Dell :: Is There A Replacement Due For The E6400?

Mar 16, 2009

I have to buy a new notebook for work before July - before the money disappears. Wondering if anyone has any info if Dell will have any new Latitudes out by then or not. I am looking at the 14" size.

I could not find any roadmaps that showed if there are any mainstream quadcores on the horizon.

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Dell :: E6400 Hard Drive Replacement

May 12, 2009

I want a 7200 500GB drive in the E6400 that I plan to purchase..

Dell doesnt offer a drive this big.

These drives are quite cheap these days. So i will get the the E6400 with an 80GB and swap it out with an aftermarket 7200 500GB.

Im hoping to use the OS disk that comes with the machine to install Vista on the new drive.

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Dell :: Will Send Replacement Rubber Feet For The E6400?

Jun 14, 2009

Just curious because the rubber feet fell off VERY easily on my ANtec computer cases,

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Dell :: Why Is My E6400 Replacement Laptop Built Faster Than Its Predesessor?

Jul 10, 2009

I ordered my Dell E6400 on June 26 and got it July 6. The hard drive was gettig louder and louder day by day,

when i opened windows it sometimes would say "Preparing Desktop" and downgrade my windows to windows 98 or something.

And It wouldn't produce audios from my dvds.

after a little cooperation from the tech i had enough.

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Dell :: XT Hd Replacement

Jun 2, 2009

I'm having a tough time replacing the hard drive in my dell xt. The hard drive (a pata 80gb) started stuttering so I had a replacement sent out.

The replacement has a cable that is a female connector and my connector from the motherboard is a female also so it won't connect.

My original connector had sensitive copper pins that I broke when doing this install so I can't use that one.

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Dell :: Replacement Or Fix It?

Dec 18, 2009

I have an m1710 with complete care and I accidently spilled coke on it while it was still on. It now doesnt turn on anymore. I wanted to know if dell will fix it with spare parts or give me a replacement like m17x?

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Dell :: GPU Replacement Or Not

Dec 29, 2008

i have an xps m1530 for 6 months now and i have no issues with its 8600gt, however im worried as it will fail as time goes on.

so my question is, does dell/nvidia had fix the soldering issue on its 8 series cards ?

if i would ask for a replacement, would i get a new 8600gt GPU or the old-waiting-to-defect 8600gt card ?

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Dell :: Should Buy Warranty And Replacement?

Apr 13, 2010

I read lots of people getting replacements for their 2-4 yr old laptops with Dell warranty. I've been using my e1505 since June 2007 and just ordered 1558 last weekend, but with only 1-yr basic warranty.

Which warranties are those people using? Premium or Advanced? Which is comparable to "Complete Care"? Also, would it be cheaper to buy more expensive warranty at the checkout or buy extension once I receive the system?

Warranties cost only a few hundred dollars and people just seem to be getting amazing replacement laptops, like e1505 to SXPS 16.

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Dell :: Policy For Replacement

Jul 21, 2009

so i had a e1705 that went bad so i got a new xps 1730 as replacement. so it has been acting up where it will shutoff while working for no reason and from what i have read most xps problems become nightmares so if for wot eva reason dell can not fix my 1730 what will dell replace it with?

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Dell :: Replacement (installation) Same?

Mar 29, 2010

is the system installation the same on a replacement or is it anything different? Does the system come packaged like a brand new system would?

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Dell :: I9300 Replacement?

Jan 2, 2009

I take online classes and work from home, and have given replacement parts and shipping it to depot enough chances.

What might the replacement be? I have an i9300 17" truelife, 2.0ghz, 1gb ram, xp pro sp2, 6800go, 60gb 7200rpm hd .....

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Dell :: Replacement Equal Or Better?

Oct 4, 2009

I ask because i was offered a m1730 straight replacement but with a 8700 card rather than a 8800 which i have in my machine.

They said the card would be replaced at a later date. Does that count as an equal exchange?

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Dell :: E1705 Replacement Is On The Way But What Is It?

Dec 19, 2009

Well my E1705 was sent in for warranty, and Dell informed me a few weeks ago I would be recieving a replacement system instead of them fixing mine. I guess they were out of stock of parts needed to fix my trusty E1705....

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Dell :: Motherboard Replacement, Anything New?

Feb 9, 2009

After some issues i had with my GPU, Dell agreed to replace both my Heatsink and Motherboard, and i wanted to ask those who have had replacements in the past; has anything changed since july 2008? (when i bought my m1530)

have they improved the heatsink, or even changed it? ( i got the aluminum one, crappy piece of engineering right there )
and im sure the GPU issues are still present, but do they run cooler now ?

im asking this because in July the "defective Nvidia GPUs" were still in the dark, and the news about them was a mere rumor...

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Dell :: Heatsink Replacement...

Feb 9, 2009

Have finally got Dell to agree to replace my motherboard (my 3rd in 18 months), but they say I also need a new heatsink/fan to fix my overheating GPU problems (100 degrees + under load).

