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Dell :: LED Lights Come On For Seconds And Then Go Off

turning on then turning off? When I turn it on, the LED lights come on for seconds and then go off. I replaced the motherboard and the processor and its still the same problem. I also took out the RAM and had the same problem?

What else could be causing it? The graphics card?

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HP/Compaq :: DV6000- Lights Turn On For 2 Seconds, And It Shuts Right Off
I have a HP DV6000 Laptop. Im aware of the problems these models have. But this one I have not yet heard of. When I attempt to power it on, the lights turn on for 2 seconds, and it shuts right off. Its not like the Video card issue everyone speaks of. I have extensive technical background, and I have tried taking everything out, and trying each part one by one. I have tried swapping the power button ribbons, I have tried removing the bios battery. I guess im wondering if anyone else has ever been able to figure out whats going wrong with this setup? copuld it be a lack of contact between heat sync and CPU? please give me whatever input you can. I would like to not have to spring for a new Mobo. I can solder, and I am thinking of trying to heat the soldering points with a heat gun maybe. I dont know if thats the problem tho. and also, when the AC adaptor is plugged in, the blue LED surrounding it is on.

I also tried all this (of course)

1. Remove battery.
2. Remove AC power.
3. Remove and reseat your RAM modules.
4. Replace your RAM modules.
5. Hold down your power button for 1 minute.
6. Replace your AC power (not battery) and turn on
remove the small bios cmos battery for 15min and then put it back in

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Dell :: SXPS 16 LED Lights
On the front of teh laptop there are 4 icons:

Disc Access
What's the 4th one?

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Dell :: Led Lights On My Xps M1710 Not Working
I replaced my Inspiron 9400 motherboard with M1710 XPS motherboard.The palmrest,lcd cover,hinge cover,front speakers,is M1710 parts.The only parts not XPS M1710 is the standard non led cpu and video fans which I borrowed from my Inspiron 9400.

The cpu and the video fan is borrowed from my I9400.Non LED.Could this be the cause?

My M1710 backcover,M1710 touchpad,and the front speakers do not light on.Eevn when the system is booting up in bios.

I already checked all connections and have the above all above

enabled in bios.

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Dell :: M4400 Freezes For 1 Second Every 10-20 Seconds
Because of various problems I was having with my M4400, I decided to reformat and reinstall Windows (Vista Ultimate SP1).

Immediately after reinstalling, it started to freeze for up to 1 second every 10 to 20 seconds, which is really annoying. However, it doesn't miss any keystrokes or mouse movements, as it catches up after the freeze. I'm wondering whether it's got something to do with some unrecognised devices that it has yet to find the drivers for:

PCI Serial Port
PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller

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Dell :: E1705, Freezing In Games After About 20 Seconds
I was playing a game of borderlands online and its started off running fine and then after about 20 seconds started lagging badly and then froze.

I assumed it was some kind of network connection problem considering i was playing the game fine a few days earlier. Well i forgot about it for a few days.

I just downloaded the battleswarm beta and was playing it and noticed it did the exact same thing, ran fine for about 20-30 seconds started lagging badly then just froze. I went back and tried borderlands in single player to confirm the problem and it also did the same thing.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Keeps Turning Off After 2 Seconds
I recently sold my Vaio VGN-Z520n on ebay.

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Apple :: MBP 2.4 I5 - Noise Every 20-30 Seconds
I just received a new MBP 2.4 i5. When I am using the computer, every once in a while(every 20-30 seconds) I hear a "pinging" noise. Is this normal?

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Acer :: Travelmate 5520 Turns On & Off Every Few Seconds
Acer ASPIRE 5520 Model ICW50. When I press the power button the light comes on and the fan spins but it shuts down every few seconds and repeats this action continuously. I have narrowed it down to a faulty motherboard. Has anyone been able to isolate the cause of this problem to a component or components on the motherboard?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t- Hangs Or Lags For About A Whole Second Once Every Few Seconds To Once Every Few Minutes
My computer will hangs or lags for about a whole second once every few seconds to once every few minutes. It makes watching youtube videos annoying because I miss visual information to the lag.

I hadn't noticed this until a friend put a trojan on my computer with his thumb drive on accident. AVG said it quarantined the trojan, but who knows..

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HP/Compaq :: Every Time I Shut Down My Pc It Restarts Itself Like 5 Seconds After It Turns Off
For some reason every time I shut down my pc it restarts itself like 5 seconds after it turns off. I looked it up and someone said try unplugging the Ethernet cable. So I did and when I unplug when I shut it down it doesn't restart itself but only when I leave the Ethernet cable in it. Why is that? Also down on my currently connected icon by the clock why does it show that i'm connected to two networks? I had xp pro before and it only showed me connected to one network but on this new computer it shows me connected to two networks. Network 2 and Network 3, is that normal?

