Dell :: Anyone Got There Nvs160 Modded To A Geforce Yet

Oct 17, 2008

im sturggling with my laptopvideo2go drivers iv tried for days to get it working but the driver and inf file doesnt seem to change it to a geforce card in device manager and therefore gaming performance is terrible

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Dell :: Modded Speakers

Jun 13, 2009

Does anyone know how to mod the studio 1535/37 speakers to make them better. NOT THE LOUDER MOD.

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Dell :: New Battery For My 9300 Modded To XPS Gen2

May 9, 2008

I have a 9300 that has been modded to an XPS Gen2 with the 7800 GTX in it. The battery that I have sometimes gives me the flashing orange light. When it's not doing that, it only last about an hour. It used to last much longer. I also think it's going out becaus of the orange light that flashes from time to time.

I want to buy a new one off Ebay but there are so many sellers and it looks like there are a good number of variances from the batteries. Some say 7200, some say 6600. I know what I want there, but my question is this:

Does anyone know of a good Ebay seller that sells a quality and correct product for my laptop?

Or does anyone have a place that will sell me a quality product? I don't want to pay $150 for a battery from Dell.

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Dell :: Complete Care On A Modded Laptop

Jul 25, 2007

my 9300's 7800GTX is going belly up; one problem - its not with me. It is with my fiance, and she is in another state.

To make it worse, this laptop is... modified. Basically, it has had the case completely replaced (XPS G2 keyboard top, Dell Precision LCD lid. To see what i mean, look here: [url].The CPU is also pin-modded, and of course, was BIOS modded to allow the 7800GTX (not my work however; bought it like that).

Now, i have complete care and Next Business Day Onsite. If i call Dell to have them fix the machine...
1) Will i run into a problem becuase its not with it's warrenty owner?
2) Will i run into a problem because its modded?
3) Would they even have the 7800GTX anymore to fix it?

I guess worse comes to worse, i will have my fiance wait a month (which sucks, becuase she really needs that computer), and resore the machine to original look (and maybe no pinmod; but given how hard it was to do........), and then ask for a full replacement if need be. But, i would like to explore other options first.

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Dell :: Where To Find D630 Modded Bios?

Mar 13, 2009

I read from somewhere there is modded bios for D630 exists. I have googled around but unable to find one. I need it to overclock my X9000 cpu.

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Dell :: Can A Battery Slice Be Modded To Fit A Precision M6400?

Jan 7, 2010

I have an m6400 already but the battery just doesn't quite work for me at school. I could sell it, snag an m4400 + slice, get a netbook,

or keep my m6400 and somehow make the battery last longer. I suppose I could just put it to sleep and change batteries but that seems

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Dell :: GREAT Gaming-result After Installed Latest Ati 9.9 (modded)

Sep 29, 2009

i just installed Catalyst version 9.9 from here:

+ modded driver-package from here:

(everything seems really fine. better FPS and more smooth playing) ....BUT in my old DELL-Ati driver 8.6 i could change my colour-saturation inside CCC (i found it under desktop properties i think)....but in this newset 9.9 i dont see any "saturation-controll"

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Acer :: Has Anyone Here Modded Their AAO With A Touch Screen

Apr 28, 2009

I see many touchscreen kits on eBay for the AAO and EEE PCs, and I was wondering how well they worked. It would be pretty awesome to have a touchscreen AAO (especially with the added touchscreen compatibility of Windows 7). So to those who have made the modification: How difficult was it on a scale of 1 to 10?

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Sony :: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Vs. NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

Apr 2, 2010

you can see here two vaio graphic cards ..
9600M GT and GT 330M
That really surprised me that 330M doesnt support DX 11

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Dell :: 8800m SLI, Volt Modded, Running At Stable @ Over 700core/1000mem

Jun 2, 2008

DISCLAIMER! - I will not be responsible for what you do with your cards. However, I wanted to create a thread that would show those that want to play what the 8800m GTXs are capable of.

Before we get started. Let me explain the theory and the reasoning behind this whole thing.

Dell is not in the business of creating computers that burn up, and as most are very aware, they factor in a lot of room for overclocking and game enthusiasts that want to push their hardware to the limit. Here however, they did a "no no" IMO. However it's also the only way that they could tame the beast the 8800 is.

At the heart of the problem is the Dell PSU which is only rated at 230 watts and is close to being maxed and general heat generated by the cards themselves.

The standard 8800s as they arrive from dell, are set to run @ 1.00 volts. This however is a long shot from desktop versions of the cards running @ over 1.3 volts which are near identical in architecture. (some desktop users volt their's to over 1.4 volts!!!!)

What gives? Well from doing a little research, I found out that Dell, is not alone in undervolting these cards and Clevo along with dell does this as well except they undervolt even more! Down to 0.95V!!

