Dell :: Do Actually Make A Laptop Without DPC Latency

May 22, 2009

Studio, Studio XPS, Latitude, Precision - they all have DPC lag from threads I have read on here.

Should I just stay away from dell if I want to run cubase or audio software?

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Dell Inspiron 1525 :: How To Make Reimage Of Laptop With XP

Jan 25, 2013

I have a weird issue which I did not realize until my system was crashed.

I have Inspiron 1525 purchased in sep 2008. Order and original configuration is showing XP whereas recovery CD alongwith was Vista (my mistake was that I did not check the CD until now).

1.Now how should I reimage my laptop with XP?

2.Where to find the OS Key for XP? Will Vista key work for XP or is there anyway I install vista and upgrade to XP?

There is no mail id where I could forward the mail of purchase order and original config details.

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Dell XPS 15 L501x :: How To Make Laptop Respond Faster To Online Games

Feb 21, 2013

I am not very good with PCs although I have changed the Power supply to my PC in the past!I have a Dell XPS15 Laptop (Specs included at the bottom). Will adding memory or changing the Graphics card work at all? Can I add any memory at all to make it work faster?

Specifications: XPS L501x (UK, FCG01) – i3-370M (2.40Ghz, 4Threads, 3M cache), Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bitXPS L501x (UK, FCG01) – i3-370M (2.40Ghz, 4 Threads, 3M cache)Memory 3072MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [1x2048 + 1x1024] Video Card 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420M Graphics Card Hard Drive320GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive Microsoft Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit Wireless Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 (EUR)Cable Primary Battery6-cell 56Whr Lithium Ion battery Processor Intel® Core™ i3-370M (2.4Ghz, 4Threads, 3M cache)15.6 HD WLED TL (1366x768) 720pPower Supply90W AC Adapter

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Acer Aspire 5738 :: How To Make External Monitor As Primary To Laptop

Aug 21, 2014

I own 15" Aspire 5738 laptop. I have hooked up 27" external monitor to it. I am facing a problem with 27" monitor. The display on the external monitor doesn't cover whole screen. The reason being that Aspire's screen is primary monitor as default. I want to make 27" monitor as primary. How can I do that? 

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Dell :: Latency - The E And M Series

Mar 30, 2009

I have a theory on the possible cause of the latency issues on the E and M series Dell's and a potential solution.

I usualy don't post on theory. I'd rather prove the solution beforehand and just post the tutorial, but unfortunately I'm in the middle of huge deployment and my spare time is extremely slim for now.

If there's a few of you who are willing to run some group testing I can guide you on what we need to do.

It just involves some test benchmarks before, a (possible) fix, followed by test benchmarks to establish if this actually resolves the issue.

Some important criteria;

- OS is Vista x86 or x64

- Have a very good understanding of Windows, particularly how to backup and restore your system (if needed). In other words an advanced user.
I'm going to need to count on your honesty on this one. I won't have much time to get you out of a mess if you land into one.

Would be good to have a good cross section of systems ranging from E64/6500's and M's both with onboard and discreet GPUs.................

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Dell :: Is CAS Latency Overrated?

Jan 18, 2010

I'm going to upgrade my Dell D420 to 2 GB ram.

Should I go with the lowest CAS latency but trade off some speed?

Here are my choices...

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Dell :: Precision M4400 Latency ....

Apr 19, 2009

I received the Dell Precision m4400 on last friday.

I did not know about the latency problem that I read on these forums AFTER the horrible fact that I'm going to explain.

In fact, I was watching an avi file, in Windows Vista (the preinstalled OS), when sometimes the play stops (as the computer is under much load) and then resume the play .....

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Sony :: GPU & DPC Latency

Jul 13, 2009

I'm new here but have been reading a lot recently since I'm looking for a new 13" laptop.

I actually ordered a Studio XPS 13, but canceled it because of the DPC Latency problems.

Sorry if the questions I'm about to ask has already been answered, but I didn't want to dig through the 200+ pages SR thread .....

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Continuous DPC Latency Issue

Jan 13, 2009

I've posted about this problem in several forums but thought I'd try for a solution here..

Essentially my issue is with a continuous DPC latency spike every 5 seconds on my laptop..

Normally, it wouldn't be an issue -- but I'm using this laptop for high-end real-time DJing and it causes a "pop" when I'm playing (using Traktor Scratch.) More info about what I've tried already, fully detailed in this post on Native Instruments forum here.....

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Dell :: Latency/Crackling Sound Gone With Broadcom W-LAN Driver But..

Apr 24, 2009

like in several threads mentioned installing not the DELL-WLAn drivers but the broadcom Mini-1510 ( reduces the latency/crackling sound problem.

This worked also on my E6500, so I'm very happy.

I also tried to change hd from IRRT to AHCI, disabling DELL WLAn 802.11a, installing Matirx driver 8.2 or 8.8 and so on.

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Dell :: M1530 Audio Stutter/Solutions/DPC Latency Spike

Jan 5, 2009

I decided to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate after having run XP Pro on my M1530 for the past 6 months. XP ran flawlessly on the machine, but I wanted to bring the software up to speed with what's currently on the market.

