Dell :: E6400 For Gaming Fallout 3 , Bioshock

Mar 22, 2009

I want to play Bioshock and Fallout 3. My laptop is E6400, 2GB RAM, 256MB nvidia. Looking at game's website, they require 512MB videocard (recommended).

do you think my E6400 will be able to handle the game well? Anyone here play some high-end game with E6400 and the laptop is performing well?

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Dell :: [GPU Overclock]Latitude E6400 Quadro NVS 160(optimize: Gaming)

Mar 8, 2009

If Dell knows anything about it on your machine, the warranty WILL BE VOIDED, and no support will be given!

By performing this overclock you risk permanently damage (not reversible) your graphic card of your laptop and it's components, the motherboard and or other components in the laptop.

Your warranty on your system does not cover overclocking. Remember that the GPU is soldered onto the motherboard and can't be replaced yourself (a new motherboard is required). Dell laptop motherboards are very expensive ........

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Dell :: M6300 And Fallout 3

Jan 2, 2009

After spending a great deal of time reading through various forums I've arrived here in hopes of getting Fallout 3 to run properly on my M6300.

Whenever run the game it seems to wind up having many graphic bugs (improper texture mapping etc.).

I believe the issue lies with the fact that the M6300 uses a Quadro card which isn't optimized for game playing--though I would appreciate it if I could play the game on any level, albeit the lowest possible settings.

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Dell :: BioShock On Your

Aug 21, 2007

How did it run on your system? Look at my sig, I struggled for 30FPS on 1027x768

Using Nvidia Driver 84.63

This was the DEMO, not the real game. I hope the game is better optimized than the demo, but for some reason I feel it'll be about the same.

Vote now on the demo, leave all comments,concerns, rants,anxious glee, etc etc.....want to hear it

Edit/Update- Got Bioshock running at a smooth 60+FPS. Defrag ur HD and defrag files in Steam, (if u used it 2 get demo).

update-9/3/07- now running all high settings, everything turned on, 1024x768. 20-40FPS- little to no choppiness

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Dell :: V-sync On Or Off In Bioshock

Sep 5, 2007

should V-sync be on or off in Bioshock.

should i also turn v-sync off in the Nvidia controll panel if i turn v-sync off in the game ? (it enable at "application controlled", does it matter ?

how much worse qualtiy do i get if i turn v-sync off ? (is it worth it)

how do you guys run Bioshock, and which laptop spec do you have and which game settings do you use ?

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Dell :: 20 FPS On Bioshock With 6800 Ultra

Aug 27, 2007

I'm getting with my rig with everything turned on LOW at native res (1440 x 900). I am using the recommended 163.44 drivers. This is garbage, isn't there anything I can do to make it better?

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HP/Compaq :: Would These Specs Run A Game Like Fallout 3

May 17, 2009

a laptop I returned to costco since it couldnt run some games. I went to to see about building a laptop from HP through Costco. I went with these specs, its already almost $200 over budget and my wife might veto it haha but let me know if you think this could run fallout 3 at least on decent settings.

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T6600 (2.2GHz)
3GB DDR2 Memory
250GB HDD (good enough size, I rely on a server in my house for main storage)
256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GE

That comes out to $744.99 and it doesnt appear to have tax, which will help. I'd like to run simple games like Halo 2 PC, Fallout 3 and maybe even Gears of War if I felt frisky. I'm not looking to run anything like Crysis. Thats the only GPU I can choose other than the onboard. I upgraded the Processor from the T6600 for $51.00, would it make $50 worth of a difference?

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Acer :: Cannot Play Fallout 3 On Aspire 6920g

Mar 11, 2009

it installed but keeps crashing at startup! i ahve no codecs, i hear it may be caused by realtek or because vista is fail. i came hear cause maybe someone with an aspire 6920g or with an acer can help. so if any fellow aspire 6920g know how to fix the crash at startup that would be nice, and i already updated the patch.

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Dell :: Bioshock Runs Great On My 2006 XPSM1710

Aug 23, 2007

i have a Core Duo T2500 2.0ghz processor. ( now old skool ) 2 gigs of ram and the 7900GTX i ran the demo at 1920x1200 with everything on full but turned shadows off. game ran awesome. o yea and its also awesome to play. alot of fun i can see how the full game must be nuts. its scary too. i jumped a few times in the demo.

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Dell :: Trying To Play Bioshock On My Newly Acquired XPS M1730

Feb 4, 2009

I'm trying to play Bioshock on my newly acquired XPS M1730, but it just doesn't seem to want to play right. Even when I turn the graphics options way down it is still running very badly, and I would imagine on this machine it should run pretty good, right?

