Dell :: 1536 Windows XP Install

Jun 17, 2009

I tried several times to install Windows XP on my 1536.

Problem is that after "Windows loads all the files" and claims that "Setup is starting Windows" it will blue screen. This problem is not the disk, as I have tried Pro, Home, and Media Center edition all with burnt and OEM disks.

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Dell :: Studio 15 1536 AMD Review

May 27, 2009

So this is a review on my new (Scratch and Dent) Dell Studio 1536..

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Dell :: Dead Studio 1536

Jan 30, 2010

I have a 14 month old Dell Studio 1536 Wal-Mart special that is dead. According to the box it only had a 1 year warrenty.

I know the 320G HDD & the 4G of RAM still work ( tested them in a different laptop ). I'm pretty sure the motherboard is dead.

The power light comes on , media lights flash & the HDD spins but nothing else happens no monitor, no HDD light, no caps lock light, no USB mouse light, nothing. Through my searching the net I figured out that I can put 1535 / 1537 guts into my 1536 chassis ( which is good as I no longer will buy anything with AMD inside ( this is my first & last ) & I haven't found a 1536 motherboard ).

I have found many different 1535 / 1537 motherboards & processors. What I want to know is which ones do I want & which to stay away from.

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Vs 1536 Vs. 1537

Jan 14, 2009

I would like the better graphics (even the integrated graphics), but can't determine which model is which at (not looking for an outlet purchase, just a regular new computer).

Also, can someone tell me the differnces b/w the 1535, 1536, and 1537? I am not a gamer, outside of an occasional game here or there (nothing too crazy-i.e. I have never bought a game that cost more than about $20 for context)...............

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Dell :: Converting 1536 (AMD) To 1537 (Intel)

Mar 24, 2010

I have a dead Studio 1536 & I just got done buying a H281K ATI motherboard, Intel T9600 CPU & heatsink / fan off E-Bay.

I can't wait for them to arrive. I'm tired of using this old Inspiron 1100.

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Dell :: Studio 1536 - Upcoming Model Or One That Exists Already Outside Of U.S.

Sep 25, 2008

My new Studio 15 (1535, technically) came with a manual that references a Studio 1536 model in addition to the 1535 and 1735. The Dell Support site also lists three Studio models- 1535, 1536 and 1735.

Based on Dell's model numbering, the 1536 is an AMD-based Studio 15. The manual also noted that one of the graphics options for this model is the ATI Radeon Mobilty HD 3200 which is the integrated graphics processor available with AMD's newest "Puma" processors.

So, I'm trying to figure out if we're going to see a Studio 1536 introduced in the very near future, based on the AMD Puma platform. OR is this a model sold outside of the U.S. market?

It seems logical that Dell would offer an AMD-based Studio 15 to compete against HP's dv5z and Toshiba's A305D models.

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Dell :: Bought Studio 1537 Motherboard And Replaced 1536

Apr 6, 2010

I have a 1536 that I thought had a dead motherboard. I bought a 1537 motherboard, T9600 CPU & a CPU fan & heatsink. Finally all the parts showed up & I got it installed. Unfortunatly all this new hardware & still same problem. When you turn it on the media lights flash on & then off & the DVD drive makes some noise. The display doesn't turn on & no HDD activity. I know the 4G of DDR2 is good & the HDD is good as I tested them in another laptop. Any help would be helpful. I would think that I would get some HDD activity ( noise & HDD light ) if the display was dead.

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HP Pavilion G4 Display :: Not Able To Install Switchable Graphics After Fresh Windows 7 Install

Apr 13, 2014

I replaced hard drive with SSD and installed windows 7 ultimate (X64) on my HP Pavilion G4 notebook. However, I am not able to install switchable graphics on my laptop now.
I have tried this
1. Installed HPSA and ran update and tuneup. It asked me to update "AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver" but it failed with multiple retries and after some time now it doesnt ask to do this update at all. Now everything is green in HPSA but I am still not able to switch the graphics
2. Tried to download from HP drivers page but it says "AMD Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatible harware/software on your computer"
3. Tried uninstalling the driver but windows updates the drivers automatically.
4. I also updated BIOS as suggested at [URL] ..... but still no luck......
Product Name: HP Pavilion g4 Notebook PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1
Product number : LQ375PA#AB

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Dell :: Install Windows Server 2003 And Windows Vista In The Same Laptop?