So far everything is fine except for on minor issue. I am having a random spikes of DPC latency that are causing a brief 'stutter' or 'crackle' when playing audio or video files.

The problem was initially quite bad, but after installing the drivers found at Crackle Sound FIX for the WLAN 1505 card the problem has gotten significantly better. But as you can see, it is still an issue:

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Dell :: D820, Docking Station, Vista X64, Input Latency

Apr 15, 2009

I'm running a D820 and I just installed Vista 64 Ultimate. I ran the entire install while disconnected from the dock and everything went smooth (SP1 and all patches afterwards).

After connecting the laptop to the dock I'm getting a very annoying latency with my mouse and keyboard. The mouse stops responding for as little as half a second, up to 4 or 5 seconds depending on what

I'm doing. While typing, the keyboard will also repeat the last key I touched when the issue occurs

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HP/Compaq :: Audio Delay (latency) On AMD GQ61

Apr 2, 2010

I have the GQ61-420US with the 320M dual processor, IDT sound chip with latest driver, plus updated video driver (etc.) now running Win7 64, and have a strange audio delay problem, first discovered when attempting multi-tracking music. In fact, if I just have the monitoring enabled on the built-in microphone, and tap on the computer there is about a 1/10 sec. delay when it comes out of the speaker. I downloaded a latency checker program mentioned elsewhere on this board, but it doesn't show much of a problem. I don't believe the CPU is overtaxed here, and believe it might be driver-related. I've checked the IDT control panel, which is rather bare-bones, having no settings for effects such as delay that I might have inadvertantly checked.

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Dell :: Audio Latency /Solutions With All Studio & Studio XPS

Feb 24, 2009

Recently i ordered a Dell Studio XPS and like many of you with dell's,my main use was to be for audio production,dj'ing or any sort of thing pertaining to music.After ordering and then reading up online,ALOT of people are having problems getting the latency and/or pops skips & jumps out of their sound source.

Some say the problems lie within the Lan card,some say video card.And most importantly,Dell does not have an answer to the problem because they are not trained to understand audio type situations(Unfortunately).So...Here is where we are going to solve this thing(or try really hard because besides that...these are prett good laptops otherwise) Once i get mine in the next 3 days,im going to tell you what i did because i WILL fix it or at least try hard and fail.

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Dell :: Will Ever Make A New Gaming Xps

Feb 13, 2009

will there ever be a new dell gaming xps laptop "not alien ware" like a m1830 with 9800m gtx sli and quad core processor? Also will the m1530 ever be updated to support better graphics like 9800m gts

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Dell :: Before Going On To Win7, Just Want To Make Sure

Aug 29, 2009

i signed up at as a student and got the win7 free download (after paying $15 for the annual membership).

NOW... i have the 1537 w.fingerprint scanner. wondering if there's any issues with any drivers out there for hardware i should be aware of.

who else has switched to Win7? worth it over vista? heard it is but i don't want to lose my saved info and fingerprint login ability.

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Dell :: To Make A New OS Recovery CD

Aug 2, 2007

The disk i used to burn the Dell OS Recovery CD onto has been damaged and I can't burn a new one. Why is this? Is there a way around this or do I need to call Dell for a new recovery cd?

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Dell :: Returning My E6400 For A New One; Make Changes?

Feb 25, 2009

I seem to be the only one here with constant probs with my 6400 so after speaking to DELL today, im returning my laptop for a new one.

What I want to know is should I swap out my nVidia GPU for the Intel? I think thats whats causing my therma/fan issues and maybe overheating the system as well (being that I use two external monitors with a dock).

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Dell :: How To Make A Recovery Disk?

Mar 18, 2009

I just got a new XPS 1530 with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I'm told, before I do anything, I should make a Recovery Disk. How do you do that?

I think the recovery disk is used in case everything crashes.

It's different from a Boot disk (which isn't needed anymore, since you can use the OS installation disk to start Vista if needed).

Also, I'm not talking about System Restore, which reloads your system from a time before your last SW install.

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Dell :: Is There Anything Other Than Gaming That The GPU Does That Would Make Me Consider Upgrading

Sep 17, 2007

I ordered my 9400 with an ATI X1400 and now that I see from reading this forum that it is considered a pretty lame GPU I was wondering:

Since I don't play games on my laptop (except Civ4, which runs fine) should I even care that my GPU sucks. Is there anything other than gaming that the GPU does that would make me consider upgrading. I have a 2GHz CPU and 2 gigs of ram and I'm really quite impressed with my first laptop. I'm just one of those idiots who gets jealous when he notices that his "toy" has an inferior component in it.

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Dell :: Does Wireless N Really Make That Much Of A Difference To E G Network

Mar 25, 2009

Does wireless N really make that much of a difference to e G network?

Anyone tried changing the G card in a 1350 for an N? Anything to be aware of or avoid?

Are all 3 wires in the 1350 (sales person trying to sell me the N card claims they will be).

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Dell :: Make My 1530 Dvd Region Free?

May 22, 2009

My dvd is a Mata DVD+-RW UJ-875S. i looked around and couldn't find rpc1 firmware to flash....

