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Dell :: Studio 15 CPU Temps Worrying Me...

I have a T5750 Processor and after playing L4D HWMonitor reports my max CPU temp as 81C. My idle temperatures are around 41-45 but my max temps are worrying me. My GPU temp also goes up to ~83 when gaming as well.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 High Cpu Temps?
Running a t6600 2.2ghz c2d.

Wondering if these temps are acceptable in a laptop or not?
Temps idling 3-10% cpu = 57-67C
Fan feels the need to go into hairdryer mode every 5 minutes or so to bring the temp down a few C.

under load core 1 + 2 = 100%
core 1 = 88-90C
core2 = 90-92C

Also i will add this is currently in a very cold room.

would you say these are acceptable temps or not?

also not overly impressed with the build quality. keyboard bezel popping out in certain sections after 4 months.

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Dell :: Average Temps Cpu Studio Xps 1645
I been using my 1645 lately and noticed that it always running hot, the fans are always running accelerated, my average temps for the cpu are high 50's to 60's and this is normal utilization and not using hard core apps, i was wondering what are your average temps you guys get...

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Dell :: What Are Load And Idle Temps For Cpu And Gpu Of Studio Xps 16
Looking at getting one of these... what are the temps under load and idle of this laptop (of the cpu and the gpu)?

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Apple :: Windows 7 Temps Vs Windows Vista Temps
i set up this thread to compare the temps between windows 7 and windows vista. i googled for it but there's no comparison chart. please feel free to contribute.

windows vista:

idle: 62-65
under load: 77-85

windows 7:

idle: 55-60
under load: 70-80

i see that windows 7 runs noticeably cooler than windows vista. Please post your details so that other users can have an idea about what to choose if they decide to bootcamp windows.

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Dell :: XPS CPU Temps
I have been having an issue with heat cpu temp on load hit 89 'c what should i do to get this lower ?
i have a Studio XPS 1640

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Dell :: Temps Way Too Hot?
I have an XPS M1530 with a T7500 and 8600M GT.

These are my temps when just web browsing and not doing anything too intensive.

These are the temps I got when running the NVIDIA geoforms graphics demo.

These are the temps I got when running prime95.

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Dell :: Temps For T7600
here is a excerpt of my results from thermal analysis tool whilst running cinebench.

Intel Thermal Analysis Tool: v 2.05.2006.0420
Processor: Pentium M Processor (6FXh)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
OS version: 5.1.2600 (Build 2600)
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 0] : Chipset: 0-0 Processor: 0-1
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 1] : Chipset: 0-0 Processor: 0-1
Driver Version: v1.0
Power Source: AC
Workload library returns Context: 0x1
Polling Period: 2000 mSec.
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 0] : Chipset: 0-0 Processor: 0-1
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 1] : Chipset: 0-0 Processor: 0-1
14:09:13: ** Monitor Started **
14:09:13: Processor 0 : CState [C0/C1] --> [C3]
14:09:13: Processor 1 : CState [C0/C1] --> [C3]
14:09:13: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:13: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:15: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 36C ]
14:09:17: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 36C ]
14:09:17: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:26: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 38C ]
14:09:28: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:28: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:30: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 36C ]
14:09:32: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:34: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 36C ]
14:09:34: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:34: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 38C ]
14:09:36: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:36: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 36C ]
14:09:36: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37C ]
14:09:38: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 36C ]
14:09:40: ACPIThermalZoneTHM__0 TMP[ 37C ]

did you find your temps to be the same turbo?

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Dell :: Discoloration And Temps
I've had my M1530 for almost 11 months now and I noticed this discoloration on the palm rest but more importantly are the temps. The CPU is hitting 97 degrees Celsius and the GPU is hitting at 94 degrees Celsius. I first noticed this after several hours of video conversions then I ran ORTHOS to replicate the results. Should I ask for a technician to replace the mainboard or heatsinK? I've tried to raise the issue with the GPU running at this temp before but to no avail. However, this is the first time the CPU has hit such high temps.


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Dell :: Temps On M4400 OK?
I've got a Precision M4400 for which I did some DIY upgrading... Specifically, I put in a T9900 (3.06GHz, 35W TDP) processor and a 256Gb SSD. You can see the specs in my signature, actually.

The problem is that my temperatures seem to be going pretty high. Realtemp is saying that once I turn on the laptop, both CPU cores are at around 30-35 C. But after a very short while, this heats up to the mid-40's. And if I play Sims 3, let's say, the temperature can go up all the way to the high 70's. The GPU seems to stay at under 80 C, which I think should be fine .....

