Apple :: Scratch The Bottom When Removing Screws

May 28, 2010

I slipped up a few times and caused hairline scratches on the underside plate of my 13" MBP when I installed my Momentus XT (which I am now returning and getting X25-M). My heart dropped when I heard these screeching noises, but it doesn't look too bad and hopefully eliminates the OCD I tend to have with electronics.

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Apple :: New Mcbook Pro With Scratch

Jun 14, 2009

I ordered the new 13" macbook pro but when I opened it I noticed there is a small mark/scratch on the aluminium case about 2 inches below the apple logo. The scratch is about 1 inch, it isn't very deep but is noticable.

Do you think apple will accept that it was like this when I recieved it and replace/repair it?

Would I also be able to take it into the apple store that is near by to get it replaced/repaired?

The store is listed as an authorised service provider on the apple website. I paid for applecare if that makes any difference. I also live in the UK.

This is my first mac and I have had no experience of dealing with apples customer support, I have been told that they are very good.

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Apple :: New Macbook Pro That Came With A Scratch/dent

Apr 28, 2010

I know some might think I am being over dramatic but I pay the high premium and I expect a high quality product.

I got my new i7 15" macbook pro last wednesday. I noticed maybe 2 or 3 days after I got it I that there was this tiny dent to the left of my left speaker. It's nothing huge, maybe 1 cm long and a fraction of a cm wide but once you notice these things they really start to tick you off.

In the last 3 months I have gone through about 2 dell "studio xps" systems due to major build quality issues and finding this mark today just about broke my heart (thearpy).

What are my options?

I don't really want to go without a laptop for another week so if that is my only option I will just live with it....

And, I know this is not anything of my doing unless my soft little generous fingers somehow dented my macbook... I have babied this thing since I brought it into this world (unboxing) and this whole ordeal just frustrates me.

Am I able to get a replacement for it being "defective"? If so would it be brand new. If not would I be able to get a full refund and re order? Or would they send me a new laptop and I sent this one back? Does the 10% restocking fee apply?

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Apple :: Windows Error After Removing Boot Camp Partition

Mar 16, 2009

I partitioned my hard drive for boot camp when I got it, and used Windows for a bit. I then decided to remove the Windows partition and use OSX only.

I used disk utility and re-claimed the partition size used for Windows. Cool.

Now whenever my computer's battery dies when it's in sleep mode, plugging it in does not recall Mac OSX (you know the gray screen that eventually resumes to Leopard?). On top of that, when I restart my MBP, it goes into a windows "non-system disk, remove and press enter" thing. I have to restart and hold down option to select Mac OSX, as if there was still a partition. But no windows option shows up.

I'm confused and this is getting annoying. I've checked disk utility again, it's showing one partition. There must be something that got left behind. Any ideas? I have thought about wiping and Time Machining it, but I'm afraid whatever is left behind will get backed up as well - not to mention having to re-register all my software is a pain I'd rather not have to do.

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Apple :: 13" MBP Screen - Images Look Darker And Crisper And At The Bottom They Look More Bright And Less Detail

May 19, 2010

At the top of the screen, images look darker and crisper and at the bottom they look more bright and less detail.

Here's an example of an icon that should look the same, but it looks distinctly different (and it's not the camera exposure -- what you see is more or less how it is). Should I return the machine and get another? Do you think Apple will even consider it an issue if I wanted to get it replaced? Do you guys have the same thing? I only noticed when I had a lot of the same icon scattered on my desktop and the same icon looks noticeably different. Of course, I am always the person to notice anything about electronics whereas other people would never have so much as a clue. even though the video files are what got me seeing that things are different, you can kind of see it with the folder icons as well.

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Dell :: Screws For M90/M1710

Mar 16, 2009

Since I've been taking apart my M90 often. I notice that my screwdriver is not as flat as it should be and if I'm not careful. I will be stripping the screws soon. How much does a replacement set of screws cost. And is there a perfect screwdriver for the screws?

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Chassis Screws

Jan 12, 2010

I was using my laptop as I normally would a few weeks back when I noticed that the left hand-side was sticking out a tad bit more than usual. I ignored it and now it's starting to become quite drastic.

There's a huge gap that keeps the top cover sealed with the rest of the laptop chassis. I look underneath the laptop and notice that somehow, 2 screws had disappeared!

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Dell :: Lost Some Screws When Opening My M1330

Sep 23, 2008

I lost the screws that hold the door of the memory compartment. Do you guys know where I can buy them? I'm a perfectionist. I prefer the same kind/colour of screws that Dell uses. Can I buy them from any hardware stores?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Replacement Screws, Warranty Etc

Oct 18, 2009

If the case is (insignificantly) dented, do they refuse warranty?

Does opening the laptop and changing thermal paste void the warranty? Can they see if I have opened the case or not?

