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Dell :: Lenovo W500 Versus M4400

Well I was trying to buy the M4400 a few days back and the call dropped with the rep and she never called me back. So this gave me time to take a look at the W500 again and I was pleased to find that they had the P9500 offered, so now I am having difficulty deciding which to get.

I will be using the laptop for a lot of CAD work. I do finite element analysis, CAM programming, and part design using CATIA v5r17. I also use MATLAB and Simulink. So CPU, memory, and videocard performance are quite important to me. However I also travel around a lot and I would be bringing this laptop around from the office to the machine shop several times a day, so it needs to be rugged.

What I like about the W500 is that it has the switchable graphics so that it will run cooler and save battery life when graphics power is not an issue. I also like the fact that it has the lower power consumption and higher performance DDR3 memory. Finally, I like that it can be configured with the low power P9500 processor (2.53Ghz, 1066Mhz FSB, 6MB L2, 25W).....................

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Dell :: E6500 Or Lenovo W500
I am looking around for a replacement for my 4 year old Precision M70. It has it is well-built, has a fantastic keyboard, lovely 15.4" WUXGA screen, and strong (for then) but power-hungry gpu. The obvious replacement would be the Precision M4400, but in Australia the WUXGA screen is only available on the lower-gpu'd version the Latitude E6500. I don't really need an awesome gpu anymore, but do want a quiet machine, a great keyboard, good build and WUXGA. I have read so many unfavourable reviews of the E6500 that I am now considering the Lenovo W500. Can anyone comment or help me choose between the E6500 and the W500?

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Dell :: Precision M4400 Vs. ThinkPad W500 Which Is More Stable?
I was all set to buy an M4400 last week until I started reading about all the bios/driver/software issues people have had with them. Is the W500 a better choice for someone looking for stability out of the box?

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HP/Compaq :: HP ProBook Vs. Thinkpad W500
I intend to use it primarily for some fairly intensive gaming (Fallout 3, etc), media (music, movies), and general work stuff (web surfing, word processing, etc)

I have had an IBM for the last four years and it has served me quite well. My experience with IBM tech support was always good, and the one time I had to get it fixed it was returned promptly, no questions asked.

However there is an HP ProBook that looks quite appealing.
It costs $1865
It ships with Windows XP (important to me)
It has a 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor
It has a 512 MB ATI video card
3GB of DDR2 Ram
It has a 320 GB 5400rpm HD
It has a 17.3" widescreen 1600x900 display
And here's the kicker: a Blu-Ray drive

The Lenovo is a Thinkpad W500. It is generally quite similar in specs, and a bit cheaper, but it has a 15.4 inch screen (albiet a higher resolution one) and lacks the Blu-Ray drive..............

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Dell :: M6400 Covet Or Lenovo W700
I am about to buy a new anchor and have narrowed it down to the above two options. Quotes pasted below. Prices ommitted.. The Covet is about 100 bucks more then the w700 out the door.

I have always been a Dell guy, never had much experience with the IBM/Lenovo's. (Dropped my D630 in a pool so I get to finally get a dcent computer) I understand the raw spec differences in that I am getting more power all around with the Dell. What I don't know is that if the Covet is of the same build quality as the lower end business or consumer models (Not so great) as opposed to the Thinkpads which are wonderful.

Also, is the only difference between the LED RGB E2E and the non E2E the piece of glass? Is it identical except for that? I have a 2009 Macbook pro 17" with the matte screen and think it is beautiful, did not like the Apple Glossy (read, glare) option. Am I losing out on anyhing other then the Glare with the Non-E2E screen? ...

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Dell :: Mini 9 Vs Lenovo S10 Size Comparison?
Have any of you been able to find any pics of size comparisons between these two nb's?

I tried punching the numbers into sizeasy but I'm not 100% certain that I had the correct dimensions, would be great to see an actual photo.

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Apple :: Hard Drive For Lenovo To MBP 13
i recently bought a macbook pro 13in. I bought this to replace my lenovo t400. On my lenovo i have the st9160411as hard drive which is a 7200rpm drive. Do you think i can just swap the drives between both laptops, the mac HD to the lenovo and the lenovo HD (st9160411as) to the MBP? I am not sure what the compatability is.

