Dell :: 7900GS REV.0 What Overclock Speeds ( 9400)

Nov 22, 2007

What is a safe overclock speed for me to run my card at? by safe i mean doesnt get too hot that it will wreck my notebook.

I have already used the 790GSUON.ROM to unlock my card.

Wondering what settings i should use?

Using the 90w ac adapter.

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Dell :: Inspiron 9400 7900gs Head Site Damage

Sep 19, 2009

i have problem my video card 7900gs head site damage. 20min work i have 80C, mabye anybody have this head site and could sell to my or recomend how this problem resolve.

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Dell :: D520 Hard Drive Speeds

Feb 26, 2009

I ran ATTO Benchmarking tools and it's showing speeds of ~30MB/sec reads. That's awfully slow and no where near SATA 1.5Gb/sec speeds.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? What speeds are you getting?


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Dell :: Slow ESATA Speeds? (Studio XPS 13)

Feb 3, 2010

Hey, I have a SXPS 1340 and I'm using a Fantom Drives GreenDrive 1TB. I have it hooked up with eSATA and I'm running Win7 x64 Professional.

When transferring files, it starts out at a healthy 90MB/s but quickly falls to 20MB/s .....

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Dell :: Xps M1710 7950gtx Clock Speeds

Sep 24, 2007

I was playing around with mine to get it to 645/700, but it gives way too many artifacts.

I was just wondering what everyone elase is runnign here with the same card 521 MB 7950gtx and laptop. And how in the hell do you keep it cool?

Also I am using 97.92 driver, since I cant get any 100XX drivers to recognize my 22" external LCD, but now I see in the Nvidia control panel that my monitor is not showing up. I mean it trasfers picture right, but its not shown in the options...

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Dell :: M1330 A15 Bios Speeds Up Boot Time

Jan 9, 2009

Just upgraded to the latest A15 bios and saw about 15 second reduction in boot up time

With A14 Bios 61 sec from power on to google search

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Dell :: What Transfer Speeds To Esata External Drive?

Nov 16, 2009

Does anyone have an external drive connected via esata, ideally to a XPS 1645 but if not any other XPS 16 will do, and if so what sort of transfer speeds do you get?

I ask as I need to sort out some external storage and I was all set to get a small cheap NAS such as a Netgear Readynas Duo but from the reading I've done the transfer speeds seem pretty low even when using a gigabit network (around 24 MB/s reading and less than that writing)

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Acer :: P8400 Cpu Speeds

Feb 7, 2009

Quick question: Processor P8400 - what are cpu speeds?

I noticed that are only two 1600 and 2260 MHZ.

Should not be one more: for example 800 Mhz?

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Dell Precision M6500 :: US B3.0 On PR02X Fail To Work At 3.0 Speeds?

Sep 6, 2014

Having problems with M6500 and E-PORT plus II PRO2X dock.

USB 3.0 blue jacks on back of dock do not work as 3.0, work as 2.x.

The USB3.0 on side of the laptop perform as expected.

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HP/Compaq :: Controlling Fan Speeds OnLaptop

Jan 3, 2010

My HP dv7-3079wm gets fairly hot under normal conditions, between 55C-65C. I should be getting a cooling pad for it soon, but I was wondering if theres a way to control the fan speeds? Once it hits about 60C the fan speeds up and cools it down to about 55C and then slows again. Speedfan doesn't show any fans, though I use it to monitor my temps in my taskbar. So, does anyone know if theres another way to control fan speeds? Or a way to get SpeedFan to detect mine? And I even have the back propped up a little to help it ventilate better...

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HP Envy X360 :: USB 3.0 Transfer Speeds

Aug 22, 2014

I have the HP Envy X360 with an Intel i5 processor in it. I also bought a Seagate USB 3.0 portable hard drive.
I am only getting speeds between 20-30 MB/s between them. Why?
And yes, the drive is plugged into one of the two USB 3.0 ports.

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Dell :: Trying To OC My 7900GS

Oct 13, 2007

I've tried following many of the differing explanations on how to do this. I'm to the point where I'm going to pull my hair out! I can't figure out how to burn a "bootable" cd to flash the bios of my card. Is there a way to OC without flashing it? I've got a rev0 7900.

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Sony :: VGN-FW Hard Drive SATA Speeds

Oct 23, 2009

I was checking my hard drive with hdtune and saw something interesting...the program said that my hard drive is SATA I. Am I mistaken or is this for real? I have a CTO VGN-FW490J, got it in June 2009. The hard drive is a Fujitsu MHZ2320BJ. I did a quick google and the descriptions say it is SATA II, so I'm confused. Is it the motherboard that determines the SATA speeds or the hard drive? What's even more confusing is that in the official FW thread, someone said they installed a SSD and they're getting sequential reads at about 250mb/sec so that person definitely is in the SATA II range. I attached an image of the part that shows my hard drive info.

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Acer :: Software To Control Fan Speeds ( 5315)

Oct 17, 2008

Since SpeedFan doesn't seem to detect, I was wondering if there is any other software for Windows that would allow me to control the fan speeds on Windows XP.