If so, where can I get _genuine_ screws for my XPS M1530 laptop? I'm thinking about the screws which holds down the CPU/GPU/Motherboard plate (2 different types), and the ones that holds down the CPU cooler. Ebay is OK, but it must have international shipping.

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Dell :: Technician Stripped One Of The Screws By Using A Power Drill

Jan 6, 2010

Today I had my laptop's dvd drive replaced while i was gone to work.

I had someone watching the Dell technician while he was working on my laptop.

After I came home, my friend notified me that the technician used a power screwdriver to remove the screws from my laptop. After I inspected the laptop, I noticed one of the screws is close to getting completely stripped out!

Has anyone ever experienced this before? I don't know what to say, considering they are not even suppose to use a power drill to remove the screws at first place.

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Sony :: BIG Scratch Across My Z Screen

Jun 7, 2009

The design of the Z series results in a large scratch across the screen if the laptop gets compressed a little. Question is , has anyone tried to get it repaired under the warrenty? I purchased the full screen protection plan.

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Sony :: Z11 Still Have The Screen Scratch

Mar 24, 2010

about the flex in the screen of the Z5/6 series causing it to scratch against the palm rest. I also read they recomend using the cloth over the keyboard when shutting to stop this from happening. Does the Z11 still suffer from this design flaw?

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Dell :: M6400 Scratch & Dent

Mar 25, 2009

I've finally bought my first dell, for awhile now i've been an apple fan. I've own a powerbook, macbook, and then a macbook pro.

My latest macbook pro got stolen, so my insurance is buying me a new one.

I decided to cash out and buy a M6400. I do alot of 3d modelling so this particular laptop is very appealing to me,

I was turned onto the m6400 through my younger brother who owns an m6300.

The specs on this baby is :

--Intel Core 2 Quad QX9300 (2.53GHz, 12M L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB) Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate

-- 17 inch UltraSharp WUXGA (1920x1200) LCD Display

-- NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M, 1.0GB Discrete

-- Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11a/g/n Draft Mini Card

-- 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz (2 DIMMs)

-- 8X DVD ROM Drive

-- 160 GB Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive (7200RPM) 2nd Drive

-- 160 GB Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive (7200RPM)

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Dell :: Scratch And Dent And Outlet

May 30, 2008

Just ordered a S&D M1710 from the Dell Outlet with a 7600G chip (woo) and 7950GTX to replace my "ailing" off-warranty Gen2. I also ordered a three year warranty with CompleteCare, something I *didn't* get on the Gen2.

I'm expecting the scratches and/or dents will be superficial at best, and I can deal with that. If the notebook was heavily damaged I'd assume Dell would just junk it and sell the salvageable parts as "refurbished." Should they *not* be, however...

1) Does CompleteCare "cover" damage that was already done to the notebook at point of sale? If the notebook is damaged beyond my level of comfort, does CompleteCare cover its repair, since I'm assuming it'll be a lid or chassis problem. Or is this a case of "someone else broke it, and *you* bought it?" I would think the logic of the situation would be that (and please do not read into this as I'm not this type of person) if I damaged the notebook myself accidentally, I assume they wouldn't just fix the dents *I* put in it. =/

2) If the "damages" are severe, does the Outlet have the same 21 day return policy (or *any* return policy) regardless of whether an item is refurbished, off-lease, or S&D? EDIT: Found the answer to this one myself, it's the same return policy with a possible 15% restocking fee.

3) Could anyone with *past buying experience* (or knows someone and can recount their experience) with the Outlet please tell me what to expect and how your refurb or S&D part arrived?

4) Not a question, but yes I'm aware I bought an "older" and therefore "non-1337" model. I don't much care about DX10 at the moment, and also didn't feel like spending 2500 for a new notebook that is *slower* graphically than my 7800GTX was or 3500+ on a SLI 8800GTX setup and gives me more pain in driver support. Sufficed to say, the difference between 1900 dollars and 2500-3500+ dollars is not "slight." So if you're going to post in here and say something to the effect of "why didn't you buy a 1730," please don't bother and keep the discussion on topic.

And before anyone asks:
T7600G / 2GB (upgrading to 4GB despite the chipset limitation) / DD DVD-R/W / 7950GTX / Vista Ultimate ("downgrading" to XP with my Gen2's disc) / Intel N-Band Card ("downgrading" to a Gigabyte PCIe SuperG to take advantage of my existing network)

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Dell :: Review Of Scratch And Dent Studio XPS 13

Apr 25, 2009

I had an Inspiron 1420 and I installed Windows 7, I could not get the wifi working with the dell drivers, so I had to reformat my entire computer. I was able to sell my 1 year old Inspiron 1420 for $525 on ebay. Then I found and the fourms, now I am happier than ever that I did!

