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Dell :: Fastest CPU In An E1705

A local gaming forum has a member who is selling a T7700 for $260! Thats not bad at all. But My question is, will it work in my E1705? I think the fastest cpu that will work is the 2.33ghz one, right? Will the T7700 fit in the slot and simply underclock to the other speed? or will it not work at all>?

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Dell :: What Is The Fastest Cpu Available For The M90?
1. Is the intel T7800 (2.6 GHz) cpu the fastest processor for the M90?

2. For any CAD junkies, would I notice a performance increase on solidworks or pro/e going from 2.16 GHz -> 2.6 GHz on my M90?

I would much rather spend $400 and do this instead of spending 4k on a new laptop..

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HP/Compaq :: Fastest Possible CPU For HDX16
what the fastest CPU is one can put in a HDX16. I thought that the HDX16 has a socket P, and the fastest CPU for that socket is the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550. Will that one fit, and work?

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Dell :: What Is The Fastest CPU Supported By Vostro 1500?
So I have a 3 year old Vostro 1500 with T5470 (1.6Ghz), and it's starting to show its age... I'm thinking of adding some extra life to it and doing a CPU upgrade to the best possible CPU. So I'm just wondering what's the fastest CPU the Vostro 1500 will still support? Is it the T9300, or something higher?

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HP/Compaq :: Fastest Cpu I Can Buy For MyDV9500 CTO
i was looking to upgrade my cpu on the laptop. I am currently running T7500 2.2GHz core 2 duo and i think its running a bit slow so i wanted to upgeade it. Am i able to add any of the T/P series Intel Core 2 Duo Processors on this laptop? ok i found out by doing some reasearch that my MB is Quanta model 30CB 79.26 Chipset PM965 Rev. C0 is any one in laptop world familiar with this? i'm going nuts over here for 2 hours trying to find out what cpu's this dumb motherboard supports. someone? any1 can help me out here? btw i tried calling HP and its just retarded. they want me to buy a new plan or some waranty crap thing so they can help me out with phone support since my warranty is expired. they won't even answer any of my question until i pay them..... i want to know if i am able to add ANY 65nm and some 45nm, and to see if this laptop will take the quad core mobile processor Q9000 with its 45nm and its Bus Speed of 1066Mhz. i would love to buy a Q9000 2.0Ghz and put it in place of the T7500. that would be some AWESOME improvement over the current cpu. and then i might be able to play some of my online racing games with NO lag

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Dell :: E1705 CPU Overclocking
I've had my E1705 for 4 months now, and I have unlocked my bios so that I can overclock my videocard. Now I want to see if I can overclock my CPU. It's a T7200, but unfortuanlly I can't find a thread on that any where.

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Dell :: E1705 CPU @ 100%
I've been having a problem with my computer for the past 3 days, even when i am not doing anything, no programs running or anything the both cores indicate 100% the computer gets extremly slow. I've already formated the computer and it did it again with nothing but windows installed on it.

I tought it was getting too hot or something but the temp is 47 c AVG. i ran Dell diagnostic tool and everything Passed.

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Dell :: E1705 CPU Overclock
I've got a T7200 in my E1705. Is it even remotely possible for me to overclock it? Yes, I'm aware Dell locks the BIOS, but is there an unlocked version like JuanLu's mod?

Could a mod please change the title to like "E1705 CPU Overclock" or something? I just noticed how horribly vague Cpu is...

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Dell :: Buying New CPU For E1705
I'm thinking of purchasing a new CPU for my E1705.

Will the C2D T7700 2.4GHz fit into it the CPU socket in the E1705?

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Dell :: CPU And/or GPU Overheating In E1705.
My laptop has shut down abrubtly twice because of overheating. When I powered the laptop again, it would bring me to that overheating warning prompt with the two nasty beeps and whatnot.

Since I'm running Windows 7 x64, I wasn't able to install i8fangui, but I found a program called SpeedFan ( that I'm running right now.

Here are the current temperature readings for everything:
GPU: 73 C (there's a fire icon next to this. can't imagine that's good)
HD0: 36 C
Core 0: 50 C
Core 1: 50 c

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Dell :: E1705 CPU Glued Into Socket
I just took apart my laptop to clean the dust off and to apply some Arctic Silver to my CPU and noticed something very strange. When I went to remove the CPU it would not come off. The little screw lock turns and opens but the CPU will not come off. Its almost as if it is glued on or something. I am 100% sure the locking mechanism is opening. This is very disturbing since i was looking to possibly upgrade my CPU to a core 2 in the near future. My Dell warranty is up so im not sure what Dell will say if I contact them.