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Acer :: 5920- Slow Download Speeds

Apr 8, 2009

I have an acer 5920 and from day one the download speeds have not been above 15kbs this is wireless and wired, i have re-installed vista, changed the hdd and turned off protocol 6, none of these have helped,

I also have a 9304 aspire and have no problems with download speeds on this so i presume it is not the router

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Apple :: Poor Torrent Speeds With Transmission

Feb 20, 2010

Using Transmission to download a torrent, I've noticed that download speeds are consistently hovering around 15% of what my connection is capable of downloading -- which is to say, it's still a triple-digit kb/s, but quite a bit slower than it should be.

In Transmission, my port setting tells me that the chosen port is wide open, which leads me to think that neither Snow Leopard's firewall nor my Time Capsule / router is getting in the way, even without me checking specific settings. The download speed in Transmission is set to unlimited, and even if I set upload speed to 60% of what your usual residential cable internet line can handle, there doesn't seem to be an improvement.

The online Glasnost test tells me that there is no ISP throttling being done.

The torrents can have anywhere from seven seeds to dozens, to hundreds, and into the thousands, and can be left to run for minutes to a couple of hours. It doesn't matter. I've also seen torrents connected to north of 300 seeders without an improvement in speed.

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Dell :: Overclocking 7900GS Go

Oct 22, 2007

I'm getting my E1705 back from repair tomorrow and I'm going to push the thing to it's limits. I used to frequent these forums before they were redesigned, and it seems my old user name is gone as well -- so I get to start back over.

Using I8kfangui, and a PA-13 or a PA-15 -- whats the easiest way to push the laptop to it's "safest" limits.

I noticed the "new" JuanLu bios lets you overclock via software now which is nice. Depending on my bios revision once I can check again, which should I pick? I hear of some folks using the GTX bios on the GS, but like I said -- I'm so out of the loop now that it's not funny.

I'll probably look into dropping a FX2500 in there at some point in the near future, is there a guide to hardmodding the E1705 like this?

Anyhow, if some veterans will chime in and give this newb all over again some guidance to do this right, let me know.

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Dell :: NVIDIA 7900GS

Apr 27, 2009

I Have a NVIDIA 7900GS in my Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop and AGAIN, the card has gone out on me.

This time it lasted about 8 months and coincidentally, it was a few days after i reformatted the computer.

Are there any other video cards that I could use in the computer without having to do any modifications?

Does anyone know of a place to buy a NVIDIA 7900GS or or equivalent card at a respectable price?

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Dell :: 7900GS Overclocking

Jan 1, 2008

I will overclock my 7900GS, what i the best clock for my 7900gs( i had already flash my bios for the 7900, but i dont know witch max clock can i take)-- i will play Crysis, this lags!

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Dell :: 7900GS Overheating

Mar 30, 2009

I have an Inspiron 1705e with a 7900GS. The GPU was replaced (twice) about 1.5 years ago under warranty due to failure most likely caused by overheating.

I installed a fan tool (forget which one) and set the fan/temp speeds pretty conservative to keep the GPU cool. Now it's running 1800rpm non-stop to keep the GPU at a reported 63C.

That's with no programs running, just after boot. If I put the system to sleep, then wake it up, GPU temp is reported at <30C, then creeps back up to 60C+ .....

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Dell :: 7900GS Drivers

Aug 7, 2007

I just updated my 7900GS drivers to nVidia ForceWare 84.63.

efore, I had 7x.xx something.

The good thing is that my 3dMark06 score went up by 300 points, but the bad thing is that CS:S started lagging like hell.

Before, I could run CSS with everything on high, and have 90+ FPS almost constant. Now, with the new drivers, I have to run everything on low-medium, and it still laggs below 20 fps in firefights, which is very annoying.

Is it possible that older drivers are actually better than newer?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Processor Speeds For Video Editing

Dec 21, 2009

I'm looking to get a new Macbook Pro for Christmas and I am pretty decided on everything but processing speed. I will be using my laptop for web design (Adobe Creative Suite CS4-sometimes multiple programs at same time), video editing (Adobe Premiere CS4, Final Cut Pro) and possibly sometime in the next 3-4 years, animation (Maya). I have two 2 TB hard drives and I'd be editing with video footage on them most of the time. Not playing any games. I'm pretty decided on getting a 15" (have one now and like the size for traveling+editing), 320 GB 7200rpm hard drive and 8 GB memory. However I have no idea what processor speed would be best for me between 2.56, 2.66 and 2.8.

What processor do you think would be best for me? Is there a big difference between the three making the higher ones worth the money? Is there anything in my current setup that I should change for optimal results?

Also, you can get a spare battery and use it as a second battery right? I'll be traveling a lot (like round the world) so extra battery time will be needed.

