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Dell :: XPS M1710 GPU & CPU Temps At Idle?

My dell xps m1710 temps at idle are

CPu 54C To 58C
GPU 54C To 58C

Is that okay?

The bottom of the computer is hot to the touch and the fans are blowing out hot air. I cleaned all fans and heat sink vents. also re applied all thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. Im concerned because my motherboard and gpu were just replaced yesterday for heat issues i believe. havent figured out if the heat was the cause or not. the temps were the same as there now with the new motherboard and gpu .....

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Dell :: What Are Load And Idle Temps For Cpu And Gpu Of Studio Xps 16
Looking at getting one of these... what are the temps under load and idle of this laptop (of the cpu and the gpu)?

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Normal And Max Temps? (CPU / GPU)
I've been fighting this M1330 for a while, and had the motherboard replaced once already to "fix" the GPU issue.

But I'm still worried about temps.

Sitting flat on a coffee table (not blocking the vents or anything) and playing Fear 2 demo

the laptop just shut down (presumably due to high temperatures) after only 5-10 minutes.

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Dell :: Safe CPU & GPU Temps For S1535
I just finished playing L4D and my recorded temps from HWMonitor were:

Max 81C for CPU
Max 90C for GPU

Should I be getting a notebook cooler?

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Dell :: S 1555 With 4500MHD Graphics, Can Check Your Peak Temps For CPU, GPU
My studio 1555 with Radeon 4570 graphics starts the fan very often, when the GPU temp reaches 51C and stops when it hits 44C. It only takes 3-5 minutes to go from 44C to 51C and thats with me doing NOTHING on the computer. So I'm seriously thinking about going to a non-Radeon Studio 1555 as i like the laptop overall.

I just wanted to know for the 4500MHD owners, does your fan go off even if the laptop is just sitting there idle doing nothing at all? If you can download the program i8kfangui to monitor your CPU, GPU, and Chipset temps. I'd appreciate it if you could just turn the reply back with your Peak temps for the CPU, GPU, and chipset. (if you don't see them displayed go to Options -> Status Reading tab -> check the three boxes for the above items. Please click on Reset Peak Values then let your laptop sit idle for 10-20min.

My studio 1555 with Radeon 4570 graphics starts the fan very often, when the GPU temp reaches 51C and stops when it hits 44C. It only takes 3-5 minutes to go from 44C to 51C and thats with me doing NOTHING on the computer. So I'm seriously thinking about going to a non-Radeon Studio 1555 as i like the laptop overall.

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Dell :: XPS CPU Temps
I have been having an issue with heat cpu temp on load hit 89 'c what should i do to get this lower ?
i have a Studio XPS 1640

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Dell :: Average Temps Cpu Studio Xps 1645
I been using my 1645 lately and noticed that it always running hot, the fans are always running accelerated, my average temps for the cpu are high 50's to 60's and this is normal utilization and not using hard core apps, i was wondering what are your average temps you guys get...

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Dell :: GPU Drivers For My XPS M1710?
I'm using the 175.32 drivers for the 7900GTX on my Dell XPS M1710, but was told by a friend that there are better ones out there. On the nvidia website it only gives me Quadra NVS drivers, which I'm told would give worse performance than my current drivers. I use my laptop for gaming, not rendering.
Any other driver suggestions?

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Dell :: XPS M1710 CPU Upgrade Computer Illiterate
I have an XPS m1710 from the early days when the CPU was an Intel Core Duo T2500. My Dell died and the folks in India told me the mobo was bad.

So I replaced it and I still have the same problem. The problem was when I tried to turn the machine on I got a power light and HDD light for 1-2 seconds then he system shut down. Reading posts it seems my CPU is bad (when I replaced mobo I cleaned out significant dust bunnies from the fans.

So, my real question - - can I install an Intel Core 2 Duo T7#00 CPU in m system or do I need to find another T2500? I purchased a new desk model and I just dont want to toss a good laptop if there is a simple fix.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 CPU Idling At 67-70, GPU At 77-80, Shuts Down While Gaming
I've recently starting playing Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword again, and my computer (stats listed in my signature) has started to shut down, I'm presuming from overheating.

I downloaded CPUID hardware monitor and those are my web-surfing/idling temps. This bad boy can get very hot. I only just realized a few moments ago that my fan does not often speed up to max.