Received my scratch and dent studio xps 13 from Dell
Ordered on Tuesday 4/21/09 at midnight. Arrived 4/24/09 7:55pm Friday
Shipped from Tennessee to Pennsylvania

Specs: Studio XPS 13
P8600 2.4ghz
4gb ddr3
320gb 7200rpm
WLED screen
Wifi 1515 n

Cost: $729 dell outlet + 15% off coupon (expires 5/1/09)
With tax and shipping $656

Time on Dell Outlet website hitting the refresh button: 3 hours to find the studio xps 13 outlet pc for $729 with WLED screen
Most had LCD.. so I had to keep checking every 5 minutes for a couple of hours

Looked almost brand new when I opened it up

one word.. awesome.. design is very sharp looking, blacklit keys are really nice
Small surface scratches hardly noticeable on the top of the laptop..have to look at it in the light at a certain angle to notice the scratches. When I opened it up it looked really nice, keyboard is brand new, no scratches of any kind on the inside.

Design: Very good, I have no wobbling problems, on a flat table now.. no issues. When you open this up the keyboard seems pretty big.. It definitely does not feel like a 13 inch laptop.. the keyboard looks like it could be on a 15 inch laptop. Lots of extra space for your palms etc

Weight: not a problem at all even if you had to carry it with you

Keyboard: Typing on it now.. Definitely there is a learning curve to it as I am used to smaller keyboard with the keys closer. I watched that video of the other person showing keyboard keys were loose.. I noticed that some keys are looser than others but as I am typing on it now I have no problems whatsoever. After 20 minutes I noticed the oil from my fingers showing as smudges on every single key (again only in certain light can you see this) but it does not bother me at all. The sound buttons and eject button works great on the keyboard

Trackpad: Very small, learning curve here also but its not a deal breaker. Very responsive

Monitor: LED screen is beautiful and totally kills my old Inspiron 14 inch LCD. So clear and bright
I would not trade it for anything, also looks brand new. I did notice that the monitor hardly blocks the fan on the bottom.. not a problem. The heat on the left of the monitor is slightly warm but not hot. The 1200x800 display is the perfect size for the monitor

Heat: I received the laptop, put in my 64bit windows cd and reinstalled, then upgraded the bios to A06 Both cores run between 41 and 45 C , Have noticed this creeping up to 50 C sometimes but never over 50
A little warmer than other laptops I have used but not a problem at all. The laptop feels warm (but I would not say it is hot.. Even if I put my hand under the laptop it is only warm. The palm rests are comfortable and slightly warm but nothing bad. When I was doing the windows reinstall from the cd, when I put my hand under it, it was very hot.. the A06 bios update really helped cool it down!

Performance: Fastest laptop I have ever used and now owned.
Add/Remove programs loads in less than second.
Word, Excel, Powerpoint load in 2 seconds
If I hit the power button and put this into sleep mode.. walk away and then open up the lid again, it comes back up in less than 3-5 seconds.
Windows vista 64 loads very quickly

Sound: Good and loud, same as any other laptop

Fan: Bios A06 update seems to have the fan running all the time now.. I do not have any problem with it. It is very quiet and it does not run 100% of the time either

Battery Life: Regular 6 cell battery.. not sure how old this battery is but I think with wifi on, Screen brightness on max, giving me 2 1/2 hours
Might need to upgrade to the 9 cell in the future, but it works fine for now

HDMI: Plugged it into the tv.. looks really nice but I cannot get sound to work yet.. I was trying to play a tv show from through Internet Explorer.. Video worked very good, but sound was not working.. still need to look into this more............

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HP 10-e010nr OS/Software :: How To Reinstall Windows 8 From Scratch

Oct 18, 2014

I have a hp model 10-e010nr. I would like to do a custom reinstall of windows 8 to get rid of all the junk that slows this machine down...

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Dell :: Outlet Purchase, Scratch N Dent A Refurb?

Apr 7, 2009

So I purchased a "scratch n dent" mini 9 from the dell outlet. It arrived today. When I looked at the bottom it had a refurbished sticker on the bottom. I know on the outlet they have ordered previously new, refurbished, and scratch n dent.

Do all the scratch n dent computers come with this sticker? I figure the refurb would but didn't think the scratch n dent would as it's only a used computer..

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Dell :: Evaluate My Latitude E6500 (scratch And Dent)

Jan 23, 2009

I'm trying to figure out if I should keep it or not.

Specs for the laptop are:
Latitude E6500 Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53GHz, 6M L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
WindowsXP Pro, with Vista upgrade disk.
There was no documentation (manual) with it at all.

-- 6 Cell Primary Battery
-- Back-lit Keyboard
-- 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz (1 DIMMs)
-- 90W AC Adapter
-- NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M
-- Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Module
-- Integrated Webcam with digital microphone
-- Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11a/g/n Draft Mini Card
-- 250 GB Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
-- 8X DVD +/- RW w/dbl layer write capability
-- Genuine Windows XP Pro with Vista Business License
-- 15.4 inch WXGA+ LED Laptop Screen

I paid $735 with a 20% off coupon.