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Dell :: Wifi Card From Lenovo Not Working On My Inspiron!
I got a really weird problem!
I have replaced my broadcom wifi mini PCI-e card with an intel wifi link 5100...

But when installing it, it gives me a "code 10" error: the device can't start.

the lenovo laptop from where I got the intel card is Ideapad Y430.
My laptop is a dell inspiron 9400/E1705.

the broadcom wifi card work perfectly in the lenovo ideapad...

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Dell :: RGB Versus WLED
Just wondering if someone helps me decide how much is difference between two screen type for Dell 16xx. Should you get Dell i5 with RGB or 15.6 WLED with i720?..
If usage is web browsing, movie watching, some digital pics manipulation (non-professional), does it make sense to get i7 with WLED or i5 with RGB?..
I know this has been talked about in various thread, but nothing really solid...

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Acer :: Aspire® 4810 Timeline Vs. Lenovo T410s
First of all I will admit that I have never used an Acer before (I am a Lenovo/IBM person) and I don't get how this whole brand works. I hope you will be able to help me out. So my notebook is Lenovo 410s and i am very happy with it; now I am helping to buy a notebook for my friend who has similar needs as I and I would recommend her Lenovo again, but hey I just stumbled across Acer and found it interesting. So I'd like to ask a few questions in the hope you will help:

1. Who are the best sellers in the US of Acer computers? It seems to me that Acer, unlike Lenovo, is being sold everywhere and I can't make sense of this mess - i.e. who to buy from.

2. Would be e.g. an Acer 4810 Timeline (or suggest any other type) be able to meet the following:
a) need a quite computer (noise of any kind is especially annoying)
b) need a light computer (carry it everyday ..anything around 4lb should do)
c) need more of a business model: don't do any gaming, only office, web surfing and an occasional video watching
d) need a solid and sturdy build
e) need an integrated webcamp, SD card reader

Now I have to say that Lenovo 410s meets basically all the wishes I've had for a laptop: it's very light (3.8lbs), very fast, fantastic build. The only two issues that I don't like about it: the quality of the screen is subpar and it does get noisy - by that I mean fan activity. But overall i have not seen a more impressive computer than this.
Thus would Acer be able to beat this? What about screen quality? Heat issues? How bad are the speakers? etc. Btw. does Acer offer Solid State Drives with their units?

In sum, can anybody suggest a model that would equal the performance and specifications of Lenovo 410s and make a persuasive argument why to go with Acer and where to possibly buy it? (of course Acer being cheaper is one such argument).

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525 Better Than Lenovo Thinkpad T500 (display, Keyboard)
I happened to get both a Dell Inspiron 1525 (for $700) and a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 (for $1800) at the same time. To my amazement, I like the Dell better and may return the Lenovo. Here's why.

1) Display: I'm surprised by how much better the Dell's display is for basic work (word-processing, writing emails, surfing the web); and equally surprised that I haven't seen mention of this in various reviews. Both laptops have a 15" WXGA display. (The Dell happens to have Vista; the Lenovo has XP, but both are brand new.) Are reviewers getting caught up in the technical details, and forgetting to report on what matters most: how easy on the eyes the display is when one works, 8 hours/day? ("Not able to see the display, for the specs"?)

(a) The Lenovo T500's display sucks. Characters look fuzzy, because the dots that comprise them are visible. Diagonal lines, as in the "/" character, have jagged edges (whereas on the Dell they appear more like solid lines, crisp, clear). I almost have to squint to read the Lenovo, whereas characters on the Dell stand out. [UPDATE: Swarmer helpfully points out that ClearType is not the default in XP, one must turn it on, and that doing so vastly improves the legibility of script. See below.]

(b) The Lenovo's background display color is a sickly blue-green off-white (which shows less contrast for the default blue-colored hyperlinks), whereas the Dell has a healthier peach off-white that contrasts well with links.

I don't know if taking screen-shots or taking a digital picture of the two screens side-by-side would show what I'm talking about, but I'm willing to try if anyone wants. I use my laptop for work, so I don't care how they perform on gaming or watching HD videos. I just want to type and read (with an occasional low-def YouTube video), with the best laptop display I can find!