They are doing the motherboard under warranty, but refusing to pay for the heatsink. According to them, the two issues are not connected...

My question is, is there any point having the heatsink replaced if it's just going to be the same defective component?

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Dell :: Replacement Policy

Apr 21, 2010

So i called Dell today to try and get a replacement for my broken XPS and was told that although my laptop would probably have qualified for a replacement, it has been too long since the last repair for it to qualify.

The rep said that in order for a replacement to be issued the laptop must break within only 1 month of the repair. So after about 1.5 hours on the phone i am getting a guy to come fix it within the next couple of days.

I still want a replacement as this laptop no longer fits with my needs and i know it will break down eventually again anyways whether it be in a month or in a year.

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Dell :: Replacement With New Warranty

Feb 23, 2009

I have read a lot of posts which refer to faulty laptop replacement within the first 21 days of ownership. I am in the UK and recall that when I bought a Dell 20" monitor a few years back there was a limitation of 30 days for replacement with a new item.

Following that period, any replacement would be a re-furbished unit. During the 30 day period Dell sent me 3 replacement monitors before I got one with acceptable backlight bleed. They kept sending them without picking up the previous ones. Eventually they arranged a time to collect all the less than perfect monitors.

Can someone post a link to this policy of replacement with new for the first 21 or 30 days only? I have read the Customer Master Service Agreement, the Basic Hardware Support and the XPS NBD Warranty, but I can still find no reference to this policy.

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Dell :: What Replacement For A 1535?

Sep 15, 2009

I have a studio 1535 2.5 loaded, fingerprint reader, etc. It's been a pain in the shorts for the past year, probably 8-10 times to dell, they normally mess up more than it's in for.

I'm pretty knowledgable about computers, have been building my own desktops since the 80's, but laptops I bought my first and apparantly messed up with a dell. Anyway, I'm not here to hammer dell just wondering what they may send as a replacement.

The rep said he has no choice in what it may be, just that he guarantees it will be newer and at least as well equipped. Not sure I buy it as I have found out you can't really believe anything dell tells you, but just curios what you guys think.

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Dell :: How To Get A Replacement Key For 1537?

Sep 12, 2009

I have a Studio 1537 and just now the F key fell off, the top left clip is broken I think, so It's attached via only three clips, and when I push it to the right, it will fall off! I've only had this for five months! ah it's fallen off again.

I've e-mailed dell about a replacement already, but they don't work saturdays unfortunately.

I've had a look on eBay and there seems to be replacement keys for around 4 each, does anyone have any experience of this? But mine is a backlit keyboard, so will need a backlit key

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Dell :: Replacement Battery

Oct 15, 2009

My Dad has an XPS laptop (I think it's a 13", but I don't know which model exactly) that needs a new battery. I've never had to buy a replacement battery.

Just curious if anyone knows of good aftermarket replacements, or if OEM is the way to go.

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Dell :: C640 MB Replacement

Oct 22, 2009

I sourced a "new" motherboard for my dead Latitude C640 from e-bay and now have problem bootning.

The story so far....
The computer worked fine as i left it with the charger in overnight and the next morning it was dead. After surfing the net it was diagnosted that the MB-power part that was dead.

I left the computer lying around for a year and finally found a MB for a resonable price.

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Dell :: Getting An I9300 Replacement

May 8, 2009

so after multiple part replacements and Dell sending the wrong screen, I was authorized to get a replacement on Monday.

Currently, my specs are as follows: Pentium M 770 (2.13 GHz), 2 GB ram, 100 GB Hard drive, Nvidia GeForce Go 6800 (256 MB)

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Dell :: Replacement LCD Is Terrible

Apr 18, 2009

I received a replacement LCD (LED backlit) yesterday. The old one had a bunch of dead pixels. But, this new LCD is terrible. Awful black levels, terrible glare and lots of bleeding light

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Dell :: Getting A Replacement Notebook

Sep 15, 2009

I'm having difficulty with the issue here and am wondering how I go about getting Dell to do a complete notebook replacement?

We're going to try a motherboard replacement first but I'm not hopeful that this system is possible to fix after reading that thread,

the cause of the issue is sporadic and not really traceable. Should I just tell Dell this is what I believe needs to be done about it with my technical expertise and after all the research and testing I've done?

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Dell :: How Many Breaks Before A Replacement

Jun 17, 2009

I have a friend who has a Dell laptop. She doesn't know much about computers, but her motherboard on her laptop broke 4 times. She has a solid warranty and Dell came out every time to fix it.

How many times does something need to be fixed before Dell will replace the laptop? I thought it was 3 times, but of course if the customer is not tech-savvy they would have no idea that Dell is OBLIGATED to replace the laptop.