Here are my current system specs:


Core 2 Duo Extreme X9000
Vista Ultimate
640GB HD (320 x2)
Dual GeForce 8700MGT's (Running in SLI)

NVidia Driver: 179.28

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Apple :: Macbook Pro - How Well The 9600GT With 512MB Memory Run Fallout 3

May 27, 2009

Does anyone know how well the 9600GT with 512MB memory run Fallout 3? And their thoughts on trying to run Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Last when I run windows directly on the machine would I experience any performance lag.

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Dell :: FX2500 Can Play Obilivion, Bioshock, UT3, And Even Crysis (1200x800 Medium) ..

Jan 23, 2008

I can play Obilivion, Bioshock, UT3, and even crysis (1200x800 medium) at good frame rates with good quality visuals turned on. I had previously just accepted that I was stuck with games like doom3 and quake4 only.

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Dell :: Doesn't Happen In "the Orange Box" Or Bioshock

Oct 14, 2008

This happens when in SLI only, there is ghosting/tearing/i have no idea of some sort. It happens in WoW, Crysis, Crysis WH, and 3dMarkVantage. Doesn't happen in "the Orange Box" or Bioshock. I've reloaded every driver I can find, dell factory image with all microsoft updates, dell factory image no updates, and verified it happens on both the Sharp panel in the system and my Samsung Syncmaster 24". Please help. I'm within my 21 day mark, and I'll probably return it if I can't get it fixed soon. Should probably tell ya, x9000 (stock clock) 4GB, 320HDD, SLI 8800GTX's, Vista 32bit.

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Acer :: Run Fallout 3 With My Acer Apsire 5520

Jan 5, 2009

Run Fallout 3 With my acer apsire 5520?

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Dell :: V13 Gaming

Apr 27, 2010

I was wondering if anyone has tried out any games on the V13...

I am considering getting the V13 (and you gotta admit, it's one sleek looking laptop); but would really want to be able to play Starcraft 2 on it. I simply want to play it on all low settings and have playable frame rates..

I would be getting the Core 2 Dual 1.3Ghz config...

And of course, the only video card choice, the famous GMA 4500MHD..

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Dell :: Will Ever Make A New Gaming Xps

Feb 13, 2009

will there ever be a new dell gaming xps laptop "not alien ware" like a m1830 with 9800m gtx sli and quad core processor? Also will the m1530 ever be updated to support better graphics like 9800m gts

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Dell :: Studio 15 And Gaming

May 25, 2010

Its being a month for my first laptop. I was always upgrading my desktop as really power place to be for gaming. But finally thought to try on laptop. So ordered:

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Video Adapter: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz

Average FPS: 18.86
Duration: 37.32 sec
CPU Usage: 39%
System memory usage: 56%
Video memory usage: 33%

Graphics Settings
Video Mode: 1280 x 720 (60 Hz)
Texture Quality: Low
Shadow Quality: Off
Reflection Resolution: Low
Water Quality: Low
Texture Filter Quality: Anisotropic x2
Night Shadows: Off
View Distance: 1
Detail Distance: 1

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Gaming

Oct 6, 2009

I had bought new computer "Dell Studio XPS 16" with the highest specifications, but I do not know why but my "Counter - Strike v1.6", "Need For Speed SHIFT", "Grand Theft Auto IV" are lagging.

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Dell :: XPS1530 GPU 94C When Gaming

Mar 26, 2009

I have owned my XPS 1530 for about 8 months now. It has been quite some time since i took my original temperatures, but i remember running games like warhammer online, call of duty, etc, at a temperature of 45c idle status , and like GPU 71c under hours of gaming. I think the hottest it got was GPU 79 degrees. 8 months later i decided to try gaming again and to my surprise my laptop is getting SO hot that it burns my hands and my speedfan shows the GPU at like GPU 64 idle ( 69 when the batter adapter is in) and up to 91-95 when on a game. I used to have a zalman laptop cooler which kept my comp a bit cooler, but i only noticed it effecting my temp. by about 2-3 degrees. I am going to undervolt and get my broken zalman replaced but I need to know one thing:

Do I have defective hardware? Is it normal to see an increase in temperatures as laptops get older? I am very afraid that something is damaged. Also, is there a specific driver that i should be running which can help my graphics card cool down, or am i one of the unlucky few who have been given a bugged 8600gt.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 And Gaming

Apr 15, 2009

I've been reading through most of the xps studio 16 threads but can't seem to find any definite information regarding this laptops gaming ability.