Unfortunately, I don't have the extended Dell warranty, and since I bought this in 2007,

Will I have to take it apply and reapply thermal paste?

What utility can I use to test the fan to ensure that it's working properly?

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Dell :: XPS M1330: Lowering GPU And CPU Temperature With RMclock And I8kfanGUI
This is a description of how to cool down the XPS machine, e.g., the CPU
and all the other chips. Under specific circumstances, the GPU and CPU
temperature can be lowered by 5C and 20C, respectively.

First, here is some literature:

GPU related issues are described in the following threads:
~XPS M1330 owners lounge~
M1330 Display Issue (Vertical Lines on Reboot & Crash & Vertical Lines)

Here is a description of the copper heat sink method
How to: Improve your XPS M1330 Cooling
Dell XPS M1330 - nVidia GeForce 8400M GS - Copper Mod
Heatsink Mod Dell M1330 XPS by BlackRussian
xps1330 thermal cooling mod.........

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Dell :: M6400 Temps, GPU Too High?
I am noticing my second m6400 (Qx9300, Nvidia 3700, Vista64 Ultimate, A03 bios) is behaving differently than the first. The fan is pulsing on and off at idle (left hand fan) and it's driving me nuts.

I checked with speedfan and HWmonitor and notice that it idles 59-61 degrees celsius. I think this appears to be a lot hotter than other's temps I see here. (I saw someone mentioning they idle @ 39C)

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Dell :: High GPU Temps On M1530
It seems my idle GPU temps are pretty high. I just embarked on a mission to clean my fan out. I believe I was successful, but the whole thing was a little out of my comfort zone.

I'm now experiencing slightly cooler GPU temps i think (around 42-46 C at idle) but the GPU temp at idle is at a very steady 68 - 69 C, and the fan just keeps running all the time. Maybe I should have paid more attention to what the temps were beforehand, but it's too late for that.

Was wondering if this was something to be concerned about. Do I possibly have a bad contact between the thermal system and the GPU, and should I try and connect it more securely?

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Dell :: AS5 On 2500m GPU --> Higher Temps?!
In short: My e1705 with a quadro 2500m is idling at temperatures at least 10 degrees celsius higher than it was before: 70 degrees with slow fans compared to ~60 with slow fans (I had fans kick in at 65 to bring it back to 60). There have been no hardware/software changes to the system.

So I read the guides about applying AS5 to your GPU and I thought I'd try to get better temps.

I cleaned off all the old compound from both the GPU and the heat spreader, and placed about a pea-sized piece on the GPU (see attachment). It wasn't the most perfect blob of AS5, but volume-wise I think it was pretty close, and ideally it would be smoothed out when I tightened the screws on the heat spreader.

I stuck to a "less is more approach" having heard that all I needed to do was fill the minor imperfections of the contact surfaces.

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Dell :: Are My GPU Temps Normalusing M1730 (8700M GT SLI)
Core 1 is 69-73C at idle
Core 2 is 71-74C at idle.

I haven't stressed them, but the temps haven't changed much at all while playing Batman: Arkham Asylum at 1920x1200. They both got up to 77C. I don't really play videogames and got this game just because this computer is apparently a gaming machine and it is actually quite fun!

I'm worried about temperatures because I've read about the incredible failure rates of the GPUs in this model and if its already getting wacky, I'll be contacting Dell (as this is a replacement for an older computer).

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Dell :: Upgrading Xps M1710 Cpu Centrino Duo To Centrino Duo2
I purchased my xps m1710 when they were still selling them with intel centrino duo processors.

I wanted to know if it would be possible to upgrade the processor on this computer from the centrino duo to the centriono duo2 processor.

Here are the specs of the thing:

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv6 1110.eo Cool Temps Still GPU High
is there any possibility to undervolt my ATI HD Radeon 4650 Mobility?

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Dell :: Studio 15 CPU Temps Worrying Me...
I have a T5750 Processor and after playing L4D HWMonitor reports my max CPU temp as 81C. My idle temperatures are around 41-45 but my max temps are worrying me. My GPU temp also goes up to ~83 when gaming as well.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 High Cpu Temps?
Running a t6600 2.2ghz c2d.