Mar 31, 2009

i need to know can i install windows server 2003 in the same laptop. I have partitoined my Laptop in to C, D and E drives,

now i installed Vista in C: drive is it posible to install windows server 2003 in D: drive? Suppose if i install like tht it will cause any problem? . Thank you all

My DELL Inspiron 1525 (Midnight Blue)
Screen: 15.4" HR glossy widescreen (1440x900)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400
RAM: 4.0 GB DDR2
HD: 320 GB

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Dell :: Clean Install Windows 7? Or Windows Xp?

Apr 13, 2010

Has anyone clean installed Windows 7 on their new Inspiron laptops? I just bought a E1545 and it came with Windows 7. I'd like to clean install and I was wondering if it was as easy as popping in the Windows 7 DVD and waiting for it to install and then just dling the drivers online and installing.

And how about Windows XP? I know most people have gotten used to and accepted Windows 7... but has anyone installed WIndows XP on their laptop that came with Windows 7 originally? I mean a native install, not virtual...

If no one has done this yet, I am willing to create a guide if it is requested and if I succeed in doing so...

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HP Pavilion G6 2255eo OS/Software :: Reinstall Windows 8 If Did Complete Clean Install Windows 7

Dec 20, 2013

When i bought my laptop it have windows 8 but i disliked it and have many bugs on my games so i installed windows 7
and complete delete everything in my harddisk. I couldn't find product keys anyway packet , laptop etc.
My laptop is pavilion g6 2255eo

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HP Pavilion 15-B001EE OS/Software :: How To Install Windows 7 Into Pre-installed Windows 8

May 16, 2014

how to install windows 7 into pre-installed windows 8 hp pavilon 15-B001EE First it asks about a driver So I removed the harddesk and installed windows 8 on other PC. when I returned the harddest to computer and just when start loading windows it gives me a blue screen Do not know what to do since I removed the recovery partation

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Y580 With Windows 8 - Fresh Install Of Windows 7

Dec 1, 2012

My Y580 should be arriving shortly. I got it on the Black Friday Special and it comes with Windows 8. I bought a SSD to replace the HDD and I am wanting to downgrade it to a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate or Pro and I have a couple questions:
How to do this for the Y580? I have not been able to locate one.
Also I am assuming I would not want to use the Windows 8 device drivers correct? Do I use the Windows 7 device drivers?
Would use the drivers from the Lenovo site or each devices specific website? I am going to try to save them on a DVD in advance and want to be prepared.

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HP Dv8110us OS/Software :: Windows Clean Install / Upgrading To Windows 7

Mar 25, 2014

Have an HP DV8110us Pavilion notebook purchased in 2006.  Running XP SP3.  Upgrading to Windows 7 with a clean install.  Ran the MS Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.   This notebook has the AMD Turion 64-bit chip running at 1.8 mhz.  I have 2 GB memory.  Looking through the Win7 options, I decided to order Win7 32-bit, since I'm only carrying 2 GB of memory.  Win 7 64-bit seems to be happier with 4 GB.  While the Advisor shows I have some drivers that need updating after Window 7 is installed, I just noticed that the Realtex RTL8139/810x NIC needs a new driver for 32-bit Win7, but under 64-bit Win7, the NIC is compatible.
Should I have ordered the 64-bit Win7 ?  Or should I look around for a new Realtek driver ?  Realtex has a link to an old Vista driver that should work.  Other searches suggest that a workable driver might be on the Win7 DVD.

