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Dell :: E4300 WWAN Antenna Alternative

I have an E4300 and an E6400. The E6400 came with a 5530 WWAN chip, which I would like to move into my E4300 instead. When opening the WLAN/WWAN compartment of the E4300 however there does not seem to be any wiring for the GSM card.

I then found some antenna wires leading to the Latitude ON slot. Since I really doubt I will be getting a Latitude ON chip in the near future, would I be able to run these wires to the WWAN card?

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Dell :: WWAN/GPS Alternative To ControlPoint
I'm really starting to hate the bloat of controlpoint, but I have a 5530 WWAN card, so need some software to control it, while searching the Dell support site I cam across R198215.EXE which is a Sony Ericsson Wireless Manager for 5530 cards, this is actually intended for use on the Inspiron Mini 910, but it works a treat on the E6500 too.

The download is 72MB but it only seems to install 5MB of software (you could probably trim that down by removing language dlls), you only need to run the software when you actually want to use the card.

I even got the GPS functioning which is more than even the factory installed drivers could manage, the COM7: port was always silent before, now it happily spits out NMEA sentences

Now to remove as much of ControlPoint as I can get away with, hopefully without having to reinstall XP again.

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Dell :: E4300 Alps Alternative Mouse Driver/Software?
The E4300 uses the Dell Touchpad driver and I think it feels very buggy.
It looks like the Dell uses an Alps hardware

This is probably the first time where I'm quite annoyed by a touchpad/buttons. The touchpad buttons do not always respond immediately, sometimes requiring two presses to click.

And sometimes, when I'm using the touchpad, it will automatically click on a link I didn't intend to.

I know this seems minor, but it's quite annoying at times. I almost returned the laptop because of it, but now I'm trying to live with it but it would be most helpful if there was an alternative.

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Dell :: WWAN Slot For Non WWAN Cards
Have D420 here and was thinking if it's possible to use WWAN slot for any other mini pci-e cards like SSD or video decoder. Now Dell docs state not to mix WLAn and WWAN cards between their assigned slots.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv7 TV Antenna
I need a new one, my old one broke.

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Dell :: M4400 WLAN Upgradeextra Antenna
If I want to upgrade my M4400's WLAN from Dell's 1397 card to an Intel 5300 card, do I need to install an additional (3rd) antenna or isit already installed?

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Dell :: M1330 Blue Antenna Wire?
I have not been able to exceed 100mbps speeds even with DIR-655 and DIR-825 on my M1330 with Intel 4965.

Opening the laptop I notice I do NOT have a gray wire!
I have 1 Black, 1 White, 1 Black/Gray Strip, 1 White/Gray Strip and one BLUE...
I checked the M1330 Manual there is no mention of a BLUE wire anywhere...

1) Anyone know what this blue wire is for? and Why I dont have a gray wire?

2) Should I move the 4965 (blue wire too short) and connect blue where in the gray wire is suppose to go?

I have an LED Screen ....

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Dell :: Does Adding A 3rd Antenna Void Warranty
I have an M1330 with 2 years completecare left.

Would I lose my warranty if i open the laptop and add a 3rd antenna behind the LCD?

I have an LED screen so I only got two antennas!

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Acer :: Fitting A Wifi Antenna
I'm upgrading my friends TM2200, and installing a Wifi card and antenna. The antenna needs to go inside the laptop cover (as you probably know), but there's a foil sheet inside behind the LCD screen.

Can anyone tell me if I just stick the antenna pads onto the foil, or do I need to remove small sections of the foil and stick them to the plastic?

It's a Tyco antenna I'm fitting.

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HP/Compaq :: Replacing Dv7-1020us Antenna
I have a dv7-1020us, I'm needing to replace the tv antenna that came with it.

Dunno if they're all alike... but here is an image of what the side of mine looks like, where the antenna plugs into the yellow jack.


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Dell :: M4400: How Many Antenna Connectors Do You Have (Intel 5100)?
Those of you who have an Intel 5100 Wireless card and the M4400, could someone tell me if you have 3 antenna connectors, even though the 5100 has just 1 antenna?

