Dell :: M1330 A15 Bios Speeds Up Boot Time

Jan 9, 2009

Just upgraded to the latest A15 bios and saw about 15 second reduction in boot up time

With A14 Bios 61 sec from power on to google search

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Dell Inspiron 15R SE :: BIOS Boot Up Time Increased After Upgrading To Version A09

Mar 20, 2013

Recently, my HDD and DVD drive went-off together and Dell replaced the parts.

Since new HDD has been placed, support team installed Windows 7 Home Premium and I had a excellent booting time of 20 seconds (total boot time, BIOS A07, no mSATA).

While upgrading Dell drivers for bluetooth,prompted for BIOS update and upgraded it now.

After upgrading my BIOS to A09, now my BIOS boot time itself 19 seconds, and windows boot time is 23 seconds.

Why previously good performance went down after upgrading BIOS...

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Dell :: The Fan Of My Xps M1330 Spins All The Time

Nov 16, 2008

i have a dell xps m1330 came with ubuntu preinstalled. its a great laptop. but the fan runs most of the time not full speed but load enough to be audible in a quiet room. when i installed a cpu temperature monitor it showed the average CPU temperature hovers between 40c and 55c when ever am using the system for just browsing the web. is this normal.

here are the system specs
320GB hard drive 7200 RPM
Intel Intergrated card 3100
4gb ram
core 2 duo 2.2 ghz

i chatted with dell tech support and he said it was normal for my system to get 60c 55c 70c is this true. am thinking maybe its because the my hard disk speed is high (7200) please if u own a dell xps m1330 can you please tell me the average temp of your computer... esp if u have the intel intergrated card.

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Dell :: M1330 Time Reset

Mar 17, 2010

Each time, when I turn off my notebook or remove main battery it's resets time to 2008/bla/bla...

I tried to:
- Reinstall latest bios;
- Reinstall Windows 7;
- Replace coin-cell battery;
- Set time in bios;

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Dell :: M1330 Battery Time With 9-cell?

Feb 27, 2009

I did a search on here and and google and I came to the conclusion that if you dont know the specs of the computer you can't "accurately" guess the life of the battery so I'm hoping you guys can give me an estimate with my computer specs.

I'll post the things I think would matter most with the battery life.

Specs: Dell XPS M1330
2.2 ghz core2duo
LED screen
160 gb hdd (dont know speed, im sure you guys do with this size)

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Dell :: Will The M1330 HDMI Output 1080p Video And 5.1 Audio At The Same Time?

Mar 24, 2009

Will the M1330 HDMI output 1080p video and 5.1 audio at the same time? I can't seem to find the answer to this. I'm planning on getting a Plasma TV with a DVD 5.1 Audio system.

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Dell :: Win 7 Boot Time

May 14, 2010

I feel my studio 1558 i5 540m, 7200 rpm hdd has a pathetic boot performance.

Took 1min initially, cut down to 40 sec by microsoft utilities(bootperf), but back again to 1min boot.

I am running factory installed os (with crap removed) and have not clean installed.
Please post your boot times and mention if it is a clean install.

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Dell :: Very Slow Boot Time With SXPS 16

Jul 9, 2009

A week or two ago my Studio XPS 16 use to boot up fairly quickly, but now it takes about 3-4 minutes to boot up from shut down.

The only things I have running at startup are Zonealarm, Skype, Dell Touchpad, NOD32 Antivirus, and Dell Quickset. I'm running Vista 64-bit. Has anyone else experienced slow boot times with their SXPS 16?

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Dell :: XPS M1210 Boot Time Video

Feb 22, 2009

My XPS M1210 Boot Time ...

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Dell XPS 17 L702X :: One Time Boot Menu

Feb 22, 2013

I have a XPS 17(L702X) with Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit and am in the middle of a Dell support issue regarding the Nvidia graphics card.

Dell support have requsted I run diagnostics from the "one time boot menu" (I have run this before on other laptops but my problem here is.

