Dell :: Penryn Processors Available For XPS M1530

Mar 10, 2008

Dell is offering for the same price.

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Dell :: M1530: LED, Penryn, 8800

Feb 10, 2008

In the US, the M1330 already has the LED backlit and the penryn for some time now. Yet the 1530 is just sitting there...

Other manufacturers have began offering newer GPUs than the 8600, but still nothing from dell on their 15.4".

They teased us with the addition of the 1530 under the "XPS Gaming Laptop" header, but its exactly the same as the regular one.

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Dell :: Penryn Now Available On M1730

Feb 15, 2008

Looks like the m1730 now carries 45nm Penryn processors: The base is now 2.4GHz T8300 and T9300 option is for ~$125 more. I wonder if the performance differences justify that extra $125.

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Dell :: Upgrading To Penryn

Jan 4, 2009

i have an xps m1530 with a T7250 2.0 ghz processor. Could i upgrade to say like an 8300 Penryn without a problem or would the motherboard have to be different??

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Dell :: 45nm Penryn In A M1730

Jan 13, 2008

I was wondering that since the socket for the processor in the M1730 is a socket P and thats the same socket the new Penryns will use, will it be possible to just drop one in like we were able to do so on the E1705 when Merom came out? The run at a much lower voltage and from this review [url] it would increase battery life and is more powerful to boot so it just sounds like a good idea.

Crap, looks like I messed up the topic for this thread.

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Dell :: M1330 With Penryn Upgrade

Jan 31, 2008

I know some folks have put a T9300 in their m1330, but the screenshots I've seen show the bios incorrectly detecting the CPU speed (A06 I believe). I want to know if the new A07 bios has corrected this issue, but I never saw any followup. Can anyone who has done this upgrade confirm/deny if A07 fixed the detection issue?

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Dell :: Penryn Minimum Core Temperature

Jul 13, 2009

It seems like the temperature readings from both cores of my P8400 on my Dell Latitude E6500 running Windows 7 RC have some sort of minimum built into them. The reported temperatures will never drop below 32 for Core 0, and 39 for Core 1. Even after I resume from suspend, when the CPU should be at room temperature, as soon as I boot up it's 39/32. Similarly, while temperatures above that on SpeedFan show normal fluctuations, like you expect from a CPU temperature reading, once it hits the floor, it just becomes a flat straight line.

I'm not sure if this is the sensors, the software, or what.

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HP/Compaq :: Montevina Vs Penryn

Jan 28, 2009

I thought I had a Montevina CPU but according to CPU Z it reports it as Penryn

what's the diff? which is better?

I have 6 MB L2 cache

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Apple :: Stylus On A Trackpad(penryn)

Jan 14, 2009

i am interested to know if the pogo stylus will work on the trackpad of the penryn mbp; also, what is a good software that allow us to draw mindlessly? since i am only drawing some simple graphs for economics classes i am not looking for a wacom intuous/bamboo level of precisions and wanting to use it before making a 300ish purchase of a new HDD for my x41t (233x CF isn't fast enough i guess)

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Apple :: MBP - Merom - Penryn - Nehalem

Jul 4, 2009

I just bought the new 13" MBP 2.53Ghz 128SSD. Which CPU code name is in my MBP and what size nanometer is it?

Also is it the same code name as the 15" and 17" with higher clock speeds?

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Dell :: Processors In Studio 17

Oct 31, 2009

Dell, and someone there told me that you couldn't just swap out processors in the Studio 17.

Said the processors are soldered to the motherboards. Is this true?

Example of what I'm wanting to do::
If I were to order one with the Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor...

could I later switch it out for the the T9600? If you can just switch it out, is it as fairly easy to do

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Dell :: Difference In Processors

Mar 13, 2009

i noticed dell had some different atom processors. N270 and Z520, whats the differences between the N processors and the Z. they seem to have come out around the same time.

