Dell :: SXPS 1340 Thermal Paste Replacement Guide

Aug 26, 2009

Replacing Dell's default thermal paste in the Dell Studio XPS 1340 can lower your cpu, gpu and ambient temperatures by as much as 15C/60F.

When I first received my SXPS 1340 from Dell, my temperatures were:
THRM-57C, CPU-52C, GPU-62C.

For me, these temperatures were O.K., but I knew I could lower them by replacing the thermal paste.

My temperatures after replacing the thermal paste were:
THRM-48C, CPU-34C, GPU-50C. Note that after a month or two of having the MX-2 inside your computer, the cooler it will become as it settles

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Dell :: Video Guide: Changing Thermal Paste(AS5) On Studio XPS 1645

Feb 23, 2010

Due to popular demand of people requesting a guide on how to change their thermal paste I decided to make a video guide for the community as a way of giving back. Enjoy and sorry if I'm no high quality youtube blogger. This is my first video ever.

Changing Studio XPS 1645 Thermal Paste(AS5) from XmDXtReMeK on Vimeo.

You need isopropyl alcohol(99% or high purity)/arctic clean solution would work too with Q-Tips to clean up the previous compound. So please have that handy guys.

Also watch this video on why I will not spread the compound but put a pea size dab of the compound and let the pressure spread it. You do not want air pockets between your cpu and heatsink, it will cause a lose of the thermal interface and wont work optimal. .....

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Dell :: Has Anyone Replaced The Thermal Paste / Thermal Pad On A E6400/M2400?

Apr 2, 2009

I have come to grips with the fact that my E6400 (see specs below) has idle temps of around 42 for both CPUs and around 62 for the GPU (while docked).

While these are not dangerous, and while the slow fan speed is very quiet and therefore doesn't bother me, I refuse to accept defeat so easily.

So, I am thinking of replacing the thermal paste and possibly the thermal pad on my E6400. There is at least one person here at the Latitude/Precision sub-forum who did that, with amazing results

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Acer :: 6920g Thermal Pad Or Thermal Paste For The Northbridge

Jul 16, 2009

i have a question for everyone who has removed the heatspreader from an acer 6920g. Did the northbridge made contact with the heatspreader by a thermal pad or by a thermal paste ? mine had something that looked like a thermal pad but when i tried to remove it , it tore into small pieces ( i know a thermal pad is not like that ). i used a thermal paste when i put everything back together. Should i open it up again and use a thermal pad for the northbridge ?. In everst in the sensor menu it shows 42 degrees celsius for the motherboard sensor ( i assume that is the northbridge).

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Dell :: M1530 Gpu Thermal Paste?

Apr 22, 2009

I just had the motherboard/video card on my m1530 replaced by the dell guy because of the old defective graphics card issue. I watched him do the whole thing, and when he re-attached cooling mechanism to the motherboard, he used new thermal paste for the cpu, but not the video card.

I asked him about this, and he said that the surface of the gpu is different and doesn't need it. I don't really believe this, since it looks just like the desktop gpus that I always use thermal paste on. I'm getting pretty high temps now (65-70C idle).

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Dell :: Thermal Paste From

Jul 25, 2009

I bought THIS from dealextreme.
I want to use it when Im gonna be replacing the heatsink

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Dell :: How To Apply Thermal Paste

Apr 5, 2008

Alright, my CPU is idling at 75c and my GPU is at 80c, I've opened up my M170 and It didnt seem dusty at all, so I went out and bought a small tube of AC5 which people say will help.

Now the problem Is I have no idea where to apply it, or how much is needed. I dont really know anything about hardware components, so If anyone has any pics which could show me where and how much to apply that would great.

The M170 is currently in peices at my desk and Im typing this on a MacBook, and I really dont want to spend anymore time on the OSX than I have to.

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Dell :: Changing Thermal Paste - M1530

Apr 22, 2009

Well i finally decided that i should give this a try after seeing my temps creep up by about 1 degreeC per week. I just ordered some Arctic Silver 5. Ive looked at all the thermal paste topics here and still have a few questions. Firstly, what exactly is the thermal pad and do i have to worry about it? I saw that some people had to remove the pad but when i read through tutorial i didnt see anything about taking off or replacing a thermal pad.
Secondly, when applying the thermal paste, do i want to cover the whole "black square" of the cpu/gpu with a thin layer?

And lastly, i heard that this may void your warranty. I was wondering, if i did break my lappy somehow, couldnt i just clean it off so that when the tech guy comes i just claim that i never even opened it up?

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Dell :: How To Apply Thermal Paste To Xps 1530

May 20, 2010

I already undervolted my computer which did help, but the fan is so weak now that I feel i need to do everything possible to keep it from overheating. Does anybody have an extensive guide on applying thermal paste?

I really need to do this. I am pretty noob at computer hardware, So i would need a guide that would even tell me how to take apart my entire case/etc... I am sorta running out of options.

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Dell :: Anyone Replace The Thermal Paste On A Vostro 1500?

