Dell :: Why M1710, M170, Gen2, M90 Overheat &

Jan 26, 2009

I've been using my M1710 that I built from parts over two years ago and it still runs great. But guess what sports fans...this thing does have a supreme maintenance issue. An issue that Dell has never admitted. I might even call it a design defect.

And that major issue/design defect is the fact that dust bunnies form between the cooling fan outlets and the heatsink cooling fins located on the ends of the CPU/GPU heatsinks arms. The result is that air flow is blocked and heatsink efficiency goes way down, so "baddaboom baddabing"...higher temps. If your lappy is getting hotter than normal, check your fan speeds if you have I8kfanGUI as they will most definitely be running faster than normal. As an example, my maximum fan speeds are pretty consistant at 42CPU/38GPU. Right now, as I'm typing this they are 44/40 and my CPU/GPU temps are above average so I have to do something I hate to do...

...and you'll hate it too if you're having heat problems, but it MUST be done sooner or later. You, or someone you trust, will have to carefully disassemble your lappy to remove the offending dust bunnies. This requires removing the top palm rest and power switch/hinge covers, keyboard, myriad motherboard connectors, and the video card. Of course, you'll also want to remove the battery first. Here is a link for the Dell service manual to guide you in your disassembly if you don't have access to one: [url]. Until the video card is removed you won't be able to see the dust bunnies since Dell seals the tops of the fan outlets with black tape. After peeling up the tape you'll still have to remove the fans and they will need cleaning also. This is when you'll see why your "Precious" has become a POS. If you've ever looked at the mesh filter screen on your clothes dryer you'll see the same damned thing. So what's next?

After removing the bunnies, thoroughly clean the fan blades, heatsink arm fins and don't forget to clean the bottom case inlet/outlet vents. A mini-sized vaccuum is good to start with and/or take dampened-with-water Q-Tip swabs and maybe even an old soft toothbrush to do the deed. And then?

Afterwords, carefully reassemble your lappy, but don't forget to reseal the tops of the fan exhaust areas. Electrical tape works great. If you unplugged your CMOS battery you'll have to re-enter your bios settings. After boot-up you'll notice the lappy is cooler and quieter and the fans won't be running wide-assed open as often.

Don't forget these lappies generate a lot of heat naturally and any air flow blockage yields dire results. I was quite disappointed after I installed an unlocked T7600G CPU and could crank it up in the U.S, but here in Thailand I can't run it hard above 2.33Ghz for long due to higher ambient temps. This means the cooling system is just adequate and there's not much room for poor conditions.

One more tip. I usually do this cleaning every three or four months and there's always a dust bunny, or two, even if the fans don't look too dirty. Last Spring I actually disassembled the whole unit and used a Dremel to open up the exhaust slots in the back of the case bottom to hopefully increase exhaust air flow . After re-assembly I cut up some old panty hose and taped a small piece over each case fan inlet vent to filter out the dust. If you also add the panty hose filters be careful not to block any of the vent slots with tape. I did this about six months ago and it finally needs cleaning again, so it just about doubled my maintenance interval.

Now then, why do I say this is a design defect? Simple, as this same problem has existed since the XPS Gen2 for all models with discrete graphics cards plugged into the motherboard as they're all the same design. Dell should have revised the design to avoid this problem or at least they could have made the bottom cases such that the cooling vent areas could be easily removed for access. This also should have been added to the manual as a periodic maintenance requirement. I guarantee that they've spent a huge amount of money by having to service or replace probably thousands of these for overheating over the last few years when the condition was avoidable to begin with. How sad, and moreso for the unhappy customers.

Another problem I had with my Gen2 was that the graphics card heatsink wasn't transferring heat away from the GPU and it kept overheating. It was easy to tell once the power switch cover and keyboard were removed because I could then touch the heatsink over the graphics card and it was hot as Hell while the cooling arms were much cooler.

Dell replaced the 6800 with a 7800 under warranty so I was happy at the time.

