Dell :: SXPS 16 Plastic Kind Of Film On The Hinges?

Dec 9, 2009

Does yours have a plastic kind of film on the hinges? Can I peel this off? Why is it there?

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Dell :: What Kind Of Graphics Would You Want For The SXPS 13?

Jun 22, 2009

If you were to put a GPU into the SXPS 13, what would you like it to be? Its default 9400 M is decent enough to trample Intel's IGPs but it could always be better. I mean a 9600 GT on a 13"? It's been done on the LG P series. So what would it be?

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HP/Compaq :: Anti-glare Film/solutions

Apr 3, 2009

I have a dv5t and as the weather gets nicer here in New England, I am opening the windows and this glare is driving me crazy. I searched the forum and saw a few questions about adding a film or something to prevent glare, but didn't see any suggestions. I'm sure others have been down this path?

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HP/Compaq :: Photodon Antiglare Film On A Dv4z Infinity Display Mini-review

Apr 9, 2009

The extreme glare of HP's Infinity displays and lesser glare of glossy screens in general has a cure: antiglare films, which also provide scratch protection. I found a very comprehensive review of the options here:

Screen Protector Shootout Results

Photodon LCD protector sheets were highly rated, and since Photodon is in my home state of Michigan I ordered from them. I went with a larger than normal custom cut for my HP dv4z's Infinity display, figuring (correctly) that I'd want the film to be a little larger than the LCD panel since there's no bezel. I got the width right, 310mm, but I guessed low on the height. 194mm should be about right. Being mechanically disinclined I did a poor job applying the film but it still looks good. Some pics:

Glare screen, no flash, creepy serial killer gloves from the Photodon installation kit

Glare screen, flash on

Photodon antiglare film, flash off

Photodon antiglare film, flash on

Photodon antiglare film, notebook on, flash off..................

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Dell :: Re-newing XPS Hinges

Jun 12, 2009

i'd like my hinges to be stiffer/have more friction. any tips or should i get replacement from ebay? they're kinda pricey though, over $40 plus shipping

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Dell :: Are My 1520 Hinges Bad?

Jan 6, 2009

Its been doing this for a while. Just wondering if I should buy a new set of hinges or maybe a new lid?

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Dell :: Lid & Hinges On XPS M1330

Oct 22, 2008

I purchased a new lid and hinges from eBay for my XPS WLED M1330. I currently have the red cover, but the X on the XPS logo peeled off and was lost, so I bought a new black one. It is just the lid and hinges, not the screen.

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Dell :: 1640 Hinges

Mar 7, 2009

I have noticed the hinges are really tight and it takes two hands to open it. 1 to hold the bottom and one to lift the screen. Will this get better over time or do i just live with it?

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Dell :: What Kind Of Bluetooth Adapter Available For M1730?

Nov 10, 2009

I was sent an M1730 but with no bluetooth adapter. There's a little plug underneath the battery in the battery compartment where it would normal sit.

Anyone have any ideas on the best, compatible module to get? I'd like to be able to use a wireless mouse.

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Dell :: What Kind Of Thermal Pad Is On The M1530's Northbridge?

Dec 3, 2009

What kind of thermal pad is on the m1530's northbridge?

I found a few, but it is important to note that these pads are very thin, and the one on the m1530is very thick (I think about 2mm)

Here's ebay:

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Dell :: What Kind Of Dvd Burner Comes With The Studio 1555?

Jun 1, 2009

It says it comes with

8X Slot Load Super Multi (DL DVD+/-R Drive + RAM support)

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Dell :: 1330 What Kind Of Screen I Have (e.g., Toshiba Or CMO)

Sep 27, 2007

I have an LED screen-- in device manager, it says "generic PNP". Any other way to figure this out?

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Dell :: Inspiron 640 M Hinges Loose ?

Aug 17, 2009

My 640M is still working fine but the LCD hinges seem to be a little loose. i.e. if I tilt the laptop a little, the lcd seems to bend on either side I bend it upon.

I noticed that my friends' laptops - Dell inspirons but newer models ( 14, 1420) etc do not have this loose LCD hinges.

I dont remember if the hinges were loose when a new laptop arrived, but its been about 3 years now and I notice this

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Dell :: Loose Hinges On M1530

Feb 28, 2009

I have had my M1530 for abut half a year. At the very beginning I noticed that the screen is not very stiff, for example I the screen lid can be moved by about 2 cm almost with no effort (with one finger) also the he hinges (the bar inside) moves up few millimeters when closing the lid.

It's noticeable when looking at the hinge, and also I can feel that from the force used to move the screen for first 2 cm. The problem des not seem to increase and for the first time I thought its normal, but some time ago I saw an identical XPS without that problem.

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Dell :: Is The GPU Video Card On E6400 Upgradeable? What Kind Of MXM?

Aug 15, 2009

I have Dell E6400 with nVidia NVS160M.

This is how E6400 base looks like:

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Dell :: What Kind Of Gaming Performance Should I Expect From M4400?

Jan 15, 2009

Title says all...I am not a hardcore gamer,just want to "relax",can you post couple of FPS numbers for different games?

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Dell :: What Kind Of Battery Life Does The Latitiude E6400 Get?

Feb 16, 2009

with a 9cell vs 6cell battery?

