Dell :: 9400 Gr 7900 Gs Go And XPs M1710

Jan 11, 2008

i have dell e1705 1,8 dual core 2 gb ram it its possible to swop 7900 gs go with 6800 ultra go? ,to XPS m1710? (bios flashed) right now i have 7400pts on 3dmark05 , when i play gpu of 7900 its to hot like 80C:/ i tray instal new drivers but i have error....i tray use fan non stop but work just sometimes:/

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Dell :: XPS M1710 7900 GS Mobility OC

Dec 5, 2008

I am attempting to OC my Mobility 7900 GS.

The stock settings on the clock speeds in ntune are reported at 375/507.

I recently updated to the 180.something drivers from nvidia, the latest ones available, hearing the these new drivers in combination with RivaTuner 2.20 can now OC this card without having to flash the BIOS.

After installing new drivers, my RivaTuner would not allow me to change the settings... I would change the 2 clock speeds on core and memory, then press apply, and ok - then they would just go back to the default settings immediately.

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Dell :: 9400 Keyboard Fit In M1710?

Oct 16, 2009

I have an M1710, and I hate the look of the grey keyboard. I've alreayd purchased an M170 palmrest, but the M170 keyboard doesn't work in my M1710.

Does the 9400 keyboard simply plug into the M1710?

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Dell :: My Inspiron 9400 To Xps M1710 Mod

Nov 27, 2007

I know a few folks here have posted about their Inspiron 9400 to a M1710 XPS mod but I would like to post my own as well.

Here are pics of my system half way modded:

I have the M1710 black colored XPS lid coming within a few days.

The palmrest is in new cond.No wear what so ever or scratches.

The power button cover is in new cond.Both the palmrest and the power button cover was bought on saturday from Dell Parts and I got it today,tuesday.Free S/H from Dell.I know
I paid a little more than some for the plamrest but it is in new cond so I cant go wrong.

Dell P/Nassembly,cover,hinge,plastic M1710-d/p:CF426-$56.00
The XPS M1710 black cover was bought on Ebay for$40.00 with S/H and guy's screenname is "TEX-JET"and he says is A+ cond.Currently waiting on delivery.

I am lastly later going to buy a silver XPS M1710 keyboard.Soon

I will update the pics when I get the XPS M1710 lid received and I have a chance to put it on.

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Dell :: My Insprion 9400 Set-upmodding It Into An XPS M1710

Aug 21, 2007

here's my setup below so far. Am modding it slowly into an XPS M1710 look a like, have the keyboard, just waiting on the LCD top and palmrest with XPS in the mouse pad. I managed to get the black XPS LCD cover too, but for now I have the chequerplate look that mine came with. Much prefer the silver keyboard to the black, and it has a nicer feel than the black one to type on.

External HD's are 2x small 80GB Lacies which are for portable work, and the big one is an Iomega 500GB. I'm a photographer and web desginer by trade so the more space I have the better.

Let me know your thoughts. p.s not sure how to get pics up smaller ?? so hope there not too big.

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Dell :: Currently Replacing 9400/1710 With M1710

Jul 27, 2007

My laptop was in a car accident and the bottom chassis cracked open, it still works but long story short I'm getting a replacement. I was scared I would get one of the new 17" models with the POS 8600 card but to my relief my approval went throuh today, I just verified it and its an identically speced M1710 to my 9400.

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Dell :: M1710 LCD 30% Brigher Than The E1705/9400 LCD

Dec 1, 2007

My friend just told me he heard this was true. Can anyone confirm? I know there are 2 different brands of LCDs floating around in the E1705/9400. A Samsung model, and a Phillips. However he claimed that the M1710 used one different than the E1705/9400, and was a blazing 30% brighter.

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Dell :: Is It Possible To Swap A 9400/E1705 Into A M1710 Case

Aug 12, 2008

My Inspiron 9400/E1705 case is getting a little banged up and I was wondering if it's possible to use a M1705 case (bezel, palmrest, base, etc). as a replacement.