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Apple :: MBP - Long Startup - Procedure Used To Last For 35 Seconds
My MBP is now a week old, it's a 2.53 GHz unibody 4 GB RAM laptop. The startup procedure used to last for 35 seconds, but now it can take as long as 43 seconds. I don't have that many applications.

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Apple :: Macbook - Streaming Live Video - Freezing Every Couple Of Seconds
brand new Macbook, maybe a month old; trying to stream a live basketball game on it and it is freezing every couple of seconds.

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Dell :: Lights On M1730
I recently did a manula reformat of my M1730 and everything works fne but having a problem with the light FX.

I set them to sapphire blue using quick tune but when ever i restart the machine or fire it up for the first time the light are different. The left speaker is orange and the right one and touch pad are crimson red.

Then has soon has it boots into windows they will go back to my setting of sapphire blue.

Do they have to be set in the bios or somewhere else in order to always have them the colour i picked even when restarting?

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Apple :: Bootcamp - 60 Seconds Pause On Boot - Black Screen White Cursor
Just installed Visa 64 , everything went fine , but every time i boot into Vista i get a black screen with a white cursor in the top left have corner flashing very fast and it does this for almost 60 seconds and then Vista boots normally.

I have tried unplugging everything from my Mac , but i still get the same problem.

It looks like Vista is wating for something then it gives up, I have not installed any software only the bootcamp driver.

Anybody know what is wrong, I had Xp on previously and did not have this problem on fat32 , Vista only works on NTFC if that makes a difference.

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Dell :: No Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / HDD Lights
Since DELL replacing my mobo I have had no wifi / hdd lights on my XPS13.

I am wondering if he didn't put a wire back or some drivers need to be reinstalled?

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Dell :: Blinking Lights On The M1730
I suffer from migraine that is triggered by changes in luminosity and blinking lights.

I am now reading the review by justGoIt of the M1730 on the Dell website: it talks about "bling bling lights". (This link points to the product, then you have to click on reviews.)

Does anybody know what lights are they?

can they be turned off?

are they bright?

where are they positioned?

or can they just be covered with a sticker?

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Dell :: Lights On The M1710 Cover
anyone at all been able to light up the cover lights (just one of the colors even) for those who have done the 9400/E1705 to M1710 mods? I would really like to know how this can be done if there are some theories out there. Please refrain from saying how much you hate the lights or asking why I would care to do this :

Some methods I thought about trying:
USB port: 5V ok, will that work with the cover LEDs?
Fan port: I have heard this one might not work but can anyone confirm?

(I am talking about cutting off the connector that would originally go into the M1710 mobo and trying various things with the wires that happen to be color coded, 2 for each color of LED apparently.)

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Back Lights??
i recently reinstalled windows on my Dell XPS M1730 but i have some problems. For some reason the lights on the lid of the case (the ones on top lol) dont come on anymore.

To get them on i have to open dell quickset and turn them off and then on again, then they will stay on, but after shutting down and booting back up they are still off. Anyone know what the problem could be?

Also another issue im having is that when i turn on the laptop my left speaker light is orange. I changed it in quickset to be blue but still during booting its orange and then once the laptop is fully booted it turns to blue. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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Dell :: SXPS16 Brighter Keyboard Lights?
I feel like the keyboard on my SXPS13 was MUCH brighter than the keyboard on my SXPS16.

I also had an icon pop up on the RHS of the screen that told me the keyboard light level (it would pop up when changing intensity 'off', '1', and '2').

I don't have an icon pop up on the 16, and the keyboard looks much dimmer overall.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv1000 Lights On Nothing Happens
I have my friend's dv1000 witch took a dump on him the other day. The lights turn on, but it wont post or do anything?

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Dell :: Xps M1710 Screen...backlight, Really Lights Up.
Is this the backlight? i hot glued the connector and wires in the socket into the inverter....?

I have replaced the inverter AND the flex cable (yes, the part numbers are right)

I have to shake or pressure point the left-middle of the screen for it to stop otherwise it stays unreadable...

when i hook it up to an external monitor...

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Dell :: Disable XPS Lights On Screen Hinge?
I know it's kinda dumb but it's annoyingly bright when I've got the computer on at night and it's busy converting video or doing other work. It's also less power used.

It can't be done through software but has anyone physically unplugged them? I've not opened up the case yet so I don't know how practical that would be, thought I'd ask around first.

