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Dell :: E6400 LAN Disconnect

I'm having an issue with my E6400 running on Vista x86. Whenever I leave the computer for a period of time and the monitor turns off by itself, it seems like my network connection gets disconnected.

This only happens on Ethernet and never on wireless. After I come back to the computer, all my network applications are disconnected and I can see my network icon in the system tray flash from disconnect to connected again.

Is anyone else having the same issue and fixed it? I already checking all the power options in Vista and tried updating drivers from Intel and Dell.

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HP/Compaq :: Device Connect/disconnect
how come everytime i take my computer out of sleep mode it makes the device connect/disconnect sound effect?

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Apple :: MSN For Mac Always Disconnect Itself
Why is my MSN for mac always disconnect itself? At first I thought it was my dsl disconnected, then figured out nothing happened with the network connection, it was just MSN itself disconnected. What happened to it?

Also I noticed there is always some delay in typing display. Sometimes there is about half a second delay between I type in the word and the word displayed on the screen. My cousin noticed the same thing on her imac as well. Same thing happened to typing in iwork, and some other application. Does anyone noticed this? Or it is just me and my cousin have this delay problem?

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Wifi Frequent Disconnect
my laptops wifi is frequently disconnecting after connecting for 5-10min.

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Dell :: How To Disconnect The Screen? How To Remove 7900 Gs? Is There A Guide?
however im having problems taking the screen apart.

i disconnected the video cable that connects to the screen however there is another cable connected on the right side. and i cant seem to find the spot to disconnect it.

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HP/Compaq :: 2200- Blue Screen When I Disconnect Power Supply
I have a Compaq Presario 2200. Half the time I disconnect the power cable, I get a Blue screen with the message "IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL".

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Acer :: ASPIRE 5740 - How To DISABLE The AC Connect/disconnect Alert Sound (BEEP)
This is a guide completely disable the awful BEEP sound when you connect/disconnect your AC power on any ACER ASPIRE 5740

Instructions:Uninstall your REALTEK HD AUDIO DRIVERS.Reboot.Let Windows install generic HD audio drivers.

(Successfully Tested with:
Acer Aspire 5740-6378
* Intel Core i5 Dual Core Processor (2.26Ghz w/ hyperthreading, turboboost)
* 320GB 5400RPM HDD
* Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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Dell :: How To Prevent LAN From Turning Off?
If I leave my E4300 (in sig) idle too long (like when watching TV or eating) the LAN will turn off, thus disconnecting me from AIM, email, etc..
How do I prevent the LAN from turning off when idle? I've looked everywhere, in DCP, device properties, and power schemes and settings.

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Dell :: Wake On LAN With M1730
Is it possible to use Wake On LAN with the M1730?

I've tried to look through the BIOS and there isn't specifically a option for it but it does mention in the NIC section Enable with "PXE" or "RPL". I've google a fair bit and can't find a solution so hence the new thread.

Ideally I'd like to connect via the wireless adaptor Intel 4965AGN from a hibernate state (or maybe sleep state).

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Dell :: Gigabit Lan Mod For Xps1330
Decided to pop the lid on my 1330 today and got curious about the extra mini pcie slot. .

If they make a fast (a la ocz vertex) mini pcie SSD, maybe I'll snag one.

either piggyback the 10/100 port thats already there, or somehow mod a new port/ a cable with a jack sticking out somewhere.

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Dell :: Wireless & LAN Not Working
The following specs:

Dell XPS M1330 NVidia Gforce Go 8400GS
Vista Home Service PK1
Bios A12

I had just installed Service Pk1.

After installing it I lost internet connection with both the wireless and Wired LAN. Both only show access as Local only.

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Acer :: Wireless LAN Not Recognised
I have done a clean install on a TravelMate 2480, but I still can't connect, but can when I plug it into my router.

I have looked at the following site:


Can't get the wireless LAN to be recognised.

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HP/Compaq :: Wireless LAN Not Turning ON
I have a HP pavillion DV 6000 laptop. The wireless on my laptop is not turning on. It is not the same problem the network card disappearing. I can see the card in device manager. I have tried installing it and also enabling and disabling it. It says its enabled but disconnected. Tried safe mode with N/w as well but nothing is working for me. Haven't made any changes to the software.

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Dell :: Wierd Lan- Displaying Cable Not Connected
I own a Studio 1555 and i am having this peculiar problem with my onboard LAN connection. The LAN cable is connected to the NIC, yet it is displaying cable not connected. I need to reconnect the cable (remove it from the NIC and reconnect it) and it displays cable is connected and the connection ensues. Once i restart the machine, the same is displayed and i will have to reconnect the cable once again in order to get connected.