Dell supports says tells me  "Immediately press the F12  key once every second until ?Preparing one-time boot menu?, Shows in the upper right corner of the screen."

However all I get is "Boot Menu" (With options underneath) in the centre of the screen. Is this the same thing?

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Dell :: SXPS 1645 Boot / Shutdown Time?

May 20, 2010

I have just ordered 720QM SXPS 1645 and waiting for it to get out of the 'In Production' time...

So, I was just curious about its performance...

Can anyone who has a Studio XPS 1645 (preferably i7) post their start-up / shutdown time?

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Dell Inspiron N4030 :: No Boot Filename Received - Loaded BIOS Defaults As Instructed And Saw 2nd Boot Priority HD

Feb 27, 2013

I ran the diagnostics test as instructed prev and all passed. I then loaded BIOS defaults as instructed and saw "2nd boot priority hard drive"  What does this mean and can I fix?

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Dell :: 1558, Issue With IDT Audio, Have To Install The Driver Every Time I Boot

May 2, 2010

My audio on the bottom right icon tray comes as a cross and it when ever I boot up. If I troubleshoot it says install the IDT audio driver and it will solve it. An yes the cross goes away but come back with the next boot of Windows

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Dell Latitude E5430 :: Will Boot Only Some Of The Time When Power Button Is Pressed

Jan 26, 2015

I have an E5430 that when the power button is pressed will not post every time. It is random. I get the power light only. Holding the power button down until it clicks off and pressing it again on the sixth or 19th time it will finally light off and post and head into boot. I have run the full diagnostics and no problems are found. The diagnostic finds no problems so I am wondering if this is a power button problem or something not tied to the MB. The same thing occurs with different batteries and power adapters.

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HP/Compaq :: My DV5 Pavilion- Lot Of Time On Startup(Boot)

Mar 31, 2009

any specific reason to that...cuz i had a single core processor and it would start vista faster but this is c2d and still slower than that at startup.....

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Apple :: Startup Time At First Boot Of The Day Or After >6hrs S/d

Mar 21, 2009

I have bought a MB alu 2.0GHz + 2Gb RAM DDR3 and I have noted that sometimes the boot time is longer in the morning or after a long s/d (more than 6hrs for instance) than after a 2-3 hrs s/d. Indeed the cold startup takes around 43-45sec whilst the 'warm' start may take about 32-35sec. Does this happen to you too?

2nd question: what do you think about ONYX? Is it worth making this automation or it is better to abandon these pc-attitudes on a mac?

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Dell Inspiron N5110 :: 5 Beep Sound During Boot Time After That Less Beeping Continuously

Dec 25, 2014

I am having Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop, i am having issue  during booting 5 beep sound and less beep sound latter, but it is continuous.

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Acer :: Slow Boot Time In Aspire 6930 G

Jun 24, 2009

I have recently bought laptop acer aspire 6930 g with following features
Processor intel core 2 duo t6400 2ghz 2mb cash Ram 4gb ddr2.

Hard disk 1000gb ( 2 hard each one 500gb) and preloaded vista home premium and nividia 9600m gt 1gb ddr2.

And i notice that my laptop take too long boot time in compare with my friend laptop Dell inspiron 1525 with 1.6 pantium dual core processor and 2gb ddr2 ram and 160 gb hard disk and windows vista is there something wrong with my laptop and how can i speed up boot time and do u think that i can play games like crysis and call of duty 4 and GTA 4 on it?

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Dell :: More M1330 Boot From USB Failed

Jan 24, 2010

I swear it is always something with this product. I made a bootable USB flash drive and put Windows 7 on it. I have 2 M1330's, the only difference between them is CPU/RAM/HDD. One of them boots just fine off the USB drive, the other doesn't. They are both running the A15 BIOS. What am I missing here? I've compared the BIOS settings side by side and they are identical.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Will No Longer Boot

Jan 7, 2010

Over heating m1330 ->Dell tech replaced mobo/cpu/gpu ->Booted up and seemed fine -> Tech left ->Resumed my online gaming ->Mouse stopped working ->Plugged in another mouse, didn't work,

touchpad stopped working -> restarted PC, stuck on green loading bar where it says "microsoft corporation".