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Sony :: What Kind Of Protection Kit You Use For Vaio Z

May 9, 2010

What kind of protection kit you use for vaio z?

Such as lcd protector, keyboard protector, sticker , cleaner, wipe cloth etc.

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Acer :: Aspire 1410Weak Hinges

Mar 2, 2010

I just purchased the Acer Aspire AS1410-2920 laptop from, and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I'm very much in love with this laptop, but I noticed right away that the hinges on it appear to be loose. If the laptop is sitting on my desk and I just use it like normal, it seems fine to me. But, the second I get up with it the display falls down (away from the keyboard area), and it did this while I rode my train into the office.

I contacted about doing a replacement via their online chat system, and of course they said I have to call them in order to get the RMA and UPS shipping label. Then, I have to ship the product back and I won't get a replacement for 7-10 business days AFTER they receive & process my return. Talk about a hassle but I suppose that's how it is anywhere you go. My biggest concern is that I may receive another new 1410 that has the exact same problem with loose hinges.

Has anyone here experienced loose hinges on their 1410?

Are the hinges on your 1410 nice and firm? I have a friend who has a smaller Acer netbook (9" screen), and the hinges on his are extremely firm in that there's no give if you shake it (not that I would shake my laptop on a regular basis).

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-a115b Hinges

Apr 27, 2009

Ive just got a new Sony AW Laptop so im wanting to get my sony vaio vgn-a115b repaired and sold as the right hinge is broken.

Would any A Series hinge work ?

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Dell :: Poor Quality Plastic

Mar 20, 2010

I'm in the process of returning my system (not due to this paint issue) but due to the screen issues/dell's inability to give me a replacement [full story: The continued adventures about a boy and his laptop....

Back to this thread's topic, I have babied this thing and have never dinged this portion of the laptop on anything but the paint still seems to chip away.. does anyone else have anything like this picture?

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Dell :: Little Black Plastic Securing Tabs

May 14, 2009

while replacing the top cover on my XPS m1530 i broke the little black securing tab that attaches the central control cover cable to the connector .....

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Dell :: Replacement Parts: LCD Hinges/fans/palm Rest/mouse Buttons

Aug 9, 2009

As the title says I'm looking for some new parts.
I'm currently in need of new:

LCD hinges
palm rest
mouse buttons

Anyone know the part numbers for these or could you reference me to a parts list or online site that would sell these parts?

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Dell :: SXPS 1645 Discontinuedi7-820QM No Longer Supported On SXPS

Dec 30, 2009

This is interesting... a friend of mine just tried to order the SXPS with the i7-820 processor and got denied by Dell. Apparently, the 1645 has been fully discontinued, and Dell will no longer be placing the i7-820 processor in any SXPS form factor. They quoted that due to hardware and power issues as the reason behind discontinuing the 1645 (and replacing it with the 1647) and killing i7-820 support. The sales rep said the only offering will be the Studio series for the i7-820.

As a 1645 owner with the i7-820, this is kinda scary that this laptop has been discontinued this quickly as well as the offering of the 820 series chip. We ended up calling a second time, and another sales rep confirmed the same story.

Anyone get similar information from Dell on this? I'm also wondering if this is a "Dell Canada" thing...

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Acer :: Aspire 2000/2010/2020 Hinges

Feb 5, 2009

the right hinge of my Acer Aspire 2003Wlmi & partner in job broke...

It seems that these items have been discontinued, so maybe some suppliers have that part in stock if i'm extremely lucky...

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Apple :: Plastic Cracking On Mac

Aug 13, 2009

a piece of plastic broke off the edge of my mac keyboard a couple of months ago and now there is like a small hole(?) on the left side...I am way past my this a common defect or something?

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Dell :: E6400: Plastic Unsnaps From Latch Holder Area

Nov 22, 2009

I dropped my Latitude E6400 while it was in my backpack and the palmrest plastic next to the latch holder unsnapped from the base. I snapped it back in. About a month later, it was unsnapped again and I snapped it back in again. I don't remember dropping it. I wonder:

1. Has this happened to anybody?
2. Do you think I broke anything?

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Dell :: Latitude E6500 (Blue Color And Plastic Case?)

Jan 17, 2010

I have a small question. What kind of case (plastic or magnium) have a Dell Latitude E6500 with BLUE and RED colors of case?

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Dell Latitude E6640 :: Plastic Spacer In SmartCard Slot Cannot Be Removed?

Nov 19, 2014

I have a Latitude E6640 and wish to use the SmartCard slot. Unfortunately there is a plastic spacer in this slot that will not come out. My software sees the firmware on the laptop so I know the hardware for this is present. How is this plastic spacer removed? Removal of the HD for better leverage is no support. It appears that the top cover over the keyboard would have to be removed but that makes no sense. If that is the case how is this done?

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Sony :: Why Is Vaio SR So Flimsy And Uses Cheap Plastic

Nov 25, 2009

I'm going to be ordering the Sony SR in a couple of days probably. Today I went to Best Buy to look at it. Everything about it I liked except for the casing. It's so flimsy and seems like it's made out of cheap plastic. I recognize that this helps to keep it light, but still, just touching it made me feel like my palms will break the computer after a while, lol. Seriously, why do they make it like that? The thing bends so easily, including the screen. Making it of something a more strong would not add considerable weight!

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