Has anyone else been able to compare both notebooks side-by-side? I'd love to hear some confirmation that I'm not crazy or making this up.

2) Keyboard:

(a) The Inspiron's keyboard is almost an inch wider than the Thinkpad's, even though the two laptops are the same width overall. That's because the Lenovo has 1.5" of wasted space on each side of the keyboard, which makes the keyboard cramped -- how stupid is that? (I'm guessing the Lenovo T500 and T400 use the same size keyboard, whereas the Dell 1525 uses a wider keyboard than the Dell 1420 -- taking advantage of the width, as it should.) Having a 3/4" narrower keyboard on the Lenovo means my fingers touch each other when lined up asdf-jkl; whereas the Dell keyboard is just enough wider that they don't touch, which means less cramping/fatigue/karpal-tunnel.

Small keyboard things:

(b) The Inspiron puts the left Ctrl key on the outside where it belongs, whereas on the Lenovo it is tucked one key in (with Fn on the outside) which makes it hard to find (unless your left little-finger is especially dextrous at curling down and in -- mine isn't, and I have to look every time on the Lenovo).

(c) The Lenovo puts the Esc key on a row above the function keys, rather than on the far-left. I suppose one gets used to it, but I'm constantly hitting the F3 when I reach for F2.

(d) I have no use for a track-point device, so it and the extra mouse-buttons for it are wasted on me, and the Lenovo's track-pad is smaller than the Dell's (although I do like the surface-feel of the Lenovo better -- slightly matte, vs. the too-polished Dell track-pad).

(e) Likewise, I won't ever use the Lenovo's keys for "browser Back" or "browser Forward", located in the cursor-key group. What a waste of keyboard real-estate. Make the darn keyboard bigger and simpler, Lenovo!

3) Battery: I have 3 batteries and swap them on long flights (14 hours non-stop to Asia). The Lenovo's battery is a pain in the butt to remove! It's a struggle every time, turning the unit around, trying not to break a fingernail when I try to pinch and wiggle the battery out. On the Dell, it pops right out easily.

Just so no-one thinks I'm pimping for Dell, the Inspiron's case is shoddily made -- a hinge completely broke in the first month of normal use, rendering it unusable, which is outrageous. Then the left-button on the touchpad broke! (The rubber 'spring' crumbled, necessitating replacing the entire "palm rest" which is 1/2 the case, a major operation.) The Dell's physical parts are less-well made overall -- the hinge, case, etc. -- they have a cheap, WalMart feel to them and I fear they will break again. The Lenovo has a very nice Porsche/Mercedes feel to the workmanship -- tight, well-built. If I could have the Dell's display, keyboard and battery, but the rest from Lenovo, I'd be happy. (Funnily enough, the only complaint I've read about the T500 keyboard is that it is not as "solid" as the older Lenovo models, which I really don't care about.)

I'm sure the Lenovo has better "specs" (by the #s). But if you hate staring at its screen, does it really matter?

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HP/Compaq :: DV7T And Windows 7 Key 32 Versus 64 Bit
I am considering buying the DV7T, but I am in Japan and for whatever reason, they only offer the 32-bit version. After I get the computer, would I be able to do a fresh install of the 64 bit version with the original key that comes from HP?

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Dell :: Inspiron GPU Versus CPU Temperature & Video Card
Ok I have a question that has me a bit confused. I have an inspiron e1505/6400 that has the ati x1400 video card in it.

Now when I recently tore down the laptop I noticed the the heat sink goes over the CPU and another element which everyone says is the GPU. The cpu had thermal grey gunk and the gpu had a purple thermal pad on it.

My question is, if I have the ati card isn't that my gpu? Didn't make sense that the intel 945 board has a gpu if there is already a video card handling graphics.

Also is there anyway to monitor the temperature of the GPU? All the applications I have tried are just showing me cpu temperature and not gpu.

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Sony :: Vaio Z46 Versus Z45 (Asian Models)
Anyone knows if there is a big difference between the Z46 with Intel P9700 and Z45 with Intel P8800?

Would speed and heat be noticeably greater with the P9700 processor?

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Dell :: Is The Studio XPS 13 A Good Idea? (versus Latitude E6500)
I've been doing a lot of research lately and I have come to the conclusion that as far as the specifications go, the Dell Studio XPS 13 is what I want.