Wondering if these temps are acceptable in a laptop or not?
Temps idling 3-10% cpu = 57-67C
Fan feels the need to go into hairdryer mode every 5 minutes or so to bring the temp down a few C.

under load core 1 + 2 = 100%
core 1 = 88-90C
core2 = 90-92C

Also i will add this is currently in a very cold room.

would you say these are acceptable temps or not?

also not overly impressed with the build quality. keyboard bezel popping out in certain sections after 4 months.

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Dell :: M1530 Extremely High Cpu Temps 95+
My cpu core hits the mid 90's when gaming. i undervolted it to 1100v @ 11x and the temps only hit the high 80's/low 90's during gaming but hit the mid nineties in orthos and was still going up.

This is getting me down a bit cus the cpu ramps down during gaming and screws up the fps, and also im outside of the uk so cant get my laptop to dell (there are no dell suppliers where i am)

does anyone have any idea what might be wrong. am i reading the temps correctly? speedfan shows much lower temps (in the 70s) however cpuz, rightmark and hwmonitor all show temps consistent with eachother.

Its a t7500.

there's nothing blocking the outake at the back; i lifted the laptop up during orthos to let air out of the bottom but it didnt make any difference.

I've built a few desktops but i havent really tinkered with this laptop apart from adding more ram.

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Acer :: Extensa 4420- CPU Temps
I have the extensa 4420, today I was in class and I was just typing notes and I noticed that my cooling fan was quite noticable so I turned the fan always on function to "off" and the fan turned off and it was nice and quiet. i watched the temps hover around 38 but when the temps hit 41 (according to NHC) the fan kicked in at a good low speed. the NHC was setting the CPU to stay at 800mhz per core so I was wondering if that is a good temp? I have experience in using thermal paste, would that help lower the temps enough to stay under 41 degrees?

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Dell :: Xps 1340 Temp Goes Up When Idle
I have a Dell XPS 1340, P8700, 9500M GS.

I noticed that when idle the temperature slowly goes up to 65C, then the fan kicks in, lowers it to 45 and stops. The temperature goes up again and in about 2 minutes it is already 65 again.
The process repeats indefinitely.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Idle Temp
i was reading a few other posts about idle temps of the GPU in the XPS 1530 and my temps are way above what everyone else is getting.

I have an idle GPU temp of approx 80-88 degrees celsius. I mean i could maybe expect that under a heavy load, but an idle temp??? The fan seems to be on all the time.

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Dell :: M1710 Gpu Troubles...
Now it could just be dust, but seeing as that I cleaned it all out about 4 months ago, it's possible it's not all that.

Thing is, I AS5ed it about a yearish ago, and it ran GREAT!! now it seems like the fan doesn't blow as hard on full, and I'm unfortunately out of warranty, and unsure about buying a new warranty from dell.

I don't know wether or not I need to redo the AS5 job, my main questions are...
there a gap sufficient enough on the 7950 go gtx dual heatpipe heatsink design that the gpu isn't quite mating right with the copper?

If my fan is going on me, is there away to put a more powerful fan in? or will only a dell fan be recognized?

Has anyone else had this problem of temperatures increasing over time other than having dustbunnies? aka has anyone had to redo their as5 and it becoming magically better .....

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Sony :: Vaio Z Speed Mode High Temps And CPU Usage
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-Z590 with windows 7 32 bit professional installed. When I switch to speed mode and hook up a monitor (24" dell LCD) via HDMI->DVI the graphics card temperature goes up to around 80-95C (measured with real temp 3.40) and the CPU temp also goes up into the 60-70s. No programs are using the CPU heavily. During this process the fans go up to max and the computer gets really loud. I have all the latest drivers installed and the latest BIOS.

I was wondering if anyone else has a problem like this? Would installing 64 bit windows 7 be better? It makes it really noisy when I hook up a monitor via HDMI. Any ideas?

Everything is perfect in stamina mode, low temps, low cpu usage.

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Load System Fan Even When Idle
I just got the xps 1640 today and I'm very distracted by the loud system fan. It's audible all the time even when the computer is idle. I haven't been doing anything intensive on my computer either. The fan starts as soon as windows loads and never stops. I know this laptop has heat issues but I checked the core temp and it is only between 38-45degrees C. I know the fan can get louder under load, this is what I would describe as idle but still, it seems way too loud. It was raining earlier and I could hear the fan over the sound of raindrops hitting my roof. It's getting unbearable!!