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Dell :: WIFI Card And Antenna Cables In Latitude E Series
I have ordered E6400 but I have choosen Intel 5100 wifi card with two antenna port. I heard that this model isn´t very good so I´m thinking about the upgrade to Intel 5300 with 3 antenna ports. I have a question about the antenna cables. How many cables are there near the wifi card in latitude with 5100? two or three? If there are only 2 cables, so the upgrade brings me no advantage.

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Dell :: Best Alternative For SXPS 1645
SONY F11 $1999 - 7% discount for being a student = Total $1859. (without TAX)
Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel® Core™ i7-820QM processor (1.73GHz)
16.4" VAIO Premium Display (1920x1080) NVIDIA® ...

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Dell :: Alternative Motherboard 9400
My motherboard died on my 9400. I was wondering if I can replace the motherboard with an alternative that might be able to run a DirectX 10 card?

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HP/Compaq :: Crap. Busted TV Tuner Antenna Adapter
i just built an hd antenna and i was scanning for new channels and it was picking up some awesome channels and then i tripped over the cord and busted that little adapter that converts a normal coax cable to the mini one that plugs into the tv tuner.

anyone know the part number? I've looked everywhere online and can only find the partnumber for the antenna, not the adapter by itself. is this mini plug a standard? i even chatted with hp parts department and they were of no help.

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Dell :: Latitude Seriesno UMTS Antenna In Webcam Equipped Models?
i just took a look at the first pics in the E6410 thread and found out that it comes without any UMTS antennas...

according to dell support webcam equipped models do not support umts cards like the dell 5530

is this true or is there a way to add the antennas later on?

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Dell :: Adding External Antenna To Xps M1710 Internal Wireless Card
This is what I am working with:

Computer rig:
Dell XPS M1710 Review (pics, specs)

Wireless card intel specs:

And I think this is the external antenna I would like to get (would love any suggestions):
5 dBi Magnetic Mount Omni Antenna - Omnidirectional Antennas for 2.4GHz - Antennas - Fleeman, Anderson & Bird, Corp.

The pdf says the wireless card antenna is, "Hirose* U.FL-R-SMT mates with cable connector U.FL-LP-066"

So basically is all I have to do is buy one of these, 4 inches U.FL Pigtail:U.FL to MMCX WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11g - eBay (item 160119011606 end time Apr-09-09 01:58:22 PDT)

Drill a hole in my laptop case and install one of these connected to the first adapter that is connected directly to the card:
MMCX to N-Male, Pigtail 19" 100-Series - CA-MMNMCN19

Now the n-female from the antenna can then connect to the now adapted laptop wireless external antenna?

I am presenting all of this as a question because I think this is what I need to do but I would like to double check with some knowledgeable people first that this can work, is feasible, will bring desired results (increased range) etc.

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Sony :: ADH Not Available -- Alternative Warranty
Just got off the phone with Sony and found out that you can only purcahse the accidental damage coverage from Sony if you buy the laptop from them.

Since I picked up my laptop from Amazon, I cannot get ADH.

I feel pretty strongly about having ADH coverage and am curious if any of you have picked this up through a third party. In particular I would like something that will cover the machine from:

Normal mechanical failure
Water damage
Being dropped/sat on

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Sony :: Alternative To Vaio TT
What other alternatives to the Vaio TT is there out there? I *really* loved my TT, but unfortunately I had two with the same touchpad problem and don't want to risk getting a third (although Sony was very helpful in replacing and trying to resolve the problem).

I especially liked the high resolution, the balanced size, the SSD and the battery time.

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Apple :: Macbook - Alternative To VLC
I just got a Macbook. Very happy with it, its very good. However, I currently have VLC installed so I can played some of my movies which are in .avi and some music. I need a playlist function and able to do full screen. I like VLC, however - i find it is not stable. Sometimes it keeps crashing and also, it does not handle playback smoothly.

I've tried mplayer, it seems good, however it does not support fullscreen mode.

Is there any other alternatives. I might have to download the xvid component for quicktime to enable playback of .avi files and get use to the idea of using itunes to play all my music.

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Dell :: Dvd Decrypter Not Working, Free Alternative
DVD decrypter not working on some recent DVDs

Whats a good free alternative?