However, I am concerned about the overheating in the laptop, as reported by some reviewers on the net. I don't mind if I can't keep it on my lap (my dv6137tx couldn't be kept on the lap for too long either!), but I am concerned about failure rate increasing due to heating.

Also, I am wondering if its a good value for money given that it is costlier than the Studio XPS 16, 17, etc and still comes with only a 13.3" screen. I would be happy to hear from other Dell users, Studio XPS 13 owners in particular.

The rough configuration I was looking for before coming across the Studio XPS 13 was:

1. CPU = Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (or better), [1066 Mhz FSB with 6 MB L2
Cache preferable]
2. Memory = 3GB DDR3 at 1066 MHz
3. Graphics card = nVidia GeForce 9500 or higher
4. Hard disk = 250 GB, 7200 RPM
5. Screen size = 15.4" or higher
6. 8x DVD ± RW Drive
7. Internal Modem
8. Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet card
9. Integrated Wireless adapter

Oh and I am interested in running Linux.

The Latitude E6500 cannot be shipped with the GeForce 9500 card and I am getting it only with an nVidia Quadro NVS160, which I understand is as fast as the GeForce 9200 .....

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2: Athlon Neo Single Core Versus Turion Neo X2
I was wondering if the new Neo X2 chips in the dv2z are a big improvement over the original Athlon Neo MV-40 single core. IIRC All three are clocked at 1.6 ghz and the single core and dual core Athlon Neo have the same amount of cache (512k) but the Turion has 1mb. I'm up in canada and am considering getting a dv2 to play some older games on, and the dual cores are not yet availible up here, so I am wondering if its going to be worth waiting for the dual cores to become availible up here or should I just go ahead and get one with an MV-40. I already know I am going to be getting one with the HD3410 graphics (not even going to try to game on the X1250, although its probably better than just about everything Intels got out there...).

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Apple :: Moshi Clearguard Versus ISkin ProTouch
I just put in the order for my new 13" MBP 2.26Ghz laptop, and I'm looking to purchase some protection for the keyboard. The Moshi Clearguard and the iSkin ProTouch seem like the two biggest/bestest contenders out there right now. What are your thoughts on these products?

I like the Moshi because it's so thin and pretty much transparent, so it'll have less of a "feel" than a silicon cover and I'll still be able to see the fabulous backlit keyboard. However, what is this I am reading about the Clearguard becoming cloudy after a bit of use? Is there a way to avoid this (perhaps by washing it, and if so, how often)?

In the other keyboard protector thread a lot of people are suggesting the iSkin ProTouch.

What are the advantages of this protector over the Moshi? I have a silicon cover on my Sony right now and I don't mind the feel. Are you still able to see the backlit keyboard well enough? If I go with the iSkin I will either get the green one or the clear one with no black keys.

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Apple :: Aluminum Versus Polycarbonate Macbook- Fact From Fiction
I HEAR alot of people say Aluminum is more sturdy...

I HEAR alot of people say Aluminum Warps easier and Polycarbonate is better..

Iv'e read Articles such as [url]

And Yet alot of forums iv'e read Say just the opposite...

Iv'e read a bit about Aluminum macbooks having warping issues?

Iv'e read just as much about the plastic ones having cracking (Polycarbonate is supposed to be near unbreakable?)

One of the biggest reasons I am looking at a macbook is the build quality rumored around it. Which Factually is a better build? The White Polycarbonate Macbook or the Aluminum Macbook? I don't mind paying the extra $$ if the Aluminum is Factually a better build.

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Sony :: Older Z: BPL12 Versus BPS12 Battery How Much More ACTUAL Weight?
I'd like to know how much MORE the high capacity VGP-BPL12 battery weighs than the standard VGP-BPS12 battery?

I did a search on the web and here but probably used the wrong search terms as I did not find any info.

It would be great if someone has both batteries in hand to find the actual difference

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini Keyboard Versus Acer Aspire One Keyboard
I currently have an AA1 and am curious to those who tried typing on both the HP Mini and the AA1 keyboards and noticed a difference. I believe the HP's keyboard is 92% and the AA1's is 89% I believe. It feels "okay" to type on, obviously not the best due to its size compared to a normal keyboard, but am wondering if the HP's is worth the price jump (paid 300 for mine).