Now the benefit of the undervolt, is that you generate a lot less heat. However the less voltage you allow the card, the less stable the card becomes at higher clock frequencies. From reading the posts on this forum alone, I noticed that most people run into artifacting between 620mhz and 645mhz core clocks and 950 memory clocks. The reason for this, is that at those clocks, you are asking the GPUs to do more work, then the voltage supplied to them will allow. All cards are different, but for the most part will run into stability problems before they run into heat problems. Testing this, I found that the GPU fans don't even kick on high during Crysis a game that should push any GPU and its fans to high................................

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Acer :: TravelMate 2480-2779 Unofficial, Modded, Or Good BIOS For This Laptop?

Jan 23, 2009

1. Is their any unofficial, modded, or good BIOS for this laptop? I currently have 3508

2. Is their anyway to update the graphics card bios for this laptop?

3. Does this laptop support Bluetooth? I heard it did, and I heard it didn't.

4. Is there anyway I can control fan speed?

5. If I'm using the back USB ports of my laptop, and repeatedly plug and unlpug my speakers from the wall plug, my USB devices turn off for a quick second and come back. Is this normal?

6. On the front of my laptop, I have 3 audio jacks. I have no idea what the 3rd one does.

7. Is their anyway to use the € and $ keys on my laptop without Launch Manager?

8. I have 2 switches on the front of my laptop. 1 For Bluetooth and 1 for Wifi. So if I didn't have bluetooth, what would the bluetooth swich do even? (Related to question 2)

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Dell :: GeForce 8400M GS 128?

May 24, 2010

i have a dell inspiron 1720 with a GeForce 8400M GS 128 ya i know it sucks but anyways when i go to dell or do a google all im seen is that the 8400 is a 256 ddr is this right? i run a program called TechPowerUp GPU and its saying 128 to did they make a 128 and a 256?

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Dell :: Geforce Go 7950 Gtx

Jul 21, 2007

what is the stock gpu/memory clock on the geforce go 7950 gtx for the 1710?

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Dell :: Geforce 8800m

Aug 19, 2007

When this card comes out at the end of the year, will it get the same 3dmarks scores and fps in old/new games as the desktop version or will it be a little faster then the 8700m? I hope its going to be same as the desktop version.

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Dell :: Geforce 9800m Gx2 1gb

Jun 1, 2008

When will this video card be out and will it be 25% or more faster then the geforce 8800m?

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Dell :: Nvidia Geforce GO 7900 GS

Mar 8, 2008

I have a Dell Inspiron E1705, Core 2 dou, 2 GB Ram, Very powerful laptop. I have an ATI Video card in it that I've been trying hard to upgrade to a Geforce. I bought 6 till with no luck at all, I bought all of them off ebay, the last one was a couple days ago, when I got it, I installed it and everything was working perfectly, I was so happy cuz this is the first one that actually works, after 1 hour of using it, red flickers started appearing on the screen, I restarted, tried different drivers, tried placing it again.. no luck at all . Now I have different colored lines and blinking pixels all over the screen, the background changes colors.. yellow, red, green.. and its not just on windows.. Bios, safe mode, everywhere.. I put my old ATI back and everything is working fine. I'm planning to send it back again to the seller, I attached some pics. I have a 90 w adapter but I dont think its a heating or power problems.

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Dell :: Nvidia GeForce In Studio XPS 16

Jun 10, 2009

I am getting a bit bored waiting for the new SXPS 16 (and the free Windows 7 upgrade), thought I would start a new discussion.

How do you guys think about the Nvidia GeForce 9700M, 9800M, 160M or 260M in a Dell Studio XPS laptop?

I like the fact that Nvidia is constantly updating their drivers and I also like the Hybrid Power and Hybrid SLI features. Most importantly, with an Nvidia GPU, I can turn the SXPS into a hackintosh, making it the PERFECT laptop in the market.

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Dell :: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M

Oct 29, 2009

Do you think there is a chance that Dell will use the Nvidia 250M in their studio line?

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Dell :: Flashing Geforce GO 6800

Jul 23, 2007

I've got a Dell Inspiron 9300. Recently, I flashed my vBios and had to do a blind flash. I've got a flash drive with all of the things needed on it, but I'm not so sure about the ROM. It was the only one I could find on the net, and it hasn't worked so far. I left the flash drive in for almost two hours, and it finally did the two beeps. It was on full auto mode and it didn't restart; it just sat there.

I guess I'm begging someone to send me a default bios for a Dell i9300's go 6800 gpu (NV41, according to dell, not sure if it matters).

Also, for clarification, the "backlight" refers to the monitor emitting a glow while still being blank, yes? Because as it is, the monitor doesn't even come on, much less emit any light.

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Dell :: NVIDIA® GeForce 8400M GS

Jul 19, 2007

How crappy is the NVIDIA® GeForce™ 8400M GS really? I am using a 7800gtx in my inspron 9300. Just ordered a 1330--- is the 8400 superior to the 7800gtx?

on a related note, is there anyway to upgrade the NVIDIA® GeForce™ 8400M GS to a different video card? Is any other nvidia card compatible?