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Dell :: Upgrading E1705. Ram/HDD/CPU
Spending significant time tonight, looking through many tutorials, this site often being the one I visited the most, I've decided to upgrade my e1705 .....

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Dell :: INSPRON 9400/E1705 CPU Heatsink DF031
I need a new CPU Heatsink DF031 for my 9400/E1705 but I don't have a service tag

Would anyone be willing to order me one to my address or lend me your tag info

I need this so badly my poor laptop is in pieces

any help is greatly appreciated

I live in Ontario so anyone in Canada would probably work out best

anyone intersested in doing this for me will be compensated via paypal

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Dell :: CPU's Compatible With Inspiron 9400 / E1705?
I'm attempting to upgrade my wife's 9400/e1705 but it's been so long since I gave a damn about mobile CPU's that I've forgotten which ones will fit and which ones won't.

I know she has a core solo 1.66 yonah, and I know it can fit certain T1** and T2**, and I know there's a screaming fast one out there, but I don't want to buy the wrong thing.

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Dell :: What Is The Fastest Processor Available For Xps 1340?
What is the fastest processor available for xps 1340's motherboard ....

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Acer :: What Is The Fastest Processor I Can Upgrade My 6935g To
My acer 6935g has a T6600 2.2ghz processor at the moment which has a 800mhz fsb.

My question is this: what is the fastest processor that i can use? Can i upgrade to a 1066 fsb processor ? Or do i have to stick to the 800 fsb range of processors..?

My ram is curently 3gb of ddr3 pc3-8500 which i am upgrading to 4gb. So as i understand it, my ram will work at the faster fsb if i should be able to upgrade to the faster fsb range of cpu's, or have i got this wrong?

What would be the effect (if any) of a faster 1066 fsb cpu on the battery life, i mean would there be a noticable reduction ie 30 minutes or more...?

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Sony :: Is The Quad Raid 0 Ssd On The Z The Fastest
Is the quad raid 0 512Gb on the Z the fastest setup in the laptop/mobile world?

How does it compare to the 512GB SSD setup on the new MBP or even the Alienware 15x and 17x?

I asked this on the Alienware forum; but nobody truly knows much other than that the alienware would demolish the Z and that the ssd on the Z is a dual setup like the mbp and alienware. I know its a quad setup, but is it the fastest option availble?

I was under the impression tht it was, and it would be extraordinary on such a tiny laptop.

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Dell :: What Is The Fastest Core Duo 2 Chip One Can Stuff In A M1710
I read Intel is slashing prices on chips on the 22nd of July and was wondering what would be the fastest chip I could get to work with my 1710?

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Acer :: 8920 Fastest Processor That Can Be Installed With The Intel PM965 Chipset
what the fastest processor that can be installed with the Intel PM965 chipset.

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Acer :: CPU-Z Shows 1.6Ghz When I Have A 2Ghz CPU
Im using an Acer 5920G with Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz CPU.

CPU-Z shows the FSB at 200Mhz but the multiplier is only 8.0X when it should be 10.0X

I cant find a way to change the Multiplier in the BIOS either. Ive installed Win7 Ultimate and it recognises my CPU as 2.0Ghz so is CPU-Z wrong?

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Sony :: New Z (i5) CPU Vs. Current Z (C2D) CPU
As an example my Z laptop has the P9500 C2D... but for arguments sake lets say I have a P8600 (same GHz as the new Z's CPU).

Current Z P8600:

Max TDP: 25 W
2 Cores @ 2400 MHz
Fully threaded application on both cores:
2.4Ghz * 4 Ops/Clock * 2 Cores = 19.2 GFLOP
Single threaded application (very common) on ONE core:
2.4Ghz * 4 Ops/Clock * 1 Cores = 9.6 GFLOPS
(GFLOPS is a great baseline on how fast is the CPU rating--giga floating point operations per second)


The new Z apparently has (at least confirmed so far) an Core i5-520M:...............

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Acer :: Ferrari One "Netbook" , The Fastest Netbook

Good enough for gamers?

Let's hear your opinion on this...

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HP/Compaq :: Monitoring Software (cpu Load, Cpu Temp, Hdd Temp) For HP
Got my self a new HP DV5-1110, Athlon X2, 3450.