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Dell :: Which Card Is Going To Use To Replace My 7900GS

Oct 19, 2007

here it goes:

My NVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS has just failed in my Inspiron 9400 a few days ago and Dell is sending out a tech to replace it. Problem is, is that when I bought this laptop back in February 2006 it originally came with the GeForce Go 7800, the 7900 card was an upgrade that I purchased myself from Dell spare parts in October last year(it only had a 90 day warranty).

So because the 90 day warranty is up on my 7900 card Dell tech support told me that since the 7800 card can be the only card covered by my 3 year complete care warranty the tech being dispatched will come out with a 7800 Go card to replace my busted Go 7900 GS. Do you guys think this makes any sense? First of all, I thought that there were no more refurbished 7800 cards even left!

What are the chances that the support tech did not know what he was talking about and the tech being dispatched will be showing up with a 7900 GS anyways?

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Dell :: 7900GS Why Are Clocks Resetting

Jun 24, 2008

I've got my 7900GS flashed so I can change the Clockrate, but the drivers I'm using I guess are causing my ATI tool to reset the clock settings I put.

I used: This site to flash

I set the slide and hit "set clock" it just resets to 375/507.

I'm guessing it's the drivers. I had some drivers that would let me do just the memory, but I'm looking to get both memory and core. What do you think it is?

I feel like somehow it isn't flashed anymore. Not sure, I know I flashed it, but I can't get it to respond to overclocking at all.

Computer Info:
OS: Vista
Video Card: 7900GS

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Dell :: 7900GS Dead- E1705

Oct 26, 2007

I woke up from my nap today to see my 1 year old E1705 with the blue screen of death, except this time there were verticle lines all over the place like there was a video card problem.

So I reboot and It cant get into windows, and the lines come back. It starts to load vista then goes to the blue screen saying I have a memory/parity error. Next I try safemode and it works fine. No lines, no memory errors, no blue screens.

The first thing that came to mind is my overclocked 7900GS. Right now I am in the process of setting it back to the stock clocks. I feel like maybe I fried my beloved card with the slight overclock Ive had on it for the past year. Maybe Im right, maybe Im wrong.

If this doesnt work, what the heck do I do? Video card? Memory? I dont want to have to call Dell.

<!-- / message --> <!-- sig --> __________________
Dell Inspiron E1705
T2300E 1.66ghz
2 gig 667 mhz
NVIDIA 256mb 7900gs
(470C 1100M)
80 gig HD
LG WUXGA w/ TrueLife
Vista Home Premium

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Dell :: Nvidia 7900gs Burnout

Jun 23, 2009

I have a DELL inspiron 9400 notebook with a 258mb nvidia 7900GS graphics card.
When the notebook was at 3 weeks out of warranty, the card stop working (BURNT OUT).

I contacted DELL, the reply was It out of warranty, take it to repairer. Did that (Nov08), 10 weeks later got it back, only for the card to burn out again within 20 hours. Returned the unit

to the repairer (April09), and at 24 June09 have not been repaired (waiting on replacement)

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Dell :: New Drivers From For WINXP 7900GS/GTX

Feb 20, 2008

Been waiting for these for a while! Dell's last update was 2006 before this. I know, theres modded drivers, but I was looking for something official (stable!)

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Dell :: 7900GS BIOS Unlock

Dec 3, 2007

Why won't mine unlock? I've flashed JuanLu's modded BIOS like twenty times, and it won't unlock for CoolBits. So I'm stuck with using NiBiTor.

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Dell :: 7900GS To 7900GTX Impressions

Jan 19, 2008

Im writing this so that others who are curious about these types of cards can decide if the upgrade is right for them. This installation required me opening the laptop and breaking off a small piece of plastic, which was very easy. I also updated the system BIOS to A09 and acquired the 130 W PSU as this baby draws about 45W of power itself compared to the 20 the GS requires.

When I originally bought the GS I knew it was a good card. It still is. I got this card because I felt the upgrade would be more cost effective then rebuilding my old desktop PC. All I can say is that where the GTX shines is where the GS shows its weak spots. The GTX can really handle higher resolutions really well as well as keep the frame rate fairly smooth.

For my temps, since I AS5'd it, runs at about 45 idle and 75 peak which is fairly good considering all thats going on.

The biggest jump was in STALKER which quite honestly the GS really had trouble with. Im happy to report the GTX can max out this engine fairly well with little to no choppiness.

Well shoot, what are we waiting for lets see some pics and results.

7900GS specs

7900GTX specs

Bioshock- All Mazed out- no Vsync- 1920x1200 20-30FPS

Gears of War- All Maxed out- No Vsync- 20-30FPS

Stalker- All Maxed out- 1600x1200- Smooth 30-45FPS

In conclusion, the GTX stomps all over the GS in higher resolutions and with the extra clock and memory speed it can easily outperform the GS in almost every aspect. It should be noted these are stock speeds and OC'ing would result in hopefully even better performance.

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Dell :: Vista 64 7900GS Driver

Aug 1, 2007

Well I just installed Vista 64. I loaded BF2 and it runs like crap. Does anyone know where I can get a Vista 64 driver for the 7900GS. If I cant get a better driver than the stock MS one I am going back to XP.

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