(I'm out of touch with this subject)

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Dell :: Alternative For Quickset On Vista 64 Bit (Vostro)
Dell does not release 64-bit Quickset for Vostro 1310 and 1510. The 32-bit ones won't work on 64 bit Vista.

That means you won't know how loud you change your volume, or whether it is muted or not. I tried to install Quickset x64 for other laptops but all shows "unsupported system" during the installation.

The workaround is to download the latest Dell ControlPoint System Manager.

This is the link: Dell ControlPoint System Manager

It is compatible with E4200, E4300 and M6400. However it installs successfully on my Vostro 1310 running on Vista Business x64. The volume indicators works, the mute notification works, change of brightness works. The only drawback is ControlPoint does not work with wifi/BT indicators. You flip the switch and there won't be any indicators for it on the screen.

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Dell :: Alternative To ControlPoint Connection Manager
I have found a good alternative to Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager for my Mobile broadband connection. It's Sony Ericsson Wireless Manager.

It's very simple and worked perfectly without any configuration.
I guess it will only work with the 5530 card, though.

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HP/Compaq :: HP QuickPlay To Launch An Alternative OS
My HP Pavillion dv2680 entertainment notebook has a feature called QuickPlay which consists of a special button on the keyboard which, when pressed, will turn the notebook on and launch the media software HP QuickPlay as soon as its up and running.

My question is, is can this button be used to launch an alternative operating system?

This button has been designed for launching the notebook into a media player rather than a notebook. The operating system (Vista in my case) is receiving some form of notification that QuickPlay was requested, instead of a usual boot.

Such an option would mean a pre-Windows Vista boot loader to interpret the options during boot.

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HP/Compaq :: Alternative To Quicktouch Software
I've got a HP Pavilion dv6000z series notebook. There was no OSD software for the Quick launch buttons that came pre-installed on this notebook when I purchased it in Aug '07 but I installed the Quicktouch software that is now available/pre-installed on the newer dv5/dv4 series notebooks and it works relatively decent. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's the one when you press the volume slider a small black rectangular box pops up to show the volume level? Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew a better OSD for the Quick launch buttons? My friend has got a Lenovo SL300 series notebook and the OSD for his buttons work very well (including display brightness with the fn button) so I thought there might be something similar that will work on the HP notebooks as well. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit alongside Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit beta.

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Acer :: 1810T Installing Intel Wifi Link 5300's Third Antenna
I want to replace my 1810T's Intel Wifi Link 5100 with an Intel Wifi Link 5300.

The 5100 has two antenna connectors and so the 1810T has two antennas already installed in it.

I purchased a third antenna, but I don't want to disassemble the screen to add the third antenna next to the two stock antennas.

Can I just place the third antenna here (empty area next to mini PCIe slot):

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Dell :: Cheapest Place/coupons/deals To Buy A M6400? Or An Alternative?
I'm thinking of purchasing the M6400 laptop. I cannot stand my current laptop anymore, the Inspiron 9300 . It doesn't suit the tasks I'm involved with... it was handed down to me by my brother who is a programmer while I'm in the graphics/media field.

So I was wondering if any of you know where I can buy the m6400 for the cheapest price? or perhaps any coupons or deals that you may know of.

I'm a student and can't afford the m6400 at the current price on dell's website or without any coupons or deals...

Also I was wondering what is an alternative laptop to the Dell M6400. I'd love one with a smaller screen size but with a similar performance, although there can be some compromise. I will be using the laptop mainly for architectural renderings, 3d modelling, animation, graphics, multi-tasking between softwares etc... I'd like one with 8GB Ram (no need for ability to upgrade to 16GB etc like the m6400)

I'm hoping the alternative will be much cheaper than the m6400 due to the smaller size, and lower specs etc.

I talked to the dell help guy and he recommended the XPS studio 13 model... i don't trust him as he didn't seem too knowledgeable...

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Sony :: VAIO Power Management Alternative
Since VAIO Power Management doesn't work perfectly with my FW in XP, I am looking for an alternative. Is there any 3rd party Power Management that would work with my system?

