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Sony :: Volume Display Bar Disappeared

I installed Windows 7 on my VAIO. When I hit the volume button on the keyboard, now there's no volume display bar showing on the screen

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Sony :: FW340 Volume Indicator Seems To Have Disappeared After X64
After I formatted my computer and installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64, none of my function keys work.

To top it off, my volume indicator seems to have disappeared.

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Dell :: Miss The Volume Meter Bar
One thing I miss going from a Inspiron 6000 to a M1530 is the onscreen volume meter bar when you press the louder and softer volume buttons on the Media Bar. On my Inspiron 6000, a gui bar pops up when you adjust the volume using the media bar buttons to let you know exactly where your volume is set at. I don't even know when to stop pressing the volume up button because I don't know when the volume is maxed out on my M1530. Anybody know of a way to make the onscreen volume meter return?

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HP/Compaq :: Volume Touch" Bar Not Working.
I think I accidentally turned off the volume bar on my laptop and I'm not sure how to turn it back on. sound does work I have to manually adjust it using the volume icon and all the lights are on. I can't even turn on/off my wireless button.

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Acer :: Aspire 6935G Disable Green Volume Bar
how can I disable the on screen display of the (green) volume bar? It forces to window whatever is playing full screen, games etc

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HP/Compaq :: How To Get Volume Control Bar Back After Reinstalling Windows 7
I Have a HP DV6T QUAD and reinstalled Windows 7. When I touch the volume on my keyboard to increase or decrease the volume, it would appear on the screen for 1 second. Now after reinstalling, it doesn't show on the screen anymore when I touch the volume increase decrease on my laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: On-Screen Display For Windows 7 For Volume
i have a problem i brought a laptop with windows 7 on it and it had some type of software to show it show volume levels on the screen (OSD) i reinstalled windows because i wanted the x64 verison of windows so i could use all 4gb of my ram, i looked around the only software i found was QuickTouch and there is the version out for windows 7, does any one know what the softwares call preinstalled on the dv6 ?

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HP/Compaq :: On Screen Display For Volume Control
i have a dv4t that used to come with windows vista. back when it had vista, i heard that the on screen display from hp won't work with 64bit operation system. now i have upgraded to windows 7 64 bit. has anyone gotten on screen display for volume control working for windows 7 64 bit? i couldn't find the driver for the dv4t on the hp website

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Acer :: On Screen Volume Display- Acer 5672
I have an Acer 5672. It has the media keys on the left side of the keyboard where i can control the volume, stop, pause etc. I reformatted my machine and reinstalled XP Pro. When i use the media keys there is no display on the screen of what i am doing. What i mean is before if i turned the volume up or down it would display on the screen and you would see like a volume bar moving up or down. How do i get that back?

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Sony :: Wide Gamut Display (or 3-LED Display)
i bought a Sony VGN-AW31XY/Q notebook. Fast processor, 2 SSDs, 18.4" display, 8GB ram AND a antiglare display.

BUT it's a wide gamut display and i'm a webdesigner. I didn't know there is such a huge difference between this and a "normal" display. Red and green are oversaturated like hell.

My question: HOW or CAN i change the colors to "normal"? The point is, calibrating Photoshop or any other color managed software is no problem. But i need color mangagement for ANY other software too (Flash, Google Chrome and so on). There must be a solution.

Isn't there a tool that loads on startup where i can adjust the colors? Not only brightness, contrast and gamma levels but saturation and hue also?

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Sony :: Speaker Volume On FW490
I notice a significant difference in volume levels on my FW490. When listening to music via iTunes, or to Sirius online, the levels are adequate. However when I watch a dvd (Bluray or regular), even after turning the speaker volume as high as it will go, the volume is very weak. Is this normal? Headphone volume is fine btw. Is there a setting that boost volume when playing dvd's? Otherwise I will be buying notebook speakers.

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Sony :: Vaio CW Sound Volume
Just got my vpccw26fw from best buy, love everything on it except the sound volume. The 100% sound volume on the CW is not even louder than the 50% on my Z.

Is this a driver issue or the hardware is built like that?

Is there any software to increase the sound volume?

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Sony :: Volume Indicator/Brightness
As of 3 days ago I deleted the Sony Event Service from my Vaio FW and now the volume indicator doesn't show up nor does it work when I press the function button along with F5 or F6 for brightness.

I installed the Event Service again and I am thoroughly stumped.

