Dell :: 1330 What Kind Of Screen I Have (e.g., Toshiba Or CMO)

Sep 27, 2007

I have an LED screen-- in device manager, it says "generic PNP". Any other way to figure this out?

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Dell :: XPS 1330 Screen

Nov 25, 2008

I was streaming a TV show from my XPS via the HDMI port to my HD TV. All of a sudden it froze. Couldn't Ctrl+Alt+Delte, couldn't do anything.

Shut it down with the power button and left it for a few minutes, re-booted and all I got was a white screen followed by strange lines on the screen.

What I have garnered from the forums that with the Nvidia GPU is burnt out or the motherboard needs replaced.

Its out of warranty so I wonder how much it would cost to fix or is it fixable if I bought the parts myself. I seen a link on the forum about replacing the Copper mod but surely this won't work if the GPU is burnt out?

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Dell :: Does Have Replacements For The Backside Of The Screen (xps 1330)

Jul 27, 2009

I have a blue dell xps 1330 and I am talking about the top of the laptop when you close the lid, the colored part. It has a large scratch in it and I was wondering if I could get the whole part somewhere online or something. Is this possible? thanks I would like to change it to red too

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Dell :: XPS 1330 Black Screen With Vertical Line

Apr 3, 2009

I have XPS 1330 when i swtsh on it give me Black screen with vertical line
i sent it to support center thay told me thay cannt fix it coz the problem from the motherbourd and thay donnt have this model i think now i have to bey it from internet and i have to fix it at home but im not sure if the problem from the motherbourd or no coz i didnot trust the support center in my country

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Dell :: XPS 1330 Start Up Coloured Stripes Dominate Screen

Feb 28, 2009

Basically I start the laptop up, then the very first screen that appears is a black screen which then proceeds to show these coloured stripes before changing to a white screen which then shows more stripes.

The laptop doesnt progress to the startup or anything and I cant access safemode or anything.

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Dell :: Vs. Toshiba

Feb 2, 2009

Intended use: regular Internet activity, MS office (excel/word), picture editing, light home video editing (beginner ...

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Dell :: What Kind Of Graphics Would You Want For The SXPS 13?

Jun 22, 2009

If you were to put a GPU into the SXPS 13, what would you like it to be? Its default 9400 M is decent enough to trample Intel's IGPs but it could always be better. I mean a 9600 GT on a 13"? It's been done on the LG P series. So what would it be?

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Dell :: What Kind Of Bluetooth Adapter Available For M1730?

Nov 10, 2009

I was sent an M1730 but with no bluetooth adapter. There's a little plug underneath the battery in the battery compartment where it would normal sit.

Anyone have any ideas on the best, compatible module to get? I'd like to be able to use a wireless mouse.

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Dell :: What Kind Of Thermal Pad Is On The M1530's Northbridge?

Dec 3, 2009

What kind of thermal pad is on the m1530's northbridge?

I found a few, but it is important to note that these pads are very thin, and the one on the m1530is very thick (I think about 2mm)

Here's ebay:

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Dell :: What Kind Of Dvd Burner Comes With The Studio 1555?

Jun 1, 2009

It says it comes with

8X Slot Load Super Multi (DL DVD+/-R Drive + RAM support)

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Dell :: Is The GPU Video Card On E6400 Upgradeable? What Kind Of MXM?

Aug 15, 2009

I have Dell E6400 with nVidia NVS160M.

This is how E6400 base looks like:

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Dell :: What Kind Of Gaming Performance Should I Expect From M4400?

Jan 15, 2009

Title says all...I am not a hardcore gamer,just want to "relax",can you post couple of FPS numbers for different games?

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Dell :: What Kind Of Battery Life Does The Latitiude E6400 Get?

Feb 16, 2009

with a 9cell vs 6cell battery?

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Plastic Kind Of Film On The Hinges?

Dec 9, 2009

Does yours have a plastic kind of film on the hinges? Can I peel this off? Why is it there?

