Sony :: Is There Z Series Made In Japan And Another One Made In Usa

Aug 27, 2009

i heard that there are 2 types of sony, one made in japan and another one made in usa . is this true or what ? is there sony z series made in japan and another one made in usa ?and if yes, then what is the difference between the sony z series japan version and the sony z series usa version ?

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Sony :: What Parts Of The Premium SZ Are Actually Made Of Carbon Fiber

Mar 15, 2009

what the actual parts were on the SZ that are made of carbon fiber?

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Sony :: Vaio TT Made In USA WWAN Unlock And 3G Upgrade

Nov 1, 2009

last month I upgrade the HSDPA board to the Vaio VGN-Z790LDX in order to use any sim card from any international cellphone company and it worked at first attempt .

now I just replaced the IFX-517 and the wwan to the Vaio VGN-TT290NBX and I have installed one IFX-517 having the sim card slot and I placed the unlocked wwan GTM382.

anyone did the same upgrade?
which driver are the best in order to make it working properly?

I am asking this because I did try to install the Option driver /Globe Trotter Connect and the Vaio Smart Network but for many times it was not succefully done .
the first times the minicard was in the device manager list but just till the laptop was on.......and after restart it was not there .

now finally after many times removing the driver and the minicard the system is working but I don't know for how long........

now I am wondering that I did mistake at the beginning because I mixed sony driver and Option drive and few words I made a Cocktail,

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Sony :: Intel Core 2 Duo Processorswill They All Be Made Redundant By Q1 2010

Nov 1, 2009

I am considering a range of Vaios at the moment (including some HP models; although Vaios are my #1 choice).

With the new Core i7 Processors out, I am wondering whether buying a Core 2 Duo processor of any sort (TT: SU; Z & SR: P9xxx, etc) now would mean they would be totally redundant by Q1 of 2010 or do you see some variants of the Core 2 Duo processor lasting a bit longer?

I realise technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace and was just curious about where Core 2 Duo stands in Q1 of next year.

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HP/Compaq :: HP 311 ION LE To ION Made

Dec 4, 2009

how to get your LE to go FULL ION FOREVER!

Step 1. Download [url]

Step 2. UnRar and plug in usb/flash stick then run HPUSBFW (only file not in a folder)

Step 3. Select location in the Top and FAT 32 then check Quick Format and Create a DOS startup disk. **DOS system files are in folder labled accordingly** Click Start to create bootdisk

Step 4. Move contents inside "copy to USB" to USB (copy files not the folder) Once on USB run the batch file.

Step 5. Reboot and press esc twice on HP screen press F9 and select to boot from USB

Step 6. Windows98 prompt appears type HPBQ189.EXE and press Enter. Next press G (this is not an option on the screen) screen will pop up with non vista as option 0 or vista as option 1. Press 1 and exit to prompt.

REBOOT! New hardware found! install latest Nvidea drivers (graphic and nforce) and you are all set.

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Apple :: What's The Made Of LCD Panel

Aug 29, 2009

My MBP 15" mid 2009 LCD panel S/N is 9CA4, Does anybody know what's the made of it? LG or...?

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Dell :: Is The Lid Of The M6400 Made Out Of Metal ?

Feb 26, 2009

How about the bottom panel...

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Dell :: Notebooks Already Made In Ireland?

Apr 10, 2009

are the dell notebooks made in ireland yet ?

dell was moved to poland ,not?

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Mar 18, 2009

what the screen/lcd cover that fits flush over the LCD is made of? Is it plastic or is it really glass like they advertise it is? I ask because people on youtube who are posting reviews say it's plastic and not glass. I'd like to know one way or the other before deciding to order.

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Apple :: Has The MacBook Made The Air Less Attractive

Jan 31, 2009

The time is near for me to upgrade to a new machine. While this should be an exciting time, I find it more and more stressful as to which MacBook to purchase. I'm currently deciding between the Air and the 2.4 GHz MacBook. The MacBook weighs in only slightly more than the Air, and the thickness of the machines are getting closer to each other. However, the real separating factor for me is the display and the trackpad. I've grown very accustomed to a mouse button, and taking that away feels.. awkward at best. I don't know if I would be able to get used to that. The real separating factor here is the display.

