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Dell :: Why Is My Laptop Running So Hot Idle

For the past few days, I woke up to my laptop's fan rather loud spinning. I noticed that my computer was constantly at 100% CPU usage even with like literally no processes opened, and it's idling ~50C.

It's to the point where moving my mouse across the screen lags, the pointer jumps from one spot to another.

I'm not really sure what the problem is, I ran AVG with no problem, and I don't remember doing anything to my computer in the past few days that would be considered fact, the only thing I did do was try to use a screensaver for the first time ever, but I turned it off with no difference,

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Dell :: Laptop Overheats When Left Idle
My 1530 has recently been overheating when left idle for a while(30 min or so). When I come back I find that the fans stop working, the system overheats and the laptop restarts with blazing temperatures.

In order to turn the fans back on, I have to shutdown the laptop and then switch it back on

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Dell :: Running The Laptop Always On AC Power
I own a S1555 from Dell. Currently i am using the laptop on AC power which is supplied by an UPS. I have removed the battery from the laptop. I have connected the laptop to the UPS because even in the case of power failure, the working will be uninterrupted.

Now my query is, will it harm the laptop in the long term? I read about the laptop overheating in other forums, but strangely mine does not overheat, although i keep mine connected to AC power 24x7. I do all sorts of stuffs like gaming (the most recent one was GTA 4) and word processing on the laptop.

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Dell :: Fan Running At High, Laptop Cool?
So I know I made another thread about over heating, but it's not drawing that much attention.

A few days ago my Inspiron 1420 was crashing due to overheating (I've had it for a year and a half).

Dell came out, replaced the motherboard, and things were fine until it started overheating AGAIN a few hours after the techie left. Dell came out the next day with a new hard drive, heatsink and fan.

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Acer :: Laptop Running Vista Slow
I've been trying to get Vista Ultimate to run on my laptop for a while now, and every time I install using a clean installation, it runs painfully slow. If i have more than one window open its not even worth using. So I always run back to XP and I'll be honest in saying that I'm quite bored with it.

how to make it run better with Aero?

My Laptop's Specs Are
Brand: Acer Extensa 4220
CPU: Intel Celeron CPU 560 - 2.13GHz
Graphics: Moblie Intel GMA X3100

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Dell :: XPS M1530: Kensington SD100S Laptop Docking StationSafe To Unplug From Docking Station And Monitor While Booted Up And Running?
I have an XPS M1530 running Vista Home Premium 64-bit, T-9300 Processor, 6 gig RAM, 320 gig 7200-rpm harddrive. I am using it with the Kensington SD100S Laptop Docking Station (with stand) and a 22" Samsung monitor (monitor as primary display and laptop display as secondary display) and the Dell Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The Kensignton docking station attaches to the M1530 via USB.

My question is, is it safe for me to detach the docking station when the M1530 is booted up and running? What about detaching the monitor? Except when I have an external USB harddrive turned on, there is not anything in my tray icons to indicate (as far as I can tell) that any hardware needs to be safely removed.

I have a 2nd AC adapter in my den separate from my home office, but I so rarely take the laptop mobile in the house since I power down first. Please let me know whether I am being too cautious, and if it is safe to detach the docking station and monitor while running any precautions that I should take. I do have my XPS backed up via Ghost if a problem should happen.

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Acer :: Upgrading Old Laptop - Acer Travelmate 4502WLMi Running Xpsp3
I successfully upgrade an old laptop so that it will run well and not be too costly to upgrade either? So slow at present....

Laptop is:
acer travelmate 4502WLMi running xpsp3

Was thinking that probably the only upgrades worth considering were ram and hdd.

If this is the case what size mem and spec will work?

If the hdd is worth upgrading do I go for internal or external? and what size ?

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Dell :: XPS M1710 GPU & CPU Temps At Idle?
My dell xps m1710 temps at idle are

CPu 54C To 58C
GPU 54C To 58C

Is that okay?

The bottom of the computer is hot to the touch and the fans are blowing out hot air. I cleaned all fans and heat sink vents. also re applied all thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. Im concerned because my motherboard and gpu were just replaced yesterday for heat issues i believe. havent figured out if the heat was the cause or not. the temps were the same as there now with the new motherboard and gpu .....

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Dell :: Xps 1340 Temp Goes Up When Idle
I have a Dell XPS 1340, P8700, 9500M GS.