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Dell XPS 15z :: USB Cannot Be Seen During Windows 7 USB Install

Feb 11, 2013

I decided to install Windows 7 From a USB drive on my XPS 15z. I am using a USB thumb drive that is 3.0. When the computer first starts, I can select "Boot From USB" and the Windows installation will begin. Once I click "Install" to start the Win7 install, I noticed it was asking for drivers, as it can no longer see the USB thumb drive. When I try to browse, the USB thumb drive is missing for some reason. I believe it has to do something with the fact that the USB is being "Emulated" according to the BIOS. I need to be able to copy the USB 3.0 Chipset drivers (Renesas Driver) which can be downloaded here: URL... Into the RAM (Where Windows installs the VERY first files for Windows 7 Installation) during the very beginning of the install. Is there a folder that I can put them in, on the Windows 7 installation USB drive or the original ISO for the Windows 7 installation CD? So that when the Windows installer first starts, it copies the folders with the files needed to the RAM with everything else and the files can be accessed? (Since the USB can not be read from without the drivers)

Or is there a way to prevent the USB from hiding when I start to install Windows 7 from the USB drive?I have tried to use both of the two USB ports on the computer.I noticed in the BIOS it says "USB Emulation" and does not have an option to go to USB 2.0 as some suggested that I can find in the BIOS.

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Dell :: M1730 Windows XP Install

Jan 25, 2008

I have M1730 with windows Vista.

I just installed 2 x 120Gb hard drives, created RAID0 stripe, and trying to install Windows XP.

I Downloaded Intel SATA RAID drivers from Trying to install them from a floppy during Windows XP install but get a BSOD every time its trying to load the driver

If anyone was successful in installing Windows XP on M1730 (with RAID 0)

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Dell :: How Can I Install Windows On A New HDD...Without A Disc

Nov 19, 2007

I got a new 120GB seagate Momentus 7200rpm HDD in the mail today. I wasn't expecting it yet (I actually wasn't expecting it to ship until today) so I wasn't ready for it.

I need to know how I can copy windows from my current 60GB HDD to my new 120GB...but I don't have a Windows Xp CD. I know there is some way to make an "image" of my current HDD? But when I research that it gets a little confusing because they are always how to's for backing up your files rater than making a CD that you can actually install on a blank HDD.

How many CD's will it take If I un-install all my programs first and basically just copy Windows itself?

I'm not interested in going out and buying an external caddy and copying directly to the new HDD externally UNLESS that is the only way to do it. I need a way that it can be done like...2day! cause i'm anxious!

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Dell :: Windows Xp Install On 1720

Aug 15, 2007

i rebooted with the windows xp cd in and after it does the first check and you press enter i do, and something comes up about cant continue because theres no hard drive detected?

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Dell :: Trying To Install Windows XP Pro On My XPS M1530

Oct 2, 2009

I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro on my XPS m1530. I am using this driver pack:

XPS M1530 Windows XP Driver Pack (Final) by Udi

Which AHCI driver(s) should I include? UDI mentions in his readme (Method 1) to use 82801HEM/HBM (Mobile) driver. This driver is in both iaahci.inf and iastor.inf. Which one should I use? I have a 7200 RPM SATA HD.

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Dell :: How To Install Windows 7 64-bit On XPS 1330 ?

Jan 10, 2009

Can any one post how to Install Windows 7 64-bit on XPS 1330 ?

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Dell :: Why I Cannot Install My Windows After Format?

May 18, 2009

I had facing a problem after format my laptop. The problem is i cannot Install my Windows Vista.

I using Original Windows Vista. But my laptop cannot finish the installation. The message is Windows Error Recovery. Please leave me a message if you know why.

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Dell :: Clean Windows 7 Install On XPS 16?

Mar 8, 2010

Dell is sending me a replacement SXPS16 (the 4th one. The previous 3 have been SXPS13's that have all been defective).

I genuinely hated all the bloatware on the 13's, so would you guys advise doing a fresh install on the 16?

The computer comes with the proper disc to do that, right?

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Dell :: Windows 7 Clean Install

Nov 1, 2009

I have a Studio 15 (1535) and did a clean install with Windows 7 (32 bit) and now I'm in the process of reinstalling my programs.

I used Windows 7 Easy Transfer so I can keep track on what needs to be installed and boy this program is slick.