I do not want to reconnect the cable every now and then, when i reboot the laptop..

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Acer :: No LAN Network Controller Found
I have a strange problem on my Acer 7720G notebook (PM965 chipset).

The internal Broadcom 5787 is not detected. When I put a cable in the LAN port, no Leds are lit.

Strange enough, the UUID in the Bios has a value, which means that the Bios recognizes a LAN device.

Is there a keyboard combination that shuts down the internal LAN controller?

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Acer :: Aspire 5670 LAN Driver For XP
I've been looking for hours for a LAN driver for this wifi works perfect via the Intel Software from the acer website. But the usa/european site doesn't have the LAN driver. I lost the original CD.

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Dell :: WoL (wake Up On Lan) Remote Turn On Your Laptop
Is it possible to remote turn on the laptop Dell Latitude e6400 ?

I understand the concept of the magic packet. My question is in which state do I have to turn off my laptop in order to have the Wake up on LAN working ?

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Dell :: Latency/Crackling Sound Gone With Broadcom W-LAN Driver But..
like in several threads mentioned installing not the DELL-WLAn drivers but the broadcom Mini-1510 ( reduces the latency/crackling sound problem.

This worked also on my E6500, so I'm very happy.

I also tried to change hd from IRRT to AHCI, disabling DELL WLAn 802.11a, installing Matirx driver 8.2 or 8.8 and so on.

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Acer :: Aspire One Vista LAN / WLAN Not Working
I have installed a V-lited version of vista onto my acer aspire one, but cant get the Lan to work or the Wlan, the Wlan doesnt even show up in the device manager and i cant find drivers for it as i dont know wat module it is.

Does anyone know which wireless card it is or were i can find drivers for the wlan?

Also i cant find a driver for the ethernet controller.

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Acer :: New System But Can't Get Ethernet LAN To Work
I've just installed a new XP Sys (SP3) on my Acer Ferrari 4005 but dont know where to put the Broadcom LAN Ethernet drivers

There is no installer or setup.exe just 3 files in the folder which are:

b57win32......21kb....Security Catalogue
b57win32......104kb...Setup Info
b57win32......124kb...System file

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HP/Compaq :: Vista Does Not Detect Realtek LAN On DV7-1025nr
I have a dv7-1025nr, I used to run XP SP3 on it and it worked great, but I have to pass the laptop on to my brother and I am getting a dv7-2000. So I had to reinstall Vista, tried x64, everything works except Realtek LAN. It is only detected in Safe Mode, in Normal Mode or even in Safe Mode with Networking, the LEDs for activity stop lighting up during Vista loading.

I tried Vista x86, same problem. I tried XP SP3 again, LAN is there, no problems at all.

I tried Vista x64 again, Safe Mode, LAN works perfect, I can even browse the net.

What the heck is going on ? I tried all possible driver combinations, unless in Safe Mode, all drivers say the hardware is not even present.

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Dell :: Which E6400 Should I Get...?
I have a choice between 2 specific E6400's. What I really want is a backlit keyboard and the integrated graphics (battery life is important to me).

The problem is, from the two models available to me, one doesn't have the backlit, while the other has the NVIDIA.

The one with the NVIDIA is $100 more expensive. So the question is, is it possible to either upgrade manually to the backlit keyboard, or downgrade manually to the Intell 4500? How difficult and expensive would either option be?

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Dell :: Two E6400
I installed XP and everything seems ok but the computer doesnt want to suspend. When I click the power button (which is setup for suspend) or try to suspend any other way (like shutting the lid) the system will shut down but will come back online after about a minute or so. It doesnt want to go to sleep! Bad Boy. I have noticed that if I take off the power cord, it will go into suspend and stay there properly. I have tried two different power adapters, so I dont think its adapter-related. Its really annoying to have to totally shut down every time. I've tried disabling settings and hardware in the bios to no avail. I have DCP installed.I want to upgrade my WiFi link card to a wireless-n version. I guess this is the wifi link 5300 card. I actually bought one but its full height (533AN_MMW), so now I have to go an get the half height version (model 5333AN_HMW, right?!). One issue though, I dont know if my laptop has a third antenna cord in there for the third leg of the antennas. Can I add one? I am using a wireless N Dlink router.

Will this one work in my e6400?[url] I'm a little nervous about it because of the "G2" at the end of the model #, and the website says its for the centrino and I have a latitude.

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Dell :: E6400 Summary
I went through around 100 pages of the long thread on e6400 but could not find much real information on the e6400. Can someone who knows post the following:

1. Good and Bad LCD manufacturers for the WXGA+ LED display.
2. Keyboard - specifically compared to a thinkpad keyboards.
3. Any Heat related issues the laptop has.
4. Other trouble spots to watch out for.