I noticed that when idle the temperature slowly goes up to 65C, then the fan kicks in, lowers it to 45 and stops. The temperature goes up again and in about 2 minutes it is already 65 again.
The process repeats indefinitely.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Idle Temp
i was reading a few other posts about idle temps of the GPU in the XPS 1530 and my temps are way above what everyone else is getting.

I have an idle GPU temp of approx 80-88 degrees celsius. I mean i could maybe expect that under a heavy load, but an idle temp??? The fan seems to be on all the time.

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Load System Fan Even When Idle
I just got the xps 1640 today and I'm very distracted by the loud system fan. It's audible all the time even when the computer is idle. I haven't been doing anything intensive on my computer either. The fan starts as soon as windows loads and never stops. I know this laptop has heat issues but I checked the core temp and it is only between 38-45degrees C. I know the fan can get louder under load, this is what I would describe as idle but still, it seems way too loud. It was raining earlier and I could hear the fan over the sound of raindrops hitting my roof. It's getting unbearable!!

Has anyone had the same experience? Or more importantly does anyone have a way to reduce the speed of the fan slighty? Speedfan doesn't seem to support my motherboard so I can't do it there.

P8600 2.4ghz
4gb ram
320GB (7,200rpm) WD HD

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Dell :: M1530 Temperatures Fluctuations When Idle
I have a new M1530, and I noticed some wierd temps. Can someone tell me if this is normal...

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Dell :: What Are Load And Idle Temps For Cpu And Gpu Of Studio Xps 16
Looking at getting one of these... what are the temps under load and idle of this laptop (of the cpu and the gpu)?

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Apple :: Macbook Fan Is Constantly On Even When Idle
my macbook fan is constantly on even when idle. I tried to reset the System Management Controller with no luck.

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Dell :: M4400 Ethernet Adapter Disconnects When Idle On AC Power
If I leave my M4400 idle with Windows (Vista Ultimate 32-bit) locked and the screensaver on for any length of time (e.g. 20 minutes), then the network card goes into power-saving mode even while on AC power, reducing the connection speed from 1Gbps to 100Mbps. I can see this because the colour of the LED on the port changes. The reduction in speed causes a brief disconnection from the network. When I unlock Windows, there is another brief disconnection as it reverts to 1Gbps, and this causes instant messaging applications to log out.

If I go to the Link Speed tab on the network card's properties in Device Manager and force it to 1Gbps instead of Auto Negotiation, it warns me that power-saving features will be disabled, but then I don't experience the problem and it never disconnects. "Reduce link speed during battery operation" is unticked, but this should not apply to AC power anyway. I've tried upgrading the driver to, A01 (released on 24/02/2009) but the problem still happens.

Does anyone else experience this?

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Dell :: M1530 Screen Left Side Dimming When Idle
I've had my M1530 for about 5 months and in the last few days and have had a problem with the screen.

Twice in the last 3-4 days I have come home from work to find the left hand side of the screen substantially dimme(darker.

The screen was left on regular settings, no screen saver etc. Within 5 minutes of use the left hand side of the screen had returned to normal brightness..

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HP/Compaq :: High Idle/under Load Temperatures
i purchased one compaq cq45-137tx in december. I guess it' similar to the dv4t models marketed in other countries.

model details

there are couple of temperature issues with this lappy ( ambient temp 25-30C):

1. at idle ( just media player or maybe a pdf file open), the cpu temp is at 43C, northbridge always above 50, gpu always above 55.hd also tends to operate at 45-48C. this is inspite of the fact that i am running this thing with no vents blocked ..and in fact the RAM, cmos battery and hd covers removed to allow better air circulation.

2. at normal load ( game like burnout paradise, with utor going on in background), cpu tends to reach 60 C, gpu at 80 C , northbridge at 70C and hd at 60 C.

3. cpu temp never seem to change really. tried using various s/w' like realtemp ( shows 28 C for gpu..which i dont think is feasible). only when i reboot after a high load session, the s/w' show higher temperatures ( and the notebook shows erratic behavior with display artifacts!).

4. the only fan in the machine never appears to speed up or down. i don't have an issue with the noise, as long as it helps this thing run cooler.......

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Dell :: Quiet And Cool. Thermal Paste Replaced! 38@idle 73@load
I replaced the thermal paste of the CPU and the GPU with "Coollaboratory liquid pro". And I replaced the thermal pad of the northbridge with "Arctic Silver 5" thermal paste.