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Dell :: 7900 Gsx

Dec 3, 2007

What is a 7900GSX? It's a 7900GS with a GTX BIOS, correct? How do I flash a GTX BIOS to my card? I tried with the 790GTXUN.ROM found on the JLMOD CD, but no luck. I actually ended up BkSODing, so I had to blind-flash back to my GS BIOS. What would be the correct BIOS .rom file to use? Is there something special I need to do? By the way, my card is a Rev.1.

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Dell :: 7900 Gs

Oct 27, 2007

I have a 7900gs single pipe and I have had it overclocked for some time (probably a year or a little less) using joker's rom cd. I had it at a medium or so overclock however ...I think 430/600 or something like that so I wasnt really pushing the card too hard. Anyway, I was reading a page on the internet today and started noticing some artifacts and the screen would go blank and then come back on. I immediately turned it off and rebooted normally. I noticed even on all the boot screens it has artifacts and in DOS mode, you can barely read anything because random letters and stuff are everywhere. It will not boot normally but can still boot in safe mode and in VGA mode. I've tried putting it back at stock clocks, reinstalling the drivers, bios, chipset, basically everything but windows itself seeing as it shows artifacts even out of windows. When I try to run ATItool it says there is no video device detected but my device manager shows the 7900 gs running normally. Unfortunately... I have the feeling my card is fried...

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Dell :: 7900 GS -- What Do You Think?

Sep 14, 2009

So, I buy a 7900 GS from a forum member (KSMB) who claims the card was barely used and he is selling it because he replaced the card with a 7900GTX.

I paid him his asking price via paypal and almost two weeks later the card arrives... DOA

Now, I own four (4) e1705's and three (3) M1710's and am very familiar with each of the machines and dissasemble them for regular maintenance cleaning. Bottom line is that dropping in a new video card is no chore for me .....

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Dell :: 7900 GTX To 7950GTX

Dec 2, 2007

Is this switch worth it? Does the 7950 have better performance?

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Dell :: Anyone Have Juanlu206 's 7900 GTX ISO

Oct 13, 2007

It seems Junlu206 has the iso to unlock the 7900 GTX bios for overclocking.

Does anyone have it uploaded to a server or can they post a link tto maybe where it is?

I don't know what rev 1 or 0 I have but this is what my bios says Is this Rev1 or Rev 0?

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Dell :: 7900 GS Vs 7950

Aug 21, 2007

I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a 1710 within the next week or so. Yeah, I know the 1730 is coming out but I really can't wait much longer and besides, the 1730 is by far one of the biggest and ugliest models I have seen Dell come out with. Sorry for that little rant but anyway, back to the main question:

There is a $350 price difference between the 7900 GS and the 7950. I have searched the forums and found a couple of relavant threads but I wanted some people who own both of these models to readdress this issue and let me know if you like the model you have or do you wish you would have gone with a different GPU.

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Dell :: Baked A 7900 Go GTX

Jun 22, 2009

So a friend of mine has a Inspiron E1705 with a 7900 Go GTX. His original 7900 Go had a heatpipe failure so we picked up the GTX as a replacement.

Well, the other day, the GTX began to artifact like crazy and wouldn't run the drivers anymore at all. Seemed clear to me that we had a BGA solder joint failure.

So, I removed the card from the notebook and baked the damn thing at 425F for about 10 mins.

And now it works perfectly again. (dunno if it'll last, but hope so)

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Dell :: Nvidia Geforce GO 7900 GS

Mar 8, 2008

I have a Dell Inspiron E1705, Core 2 dou, 2 GB Ram, Very powerful laptop. I have an ATI Video card in it that I've been trying hard to upgrade to a Geforce. I bought 6 till with no luck at all, I bought all of them off ebay, the last one was a couple days ago, when I got it, I installed it and everything was working perfectly, I was so happy cuz this is the first one that actually works, after 1 hour of using it, red flickers started appearing on the screen, I restarted, tried different drivers, tried placing it again.. no luck at all . Now I have different colored lines and blinking pixels all over the screen, the background changes colors.. yellow, red, green.. and its not just on windows.. Bios, safe mode, everywhere.. I put my old ATI back and everything is working fine. I'm planning to send it back again to the seller, I attached some pics. I have a 90 w adapter but I dont think its a heating or power problems.