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Apple :: Yellow Lights When Looking Through The Vents
i've been playing far cry 2 for 4 hours. i shut down the game, my temp is 79-80 degrees celcius which is perfectly normal when gaming on the macbook pro. i don't know why i wanted to look through the vents. i turn my laptop and look through. i saw this yellow light. its approximately under the R and F keys on the keyboard. i turn my laptop and look closely on the keyboard and it's illuminated white. no sign of the yellow light. Thus, to resume, i saw it only when looking through the vents. does anybody know what is this light? what is causing it to light up? i smelled closely but no burning smell. in fact, i cant smell any weird odour. is it harmful for my macbook pro?


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HP/Compaq :: HP Ze4904us Wont Boot, But Lights Are On
It's an HP ze 4904US running windows XP. Worked fine, then went to start one day and screen wouldn't come on. Having had this problem with my ze1000 series, I thought it could be screen bulb or inverter. But it isn't.

When I turn it on, I see the blue light all the way to the left on as well as the orange light by the battery symbol to the right.
I don't hear beeps.
I do hear the cd rom spin if a cd is loaded.
I do hear the fan for just a second occasionally. Not every time.
The screen is black and no faint xp logo or anything.
I feel like maybe it's not booting all the way.
If I press caps lock or num lock, the accent light doesnt come one. (maybe bad keyboard)

Here's what I've tested so far based on searches on this forum:

used reset button
removed battery and ac adapter and held power button 1 min.
One by one removed hardware to narrow problem
Re-seated everything and made sure connections were good
tried 2 other known working ac adapters.
hooked up to my PC monitor and still nothing. Monitor doesn't noticed anything attached. (why I believe it's not screen and just isnt booting.)

If it ends up being the motherboard, I do have a motherboard that works in my ze1000 laptop, but I don't know if it is compatible.

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Dell :: Inspiron 8200 Unable To Bootthree Blinking Lights On Power On
I tried turning it on today and at first it wouldn't turn on at all. I switched power outlets and when I pressed the power button, it turned on but the three green lights (power, HDD and battery) started blinking for a few seconds before the system shuts off.

I can't really find if this is some kind of error code or whatnot. I've tried reseating everything except the CPU... I've done the memory, DVD-ROM, HDD, Keyboard, Graphics card... I just don't know what it could be and I have no idea who I could even take the machine to.

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Dell :: E1405 And XPS M140 Media Direct Button Lights
So I have a Dell XPS M140 and the blue lights for the Media Direct buttons are much brighter than those on my Inspiron E1405..

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Sony :: Laptop Won't Turn On No Lights
I have had Sony Vaio VGN-N19VP/B for over a year now and this morning I went to open the lid and turn the laptop on and there were no lights or any response.

I took out the battery and put it back in to see if the connectors were loose but the problem remains.

I checked to see if the AC cable was working, the light was off and then I checked it with my multimeter output was 19.61v

Under the motherboard where powewr cable from AC jack is connected I have 3.98V.

On the battery output from moterboard on the 3 pin is 2.58V

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Acer :: 5920g Died. No Sound Or Lights At All. Mainboard Failiure
The power light above the machine indicates that it is off, no sound etc. the ac adapter still runs on another machine. machine has 3 years static use.

is it an obvious mainboard failure?

can i safely buy a new mainboard?

Is it worth fixing seeing as the GFX is Nvidia 8600m and may fail anytime (although it never plays 3d games so surely should last 3 times longer than a heated one???).

should i sell the ram, graphics, processor, and laptop for spares and buy a different one to be cost effective?

What steps should i take to figure it out, fix it, else to find my sister an new one?

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Dell :: E1505 Won't Boot, No Post, 3 Indicator Lights + Power Blinking...
The laptop wouldn't boot. I took the keyboard out to see if I could swab-dry any water, but couldn't really find any in there.

I lightly sprayed around with compressed air and left the laptop open with the keyboard out to try and let it dry out for a few hours, but no dice...still wouldn't boot.

I thought maybe via cell phone logic, it might work again after 24 hours or so. It's been almost three days now and it still won't boot, so I'm pretty sure I fried something. Here's the error code it's giving me .....

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Acer :: Travelmate 290 Fans Kick On And A Couple Lights Turn On, But Nothing Happen
when I hit the power button, the fans kick on and a couple lights turn on, but nothing happens- the screen remains blank. I don't even see the acer splash screen like usual. Also, I'm pretty sure that the hard drive isn't spinning as well.

I know the lcd isn't dead as I tried hooking it up to an external monitor, but that didn't work.