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Dell :: FX 2500 Temps
just installed fx2500 into my 9400.. everything working great..

What should I expext the temps to be running at ... Seems hot... I could keep my 7900gs under 60c by keeping my 18kgui program runnin fans on high while playing Cod4 or CS:s... now the gpu peaks out at 70-72c...

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Dell :: 8700 Temps
i was wondering what the temps you guys are getting on your 8700 sli setups running games like crysis and such. i'm running crysis for example at 1280x800 or something, cant remember off hand, everything set to medium. game for about and hour and a half and my temps only showed to reach around 62C. now this is using i8kfangui and offsetting the gpu temp by 8. i'm not using the program to handle the cooling, just monitor the temps. i guess i was just expecting the temps to be higher, not that its bad, i guess maybe the cooling and bios on this laptop just work better than on a 1705. seems that i hit 70C almost daily on that thing depending on the game i was running.

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Dell :: Temps M1530
2 weeks ago I noticed that my m1530 got really hot to touch after a period (~1hour) of web browsing. So I called Dell and they replaced my heatsink and CPU fan

My current temps now are as follows:

ACPI : 41-58
GPC : 58-69

after 1/2 hour of COD4, my max temps were

ACPI: 71
GPU: 79

(Used CPUID Hardware monitor)
Also I am running Win7 Pro (x64) with a NC2000 notebook cooler

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Dell :: XPS 13 1340 Temps
Recently I bought a Dell xps 13 1340 with p8600 and a 9500GE.

I viewed all the discussions about it and I know it has a heating problem, even thou I decided to buy it - once I saw it I just couldnt look at anything else...

Anyway Im running it with the A07 bios and all new drivers from dell's website.

When Im running it on heavy load like a game the 9400 GPU reaches to 86c.

The 9200 is around 75c. CPU is 74c max .....

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Dell :: Temps And Undervolting
ive got a xps m1530, with a t5550 processor.

While gaming im reaching 90C.

Should i contact dell ? I bought this laptop on july 2008 without any extra warranties and i think that i have 1 year only of warranty that comes for free right?. The downside is that im in south america so it might take a while...

Can i contact them and a get a replace?

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Dell :: Safe Temps
I put my 7950 gtx at 620//675 and I was testing with atitool .26 which I just downloaded and didn't change any settings. No artifacts for about 45 minutes, but atitool reports my temps in the system tray, and it got as high as 88 degrees. That seems pretty high, is that bad?

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Dell :: M1530 Temps At 90
I always knew my comp ran hot, but not until I got HWMonitor today did I know how hot. I did a load test and CPU/GPU and ACPI temps went to 90. CPU and ACPI temps would drop to 65 ish after this, but the GPU stays kind of high in the 78-85 range. (Anyone know why this is happening?)

Also, when playing games, my temps are almost all at 87-90 all the time. I thought it might be my bios (A12), so I switched back to A09. This did not change anything.

Basically my question is, should I be calling dell support to take a look, and what do I tell them? I've never had computer warranty before. Or is there something else I can do to fix this? It's very hot to type on and sit on my lap.

A last question, these temps are being measured currently with the laptop on my desk, with the lid closed and an external monitor/keyboard/mouse plugged in. Is this causing increased temps? Should I be leaving the lid open?

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Dell :: M6400 Temps, GPU Too High?
I am noticing my second m6400 (Qx9300, Nvidia 3700, Vista64 Ultimate, A03 bios) is behaving differently than the first. The fan is pulsing on and off at idle (left hand fan) and it's driving me nuts.

I checked with speedfan and HWmonitor and notice that it idles 59-61 degrees celsius. I think this appears to be a lot hotter than other's temps I see here. (I saw someone mentioning they idle @ 39C)

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Dell :: High GPU Temps On M1530
It seems my idle GPU temps are pretty high. I just embarked on a mission to clean my fan out. I believe I was successful, but the whole thing was a little out of my comfort zone.

I'm now experiencing slightly cooler GPU temps i think (around 42-46 C at idle) but the GPU temp at idle is at a very steady 68 - 69 C, and the fan just keeps running all the time. Maybe I should have paid more attention to what the temps were beforehand, but it's too late for that.

Was wondering if this was something to be concerned about. Do I possibly have a bad contact between the thermal system and the GPU, and should I try and connect it more securely?

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Dell :: AS5 On 2500m GPU --> Higher Temps?!
In short: My e1705 with a quadro 2500m is idling at temperatures at least 10 degrees celsius higher than it was before: 70 degrees with slow fans compared to ~60 with slow fans (I had fans kick in at 65 to bring it back to 60). There have been no hardware/software changes to the system.