But can anybody recommend any good monitoring software for Vista, 32bit?

On my desktop I use "dtemp", to show the harddrive temp in the sys tray, but dtemp cant read the hdd temp on my HP

And an another program for showing the cpu load or/and cpu clock in the sys tray..? tried NHC 2 pre 06, but it hangs when I go to settings to configure the program..

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Dell :: Ram E1705
i don't have a clear conclussion about the max ram that E1705 support. Some guys says that support 4GB and xp reads 3.5, but others says that support 2GB. and some users on this forum, in their signs, says 2GB of ram on E1705 laptops.

i wanna do a upgrade of ram , because i have 1GB. but i don't know if I will be able to put 3GB on my laptop..

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Dell :: E1705 Vs. M1710
So I bought an Inspiron 9400 bout two years ago, its a piece of shi*t ... i've had i dunno about 6 or 7 service calls now .... ANYWAYS

When I went to purchase a laptop I was looking at both the XPS and the laptop I decided on (E1705), and the only thing I noticed that was different was that the XPS was substantially more expensive, and had a different look ...

Not to insult anyone's taste or anything, but the look of the XPS is tacky as hell lol ... I mean, its inundated with the word XPS everywhere (even on the touchpad ... ?), i've never seen one in person ... maybe someone can explain to me haha

Anyways, the purpose of this post isn't about the aesthetic differences between the two series of laptops lol. A friend of mine who is in the market to purchase a laptop has asked me what the differences were ... and I couldnt answer him (hence why i'm posting)

What i'm asking then is, other then its shell, assuming the CPU, GPU, RAM, display are identical what is it that makes the XPS better and at a much higher price? Is the motherboard better, or are XPSes less prone to random breaking? If anyone can differentiate the two for me i'd appreciate it, so I can help my friend out before he drops $2.5k on a laptop

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Dell :: Overclock My E1705
How can I overclock my Dell E1705?.......................

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Dell :: Upgraded The E1705
Trying to let the AS5 set right now, hope the temps are lower than the other CPU since it was using one of those cheap cpu pad things.

Next on the upgrade list is the biggest 7200RPM drive that will fit.

Then another 2Gb of RAM for a total of 4Gb!

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Dell :: Best Cooler For An E1705?
Just bought one and wanted to know what the best cooler would be for it. Newegg doesn't sell the Pacific Breeze cooler .

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Dell :: I Dropped My E1705
An hour ago, I accidentally dropped my Inspiron E1705. The notebook fell from 3ft high and hit the ground on its bottom side (the same position you use the laptop). I tried to turn it on to see if it worked and here's what I found:

The notebook turns on and the battery charges

The hard drive led is blinking like booting

The keyboard works

No beeps

Screen is blank, no video at all, I tried using an external monitor and got the same result

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Dell :: E1705 Replacement Is On The Way But What Is It?
Well my E1705 was sent in for warranty, and Dell informed me a few weeks ago I would be recieving a replacement system instead of them fixing mine. I guess they were out of stock of parts needed to fix my trusty E1705....

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Dell :: Upgrade E1705
I'm thinking of upgrading my E1705. A while ago I upgraded to the 7900GS from my crappy ATI card.

Now I want a new CPU, more ram, and HD. Here is what I'm looking at

upgrading from a T2500 to Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 Merom 2.0GHz Socket M 34W Dual-Core.

upgrading from 2GB ram to OCZ 4GB (2 x 2GB) 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5400) Dual Channel Kit Laptop Memory Model

upgrading from Dell OEM HD 50GB 5400 rpm to HITACHI Travelstar 7K200 200GB 7200 RPM SATA 1.5Gb/s Notebook Hard Drive - OEM

total upgrade $ 550.00

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Dell :: 4 Gb RAM For E1705
is it possible to put in Dell Inspiron E1705 4 Gb of RAM (2x2 Gb)? Please, respond if you know it surely or if you tried to do it.

Also, can anybody reccomend me good processor for this model? Have Core Duo t2400 - 1.83 Ggz.

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Dell :: Upgrading E1705
I've been the owner of an e1705 for about a year, and I'm really tempted to upgrade it.

Current base specs:

1.73ghz Core Duo T2250
80GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
Windows Vista Home Premium

This notebook is used for occasional gaming (counter strike source) and has become my desktop replacement.