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Apple :: Installing Penryn MBP Top Case On Santa Rosa MBP

Jan 28, 2010

i got my santa rosa MBP not too long ago (i bought it second hand). i am extremely happy with the machine as it is a 2.4ghz c2d with 160g hdd at 5400rpm and 8600gt 256mg gpu. i know this has been discussed many times, so i have been reading about the multi touch trackpad and was a bit bummed that i didnt get the newer 2008 penryn model instead. 2 days ago i was thiking about replacing the SR MBP top case with a penryn MBP top case and have the multi touch, 4 finger gesture ability on my SR MBP. therefore i started googling to see of people have actually done conversions and worked..fortunately, i found a member on this forum and confirmed that it actually works...but unfortunately there was not guide for this operation. I would really want to hear from those that has performed such replacement operation and perhaps give me some tips and what i may need to watch out for. in addition to that, does anybody know of a guide for this replacement? would the penryn top case keyboard and trackpad connections fit the SR MBP? any modifications needed?

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Dell :: New Intel Processors For M4400

Jan 8, 2009

I've been following notebookreview's threads for quite some time since I'm planning on replacing my good-old veteran Inspiron 8600 with a Precision M4400, which currently suits my needs best

I was just about to order the laptop from Ireland (which is the cheapest and most secure way of getting the M4400 to where I live at the moment - Bulgaria) but a couple of days ago I saw a piece of news about five new processors - T8700, T9550, T9800, Q9000 and P9600 Processors for the Centrino 2 platform. Now I'm waiting for the P9600 which is a bit faster (2.66 GHz)but most important for me is that it has a lower TDP rating than what I initially planned to order - T9400. I travel a lot so battery life and power drain are important for me.

Does anyone have information if the M4400 will have a P9600 option in the nearest future so that I wait a bit more? I remember that some time ago the P9500 was available within the M4400 configurator but then Dell misteriously discontinued offering it

It is also romoured that Intel will reveal the new i7 mobile processor versions soon which makes me think it all over again and maybe wait a bit more. My only doubts are that the mobile i7s would have a higher TDP which will eat up the battery in no time

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Dell :: When Will Intel I7 Processors Come To Notebooks?

Aug 3, 2009

Is there any news on this? I am in the market for a new notebook computer, but I was going to wait until October when Windows 7 comes out.

Any idea if new models will be released between now and than? Is it even possible to put an i7 processor on a notebook?

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Dell :: Aftermarket Processors In Latitude E6400

Feb 16, 2009

Has anyone installed a processor in their E6400 that is more powerful than the pre-installed top factory option (the 2.93GHz T9800 Dual)? I was thinking about putting one of the following into mine:

X9100 (3.06GHz Dual)
Q9000 (2.0GHz Quad)
Q9100 (2.26GHz Quad)
QX9300 (2.53GHz Quad)

Anyone know if any of these will work, and if you have done it, how is the heat management, and are their any other issues?

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Sony :: Z I7 Processors

May 7, 2010

Was just doing a bit of customizing of a Z and I discovered that there is no ETA on the US Sony page if you select the i7-620 CPU and the option for the CPU is grayed out in the Japanese page ( with a note saying that CPU is unavailable and they don't have any lead times )

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6se With AMD Processors Out At HP

May 26, 2010

I just noticed that the new dv6 with the updated AMD processors are available at HP and they are very good value. I just configured one with,

AMD Phenom II N830 Triple Core processor at 2.1GHz
320GB 7200RPM
1GB ATI 5650 (switchable)

for $875. The select edition also has the touchscreen option available and comes standard with AMD Turion II dual core P520 at 2.3GHz and ATI 5470 for $650.

The dm3z has also been refreshed with up to AMD Turion II Neo dual core K625 at 1.5GHz and ATI 5430. I wish that these had been out when they did the 25% BCB, could have gotten the dv6z for $700 and the dm3z with Turion II Neo dual-core K625/ATI 5430 plus an external optical drive for $600.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV3T Processors

May 20, 2009

I'm pretty much ready to order the HP DV3T notebook, but one thing that confuses me is the processor. I want a very fast processor, so initially i was going to get the Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T9550 (2.66 GHz). However, i did some research and i found that the P series processors are more efficient than the older T series, thus using less power and have a faster FSB. The next fastest P series processor you can get with the DV3T is the Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor P8700 (2.53GHz). I went on Intel's website, and if I read correctly, the P8700 and the T9550 are both 45nm, and have the same FSB (1066Mhz). However, the P8700 has 3mb L2 cache, and the T9550 has 6mb L2 cache.