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Dell :: Lattitude E4200 Toshiba Vs Samsung LED Panel

Apr 26, 2009

I've been researching the Lattitude E4200 and was wondering if people could chime in with more information about the screens available on the E4200.

I know that for the E6400, there is a lot of talk about screens, but it seems like there isn't for the E4200. I've read the few posts that there are regarding the two options that are available: Toshiba and Samsung.

Is there a general consensus of which one is higher quality? Does anyone have side by side comparison pictures? The information that I've read through is pretty scant in terms of not having many responses.

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Dell :: Recent XPS M1330 Buyers, Which LED Did You Get (Samsung, Toshiba?)

Mar 13, 2009

I just had a replacement done on my LED. I had a Samsung and now got a Toshiba. I feel that the Sasmung had better brightness and more vibrant colors. The Dell tech tells me that Samsung is not longer manufactured...

Has anyone who ordered recently gotten a Samsung LED?

To check, go to display settings, advanced setting, monitor, properties, details, hardware Ids:

LCD2306= Toshiba
SEC5441= Samsung

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Dell :: Touchpad Freezing Lessened With Toshiba Driver

Mar 17, 2009

I've had problems with my M4400's Alps touchpad sporadically freezing/locking up, ever since I received it a week ago. I saw the same problems in Windows XP, Vista, and in Windows 7. I did some searching around and found others also reporting problems. I was about ready to return my laptop (instead of submitting to a potential troubleshooting quagmire), but I found one suggestion that seemed worth trying.

I removed the Dell touchpad drivers (Driver Version:, Driver Date: 12/21/2008) and installed one from Toshiba's web site (Driver Version: 7.2.303.107, Driver Date: 9/19/2008). After installing the Toshiba driver, I disabled all of the touchpad "extras", including browser support, scrolling, tapping, and inertial movement. It seems to have lessened the sporadic freezing (the jury is still out on whether it improved the input lag). I have had one freezing/tracking problem since installing the Toshiba driver, but overall it seems improved over the Dell driver. I'd be very interested in knowing if it helps anyone else also having problems with their touchpad freezing up.

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Sony :: What Kind Of Protection Kit You Use For Vaio Z

May 9, 2010

What kind of protection kit you use for vaio z?

Such as lcd protector, keyboard protector, sticker , cleaner, wipe cloth etc.

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Dell :: Toshiba MK2051GSY Hard Drive Clicking Noise

Mar 28, 2009

Hey everyone, anyway to get rid of the clicking noise on the Toshiba MK2051GSY, 7200 RPM hard drive? I did a search and i couldn't find anything ....

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Sony :: Toshiba R500 Vs Vaio Z

Mar 15, 2010

Can somone tell me which is better and why? I'm sure everyone is going to say Z because this is the Sony forum, but I want to know why one is better than the other.

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HP/Compaq :: Using Toshiba TV As Monitor For Mylaptop

Jan 18, 2010

I have a Toshiba 22AV600U hooked to my HP Dv5 laptop with an HDMI cable. I have configured my laptop so that it will "Do Nothing" when the lid is closed.

With the laptop lid openend, the TV works perfectly! The resolution is what it is supposed to be. I am able to set the TV up as a clone or as a desktop extension with no problems. Also, I am able to have the TV as the sole monitor (the laptop is blank), but the lid is still open. When I close the lid, I get a "unsupported video signal". Again, everything functions normally when the lid is open, I only get problems when the lid is closed.

Originally, when closing the lid, the resolution on the TV wasn't correct. It would work with the lid closed, but the resolution was off. After fiddling with the resolution, I have changed something somewhere along the line and now all I get is the "unsupported video signal".

Although I would prefer that the resolution be correct with the lid close, I would take messed up resolution as opposed to "unsupported video signal".