I was thinking of upgrading to 2GB RAM and either a 100GB 7200 RPM hard drive or a 160GB 5400 RPM hard drive.

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Dell :: (refurbished) E1705
I bought my system from Dell about right at 3 years ago. I got an Inspiron 9100 with 3 years of CC for around $1700

P4 2.8 with HT Prescott
512 MB RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 64 MB
15 inch crappy screen
40GB 5400RPM HDD
CDR/RW DVD drive

They replaced my computer with an e1705

Core 2 Duo 1.73 T5300
2 GB DDR2-667 RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon x1400 256MB
17 inch WXGA Samsung
8xDVDRW drive
80GB 5400 RPM HDD

I was shocked that I got upgraded so much. Then I started reading some of the reviews of the x1400 and it was terrible. I benchmarked this computer and the graphics did a little better then my old system. I played some of the games that i usually played on my older computer and they ran a lot worse on this computer. I don't know if i should complain about the graphics card, since they did give me a huge upgrade and all.

Also, does anyone know about how they work their warranties. When i got this system and registered it on their website it said that i had three years of CC warranty left. Then when the warranty went dead on my other computer so did the warranty on my new one! If I knew that was going to happen i would had bought the extended warranty before it went dead.

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Dell :: E1705 Overheating
Our nearly 4 year old E1705 has begun spontaneously shutting-off , and I suspect thermal protection is kicking in and causing the laptop to shut off. I installed RealTemp and have found idle temperatures around 60 C, sometimes rising to over 90 C under a modest CPU load (e.g., 50 %). I believe the thermal limit on the processor is 100 C.

I have checked to be sure all the vents are clear and free of dust.

I installed the fan control GUI "I8KFanGUI" to get additional insights into what may be happening, although I have found nothing conclusive. Idle CPE core temperatures of around 65 C, with the GeForce Go 7800 graphics card at about 60 C. I did a video render for about 5 minutes resulting in a 75% CPU load. CPU core temperature climb up to 96 C, and appear to be continuing to climb at the time the render ended,

I recently update the BIOS from A00 to A10. Could that update have done something to the native fan control of the laptop? If not, any other thoughts on possible causes?

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Dell :: E1705 Upgrades
problems getting Dell to tell me what I can or can't upgrade. It seems they will only let me replace parts.

Here is what I have:

Dell E1705
Core 2 Duo T5200 1.60Ghz
2 Gig of Ram
100Gig 7200 RPM
Nvidia Go 7800 (Before it was an X1400 but Dell changed it out after a request)

This is a system that replaced my old one through the warranty but I feel the need for more power out of it.

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Dell :: E1705 Breakdown
I've been reading the forums for a while to keep up with the Dell news and now I have a reason to post: my E1705 is failing (like a few others) and Dell's service is..... interesting to say the least. I first noticed the keyboard above the GPU (I have a 7800go) getting very hot while the system was just idling. I fired up i8fangui and read my GPU was exceeding 160 deg F. On idle! I have kept up with bios updates, drivers, blowing the dust out of the system, using the laptop on a laptop cooler or a hard surface, etc. Contacted Dell and they set up a service call to repair the system at my workplace. I was impressed. Then I read the parts they were sending - 2 fans and a CPU heatsink. I nicely wrote back to them that it was in fact the GPU (as I had previously stated) I was having an issue with, included a link to their service manual with a hi-light of the "hot" area. They thanked me for the info and insisted they were going to send the correct parts to solve my issue. The tech showed up with 2 fans and a CPU heatsink and replaced those parts. It was actually pretty funny. He opened the box, showed me the parts, and started to explain just I said "Right, 2 fans and a CPU heatsink. My heat issue is with the GPU." The smile fell right off his face. He was very professional though. Same heat issue when I got home. Emailed Dell again. They then set up a service recall to a depot after I offered to install any new parts needed myself.

System went out on a Friday, back on a Tuesday. I was impressed. Same heat issue and now the wireless card will not connect.... and they downgraded the bios to A06 instead of A09. Opened up the cover over the wireless card figuring an easy fix - just reconnect the wires. The black lead now has a split in the black plastic covering through which silver wire can be seen.... and the temp on the GPU is now over 170. Oh, and the fans don't spin up past the normal whisper quiet either; I used i8fangui to push to high speed to hear the difference. I contacted Dell again though email to the supervisor my previous emails went to and used the Unresolved Issue link over 24hr ago with no response yet.... Getting a little upset. Is this typical and what is the next step people have taken to get their issues solved? I bought a decently souped up E1705 because I didn't need the lights and frills of an XPS system. Maybe I should have.