Fixed it myself XD

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Sony :: WinDVD BD Volume On Playback Low
I'm testing out my Blu-Ray drive and I notice that the volume on the playback in WinDVD is very low. I have to max out the volume in Win 7 just to be able to hear the audio through the notebook speakers.

The movie I'm testing is Ice Age 3. I have the DVD and the blu-ray version. The DVD plays very loud via WMP. The blu-ray volume leaves a lot to be desired.

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Dell :: Graphics Card Seems To Have Disappeared
I have an inspiron 1720 which came equipped with an Nvidia 8600m GT. I have had it for a few months but recently found that my laptop says that I do not have a graphics card.

I went to Personalization>Display Settings>Adapter and found that it said my chip type: <unavailable> The same for adapter type, DAC type etc.

Also it said that my total graphics memory was <unavailable> and that my dedicated video memory etc was N/A.

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Apple :: Power Options - Disappeared
when you click on the battery icon and then it lists the battery saver, normal, better preformance list. well mine has disappeared. anyone know how to get that to come back? I hate going into energy saver options just to change stuff around.

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Sony :: Windows 7 On TX2HP Fn And Volume Keys Not Working
I have here a TX2HP and try Windows 7 Beta1.

All fine with the driver but the problem are the FN Button and Volume Buttons.

I disable the UAC

I try the driver for Vista in the right order ..

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Sony :: Volume And Multimedia Keys Are Not Working CS Windows 7
I just could not get multimedia keys and volume keys to work (the ones above the F keys, next to the power button)

I have just upgraded my VGN-CS11S/Q to Windows 7 - 64 Bit. I have updated the FEPD driver via windows update, and installed the utilities in following order:

Sony Shared Library
Vaio Event Service
Setting Utility Series

but no luck. Than, I have reformatted the system (actually, I have restored the image file, but is was a clean installation without any utils / drivers anyway) and installed the utilities in another order as follows:

Vaio Event Service
Sony Shared Library
Setting Utilitiy Series

still no luck. FN keys does work, and little OSD screen comes up as well when I use FN + volume up - volume down keys. But multimedia keys and volume keys (which is the one with lights) insisting on not working.

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Sony :: Z11 (VPC-Z112GX/S) Volume Too Low
I just bought this laptop... Everything is great, but I feel as if the maximum volume is too low. Anyone share the same feeling?

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Dell :: One GPU Disappeared? (XPS M1730)
One of my GPUs is gone - my Windows 7 only sees on 8800M GTX (I have 8800M GTX in SLI). It has been gone since I applied an SLI patch from EVGA. My idle temperature for the GPU is about 75 degree celsius...

Do you guys know what is wrong with it?
The laptop's warranty expired about 3 months ago.

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HP/Compaq :: 8530w Fingerprint Reader Just Disappeared
Just the other day, I was using the fingerprint reader in my EliteBook, when it suddenly refused to log me into the pre-boot authentication; I had to use a password, instead. Now, it seems my fingerprint reader has (electrically) ceased to exist -- it doesn't appear in device manager under Windows or in lsusb under Linux, and the option to "Swipe Finger or Choose Token" at the preboot authentication screen. Does anyone know what would cause this? The first candidate I can think of is the motherboard.

In addition, my system has started behaving oddly when resuming from suspend -- most of the time, resuming from suspend results in the laptop hard-rebooting about 1/2 second later, and then loop back to the BIOS logo a couple of times before going on and booting.

My question: do I just have to send it in for repair, or is there something else I can do?

When I bought the laptop customized, HP did not offer the option for a webcam; ideally, I'd really like to just pay them the difference and have them add a webcam while they're taking the thing apart, anyway. Is there any way to get HP to do this? If anything, they could probably just swap the GPU with another laptop (a preconfigured one with same specs, but nvidia), so I'd have the same specs with ATI, and now a webcam.

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HP/Compaq :: MS One Note Has Disappeared From Notebook After Reinstall
Customer is saying that MS one note has disappeared from Notebook after reinstall of the OS and saying he has not installed one note separately. He has just installed MS office 2007. He wants to know how one note was install in the Notebook.

MS one note is not preinstalled with the Notebook.

Could anyone tell me the possibilities that one note has been installed in the Notebook?