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Dell :: Coolest Way To Overclock 7900 GS

Oct 21, 2007

When I just had my XPS M1710 I flashed it with the "gsx" rom and stock gtx speeds...

Now I flashed my card with the unlocked roms (1,24V) but I think is running hotter now on the GS stock speeds...?

What should I do? I don't play games but I like the performance gain in windows Vista. I was thinking to flash my card again with the "oldfashion GSX rom"...
What would you do?

I just want to keep a cool system....

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Dell :: 3007 Monitor And 7900 GS

Feb 10, 2008

I'm thinking about buying a Dell 3007 30" monitor that support up to 2560x1600.

I have a M1710 with a 7900GS. Will the card support 2560x1600 ?

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Dell :: Bought 7900 No Screen

Oct 10, 2007

I bought a 7900 for my dell e1705. When i installed it, there was no screen, but the monitor turned on. I pu tthe 7800 back in and it worked. I dont know what I did wrong, please tell me asap.

Bios are fully updated, A09 (i believe)

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Dell :: Benchmarks For 8600 Vs 7900 GS

Jul 31, 2007

So there have been quite a few posts recently about the 8600GTvs7900GS debacle, so i thought Id post some benchmarks for everyone's viewing I used to compare the GPU's. Ive come to find BF2142 is quite popular in these forums so this is a game i decided to use w/ the benchmarks. I wont say anything else, Ill let you decide on the performance difference between the two

Note- I realize real world performance/driver tweaking can have a great impact on things, these BM's are for your curiosity only

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Dell :: Dead 7900 Gs In My E1705

Dec 8, 2008

I have a dell inspiron e1705 with a nvidia geforce go 7900 gs gpu installed. I was playing call of duty 4 on saturday and just after 5 mins of game play blue lines go across the screen and the screen goes black. The audio was still playing. I manually shut down the comp and restarted. When the dell screen came up after restarting orange and blue lines were visible. I could see the Microsoft loading bar but after that disappeared the screen went black and I could not log into windows. I downloaded the latest driver from nvidia, installed it, and restarted, but the same thing happened, Microsoft loading bar and then black screen. After about a minute of the black screen, a blue screen pops and says windows is shutting down form a hardware error to prevent damage and it also says something about a failure of the display driver.

Anyway, heres all the things I did so far to try to fix my problem;
-did a system restore to 2 days ago which didn't solve the problem.
-ran a memory diagnostics test and passed..
-ran a scan disk, no problems.
-uninstalled the video card and reinstalled with the latest driver which still did nothing.

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Dell :: 7950 Debates (7900 GSX Owners In Here)

Aug 22, 2007

I haven't put in my 7950 gtx yet because when I threw the one in that I had here it was DOA so I had to send back to the seller to replace, so the new one should be here in a week. Anyways here is the deal . .

Everyone is claiming since the 7900 GSX pulls such great scores in 3dmark05 (simular to the 7950) it is about the same. Here is the difference. When yall run 3dmark it defaults to a low resolution test. So here is an example. Im pulling low 9k with my 7900 GSX at default resolution. So I got a full version serial number for 3dmark05 and switched the resolution to 1440x900 and ran the tests with that. This should really show the memory difference and power of the better card.

The 7900GSX pulled 4262 at that resolution.

From what im finding online the 7950GTX at 1440x900 resolution pulls around 6700 at that resolution . If you have a 7950GTX test it out and post that instead.

Im sure at 1920x1200 resolution the differences would become even more apparant. So there is the final answer.

High resolution gaming (native resolution on our lappys) will show a big difference.

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Dell :: What Memory/Core Is Realistic For Go 7900 Gs

Nov 13, 2007

I am in the process of overclocking my card (thanks to the help of my brother and this website) and I am wondering what exactly is a good number to go by for these cards? I am currently at 510/540 and am having no problems but im paranoid and dont want to mess anything up, that being said I would like to get the best/safest "bang" I can out of this card...

Also, is their a program for Vista that allows you to permanetly keep these settings, I cant find such a thing on AtiTool...

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Dell :: Change My Burned G 7900 Gs To Quadro 1600M.