So I read the guides about applying AS5 to your GPU and I thought I'd try to get better temps.

I cleaned off all the old compound from both the GPU and the heat spreader, and placed about a pea-sized piece on the GPU (see attachment). It wasn't the most perfect blob of AS5, but volume-wise I think it was pretty close, and ideally it would be smoothed out when I tightened the screws on the heat spreader.

I stuck to a "less is more approach" having heard that all I needed to do was fill the minor imperfections of the contact surfaces.

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Dell :: Normal Temps For 1730?
I just got my 1730 today and it's quite awesome.

However upon downloading hwmonitor, it seems my temps usually hover around mid 60s and go to 75s quite often making the fans come on. Is this normal?

And I live in the bay area pretty close to San Francisco, so the weather here is usually pretty cool

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Dell :: XPS M1710 GPU & CPU Temps At Idle?
My dell xps m1710 temps at idle are

CPu 54C To 58C
GPU 54C To 58C

Is that okay?

The bottom of the computer is hot to the touch and the fans are blowing out hot air. I cleaned all fans and heat sink vents. also re applied all thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. Im concerned because my motherboard and gpu were just replaced yesterday for heat issues i believe. havent figured out if the heat was the cause or not. the temps were the same as there now with the new motherboard and gpu .....

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Dell :: Are These SXPS16 Temps Normal?
This is at idle (although it is about 85 degrees F and humid at my house). But this is with a Antec cooling pad with my SXPS16 on an angle.

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Dell :: Safe CPU & GPU Temps For S1535
I just finished playing L4D and my recorded temps from HWMonitor were:

Max 81C for CPU
Max 90C for GPU

Should I be getting a notebook cooler?

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Dell :: Temps Get Higher Everyday It Seems
They were in the high 80's low 90 yesterday, now there higher. I'm thinking of calling dell up, but the motherboard was just replaced (card reader problem). Should I ask for an upgrade to the 1640? or what I've had many problems with my M1530...

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Dell :: M1530 Dead Fan, Temps 80-95
Just wanted to let you know of a tech experience with dell.

I got a M1530, long story short it was a replacement of a shocking Insp 6000.

Buncha hell to get it to work right (hardware issues galore).

Ended up working with Dell Liasons to get it fixed.

It was out of warranty (only had 90 days from every repair) and it began to overheat... 75-81 idle and 95 gaming... Called my liason, and he sent me a fan replacement. Temps dropped to 59-69 idle (fan kicks on at 69), and have yet to try gaming, gonna stop gaming on it.

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Dell :: I'm On My Third M4400 Motherboard. Temps
The tech came by and switched out my motherboard. Like the title says, it's my third one in this machine. I loaded up Mass Effect to stress the graphics card, and it downclocked after about 15 minutes at @ 105C. I dont remember temps getting this high before,

but it's been more than three weeks since I've used the machine (apparently dell didn't have replacement rgbled displays up here in canada

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Dell :: High Temps On My 1530
My xps 1530 has been on for about 2 hours. GPU at 95C; 202F, and noticeable slow downs are occurring.

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Dell :: Lowering Temps For XPS 1647
I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on ways to lower the temp of my XPS 1647

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Normal And Max Temps? (CPU / GPU)
I've been fighting this M1330 for a while, and had the motherboard replaced once already to "fix" the GPU issue.

But I'm still worried about temps.

Sitting flat on a coffee table (not blocking the vents or anything) and playing Fear 2 demo

the laptop just shut down (presumably due to high temperatures) after only 5-10 minutes.

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Dell :: 103C - Check The Temps
After all my hard work - stripped down CPU, GPU and then AS5ed it over the weekend...I only went and played Crysis yesterday with the Power supply pushed up against the back wight hand vent of my 1710.

After 1 hour of playing, I went to check the temps - all smug in the fact I knew I wouldnt be over 90 after all my hard work, and weekend testing....

Imagine my horror when I saw 103C....hope I havent fried my card.

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Dell :: Methods To Lower Temps On M1530
I get idle temps of 65-70 CPU and 70-75 GPU and gaming temps of 76-80 CPU and 85+ GPU when gaming.

Right now i've been leaning toward the method of spraying all the vents with compressed air, is there anything else I can do that doesn't involve taking apart the laptop?

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Dell :: Temps Are Up Since M1530 BIOS Update
Since I updated my bios I have noticed that my fans are pretty much always on high and that the heat coming out the back is a lot hotter than it used to be. Granted, I have been using the computer with my big monitor with the lid closed more now but even when I'm not doing that it's still just as hot. Has anyone else noticed this since the update?