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Dell :: Any Alternative Solution To Handle The Power Management With Charging Threshold?
i hate dell's dcp. not very useful, security is pain in the butt. pre-requsite microsoft framework, and etc.

I am wondering if there is a program that can handle dell's battery management, with charge threshold setting.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15: Alternative To The Laser-etched Skin
I'm finding that I really like the capabilities of the Envy 15. However I went into a Microsoft store today to take a look at it and it had an almost beige-grey chasis with a very feminine laser-etched design on the cover. When I asked one of the workers if there was an alternative, they said that HP didn't make anything else.

I don't really trust the employees there, and I really hope that this is not true. I've found pictures so far of Envy 15 with a plain silver finish, but on the HP website their doesn't seem to be any option for it. Did anyone manage to get one without the floral patterns on the cover?

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Apple :: Speck Seethru Case For Macbook - Alternative
i need to know which case is good for the 13 inch macbook, other then the Speck Seethru Cases. I think the speck cases are great, but if anyone knows of any other, or better case the the Speck cases, Also if anyone knows of a silicone type case for the macbook.

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Dell :: Webcam On Vostro 1700 Crashing (LiveCam.exe) - Any Ideas Or Alternative Software?
I'm having a few problems with the web cam software in my Dell Vostro 1700 laptop.

When I run the web cam manager it displays video fine, but as soon as I start to record video it crashes, saying livecam.exe has stopped working.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's still no good.

Any ideas? I've not used it for quite some time, so don't know how long it's been like it. Alternatively, are there any other good free apps that let you eaily record video on a web cam?

I also have Skype and MSN Messenger installed, but wouldn't have thougt they'd have done the damage (as it's only when I try to record that it crashes).

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Dell :: Adding An External "rod" WiFi Antenna To An E1505?
I was upgrading the graphics card and the plastic lid on my e1505, I had to disconnect the WLAN antenna connectors, and this gave me a chance to see how the antenna is connected to the card.

It got me thinking...Instead of having a wire antenna run up the side of the LCD screen, what about buying a better-quality (higher reception) "rod antenna" with a folding elbow hinge? I thought since the WLAN card is seated so close to the right side of the laptop case..

it would be possible to connect the two pigtail connectors to the WLAN card as normal then drill a small hole through the casing on the side of the laptop casing where the card is, run a few centimeters of the wires through it, and mount the antenna flush to the side of the laptop case (with either screws or maybe even super glue, if you could find a good spot where it wouldn't block any inputs/seams)...............................

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Dell :: Can I Use A WWAN Card For JUST The GPS?
I was wondering, if I could use the following card:

Dell 5720 Mini-PCI-e WWAN card

for JUST its GPS features? I may at a later date get it subscribed to use as a cellular modem as well,

but for now I was wondering if I put this in my M1730, would I be able to access the GPS functions of it for a program such as Streets

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My :: Z WWAN
I live in the UK and prices for a Z are way too expensive, so im currently in the US and wanting to buy one, the only problem is the WWAN. The Z790 is on Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband. In the UK i want to use my 3g tmobile mobile broadband sim in it.

1. Can the verizon wireless be unlocked

2. Is there even a sim card slot

3. Is there anything else i should be aware about

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Ty :: Z WWAN
I have just installed Windows 7 64 bit onto my new VGN-Z21WN/B and managed to get everythign working appart from the 3G Modem. I have managed to get the 64 bit version of the connection program working.

But I cannot for the life of me find the 64bit drivers for the module itself.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 And WWAN 5530
i'm attempting to fit a Dell 5530 WWAN card in my Dell XPS M1330. Could someone advise which cables to attach where?..

There are 3 available cables, a blue, grey/white and black/white but on the 5530 there are 2 connections: main and aux. The blue cable will not reach to the main connection..

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Dell :: WWAN 5530 No Software
Have got a Dell Studio 1735 for a year now and wanted to have mobile broadband internet.

So I bought a new Dell 5530 card. When I received it, installed it in my laptop following the online instructions and downloaded the latest driver for it.

When I went in the 'Device manager' read that the driver is working properly, so it is functioning.

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Dell :: WWAN Card Interchangibility?
Does anyone know if all WWAN cards are created equal?

