Apple :: Replacing Ipod Battery

Oct 3, 2009

Has anyone ever replaced their battery on their ipod? I have a 5th generation 30GB Video ipod and the battery is terrible now that it is two and a half years old. I have seen a few different websites out there that have directions and sell the batteries... I trust I can install the battery from what I have seen on the videos but I don't know if I trust the battery some of these company's are selling.

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Apple :: Ipod - About To Die - To Copy All The Mp3's

Mar 23, 2010

my ipod is about to die and i need to copy all the mp3's off of it without messing up the songs names (i know if you copy/paste it renames some songs to SF57KLY or something like that). so is there a reliable program out there you guys would recommend to me for getting my songs onto my lappy? by the way, i am using windows XP. i also dont mind buying a program if i know it will work, so it doesn't have to be free.

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Apple :: 3.0 Ipod Software W/9.0 Itunes

Sep 23, 2009

I didn't pay for the 3.0 software for my Touch because it wasn't (and still isn't) worth it to me. Everything was fine until the latest update to iTunes came out. Now Yahoo IM, Twitterfon and Facebook won't appear on my Touch. Is my only option downgrading iTunes?

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Apple :: Ipod - SL Condense My Music

Sep 25, 2009

Itunes reports that I have 11GB of music in my library but my itunes music folder and my ipod reports 14GB, what is up with that? Anyone else have anything like this happen? I just don't know if it is something with SL or what....

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Apple :: Reinstall My PC And Worried About My IPod

Feb 10, 2009

First I must admit that I really did search both the main forums and even specifically in the Apple and Mac OS X forums and didn't find a really good answer to this question. It seems that mostly folks agree that iTunes itself should do a good enough job of backing things up.

Here's the deal...

My wife's notebook needs to have the OS reinstalled. Just to simply clean it up, make it faster, etcetcetc. In the past when we've done this everything always goes smoothly EXCEPT for the iPod.

She has a couple of purchased music on it, she has a couple of purchased games and even a movie, as well as TON of music, 20 GB or so (funny, we used to think that was a lot but it seems not, many people have several times this). The iPod has always given me difficulties with restoring only the purchased stuff, games and the music pieces we purchased legit. Twice before I have managed to cram things back on there with various 3rd party software but the names escape me since it typically takes several hours of installing this, trying this, uninstalling and try again with something else.

My wife's notebook is a PC and she is running Vista. When we go to 'reinstall' we are simply going to use the restore partition and install our other software from there.

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Apple :: Way To Play Flac On Ipod Touch

May 3, 2010

what is the BEST, quality loseless, full potential way, to play flac, and many other audio files(all, if possible) on the ipod touch? ipod touch is simply amazing, with millions of apps. I do not want to get a cowon iaudio, or iriver to play flac files and paying the same for their players just because they got better EQ, audio quality, and many many supported formats. I love apple products, but their ipod mp3 player line just needs better and wider formats supported in my opinion.

I want the ipod touch to do the same, i am an audiophile so i expect alot from my gadgets and equipments. does the Zune HD support flac natively, if not, how do u play flac on the zune HD also,

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Apple :: Can Get All My Music On My Ipod To A New Itunes Library

Oct 22, 2009

I am planning on doing a clean install of windows 7 on my computer but when i do so is it possible that i can just sync my ipod to the empty itunes library and let it put all my ipod music on my computer? or will it ask me if it can erase all the data on the ipod and sync it to that itunes library.

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Apple :: Free Ipod Touch Deal

Jul 11, 2009

Will the 3rd gen Ipod touch be release before the end of free ipod touch deal (w/ mbp purchase) on September 8th? Or will it be released shortly after?

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Apple :: Output Movies From My Ipod Touch To Tv

Apr 29, 2009

i cant burn movies from my Itunes onto a dvd, i was thinking that i could either play movies from my laptop and output them to my tv OR, is it possible to output movies from my ipod touch to tv ? so i dont have to lug around my laptop lol, i can just bring my ipod and a cable...

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Apple :: IPod Classic - Switching From Windows

Jan 5, 2009

I own an iPod Classic right now, 160 GB formatted currently for Windows. In iTunes(on Windows) I currently have it set at "Manually Manage Songs and Videos." I'm wondering if when I plug it into my MacBook, if it'll sync my songs in iTunes right away and I'll lose all my songs or if it'll ask me if it wants to sync. I'm just scared because I don't wanna lose the songs I have because I don't have backups.

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Apple :: IPod Touch 2 With 2 Megapixel Camera

May 19, 2010

once once again, Apple product is again leaked in VietNam, this time is refresh iPod touch 2 with new 2 megapixel camera, May be a war between Apple and VietNam will happen as many ppl expect will be true. Let see what will going on, it is running iphone OS 3.1 version,GPS,...