Here are my sesults (in a 20 degrees Clesius enviroment, T9600, 2,8GHz, stock voltage):
73 dregrees Celsius at 100% load
(instead of 92)
39 dregrees Celsius at 0% load (fan off)
(instead of 45)

According to my research and different experiments this combination is my actual optimum.
The cooler and more silent system supports my usage of voice recognition (using the internal mic).
Of cause later the voltage could be reduced using rmclock.....

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Users: Do You Have A TRUE Stable Idle Temp?
My Idle temp seems to be within the range of:

27C-43C for CPU
44C-51C for GPU

These are temps when I'm not even doing anything. The fan activates when the GPU hits 51C and stops when the GPU temp reaches 44C. The CPU doesn't seem to be a factor in activating the fan.

Use I8Kfangui to see your CPU and GPU temps. Just don't click on AUtomatic Fan Control because that will severely lag your system until you turn it off.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6500t + T8300 - Fan - Idle's Nicely At 40*C To 50*C But Randomly It Will Jump To 83*C
Today i upgraded my dv6500t again. This time i put in an OEM t8300. After putting it in the bios reads it and it runs fine ( Im on it right now ). Anyways i will be using it and it idle's nicely at 40*C to 50*C but randomly it will jump to 83*C for core 1 and 97*C for core 2 the fans will spin full speed then it will drop down right back to normal. Anyone have any idea i am running the most up to date bios F.59.

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Acer :: Aspire 5100 - What The Average Idle/ Light Usage Temperatures Are
i have an older laptop (Acer Aspire 5100), Still works like new, but I was wondering what the average idle/ light usage temperatures are? Right now I'm getting a pretty solid temp reading at 45C, which I think it pretty good for a laptop. Anyone else have same/similar model (AMD D-C x64 TK-53 1.70 Ghz) that could give me there temps. Secondly I recently replaced the LCD and inverter. The inverter was for the orginal LCD but i got a matte screen instead of the glossy. I'm not sure whether it's always been like this since the original inverter, but i notice it get pretty warm over the plastic. I'm know there's quite a bit of voltage going through there, but it is it normal to get warm? (not burning temp, but noticeable hot/warm to the touch

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Acer :: 1810t Abnormal Idle Power Consumption After X264 Video
Just got my new 1810t delivered today. Mine is the one with the SU4100.

Notice that at idle it goes to 5.5-6w. Great. After anything intensive I do it always drops down to that level. However, when i watch DXVA x264 accelerated video in MPC or WMP, i notice that after quitting my idle power consumption jumps an average of two watts. The only way to get back to normal idle power consumption is by putting the laptop into sleep mode, then waking it back up again.

Watching the same x264 video in VLC which does not support DXVA doesnt result in the increase in idle power consumption.

Watching DXVA accelerated youtube HD content with flash 10.1 doesnt increase power consumption either.

Running the latest ( video drivers, but the same problem was present on the stock drivers that came with the laptop. Version of those drivers was unknown. Wattage was measured using both batterymon, and batterybar.

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Dell :: Dell Inspiron - Monitor To Shut Off After 1 Minute Of Being Idle
when i first got my dell inspiron and it was all good. when i set the monitor to shut off after 1 minute of being idle, it did and would not turn on unless someone moved the mouse of pressed a button. however, after i reformatted, the computer monitor would shut off after 1 min but soon afterwards it turns on again by itself, then it goes off again, then it remains on permanently. i recently formatted my laptop again and this problem persists. anyone knows whats sup? im using xp ftw... and my configurations are the same as it was before the reformats so idk whats wrong.

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Dell :: GPU Running VERY Hot
I have an m1530 that I bought back in june of 2008 with an nvidia 8600GT. In the past few months my gpu temps have been rising while I have been gaming. Its even gotten up to 98C while playing WoW, which makes the game really choppy and unplayable.

I can get the temps down to around 90C while gaming if I keep a box fan pointed at the bottom of the laptop, kind of like a poor mans cooler. How can I get my temps down? What SHOULD they be at while gaming?

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Dell :: 1420 Running Hot?
I notice the ventilation to the left of my Inspiron 1420 has been running hot lately - too hot to touch, so I ran CPUID Hardware Monitor and I got these results .........

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Dell :: Running On A 24 Inch
How safe is it using the 24inch with the 8600M GT in the long run? Would the card die out faster?