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Sony :: F Series Versus Z Series
I am trying to decide between the F series and the Z series. Anyone else been debating between these two laptops?

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Dell :: M4400 AS5
First take the battery out and remove the bottom part like so.

Then you have to take the fan off there are 3 screws to take out and unplug the fan connector.

After you take out the CPU heat sink "there is 4 screws".

Then the Video card heat sink 3 screws.

Once that is done I took the CPU out you don't have to take it out I just wanted to see it. You do have to take out all the extra thermal past from DELL from the CPU and GPU and the 2 heat sink like so.

I use a plastic card and paper towel to remove the extra paste and it workes grate.

Now for the AS5 put on each of the components you just clean as in the CPU and GPU and the 2 heat sink like so.

same go's for the CPU and GPU then jsut use a falt plastic card I just use a master card but any thing similer will do to even out the SA5 like don't try to get it all nice and flat just make sure it covers all the surface of contact of the CPU GPU and heatsink and you should be good, it soule look like that now.

Now just re insert the GPU heat sink and tight the 3 screws back.

After it's the CPU heatsink and it's 4 screws like so.

Now the fan 3 screws and one connoctor.

Close it all up and boot Hope it helps some of you.

Mine was 55 and idle and now 49/50.

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Dell :: 25W Vs 35W CPU On M4400?
Considering that this is a "heavy duty" notebook, how much would a 25W processor (e.g., P9600) increase battery life and decrease heat? In my experience, the difference has been very little for relatively similar notebooks.

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Dell :: Considering A M4400
I am considering buying a Precision M4400 but I've read about various audio problems, even with the audio outputs .....

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Dell :: Is The M4400 Really That Bad?
I'm currently trying to decide between the M4400 and the HP 8530W. Please could any M4400 owners let me know their thoughts (happy or otherwise)?

The basic specs are as follows:

Dell: P8600 CPU, 4GB RAM, 160GB 7200rpm HDD, Quadro 770M, 1920x1200 display, 6-cell battery.
HP: T9400 CPU, 2GB RAM, 160GB 7200rpm HDD, Quadro 770M, 1680x1050, 8-cell battery.

They're about the same price where I live, and both have a similar lead time. I've had no major problems with Dell in the past, but the M4400 seems to have been slated here and elsewhere for its build quality and design issues. The HP is by no means immune, but it does seem to come off lighter .....

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Dell :: Windows 7 On M4400
When I got my M4400 last week, it had Vista Business installed - wasn't bad and unlike most people, I've NEVER had issues with Vista Anyway being a Microsoft Gold customer, I got my hands on the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM version and installed this on the laptop.

It has transformed the laptop just like it did my PCMUCH quicker, the graphics seem a lot happier in W7 too.

I've installed all my other tools such as SQL2008, Office 07, Virtual PC with VMs, VS 2008 etc etc but it doesnt even flinch under pressure.

If you are happy with M4400 and Vista, you will be even happier with W7 - small mini review but I thought I should give you my quick thoughts on it.

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Dell :: M4400 Users:
what kind of battery life you're getting from your M4400, with specifics...

list down your spec, which battery you have, and what programs you were running..

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Dell :: M4400 & ESATA
I'm getting about 15-20MB/s (transfer speed) transfering files from my Lacie d2 Quadra(eSATA 3 Gbits port) to my M4400 with Vista 32Bit thought eSATA port.
eSATA port has 3 Gbit/s bandwidth, so I wouldn't get about 300-375 MB/s transfering data?

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Dell :: Refurbished M4400
I'm looking to replace a 3-year old IBM X60s that recently failed.

I'm considering a refurbished M4400 from Dell Outlet, and I have a couple of questions:

1.) How is Dell Outlet service and what quality can I expect from them? I know from Lenovo Outlet, most of the refurbished items are actually in immaculate condition. Is that the case for Dell Outlet? Is customer service and shipping times good?

2.) When browsing through the available M4400s, I see listings for both 15.4" WXGA and 15.4" WXGA LED. Are there M4400s with CCFL backlit WXGA panels? When configuring a new one, the only option for WXGA is LED.