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Dell :: E6400 Screen
I wanted to do this for a while. My dell e6400 has 1280x800 display. I want to upgrade to 1440x900.

I found this one New SCREEN 14.1" WXGA LCD for DELL E6400 B141PW04 on eBay (end time 14-Jun-10 15:54:13 BST)

on ebay.

Does anyone have experience of dealing with ebay screens, i mean are they what they say they are(working properly and stuff)?

Is there anything special I need to be looking for then buying new screen?

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Dell :: E6400 Display
i got my e6400 with 1280x800 resolution screen. I notice that this screen have greyness comparing to other laptops and right colour are really important to me.

Is it possible to replace my screen to high resolution one(1440x800)?

Can i replace processor as well if i decide to do so in the future?...

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Dell :: Upgrade To E6400?
well i currently have a studio 1537 but i want to return as there are some problems with it and i still need a laptop for school.

so i was wondering how is the e6400? i hear some peoples e6400's are freezing up. so i was wondering is there any major problems with them? or do u reccomenend any other laptop?

i was going to buy from the outlet because they do seem to be pretty cheap and i am on a budget...
and how are the e6500's? any major difference except the size?...

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Dell :: E6400 Drivers
this list may be of some use to you. As of 12/April, the following downloads are available for Vista 64-bit (similar downloads for other Windows versions), essential downloads are highlighted in green..........................

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Dell :: E6400 Or E4300?
I'm in the process of trying to decide between getting an E6400 or E4300 to replace my aging Toshiba A105-4074. I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of discussion here about the E4300 compared with the huge number of threads about the E6400.

I have an E4300 here at work that I have been impressed with, so I have hands-on experience with it. I haven't had any hands-on experience with the E6400, and have only seen one briefly. While I've read lots of good things about it, I wish I could use one for a couple of days in order to get a feel for it .....

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Dell :: Configuring E6400...
I need to order a couple Dell E6400's for my company. We want to do 4 monitors on each one through a docking station, that is the part that is giving me some trouble.

Does the E-Plus docking station have a built in video card that supports multiple monitors .....

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Dell :: Is My E6400 Overheating?
Just got my E6400 from Dell Outlet today and i noticed it's running noticeably hot.

I've read some of the posts on the nvidia overheating problem so I decided to run the same tests other people did. The screenshot is after running 3DMark2006 on Balanced power setting.

Are those temps ok? I talked to a rep who acknowledged the potential problem with the nvidia chipset and said if i send this to the depot now they can take a look at the mobo, cpu and gpu and have it back to me in less than 10 regular days.

Since I have finals coming up, I'd much rather not send it in unless they offer me onsite or some potential freebies, which the rep refused to. So any suggestion would be much appreciated. Should I run some more tests?

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Dell :: How To Do 3 Displays With The E6400?
Up until this week I was doing this with my Dell D620 using the PD01X D/Dock which has a PCI slot for a video card.

Well, it's PC refresh time at work and I received a Dell E6400. Turns out the docks for the E6400 and the D-series are different (not compatible) and there is no D/Dock for the E6400, so now I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to do 3 displays with the E6400.

I purchased StarTech's USB2DVIE external USB to DVI video card, but it's only got 16MB of RAM and whenever I scroll or move windows around in the display that is being driven by the USB2DVIE, it's a little choppy, even at 16-bit color.

There are other external USB video cards on the market, but this was one of the most expensive, and I can find no indication on any of the other cards of how much RAM they have. I'm thinking I need at least 64MB, which is what the PCI card had that I was using in the D/Dock with the D620.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400
Its a certified refurb; it has everything i want at a great price:

-- Latitude E6400 Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 (2.53GHz, 6M L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)

-- 14.1 inch UltraSharp WXGA+ (1440x900) LED Display

-- Back-lit Keyboard

-- Genuine Windows Vista Business

-- Brushed Metal Black

-- 24X CD RW/DVD Combo Drive

-- 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz (1 DIMMs)

-- 90W AC Adapter

-- 9 Cell Primary Battery

-- 125V Power Cord

-- Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD With Express Card

-- 250 GB Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

-- Dell Wireless 1510 802.11a/g/n Draft Mini Card

-- Integrated Webcam with digital microphone

Im upgrading the RAM to 4gb, and maybe the hard drive if its too loud. I got the integrated GPU on purpose so it runs cooler and quieter and has better battery life (I don't play games). Ill try for a new version of vista too. Im happy i got the p9500, that was probably the only one left that was a decent price,

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Dell :: E6400 Raid0?
I have been reading through the forums and haven't found a certain answer... I have a OCZ SSD 2.5 inch installed in the laptop. Picked up a adapter to convert my cdrom slot into a 2.5 inch HD.