Has anyone had the same experience? Or more importantly does anyone have a way to reduce the speed of the fan slighty? Speedfan doesn't seem to support my motherboard so I can't do it there.

P8600 2.4ghz
4gb ram
320GB (7,200rpm) WD HD

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Dell :: M1710 Owners .. Which CPU Have You Upgraded To
I have an M1710 with a T2600 @ 2.16GHz and looking to possibly upgrade.

My questions are:

1. What have you upgraded to & how much did it cost?

2. Is there list of possible CPU upgrades for the M1710?

3. Where does my processor lie in that list?

4. Is there room for A LOT of speed improvement? Marginal?

5. Is it easy & is there a "how to" somewhere?

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Dell :: XPS 1330: Integrated GPU Externally Connected If NVIDIA GPU Present?
does anyone know whether the integrated gpu on the northbridge is connected to the LCD or any of the external video ports in a model that is equiped with an NVIDIA GPU?

The reason is that I was thinking of knocking out the NVIDIA part, but there wouldn't be much point if I couldn't see anything afterwards.

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Dell :: How Accurate Is The Cpu Heat Sensor On The M1710
Alright, so today I decided to try out I8k Fangui with Intel thermal analysis tool, and my was I shocked. My M1710 was registering temperatures of 97 degrees centigrade before I shut off the thermal analysis tool. I would've probably went way past 100. I got a non overclocked T7600G.

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Dell :: CPU And/or GPU Overheating In E1705.
My laptop has shut down abrubtly twice because of overheating. When I powered the laptop again, it would bring me to that overheating warning prompt with the two nasty beeps and whatnot.

Since I'm running Windows 7 x64, I wasn't able to install i8fangui, but I found a program called SpeedFan ( that I'm running right now.

Here are the current temperature readings for everything:
GPU: 73 C (there's a fire icon next to this. can't imagine that's good)
HD0: 36 C
Core 0: 50 C
Core 1: 50 c

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Dell :: CPU Vs GPU Usage On 1558
I am editing some AVCHD home videos using 1558(spec in my signature). I noticed when I do that my CPU cores rempain between 45-52C range but my GPU shoots to 64C and stays there.

I am concerned about the GPU as I understand the only fan in the 1558 is on the CPU so GPU is not getting any direct cooling.

My question is if there is a way to lower GPU workload and put it on CPU for my video editing .....

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Dell :: M1210 CPU/GPU Failure
Has anyone had a GPU problem fixed more that one year out of warranty?

During my 1 year warranty the motherboard and CPU were replaced twice. My warranty ended in 2008

and my computer suffered from a GPU problem in 2009. After arguing with customer service for a while, Dell fixed my computer outside of warranty as a 1 time exception.

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Dell :: How To Overclock The Cpu N Gpu Of Studio 15
is it possible n safe to overclock my cpu n gpu as i am facing low fps problem in running gta iv on my laptop. so as to increase its performance i think i should overclock one or both of these thinks.plz somebody help me with overclocking.

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Acer :: CPU And GPU Temperature
Setup 6930G, T6400, 9600M GT, 4GB Ram. Temperatures for general internet use, although this does depend on the amount of graphics and flash content of the web page (Vista SP2 - Balanced Power)

HWMonitor 1.15
CPU 54 to 58 - (T6400)
GPU 59 to 65 - (9600M GT)

Nvidia System Tools 6.05 (November Release)
CPU 58 to 62 - (T6400)
GPU 59 to 65 - (9600M GT)

Does the T6400 appear to be high? My friends P7350 reads around 30. Also Note the difference between System Tools and HWMonitor for CPU. For Windows 7 my GPU runs with a lower end on the range (Windows 7 - 9600M GT GPU = 54 to 65).

Note Also - Running the 9600M GT GPU flat out (100% usage) using Nvidia CUDA to encode HD video the 9600M GT GPU hits a maximum of 67 (according to GPU-Z 0.38, HWMonitor and Nvidia System Tools).

What do people think and what temps are you getting?

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Dell :: Throttling CPU And GPU Problems On 1558
I've been having some throttling issues with my 1558 for a past few days. I've been using it in the us but i'm on vacation now n i'm working on a 220V supply! Does that affect the performance of the adapter in any way?

My config is a core i5 520m,4GB ddr3, ati 4570 512mb,1080p screen.