I saw one youtube video in which WoW took like 40 seconds to load..

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Dell :: Gaming On The Xps M1710

Oct 8, 2007

I realize that many people here have an m1710 and i figured this could be a place to get some answers. So im playing Oblivion on my m1710 and i noticed when i have it at the highest resolution with no AA it gets really shitty fps so i turned it down to the second highest with no AA and i still got shity fps when in battle and such. I then proceeded to turn it down even lower. After all of this I still get shitty fps (down to like 8 in battle) even when its at like 1280 by 1024 so this is all with antialiasing off and when i turn it on not much happens except like 3 less fps. So i was just wondering if anyone knew what the hell my problem was because its annoying me. Even when i overclock my graphics card it doesnt really help but maybe 3 to 4 fps better.

my specifications are:
m1710/ 2gigs of ram / t7400 dual core processor 2.16ghz/ nvidia go 7950gtx ?

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Dell :: M1730 Gaming LCD

Feb 3, 2009

I recently bought an M1730 laptop... you can see the details from the link in my signature.

I'm running Vista Ultimate X64 on it and installed all the original Dell 64-Bit drivers from the website -

however the gaming LCD does not seem to function, it just displays XPS?

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Dell :: XPS 1340 Gaming?

Aug 23, 2009

Just ordered this with a 9500m. Was curious what fps I could expect with L4D. Pretty much the only FPS I play

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Dell :: XP Or Vista For Gaming

Feb 20, 2008

Which operating system will give me the BEST performance for gaming.

I do not want opinions, I want hard proof please. Please show me some before and after results of benchmarks (real game benchmarks, not just 3DMark) on XP, then again on the same hardware using Vista.

I just have to prove to a friend that XP is better for gaming than Vista is.

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Dell :: XPS Totally Crashes After Gaming

Jan 9, 2009

Hey i was playing some half life 2 without my power cord hooked up and after a couple minutes my computer totally shut off. Is this a safety measure or is something wrong. It works fine with the power cord in btw

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Dell :: E1705 Crashing When Gaming

Nov 12, 2007

I have my 9400/E1705, when playing games for a while say sometimes 10min-1 hour it will lockup with garbulled sound from the speakers at full volume. Ive tried different video drivers and sound drivers and done a complete fresh install but the problem still exists.

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Dell :: Xps Studio 16 Gaming Ability

Apr 6, 2009

Will a Dell Studio Xps 16 beable to play these games with the 1920x1080 Display:

Cod 4
Dialblo 3 (When it come out)
Fallout 3

Specs: 4gbs of ram, 1920x1080 display, 2.4ghz processor.
And would the Studio Xps 13 beable to play these games?
What is the difference between the Intel 5100 and the 5300 wifi card?

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Dell :: Avoid Or At Least Gaming On Laptops

Dec 15, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of having a laptop (inspiron 1520) crap out on me after only just two years (i bought it November 2007). I had a laptop cooler and used the laptop for ocassional LAN parties, gaming and also to do my homework until I broke. I know some of you might say it's my fault for not buying the extended warrenty but come on, a $1300 dollar machine should last at least four years with normal care. That's the least I expect from a normal laptop. Is that too much to ask for? Anyway after that whole expierience I'll never get another laptop for gaming again, especially from Dell.

If you are considering buying a laptop for gaming consider other options unless you really need to game on the go.

Flame on Dell lovers and laptop gamers!

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Dell :: Fan At Full Speed When Gaming

Mar 17, 2009

Since I recently upgraded to BIOS A12, my XPS 1530 fan goes at full speed when gaming, even if the temps don't go too high...

If I pause the game and go do something else for 1-2 hours, the fan will be at full speed those 1-2 hours... it is better to quit the game instead of just pausing in those cases?

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Dell :: M1530 Gaming Framerate

Mar 5, 2009

I own a dell m1530 and I've recently had a framerate problem while playing games where the frame rate is just plain unstable. (I noticed it about a month ago, wasn't like this when I first got the computer)

I've tried updating BIOS, getting most recent video drivers/reverting back to old, restoring system to factory state, lowering ingame settings to minimum etc.

It happens with every single game I play - I'll be at 100 fps for a few seconds then ill drop to 50 fps for a few seconds and back to 100 and so on. Same with games I run at lower framerates - I'll be at 40 fps then 20 then 40 etc.

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