I didn't install all the Dell software that came with the computer but selected what I wanted

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit ... Overheating? Cant Install It

Aug 20, 2009

I was thinking to upgrade to 64 bit windows 7.

I insterted the dvd and boot from it but when after clicking install button, it asks me to insert the drivers cd...

and if I dont insert it, it doesnt continue.. Any one wanna to help me

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Dell :: How To Install Windows XP 64-Bit (x64) On XPS M1530

Nov 18, 2008

How to install Windows XP 64-Bit (x64) on XPS M1530

Is it possible? Yes it is! For those of us who enjoys Windows XP and need that 4GB+ ram for bragging rights, here is a HOWTO (with pictures) for you. This is working on a Dell XPS M1530 with an PM965 chipset, T9300 CPU, 4GB DDR2 ram, and 256MB GeForce 8600M GT video card. I will not guarantee that this will work on ALL Dell XPS M1530 systems. For those with the same laptop specs, this should work for you.

You will need:Basic knowledge of installing WindowsA genuine Microsoft Windows XP 64-Bit CDDrivers pack (downloaded in this thread). This will not include drivers for your video card, touchpad, and fingerprint.Agree that by following these steps, I am in no way liable for your actions and you will take full responsibility to any damage to your computer, if it may occur

Optional step, but recommended. Install the latest BIOS for your M1530 from the Dell website. More info on benefits of BIOS A11+ drivers here: 8 gb on xps m1530, with A11

Download the essential drivers pack HERE: [url]

Put this driver pack inside a flash drive or an external hard drive that uses a USB port. You will need this for later steps.

This essential drivers pack includes:

- Intel Mobile Chipset Driver
- Ricoh R5C832, R5C833, R5C843 Driver
- Sigmatel STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Driver
- Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver
- Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam Driver
- Intel Wireless WiFi Link Adapters Driver

*Most of these drivers are for other laptops such as the M1330, M1730, Inspiron, etc. that support Windows XP 64-Bit. Since these laptops share common hardwares, these drivers work fine on the M1530.
Before installing XP 64-Bit you need to disable the Flash Cache Module and switch the hard drive mode from AHCI to ATA. To do this, restart the computer, and then press F2 to go to the BIOS.

In BIOS under Flash Cache Module, change it to OFF:

Then under SATA Operation, switch it to ATA:

More info on ATA vs. AHCI: Flash Cache Module in XP?................

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Dell :: How To Install Windows 8 On Inspiron 17R SE

Mar 31, 2013

I would like to make a completely fresh install of Windows 8 on my Inspiron 17R SE. Therefore I made an image with Acronis of all the system partitions (C:(OS) and the others like DIAG etc.).

When installing Windows 8, do I have to consider anything regarding those little partitions? I don't really understand what I can do with them.

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Dell XPS 12 :: How To Downgrade OS And Install Windows 7

Mar 30, 2013

I'm want to downgrade my XPS 12 to windows 7. I hate windows 8 and no it will not grow on me. I've been using it for a couple of months now and I hate it. Everything I have tried to to make w8 palatable fails. How can I downgrade and get this crap OS off my computer?

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Dell :: Can I Install My Provided Windows 7 On Another System?

Feb 22, 2010

I am going to receive a Dell system which includes Windows 7 Professional. Can I use this installation disc to install Windows in another Dell/non-Dell system?

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Dell :: Can I Clean Install Windows 7 From The Re-installation DVD?

Mar 17, 2010

I'm not pleased with some of the bloatware the laptop shipped with, so I just wanted to make sure that I can clean install from the "Reinstallation DVD" my computer came with. The product key isn't on the disc but it does seem to be on a sticker on the bottom of the notebook. Am I safe in doing this? I've already backed up all my files...

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Dell :: Laptop Keeps Shutting Down When Trying To Install Windows

May 19, 2010

I have a inspiron 710M. Every time i try installing windows, my laptop shuts down. I have the recovery CD from Dell.

When i ran the diagnostics test, its giving me "DST short test" failed message.

I have checked my hard disk and there is no problem. I have formatted my drive and every single time i try to install windows, it shuts down at different times but never lets me install.

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