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Dell :: E1705 Troubleshooting
I've been dealing with this flakey machine for some time. It used to run whenever it wanted, but it had horrible USB performance when it did get to Windows (worked great otherwise). So Im pretty sure it just needs a new mobo, since it finally stopped working. For the past few months the machine would not even get past the Dell screen, no ability to even enter the bios. I did all the normal stuff....swapped ram, HD, optical drive, etc., no luck so I just let it sit for months and tick me off.

So yesterday, just to annoy myself I turned it on. I got in the bios, changed to "restore defaults" state and rebooted. No luck booting up! Tried it this morning and it booted all the way to the Windows driver load screen and did the BSOD. Tried boot.

So all that to ask this. I live in Phoenix and we just had lows in the low 40s (freezing my butt off) My dead laptop suddenly is better than it was this summer, but still not operational. Could this be a temp. thing? I have not pulled the CPU or checked it's thermal pad/ grease. I did replace the bios battery awhile back. Am I just grasping at straws? I do have the svc manual but dont really want to waste anymore time on the POS.

Dell will never get another dime from me. India quoted $500.00 to replace the mobo.

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Dell :: Upgrade 1 Yr Old E1705
As the title says I bought my E1705 in August of last year (2006). Current specs of the parts I'm looking to upgrade:

Processor: T2500
RAM: 1GB DDR2 @333MHz x2
GPU: GeForce Go 7900GS

I've been reading and trying to figure out which processors are compatable with my mobo. I think I have the "Napa" style mobo because I bought it in 2006, right? What options does that give me to upgrade to?

Also, is it possible to get two dimms of 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM? Will my system support the 4 gigs of RAM or will I be wasting money because I've already reached the cap at 2gigs? Can my system support DDR2 800MHz RAM?

What are my options for GPU replacements? I feel like I have a pretty solid part right now but if I can upgrade it I'd like to. The only restraint is that I don't want to mod my laptop, so if I have to break something or cut something out then I don't want to do it. So basically I'm looking for GPUs that I can just drop in without any modding.

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Dell :: E1705 Benchmark
So I decided to see what she can do, after going with a 7200RPM hard drive and picking up a T7600 for cheap, I got 9468 3DMarks out of her!

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Dell :: E1705 Screen
I purchase a Dell E1705 in August of 2006 and it was a great computer until around August of 2008. What started happening is the screen would go blank or when you turned the computer on the computer would start to load and then present a blank screen.

The BIOS is updated and the battery is fine. Since the screen problem I've had Dell replace the motherboard 3 times, the video card twice, and the LCD panel twice.

Actually when the technician installed the last LCD screen and tested it the screen didn't work but when he put the old one in it did work. I kept telling him it was the video card and not the LCD panel. Turns out I was right. Thankfully my computer is under warrenty until August 2010 but I'd rather eat dog crap then deal with Dell support again. They're useless!! If I ask for their assistance this will be the FOURTH time in a little over a year and a half. Oh, and by the way, I am very carful with these machines .....

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Dell :: Jacked Up My E1705
I tried to speed up my 7900GS by first flashing it with one of juanlu's BIO's. I have BIOS Rev. 0 and I used the rom according to the bios. It booted back up fine but my games wouldnt run right. After searching everywhere on this site(most of these threads are YEARS old) I find we no longer need to flash our BIOs to overclock. So i used one of zzpulps roms to flash it back to stock(790GSS.rom). Still no gaming without freezes. I have tried several different drivers. Currently using NBF_MobileForce_VS_174.31-x64. Im using the laptop now so I cant imagine I have fried the GPU but games or 3DMARK just slideshow. I cleaned old drivers, used Rivatuner to up the clocks 20 points and still nothing. Im on 64bit Vista Ultimate. cause my laptop was working fine before I did this crap. I just wanted a little more kick in my games. Now I cant seem to find a good driver other than the ones Windows updates keeps offering. Even they arent fixing my freezing in games.

Dell E1705
4GB Ram
100GB HD 7200RPM
7900GS<<Jacked Up

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Dell :: E1705 With OCZ2MV6674GK
I just purchased 4GB of OCZ PC2 5400 RAM (OCZ2MV6674GK) for use in my E1705. However, I'm finding that the machine is just downright flaky. Windows 2003 Server recognizes 3.25GB as expected.