Just added a second OCZ SSD 2.5 same size same model all the same.

When I go into the intel storage bios I do not see an option to have a RAID0 (stripped) raid. I can only create a mirrored raid... Even though intel clearly states all over the place that the chipset in the e6400 can handle RAID0.

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Dell :: E6400 On 64 Bit?
someone said it was better to use 64 bit vs 32 bit for vista and was wondering if this is real? and wat are the benefits of using 64 bit over 32 bit and vise versa? except to utilize all of my 4 gigs of ram.

also the dell rep said their driver support for the 64 bit was not as good as the 32 bit and was wondering if this is true?

and will some games not work on 64 bit or does that not matter?

oh and someone said when you reformat you should reformat in ahci mode, and was wondering how you do that

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Dell :: E6400 Graphics
I found a E6400 in my local store that's $1500 (which is way too much) with a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M, does that graphics card is the reason why it's so expensive, other than being a C2D P9500 with 4gb ram?

I really don't care about dedicated graphics card, as my current x3100 suffices. And I don't game, expect rarely BF2, which is fine with the x3100

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Dell :: E6400 Freeze
I haven't set my E6400 to sleep or hibernate or anything, just the screen switches off after 5min of no activity.

When i get back to the laptop it freezes/hangs a LOT. It can be anything from blue screen, complete freeze needing a hard reboot, hang for a while before active again, nvidia driver unresponsive and reloading. It changes from happening couple of times a day to not at all for nearly a week.

I had this with the last 3 BIOS versions and i've tried ALL of the nvidia drivers available.

I kept thinking it was the nvidia drivers somehow but it just doesnt matter which ones i'm running.

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Dell :: Performance E6400
I have an E6400 that I bought at the end of 2008 (IIRC in October, I think they were maybe on the market for a couple of weeks tops when I got it), and have recently been having performance issues.

Even old games & games that should work really well on it (warcraft 3, call of cthulhu, tf2 at lowest settings + 640x480) sometimes start out ok but quickly grind to a halt (slide show kind of speed).

I tried reinstalling windows (both xp and vista) & also tried running warcraft 3 via wine on linux - nothing helps much, sooner or later there is significant slow down.

I would have thought it might be the intel graphics, but then again that card is not *that* weak (warcraft 3 came out at 2003 and I have managed to run it with a 450Mhz pentium 2 + voodoo 2!), and it does start out plenty fast (sometimes).

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Dell :: E6400/E6500
I've been wavering back and forth between the T500 & E6500 for the past few weeks, but been pretty satisfied with our past Dell fleet and their service.

Up to Monday I was pretty much set on the E6500's, but I'm starting to see more and more threads about troublesome issues on the E-series. Things that would certainly bother me and my team.

Maybe we can keep track of all the issues and hopefully resolutions to them on this thread.

Here's what I've compiled so far:
Let me know what else to add.

1. Poor quality WXGA+ LED screens
Disappointed with LED LCD in E6400
E6400 vs. XPS M1330 LED Screens

2. Drifting Trackpad / Lack of proper sensitivity adjustments
E6500 TrackPoint drifting badly

3. Keyboard issues
E6500 TrackPoint drifting badly

4. DVD burner problems
Latitude E-Series DVD Burner troubles

5. Crackling/poor audio
e6500 crackling audio

6. Random lockups

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Dell :: E6400 Configuration
Latitute E6400 (comparing with T400 from Lenovo)

my E6400 configuration options

1.For $50 more i can get a 2.53GHZ processor vs. 2.4GHz.

I can't imagine a noticable difference in performance

2.Should I get the WXGA or WXGA+

I also have an option called "Privacy Flexibility" - I assume it has something to do with

preventing others next to you from seeing your work.

3.My assumption is to go with the express card slot option NOT the PC card slot option

4.Integrated intel graphics or NVidia quadro ?

I don't plan on playing many games. Just want to watch DVDs, Tivo files and youtube videos

5. Backlit keyboard worth $50?

6.How much RAM. With Vista, I know 2GB is plenty. But how much should I get to support Windows 7?

7.How many of you have chosen the 80211.n card vs. the one that supports just B and G?

8.Do any of you actually use your fingerprint reader?

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Dell :: E6400 And Games
I have the p9xxx (don't remember exact), 4gb, 256ssd and 256 Quadro card and even playing 1 miniclip game, it lags like NUTS. Also, if I open like 4 or 5 youtube videos in browser tabs, it goes SLOW AS HECK! I have upgraded all drivers and even gotten a driver from NVidia's site. I know this isn't a gaming machine, but come on.