Mar 10, 2010

My temps are starting to creep up and I suspect the thermal paste is the culprit. I'm looking to replace it. If anyone has done it before. My question is, does the Vostro use a thermal pad or just a heatsink on on top of the CPU?

I checked the service manual and it made no mention of a thermal pad. Just looking to make sure before I tear it down.

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Dell :: Will Changeing Thermal Paste Void Warranty?

Jul 20, 2009

I just got my second 1545 and and it runs a good 10 degrees C' hotter than the first. I saw it hit 70 degree spike with real temp just idling.

Quick edit: just checked the heatsink and the screws weren't tightened down.

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Dell :: Warranty- Changing My Thermal Paste On My CPU And GPU Chipset

Dec 2, 2008

I was thinking of changing my thermal paste on my CPU and GPU chipset, many ppl out there saying this would void the warranty and hell yeah it will, but the question is, will DELL engineer would be able to differentiate between stock silicone paste and new thermal paste (for my case is Coolermaster Nanofusion), anyone ever get busted by modding XPS?

Unless you change the obvious purple/pink thermal pad at the ACPI chipset to copper sheet then it's a totally different story.

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Dell :: Reapplied Thermal Paste - M1530 Hotter Than Ever

Jul 21, 2009

So ive been dabbling with the thermal paste on my m1530 for a few months now but havent really stressed the gpu to know for sure. Today however, while playing l4d, my gpu temp got up to 88 degrees C and my cpu was in the high 70s.

I havent seen these kinds of temps since i got my mobo/heatsink replaced a year ago. I have opened up my laptop and my fan looks a little dusty but i am not sure if that would warrant a 88 degree gpu temp.

I am wondering if this could be because i applied the paste incorrectly? I am quite sure i did it right and i followed the instructions that were posted on here for m1530s exactly.

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Sony :: Changing Thermal Paste On Vaio Z

Jan 25, 2009

Taking apart my Vaio Z was easier that I thought. Changed to Artic Silver 5, temperature came down 2 degrees.

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Apple :: MBP 1Year Redo Thermal Paste

Feb 21, 2009

it's been one year and a 2 months i've had my MBP.

I am thinking about redoing all the thermal paste, once i get my new 320GB hard drive.

Should i do that? Or no?

I would be using artic silver 5

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Dell :: Quiet And Cool. Thermal Paste Replaced! 38@idle 73@load

Mar 25, 2009

I replaced the thermal paste of the CPU and the GPU with "Coollaboratory liquid pro". And I replaced the thermal pad of the northbridge with "Arctic Silver 5" thermal paste.

Here are my sesults (in a 20 degrees Clesius enviroment, T9600, 2,8GHz, stock voltage):
73 dregrees Celsius at 100% load
(instead of 92)
39 dregrees Celsius at 0% load (fan off)
(instead of 45)

According to my research and different experiments this combination is my actual optimum.
The cooler and more silent system supports my usage of voice recognition (using the internal mic).
Of cause later the voltage could be reduced using rmclock.....

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Sony :: TZ: Replacing Thermal Paste Identifying Parts

Jan 23, 2010

Does anyone know how to apply thermal paste to the Sony TZ series? I've opened it up and not really sure where the CPU/heatsink is. Looks complicated to further disassemble the thing

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Acer Aspire 5755G :: Changing Thermal Paste In Notebook

Sep 17, 2014

My notebook, Acer 5755G is after warranty and it's overheating. I have to clean a cooling system and change thermal paste. On the Internet I found few guides, but there people are dissembling this notebook almost completely... Do I have to do it or can I just remove a back cover to get access to cooling system?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 (V2) Inside Pictures For People Who Want To Reapply Thermal Paste

Apr 25, 2010

I decide to reapply thermal paste and took couple of pictures to show how to do it and what kind of parts you need to remove.

First you need to download service manual and read it. All the instructions are there for how to dissemble the notebook. Following pictures might help you to understand service manual.

Things you need to unplug before remove the top panel

Things you need to unplug/unscrew before remove heatsinks

Here's the CPU picture without heatsink

Cleaned CPU heatsink

GPU picture without heatsink

Cleaned GPU heatsink

I use white cotton cloth and alcohol to clean the CPU/GPU and heatsink(s) and use AS5 as a thermal paste. CPU/GPU temp drop nearly 4C-5C. I need to wait until AS5 settle down.

I'm expecting another 2C drop after that.

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Dell :: Recommended Thermal Compound For SXPS 16?

May 9, 2009

I have been reading a bunch of threads on decreasing temps and I am now thinking about changing the thermal compound that the machine shipped with.

I had originally seen a lot of people recommending Arctic Silver but I was not sure which one so I started to llok for more info and am now thoroughly confused. From what I have read some are designed for a more permanent mounting which I do not want since I may want to change the CPU in the future.

Also it seems some work better than others in certain applications which I don't understand. To me all it is doing is transferring heat so what it is transferring heat from shouldn't matter. But since it does seem to have some effect what has worked well for other SXPS 16 users.

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Dell :: Who Has Applied Their Own Thermal Compound To The SXPS 16?

Dec 26, 2009

My new SXPS 1645 arrives Monday and I have AS5 and cleaner handy.

