Apple :: Does Editing Pictures In IPhoto Alter The Original File

Jan 29, 2009

I just bought iLife '09 and am excited about the faces feature in iPhoto. However, i was also wondering if i crop a picture, will it crop the original file? or just the image on my event list?

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Dell Latitude E6400 :: Immediate Shutdown When Large Text File Opened With Six Pictures

Mar 18, 2013

My E6400 Atg has been shutting down on me at least once a day. I don't do any graphics, but I usually have a large text file open with about 6 pictures in it and I stream pandora constantly.

Usually it is when I have a pop up accessing a remote database. It hangs up then poof.  Screen goes black.  When I hit power it starts to open, but then hard shuts down. When I feel the vent fan it is hot. Not super hot, but hotter than I think it should be.

I have the system set for high power usage with the cpu fan set to active cooling. I have the processor set to minumum processor speed 50% max 100%.

I have 4 gb ram, T9900 processor and a SSD hardrive.

It was doing this last year, but only when I had it on a soft surface that restricted airflow.  Even then it was just slowing down drastically and would resolve itself once I took off my lap or what ever soft surface it was on.

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Apple :: Install IPhoto 09 On OSX Tiger

Mar 23, 2009

Is it possible to install iPhoto 09 on OSX Tiger or I need to install leopard first?

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Apple :: Stuttery Zoom In IPhoto 09

Jun 16, 2009

I have a Macbook Pro late 08 2.53 GHz CPU with the 9600 GT card and 4 gigs of RAM. I have Leopard 10.5.7 installed. When zooming in on my photos in iPhoto, it is really stuttery. I am sure it's not a temperature problem because the temp is about 36 degrees Celsius. It is even stuttery when running on the high performance setting.

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Apple :: Sync IPhoto Libraries

Nov 11, 2009

In preparation for the quite-likely-to-happen-towel-throwing-in, I've recently imported all my photos into iPhoto from PC's.

So I'm going to need to give this a try. Three Macs to start with.

I already own Chronosync and Econ has a good guide for doing the sync in CS.

However, is there a better option? A completely automatic solution like Dropbox?

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Apple :: Backup Iphoto Library Inquiry

Apr 5, 2009

She has over five thousand photos on her old Mac tower (10.4) and is backing them up to an external hard drive. It seems that when she goes to the Pictures folder she can copy and paste them over, but it does not preserve any of her naming/etc. that she has done in Iphoto. Unfortunately, she has a lot of important information tagged and would like to preserve it. I am at a loss as I do not own a Mac nor do I have unlimited access to her computer. I have scoured Google for about an hour with no luck. Does anyone know of a way this can be done efficiently? The one option I have come across is Time Machine, but she would have to upgrade to Leopard to get this function. I am not sure if she will be able to at the moment, nor am I sure that her external drive will work correctly.

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Dell :: M1210display- Pictures/videos With Artifacts As Watercolor Pictures

Sep 12, 2009

I've got an XPS M1210 with NVidia GeForce 7400 and since last week all the pictures/videos appear blurry with artifacts, somehow like watercolor books or with burn efect pictures. Other observation: on the Windows locking blue screen, instead the clear light blue on upper left corner, I can see something like a sun with round circles around effect. Also, on the starting black Windows screen, the words are not shown clear. See the attachements as examples.

I tought is from a corupted driver, so I rebuild the system but, without luck. Even I opened the laptop and checked all the connectors plus clear the dust but, with the same bad luck. Also I replaced the LCD with a new one but again the problem is still there = I've got one new 12.1" LCD for sale now.

I connected another monitor and also a HD TV to the laptop and on these, the pictures and video are perfect.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Processor Speeds For Video Editing

Dec 21, 2009

I'm looking to get a new Macbook Pro for Christmas and I am pretty decided on everything but processing speed. I will be using my laptop for web design (Adobe Creative Suite CS4-sometimes multiple programs at same time), video editing (Adobe Premiere CS4, Final Cut Pro) and possibly sometime in the next 3-4 years, animation (Maya). I have two 2 TB hard drives and I'd be editing with video footage on them most of the time. Not playing any games. I'm pretty decided on getting a 15" (have one now and like the size for traveling+editing), 320 GB 7200rpm hard drive and 8 GB memory. However I have no idea what processor speed would be best for me between 2.56, 2.66 and 2.8.