I was playing Burnout Paradise n my system slowed down after 10 min of gameplay! I noticed that the CPU multiplier was frozen at 9. I really dunno y that happened! I've been playing the same game for hours together back home and it din seem to affect it in any way!

I tried updating it the latest BIOS that came out (A05) and that din help either. It also happened with a few other games as well.

I tried using throttlestop to just confirm that it was the CPU. The games was playing fine for 15 min wen the system just shut off!!

So I just tried to play for one last time with throttlestop off and it was actually fine till I got a critical error msg n my screen wasn't showing color properly!!

Have I fried my graphic card somehow?? Or is my adapter just not strong enuf to handle the load n hence throttling the system??

I tried updating my drivers to v10.4 N it kept saying INF not found n I had to install it indirectly.

Any way to find out if I've screwed up the graphic card?? I'm scared to push it with a game and screw up the system!!

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Dell :: M1530 Cpu And Gpu Heat Problem
I used speedfan to measure the heat. At around %10 CPU usage in Vista (no games running or anything, just Firefox and GTalk) it shows GPU @ 77C and CPU @ around 65 C. I think it's way too much but I'm not sure. Am I correct and if so what can I do about it? ...

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Sony :: E Series CPU + GPU Throttled
I just read [url] which says CPU and GPU are throttled.

CPU throttles when using all 4 cores only.. not using 3. GPU has a difference of 800 points in Futurmark 3D Mark 06 I read. Apparently its a low clock version of ATI 5650 ....

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HP/Compaq :: Notebook CPU And GPU Upgrade
Notebook HP dv7 1199 ev

My motherboard is Compal 30f4 Version 99.67

I would like to upgrade my current CPU

Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53 GHz, Level 2 cache 6MB).

and graphic card
Nvidia GEforce 9600M GT

I have none experience moding a notebook before and i need some information.

-To begin with, how would i know if i can replace my processor, and what processors should be compatible with my system? Would a more powerful CPU cause problem to my system's cooling ability?

-The GPU is coming built-in with the motherboard? Can i update to any notebook-based GPU i want?
Maybe some GTX series Nvidia?

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HP/Compaq :: Over Clocking Hdx16 Cpu And Gpu

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor P9550 (2.66GHz)
FREE Upgrade to 4GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm) from 3GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
FREE Upgrade to 320GB 5600RPM SATA Hard Drive from 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 130M
16.0" diagonal High Definition HP Ultra BrightView Infinity Display (720p)
LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support
Webcam + Fingerprint Reader with HP Imprint Finish (Fluid)
Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N Mini-card
hp hybrID TV Tuner w/remote control
Full SizecolouR matching Keyboard
6Cell Lithium Ion Battery
No Productivity Software

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Dell :: *Warranty Expired* Possible Gpu/ Cpu Overheat M1530
When Idling my temps : Xps 1530
Gpu- 62-75
Cpu- 70

After Gaming:
Gpu- 90's
Cpu- 80's

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Acer :: CPU And GPU Upgrade On Aspire 6930G
how to change the CPU (the GPU is easy) in 6930G.

This is a vague guide and quite clumsy so I have no responsibility whatsoever if you damage your laptop or you lose your data or anything bad happens to your laptop or you etc.

I have to mention though that there is another guide written by lucino but unfortunately he hasnt finished it and there are no photos. His guide looks more appropriate and safer than mine which is a bit risky but much quicker. Here is the link. lucino's guide
I am not sure if there is an update or if he is planning to include photos and finish the guide.

You will need a cross-head screwdriver around 3.0mm (you dont say!!!) but also a flat one

Please use some kind of protection from ESD (electrostatic discharge) like an antistatic or grounding strap or gloves. This will prevent the static sensitive components from being ruined (memory, video card, motherboard etc).

Sometimes I dont use it but I know how to discharge myself (i.e. by touching a metallic surface) before touching the laptop........................

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Acer :: Aspire 6920g CPU/GPU Heating
under normal operating conditions (having firefox, CPUID HWMonitor, Windows live messenger, and WMP open) the CPU is running at 17~30C but the GPU runs at around 63~69C

this isn't normal is it?

with a fan underneath blowing on the bottom of the lappy, cpu runs at 8~23C
and gpu runs at 53~58C

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Acer :: ASPIRE 8930G CPU/GPU Upgrade
I have Acer Aspire 8930G: T5800 CPU @ 2.00 GHz, GeForce 9600m GS 512MB, 4GB Ram DD3, 64bit OS (Win7).