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Dell :: Another Vibrating E6400
I just received my e6400 yesterday and I love everything about it. However, the entire computer vibrates slightly. The vibration is definitely coming from the hard drive. I called Dell tech support and based on the description I gave them they told me to just send the computer back for a replacement. I would like to keep this specific computer and just replace the HDD (I like the LG screen and I don't want to get stuck with a different make/model). I'm going to call customer service on monday to see if I can get a replacement drive.

I currently have a 160GB Momentus 7200.3 st9160411asg, it doesn't make any noise, it just vibrates. I tried reducing the vibration by re-seating the drive and applying some electrical tape. I also turned on the quite mode in BIOS. Neither of these worked.

I never had this problem in other laptops with solid HDD mounts. I don't want to feel any vibration from the HDD under normal use. Is this possible with the e6400 considering the poor HDD bay design? I did read that some members had less vibration with other drives. I guess there are several ways to address this problem.

1. Request a specific model of 7200rpm drive from Dell that has the least chance of vibrating (can I do that?)

2. Downgrade to a 5400rpm drive and hope that it doesn't vibrate. (it would help if I could request specific model here)

3. Upgrade to an SSD, problem solved. (However I fail to see why I should have to spend an additional $255 and loss capacity just to get a drive that does not vibrate, especially in a high end computer)

4. Get the cheapest drive from Dell and buy an aftermarket drive HDD or SSD.

5. Send the E6400 back and buy a T400 which will more than likely not have a vibrating drive.

After typing all this out I just realized that the Dell tech may want me to send back the whole computer because there may be something wrong with the frame that allows the vibration to propagate.

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Dell :: Refurbished E6400
I just ordered one but I can't help but notice that the inventory is always well stocked

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Dell :: E6400 Sleeve
Just picked up an E6400. Went from a D630 to T61 to X61 tablet to Vaio SZ and now to the E6400. Am looking for sleeve recommendations. Those that have an E6400 what brands/sizes are you using and how do you like your sleeve?

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Dell :: New E6400 Owner Like It!
I posted a few times in other threads and received a lot of good advice on which laptop to buy. This led me to the e6400 which I ordered from the outlet.

Received it over the weekend and got it up and running. Though not as stylishly groundbreaking as some, it has a nice sleek, cool look.

It is a business laptop afterall. I will agree with others on the speakers, pretty poor, even for a business laptop. But, other features are nice.... backlit keyboard, screen, keyboard layout/size

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Dell :: Studio 13 Vs E6400
I was settled on the e6400, but am now considering the Studio13. Originally I wanted a 13 or 14" screen, but had gone with 14 mainly because I didn't like the old xps13.

The HDMI feature is certainly making me think about the Studio 13.

However, the cost for the Studio 13 with the LED screen makes it quite a bit more expensive than the e6400 (and I was planning to get one from the outlet... and I doubt there will be many Studio13s there for a while.)

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Dell :: When Should I My E6400 And Upgrade?
I've had since February the e6400, great machine, no complaints aside from bluetooth, but that might be due to software.

so I know in a few months I want to get either a 13" or the adamo. but I am not sure if I should wait and see the latitude Z. I just wanna sell this before its value goes down too much

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Dell :: E6400 Durability
I'm looking for a new notebook since my 2000 Acer broke its hinges TWICE after little more than 3 years of use.

How does the E6400 compare to the T400?

I had a T400 in my hand, and despite their assurances I find its build quality not so good. The battery seems to wiggle a lot...

My main interest in a new laptop is:

- build quality and durability
- customer support (in Europe)
- sunlight readable LED screen
- must be whisper quiet

Specifically, how are the hinges on the E6400?

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Dell :: New E6400, Few Questions
I've had my E6400 for about a week now, by far best laptop I've ever owned. Specs are P8400, 4GB RAM, WXGA+ led, integrated graphics, 160GB 7200rmp HDD, 9 cell, FP reader. However, there are a few problems that really bother me and I can't figure out.....

As a preface, things I have already done/tried: Updated BIOS to A11; Unistalled IDT audio driver and installed Vista High Definition Audio; Updated touchpad drivers; Installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager;

disabled HDD indexing and Windows Search; installed SP1; uninstalled Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager, updated video drivers .....

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Dell :: 3G Card For E6400
Anyone knows the part number of a mini PCI-E 3G card that's compatible with E6400? How do you check if antenna is hooked up and ready to go? If so, is it just a matter of dropping the card in, install driver, plug in SIM card and that's it

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