Here is the product number of the Notebook : KN966UA

Here is the link to check the product specifications of the Notebook:


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Sony :: VAIO Display & VAIO Extra-wide HD Display
Whats the major difference between 16.4" VAIO Display (1600x900)
and 16.4" VAIO extra-wide HD display (1920x1080). Upto what angle I could see my display in VAIO Display (1600x900)? Can I watch HD movies perfectly in VAIO Display (1600x900) ?

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Sony :: Make Brightness/volume Keys Like Apple MacBook
I own a Macbook, and on that if F2 and F3 directly it changes the brightness on the laptop and also volume too

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Dell :: Menu Bar At Top, How Do I Get This?
Most of the reviews i see of the Dell XPS 16 it comes with some software that got a menu bar on top of the screen (like this pic

Anyone know whats it called and where i can get it?

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Dell :: Studio 17volume Bar
Iv gone and managed to uninstall something which has led to me loosing the volume bar popping up whenever i change the volume. how i get it back could they?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Space Bar
The space bar on my kb works, but if I hit it on the far right or far left corner it does not register.

if I may be able to bend the button's switch up a little so it's more sensitive.

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Apple :: Menu Bar Items
I like their ability to provide quick access and a quick overview of information in a small space. Found this page and thought I would pass it along to others:

Menubar Items

The list is pretty good, though not exhaustive. Feel free to add any that you can't live without.

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Dell :: SLI Option Suddenly Disappeared In My XPS1730?
So after installing the new 185 drivers a couple of weeks ago, I turned on SLI, restarted, and forgot about it.

Now I just checked the nvidia panel and there is no option to turn on SLI. I went to device manager and only one 8800m gtx is listed there when there used to be 2... seems like the computer doesn't even see the second GPU.

tried reinstalling the drivers but still only one gpu is showing up...

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HP/Compaq :: Picture Folder Disappeared From Admin Documents
I am a technical support executive for HP Notebooks.

Customer is saying that he has transfered some photos to the "Jacob (adminstrator )" folder yester day. And he identified that the Jacob folder has disappeared.

I think recovering the folder using any recovery software will be the option.

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Sony :: How To Get Rid Of The Special Button/Volume Control Beeping Sounds AR W7
Is there a way to get rid of the beeping sounds that are made when you press a special button or use the volume control. Perhaps locating the wav file if there is one

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Acer :: 5100- Start Menu Bar Is Gone
My Acer 5100 laptop. When i turn it on it starts up normally but when it gets to the desktop part the "start menu bar at the bottom" shows up until the computer is done loading then it dissappears.. Anyone know wats wrong with it?? I reformatted it some time now and it worked until like 3 wks later it does it again. I have to push my window button to get to my stuff but i cant see the little icon at the bottom right corner and my wireless. My start menu bar is gone.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1340: Hybrid SLI Disappeared
The Nvidia hybrid SLI settings has disappeared from the vista power settings. I've tried and reinstall motherboard and graphics card drivers but it did not help. How do I get it again?

Are there other programs to switch on and off for hybrid sli?

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Dell :: Hard Drive Bar Not Displaying Correctly..
i am experiencing a weird problem, it just happened like 2 weeks ago, and i been looking all over the place to find out how to fix this problem, but the problem is that the little green "bar" under my hard drive in my computer is not showing,

it just shows empty like if there is nothing in my C drive, here is a screenshot of my computer to clarify exactly what im talking about, and i put little red arrows pointing towards exactly where the "bars" are located ...

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Dell :: Unable To See Folder Options In The Menu Bar
I'm using Vostro with Windows XP SP3 since 2 days I'm unable to see the "Folder Options(like hiding the folders)" Under Tools Menu Bar.

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HP/Compaq :: No Backspace, Enter, Or Space Bar On ENVY
Sending my brand new ENVY back for service (on its first but baffled as to what might cause this.

Everything works fine on the system except for a handful of keyboard keys:

Up/down arrows (left and right are fine)
Possibly alt (tough to test without the others)

Space bar will send a combination of characters, like zzc^X^Z if you press it a few times (often one press will send all of those characters, while other presses send nothing).

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv8t Quad: Blue Treble Bar Keeps Appearing Automatically
i just bought hp dv8t quad laptop recently. the first time i turned on, treble bar (blue horizontal bar to adust treble that is supposed to appear only when i touch that touch tone above keyboard) came up on middle of screen intermittently. everytime i run other application, this bar would come up and stops other application. i spent over 1 hr with hp tech to fix it. now everytime i turn on, this blue bar still comes up but after i adjust treble via tone control above keyboard, it disappears. tech says there is no hardware defect, but i am wondering if others are like this.

