Dell :: Studio 15: Next/Prev Track On Media Panel Skips 2?

Jul 30, 2009

Rather than the next song on a playlist, my next track button skips one. Eg 1 -> 3 rather than 1 -> 2...
Anyone know why/how to fix?

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Dell Studio 1535 :: Fan Runs At Maximum Speed When Control Media Panel Plugged In

Jan 12, 2015

I have changed my dell studio 1535 motherboard after ordering a refurbished one from dell. When reconnecting all the parts, everything worked well except the control media button <Previous Track> which was lighting up by itself from time to time.

I unplugged the media control panel, plugged it up again. This time the media panel is lighting up intermittently and the laptop cooler is at maximum. Unplugged again, a cable pin was short circuited and got broken in the process :(.

Fixed the cable, now the media control panel is completely down and the cooler runs at maximum speed. Removing the media panel fixes the cooler issue.

As I am not an expert into this, I was wondering if changing the panel will fix my problem or the faulty connection could have broken the motherboard control panel circuit.

PS. When running diagnostic via F12 key, no faulty issue is detected.

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Dell :: Studio 17 Audio Skips Because Of DVD

Jan 11, 2009

Of course you think it's perfect out-of-the box, but as time progresses you start to notice the small imperfections. I only have a few issues with my Studio 1737, but this is one of them. If I am playing music, say from iTunes or the Zune Software, and I try to eject a CD or DVD, the audio will skip or stutter for about two seconds. This happens without fail, %100 of the time. Am I the only one experiencing this, or is it something that I will have to deal with? It really is not major since I rarely have a DVD or CD to eject, since my music is on harddrive already, but I noticed it when I ripped a DVD for my Zune.

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Acer :: The Media Panel On The Side Of The Keyboard Is Stuck On Hold

Feb 1, 2009

On my Acer Aspire 6920G, the media panel on the side of the keyboard is stuck on hold.

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Dell :: Studio 15 LCD Panel

May 13, 2009

i ordered a 15.6" studio 15 with a LCD panel 1080p (1920x1080). i wanna switch to 720p (1280x720) because i think it's a waste of money, especially if i don't need it (i'll be using it for homework, college, and occasional video games/movies).

1. what are the advantages of 1080p vs. lower resolutions? would the screen look compared to lower resolutions? much battery power would it consume, compared to lower resolutions?

4.would it have any other effects on your eyes, compared to lower resolutions?

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Dell :: Does Anyone Have A Calibrated RGB Panel On Their Studio XPS 16?

May 9, 2010

Does anyone have a calibrated profile for their RGBLED Backlit screen? I guess what I mean is, ones that are calibrated with a hardware calibrator?

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Dell :: New M6400: Flimsy LCD Panel And Panel Make/Type

Oct 13, 2009

The shipping Packing Slip for my unit lists the following for the LCD panel..

Description: Module, Liquid Crystal Display 17WUX, Red/green/blue,Lg Philips LCD,M6400..

Can anyone confirm if that the correct product code for my Original Quote which stated "17 inch Wide Screen WUXGA RGB-LED LCD for M6400 (320-7312)"..

i'm guessing that its the RGB backlit display i'm expecting. its NOT the covet model.. and I didn't go with the E2E because I wanted more of a matte display..

My other question is:.. is it just me or does the LCD Housing seems to be very flimsy and has lots of flex when lifted from the corners..

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Dell :: Change LCD Panel On Studio 1535

Jan 25, 2009

This may be an unusual inquiry but I'm wondering how hard it can be done.

Yes, I took a look at their service manual but if you have done it and have some tips, please let me know.

I have 2 Dell Studio 1535 laptops bought from their Outlet.

System 1: Blue LCD cover, ATI 3450 video, Duo Core 2Ghz.

System 2: Black LCD cover, Intel X3100 video, backlit KB, Duo Core 2.16Ghz

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Dell :: Studio Has Low Quality Screen Panel

Nov 5, 2008

I got my Studio 17 on Friday and have fiddled with it since then loving almost everything it has to offer. On the flip side I'm deeply disappointed by the screen.

First of all the brightness is borderline acceptable. I didn't opt for the LED backlight since I assumed the brightness would be on the same level as the HP Pavilion I owned.

With this being said I urge all of you potential buyers to choose the LED backlight option other else disappointment awaits.

But the biggest dismay is the quality of the screen, it's so disastrous that I can't enjoy watching any movies on my laptop. My Pvilion has absolutely extraordinary image reproduction, the screen quality was second to none while the Dell has a screen I would expect to see on an Acer. It's pale, contrast isn't good enough and colours don't look alive and vibrant. I'm glad that I bought a Sony V4000 32 inch TV two weeks ago which is what I use as a display, and it's light years ahead of the Studio in image qualitly.

