Dell :: M1530: LED, Penryn, 8800

Feb 10, 2008

In the US, the M1330 already has the LED backlit and the penryn for some time now. Yet the 1530 is just sitting there...

Other manufacturers have began offering newer GPUs than the 8600, but still nothing from dell on their 15.4".

They teased us with the addition of the 1530 under the "XPS Gaming Laptop" header, but its exactly the same as the regular one.

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Dell :: Penryn Processors Available For XPS M1530

Mar 10, 2008

Dell is offering for the same price.

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Dell :: Penryn Now Available On M1730

Feb 15, 2008

Looks like the m1730 now carries 45nm Penryn processors: The base is now 2.4GHz T8300 and T9300 option is for ~$125 more. I wonder if the performance differences justify that extra $125.

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Dell :: Upgrading To Penryn

Jan 4, 2009

i have an xps m1530 with a T7250 2.0 ghz processor. Could i upgrade to say like an 8300 Penryn without a problem or would the motherboard have to be different??

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Dell :: 45nm Penryn In A M1730

Jan 13, 2008

I was wondering that since the socket for the processor in the M1730 is a socket P and thats the same socket the new Penryns will use, will it be possible to just drop one in like we were able to do so on the E1705 when Merom came out? The run at a much lower voltage and from this review [url] it would increase battery life and is more powerful to boot so it just sounds like a good idea.

Crap, looks like I messed up the topic for this thread.

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Dell :: M1330 With Penryn Upgrade

Jan 31, 2008

I know some folks have put a T9300 in their m1330, but the screenshots I've seen show the bios incorrectly detecting the CPU speed (A06 I believe). I want to know if the new A07 bios has corrected this issue, but I never saw any followup. Can anyone who has done this upgrade confirm/deny if A07 fixed the detection issue?

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Dell :: Penryn Minimum Core Temperature

Jul 13, 2009

It seems like the temperature readings from both cores of my P8400 on my Dell Latitude E6500 running Windows 7 RC have some sort of minimum built into them. The reported temperatures will never drop below 32 for Core 0, and 39 for Core 1. Even after I resume from suspend, when the CPU should be at room temperature, as soon as I boot up it's 39/32. Similarly, while temperatures above that on SpeedFan show normal fluctuations, like you expect from a CPU temperature reading, once it hits the floor, it just becomes a flat straight line.

I'm not sure if this is the sensors, the software, or what.

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HP/Compaq :: Montevina Vs Penryn

Jan 28, 2009

I thought I had a Montevina CPU but according to CPU Z it reports it as Penryn

what's the diff? which is better?

I have 6 MB L2 cache

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Apple :: Stylus On A Trackpad(penryn)

Jan 14, 2009

i am interested to know if the pogo stylus will work on the trackpad of the penryn mbp; also, what is a good software that allow us to draw mindlessly? since i am only drawing some simple graphs for economics classes i am not looking for a wacom intuous/bamboo level of precisions and wanting to use it before making a 300ish purchase of a new HDD for my x41t (233x CF isn't fast enough i guess)

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Apple :: MBP - Merom - Penryn - Nehalem

Jul 4, 2009

I just bought the new 13" MBP 2.53Ghz 128SSD. Which CPU code name is in my MBP and what size nanometer is it?

Also is it the same code name as the 15" and 17" with higher clock speeds?

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Dell :: 8800 GTX SLI Owners

Feb 9, 2008

I know a few of you have 8800GTX SLI setups right now. What kind of temps do those cards hit under a heavy load such as Crysis? Are any of you overclocking them yet? How many fans does the M1730 have, and how loud are they on high speed?

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Dell :: 8700 SLI To 8800 SLI

Feb 20, 2008

I could grab one with the 8700's and then swap in the 8800's SLI.

Would I need to have an 8700 SLI setup to move to an 8800 SLI setup?

Are there any caveats about going from one to the other? Any additional hardware needed besides the cards themselves?

Is there a part # so that I can see what I'm probably going to have to spend for the 8800 cards?

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Dell :: 8800 GTS For Vostro

May 21, 2008

about the possibility for an 8800 GTS video upgrade for the 1700/1720.

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Dell :: 9800 V 8800

Apr 11, 2009

are the 9800 much much better than the 8800s?

i have had some nasty over heating problems with my 8800s recently and they are offering to replace my graphics cards with new or refurbed 8800s,

im pretty good at arguing the toss and reckon i can blag an upgrade to the 9800s, just wondered how much of an improvement they are

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Dell :: 9800M GT Sli VS 8800 Gtx Sli ?