I've tried loading everywhich way, called dell support and ran through diagnostics. Conclusion is I need to reinstall vista so they are sending me Vista OS disc.

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Acer :: (6935G) Boot Problem After Restart (cant Access Bios / Boot From Disk Etc)

Jan 9, 2010

I got this laptop a few days ago, I currently have 7 and XP installed on it and kind of have vista...(read further down).

My 7 seemed to break today after playing around with a program called powerstrip trying to get my external monitor to show the right resolution (I've realised now the cable vga was broke, but meh) but this is not the full problem, after windows 7 failed to boot I tried to boot xp after turning it off during the windows 7 splash screen and now im stuck with a dash when I turn the laptop on (I dont know if its actully related to something I've done or not).

If I turn the laptop on a flashing dash comes on in the top right, it then stops flashing and turns into a none flashing dash further up the screen and just locks here and I cant do anything at all other than trying to restart it. When I had this problem previously (at least I think this problem) on my desktop it usualy turned out to be something usb related but I have everything unplugged (all though the bluetooth adapter light is on when it is doing this) so I realy dont know what to do...............

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: IdeaPad Y410p Boot Taking More Time

Feb 8, 2014

I got my Ideapad y410p a week ago. It came with Windows 8 and many useless softwares installed. It was taking around 3 minutes of time and immediately i updated my os to 8.1 (x64). Even after updating to 8.1, the boot time didn't get any better. I unistalled useless softwares like Mcafee, Cyberlink tools and many and installed AntiVir and Visual Studio. Turn on Fast startup is also enabled. But what is painful is it still takes 2 minutes and 31 seconds plus to load my desktop. What is more painful to me is My old laptop (Amd Dual Core, 3GB Ram with Many softwares installed with windows 7) loads earlier than this.

Lenovo Y410P, Interl Core i7 4th Gen, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 2GB Graphics

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Acer TravelMate 2420 :: Can Boot Up And / Or Close Down At Specific Time?

Mar 5, 2015

I have, a.o., a TravelMate2420. Can I let it boot up and/or close down on specific times? It's one of my Acers, the oldest, and I want to use it for monitoring my sunpanels.

That program will start up after boot and close down while closing down the system. The program uses COMports and for datasavings harddiskspace AND a part of the machines memory, so it has to shut down regularly before the machines' memo is full. And then start up clean and so on. Aprox a week of data will do, so a weekly restart of the system would be needed.

If timer doesn't work I can use the local network option. But how?

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Z510 - Default Boot Device Missing Or Boot Failed After BIOS Update

Dec 13, 2013

I get the error in the Title after i tried to flash the latest BIOS update for the Z510. I can press ok and then get into the boot manager but i cant choose anything there. Also I cant boot from a Disk with e.g. XP on it.
I also tried the Inside BIOS crisis mode (fn+r) with the BIOS file on my USB drive but it doesn't work and tries to access the file on the USB drive but boots normally instead to the error again. (Couldn't try it with removed battery as I have to remove the whole back to remove the battery on the Z510).

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Dell :: BIOS A13 For M1330

Oct 31, 2008

Already available

official Changelog:
1. Added support for new versions of Intel CPUs.
2. Added support for 8GB memory.

8GB support implemented according to

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Dell :: A14 BIOS For M1330

Nov 24, 2008

1. Added enhancement for Wifi sniffer function.

Direct download link:

. The BIOS / WiFi switch section now contains settings for controlling Cell behavior as well.
. no 8GB Support! Use BIOS A13 for that.

There are reports that 8GB still works with A14:

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Apple :: Impact Of The 7200rpm HD In New 17" MBP On Battery Life And Boot Time

Jul 18, 2009

I am considering buying a 17" MBP mainly as a desktop replacement for my PC, since I really don't stand it anymore.