Source : [url]

Basically what im asking is what processor is the better one? Money isn't a factor, so I just want the better processor. All these numbers are confusing me, and i dont know what exactly i should be getting here.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16t Processors. Which Ones Run Your Machine Hot

Jun 7, 2009

I am considering the P8700 2.53, T9550 2.66, and the T9800 2.93. I know the T series requires more power to run thus causing more heat to be generated. but for anyone who has any of these processors, does the computer actually get hot to the point where it affects the computer or your hands?

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Apple :: Swapping Processors From HP To An MBP

May 14, 2010

I have a spare Intel Core i7-720QM from an HP DV notebook laying around. I've done processor swapping in different systems before so im no noob at it, such as replacing a quad core Q9000 for a quad core extreme QX9300.

I was thinking about getting the new 15 inch MBP with the Core i7-620M and swapping the processors, putting in my Core i7-720QM.

Is it possible? Or are they soldered to the board? Or is it through sockets?

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Dell :: Do Slower Processors Give Longer Battery Life?

Jan 16, 2009

Do slower processors give longer battery life? How much of an effect?

I'm looking to get a Studio and wonder whether I should consider a slower processor for that reason. If it bogs down under Vista, however, that's not good.

I want to get the 9-cell battery.

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Acer :: What Processors Can Be Installed To An 8930g

May 3, 2010

I have one of the higher end specs of the 8930g but it is struggling with simple stuff. Even FireFox can get CPU to 100%!

I recently bought a hauppauge hd pvr and when I tried to edit video it became very slow!

It has quad core 2ghz processor 6m cache 1066fsb. When I paid 1200 for it I would have thought it would he more than good enough for stuff like this. Would upgrading the processor fix this problem?

If so, is there a list of which processors would be compatible? I have 4gb RAM and 1tb hard drive space...

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Acer :: What Processors I Can Upgrade To On My 9920G

May 16, 2009

what processors I can upgrade to on my 9920G?

From what I've read, I have need to be careful not to choose one that will overheat the system. So how do I find out what the limitations of the board are?

I had an earlier post about my laptop croaking (dead motherboard). Which Acer wouldn't fix because it said the mobo wasn't available anymore. It IS, in fact, still available from the factory, so I've found one through an exchange program and will be replacing it myself. Which makes me think that Acer is a bunch of monkeys - but that's another saga altogether.

Since the processor on this thing is a little underpowered, I thought I might upgrade that while I'm at it.

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Sony :: New Processors For Vaios In Q4worth

Apr 29, 2009

I realise Intel is releasing their new processors in Q4. Sony Vaios would of course get the new processors.

My question is, are the benefits / advantages worth waiting for or is the current line of Vaios good enough to last for the next 5 years? I am looking specifically at the Z and the TT.

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Apple :: How Long Will It Take For To Run New I Series Processors

Feb 11, 2010

Well we didnt see any updated from Apple other than iPad... So how long do you think it will take Apple to put an i series processor in their macbook pro's lineup ? I mean form factor is the same as HP envy 15 and those run i5 and i7 (second gen envy 15 have no heat issues at all) So when will apple finally update its outdated products?

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Acer :: Do All The Timeline's 3810T With Different Processors Have The Same Screen

Aug 4, 2009

Do all the timeline's 3810T with different processors have the same screen ?

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Apple :: Upgrade The Processors In The MacBook Pros

Nov 24, 2009

Is it worth it to upgrade the processors in the MacBook Pros?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Processors Intel Core I7-620M Vs. Intel Core I7-820QM

Jan 18, 2010

what the performance difference is between the Intel Core i7-620M and the . Intel Core i7-820QM. I always thought the quad core 820QM was faster, but on the hp website the dual core 620M is more expensive.

Is the 620M faster? And is it faster for specific things only?

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Dell :: M1530 Really Hot

May 4, 2010

I've bought this laptop back in 2008. Upgraded to windows 7 in Oct 2009.

I've always kept my laptop flat on my desk with no laptop cooler. My laptop has only been getting reallllly hot this pass month.

Attached is the HWmonitor graphic.

Is there more to this than just needing a laptop cooler?

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