I need to know where to apply AS5 and what to do about the motherboard chipset and GPU RAM. There are these thick sticky pads on those, do I peal them off and use AS5? Can I leave them on or do I need to replace them?

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Sony :: SR240 CPU Replacement Guide

Nov 22, 2009

I've written a SR240 CPU Replacement Guide. It covers disassembly, cpu replacement and reassembly.

It is in PDF format, 15 pages long, about 2.4MB in size. It would probably work for most SR2XX series notebooks, and maybe others as well.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Thermal Compound Replacement

Mar 18, 2010

I'm planning on changing the thermal compound on my M1530's CPU and GPU as my temps are getting pretty high when playing Medieval 2: Total War. I am getting high 80 degrees on both CPU and GPU.

The thing is I have never changed thermal compund before and I obviously want to get it right!

I have tried to find a tutorial, but I can't. Well I did find this but the link is dead.

I have heard about the 'grain of rice' and 'credit card' methods, but they are a bit vague

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Dell :: SXPS 1340 SM Bus Controller

Dec 23, 2009

In the process of trying different nVidia GPU drivers I inadvertently uninstalled a bunch of other nVidia drivers from my SXPS 1340 . Managed to reinstall most of them, but I keep on getting an error looking for drivers for the SM Bus controller. Now all the advice on t'internet is that this is part of the chipset drivers, which I have reinstalled a number of times- all the other devices are fine now, but the SM Bus controller is still flagged up in the device manager.

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Dell :: On The Fence For A Sxps 1340!

Oct 25, 2009

I have been waiting around for the release of all these new notebooks but I find that this is more within my price range while having solid specs.

I would plan on this build:P8800 (2.66ghz)4gb ddr3500gb hdd (maybe 128 ssd)210m gs

For you owners out there:
Are still any problems with heat or anything after the bios update?What battery life should I expect with the 6 cell? or the 9 cell?Is the P9600 worth the extra $150?Does the leather accent wear easily?

Am I better off with just standard glossy?Any other concerns? or reasons I should or should not get this?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1340 Replacement

Apr 6, 2010

The 1640/45/47 owners and the m1330 owners have their respective replacements threads. There has also been a concern about getting Alienware instead of XPS thread. So I created this thread because the Studio XPS 1340 has reached EOL and is no longer offered as a replacement. Thus, I would like 1340 owners' help in tracking and monitoring replacements.

Please specify experiences regarding:What are the specs of your current XPS 1340?What system was received in lieu of the SXPS 1340? Specs? New or Refurb?At what point were you aware of the system you were going to receive?How long did the systems' exchange process take?Did you attempt escalation or any form of negotiation?Are you happy with your replacement? .........

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Dell :: 1340 Wifi Replacement

Sep 20, 2009

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on my XPS 1340. I currently have the Dell 1515 Card, which gives me terrible signal quality.

I'll have it 5 feet away from a G router and I get a Poor signal with drops every 5-10minutes. In comparison, both my ipod touch and my blackberry bold get perfect reception even outside my house.

I've tried everything I've seen on this forum and Google, which is basically installing the atheros modded drivers, which doesn't work at all for me (seeing as I can't uninstall the dell drivers, only update over them)

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Dell :: Does Sxps 1340 Have Switchable Graphics?

Apr 20, 2009

well i know it has sli but i was wondering if it switches between integrated and dedicated gpus.

cuz in the review they guy said he got 4 hours with integrated graphics.

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Dell :: How Does This Look? My SXPS 1340 (nearly Finalized Order) :D

Aug 1, 2009

My nearly *finalized order* for my SXPS 1340

What do you think?XPS 1340, Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz/1066Mhz FSB/3M L2 Cache)Microsoft Windows Vista with SP1 Home Premium Edition 64-bit Edition EnglishMerlot

Red High Gloss Finish with Leather XPS 13404GB, DDR3, 1067 MHz 2 Dimm13.3 Inch Wide Screen WXGA WLED Backlit LCD with 1.3 MP CameraNVIDIA® GeForce® 9500M500GB 7200RPM

Free Fall SensorSeagate Hard Drive2 Year CompleteCare Accidental DamageProtection2 Year On-Site Warranty..6 Cell Batt/Adapter5GB DATASAFE ONLINE 1.1 FOR

SDO/DIMIntegrated High Definition Audio 2.2Cyberlink PowerDVD DX 8.2 for DVD8X DVD+/-RW Slot Load Drive$100 Dell Promo Gift Card w/ DPA - Arrives in 6-8Total: $1,282.16

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Dell :: SXPS 1340 9500m Hybrid SLI

Sep 27, 2009

I've had my laptop since June and have not been impressed with the graphics performance of the Hybrid SLI setup.

I installed nHancer for the first time and started tinkering around with stuff and noticed that some of the games I was disappointed in weren't utilizing both GPUs by enabling the SLI Load Balancing Graph (Vsync has to be disabled for this to work).

Upon further tinkering I noticed that for both GPUs to be used, the game profiles had to be modified with "Hybrid SLI mode" set to "1". Thought I'd share this information so everyone can try and get the most out of their computer.

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