Mar 12, 2009

So I am seeing that you can purchase the M1730 with this card for $1699. This seems kinda cheap to me, definately waaay cheaper than the sli 8800gtx setup was

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Dell :: XPS 1730 And The 8800's

Nov 22, 2007

Regarding the NVIDIA 8800, I would suggest that we all call and e-mail Dell and hope that pestering them enough will result in an answer. I myself am in the middle of wanting to purchase a new gaming laptop, and I don't really like the look of the new Alienware, so I'm sticking with the idea of purchasing a 1730. But the fact that I will be paying over $4,000 for a new gaming laptop with GPU's that are already outdated (and by a significant margin judging by the 8800 benchmarks) does bug me a bit.

I've contacted Dell by e-mail/chat and I get the usual "I don't know anything" answer but the interesting part is that the a few of the techs I spoke with said that other people have brought up the 8800 issue as well. I've also called and spoke with a sales guy who told me he doesn't think the 1730 will EVER be able to have the 8800 because they have to custom fit it to the motherboard and that will take months and months and by that time another GPU will probably be out which may not even fit into the 1730 and all that.

But again who knows and he may have just been trying to make a sale...but the point is that someone who is interested in, or already owns, the 1730 is not a parent shopping for a computer for their kid. A person who has come across the 1730 is an advanced user and savvy enough to know that the 8700's in there are already outdated. So if Dell begins to see that they are receiving returns/cancellations and calls/e-mails about the 8800 issue, and they are smart enough to know their target audience for the 1730, I'm sure they will give us some answer as to when (if) the 8800 will be available for the 1730 and what the deal is in regard to a possible upgrade path.

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Apple :: Installing Penryn MBP Top Case On Santa Rosa MBP

Jan 28, 2010

i got my santa rosa MBP not too long ago (i bought it second hand). i am extremely happy with the machine as it is a 2.4ghz c2d with 160g hdd at 5400rpm and 8600gt 256mg gpu. i know this has been discussed many times, so i have been reading about the multi touch trackpad and was a bit bummed that i didnt get the newer 2008 penryn model instead. 2 days ago i was thiking about replacing the SR MBP top case with a penryn MBP top case and have the multi touch, 4 finger gesture ability on my SR MBP. therefore i started googling to see of people have actually done conversions and worked..fortunately, i found a member on this forum and confirmed that it actually works...but unfortunately there was not guide for this operation. I would really want to hear from those that has performed such replacement operation and perhaps give me some tips and what i may need to watch out for. in addition to that, does anybody know of a guide for this replacement? would the penryn top case keyboard and trackpad connections fit the SR MBP? any modifications needed?

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Dell :: 8800 GTX SLIstruggling On The Best Drivers

Jan 24, 2009

I got my new M1730 this week, and after bedding it down, and making sure it seems fine, I ran a 3Dmark2006, and got 9728, which seemed a little low, given what I've seen on reivews,

and benchmark sites, for a 8800 512 GTX SLi setup, even if I do have a T8100 in it.

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Dell :: Sli 8700 To Single 8800 Gtx

Mar 4, 2008

i've got dual 8700's, but was wondering if it was possible to sell those, and get a single 8800gtx. i'm assuming it would give better peformance than what i'm getting now.

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Dell :: M1730 Dual 8800 Gtx Can't Run In SLI Mode.

Oct 21, 2009

I have m1730 with dual 8800 gtx. Had it over a year now and have had no problems with it. Now all a sudden when I enable SLI it gives me a blue screen. The problem is with nvlddmkm.sys. I'v tried different drivers and nothing has fixed this. I googled and looked for similar problems but nobody seems to have any fixes. Also most problems I found on google are when running games. My machine won't even boot up in SLI mode with the original driver. With the newer drivers after i accept changes seems like windows is attempting to load the second card then i get the blue screen.

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Dell :: M1730 8800 Engineering Troubles

Oct 16, 2007

Just got off the phone with a tech guy at DELL XPS, I was asking about the upgrade path, and the 8800M cards, and timescales for release.

The guy says they have an engineering problem at the moment, and are "Unable to make the cards function correctly with the CPU" (for what reason I didnt ask) He did mention "proportional speeds" - so im assuming he means something about bus speeds but im not sure..and that "They have no immediate plans to release this card in this laptop".