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Dell :: My M1530 Made A Weird Noise

Mar 21, 2009

Alright the other day while surfing the net i noticed a strange noise coming from my laptop and I really didn't think of anything.

So anyway just 5 minutes ago while doing the same usual things like surfing the net, the same noise came out again. Just once, and it sounded something like this, DEEENGGG......

(i really don't know how to explain it) this sound appeared while my volume is muted. Anyway I know it's not the hard drive noise so i am a little worried but more so confused. I'm thinking is this an indicator that maybe the temperature of my laptop is hot that causes that sound

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Acer :: 7720G- Installed A Second OS And Made Unoperational

Jan 11, 2010

I have got an Acer 7720G laptop which comes preinstalled with vista.

I haved made a seperate partition and installed "Open Suse" (linux).

Each time I started my laptop it would give me an option from which I could choose which OS I wanted to use.

I wated to get rid of Open Suse and so I removed that partition.

But each time when I started my laptop that OS selector menu would still come.

So, I have then delted all my partitions and created new ones.

When I have installed the "Recovery - Factory Default" to bring back the laptop to its original state - it did install windows but now I cannot boot my laptop any more because it still tries to bring up the OS selector menu (but fails).

I think here might be a prob lem with the Acer "Recovery partition" which I didnt dare to touch.

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Dell :: Have YOU Made Sure Your Hardware Matches Your Spec. Sheet?

May 4, 2010

So I replaced my thermal paste and noticed that my hard drive was not a Seagate like my spec. sheet listed, 500GB w/free-fall sensor, but was an older toshiba model!!!!

This unit was a "brand new replacement".... so I just thought I would warn any folks who are spending good money and could possibly not be getting what they pay for.

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Apple :: Home-Made Cooling Pad With Speed Control

Feb 18, 2009

well last night and this morning i was busy making my self a home made cooling pad, with some crap laying around the house. I don't know if there is already one but i'll put this one up. I will upload pictures tomorrow. The total project was about 1 hour and cost less than $10. It also has a speed control which is cool (it is built on my ac/dc adapter so you will make yours). My mother-tongue is not English but French, so excuse the words i might use or not use. Also their are some tools i couldn't translate the name, but when pics are up I'm sure you will know..................

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: Can't See How To Boot From USB (made In Factory Backup)

Dec 17, 2014

I made a USB back up using the Dell Backup and Recovery/Factory backup. I can't seem to get my laptop to boot up from a USB, though. I've looked at all the options I see via F2 and F12. But I see no mention of USB as something it could boot from.

My machine is an Inspiron 15 7000 series.

Backup Recovery version1.75.63

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HP/Compaq :: DV9535nr- BestBuy-made Recovery Discs And Crapware

Jan 13, 2009

I have a DV9535nr and I want to do a clean install to get rid of crapware. BestBuy furnished me a set of discs (at no cost unlike some I have read about) but will these contain the crap I want to eliminate? When I try to run the recovery disc feature and make my own from my hard drive it tells me a set has been made (yeah, yeah, ok ok MS/HP) so it looks like BestBuy beat me to it.

I ordered a set from HP to be on the safe(r) side but have read in this forum that these might not be such a good idea, either... bugs etc...

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HP OS/Software :: Intel Driver Made USB 2.0 Ports Stop Working On D103tx Notebook

Aug 5, 2014

I have a HP d103tx notebook that I bought some months ago and was working fine until this one day I installed the IntelĀ® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver from the HP website.After installing that only USB 3.0 port work and not USB 2.0 ports. I tried uninstalling it but no love.. Tried reinstalling it but still no love.. Tried changing the settings to default through BIOS but still..