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Dell :: 5150 LED
I thought my motherboard went bad (my own testing and also took it to a friend that owns a repair shop). Ordered a new one, installed it, now I only have the charge LED and power LED on solid regardless of AC power or battery. I have my S-I-L's 5150 and tried her battery and AC brick, all with the same result. I removed the optical drive, hard drive, wireless card, modem, memory modules, and to no avail. I pulled apart the motherboard again just to make sure I had the CPU seated properly and it is.

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Dell :: Numlock LED
The LED above the numlock key on my 1537 doesn't work. I just got a replacement hinge cover (which fix eject light issue) but not the numlock light.

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Dell :: Studio 15 (15.6 LED)
The tech specs seem to be quite lacking compared to what is posted on this site :P

First - the new one that is offered on the Dell site - what is the model - I see references of "1555" here.

After reviewing Dell's offerings I am pretty sure I will be getting the Studio 15 model. But specs merely say, for the resolution - Glossy widescreen 15.6 inch LED HD display (1366 x 768)

But I am confused on the difference between 720p, 900p and 1080p. This thread suggests that 900p implies 1600x900 resolution. True? Why would this resolution and the higher 1900x not be shown on the Dell site?

I use 1600x1200 on my 21" CRT and I love the real estate - but having that sort of resolution on a 15.6" screen - does that imply the text is ultra small? Also can one easily change the resolution - lower - and if so, on the LED's how does the picture look?

My problem is that it is a desktop replacement and my wife will be using it. Right now she is using 800x600 on a crappy 13" CRT. I love the features of the Studio 15 overall (first to have GIG LAN) and interested in the LED screen.

I am concerned with the text size - even with the 720p. I read about the 900p and thought that would look nice too - except again even smaller than the 720p? Also the cost to go from 720p to 1080p is under $100. I am wondering if having something like 1080p makes it "better" to switch to lower resolutions or are we still in the old days - where the native is best and everything else sucks?

If it is too tiny my wife will not be happy. I am not interested in buying a monitor to use instead of the Dell monitor. But I am wondering if I should just get a plain 15" LCD Inspiron with a lower 1200x resolution.

Secondly with the XPS 13 review a comment was made:


A potential problem for some owners is the fact that Dell only offers the Studio XPS 13 with a "frameless" glossy display ... the type that uses a separate glossy protective layer in front of the actual display panel. This gives the screen a very modern look, but the trade-off is a significant amount of reflections on the surface of the screen under strong indoor lights. Outdoors under direct sunlight the screen reflections are so strong it can be extremely difficult to see anything on the screen.

With the Studio it mentions a GLOSSY screen - does it too suffer badly with reflections from indoor lights?

The two Wifi options I have are the "Dell 1510 (Wireless-N)" and the "Intel 5100 (agn)". It is true that the 1510 is merely N whereas the Intel is G and N? I don't have wireless N now just B/G. But I also read (here probably) that the 5100 is older technology and I should probably stick with the 1510. (not concerned if I have to get a wireless N router - but clearly the Intel would be supported immediately; I'd rather get the best of the two cards and be done with it)

The model I am looking at offers
"High Definition Audio 2.0" and "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB". The latter costs $20 - is it worth it? Already figured out (again here) that the ATI RADEON HD4570 is not worth the money to get the 512MB.

They offer for a bit more, the illuminated keyboard - worth it? Is it a simple keystroke to turn it on, or a button? Or is there some convoluted system? I can see where one is working in the dark, that the keyboard lit up might be handy - so worth the added cost, if it works well and is easy to turn on/off.

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Dell :: Possibly Not A LED ?
Wel I believe I have a CCFL not a LED as the refurb states, my panel under properties is a SEC5442 is this not a CCFL ? Other then this all looks great no scratches problems etc at least the past

few days of use.Unfortunetly I did not get to use any coupons on this deal . Missed the coupon deal by two days called and pleaded my case to no avail.

My Order a refurb from outlet note LED screen

1 Latitude E6400 Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53GHz, 6M L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
1 Certified Refurbished
1 Documentation
1 Service Software
1 8X DVD +/- RW w/dbl layer write capability .....

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Dell :: Is The LED Really That Much Brighter
My mom just got an Inspiron 1525 from Dell and I put it side by side with mine and honestly, I could hardly even tell a difference. My brightness is at 100%. Am I missing something or is the LED brightness really overrated?

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Dell :: Anyone Know P/n For Inverter For LED Screen?
I purchased a lid, bezel, and cable, too. But the cable has a blue connector that looks like it would connect to the inverter. Is there actually an inverter board that goes just below the led lcd screen? If so, does anyone know the part number?