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Apple :: Mac - I'd Like To Get Into Writing Apps For Ipod Touch

Apr 16, 2009

I currently run a very nice gaming laptop that does everything I want but I have one thing I don't think is possible to do. I don't think it is possible to write Ipod Touch apps with it. I'd like to get into this just to try it. I'd like to know if macbook or macbook pro would work for this or if I should be looking at a mac mini or imac for this kind of thing. If I am wrong about Mac necessity for this type of programming I'd like some advice on that too.

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Apple :: ITunes - Way To Have An Artist Not Appear On Your List Of Artists On Your IPod

Jun 19, 2009

Is there a way to have an artist not appear on your list of artists on your iPod?
I have an iPod video. A bunch of random artists that I only have one song by so I'd rather not have them show up when I sort by artist.

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Apple :: IPad Worth Updating From IPod Touch

Apr 29, 2010

I have an current 3rdgen ipod touch 3G, that's beginning to wear over time, and wondering is an ipad worth upgrading to, or just send it to apple to get it fixed. If so, are there any suggestions in particular whether which model I should also get? I live in Canada and the ipad isn't fully out yet, but there have been thousands, literally thousands of ipad listings on ebay, thats the basic 16gb wifi model, selling for 600 bucks and more. So is this overpaying really necessary?

I really want an ipad but i don't know if its worth it if i already have an ipod touch, because imo its just a bigger ipod touch, i mean not really, but it can do anything the ipod touch can, and vice versa.

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Apple :: What Is The Process Of Free IPod Touch Rebate

Aug 8, 2009

I bought Macbook and Ipod touch last week and I did claimed online so Do I still need to Mail in UPC? I bought macbook and ipod touch at Apple retail store.

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Apple :: Free Ipod Touch Rebate Process

Jul 8, 2009

I purchased the 13" macbook and got the ipod touch cause I'm a student.

How do I get my rebate for my ipod touch? I did that online form thing and it still says it'll be processed in 30 days.

Am I supposed to be mailing anything in? UPC codes?

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Apple :: Slightly Off Topicwhats The Best Software To Backup Your IPod

Dec 14, 2009

i used to use TuneAid but it couldnt manage songs that didnt have ID3 Tags and would just rip the song name.

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Apple :: Copying IPod Playlist And Ratings To New Computer

Feb 13, 2009

I got a new computer and I transfered my iTunes library already and sync'd my iPod to my new computer. I was wondering if there is a way I can get the playlists and ratings from my old computer to my new one.

I already tried this but it didn't quite work out as advertised for me. Is there a quick, easy way to get just the playlists and ratings over to my new computer?

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Apple :: Is Screen Burn Possible On The IPhone/iPod Touch

Sep 8, 2009

I'm curious on if I leave the iPod Touch screen on all the time on if it suffers from screen burn if the display doesn't change for a long time, like when showing the home screen. I know it drains the battery quicker, but I like knowing it's on when playing music.

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Apple :: Freeware App For OSX That Lets Me Copy Music Back To The Mac From Any IPod

Aug 1, 2009

I use Sharepod on Windows, but now need an OSX version

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Apple :: How Do I Transfer Songs On My Hard Drive To My Ipod Nano

Oct 9, 2009

From what I read in the manual I am supposed to put them in the Itunes music library, but it does not say in the manual how to transfer them to the library.

In Itunes, I click on "FIle" and then "add file to library", select the songs, but nothing happens.

Can I drag them from Windows Explorer to my Nano directly?

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Dell :: XPS1530 Replacing Battery

May 1, 2010

After two years of using my XPS1530, I received an error or reminder message that I need to replace my battery.

It's still working though, but not sure what is the side effect of not replacing the battery immediately.

Do I need to replace my battery if it's still holding more than an hour or so?

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Dell Inspiron N5050 :: Won't Power On After Replacing CMOS Battery

Dec 7, 2014

Recently replaced the CMOS battery ourselves after getting the 5 beeps.  Put everything back together but a couple of screws were loose and came out.  Regardless the computer booted up fine and worked for a week.  Yesterday it would not power on, at all.   Unscrewed everything, opened it up, found some loose connections and tightened up, then replaced missing screws, seemed that they were tight and not spinning in place.  Computer powered on fine.  Next day, computer powers on again.  Then, after a brief power down, it won't come on.  AGAIN.  Opened everything back up and saw the hard drive was loose so tightened that up via external screw.  Put back together and made sure all connections were tight and re-screwed.  Still will not power on.