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Dell :: How Are You Running COD6?
What are your settings for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

I'm doing 1280 X 800 en single campaign 2x anti, textures medium, bullet impact and the rest of

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Dell :: Who's Running Windows7?
Who's running Win7 and what system do you have? any issues with any of the drivers like fingerprint to webcam?

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Dell :: Any Advantage To Not Running SLI?
I have two 7800M GT in an SLI configuration (not sure whether that its one physical card or not but is recognized as two) in my M1730.

I disabled SLI to save on power, but was told in another thread that simply disabling SLI does not cut power to the second GPU. If that is the case,

is there any advantage to disable SLI? Would the fans run less? Why do they provide for such an option in the first place?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1420 Running Really Hot
Is it normal for the Dell Inspiron 1420 to run hot?

This is my GF's notebook.

The specs are:

CPU- Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz
OS- Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
HDD- 160GB

It gets almost too hot to touch on the bottom.

Its pretty uncomfortable to use.

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Dell :: Fan Running Non Stop On M1330
I got mine XPS m1330 in april.. Didn't like Vista because I felt that I didn't have control over my computer with all that superadmin etc and it being slow.. So I installed XP a couple days ago.. But now I've been used to Vista and didn't like XP, so I switched back to Vista.. Much faster this time around without all of that preinstalled software for now...

Now I have two issues..

First issue is the fan works constantly and sometimes is stops for one second and runs for one second and does that all the time, it is driving me crazy.. By the way, the laptop is not warm at all..

The second issue is that I had to switch SATA HDD in bios to ATA from ACHI(?) and disable something in BIOS which I don't remember the name now before I could change to ATA. Now if I try to enable that "thing" and switch to ACHI from ATA, Vista doesn't boot..

Is it a problem that it is running in ATA or it doen't matter?

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Dell :: Running Mine Without A Battery?
So the other day I decided to actually read through the crap that dell gives you (safety and precautions stuff) and in there it said with the new lithium ion batteries its actually better to not let them die and keep them above 40%.

In turn I decided the best way to do this is by charging them fully then just taking them out and letting my computer run off of the outlet.

Worked so far for me and this will prevent charging/discharging my batteries constantly. Anyone else done this? Any negatives to this (other than the obvious, which is if power is disconnected it will turn off). My computer is a studio XPS 1640 by the way.

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Dell :: Running Mercenaries 2 On A M1530
I was given "Mercenaries 2" as a gift, and it is as of now, unopened - so it could be returned if need be. I'd like to run this on my 1530, but would rather return it if the 1530 is not equipped for this game. Anyone playing this game on a 1530?

Dell XPS M1530 | T8300 | 4GB RAM | 15.4" LED LCD (1440x900) | 256MB 8600M GT | 320GB 7200RPM | Vista Home Premium |

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Dell :: Studio 14z BBY Model Running Hot
The S1440/Studio 14z is constantly running hot for me. It is running the fan all the time and very hot air blowing. I can also hear the hard drive making some noise some times ...Is this sign of trouble. I just i have 1 browser and IM client running and no video or audio streaming going one. The fan is constantly running & blowing hot air...

Anyone facing the same issues..Should i try getting an exchange from BBY ...I would appreciate any tweaks which may be needed to make it work cooler. It is hot to the extent of uncomfortable on lap.

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Dell :: CPU Not Running At Full Speed?
All right, what doesn't look right here?

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Dell :: Running Games On My M1530
well a friend of mine cant get 2 games on his lappy so he's giving them to me. The games are GTA IV and Mirror's Edge. I was wondering how my m1530 would put up against these not looking to max them out but what fps would i get if i installed them?

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Dell :: Running I9300 With Out Screen?
I was curious if my i9300 would run with the screen off it? I'm curious because it developed a single purple vertical line on it yesterday out of no where.

I read into this and it seems to be a common problem, I would like to take the screen off and run an external monitor. Can this be done? Any help would be great.

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Dell :: E6400 Fan Running After Lid Close
My fan runs after the lid closes and I put it directly in its case for class. Its in an enclosed area and doesn't get proper ventilation that way.

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Dell :: 780 Processor Running Slow
Today, after I started up my 9300, I noticed that things were running very slow, and my CPU temp was low, too. I8kfan is showing the processor running at exactly 800Mhz. It's a 780, 2.26 Ghz processor

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Dell :: Inspiron 1721 Running Hot?
So my mom has a 17" Inspiron 1721 from like August 2007. I have been using it off and on for the past year or so, I just today got my Studio XPS 16" 1647 :-)

But anyways, her laptop seems to run a little (burning hot to me). It's not all the time, but all she did was play farmville on Facebook for maybe 2 hours, and it's burning hot to the touch. (Half of the time it was plugged in.