I want to upgrade my current CPU to Q9100 QAVK, and I also want to get one of these video cards: 8700m GT, Quadro FX2700m or FX3600m. (All MXM III type)

Will any of these components work with my laptop? Will I need to update my BIOS etc?

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Acer :: Aspire 7530 Cpu/gpu Upgrade
after being let down today with a 6920g order (out of stock). The company have instead offered me a 7530 with 9300m gpu, my question guys is can I upgrade it to maybe a 9600m gs, and the same for the cpu, however i'm not 100% sure which cpu it has yet I think its a turion x2 rm?.

It also has 320hdd and a 1400x900 screen, and blue ray/ dvd/dl, does it have 2 hdd bays?

I feel like my heads about to pop after so much research over the last 6 days,

And I would love to hear your general opinions on this model too, good or bad.

There seems to be very little on goole about it, I can't find a review anywhere.

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HP/Compaq :: Dm3(z) HD 3200 CPU/GPU Over/Underclocking
I recently picked up an open item + refurbished dm3-1039 from my local MicroCenter for $362 after tax It's the model that comes with the Athlon Neo L335 (dual core, 1.6) and the HD 3200 with something like 256 or 384 of sideport memory. It's a nice little machine, definitely performing beyond my expectations, but because I have 7 days to figure out if I want it or not, and upon return, anything broken wouldn't seem too strange (since it was already returned once), I decided to take her out for some fun before making my final verdict.

So, I've seen a bunch of various significant and insignificant results from underclocking this genre of AMD chip. The biggest gains were on the dm2's MV-40 chip, which is a single core. People were seeing gains in the neighborhood of 30 minutes if they ran it "speedstep'd" down to 800mhz and undervolted. I'm not that guy...I can't be happy unless I'm going fast, but I figured I'd give undervolting a shot to see if I couldn't hit an official 6 hours. Unfortunately, I couldn't undervolt for squat. Undervolted for .075 gain, and it wasn't really even noticeable to pay off for the potential stability issues.............

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 With Fan Control- For The GPU And CPU
I have a DV9000 laptop and I have problem with the fan control and the Heat Sink. The tempeture of the GPU and CPU go very high (GPU 60 and CPU 48), but the fan runs very slow, like if the tempeture is ok and after that the computer stops. As well I want to replace the pads from the heat sink, so I would like to know which types of pads I should use for this computer and where the GPU is located, because there are three chips (the CPU in right side, one in the middle and another in the left side with the nvidia signature). my computer is Intel Duo and the bios is version D.25.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 Reduce Tempeture In The GPU And CPU
I would like to reduce the tempeture of my CPU and GPU. The current tempeture of the GPU is 60C and CPU 50C. I have thermal paste between the heat sink and the chips, but it is not enough. I would like to know if someone has tried the thermal copper pads from ebay or another effective method.


Do you know if the thermal copper pads can really reduce 20% of the tempeture in GPU and CPU?

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Apple :: Overclocking The CPU And GPU Of A Macbook Pro
if it is possible to safely overclock the 2.8 ghz cpu on a macbook pro to run at speeds above 3.0? Intel's website lists that the 2.8 ghz cpu has a "turbo" mode. Has anybody tried this? Also is it possible to safely overclock the GPU? has anybody tried it?

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Dell :: Warranty- Changing My Thermal Paste On My CPU And GPU Chipset
I was thinking of changing my thermal paste on my CPU and GPU chipset, many ppl out there saying this would void the warranty and hell yeah it will, but the question is, will DELL engineer would be able to differentiate between stock silicone paste and new thermal paste (for my case is Coolermaster Nanofusion), anyone ever get busted by modding XPS?

Unless you change the obvious purple/pink thermal pad at the ACPI chipset to copper sheet then it's a totally different story.

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Dell :: Are The CPU / GPU User Upgradeable On The Precision M4400 / M6600?
Wondering if the the CPU and / or GPU on the Precision M4400 / M6600 are user upgradeable? Both in terms of is it physically possible and how does it affect warranty. If it voids the warranty, how likely is it that they can tell that it was upgraded if you swap the oringinal components back in before sending it in.

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