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Dell :: XPS 1530 + Zalman NC2000 Temps
Having spent a while looking at what cooler to get for the 1530 and reading various contradictary things (especially about this cooler) I just thought I would post what I have found.

Due to most of the heat coming out of the top left vent of the 1530 and the layout of vents on the zalman, I tend to just pull the notebook forward a touch, it doesnt slide on the cooler so I dont find it a problem

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Dell :: Are My GPU Temps Normalusing M1730 (8700M GT SLI)
Core 1 is 69-73C at idle
Core 2 is 71-74C at idle.

I haven't stressed them, but the temps haven't changed much at all while playing Batman: Arkham Asylum at 1920x1200. They both got up to 77C. I don't really play videogames and got this game just because this computer is apparently a gaming machine and it is actually quite fun!

I'm worried about temperatures because I've read about the incredible failure rates of the GPUs in this model and if its already getting wacky, I'll be contacting Dell (as this is a replacement for an older computer).

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Dell :: M1530 Extremely High Cpu Temps 95+
My cpu core hits the mid 90's when gaming. i undervolted it to 1100v @ 11x and the temps only hit the high 80's/low 90's during gaming but hit the mid nineties in orthos and was still going up.

This is getting me down a bit cus the cpu ramps down during gaming and screws up the fps, and also im outside of the uk so cant get my laptop to dell (there are no dell suppliers where i am)

does anyone have any idea what might be wrong. am i reading the temps correctly? speedfan shows much lower temps (in the 70s) however cpuz, rightmark and hwmonitor all show temps consistent with eachother.

Its a t7500.

there's nothing blocking the outake at the back; i lifted the laptop up during orthos to let air out of the bottom but it didnt make any difference.

I've built a few desktops but i havent really tinkered with this laptop apart from adding more ram.

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Acer :: 6930G Temps
I'm not really sure if I should be putting this here or make a specific thread in the gaming section to ask specifically about the GPU there.

Anyway, I am looking to find out what the average CPU and GPU temps of the 6930G people are seeing while gaming.

I noticed while playing certain games that my 6930G gets rather hot and while I know notebooks generally run hotter then a desktop I am not really sure if the temps I see are normal or not. I have not seen any real decrease in performance while gaming, nor have I had and other problems with the notebook. I am currently not running a notebook cooler but I will be purchasing one very shortly. The fans and vents are regularly cleaned out.

Here are some temps I am seeing using HW Monitor with my 6930G at idle and during gaming while room temp is 22*C,
-GPU=90*C sometimes hitting a max of 96*C for a second or two

Changing graphics setting in the game have no effect on temps I am seeing.

Oh and the video card in my 6930G is a 9600m GT 512mb GDDR3.

So are the temps I am seeing normal? What temps do you see while gaming with your 6930G?

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Acer :: False Temps
ive been reading a lot on under-volting on here and temps and i finally decided to dive into it. my only problem seems to be is whether or not im getting accurate temp readings from my programs, it seems every one i use has a different opinion, ive tried real temp, hw monitor, the temps in rmclock and even some other ones i no longer have that i found around the web. the thing that scares me tho is realtemps readings(which i get the feeling are wrong but not when my hands are on my acer)

realtemp comes of with 49c-54c idle and 89c-94c at max load on orthos
but what throws me off is my rmclock and even hwmonitor come up with 34 idle 56-60 max load, which i prey those will be right lol

what bothers me tho most of all is this is after under-volting.

has anyone had innacuracy with one more then the other? i need to get the temp down cause i cant even play games anymore due to the computer randomly shutting off after 20-30 mins of gameplay(wow,aion,crysis)

im almost tempted to going as far as strapping my fan to the bottom of my desk and assentialy turning my desk into an airhockey/cooling pad for my acer.

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Sony :: VPC-Z1 Very High Temps
I have a VPC-Z11Z9E it has an i7 620m CPU.

When idling it hard to get under 50c for the CPU.

And when playing CPU get awful temps...

here it is

I have been playing UT3 max details at 1366x768 resolution against 7 other bots, for only 10 minute.

Is that normal ? Does your i7 reach such temps ?

What are the temps of an i5 when playing recent games ?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Temps
HP's envy 15 line with the ATI 5830 GPU (i7-720/820). I do have one big concern however, and that is heat. Could anyone post their max GPU / CPU / HD temps they usually get while running an intensive game / benchmark?