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Apple :: Replacing IMovie 08 On My MBP

Jan 3, 2009

When I got my new MBP with Leopard last May I was initially disappointed with iMovie 08, so I replaced it with the free download of iMovie HD from the apple website (more info here).

However, now I changed my mind and I want to put iMovie 08 back. Would I need to do a complete Leopard re-install or can I just use my discs to selectively install iMovie 08?it was easy to do just using the install discs.

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Dell Inspiron 7737 :: Getting Real Time Clock Error After Replacing Cmos Battery?

Jan 11, 2015

where my laptop would shutdown randomly and give me a real time clock error. I googled around and found that replacing the cmos battery would fix the problem. I tried it out but still i am getting this problem.

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Apple :: Replacing Underside Of Unibody MBP

Nov 30, 2009

just dropped my 15" MBP. My foot took the impact so no actual impact damage, but the underside scraped down a few drawer handles on the way down so there are two large scratches and some small dents on the underside.

Its mostly cosmetic I think - the computer seems to work fine, but the dents just irritate me. Is it possible to get hold of a replacement underside panel for these computers? Or do I need to send it off to Apple?

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Apple :: Replacing Hard Drive On MacBook Air

Mar 10, 2009

I had two questions about replacing the hard drive on the 1st generation (rev A) MacBook Air (with the 80GB hard drive):

1. I believe I read somewhere that it uses a not-so-common connector/interface. So, does anyone know where you can get the type of hard drive the rev. A MacBook Air takes?

2. Has anyone ever done this? Is it hard to get inside the case? Hard to swap out the drive?

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Apple :: Replacing D630 With 2.0GHz Unibody MB

Jan 18, 2009

I'm having some sort of buyers regret about a Dell Latitude D630 I bought in August. It was about $550 shipped through Dell Outlet. It's been great and I had intentions of taking it with me to Iraq later this year.

I also own a Dell XPS M140, which was bought through the Dell Outlet in 2006. I've only had one problem with it in three years and that happened about a week ago. The CPU began overheating with 100% usage in about 20 minutes. I tore it down, replaced the thermal pads with Arctic Silver and blew the dust out of the fan. It hasn't overheated since I did that.

My wife currently uses the M140 for movies, internet, email and school work. My fear is something is going to happen to it while I'm gone and she won't be able to do any school work. It's out of warranty so costly repairs. And she knows very little about computers to buy a good replacement.

Now I'm thinking about giving her the D630 and buying a 2.0GHz unibody Macbook. I'd love a 15" Macbook Pro but that additional cost isn't worth it to me right now.

I have owned a G4 Mac Mini and a Core Duo Mac Mini in the past. I use an iPhone 3g as a phone after getting mad at WinMo's terrible battery life and constantly needing to soft reset the phone. At work I've used a Quad G5 Power Mac and 12" G4 Powerbook somewhat extensively. I love OS X and think its a pretty OS. I also love Apple's design on all their professional products and I'm really happy to see an almost-12" PB replacement in the aluminum Macbook...................

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Apple :: Replacing My 15" MBP (2006) With 13" MB Or MBP (2010)

May 25, 2010

I currently use a 15" MBP that I bought in late 2006. I only use it for surfing the web and word processing. maybe watching a couple of videos here and there but no where near any graphics related tasks. I do not play any games on it (as I got a PS3 for that).

I am thinking of getting a new laptop with the highest possible battery life. it seems that the new 15" MBP does not "really" last for 8-9 hours even on light work, but the 13" does reach the 10 hours target. that is mainly why I have chosen to go with the 13" version. now I'm down to two options, the white MB and the MBP. technically, they both got the same price (if you compare both with 4gb ram). the main questions that I need people around here to answer are the following:

1. First, can the 15" MBP really reach the 8-9 target?

2. is there a difference between 13" MB and 13" MBP other than the material which they are built from? (polycarbonate vs aluminum).

3. is there a difference between them in wifi reception?

4. is it possible to increase the MB's ram memory to more than 4gb?

5. is the white case of the MB a 'dust magnet' ?

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Apple :: Put My MBP To Sleep It Had About 30% Battery Left - When Open In Morning Battery Went Down To 13%

May 9, 2010

I just received my MBP 13" yesterday. So far I love it. However, I noticed an issue. Last when I put my MBP to sleep, it had about 30% battery left. However, when I woke up this morning and opened my MBP, the battery went down to 13%.

When I put the laptop to sleep, I had a pdf file open along with itunes (paused). I have never used Mac OS, so maybe I not doing something correct. Also, I noticed when I open the lid (after I put the notebook to sleep) it just goes directly back to the desktop as opposed to on windows it prompts to the login screen when waking it up from sleep mode.

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