Dell :: M1530 Audio Stutter/Solutions/DPC Latency Spike

Jan 5, 2009

I decided to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate after having run XP Pro on my M1530 for the past 6 months. XP ran flawlessly on the machine, but I wanted to bring the software up to speed with what's currently on the market.

So far everything is fine except for on minor issue. I am having a random spikes of DPC latency that are causing a brief 'stutter' or 'crackle' when playing audio or video files.

The problem was initially quite bad, but after installing the drivers found at Crackle Sound FIX for the WLAN 1505 card the problem has gotten significantly better. But as you can see, it is still an issue:

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Dell :: Audio Latency /Solutions With All Studio & Studio XPS

Feb 24, 2009

Recently i ordered a Dell Studio XPS and like many of you with dell's,my main use was to be for audio production,dj'ing or any sort of thing pertaining to music.After ordering and then reading up online,ALOT of people are having problems getting the latency and/or pops skips & jumps out of their sound source.

Some say the problems lie within the Lan card,some say video card.And most importantly,Dell does not have an answer to the problem because they are not trained to understand audio type situations(Unfortunately).So...Here is where we are going to solve this thing(or try really hard because besides that...these are prett good laptops otherwise) Once i get mine in the next 3 days,im going to tell you what i did because i WILL fix it or at least try hard and fail.

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Dell :: E6x00 Audio Skipping / Crackling Solutions

Jan 17, 2009

Frustrated by my audio skipping on my E6500 I started going through various threads (some quite large)

trying to gather solutions that people say worked for them. I wanted to start a new thread contain solutions and links to the referencing thread to help centralize the data.

Hopefully someone might find this more useful than digging through pages and pages of conversations!

I have tried most if not all these solutions and none have worked for me. I still have 1 skip every minute or 2 and cannot listen to a single mp3 without it at least having a single skip somewhere in it.

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HP/Compaq :: Audio Crackling/popping. Can't Find Any Working Solutions

Feb 24, 2009

The issue is most noticeable when I'm listening to my music, in any program. It gets unbearable at times. However, when I stream videos or watch DVDs, the issues seems much less prevalent. Actually, there will be times where I really can't notice the issue at all while streaming video or watching DVDs. Then again, sometimes the issue just goes away entirely. But it has always come back. Basically, it's very inconsistent, but it's a problem.

The sound is a very distinct popping noise, which sometimes occurs in sets of around 3-6 right in a row, or it can sometimes be very sporadic. Also, my audio sometimes tends to "skip," usually when click on buttons, open programs, view certain web pages, or move my mouse over certain things. It's unpredictable.

I'm pretty stumped as to what could be causing it. The annoying part is that I had this issue when I first got my laptop several months ago. However, I managed to fix it. I think by disabling the IDT power management settings. But, my hard drive died on me, so I got a replacement from HP. Ever since the replacement, the problem has been back.

Could it be related to the new hard drive?

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HP/Compaq :: Audio Delay (latency) On AMD GQ61

Apr 2, 2010

I have the GQ61-420US with the 320M dual processor, IDT sound chip with latest driver, plus updated video driver (etc.) now running Win7 64, and have a strange audio delay problem, first discovered when attempting multi-tracking music. In fact, if I just have the monitoring enabled on the built-in microphone, and tap on the computer there is about a 1/10 sec. delay when it comes out of the speaker. I downloaded a latency checker program mentioned elsewhere on this board, but it doesn't show much of a problem. I don't believe the CPU is overtaxed here, and believe it might be driver-related. I've checked the IDT control panel, which is rather bare-bones, having no settings for effects such as delay that I might have inadvertantly checked.

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Dell :: SvcHost And CPU Usage / Spike

Jan 24, 2010

my i8kfangui shows a temperature of 51*C right now. It is "idling" for the most part. For some reason a process called svchost.exe (Network Service) utilizes much of the CPU, fluctuating between 15% and 50% with 250,420K of memory usage. I've tried to just terminate the process before, but right after I do that my laptop forces me to restart it.

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Dell Alienware M14x :: MS Spike Lag When Playing Games

Dec 7, 2014

I seem to be getting MS/Ping lags when playing on my Alienware M14x. Every now and then I get random spikes. It stays good for a couple of seconds and then it suddenly it spikes. I have tried running different games and I still get same problems. I uninstalled my WiFi driver and still same problem. I don't know what step I should take next, It is also not overheating, I manage to keep it at a steadt 50. I will now post some of my specs.

Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.400Hz 2.4 GHz
Killer Wireless-N 1202 Network Adapter
64 bit operating system
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Blu-ray Stutter Or Jitter UJ-120

Apr 16, 2009

I just got a M1730 with blu-ray and i saw somewhere that the matshita uj-110 bd rom drive my computer came with was an older model and there was a newer one uj-120. So i bought a uj-120 off of ebay, recieved it and installed it onto my laptop. When I tried to play blu-ray it would jitter or stutter.

I tried looking for firmware updates, talked with 3 different dell techs and anything else I could find on the internet to try (which there wasn't that many and no ways to fix.)