What processor do you think would be best for me? Is there a big difference between the three making the higher ones worth the money? Is there anything in my current setup that I should change for optimal results?

Also, you can get a spare battery and use it as a second battery right? I'll be traveling a lot (like round the world) so extra battery time will be needed.

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Apple :: Did My Itunes Sync Erase My Pictures On My Iphone

Apr 4, 2010

Originally i had photos from my iphoto synced up to my iphone. This was when i had the original drive on my mbp. Since then i upgraded to a SSD but i didn't restore from time machine. Recently i synced up my phone again to the new machine and since the photo album didn't exist in the new SSD, itunes erased the album. I don't have the photos on the old drive anymore since i formated the drive. Itunes made a backup of the phone before it synced but i looked through the backup and can't find the photos.

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Apple :: Upgraded New Mac Mini To 4GB- Video Memory Pictures- Description

Mar 9, 2009

Taking the Mini apart is very easy. Slide the putty knife, as others describe, into either side of the Mini, and just bend outward. That process takes under 30 seconds, and don't be afraid to make little scratches on the white plastic underneath. It WILL happen a little bit, but it's so minor that nobody will notice, and... well.... it's underneath! So who cares?

Here was my model Mini with 1GB, out of the box, with only 128MB Geforce 9400m available.

Taking it apart is VERY easy. Just remove the lid as described above, remove the 3 antennas from their clips (NOT from the motherboard). That takes about 5 seconds. Then unscrew the 4 screws in the corners of the system, taking special note of their original location! Then all you need to do is prop up the DVD drive and get your hand in there and remove the single DIMM. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 1GB DIMM in there already, not 2x 512MB, so for those wanting to upgrade to 2GB and not 4GB DDR3, you just need one stick of 1GB! Nice one, Apple! (I, of course, assume that ALL 1GB Minis come like this...)..........................

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Apple :: Original Leopard Trash Can Icon

Jan 17, 2009

My problem is after using Candybar, I somehow got rid of the original trash can icon, and it was replaced with something else. I like the original wire mesh one. Is there anywhere I can download the original one? Or if someone can email me their trashempty.png and trashfull.png files. I'm new to OS X.

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Apple :: Deleted Some Of The Original Dashboard Widgets

Jul 14, 2009

I deleted a few of the original dashboard widgets and would like to get them back, is there a place I can go to download them?

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Dell XPS 14 :: Cannot Alter Screen Brightness

Mar 6, 2013

I bought a Dell XPS 14 this year, and its win 8

Recently I found that I cannot alter my screen brightness, it worked when I got the computer.

Both of Fn+ F4/F5 and Control panel are out of work

I re-install the Quickest and the problem still exist.

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HP Pavilion M6-1002sa Audio :: Cannot Alter Volume At All

Sep 10, 2013

Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Computer : HP Pavilion  m6-1002sa
I cannot alter the volume with HP Beats Audio any more.
Pressing  f9 ( volume decrease ) or f10 ( volume increase ) has no effect.

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Apple :: File Compatibility - PC--> MBP

Jan 27, 2010

complain about the differences between Apple's version of MS Office Home and the PC variety.

Speaking generally, have you noticed any issues in working on Word/Excel/Powerpoint files on your MBP that were created on a PC, and vice versa?

I'm asking because my company (as do most) uses PCs at work, and I'm wondering if there could be any issues in my working on MS Office files at home with a MBP and then planning to send them to colleagues who are using PCs.

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Apple :: Preview App Can Not Read File

Feb 22, 2010

i dont know why but Preview can not read/open any kind of files, as pdf, jpg...Even when i browse file, it cant view as image, the only way is open Photoshop to view it. How to fix the errors

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Apple :: Folder File Management

May 13, 2010

how to organize files in folders by date modified by when i modified it. I know that you can right click and use "arrange by date modified" but that sometimes arranges the files when they were modified online and not by me. I know on windows when i use Arrange by last modified it arranges it according to the date when i last downloaded it or opened it, not by when it was modified online. I would like to be arrange by date last opened or used by me.

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Apple :: Mac - How To Check The File Size

Feb 22, 2010

just got my mac last week, been using windows since forever. It's definitely a pleasure and exciting experience to us Mac OS. However there was a problem, I like to put my files on the desktop, but I couldn't figure out how to check the size of them.