He might well be feeding me rubbish just to try and get a sale, but does anyone have any contacts at Dell that can confirm or even deny this is true?

I was hoping that they would come out with the new card in the unit before or around xmas - seems (if this is anything close to the truth) that this is unlikely from what he said...

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Dell :: Dual 8800 GTX Cards In XPS M1730 From

Jan 29, 2008

if anything currently selling could match pefrormance of DELL`s updated line ...just check out the new m1730 config with dual GTXs

Hope to see benchmarks soon and some instant savings, DELL

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Dell :: 8800 Series And Lineup Speculation:

Nov 21, 2007

I'm assuming they are going to equip the XPS 1730 w/ the 8800 GTX but where will the 8800 GTS go? Will that be in the XPS 1710 or jump all the way down to the Inspiron 1720? I also think XPS will mirror Alienware to save on costs.

my guess:

XPS 1730 8800 GTX
XPS 1710 removed from lineup (outdated form factor)
XPS 1715 8800 GTX (new 15in version of the 1730)
Inspiron 1720 8800 GTS
Inspiron 1520 8600 GT

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Dell :: We'll Never See A 8800 Decent Performer Anytime Soon

Jul 15, 2007

You look at the wattage of the desktop versions of the cards and its insane. 165 watts for the 8800 gtx. [url]

the 7xxx cards didn't drain anywhere close to that much, the 78xx around 90watts peak and the 79xx 80watts.[url]

Nvidia and ATI have both been criticized for their lack of performance per watt in their dx10 cards over any previous generation, and its seems to be directly turning around in the mobile market.

It seems they can try and severely limit the stream processors (32 in 8700m gt compared to 128 in 8800gtx) and the memory bandwidth to compensate on a technology that is just built on power consumption.

And of course, even if notebooks can give that much AC power, the problem of heat still remains. People may be waiting for nothing, at least not in the near future until the next round of nvidia cards are released (maybe the jump from 88xx to 89xx will provide much more power savings than 78xx to 79xx) and allow dx10 tech to truly hit the mobile market.

corrected 8700m gt processors

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Dell :: 8800 GTX M1730 Malfunction Error In Vista

Aug 24, 2009

problem with my 8800 GTX in my XPS 1730...

Within Vista, both cards show up with a yellow exclamaton and a error code 43

I tried installing drivers off the dell website and then using Nvidia Reference drivers. No luck...

Re-Installed vista fresh- same problem...

Installed Windows 7 w/ Refernce Nvidia drivers - Same problem.

THEN..I installed Windows XP Pro SP3 with Dell website drivers and everything is working fine. Ran 3dmark, no crashes...

is this a software problem or hardware? Why would my 8800 work in XP but not Vista or Win 7? Has anyone heard of this problem? My 1730 is out of warranty so calling dell isnt an option.

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Dell :: Are The 8800 Gtx Cards Coming Back Into Stock??

Feb 20, 2010

or is the dell support service just pulling my leg?? laptop is screwed and i have and engineer coming out to me on tuesday to replace

the motherboard, heatsink and 8800's.. he said there is a shortage at the moment but they will be in stock by the end of the month

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Dell :: M1730 Anyone In UK Managed To Get 8800 Sli To Replace Their 8700

Feb 5, 2008

anyone has managed to get an upgrade (free or otherwise) out of Dell to change their 8700 for 8800?

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Dell :: 8800 Benchmarks Revealed CRYSIS Included

Dec 21, 2007


i threw my 2 cents in. benchmarked my m1710 with 7900gtx in the thread.

my FRAPS result is near the same as what the 8800 got @ 1280x1024...

maybe diff @ higher res? or better drivers?

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Dell :: M1530 Really Hot

May 4, 2010

I've bought this laptop back in 2008. Upgraded to windows 7 in Oct 2009.

I've always kept my laptop flat on my desk with no laptop cooler. My laptop has only been getting reallllly hot this pass month.

Attached is the HWmonitor graphic.

Is there more to this than just needing a laptop cooler?

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Dell :: When To Buy The M1530?

Dec 8, 2007

When will the price of the m1530 come down?
I want it, but it costs a lot..
After christmas maybe? Or am I better off getting something else?.
I do live in canada so none of those amazing $400 off Inspiron/vostro coupons work...

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