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Dell :: Replaced M170 With M1710 Video Card

Aug 28, 2007

They gave me a 7900GS instead of a 7950 GTX. I know some of you have had the same problem.

Everything else is fine, I could care less. But, I really feel that I should have gotten the GTX instead. Two Questions:

1) How minimal is the downgrade from 256mb 7800 GTX in my old M170 to a 256mb 7900GS? How big is the difference in the 7900GS vs the 7950GTX?

2) For those of you who have gotten this problem, how did you go about getting the card switched? Did they send a new system? I'd rather they just send the card and I'll swap it out myself.

The replacement was approved on the 8th, and I just got it today. Apparantly it's a new build, not a refurb. But I want the video card that's not a downgrade.

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Dell :: XPS Gen2 LCD .

May 3, 2008

When I took my XPS Gen2 out of standby this morning the LCD had a bar about an inch wide running from the bottom to the top that is light and flickering. Then another bar next to ithat one that is even lighter and flickering. I reseated both LCD connectors, rebooted and tried several other adjustments without any luck.

I have the WXUGA Clearview screen - and could have sworn I saw something about Dell having a recall on these if they died? Could anyone direct me to the proper location for that? I'm just... exasperated this happened out of nowhere :/ The laptop isn't even 3 years old :/

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Dell :: XPS Gen2 Fix Or Part Out?

Sep 17, 2009

This laptop just went out of warranty when the lcd started growing vertical lines(have had 4 screens replaced under warranty for the same thing )
Should i fix it with a new screen and sell it or just part it out?

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Dell :: 6800 Ultra XPS Gen2

Jul 17, 2007

I currently own a XPS Gen2 I purchased in Oct 2005. When I was deployed back to Iraq this past year it started acting up and now when I boot it the screen is just black. I have been told by a few people that it is the Vid card that has died on me. If so. Is there any modding to put a 7800gtx in it? I have seen on the forums where I can purchase one for around $260US.

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Dell :: XPS Gen2 Memory Issue

Mar 31, 2009

I know this computer is pretty antiquated by now.. it has lasted me almost all the way through college but I just noticed how cheap memory is so i bought 4 gigs of Kingston Hyperx ram. I know windows xp can only see 3.25gigs but i figured it would run better with 2 identical sticks of ram in it instead of a 2gb stick and a 1gb stick ......

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Dell :: Upgrading A XPS Gen2 To Wireless

Jan 3, 2008

I have a XPS Gen2 which has a internal 54Mbit wireless card. Does anyone know if I can upgrade that internal card to draft-N or do I have to buy a PC-CARD to be able to get faster wireless?

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Dell :: Clean XP Install Old XPS Gen2 Laptop?

Dec 7, 2007

It has been a while since I have read this forum and I've had this XPS Gen 2 laptop for a couple of years and am happy with it.

I remember a while back there was a very detailed thread that told of how to do a Clean Install of Win XP for the technically impaired.

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Dell :: New Battery For My 9300 Modded To XPS Gen2

May 9, 2008

I have a 9300 that has been modded to an XPS Gen2 with the 7800 GTX in it. The battery that I have sometimes gives me the flashing orange light. When it's not doing that, it only last about an hour. It used to last much longer. I also think it's going out becaus of the orange light that flashes from time to time.

I want to buy a new one off Ebay but there are so many sellers and it looks like there are a good number of variances from the batteries. Some say 7200, some say 6600. I know what I want there, but my question is this:

Does anyone know of a good Ebay seller that sells a quality and correct product for my laptop?

Or does anyone have a place that will sell me a quality product? I don't want to pay $150 for a battery from Dell.

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Dell :: Laptop Overheat

Apr 24, 2010

my current dell studio 1555 was bought last year July it is capable of run games in good setting but the graphic card will heat up very fast, whenever the gpu rise to 100C then it will be throttled down and temp drops to 80+C and then back to normal clock speed and repeat it is very annoying for me besides, even watching HD video the gpu will also rise to 70+C i have used notebook cooler but no use to gpu is it safe? Should i call dell?