And any other comments, advice, warnings, etc,

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Dell :: 95W Power On M4400
Can I use a 95W Power Supply for my M4400 along with the 130W Supply I would leave at home?.

Its new and nice as #&$*#(### for guys like me who spend an hour to an hour and a half on the metro then a 2-6 block walk into the offfice?.

This is small @
Dimension 75 x 17 x 145 mm ; 2.9 x 0.7 x 5.7 inches....

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Dell :: M4400 DVD Burner
I noticed that dell list two compatible models, YP311 and XX243. On Dells website they both have identical descriptions. I assume Dell is just switching between two different manufactures.

Does anyone have any advice if one functions better then the other?

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Dell :: M4400 Bluetooth
I ordered my m4400 with the "Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth 2.1 Minicard for Latitude E/Mobile Precision" option.

It has the little Bluetooth light above the keyboard... although I have no idea if that actually means it was shipped with the bluetooth I ordered.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to enable bluetooth. I can't find the adapter in Device Manager, and I don't see any keyboard combos to enable it.

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Dell :: M4400 Ram Specs?
I need to know the specs of the RAM in my M4400 and was hoping someone here could help me out?

I know it has 4GB Ram, but how many actual Ram slots does it have and what speeds/specs Ram can be put in it? Basically,

i want to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB to give my VM's better performance without slowing down my base OS (Windows 7 Ultimate x64). I don't know which Ram to choose on newegg.

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Dell :: Need Warranty With An M4400?
I'm about to purchase an M4400 as a mobile editing station but I've only got one reservation. Basically, I can buy one with a dell 3 year warranty or I can buy a better speced one for 20% less that doesn't have a warranty as it's from a liquidation of assets sale.

Now, I'm pretty handy with computers/laptop and in the past I've taken apart laptops to replace CPU's, motherboards, hard drives, etc. so I'm fairly comfortable with fixing things when they go wrong. But my question is whether I should expect things to go wrong. I'm especially concerned about the screen and the occurrence of dead pixels. Is this commonplace and how many dead pixels does it take for dell to accept a returns anyway?

At home I have a Dell 2407WFP-HC and I've never had any problems with it. I built my desktop computer myself and I'm not concerned with parts of it going wrong as it's easy to find replacement parts, but the same can't be said for laptops, and there is a significant cost differential!

So, is it worth paying a 25% premium to have the dell warranty? I'm a frugal man, and a penny saved is always a good thing in my book, but not at the expense of having to shell out in 6 months when something goes wrong .....

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Dell :: WUXGA RGB LED Available On M4400
There is now an RGB LED option available for the M4400 for $299. I'd love to hear how this screen performs in real life.

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Dell :: Shall I Go For A Precision M4400?
I am considering of getting myself a laptop for personal CAD and design use.

I am looking to buy a resonably priced Quadro graphic laptop and hope it last for 2 years or so...

Could anyone kindly advise me on if the Dell Precision M4400 would be a good option? (below is the spec I am thinking of going for)

Processor: 2.8Ghz T9600 Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4Gb (800Mhz, DDR2)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX1700M (512Mb)
Hard Disk: 320Gb (7200rpm)

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Dell :: M4400 Bios A13 Hot Hot Hot!
I upgraded my M4400 Bios from A06 to A13 when it came out a week or so ago and was initially really happy about the much lessened fan usage.

But since then my computer gets so hot that its impossible to keep it on my lap even after 15 minutes of use.

That I could still handle but the keyboard and the palm rests get pretty hot and it feels very uncomfortable.

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Dell :: Cheap M4400?
I've checked Dell Outlet, and the cheapest one there was $900, and that's pretty good but I'm wondering if you guys know any other places I should check.

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Dell :: M4400 Retrofits ?
And another thread from me...

Bought a M4400 but want to retrofit a few things.

Just bought a backlit keyboard for it which should get to me tomorrow so that's

Also a new lid (there were very minute marks on my current one

To make this you guys know whether I can retrofit a Fingerprint reader and also the webcam to it?

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Dell :: Undervolting My M4400
I want to undervolt my Presicion M4400 as per this guide:
The "Undervolting" Guide

A few questions as I embark!