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Dell :: M1210 Should I Make The Vista Switch

Jul 28, 2007

I purchased my M1210 in late December and got it configured so that I could switch to Vista if I wanted. I got MCE on it and I think the configs for Vista. Here's my dilemma: I don't whether to switch to Vista or not. I got the free upgrade CD that Dell sent me. I have read, though, some really bad reviews of Vista. Is that b/c some systems don't have the right configs? Should I switch? I'm heading off to college in less than a month. What should I do? The college recommends either Windows XP Prof. or Windows Vista Ultimate (oh yea, why ultimate? isn't that overdoing it? i thought at first it was but then the dell college website also recommends ultimate. why is that?). Would my system be ready for ultimate? The upgrade I got is for Home Premium. They recommend I get ultimate but, unless there's something I'm not seeing, I think Home Premium will suffice. But should I switch or stay with XP? If you do think I should switch, is there some guide online somewhere that can guide me through it (ie. which drivers to backup, etc.)

Here are my specs:Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7200 (2GHz/667MHz/4MB), 2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm, 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 TurboCache, 160GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive XPS 1210

One more thing (sorry for the long post): what do you think about securing my 1210? Should I use an actual lock or would software like LoJack be enough?

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Dell XPS 12 :: How To Make Touch Screen Work

Jul 25, 2013

I have just got a new dell XPS 12, but no touch is enabled in it. I would like to know, is there any way to enable it, like hardware switch/ or from BIOS etc. Or I landed up with a defective device? What is the wayout to make touch work on XPS 12.

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Dell :: What Can I Do To My Xps1710 To Make Battlefield 2 BC 2 Play Decent?

May 16, 2010

My xps 1710 with 7950 gtx (4gb ram) (100gb hdd) cant cope with battlefield 2 bad company 2 as am getting as like average 15 fps. Got drivers from dell that were updated 2 years back.

BF2 BC2 is set on lowest resolution with all setting at LOW!

What can I do to make this game play on this good fast laptop please.

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Dell :: Ordered A Latitude E6400 Did I Make A Mistake?

Aug 5, 2009

I ordered a "previously ordered new" Latitude E6400 from the Dell Outlet a few days ago. Got a pretty decent price of $560 after using a 15% off e-coupon.

Mine is fairly basic as far as the E6400 line-up goes, e.g. no fingerprint reader, no backlit keyboard, no Bluetooth, etc. I'd use this strictly as my personal laptop, and I was looking for something with XP and a matte screen anyway.

It has a Core 2 Duo P8400, 160 GB HD, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 24x CD-RW/DVD drive, Intel GMA 4500 MHD video, WXGA matte screen, and the Dell 1397 802.11 b/g internal wireless card.

Hopefully I'm just overreacting, but I've come across some owner reviews on CNet, Amazon,, etc. about E6400s having overheating problems, issues with Dell's ControlPoint (?)

software, the pseudo brushed metal exterior surfaces collecting fingerprints and skin oil way too easily,

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Dell :: Latitude E6400/6500 Touchpad Is Bad, How To Make It Less Bad

Oct 24, 2009

This is not the newest topic but it's been well described that the Latitude E series' touchpad is crappy. With the launch of Windows 7, I thought that I'd give the new touchpad drivers a try. Still as crappy.

This is the worst touchpad and pointing stick that I can remember using on a laptop. Normally I wouldn't care, but actually having a terrible nav system really stinks more than I thought it would.

Well, my stop-gap solution was to simply remove the Dell touchpad drivers altogether and go native with whatever Windows 7 detected. What an amazing difference! The touchpad is usable now (it doesn't freeze and it tracks much better).....

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Dell :: Faster Memory Is Cheaper So I Need To Make Sure On Compatibility

Oct 21, 2007

memory compatibility.

My notebook requires (or originally came with) 2 x 256 MB 533 MHZ DDR2 SODIMM Memory Module, but now I want to upgrade to DDR2 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-5300 (667MHz). This memory seems to be cheaper than the memory that is required for my computer so that is why I'd rather purchase it. I know the notebook will not allow the memory to run at that speed, but I wanted to double check on its compatibility.

I know it probably will work (90% sure), but getting a second opinion before a purchase is always better than after.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525 Touchpad Sucks .. How To Make It Better?

Jan 25, 2009

I was on a friend's brand-new inspiron 1525 today. After I began using it, I immediately noticed just how awful the touchpad is.

It is extremely inprecise. It's almost as if the sensitivity is constantly changing as I use the touchpad. I don't remember if I tried adjusting the settings; if I did, it didn't help.

I soon discovered that if you move your finger in a perfectly straight horizontal motion across the touchpad (no vertical motion), the cursor, as it's moving across the screen, will also 'bounce" up and down, getting worse towards the right side of the tochpad.

It doesn't abruptly jump at all; rather, it's as if the linearity of the touchpad is WAY off.

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Dell :: Why Dont They Make External Video Cards

Oct 4, 2007

why havent there ever been gpus when you could just plug it in and out, look like a small usb hd or something lol,thatd be sweet, no mother board bs or anything just plug and play, maybe someday? im sure there is alot of reason but i just though id ask, it would be rather neat.

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