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HP Envy TS 15-j152nr Recovery :: Convert Bootable Discs Made By Notebook To Bootable Usb

Oct 20, 2014

I have a HP touchsmart envy 15 and I am trying to restore computer to factory default. About 6 months ago, the computer said I could make a boot disc and be able to use that to restore my computer to factory and after I make the boot disc, I can delete the recovery partition as it will be stored on the disc. So I went ahead and make the disc (it turned out to be 4 discs) and the computer deleted the partition. Now I am here trying to use the discs to restore to factory, however, my optical drive isn't detected when the bios is booting. Because of this I need to turn those 4 discs into a bootable USB thumb drive. I have looked all over and there are many different ways of converting 1 disc into usb, but not 4.

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Sony :: Drivers For VGN-FZ92S (Japan)

Jan 28, 2009

I bought a VGN a couple of months ago in Japan, but I need the drivers in english because i will like to install vista Ultimate on the machine. everywhere I searched, only japanese drivers were available. I want the language in English, not in japanses as i am currently working with. It came with Home Premium, i need drivers for the camera, the bluetooth, the geforce 8400GT.

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Sony :: Are Laptops Purchased In Japan Compatible With US Voltage

Mar 9, 2010

Are Sony laptops purchased in Japan compatible with US voltage?

If not, is it possible to buy one that works in America? Also, does anyone know how sales tax in Japan works?

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Sony :: SZ Series Docking Compatible With New Z Or Y Series

May 12, 2010

My SZ430 has been a workhorse for me for 3+ years and I m now looking into the replacement of either Z or Y series....

Problem I have is I have 2 docking stations for my SZ in my home and office and would like to know if I can reuse those for the new Z or Y series.

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Sony :: New E Series To Replace NW Series

Feb 14, 2010

I just saw the new sony e series laptops. Are they supposed to replace the NW series?

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Sony :: F Series Versus Z Series

Feb 13, 2010

I am trying to decide between the F series and the Z series. Anyone else been debating between these two laptops?

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Sony :: New B Series V.s. CW Series

Jan 22, 2010

B series is released in this January

Which series is better? The B series is for business. This series is only 5.9lbs with 15.4'. On the other hand, the CW series is around 5.5 lbs and it is only 14'. What do you think? Have you ever try B series? 15.4' is pretty good for movie.

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Sony :: AR/AW Series

May 5, 2010

I really enjoy the big screen, large HD and fast CPU. And what appears to be a Sony exclusive, a R/W Blu-Ray drive. I watched eagerly at the AW series, thinking that I might pull the trigger on the 'next' laptop in this series.

But as you know, it never came...

So I took a look at the F series at some of the local computer shops (e.g. Fry's and Micro Center)

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Sony :: HDD In Z Series

Apr 20, 2009

I have seen the post

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Sony :: Is The NS Series Bad

Jan 12, 2009

i see no mentions at all for the NS series here.

Buddy of mine wants to get it for the 800 bucks they are selling it for on Sonystyle, is it a bad Laptop?

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Sony :: New P Series On The Way?

Mar 31, 2010

What does that look like to you? We're thinking an updated Vaio P given that stretched form factor. The previously unheard of Vaio model PCG-11111L is definitely a Sony of some sort complete with CDMA850 and CDMA1900 courtesy of Qualcomm's Gobi silicon .....

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Sony :: Cw, Bz, And E Series

Feb 3, 2010

I am looking for a new laptop for college, as some of you may have seen. after long debate, I have finally realized

sony has the best computers for my needs. But from there I am lost. My mother has the fw and loves it, so I know the build quality is great .....

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Sony :: Why No More AW Series

Feb 15, 2010

I was looking at this series all the way back in October when Windows 7 was going to launch. What happens?

They keep Vista on it and the gradually phase it out. The few OS 7 models they had they phased out.

Why did Sony discontinue this Series? I've seen no rumors or anything on an update.

Was it not selling well? Techical problems? Why just drop the line for so long?

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