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Dell :: Vibration On Led 1555
feel my led has very low vibration (720p)

how to work?

How do I solve this problem?

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Dell :: E1505 Led Upgrade
is it possible to upgrade an e1505 screen to a led screen so i can save battery life? like say something like this?

and if so how much battery life would i gain? now since i have an ati x1400 256mb video card i am guessing that i cant go with one that was 1080p or anything right?

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Dell :: 1537 Brightness Led
i just bought a 1537 with the wxga LG Led screen. i cant use this laptop without getting a headache. The screen is toooooooooo bright even turned down as well as adjusting the ati settings of gamma and brightness. its always to bright and strains my eyes.

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Dell :: M1530 LED Kit
Building an M1530 from parts and got the LED screen, Chimei part number N154C6-L02 with cable N849D.

Here is the problem; looking at the cable there is a connection for what could be an inverter/converter but I cannot find a part number from Dell or anywhere else.

Does anyone know what part this is and where I can get one? Is it the same as other Dell models with the WSXGA+ LED?

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Dell :: Do I Have A LED Or A CCFL Backlight?
I was perusing my account for my laptop and looking at the build specs (Studio 1537), and noticed something that confused me a bit:

1J656HLiquid Crystal Display 15.4WXGA, Light Emitting Diode True Life, 0-2BD, Lg Philips Lcd
1M135CBezel, Cold Cathode FluorescentLamp, Camera, HEPURN .....

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Dell :: LED Screen Goes Out On SXPS13
I haven't posted on here in ages, but I can't find any information on what my laptop is doing.

My M1330 completely died a few weeks ago (wouldn't turn on, even shorted out the power supply). I was sent a replacement M1340/SXPS13 and received it today.

I reformatted and put a fresh copy of W7 on it (not RC, the retail or whatever it's called). Video card is 9500, tried the most recent Dell drivers on the site and then the newest NVidia release on their site to see if that was the cause (it wasn't) .....

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Dell :: Samsung LED 1330
i currently have two 1330s... one with LED and one with CCFL

The LED is a toshiba LCD2306, the CCFL an AUO Optronics, the CCFL looks MUCH better which seems to me total nonsense since the LED is supposed to be better in all aspects.

I will be contacting customer service. Should i be asking specifically for the samsung LED?

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Dell :: WLED Vs. RGB LED
Anyone have a side-by-side comparison (chart, pictures, anything) of the two screen types available on the Studio XPS 16? I'd be interested to see the difference, and my local Best Buy doesn't have ANY 16s so it's not possible for me.

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Dell :: E6500 LED Screens
I saw that the contrast ratio of the E6500 screen is something like 650 as is the Studio 15 's 1440x900 screen.

Is there a general consensus that these are superior to the 14.1" LED screens? I am led to believe that the T400 and E6400 are using the same Samsung/LG LED screens. I have seen the T400 and sent it right back b/c I got a Samsung screen that looked like milk. It was bad.

Is there a lottery to the Studio 15 and E6500 or will any LG or Samsung or AUO or Chi-Mei panel do? Are you guys pretty much happy with these screens? The notebook check or notebook journal numerical evaluation would put these screens on par with macbook pro, at half the price.

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Dell :: Is My Display LED Backlit Or Not?
I had a problem on my XPS m1330 where my monitor was displaying weird colored vertical lines. (see M1330 Display Issue (Vertical Lines on Reboot & Crash & Vertical Lines) for someone with similar problems) or for a picture of my screen.

Anyway, today a technician came by my house and replaced my screen. Thing is, I think he installed a regular LCD display, and mine was, according to my original order: 13.3 Inch Wide Screen WXGA TL WLED Backlit LCD with Camera, XPS M1330

We called Dell Support on the phone and they assured me that it was the same part. I disagreed and we alternated connecting both displays and I definitely saw a change. My old monitor had brighter colors and a better viewing angle. The technician said he didn't see much difference.

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Dell :: How To Know Studio Has A LED LCD?
I bought a studio 1537 yesterday from local store in middle east; I choose one with LED LCD which was more than 100$ expensive, How i could know that my LCD is a LED one not CCFL , I quired my service tag in dell support, i got ....

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Dell :: XPS M1710 LED
Just purchased a XPS M1710, Great love it, just the LED's on the top cover wont come on?

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Dell :: How Do I Tell If They Gave Me The LED As Ordered
I have no idea what a LED vs LCD screen is supposed to look like so i want to make sure that I received the LED screen as ordered. I am running vista ultimate.

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