Dell :: Exact Weight Of My E6500 And Batteries

Oct 2, 2008

My E6500:
P9500 CPU
NVS 160M display card
Dell 370 Bluetooth
Intel 5300 Wireless
WUXGA screen
Internal modem

Without battery: 2580g/5.68lb
6-cell: 328g/0.72lb
9-cell: 471g/1.04lb

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HP/Compaq :: Laptop Weight Vs CDROM Weight

Jun 4, 2009

how much a CDROM weighs? It might sound retarded, but is there anyway you can take the CD-ROM out of the laptop to shave some weight off?

Though, if it only weighs like 0.05pds, I rather not of course.

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Dell :: Parts For Your Batteries Vs. Generic Batteries

Jan 7, 2010

The battery of my D620 is finally dying after 3 years. I need a new one but don't wanna spend too much since that laptop will be replaced soon.

Dell battery is ~$135. I can find generic batteries for as little as $40.

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Dell :: Exact Overclocking Tool For My D810

Feb 6, 2008

This notebook has been out for a while, and Iím sure the stuff I want to do now have already been done. SoÖIím hoping for some good answers, so I can pursue the things I want to do with my old trusty. Considering I donít have any other CPU right now, please leave out the pin mod option at this time. Iím trying to work with what I have right now,

First I would like to ďOverclockĒ the CPU (Pentium M 740), so let me know when, what, where and which programs youíve used to overclock this particular model. Will do the overclocking first, to see if I want to shell out something on a Pentium M 770

Now that the most important part of what I want to do is out of the way; would an x1800 work in my notebook?

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Acer :: Exact Spec Of My 5920g

Jul 28, 2009

I have an Acer 5920g notebook and I can find, in various places, lists giving the specification of "the" 5920G.

However there is no such thing as a 5920g notebook - what we have is a range of laptops all with a subset of the full list.

How can I get a the exact spec for my laptop?

There is a number on the bacik of the notebook which tells Acer eaxctly what is inside my notebook but how can I get access to this information?

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Apple :: What Exact CPUs Are Using On Their MacBooks

Jan 30, 2010

What exact CPUs are Apple using on their MacBooks?

All I can see is that its a Core2Duo 2.5GHz, 2.8GHz ....

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Dell :: XPS Studio 13 Weight

Nov 16, 2009

According to the specifications, the XPS Studio 13 is just under 5 pounds. I'm trying to get a feel for how heavy that is compared to the XPS m1330, which I have used with a regular non-LED display.

For those who have used both computers, does the XPS Studio 13 seem much heavier and more burdensome for carrying around than the m1330? I love the 1330 and am saddened that its successor model is not as light

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Acer Aspire 5755g :: What Is The Exact Plug Size Of Power Socket

Jan 10, 2015

What is the exact plug size of Acer Aspire 5755g power socket?

I lost my old charger and I need to buy a new one but I want to make sure that I but the correct one.

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Dell :: Vostro 3700 Weight And Proc

Apr 11, 2010

I know there are a couple of 3x00 Vostro threads, but some are very long and the other did not seem to have an answer for this question.

First, I am very interested in this new Vostro. It seems a good configuration and design for the price. I especially love the 17" screen at < 6 lbs. Seems too good to be true.

Does anyone have experience with this machine? Is the weight including the battery and everything? It is a pound lighter than the 16" Sony F I am using. I like the F, but this Vostro seems a little more in line for me (PhD, heavy stats and datasets). My wife woul appropriate the Sony if I were to pull the trigger on the Dell.

Also, the i5-520m to i7-???qm (dual to quad, differing clocks and all). I am thinking the i5 may be the way to go. Most of my stuff is not designed for 4-cores, 8 threads, etc.

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Dimensions And Weight!

Apr 12, 2009

As i found it very hard to find the dimensions and weight of the sxps 1640 I will post them here.

SXPS 16:

Dimensions & Weight Width: 15.15" (384.9mm) Height: 0.95" (24.1mm) front / 1.34" (33.95mm) back Depth: 10.02" (254.6mm) Weight: Starting weight of 6.4 lbs. (2.91 kg)3

And a comparison the Xps 1530:

Weight: 5.78 lbs* (2.62 kg)
Width: 14.06" (357 mm)
Height: 0.93" - 1.38" (23.7 mm - 35.1 mm wedge)
Depth: 10.34" (263 mm)

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Dell :: Light Weight Laptop Replacement For An Old Inspiron 1300

Dec 8, 2008

I'm seeking feedback on a lightweight replacement for an Inspiron 1300 I once had. Something if I needed to use I could use while propped up in bed, nothing heavier than my old Inspiron 1300 which I don't know exactly how heavy it was but I need to replace it with another laptop, possible one lighter than my Inspiron 1300 which I would be using most of the time for web surfing and email. I know the lighter the laptops are the more expensive they are.