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx16 Vs Toshiba A355d

Jun 15, 2009

i am about to get another laptop but i dont know what to choose hp or toshiba both have the same configuration and the price is almost the same both p8400 processor and 4g ram, 16 inch screen with nvidia g9600 and 320/5400 hard drive finger print DVDRW NO blu-ray in both webcam,mic etc,,

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Sony :: Toshiba Bluetooth Driver For Vaio

Jul 29, 2009

Anybody know what the solution is to the toshiba bluetooth driver that keeps causing explorer errors? I have a VGN-SZ660N. Toshiba makes a update to the driver, but it is only for Toshia brands. As of now I do not know of a solution to this problem from Sony.

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HP/Compaq :: Will Envy 17 Come With Western Digital 1TB Drives Or Toshiba 1TB Drives

May 11, 2010

Which drive will the envy 17 come with and which drive performs better? These are the only 2 2.5" 1TB drives i see released as of now.

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Dell :: 1330 LCD

Mar 18, 2010

LCD display shut down but the computer still is on. In the first was rare but sometimes it get annoying.

Is like 1 day it happend 3-4 times and the other day only happend 1 time. I use a lot the PC so it is on more than 8 hours a day.

I think that is overheated GPU but happend in normal temp also not vertical lines, etc ....

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Dell :: Xp On Xps 1330

Jan 6, 2009

I want to downgrade to xp .

I want to know if XPS 1330 is compatible with XP??

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Dell :: Should I Buy XPS 1330?

Apr 2, 2009

I'm having for 2 years already a Dell Latitude D630. It works great
Now my sister want also a Dell laptop, and she wants XPS 1330.

I'm sure about reliability of Latitude series, since D600 and D630.
XPS 1330 has very cool design, price is OK too, but I'm very concern about GPU issue. After reading a lot of topic about replacing mainboard and especially heating problems with NVIDIA GPU GS?8400 should I still consider buying now XPS 1330?

I'm not going to buy with NVIDIA video card but Intel Integrated X3100 because sister doesn't play any game

Is there any serious issue with XPS 1330 and Intel X3100 on board?, heating, crashing etc..? I want to buy her a stable laptop like mine - D630.

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Dell :: XPS 1330---overall

Sep 19, 2008

after excessively researching every possible laptop that could fit into my budget and for my needs I finally went with the Dell XPS 1330. Upon receiving my order (after patiently waiting for weeks it seemed)-- I opened the box and realized there was no case or complimentary headphones. Only after researching a bit on the forums did I realize they were no longer included. After setting up the laptop and running some games--- and after almost 2 weeks of ownership I must say I am impressed.

-Laptop has a beautiful bright display
-can play most games i throw at it (for some strange reason Company of Heroes slows down considerably)
-slot loading drive
-relatively quiet (more on this on the cons)
-touch screen controls
-pretty quick start up
-extremely light weight---and aesthetically pleasing---looks like a beauty
-surprising decent battery life---get over 3 hrs with each charge--and can be configured for more with dimmer screen.

-makes some strange noises when just doing ordinary tasks---it almost sounds like a ticking clock.
-keyboard is also loose and makes some bad noises when clicking on certain keys. Overall the keyboard is simply sufficient---but doesnt really meet up with the price paid.

I would say for the money 1215$ with 2 yr warranty is fairly unbeatable. An apple macbook was a consideration for a while---but Dells cant be beaten for the price-

overall I would say as a 1st time dell xps laptop buyer I am fairly happy. Only reason that i would consider returning it is for the crappy keyboard--and clicking noises. But i also feel lucky that my xps didnt ship with any worse problems.

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Dell :: XPS 1330 Fan

Apr 28, 2009

can i control my fan on my xps 1330?

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Dell :: Xps 1330 Remote

Jul 19, 2007

i saw some pictures that suggest that this unit comes with a remote something like the bluetooth remote offered by dell... but im wondering 3 things... first off does it use bluetooth to work? and secondly does it stick out from the laptop like that other one that dell offers? and lastly can i get it without purchasing a 1330?

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