about it..........

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Sony :: Installing An X64 OS On My VGN-Z21WN/B
I am currently running the Windows 7 RC1 beta on my VGN-Z21WN/B. It comes with 4GB RAM but from my understanding a 32 bit OS will only be able to use 3 GB of them. Also, the system actually has over 4GB since (at least im told) the RAM in the graphic card should also be added into the total amount.

Now you understand why I would like to use a x64 OS instead, so here comes my problem: Whenever I try to install one the computer gives me a BSOD and does a physical memory dump. The installation itself is no problem, but when I log in it crashes.

I have attempted with two different Win 7 RC1 x64 discs and a official Windows Vista x64 disc from Microsoft and the result is always the same.

After too many failed attempts I decided to give up and reload my old installation using the image tool (which works wonderful!) and now I am using Win 7 RC1 x86 again.

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Sony :: Can't Restore The System, Even With Restoration CD's- Vaio VGN-CR120E, Vista 32-bit
My mother's laptop had some issues, so I decided to completely restore the system. Restoration went through, however when it booted for the first time after restore, it gave me an error message that some file is missing or corrupted. I did second restoration...same problem but different file, tried 3rd time....same problems and different file.

I decided to do restoration without "value added" stuff, it went through, booted fine into windows vista, went through all the vista configurations, booted into Desktop. Desktop was all black, and right away I got the error message, something to do with "hardware shell".
Did hadware test - everything is fine.

Finally, I ordered restoration CDs directly from SONY.
First try using Sony's own CDs - error, file is missing or corrupted.2nd Try - same thing, 3rd try - same thing.

And finally, after multiple tries, it boots into Vista Green Background with small rotating circle (Vista's HourGlass). Nothing happens afterward.

It is Vaio VGN-CR120E, Vista 32-bit

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Sony :: Guide To Install W7 X64 On VGN-FZ31Z
which of these great guides in the forum can I follow to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a VGN-FZ31Z ?

Is it possible to install W7 x64 on this type

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Sony :: VGN-SZ71 WN/C With Windows 7 X64 (64 Bit)
I read many high quality posts about Windows 7 and VAIO Laptops so I wanted to share my experiences with Windows 7 x64 (64 bit) on a VGN-SZ71 WN/C.

The result is the device center you see here (German Version):

Everything is working, except these Points:a) Brightniss and Monitor Switch FN Keys are not working.
b) S1 and S2 are not working. Stamina / Speed switch works, but there will be no popup that you need to reboot. So you have to remember this yourself ;-)
c) Camera is not working. VGN-SZ (and TZ) have VGP-VCC7 camera models. I used Ricoh_6.210C Driver & VAIO Camera Capture Utility 2.7.
d) VAIO Smart Network not working. I used VAIO_Smart_Network_2.3. The GUI is not working correctly.
See Screenshot:

The procedure, drivers and tools I used:Install everything in the correct order! Do reboot if you are asked to do so! Run all setups in Vista Service Pack 1 Mode and with administrator rights..........

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Sony :: SZ483N RAM Upgrade
i was thinking about upgrading the ram in my vaio from 2gb to 4gb. from what ive gathered the Intel 945PM chipset is capable of supporting a max. of 4gb RAM, although i have also read on these forums that it's only 3gb. If it is indeed 3gb max. i presume that i will have to install 1x 1gb and 1x2gb to achieve 3gb and would therefore lose out dual channel. would i see a performance boost if this were the case? i want to install windows 7 x64 in the near future.

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Sony :: VGN-SZ770N Windows 7 X64 Driver List
A lot of the drivers installed by default and using the Sony Update for Vista. But at the same time, some of them are also the

32 bit drivers where you might not see any functionality from them if they even install correctly.

the link below was found on notebook review (Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z) and helped me a lot get rid

of the annoying (!) marks in Device Manager......

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Sony :: Windows 7 X64 On Vaio
I have a Sony Vaio FW21L. I was wondering whether this laptop supports the 64bit build of Windows 7 build 7600?

Also, will the Vaio software work as well?

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Sony :: VAIO Z WIN7 X64 Fingerprint Driver
Does anyone with VAIO Z and installed with win7 x64 notice the fingerprint driver have a little problem?

See the system log after boot the system,
Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP
Date: 2009/12/17 22:32:13
Event ID: 219
Task Category: (212)
Level: Warning
Computer: Henry-VAIO
The driver DriverWUDFRd failed to load for the device USBVID_147E&PID_10005&899163b&0&1...

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Sony :: Windows 7 RC X64 (7100) On Vaio AW11Z
Most functionality is provided by installing the Firmware Extension Parser (SODSNC-14727000-64) followed by Sony Notebook Utilities (SOAOTH-43900000-64) I added the Upek and Touchpad drivers and that was about it !

However there is no CF support - anyone know what driver is responsible for this slot ?