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Acer :: 6930g, Not Pulling Its Weight

Mar 11, 2009

I bought an Acer Aspire 6930g a while ago and realized it had really, really weak gaming performance. I never cared much but a friend recently got a recently spec'd asus which does considerably better than my Acer.

I have a 2.53ghz Core 2 Duo 2 T9400, 4gb DDR2 RAM and a 512mb 6900GS. In games like Bioshock I have to play it with all the settings on low at 1024x768 to get anywhere near acceptable performance (30 to 60fps, still drops down to 20fps in some places). The strange part is that if I make everything high the performance doesn't drop that significantly, between about 20 and 30fps.

I have the latest laptop nvidia drivers and umm, well I dunno what else should I be doing to get better performance?

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Sony :: Xextended Battery Weight

Nov 12, 2009

I read that the Sony X is 1.6 lbs.

What is the ACTUAL weight of the Sony extended battery that runs it about 9 hours? The native battery without the extended runs under 3 hours so the extended is probably a necessity.

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Apple :: Notebooks That Could Rival Macbook Air In Terms Of Size And Weight

Apr 18, 2010

I don't really get why no other companies out there tried to beat the size and weight set by macbook air. I know many sacrifices were made when macbook air was designed 2 years ago, but I thought years later companies would have designed notebooks/netbooks of similar or smaller size without making too much sacrifice. what is the reason no one tries to beat this? all the notebooks out there are still at least 1 inch.

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Sony :: Older Z: BPL12 Versus BPS12 Battery How Much More ACTUAL Weight?

May 22, 2010

I'd like to know how much MORE the high capacity VGP-BPL12 battery weighs than the standard VGP-BPS12 battery?

I did a search on the web and here but probably used the wrong search terms as I did not find any info.

It would be great if someone has both batteries in hand to find the actual difference

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Dell :: Why Do Batteries Cost So Much

Jan 29, 2010

(I'm talking about original and genuine OEM batteries and not cheap generic batteries. )

I find it odd that brand new, genuine OEM Dell batteries bought off ebay cost 1/2 or 1/3 of the Dell website prices.

How is it possible to get an original OEM battery from Honk Kong with free shipping and still only pay 1/3 of the original price? I simply don't understand how the chinese suppliers can make a profit out of that. At the same time UK retailers on ebay sell their batteries for about 3/4 the price of a battery from It's still a good deal, but not as good as the chinese batteries.

Take a look at these batteries for example:
6-cell for XPS M1330
9-cell for XPS M1330

I bought both of them for less than what a single 6-cell battery would have cost in my country and shipping from China only took 8 days! I've checked these batteries with Everest Utlimate edition and they show 0% wear and the battery life seems to be to spec.

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Dell :: Outlet -- New Batteries

Jun 6, 2009

i'm considering buying an e6400 from the outlet and i've been trying for days to find a configuration that i'm happy with. i've noticed that the hardest to get "right" are the screen and battery which is where this question comes in.

when i get an outlet "scratch/dent" or "cert refurb" are the batteries the original ones or are they new? i ask because if they're the old ones, there isn't too much of a point in getting a 9 cell over 6 cell because the batteries have probably lost a bit of capacity already.

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Dell :: Generic Batteries?

May 10, 2009

Anyone have experience using generic battery replacements to Dell's batteries? My Dell battery died (not gradual loss - it had a heart attack and died) about two years into getting my notebook. If I can spend $40 on an ebay battery that's comparable to Dell's $160, why not

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Dell :: Using Non-oem Batteries With My Xps M1330

Mar 15, 2009

is it safe to buy these of ebay because my 6cell has 65% wear after 13months so i need a new battery

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Dell :: Batteries For Inspiron 13z

Nov 30, 2009

On the Belgian website of Dell I can configure the Inspiron 13z with a 8-cell battery. But this battery sticks out form the bottom of the laptop. On the accessories tab of the configuration tool I can also select a 6-cell battery (451-10702) that doesn't stick out. But my Dell contact said this battery is not supported on this model. So their website must be faulty.