More over there is a horrendous leakage of light on the lower part of the screen making the taskbar and the blacks look pale. Lastly the viewing angle is embarassing, the screen has to be tilted in a certain angle or else the image looks terrible. My HP looks spotless from pretty much any angle and the same applies to the Sony TV as well. I'm very disappointed by this, especially when dell equip their laptops with Bluray which isn't justified on such a screen. I feel that they are making the standard screen sub par on purpose so that people are forced to opt for the more expensive options.

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Dell :: Shocking Discovery My Studio 17 Uses An IPS Panel

Feb 24, 2010

there are many different flavors of TFT LCD display panels. MVA, IPS, TN, ASV etc. IPS panels are coveted and are what high end, digital graphics Hollywood artists use and Professional photographers use, because of their superior view angles and accurate vibrant colors, Also Apple uses IPS panels in their Cinema Displays and in the iPad. Down side is they are the most expensive.



just by coicidence, I decided to purchase a Panasonic TC-L32S1 1080p HDTV which uses a 10-bit IPS Alpha also known as IPS Pro LCD panel, because of its great view angles, and great for gaming and have no motion blur because of IPS as well as deep rich vibrant colors.

same 10-bit IPS Pro panel on 32 inch Panasonic


[url](What is IPS)

[url](good video)

Now there is a simple way to determine what type of LCD panel you have by switching your didgital camera to Macro, and putting it righ against the laptop display take a picture then zoom in to the image on your desktop. And you can see the pixel structures all are unique to the type of LCD display panel. Basically the DNA finger prints of what makes up the pixels of your display......

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Dell Studio 1558 :: Cannot Disable Touchpad - No Access Via Control Panel

Feb 27, 2013

Studio 1558 laptop....cannot disable activates cursor whenever I get close to touching it..very distracting/ hot keys and no access via control panel..

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Dell :: Keyboard Skips On M1530

Jun 9, 2009

Keys skip when typing on my m1530, do I have to send it in for repair or is there a way to fix this?

I will type then all of a sudden the cursor will jump three or lines down or back. It happens often though.

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Dell :: E4300 -- Does It Suffer From Audio Skips?

Sep 2, 2009

Does the E4300 suffer from the audio skips and static the way that the E6400 and E6500 do? From my brief amount of searching it appears it does not, but I'm just looking for a little confirmation .

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Dell :: Audio Skips Every 12 Minutes On E6500

Dec 6, 2008

Not sure what is causing this. Maybe someone else who had this issue and solved it can help me out. This is NOT the same as the crackling issue (which is solved by the Intel Matrix Controller drivers).

I am running Vista Business using the IDT drivers from Dell website. No other software from Dell installed other than the Matrix Controller driver. I am playing in Winamp. But notice it happens in WMP also.

CPU is not stressed at all. I am running on the High Performance profile (clock shouldn't be modulated).

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Media Buttons?

Aug 21, 2009

I can still change the volume, but that little graphic that pops up when you turn it up/down is no longer there, making it hard for me to see what the volume is.

Second, and more importantly, the "eject" button no longer works. I have to manually goto the disk drive, right click, and click eject............

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Dell :: Media Direct 4 On The Studio 15

Sep 16, 2008

I just got my Studio 15 last week and love this notebook! On previous Inspiron notebooks if you pressed one of the media buttons while the system was off, it would then do a quick boot to a Media Direct partition where you could play movies and music and also view photos. However, on my studio, when I press the media direct botton while the notebook is off, it changes the splash screen during POST to a Media Direct splash screen but then boots into the OS, where I have to log in, and then the Media Diract app launches. This was a big dissapointment for me. Is anyone else seeing this? I was hoping that maybe I got a bad factory install, but if others are seeing this then I guess Dell has done away with the hidden Media Direct partition.

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Dell :: Studio 15 Media Buttons

Sep 16, 2008

is there a way to get them to do the exact opposite...instead of being off and lighting up when you touch can they be lit up and then go dark when you touch?....what would be really nice is if you could make them light up when you light your keyboard up and not light up when your keyboard isnt lit....

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Dell :: Studio 16 Media Keys (Winamp...)

Sep 26, 2009

Has anyone figured out how to get the damn media keys to work with Winamp??

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Dell :: How To Fix Studio 17 Scratches Above Media Keys

Sep 8, 2009

I have had my studio 1735 since they launched last summer and its in perfect condition except for little black scratches above the speaker bar.

there is 2 similarly sized and spaced small scratches that are grey (they stand out).

I was wondering if anyone experienced this problem and no of a way to paint over them or order a new metal casing

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Dell :: Studio 15 Touchpad/Buttons/Media

Jun 25, 2009

I've had my Dell Studio 15 (1535) for nearly a year now, problem free. But last night, my touchpad moving extremely choppy,

and my CPU/RAM meters (on Vista) were at nearly 50%, sometimes even spiking higher; I've never seen them that high before.