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HP/Compaq :dv5 Won't Sleep; Temps
I have a dv5 that recently decided it didn't want to go to sleep when I closed the lid. I checked the settings to make sure they hadn't accidentally been changed, but it's still set to sleep. I have not made any other changes or installed any additional software. how I can get it back to sleep?

I'm using HWMonitor to monitor temps, and it does not show my hd temp. However, I am concerned about the temps it does show (THRM? and processor).

My dv5 used to run at an average of 80C, and saw temps as high as 95C while streaming video. I sent it in for repairs and the temps have since dropped, but still seem high (Currently 50C, high of 86C while streaming video). Should I send it back for repair- again?

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HP/Compaq :: DV5 Temps With Game
While playing GTA4 for a while on my DV5 I notice my temps are kind of high. The CPU hits 75 and 73 for each core and my GPU hits 70. Are these temps low enough to consistently play the game or do I need to find better cooling solutions?

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Apple :: 15' Macbook Pro Temps
First off, I don't actually own a Mac, nor have I owned one since like '92, so I don't know much about them at all. Two of my friends have the new 15' pros though. Today, we installed XP on both of them, and I decided to download SpeedFan and check the temps on one of the laptops. I can't remember exactly what they were, but I believe I saw GPU at 70, and the cores at like 69 and 65. This was after idling for about 5 hours, and these are higher than what I'd have on my gateway if I were gaming for twice that long.

The one who's temps I checked wasn't on a cooling pad, and it had spent some time on the carpet. Of course, I don't really know if that matters. From what I can tell, it's exhaust vent is right under the screen on the back, and it's intake is god knows where. To be honest, I'm surprised it hasn't exploded yet. And this is with all the windows drivers from the disc that had "everything else" on it, so I'm assuming it's regulating its fans and power correctly. So is this normal, or should I be worried? It really doesn't seem normal to me.

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Apple :: Temps On Macbook Al
I've been playing WoW since I bought my mac 2 weeks now (not straight) and so trying to decide if I should sell my PC or not. But I'm concerned on the temps on the macbook, while playing it hits 80-83C fans are on cools a little but mostly stays in that temp range.

My question is are these temps normal while playing or are they high and I should have it looked at?

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Dell :: What Are The 1645's Temps Reaching While Testing For Throttling?
I have been testing my Studio 1557 today for throttling issues.The i7 does throttle down to the x10 multi under a 100% load on the CPU and GPU after about 10 minutes.
But it seems to be temp related not starving for power.

When my GPU hits 100c it will throttle back to about 88c.When the GPU does that the multi on the CPU goes from 10x to 12x (1.6ghz stock speed).While the GPU creeps back to 100c the CPU stays at 10x until the GPU hits 100c then back to 12x for a few minutes.

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Dell :: Xps 1640 Increased Temps Watching Youtube
i want you to have a look the following temps. This is while i'm watchin HD videos on youtube..

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Dell :: Before/after Temps With Cool Slice For Latitude/precision
if anyone with the coolslice could report on how effective its passive design is at cooling the notebook?

In particular i would be interested in someone with a precision m4400....

Before and after temps would be helpful, how warm the bas of the cooler is when its attached, or if it feels always cool..also if it manages to keep the fan on "medium" speed most of the time....

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Acer :: Extensa 4420- CPU Temps
I have the extensa 4420, today I was in class and I was just typing notes and I noticed that my cooling fan was quite noticable so I turned the fan always on function to "off" and the fan turned off and it was nice and quiet. i watched the temps hover around 38 but when the temps hit 41 (according to NHC) the fan kicked in at a good low speed. the NHC was setting the CPU to stay at 800mhz per core so I was wondering if that is a good temp? I have experience in using thermal paste, would that help lower the temps enough to stay under 41 degrees?

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Acer :: Are These Temps Normal For Ferrari One 200
i have already re seat my heatsink and replace the stock TIM with a better thermal paste which is the OCZ Freeze.

now i cant seem to remember and i also forgot to record thru OCCT the idle temps of the cpu at stock 1.2ghz clock.

i am wondering if it is normal if my idle temp now after my replacement of the stock TIM and reseating are ranging from 39 celsius up to 45 celsius while its load/slight apps would get these temps to 50 celsius going up to 54 celsius.

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HP/Compaq :: Are This Temps Look Normal At All With DV9000
i got into reading about copper mod and from that thread i was pointed in the direction of undervolting thread.... well i decided to try it out

i read like the 1st 15 pages or so and decided to give it a try... downloaded orthos and HWmonitor, did a 100% cpu load for 20 minutes to find my max temp at load and i had 69*C highest on my core#1 (core#0 always seems to be cooler by 2-4*C almost all the time

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