What happens is that I'll log in and the system will work for a couple of minutes and then the mouse will freeze. After about 20-30 seconds the screen will go blank and the entire system is halted. I did run the bios memory tests and didn't find any issues.

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Dell :: Is All RAM The Same- E1705
I was readin a review on cnet last week, and there was an hp and a toshiba laptop with the same stats.. anyway, they did tests and cnet says that the quality of the RAM was probably why the test results were so diffrent.

Im looking to get more RAM for my e1705.

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Dell :: Urgent E1705
My dell e1705 has been having this problem for one year: The screen does not turn on on startup!

It would go back on once in a while and continue to work but I would like to know how to fix it?

specs: Intel Core Duo 1.6 Ghz
504 mb ram (it came like that from dell), 1440x900 matte screen, intel 945 gma.

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Dell :: 4Gb In E1705
This week I finally made the choice to get 2x2G sticks for my E1705. They arrived today and I installed them as soon as I could.

But unfortunately Windows XP Pro SP2 wouldn't start completely (it froze somewhere in the screen with the logo and the moving bar underneath). Windows does start in dafe mode and reports 3.25G.

The funny thing is, Mac OS X does load completely and run without a problem. I even mentions 4G installed.

I did a quick memtest and the sticks seem to be ok. I changed the order of the sticks and no difference.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a setting I need to change on my Windows. Or would I need to reinstall it (doesn't seem logical).

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Dell :: E1705 Tv Output
how do i use the tv output on the back of my e1705? it came with a small cable that plugs into the back and has one other connection on the other end? not sure about it at all,

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Dell :: SPDIF For E1705
I have an inspiron E1705/9400 and i was wondering how the spdif function works on this laptop. I was reading some threads and some users mentioned that the s-video dongle, part # TJ965 works with E1705. I watch a lot of online videos/live events on sopcast/tvu player so i was wondering if the audio from those videos would come on my tv?

Has anyone tried it ?

Is spdif only for DVDs?

Also, i bought this crappy S-video to 3 rca shown here but all this does is show video and only if i plug in all three rca outputs to my tv...weird.

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Dell :: My E1705 CC Warranty
I wrote earlier that I received a replacement for my old Inspiron 9100 a few days before the CC warranty ran out. When I received the system I registered it on under my account. There it said that my refurbished e1705 had 3 years of CC on it. shocked? yeah I was...glad that I didn't have to buy an extended warranty. Then the day that my old Inspiron 9100's warranty ran out so did the new e1705's. What should I do? Had I known that the new warranty would run dead for this reason I would had bought the extended warranty before hand

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Dell :: My E1705 Dying
I'm coming up on the end of my 1-year warranty, and quite a few things have started to fail on my beloved E1705, so I thought I'd make sure I know exactly what's up before I call Dell -- the last (and only) time I called them to get something (a keyboard) replaced, I was on the phone for hours. As I need quite a lot more replaced than a $50 keyboard, I'm a bit nervous.

First of all, I think my GPU's (256MB 7900GS) failing.

(I'll replace these if they're way too big -- native resolution, and I 'unno if notebookforums has a thumbnail system)

From what I've been able to gather, that would be the vRAM going bad? Points on the screen connecting to other random points and stretching the texture to get there. Also, on top of that, I get a lot of snow in loading screens, and stuck pixels (usually red) when the GPU's warmed up -- usually ~50-65C (under load). I've also noticed a performance decline, getting about half the FPS in most situations I did compared to when the PC was new (and yes, it's still clean, the HDD is pretty much empty, defragmented, drivers up to date).

Also, the main problem, is I often get the NMI Parity Error: Hardware Malfunction when playing games. It used to be 2-3 times a day when the problem first presented itself, now it's within 5-10 minutes of starting a game, rendering them unplayable. I think this'd also be the GPU?

M'kay, so on top of that, I think there's something going on with my sound port. One day my speakers just stopped working. I thought I'd messed up the drivers or software or something, but headphones worked fine. I came across an old post about the motherboard on this notebook, and it was mentioned that if one applied pressure to the headphone jack (which the headphones were unplugged), the speakers would begin to work. Sure enough, that's the case -- press on the headphone jack and audio comes through the internal speakers. So that means the port's starting to come loose? It seems like I would need to get the entire motherboard replaced?

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