It's definitely got a rather visible dent, and the chassis is bent out of shape. Looks like it fell and landed on it's right front corner.

It runs fine, no problems connecting to the wlan or the internet, sound seems fine with no crackling (if a little tinny), the backlit keyboard is fantastic and I love typing on it.
Touchpad is a serious hassle when it comes to scrolling, and I hope they are planning on an upgraded driver soon.
My previous touchpad is a Synaptics and beats this one by a mile!

I'm not sure about the screen (1440x900, LED backlit).
Is it supposed to be a vast improvement over regular screens?
If yes, I'm not seeing it and the colors seem a little off.
I've tried adjusting it, but am not convinced I did a good job.
Does this laptop have an "Auto Synch button" somewhere?
When I try and use the Nvidia Screen optimizer Wizard", it tells me to locate that, and I'm not finding any info about it.

Fan is very nice and quiet compared to my emachines M6809, but the dvd drive is very loud! Is that normal, or could it have to do with the chassis being bent in that corner?

Hardrive is fast and quiet, and the laptop is a lightweight compared to my almost 9lbs emachines!

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HP/Compaq :: Is The 8730w Or 8530w Lid Really Scratch Resistant To Wool Pads

Mar 8, 2009

ANyone tried scrtching the lid with a wool pad ?

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Dell :: M6400 Cover Is Super StrongStapler Felt Down On Top And Not Even A Single Scratch

Feb 23, 2009

my big and heavy stapler felt down on top of my M6400 cover, the stapler made of steel and pretty heavy, not even a single scratch on the cover, pretty strong design and build,

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Dell :: How Do You Take The Bottom Off A Xps M1710

Feb 22, 2009

i just want to know how to take the bottom off of my xps so i can clean it but it wont come off i took out all the screws and it still wont come apart

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Sony :: Removing Cpu, Ram, And HDD

Aug 4, 2009

I have a sony vaio CR series and I'm buying a sager np8662 but I'm kinda poor right now. So i was wondering if its possible to remove the cpu, ram sticks and HDD from my sony and put them in a np8662 bare bone and then upgrade when I get the money?

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Dell :: Vista CD Key On Bottom Of Laptop Gone

Sep 10, 2009

I need to reinstall Vista on my Inspirion e1505 because I can't get it to work now, but the sticker that has the product key has rubbed off the bottom. Is there a way I can get Dell or Microsoft to reissue me a product key? Or what are my options here

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Dell :: Removing The Battery

Mar 10, 2009

can you remove/insert the battery while the computer is turned on and running on AC power?

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Acer :: Removing Stuff

May 20, 2009

When trying to remove Microsoft Works that came pre-installs I get an error.

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Dell :: S-XPS 1640 And 1645 Bottom Line!

Feb 3, 2010

The bottom line is that this laptops are not worthy to buy!

1. Throttling Issue (No real fix so far)
2. Random freezing (Speculations about driver fix)
3. Brightness control stops working randomly (remove batery to fix)
4. Sub-buffer rattles (nobody knows why)
5. Stereo leaks between left and right (no fix)
6. System runs extremely hot (1645 a little bit less than 1640)

All-in-all nice looking and feature complete laptop with a lot of issues.

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Dell :: Bottom Line Are You Happy With Your 1730

Oct 18, 2007

I know people have stated that they are liking there new laptop. My question is more of a what would you do type deal. How does the 1730 perform in vista with wow and world in conflict etc? are u guys having any studdering issues? Reason I'm asking is that im getting ready to pull the trigger on this or a alienware 9750. I have never used vista, my desktop is running xp.

I have read the forums and searched but i want to know how it performs in game. Are you guys missing the horsepower from the 7950? Im just looking for a some advice on what i should do.

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Acer :: Fan Sounds Like Its Rubbing Against The Bottom Cover

Mar 25, 2010

For a few months now when I switch my Acer Aspire 5535 on for about 5 mins it sounds like the fan is rubbing against the bottom cover. It does go away when it warms up but its not very good when I have to use it on the train or in the library!

Is there anything i can do? Can i take the cover off and have a look without damaging anything? The laptop runs fine otherwise.

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Sony :: How Do I Remove The Buttons On The Bottom Of My Desktop

Apr 4, 2009

I've looked through the add/remove programs and can't find it. Right-clicking on it does nothing.

It seems to me that it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove this annoying bundled software. Please help! If you know how to delete/disable this please let me know

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HP/Compaq :: How To Open Bottom Cover Of Dv5t

Mar 21, 2009

how to open the bottom cover of the dv5t. I removed all the screws i could find and could not get it to loosen up.

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