Here's what was going on when it happened. I was using Facebook Chat, which I don't believe was the problem, but what I believe started it was when i tried to turn up the volume using the touch sensitive media keys at the top, and hit play on iTunes. When i went to turn the volume up,

it froze for about 30 seconds, and then turned the volume all the way up, and now none of my media keys work, my keyboard barely works, and my touchpad/mouse buttons don't work at all!

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Dell :: How Do I Track My Order On UPS?

Apr 26, 2010

My order status is now 'shipped' and i have been provided with a tracking number. Once on the UPS tracking page, i can't work out what my shipment reference is. Any ideas?


-My Customer Number
-Order Number
-Tracking Number

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Dell :: Vostro 1320 Audio Stutters And Skips In Win7 RTM

Oct 3, 2009

I get these "skips" and "stutter" on everything, movies, mp3, FLAC and it doesn't matter which media player I use.

I've tried locating a newer driver but so far I haven't been able to find one newer than the one from Dell which I'm running right now.

The driver version is: and is called IDT High Definition Audio Codec.

What brand is that exactly, Intel?

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Media Buttons, Staying Lit?

Mar 25, 2009

This is a pretty nice glitch, even if it is completely accidental.

So I was powering on my laptop just a few minutes ago, and during boot, the progress bar was going slower than usual and stopped at one point, about 3/4 of the way through. So, I wondered what was going on, and tapped the media buttons to see if the whole thing was locked up, and they all lit up.

However, they never actually turned off. Now, I'm booted into Windows and everything's working normally, but the buttons are still lit! And the best part is, they function like normal when pressed!

I wish there were a way to set this up to work like that all the time...the buttons are impossible to see in the dark.

Here's a pic. Sorry for the cell phone camera quality, but you can still see that all the buttons are lit up, along with the Wifi light on the far right:

So, does anyone know of a way I can get it to do this every time without an unusually slow boot?

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Dell :: Studio 15 Weird Media Control Blinking?

Apr 21, 2009

I turned on my Studio 15 and the Mute and Volume up buttons were flashing. Everything seemed to be working fine. I could raise and lower the volume, eject, play, etc.

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Dell :: Cant Access Bloomberg Media Tv/radio On Studio 17

Apr 23, 2009

somehow, i cant watch bloomberg tv or listen toblomberg radio on studio 17 vista x32 ie7. it was working fine yesterday and bloomberg tv/radio can be played smoothly on another computer studio xps 16.

i reset the browser and windows media player is working , i can watch video and youtubes w/o problem. its just on this particular website, i cant access media contents.

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Dell :: Mini 10v Fast Track?

Dec 2, 2009

So after going through so much fun with my Studio XPS 1645, I can't believe I'm actually considering making another Dell purchase so soon.

Having said that, does anyone have any feedback as to Dell's recent performance with their Fast Track system?

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Media Direct Button Going Off Randomly

Jan 22, 2009

I'm new here, so I apologize if I'm not doing this right or if this has been addressed.

I recieved a new Studio 1535 for Christmas. It was purchased on Thanksgiving Day so its past the 21 days. Everything was working great, but all of a sudden, randomly the eject button started lighting up and trying to eject a cd.

This did it for a little while, my sister has a MAC and says her's does the same thing. It was my first time with a slot loading cd I took her word for it.

Then it kept happening. Next, the volume button would light up..raise the volume up all the way on the screen and stay there. I would manually try to lower it, and it wouldn't let me

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Dell :: FINAL SOLUTION: Studio 15 Media Sensitive Button

Oct 20, 2009

Like you from the first day I had my hands on my Dell Studio 1535 I have the problem with sensitive buttons, eject the cd light stays lit,

the light stays lit lower volume and not permitted me to walk up or down the volume or when the team suspended him again and I fastened to light one of those lights, etc etc.

I changed the panel of sensitive buttons 2 times, thinking the problem was that but never fix the problem .....

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1647 Media Buttons Not Lighting Up Or Working

Jan 28, 2014

The touch sensitive media buttons above the keyboard on my Studio XPS 1647 stopped working the other day. When I tried to turn my laptop back on the computer beeped a few times and the screen flashed a few solid colors and then went black. I had to turn the laptop off and on again and it booted as normal except the media buttons stopped working. They do not light up or respond to touch.

I have restarted the laptop, updated the Dell QuickSet drivers and the BIOS and nothing has fixed it. According to this post the media buttons need to be replaced. How can I do that and where can I buy the parts needed?

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Dell Inspiron 15r SE :: Checking Media / Media Fail Message On Boot Up

Mar 24, 2013

I have had the laptop for three months.Every time it boots up it I get the message: checking media/media fail.

It then goes to a blue screen with error code 0xc0000001. I ran diagnostics and got the message error code 2000-0145 validation 100079.

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