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Dell :: Battery And BIOS Replacement

Feb 16, 2010

I went to the Dell website the other day to check out if there were any updates for my system, as my CD drive was not working. I ran my service tag, which did not help my drive problem (which I will touch up on in a bit) but did notice that it said my BIOS needed to be updated, the urgency level is optional (so I'm assuming it's not all that important). So, I downloaded the file and went to run it, but got a message stating something like both my charger had to be plugged in and battery had to be charge before it would flash the bios.

I thought that was weird, so I did some investigating. First thing I did was go into the device manager to see if it would even show the battery, which it did, without any errors. I scratched my head a bit, and then went into the setup menu (pushed F2 at startup) and went to look for battery info. It showed that there was no recognized battery nor was there a recognized charger.

I remembered that my laptop had been shutting off (just going completely black) for no reason, which told me two things; that my battery in fact was dead and also that there was a problem with the charger. I went to look at the charger, and noticed it was frayed at the connector.

I replaced the charger, and my computer quit shutting off on its own. However, it still was not recognizing the battery. In the device manager it is still showing a fully functional battery, and in the startup menu it is still not showing any battery, yet it now shows the charger.

I forgot to mention that I have also replaced the battery. Both the new and old batteries did show that they were fully charged when the new AC adapter was installed, I checked by pushing the button on the battery its self and got 4 green lights. Oh, these are genuine Dell batteries and the computer will run on battery power alone.

I have found a few ways to flash the BIOS without the battery, but this sounds a bit too risky.

So, here are my questions:

1) What the heck do I do about my battery? Sure, it's just a minor annoyance that I can't see the charge in the system tray, but it's also starting to drive me nuts simply because it's a problem I cannot seem to solve.

2) Right now my BIOS version is A04. Dell wants me to install A17. This seems like a huge jump, and not knowing all that much about BIOS, I am not sure if this would even be a good idea to upgrade. What do you think? The frustrating thing is that from what I've read I need to update my BIOS in order to get my comp to read the battery (or this is one likely solution), but I cannot update the BIOS without the computer recognizing the battery. Catch 22...

3) Off topic, but the problem which brought me to my current battery/BIOS situation. My CD drive is shot. I took it out and checked to make sure all ribbons were properly in place and looked good, cleaned the lens, etc, but like a moron I ripped one of the ribbons, so now it truly is trash. Does anybody know of an inexpensive, yet reliable DVD-R/RW (not just CD-RW) drive for sale that will work with my system?

Information that may be important (let me know if I need to post more):

Dell Inspiron E1505
Windows XP Pro, SP3
BIOS Version A04
Original Dell Battery and AC Adapter.

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Dell :: Vostro Screen Replacement

Jan 26, 2010

I have a Dell Vostro 1500 (bought in 2007). I recently dropped it on the ground and the screen backlight got damaged. I ordered a new screen off eBay. I need help figuring out whether the screen that I ordered is compatible with my laptop. Here are the specs:

Original Screen:
Manufacturer: AU Optronics
Model: B154EW02

New Screen:
Manufacturer: AU Optronics
Model: B154EW02 V.6

The original screen doesn't have any version number, but the new one is V.6 (I'm assuming V stands for version).

Both are 15.4" WXGA, 1280 x 800 and Wide (16:10). The only difference that I can find is that the original screen is glossy, while the new one is matte.

Does the version number (or glossy/matte) make any difference?

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Dell :: Contacting About My Replacement SXPS

Apr 4, 2010

I have been relentlessly trying to contact my case manager in reference to my SXPS replacement, and have not had any luck.

How can I get in direct contact with my case manager?

Is their a special number? Tech Support is uselsss, and no one at Dell seems to know how or who is in charge of my case.

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Dell :: Advice On A Replacement Of SXPS?

Apr 4, 2010

I have the computer listed in my signature and I'm getting a replacement in a few weeks, and I do not yet know what the specs are. I am very hesitant about getting this replacement because of the bad experiences I have had with this computer so far. The rep offered me a full refund but that meant I would have to go a certain amount of time without a computer. I then told him just continue to process my current replacement, then when I received that, I would decide whether or not I would want to keep it. He then told me that he would expedite the current repair and it wouldn't be a problem to receive a refund in the future. The only problem I have is deciding what would be better than the SXPS, that I could buy for approx $2,200? Should I go alienware? Is the nvidia card in the M15X better than the ATI 4670? I guess I just have so many unanswered questions.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1340 Replacement

Apr 6, 2010

The 1640/45/47 owners and the m1330 owners have their respective replacements threads. There has also been a concern about getting Alienware instead of XPS thread. So I created this thread because the Studio XPS 1340 has reached EOL and is no longer offered as a replacement. Thus, I would like 1340 owners' help in tracking and monitoring replacements.

Please specify experiences regarding:What are the specs of your current XPS 1340?What system was received in lieu of the SXPS 1340? Specs? New or Refurb?At what point were you aware of the system you were going to receive?How long did the systems' exchange process take?Did you attempt escalation or any form of negotiation?Are you happy with your replacement? .........

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