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Dell :: Places To Get Deals On OEM Batteries?

Sep 19, 2009

Both my original 9-cell and the knock off replacement I bought for my Vostro 1500 have broken on me. Where can I get an OEM replacement for a reasonable price?

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Dell :: D620 Not Recognising Batteries?

Jan 1, 2009

I have a Dell D620, approx 2 years old that has been a real work horse....until recently. For some unknown reason it now does not recognise either of the two batteries I use in it. The spare one slots into the DVD bay when I need extra juice.

Now I know that batteries deteriorate around the 2 year mark but both of them on the same day doesn't seem right??? All I now get is the yellow flashing battery indicator and it only runs on mains powere.

I'm happy to buy another battery but would prefer to resolve the current problem first if at all possible - any suggestions greatly received?

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Dell :: M1530 Owners With 9-cell Batteries

Mar 30, 2009

So I haven't even had my laptop for a year yet (will be a year at the end of May). I bought a separate 9-cell somewhere in late June or early July.

I've noticed as of late, that my battery life is nowhere near as long as it used to be. With all my tweaks and once it was sitting at the desktop idle, Rightmark would regularly say I have almost 6 hours of charge left. As of today, I don't even see 4.5 hours, sometimes barely 4 hours.

I checked the battery by holding down the button at back; the lights go away instantly and then 3 of them light back up.

I definitely didn't buy this thing with the expectation that it would lose over 30% of its capacity in barely 10 months of use, especially considering a new battery costs between 100-150 bucks.

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Dell :: Anyone Ordered Laptop Batteries?

Jun 2, 2009

I have a Dell M1330 that requires a spare battery. Is a reputable company & do their batteries perform as well as well as Dell brand? Their battery is $60 at vs. $150 at

I have never heard of this company and don't want to give my credit card info without getting any positive feedback from this valuable forum first.

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Dell :: Do Laptop Batteries Have A Memory- Should I Run It Dead Before Charing

Oct 6, 2009

do laptop batteries get ruined if you don't run them almost dead? or does it not matter if i plug it in whenever i want?

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Dell :: No Longer Has A SINGLE Laptop That Supports Modular Bay Batteries

Jul 21, 2009

My Precision 4300 and Latitude D830 both had a modular bay that supported these batteries. They are extremely useful, as they're hot swappable and provide a boatload more power. I have 4 of them and can have power through any plane trip.

Looking at the models that Dell sells now, I can't seem to find any that would support modular batteries. It seems there is still a modular bay but no battery that would fit it.

Has Dell gone completely insane? That was the #1 feature that kept me with Dells all these years. Does anyone know anything about why they're not and if they will be supported again?

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Acer :: 3810 Different Batteries

Mar 15, 2010

since the 3810 is really noisy with AC plugged in, I decided to buy another battery to only run it on batteries.

But I found several different models running with the 3810 so I am confused and wonder if anyone has made experiences with original/3rt party batteries and would recommend a particular one. What I found so far are

4400 mAh; 6 cells; non-original EUR 34
6600Mah; 9 cells ; non-original; EUR 42
5600mAh; ? cells; ORIGINAL; EUR 115
5600mAh, ? cells; "100% New Genuine Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery" EUR 37

In particular, are the 6 and nine cells akkus of equal size or how much will it exceed the laptop?

And are original batteries worth thrice the price?

The original one has only six cells right? I did not find any ORIGINAL 9 cells battery or do they not exist?

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HP/Compaq :: Generic Batteries

Oct 3, 2009

I was thinking about getting a 12-cell extended battery for my dv5-1xxx series notebook, but they are very expensive for the HP branded ones.

I see a lot of generic ones, but I know a lot of them are not safely made and the quality is poor.

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HP/Compaq :: HP's New Sonata Batteries

Feb 25, 2009


From what I gather, can quickly and safely charge 80% of the battery in 30 min! 3 year warranty is also a nice bonus. I hope the battery shelf life and battery power is good.

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HP/Compaq :: Extended Batteries

Sep 28, 2009

Speaking of batteries, has anyone found a good outlet for extended batteries. I can't seem to find one for the HDX 18. You'd think manufacturers would make them readily available for these desktop replacements. Even in economy setting I barely get 2 hours before my regular battery runs dry.

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