I wanted to pick one up for my 1645, but I don't have AT&T. Other Dell models are available with Verizon Wireless cards, and I was hoping it would be a direct swap.

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Dell :: XTinstall WWAN Card
My Dell XT is arriving tomorrow. Does not come with a WWAN card, which I would like to install.

Questions are:

1 - which card is better 5520 or 5530 - 5530 is cheaper in the UK on Ebay
2 - can I just install the card/drivers and away I go, will there a built in antenna connection available already?

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Dell :: Screw For WWAN Card?
Does anybody know the screw size for the wwan card in the XPS 1640 ?

I bought a card but it didn't came with the screws and i don't know what size to order.

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Sony :: WWAN 3g On My TZ
I have a Vaio TZ330E, it does not have any integrated WWAN. However I happen to come across a work provided plan that pays for wireless connect through AT&T 3G's plan. Can install the Integrated 3G WWAN myself? There is a place to put the SIM Card behind the battery... If so where can I purchase this?

Or Should I just get a PC Express Card or an AT&T USB Connect Card?

Anyone know whether a PC Express Card is better than the USB Connect?

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Dell :: WWAN And Bluetooth On Studio 1558
Just got a 1558 in replacement for a 1525. I popped the back cover to install my upgraded Wifi, and add the WWAN and Bluetooth... No extra mini PCI slots for the BT or WWAN - There is a sticker that says WWAN but no connector or wires.... Since my 1525 has these options ( I did not buy the BT or WWAN card from Dell ) do i ask for another system that has these on-board? Is Dell obligated to provide one that is capable even though in their records i did not have BT or WWAN.

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Dell :: 5530 WWAN Card Queries
So My Dell 1555 has an option to put a WWAN Card in it. Now my questions are

1) WWAN is basically stick a SIM card in the back of my battery and browse internet right??

2) Is WWAN GPS enabled as well? So Can i use it with some special software (which one??) to locate my position and probably give direction? .......

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Dell :: E6400 + Embedded WWAN + Virtual PC
I have an E6400 running Vista 64. I've got a virtual PC running Windows XP on that. I'd like the virtual PC to be able to access the Embedded WWAN card, but I'm not having much luck.

The Dell (XP version) of the software does not install on the Virtual PC, claiming the system is not a Dell.

I found a generic copy of VZ Access Manager from Verizon, but that one says the WWAN card is turned off, although the switch is set to on and its not disabled in Vista.

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Dell :: Unlock WWAN 5530 On XPS Studio 13?
Just received a new XPS Studio 13 purchased as a single customer (rather than through business channels)... having issues with the WWAN 5530 which I got on the presumption that it would be unlocked.

Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager says it is "unactivated HSPA". Have tried activating it via vodafone, but their computers are down today!

- Am I able to activate it without the help of Vodafone?
- Is it locked to the Vodafone network? .....

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Dell :: Adding WWAN To Refurbished Studio 17
I purchased a refurbished Dell Studio 17 laptop today from Dell Outlet. I know if you buy one new, you can add Sprint WWAN, but can this feature be added to a refurbished model at a later date

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Sony :: VPCS 111 FM/S WWAN
Does anyone know if the VPCS111FM/S has an extra mini PCI-e slot for installing a WWAN card or an Intel Turbo Memory card?

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Sony :: Considering To Buy A Vaio Z WWAN
im considering buying a Vaio Z from the US.

But since I live in Denmark (europe) and would very much like to use the build-in broadboard, i have my doubts that this will work?

Do the build-in card also support the european WWAN network, can it be unlocked from sprint or can the card be replaced?

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Sony :: WWAN On TXN29N
I have a TXN29N and am in south africa, my ? is this, the vaio has wwan functionality linked to Sprint Mobile, obviosly I cannot use the sprint mobile service in south africa, can I use the wwan functionality here at all (on our mobile networks)? if so, how? on top of that the TXN29N has no simcard slot so how is wwan supposed to work (how do you connect to the mobile network without a sim)?

If you need to use an external modem (huwaei or such like) with a simcard in (like my previous laptop) then I don't understand why sony included wwan?

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