Come to find out my ide/atapi controller channel driver for the bd rom was in pio mode 4 and i checked the enable dma under the advanced tab numerous times and restarts to no avail. So i figure this is where the problem must be, the drive is in pio mode and i want dma (faster data transfer)

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Dell :: E6500 Stutter FIXED

Oct 7, 2008

My new Latitude E6500 has been suffering from a "stuttering" problem. The symptoms:
1. When watching videos on the web (, for example), the video and audio would stutter and pause, with "breaks" occuring multiple times a second.

2. When moving windows around the desktop, they would jerk along rather than gliding smoothly.

3. Most windows and programs would open slowly (for example, opening the control panel would take several seconds).

4. Task manager would never settle down to 0% or even 1%, but rather bounce along at 2-7%.

I tried re-loading the OS (Windows XP SP3) from scratch. Drivers, etc. Three times. Same problem.

Things seemed to run fine without Control Point software, which I was prepared to dump--but I do like some of its features.

But I discovered that choosing a Control Point power managment scheme was the problem! The solution was to select a regular old Control Panel power managment preset (one without DELL in the name). Problem solved! Task manager now settles down to 0%, videos run smoothly, etc.

My E6500 specs:
Nvidai 160M
260 GB HD

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Dell :: SXPS 13 : Cooling Solutions

Nov 13, 2009

I'm thinking of buying a SXPS 13, but I read that it is very warm compared to other 13" laptops, and it is not really pleasant for a "lap" usage.

Did any of you try advanced methods to improve the cooling system, such as adding a thermal compound, replacing the fan, changing the voltage in the BIOS?

Did it work? Did it avoid the warranty?

I also have one unrelated question, but I don't want to create a new topic for this: Does the display port allow us to use a Dual Screen?

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Dell :: Cooling Solutions For M1710

May 23, 2009

if there are any DIY mods to enable better vid card cooling.

i googled and am aware of "cooling pad" to put under the laptop, but its not a portable solution

i am looking for something along the lines of cut bigger vents / more vents or even a fan? or put in more efficient heat sink in there...

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Dell :: Everest Makes The Mouse Freeze And Stutter In Win 7..

Feb 23, 2010

Ok About a month ago I installed Windows 7 installed Everest and after I did the mouse would freeze intermittently, etc. Well Everest was updated a lot and after I did a fresh install yesterday I installed the newest version of Everest.. Still the mouse freezing is STILL present, both with the touch pad and mouse.

Is anyone else having this issue with their SXPS 16? I've tried 2 different versions one older one new of Everest and 2 separate installs of Windows 7.

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Sony :: VAIO Z- Lagging Stutter Performance

Apr 14, 2010

Specs: Core i5 540, 4gb ram, freshly formatted and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

Running apps: Firefox, msn, skype, foobar, microsoft security essentials.

This is seriously becoming a real nuisance! Website pages are suffering real laggy scrolling and loading things up. Even pages without images are just as bad and much worse performance scrolling than my desktop e4300. Scrolling this page alone is treated like i have completly maxed out my ram (4gb) when i'm only on 1.7gb by having firefox and 4 forum tabs opened. My old core2duo could handle way more than this and run smooth on 2gb of ram. My friend said it could be the nvidia drivers, but i downloaded all the latest drivers from sony site.

I can't believe that an i5 could perform so badly for simple web browsing with no apps installed and the latest driver. I even switched the AC powered Z to speed mode with no help whatsoever.

I'm just wondering if anyone is getting any stutter, jitter, laggy issues browsing with their i5? It just doesn't make sense after a clean format to get such shoddy performance.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Audio

Nov 21, 2009

I found that reinstalling sigmatel audio drivers helped one guy. So I went to Dell site, chose my model, vista 32bit and downloaded them.

I launched setup and durring instalation it crashed. Later I found out that those drivers were for 64bit vista..................

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Dell :: Received M1730 Peculiar Video Stutter When Not Using SLI. Forceware Driver Reccomendation?

Oct 27, 2009

I notice that when I have SLI turned off, there is a stutter effect when maximizing and minimizing windows - this was occurring both in the Vista pre-installed as well as the Windows 7 x64 currently installed. When running SLI, no such issues occur.

As I want to disable SLI to avoid the excessive fan noise and save on battery life (I don't ever play videogames, and this was sent as a replacement), I want to figure out why this is happening.

1. What could be the cause of this? I can't imagine that a single 8700m GT isn't capable of smoothly rendering window max and minimization.

2. Would a forceware driver be better than the stock Dell drivers? If so, can someone recommend the latest, well-liked and stable forceware driver for Windows 7 x64? I know that some are better than others but navigating is a bit confusing for me.