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Dell :: Upgraded To Geforce 6800go

Nov 25, 2008

I have a precision m70 and I wanted to know if I can use the geforce 6800go video card that was for an inspiron 9300? Also, can I use the 17" screen from inspiron 9300 or XPS gen 2 on a precision m70? I prefer to use the XPS gen 2 screen because of the darker bezel.

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Dell :: Nvidia GeForce GO 8600M GT 256MB

Mar 24, 2009

My new laptop has the Nvidia GeForce GO 8600M GT 256MB graphics card in it according to the Dell listing.

I can find mention of Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT 256MB without the word GO in the title all over the net and it doesn't look to bad.

So I'm wondering, is the word GO in the title of my card suggesting that perhaps I have a down scaled version / cheaper version or are they the same thing and same performance?

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Dell :: Cost For Replacing Geforce 8600MGT

Mar 21, 2009

what is the cost for replacing geforce 8600mgt , if it fails after warranty period??? does i have to pay for motherboard also or gpu only ????

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Dell :: M1730 With GEFORCE 8800M SLI Runnig Hot

Mar 19, 2008

I just bought a new Dell M1730 with 4 gigs of ram and the Intel Core 2 X9000 processor.

It has the 8800m SLI video card(s) in it. I installed Everest and it consistently says that the GPU temperature is running around 160 degrees F. I am *not* doing anything other than surfing the web and haven't been. Is this normal? The harddrive and cpu temperatures both seem fine. They are 91F and 90F respectively. Any ideas why the GPU would be so high especially since I'm not really doing anything (playing games for instance) that would push it to it's limits? I did buy a notebook cooler but it isn't here yet. It's sitting on a flat surface with decent airflow.

I'm just a little concerned as I don't want it to burn up.

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Dell :: Studio 13 No Geforce 8400 Option?

Apr 2, 2009

Anyone know what happened to this option? I remember speccing out a system a few months back and it was possible to upgrade the x3100 to geforce 8400, but its no longer there.

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Dell :: Nvidia GeForce Go 6800 Ultra ...

Jun 8, 2009

A couple weeks ago I put my laptop (a Dell XPS M170) beside my bed cause I had to use the MC Alarm to get up cause I had to be up at like 4 AM and I don't do well with the beep beep alarms.

Anyway, I plugged it in and sat it on the floor on top of (for lack of anything better) two Arizona tallboy cans laid longways (the feet sat on these) with a chess set box underneath (in case

it happened to slip off one of the cans). I also left the screen partway up. Well of course I left it on overnight for the alarm, but when I got up to go to the bathroom ...

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Dell :: Looking For A Stable Driver For GeForce 8600M GT X64

Oct 5, 2008

I'm looking for a stable driver for use with Windows Vista SP1 64-bit on a Dell XPS M1530 with 4 GB of RAM and a GeForce 8600M GT 256MB GDDR3. I tried 174.34 but it was unstable and caused some issues.

I require that it uses WHQL no modified INFs, games that I am playing are CoD4, UT3, NFS Most Wanted, and Company of Heroes.

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Dell :: Replacing Geforce 8400m GS GPU On A Vostro 1400?

Feb 22, 2010

So I have a broken Nvidia Geforce 8400m GS GPU on my Vostro 1400 out-of-warranty (even with Nvidia extension) laptop and Dell wants $240 to repair it.

That money could probably go to a new laptop, but I was still wondering if there was a way I could go for a do-it-yourself repair. How would I go about replacing the GPU? Is there a guide for this somewhere I could look for?

I'm guessing I will need to order a replacement motherboard from Dell to do this, but I'd rather attempt repairing the laptop on my own rather than send it to Dell's out-of-warranty repair depot. I've taken apart PCs before, but have never taken apart a laptop.

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Dell :: Quadro FX 770M With Geforce 9600 GT Drivers

Nov 5, 2008

I was wondering if it would be possible to install the drivers for the 9600 GT drivers on the FX 770M. If i'm correct the card is based on the same chip and i was curious if i'd be able to get a better game performance using those drivers.

Are there any real risks in installing the 9600 drivers?

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Dell :: Geforce Go 7900GS Reads As 7900GT/GTO After Flash

Apr 11, 2008

just bought a new 7900gs for my lappy, e1705 and flashed it with the gtx bios so as to create the gsx.

however decided to change it back to the gs original bios but whenever i try to install drivers after flashing it, windows will always read my card as the 7900GT/GTO

It's kinda irritating because whenever i close the laptop lid, it wouldn't shut off and usually my temp readings are higher then normal - around 45-55.

Before when i used the original 7900gtx bios flash it would normally be around 37-45..

i tried to work around this problem by manually "having disk" when windows asks me to choose which driver to install and i chose the 7900gs however since they're like 5-6 7900GS GO drivers, i just choose randomly and it works to some degree; the monitor shuts off when i close it

yet i still have some display problems like the windows of each page moving slowly or very choppily when i move them..

anyone know anything i can do? to like.. revert back to my original bios settings? i did save the original bios but it just doesn't work, windows always sees my card as a 7900GT/GTO

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