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 Dekstop Icons Disappeared Stops At Vostro
I bought a Vostro 1500. It has been fine and I got XP instead of Vista. 2GB of RAM.

It boots up fine with quick Dell screen, black XP start up screen with thermometer line at bottom, then light blue XP screen then Vostro.

Before the destop icons show up next after Vostro and I am all set. Now it stops at Vostro.

I can get to programs using task manager file open and browse. Not very convenient.

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HP/Compaq :: What Is The Difference Between The Infinity Display And The Normal Display
I have the option of upgrading to the Infinity display for $25 more. What is it and what are the pros and cons?

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HP/Compaq :: Vista &gt;&gt; XP = 1 GB Of RAM Disappeared
I have 4 GB of RAM

I just downgraded to XP and now the OS reports that I only have 3 GB of RAM

Where did the other 1 GB go?

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HP/Compaq :: Display- Flickering, And Glitches In The Display
I am having some flickering, and glitches in the display, and it seems, that it depends on the lcd position. It starts after I open the display, or sometimes after the laptop has been in use for a long time. It happened before, and the hp service replaced the lcd, saying that was a faulty one, but now, with the new one, is starting again. Is a bad replacement? I have to worry for the videocard? or motherboard? I spent 350uss on the new lcd, and I really hope is the replacement.

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Sony :: E Series Display
I recently purchased a brand new model of Sony Vao VPCEB1S1E/BJ from a local megastore. While the laptop is really to my liking, I am a little annoyed with the screen.

I know these laptops are those "energy star" models, that save power, but the display brightness is really not bright enough, even if I change the settings to the brightest possible leve

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Sony :: 1600X900 14-16 Display
I would like to buy a vaio, but i can't find the right. I'm lookink for 14"-16" display with resolution over 1600x900,

ssd drive and new intel ( i3-i5-i7). Would be somethink available on these specs? I' m looking for that specs overs 6 months and hoped that somethink would announced on ces

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Sony :: VAIO Display
I own a VAIO VGN-N395E/B laptop. One day I found that the display is not working. The laptop boots fine but there is no display.

Is the display card a separate unit or integrated with mother board. If that is the case will I have to change the mother board?

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Sony :: How To Turn Off The Display
If I keep game client running, the display won't turn off even if I set the time in power management. Is there another way to turn it off? I'm using SR model.

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Sony :: VPCF115FM Display
just bought myself a Sony VPCF115FM, and love it. I live in Australia although i think this notebook is from the US as it had some BestBuy software on it when i first turned it on.. anyway..

I was just wondering, is it possible to put the brightness up higher? I went into control panel, then hardware, then display and it was already at it's highest, then i pressed the 'Fn' key and then kept pressing F6, and that too was already at its highest, but comparing the display to my mates Asus, or my other mates Toshiba, their displays are so much more brighter then my Sony, so is there ANY way at all to make it brighter? Also, is there any configuring i could do to the display to make it better in any way or form?

One more question, about the backlit keyboard, is it possible to keep it lit on at all times? I've heard there's a sensor somewhere, where if i block it with some tape, it will leave it on all the time? If so where abouts is it? Had a bit of a look but to no avail.

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Sony :: FZ: Display Noise
I have FZ21S with original Vista Home. The only reason I didnt settle for XP was exactly the dimmer noise, any other setting than full brightness had the annoying noise.

It wasnt the case on Vista, used it for over a year without issues but since couple of days I have it on Vista too. It is the kind of dimmer or broken fluorescent lamp kind of buzz.

I doubt it is hardware fault, more likely something messed up with the Nvidia driver.

Another Nvidia driver , it is the latest Sony Support update -

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Sony :: Display Driver From ATI Or
Are you guys using the display driver from the Sony esupport website or the ATI software support website??

I just wanted to know which driver was better or if they are both the same thing?
Also is the display driver from ATI more update then the Sony esupport?

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Sony :: Display- VGN-SR590GYB
i bought SR590GYB for two days, but i see some noise or stripe lines on the display when i watch from 10 or 20cm from screen, it's not really clear, you should be very Precisian to see these noise.

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Sony :: My VaioFW Can Only Display At 720p
I just bought a Full HD LCD (SAMSUNG LE32B553) when I connect with HDMI to my Vaio FW11M I can only choose 720p in HDMI Resolution Setting menu.

Its that normal? I have Windows7 x64

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