Hence, I am going to ask 2 basic questions but I have not been able to find precise answers to them:

1. what's the impact on battery life of having a 7200rpm HD in the new 17" MBP? Will I still have my around 7hrs of juice?

2. what's the impact on boot time? I have just tested the 5400rpm version, and I didn't find it exceedingly quick, i.e. it took him around 47 seconds to boot. Would the 7200rpm decrease this?

One possibility would be to buy the standard version, and then, in a few months, upgrade with a 256 Go SSD...

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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Flex :: Goes Into Safe Mode Directly Every Time On Boot Up

Feb 8, 2013

I have a Yoga 3Pro....  I booted into Safe Mode and now ever time I boot up it goes into SF without me hitting F8? What's going on? It's on my Y3P.   What box did I click to cause this.

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HP Compaq 610 OS/Software :: How To Enter BIOS Screen And Set Date / Time

Sep 24, 2014

How can I enter BIOS screen of compaq610 and set date , time ....

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Dell :: M1330: A Brief History Of BIOS Revisions

Nov 25, 2008

"A05 is still the best, long live A05!"

Just kidding - clearly anyone with a new CPU or a non Cu-modded 8400M GS or with the "won't eject my Dawn-of-the-Dead DVD" syndrome needs A12+... .

Speaking of which, I've compiled a [rough] list of "known" changes & associates threads:

A15 - Jan '09 (aka Boot-up and/or Fan speed up and/or Down revision...)
1. Enhance Fn+F8 function
x. Support for 8GB memory is... back! (Thx 2 Sesshomaru)

Note that they also added the following: "Please update VGA driver to version A10*(Vista 32bits)/ A05(Vista 64bits) Or later for optimal performance of system"
Clearly this BIOS revision is aimed at a problem with switching between LCD &/or an externally attached monitor (and I doubt that there has been any tweaking done to either boot-up or Fan speeds... ).
*"A10/A05" represents nVidia 176.44 (23 Oct. 2008) and Intel (7 Jan. 2009) driver versions. My guess is this issue is only with the Intel Integrated graphics.

A14 - Nov '08 (aka hound-dog revision)
1. Added enhancement for Wifi sniffer function.

A13 - Oct '08 (aka removed-from-the-official-list revision)
1. Added support for new versions of Intel CPUs.
2. Added support for 8GB memory.

A12 - Jul '08 (aka speed-up-the-fan-even-more revision)
1. Added enhancement for thermal control.
2. Update GM965 Graphics VBIOS from 1466 to 1588.
3. Update Intel CPU family name.

A11 - Jun '08 (aka speed-up-the-fan revision)
1. Added enhancement for thermal control.

A10 - May '08 (aka the Killa revision / eject-the-disc-already revison)
1. Improve compatibility with Dell Wireless 1390 & 1490 Dell WLAN.
2. Improve system performance on Resume from S3 with Driver Verifier enabled.
3. Added enhancement for optical drives.

A09 - Feb '08 (aka Penryn revision)
1. Updated Intel uCode.
2. Added support for New optical drives.
3. Support new CPUs.
4. Added enhancement for thermal control.
5. Added enhancement for MediaDirect control.

A08 - ? (aka never saw the light of day revision)
1. ah... huh?

A07 - Jan '08 (aka no one really knows... or cares revision)
1. Added enhancement for thermal control.
2. Update GM965 Graphics VBIOS from 1466 to 1588.
3. Update Intel CPU family name.

A06 - Sep '07 (aka battery-eating revision)
1. Enhance the function of the media eject button more stable in multi-CD/DVD installation.
2. Update the nVidia video BIOS to

A05 ~ Aug '07 (aka top secret revision)
1. they removed it from their ftp sites before I could jot down the updates...

A02 - Jul '07 (aka VIPs-only revision)
1. Made the sound more stable when close the lid during audio playback.
2. Support the newer version of the Intel processor.

To be updated as necessary.

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