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Sony :: Windows 2008 X64 On Vaio Z21
Having some driver difficulties on my Z21WN/B here.

Specifically, the wifi and 3G drivers won't work.

I've tried the Vista x64 drivers for both.

The wifi driver installs okay and it doesn't complain at all. Problem is, when I search for networks in range, it never finds any.

However, with the HSDPA card, it won't accept the drivers at all (says they are not the right drivers for the device).

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Sony :: XP Drivers For VGN-CR590
i need windows XP Drivers For My New Sony VGN-CR590

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Sony :: VGN- TT11 WN Drivers
I am looking for drivers & utilities for sony viao vgn-TT11Wn.

i have deleted the partition by mistake which holds the vista setting *great*, i cant revert back to vista if i wanted. Just wondering if you guys can help.

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Sony :: Drivers- VGN-S58GP

the drivers on their site don't work... where else could I get?

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Sony :: Vaio CS Win7 RTM X64 Clean Install
I have a Vaio VGN-CS16G/R and why is is that after installing Win7 RTM x64 and installing the necessary drivers, I DON'T see the "adjust brightness slider" on the power options? With my other laptops with the same OS, I can see that slider completely.

Also, I when I install Vaio Launcher which I got from the extracted Sony Notebook Utilities installer, it returns an error of:

" Error Number: 0x80040703
Description: Failed to find DLL function: SnyUtils.SuOpen

Setup will now terminate. "

Are there workarounds on this?

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Sony :: Can't Adjust Brightness In Win7 X64 On Vaio CS
I just installed Win7, sticking as much as possible to this method:
VAIO FW Clean Windows 7 Install Guide

everything's working, all FN keys, volume multimedia zoom LCD out,
all but brightness.

problem is, using the FN keys, the brightness dialog is showing, but I can't increase or decrease it. brightness does not show up on power managment nor on mobilty center. the power plans from vaio ("VAIO optimized") are showing, but still if I pull the plug screen stays on maximum brightness...

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Sony :: Drivers For VGN-FZ92S (Japan)
I bought a VGN a couple of months ago in Japan, but I need the drivers in english because i will like to install vista Ultimate on the machine. everywhere I searched, only japanese drivers were available. I want the language in English, not in japanses as i am currently working with. It came with Home Premium, i need drivers for the camera, the bluetooth, the geforce 8400GT.

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Sony :: Installing Drivers- VGN-FW550F/B
I'm going to buy the VGN-FW550F/B with W7 Home Premium pre-installed. I want to install the Ultimate version after I got my notebook. I already got the CD for Windows 7 Ultimate and stuff. The problem is that Sony only got drivers for Windows 7 Home Premium for the model "VGN-FW550F/B". Can I install those drivers using Windows 7 Ultimate?


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Sony :: VGN-FZ190- Update The Drivers
My sister has a sony VGN-FZ190, and we just put in a new hard drive...problem is, i need to update the drivers, and i cant figure out what she needs, and what she doesnt. the support site is terrible in contrast to dells site (for my dell E6400), so i am kind of lost.

She definitely needs a GPU firmware update (1.0 in windows experience), but i have no idea what to get...nvidias website wont tell me what to download since its a laptop GPU. Are there any other important firmware updates or anything to install, or anything else i should know about this before i mess around with it? Do sony laptops use Intel matrix storage manager? I know that was an important update for mine.

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Sony :: VGN-Z540 64-bit Drivers
Someone said the 6xx drivers work fine on the 5xx series if you extract them from the model wrapper, but looking at the drivers, it looks like some hardware is different.

The Sony site only lists a little amount of 64 bit drivers (they didn't used to list any about 6 months ago) but there are some hardware components that don't have 64 bit drivers listed and are different in the 6xx series.

Could I get everything 100% working on a Z540 with Vista or 7 64-bit?

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Sony :: Win 7 Drivers On VGN-AR71m
I think I have everything installed but the camera and an unknown device and mass storage controller that show up with an ! in Device manager. I've had a look through [url] but drivers there stop at the AR6. To the best of my knowledge the chipset is an intel p965 and I have installed these drivers from the intel site as well as the Realtek and nvidia drivers.

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Sony :: Vista Drivers
I recently installed 64bit vista on my vaio vgn-nr21m/s because I upgraded to 4gb ram. Since then I have not been able to find a compatible driver for my SD card reader.

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Sony :: 64bit Drivers For Win 7 On VGN-SR21M
got the vaio control centre showing a few things but really havent got some stuff working properly, luckily with 7 alot of stuff works out of the box.

I downloaded the ati driver from ati but it doesnt show any control centre, also installed synaptics but it asks if i want to reinstall everytime i restart, power management seems to work.

mainly the problems are none of the fn things work and the 5 buttons/settings/mode dont work, I would like them to work, would also like some of the cool functions that were on the screen with vista when i first got it.

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