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Sony :: Running Hot
I posted a thread alittle while ago about the heat issue...Has anyone else had high readings from just playing a low res game?

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Acer :: My Charger Light Blinks When Its In My Laptop. And My Laptop Wont Charge
When I plug my acer laptop charger into the wall, the green light lights up accordingly. when i plug it into my laptop the greenlight begins blinking and my laptop does not charge. is something wrong with my laptop or charger? Yesterday my laptop just shut itself off, i wasnt monitoring the battery because at the time it was plugged into the wall. Now its not charging anymore, did I burn something out?

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Dell :: DDR3 1066 Running At 800mhz?
Just got my 1647 set up (replacement for my 1640) and got sent an additional 4gb dimm and popped it in for a total of 8 gigs.

CPU-Z shows 8 gigs, everything works fine..The Memory tab is blank so it doesn't show what its actually running at or its timings or dual channel mode or not...Which caused me to think it wasn't running in dual channel mode..So I got everest ultimate edition and it indeed showed it was working in dual channel so I was happy..But then I noticed it reported the memory was running at 100mhz and in ddr3 terms that effectively is 800mhz...The ram should be running at a base clock of 133mhz or 1066mhz effectively. All the tabs report it as being rated at 1066 and all that registers fine..Its just the "actual clock" reports it at 100mhz instead of 133..

I thought back to the 4gb dimm I recieved..It was refurbished which made me think it was the culprit..So I did some tests. I tested each dimm individually and each time (alone and together) everest reported 100mhz (800mhz)..

So is everest to be trusted? Are both my dimms bad? Whats causing my dimms to run at 800mhz instead of 1066? There is nothing in bios to tweak so how can I change this? And let me repeat, both dimms, when installed BY THEMSELVES (so 4gb total) still report it cant be the refurb dimm...

What gives?

My window index score on memory is 6.8..which is about what it was on my last machine which used the same speed ram..

Could everest be wrong?

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Games Not Running Smoothly
I just received my M1730 today. It looks great. But there is an issue occurs and I hope you guys can help me.....

Here is the System configuration:

_ Intel Core 2 Duo T8300(2.4GHz, 800Mhz, 3M L2)
_ 4GB of DDR2
_ 1GB Nvidia Dual GeForce 9800M GT SLI
_ 320 GB 7200rpm Seagate Hard Drive
_ Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit Edition

I tested the laptop with COD Word at Conflict Benchmark and the frame rate was about 12 (maximum) for max setting, 14 (maximum) for medium setting. I can not play the game smoothly and I don't know what the reason is?

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Dell :: Anyone Running A 4-core Battery On Their 1330
I'm getting insane (4+hours) battery life with my 6cell (I have SSD drive, t9500 processor, nvidia grpahics). Thinking of getting a 4-cell battery -- I've heard they save almost a pouind.

Anyone using a 4-cell? What kind of bettery life are you getting?

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Dell :: Studio 17 Running 64bit Vista
I was just wondering if any of you have had any experiance with this. I feel the need to upgrade, as i have 4gb of ram and the ati graphics card, which means on 32bit, i can't use all my ram .....

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 Running Extremely Hot
lately my Inspiron 1720 has been running crazy hot, and overheating (actually shutting down) while playing games (specifically Sacred 2).

For example right now I am only running Firefox and HWMonitor, and here is an excerpt from the HWMonitor report:

Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5750 hardware monitor

Temperature sensor 070C (157F) [0xF] (core #0)
Temperature sensor 175C (166F) [0xA] (core #1)

In fact shortly after saving that report, my computer actually shut down from heat. I have since restarted it and it is currently running at a roughly constant 52C.

The CPU gets into the 70s and overheats a lot when playing Sacred 2. However, strangely even after closing that game the temperature doesn't come down, such as what happened above .....

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Temperature After Running 3DMark06
I don't know if this is normal or not. I don't use this laptop for gaming so i wouldn't know how high the temperature reach but i gave 3Dmark06 a try to see how my computer did. Here are the results.

Is my score and temperature normal?

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Dell :: M4500 Running Server 2008
Where can I find Windows Server 2008 NIC drivers for a Precision M4500? Dell's website does not seem to have anything I can get to work

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