1) Does it matter how much power my M4400 draws when I do this? That is if I later attach USB drives, add a 2nd hardrive to optical bay, should I take these into account? I assume no but just checking.

2) After doing the first stress test I got max temps of 76C on CPU, after lowering the max 10.0 multiplier voltage and running it for 10 min I got max temps of 79C. Something must be wrong?

In RMClock's CPU info page (see pic. 1) the "current" 10.0x multiplier reads 1.1250V when Im doing the stress test although I've set the 10.0 multiplier to 1.1500V (default max is 1.2500V) on the profile page (see pic 2).

Shouldn't the read outs correspond with the set max voltage? Also on the RMClock CPU info page (see pic. 1) the "maximal" 10.0x readout is 1.2500V which is again different from the set 1.1500V.

Is this normal or have the setting not been saved or something?

3) On the advanced CPU settings page my thermal monitoring is not checked (see pic 3) this differs from the Undervolting guide screenshots and is not specified if these should be on?

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Dell :: Temps On M4400 OK?
I've got a Precision M4400 for which I did some DIY upgrading... Specifically, I put in a T9900 (3.06GHz, 35W TDP) processor and a 256Gb SSD. You can see the specs in my signature, actually.

The problem is that my temperatures seem to be going pretty high. Realtemp is saying that once I turn on the laptop, both CPU cores are at around 30-35 C. But after a very short while, this heats up to the mid-40's. And if I play Sims 3, let's say, the temperature can go up all the way to the high 70's. The GPU seems to stay at under 80 C, which I think should be fine .....

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Dell :: M4400 Sleep
When my Precision M4400 goes to sleep after I close the lid, it sometimes turns itself back on without opening the lid back up (it gets rather hot and the fan is running by the time I go to use the computer again, however, I believe the screen stays off).

This has really started to bother me lately as the heat cannot be good for the computer and I always have to turn the computer off by holding the power button after it does this because the screen won't turn back on.

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Dell :: New M4400 Love It But Its A Hot One
I love my new M4400, I put in my own fujitsu 320GB hard drive but it seems like the machine runs very warm around the hard drive area.

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Dell :: 8GB SDHC On My M4400
I can't run my 8GB SDHC card on the built-in card reader on my M4400.

Current OS is windows xp x64.

Is there an update for this issue?

One more thing is where to buy a new motherboard for the same
but the one include the nVIDIA 1700M?

I'm looking to upgrade mine, is it expensive?

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Dell :: Precision M4400
just got my m4400 and upgraded to vista business via the dell disks. Now the backlit keyboard dosen't work. It was working under XP. It on in the BIOS and the controlpoint.

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Dell :: M4400 Reliability
Well with quite a few M4400 users here, what has been your general reliability thoughts on it?

Mine is running fine however, having a nice chat with dell yesterday - it seems mines just come out of warranty.

Now I could buy their extended 2 year warranty at a cost of £260 which would be the next day business option or risk it and carry on using it.

Now what I am thinking is if it does not break down in the next 2 years then I save £260 .....

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Dell :: OSX86 On M4400
I am working to installing a copy of OSX on my laptop to have a portable editing solution from my desk. So far I have got a hacked version to boot up fine. I currently have no audio, no graphic acceleration, no usb, no lan, no wireless. In fact is seeming amazing it boot at all. I am trying to update to install first before I go searching for KEXT (mac driver) for all those components.

First is anyone else trying to run OSX on their machine?

Second am I am able to boot from the ESATA port with out having an OS driver? I am thinking about just getting a 2.5 Esata box instead of the chinese E-modular bay.

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Dell :: M2400 Or M4400
I plan to buy a Laptop within some days. It comes down to M2400 or M4400, as the T500 has no LED screen here in Europe and T400 no digital screen connection. I'm product designer but will attend business school next year, so I will do a lot of office stuff and traveling. The only difference in these systems is the GPU, I wonder how do they compare? Rhino should work fine on both I guess? Anyone able to compare those systems?

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Dell :: Qx9300 For M4400
I am planning to upgrade my P8600 to qx9300, but i don't know if the fan sink can do with the heat or not. (When i play 3d games)

Anyone got qx9300 in m4400 here?

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