Mar 25, 2009

I change my old Geforce 7900 gs from my INSPIRON 9400 for one Geforce Quadro 1600M, need change my adapter PA-10 for other highter like PA-13 or PA-15 ?

Some times my windows Vista Businnes freze whiti Q 1600M + PA-10 ...

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Dell :: How To Disconnect The Screen? How To Remove 7900 Gs? Is There A Guide?

Jul 2, 2009

however im having problems taking the screen apart.

i disconnected the video cable that connects to the screen however there is another cable connected on the right side. and i cant seem to find the spot to disconnect it.

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Dell :: XPS 1710 Laptop, Dead GeForce Go 7900 GTX Video Card

Sep 13, 2008

I bought my XPS 1710 dell laptop about 2 yrs and some months ago at about ~$4, 150. About 3 weeks ago my GeForce go 7900 GTX died... I've never OC'd any device on my laptop and its been used in normal conditions..

Has anyone else had any problems with their GeForce go 7 series video cards?

did a clean install of Windows XP and this is what I get...

1. when my laptop boots up the bios screen comes up with a bunch of vertical lines...
2. when windows boots up there is a bunch of vertical lines...
3. simple vga mode works... no vertical lines...
4. when I try to install the drivers for the 7900 GTX I get a BSOD...

So far the video card has been backordered twice... when I get called again
and if its for the same reason I'm going to ask what the next course of action will be...

I doubt there are any remaing Geforce Go 7 series video cards...

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Dell :: I Can't Buy M1710 Parts From SPARE PARTS W/o An M1710 SVC TAG #

Feb 21, 2008

I was going to be assembling an m1710 this weekend....

I called Dell Spare Parts a few days ago, and placed an order for the following;

HG345 Refurb bottom plastics, m1710
FF084 Refurb palmrest assy, m1710
J8841 Refurb speakers, LED, m1710
CF426 Refurb hinge cover, m1710

I've been watching the order on Dell's site all week, as it was scheduled to ship (on or before today) (2/21/08), and I opted for Next Day shipping.

When I placed the order, the woman I spoke with asked for my Service Tag number. I, um... don't HAVE one... I didn't say this, I simply said I don't have that information at the moment. She asked how I got the part numbers, and I told her from their own Spare Parts page.

Well....the order got cancelled today. Saw it online while at work, just before I left for the day. Another order number with the identical items was created, with a scheduled ship date of 3/3/08. WHAT?

The woman just called....she states they cannot process my order without a service tag number. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I told her I don't have a tag number....she asked if I was building one. "Yes." To which I hear...

"Oh....well, I don't think our supplier will allow that without a service tag number, because we reserve those parts for people who bought m1710's."

I said "That's amazing...because I know a number of people who have done the same thing I'm trying to do, and had no problems getting these parts."

"Well, that's because they have m1710's"

*mad enought to scream at this point* "Um, no...where do you think I got the idea from?? I'm certainly not the first person to have this idea."

how I can get them to sell me some refurbished plastics? What's the secret password?

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Dell :: Anyone Using 4GB RAm On A E1705/9400

Sep 22, 2007

I am thinking of upgrading to 4GB or RAM

But seem to see conflicting info about the E1705 having a limit of 2 GB of RAM

So can anyone confirm that I indeed use 2x 2GB SODIMMS in my laptop

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Dell ::Inspiron 9400

May 10, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop/notebook which recently has started to get green pixels throughout the whole screen. Have also tested external monitor and get the same result.

I have searched, googled and even called dell and the response on all cases was that i need to replace my graphics card.

The graphics card i originally have in it is a Nvidia Geforce Go 7800 graphics card 256MB. Model number is P494 (if that helps makes it easier)
Could someone pls advise me or any compatible cards where i can get the same card or any other card which is compatible and a reasonable price.

I am also after a WLAN card. WLAN Dell part number 0KC501 and also require the 2 cables for Main and Aux or the connectors which click on them as mine are completely damaged and need to be replaced.

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Dell :: Upgrading My 9400's PSU

Jan 8, 2009

To upgrade my 9400's PSU can I just buy a 130 watt brick from eBay or do I need to upgrade something inside too.

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