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Dell :: M1530 XP HDMI Audio 2Ch PCM Only

Dec 11, 2009

i just got a new HDTV and I want to watch movies in surround through it. Unfortunately, passthrough is not working, only 2ch PCM stereo, I know my sound system can decode it,

it has done it through an old DVD player on optical no problem (monsters Inc DVD)

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Dell :: Xps M1530 Xp Audio Drivers

Dec 31, 2007

i downloaded the xps m1330 drivers as the audio is the same but when i try and install says not supported.

is there a inf file that doesnt list the 1530?

or has anyone found a work around?

i had to go to vista so i could get some sound. otherwise everything else installs

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Dell :: Latency - The E And M Series

Mar 30, 2009

I have a theory on the possible cause of the latency issues on the E and M series Dell's and a potential solution.

I usualy don't post on theory. I'd rather prove the solution beforehand and just post the tutorial, but unfortunately I'm in the middle of huge deployment and my spare time is extremely slim for now.

If there's a few of you who are willing to run some group testing I can guide you on what we need to do.

It just involves some test benchmarks before, a (possible) fix, followed by test benchmarks to establish if this actually resolves the issue.

Some important criteria;

- OS is Vista x86 or x64

- Have a very good understanding of Windows, particularly how to backup and restore your system (if needed). In other words an advanced user.
I'm going to need to count on your honesty on this one. I won't have much time to get you out of a mess if you land into one.

Would be good to have a good cross section of systems ranging from E64/6500's and M's both with onboard and discreet GPUs.................

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Dell :: Is CAS Latency Overrated?

Jan 18, 2010

I'm going to upgrade my Dell D420 to 2 GB ram.

Should I go with the lowest CAS latency but trade off some speed?

Here are my choices...

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HP/Compaq :: Anti-glare Film/solutions

Apr 3, 2009

I have a dv5t and as the weather gets nicer here in New England, I am opening the windows and this glare is driving me crazy. I searched the forum and saw a few questions about adding a film or something to prevent glare, but didn't see any suggestions. I'm sure others have been down this path?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Windows 7 And HDMI Audio

Oct 1, 2009

Did anyone get HDMI Audio to work with windows 7 on M1530?

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Dell :: Audio Cuts-out Using HDMI! M1530

Jun 16, 2009

For whatever reason, whenever I'm watching a video or something online, my audio will just cut out for no reason via HDMI. If I leave it alone for a while it comes back

Drivers are all updated, the cable itself is fine (Works perfectly for picture), and the integrated speakers work fine when sound is routed through them.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 HDMI TV Audio Out Of Sync?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a Dell XPS M1530, and have recently joined the HD Television world and bought a Toshiba 40" 40RV525RZ. I was checking out the HDMI feature on the laptop, checking out how I might be able to use the tv as an awesome monitor replacement. Looks great so far!

My problem is that the audio from the TV is slightly out of sync from the audio on my laptop. Considering I can't turn off the audio on my laptop without turning off the audio on the television (at least, if I can I don't know how), it's annoying having the echo effect coming from my TV and the stereo attached to it.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Audio Driver Win 7 32 Bits

May 1, 2010

What do you recommend me? I read somewhere that i should get the realtek hd drivers

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Dell :: M1530 Recording Audio 2 Channels?

Jun 3, 2009

I am going to be recording some poetry tomorrow (with some new equipment) and i'd like to record it directly to my laptop for editing via the mic/line in (as it says in the manual/specs). It needs to be stereo as the product will be compiled into a CD.

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Dell :: Do Actually Make A Laptop Without DPC Latency

May 22, 2009

Studio, Studio XPS, Latitude, Precision - they all have DPC lag from threads I have read on here.

Should I just stay away from dell if I want to run cubase or audio software?

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Dell :: Precision M4400 Latency ....

Apr 19, 2009

I received the Dell Precision m4400 on last friday.

I did not know about the latency problem that I read on these forums AFTER the horrible fact that I'm going to explain.

In fact, I was watching an avi file, in Windows Vista (the preinstalled OS), when sometimes the play stops (as the computer is under much load) and then resume the play .....

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Sony :: GPU & DPC Latency

Jul 13, 2009

I'm new here but have been reading a lot recently since I'm looking for a new 13" laptop.

I actually ordered a Studio XPS 13, but canceled it because of the DPC Latency problems.

Sorry if the questions I'm about to ask has already been answered, but I didn't want to dig through the 200+ pages SR thread .....

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Continuous DPC Latency Issue

Jan 13, 2009

I've posted about this problem in several forums but thought I'd try for a solution here..

Essentially my issue is with a continuous DPC latency spike every 5 seconds on my laptop..

Normally, it wouldn't be an issue -- but I'm using this laptop for high-end real-time DJing and it causes a "pop" when I'm playing (using Traktor Scratch.) More info about what I've tried already, fully detailed in this post on Native Instruments forum here.....

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Dell :: Latency/Crackling Sound Gone With Broadcom W-LAN Driver But..

Apr 24, 2009

like in several threads mentioned installing not the DELL-WLAn drivers but the broadcom Mini-1510 ( reduces the latency/crackling sound problem.

This worked also on my E6500, so I'm very happy.

I also tried to change hd from IRRT to AHCI, disabling DELL WLAn 802.11a, installing Matirx driver 8.2 or 8.8 and so on.

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