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Apple :: File Permissions Stuffed

Oct 2, 2009

I some how managed to completely screwup the file permissions ownership on my macbook (10.6). This seems to have also mirrored itself to my timemachine. So I did a clean instal of SL, and then manually moved my files from TM back across, but unfortunatley the permission for all said files are wrong.

So I went as set using cmd+I the permission to myself as owner, as checked to apply to enclosed items, thinkin that would do the trick.

Unfortunately while it did fix a few files, the majority still remain stuck with the "_unknown" as the owner, which is preventing me from opening and using pretty much everything on my mac.

Does anyone know a way to force write the owner permissions to me for ALL files in my home directory?

I have tried the repair permissions in disk utility several times, it does nothing

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Apple :: Where Does Quicktime Save Its Configuration File

Feb 21, 2009

Where does Quicktime for Windows save its configuration file? I need to manually change the config file in order to solve a problem with Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary that has a problem with the audio. If you don't use Windows but know the name of the file.

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Apple :: Convert Audio Files - WMA File To MP3

Apr 3, 2009

I want to convert a WMA file to MP3. What should I use to do this?

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Apple :: File Larger Then 4GB. How To Split Into 2 Files

Mar 19, 2009

I have a .iso file that is to large to go onto my FAT 32 HDD as it is more then 4GB in size.

What program can I use to split it into to files and then combine it on my other computer? The other computer is a windows machine.

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Apple :: Way To See Some Details On A File By Hovering Your Cursor Over It

Aug 28, 2009

on OS X is there any way to see some details on a file by hovering your cursor over it? Ex: If I hover my mouse on a JPG on my desktop I can see the dimensions (like 1920x1200) and the filesize (like 2.3MB). Is there any way to enable this on my Macbook Pro?

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Apple :: How To Delete Specific File From Trash

Jan 10, 2009

is there a way to do it? i always forget that it empties the whole thing and i always go desperate wondering what else i deleted

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Apple :: Third-party File Encryption / Encrypted Images With Time Machine

Nov 1, 2009

My understanding is that FileVault's shortcomings are such:

- Documented vulnerabilities
- Requires that user be logged off to backup with Time Machine

I have a few things on my notebook that I would like to be kept safe in the event of a loss or theft. I used to use AxCrypt on Windows for this, but there are no OSX builds for it, so what I'm wondering is this:

- If I create an encrypted image and use it like a TrueCrypt/Cryptainer partition, will Time Machine back the image up as it changes over time like any other file?
- Is there any reason I shouldn't do that over some other way of keeping things safe?

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Apple :: Colcasac "the Original" MacBook Sleeve

Jul 20, 2009

I just bought a new, extremely awesome backpack that looks like a shark when I went shopping in Taipei yesterday, but there is no protection for laptops! That being said, I'm on the prowl to find a sleeve to protect my new MBP in transit and this particular sleeve caught my eye:


Does anyone have any experience with this laptop sleeve for the MacBook unibody? I've read on some reviews that people have issues with the fleece lining "shedding" all over their laptops and the ports (not cool), but I totally dig the look and style of this sleeve.

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Sony :: Z, SR Or FW For Hd Video Editing

Jul 12, 2009

I'm torn between deciding whether to get a high end cto of a z, sr or fw series laptop for video editing. I am familiar with the fw series. It's very good but weighs a ton and only has ddr2 memory available for it. I'd like to get a high end cto of a z or sr. I see they both go up to 2.8 ghs core 2 duo and use ddr3 memory and have dedicated video cards.

While the builit in screen is not 1080p, it seems big enough for video editing. My concern is performance.

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HP/Compaq :: Editing Video On The Mini 311

Dec 8, 2009

Could I edit HD video on a souped up 311? If so what program?

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Dell :: Better For Photo Editing-Inspiron Or Studio

Jan 18, 2010

I have been reading all the comments and most of the tech stuff is over my head, but you all seriously know what you are talking about.

Do you have a suggestions for a laptop for someone who doesn't game, but wants to use as a desktop replacement especially for photo editing. I don't have to lug the thing around

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Sony :: Video Editing And Gaming On Vaio Z

May 11, 2009

I saw a Sony Vaio Z today in a local store, and was incredible impressed with it's weight and size and keyboard.

But if I am going to use it for some video editing(Avid Media Composer) and to play some future games(Dragon Age, COD4 MW2 etc) is it powerful enough .....

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