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Dell :: 6800 Ultra In My XPS Gen2 Video Card Died

Feb 21, 2008

For whatever reason, my 6800 Ultra in my XPS Gen2 I got awhile ago went dead. Can anyone suggest where I can get a replacement on the cheap(er)? I bought the 6800 Ultra upgrade for $500 back then and now spare parts wants $599 for one.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Overheat + (warranty)

Apr 3, 2010

had my s1555 for about half a year and didnt have much problems with it hardware wise.

but recently, after the weather started getting hotter, i noticed my internal temperatures are getting quite high, using hardware moniter, expecially the gpu, which goes up to around 80s fast.

looking at hardware moniter, it seems the gpu heats up really fast but seems to cool quite fast too, like it would jup 3 degrees at a time when in a game.

i didnt pay much attention to it until i was in the middle of a game (warcraft 3, not even a 3d intensive game) and my comp shut down by itself, most likely due to gpu overheating.

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Dell :: *Warranty Expired* Possible Gpu/ Cpu Overheat M1530

Sep 4, 2009

When Idling my temps : Xps 1530
Gpu- 62-75
Cpu- 70

After Gaming:
Gpu- 90's
Cpu- 80's

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HP/Compaq :: Do HPs Overheat A Lot

May 24, 2009

I'm seriously considering to buy an HP when Windows 7 comes out, but I also hear that some of these HPs can overheat pretty bad. Maybe if you get one like an HDX, but I might go for something a little lighter, I won't be gaming extensively or anything, mainly web browsing and typing up notes for college. Is HP a pretty reliable company?

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HP/Compaq :: Overheat

Feb 6, 2009

well i just cleaned up my desk, i was woundering if i put a towl/clothe over my bead the wtih laptop (cq50 compaq) ontop of it would it overheat? im getting a cooliing fan in 1 week, but i was woundering if it would hurt it. also if it does block the air way, i was using a laptop lap desk, before and it didnt get much air before, it covered the vent i thought, anyway just woundering if it would hurt my laptop, or possibly set the clothe on fire (my laptop reaches high degrees)

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Dell XPS L502x :: Laptop Seems To Overheat And It Shuts Down Automatically?

Jan 20, 2013

However, a problem appeared recently: the laptop seems to overheat and it shuts down automatically when the temperature rises a lot. I installed SpeedFan to check it and see whether it is abnormally high. Sometimes it reaches about 80-90 degrees on the 4 cores and the hard disk. Slightly before it started shutting down, the fan became very loud and it switches on and off continuously. So I don't know where the problem started.

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Acer :: Overheat - 7738G

Apr 20, 2010

I have my 7738G(specs in sig) for 8 months now and did not have a problem til a week ago when I had my first reboot while playing Borderlands. I figured it must be the game or something since that problem did not repeat itself for a few days. I had to work all week long and I didn't get the chance to play B-lands and soon forgot about the problem.

Today I bought Lineage II Gracia Epilogue and I ran it at nat res with max settings with HDR rendering and all the flashy/fancy depth of field filters and effects turned on and guess what. My notebook keeps rebooting every 15 mins of gameplay even though I average at about 40~45 fps. Same thing happens with Borderlands, Call of Duty 4 and GRiD. Now this is really weird since my GPU temp idles at @ 47-50 degrees but whenever I start playing something it jumps to 78-80 degrees (must be the max amount til it reboots). My 4 core CPU idles at 49~54 and tops 78~81 when gaming. I want to ask you guys if you know any good method that could lower the temp, also could the high temp rates result from dust inside the machine(even though it isn't a year old), would a cooling pad make any difference?

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Acer :: Why This HD Is So Cheap? ... Overheat Concern

Nov 7, 2008

I am going to upgrate my Acer 5672.

On tigerdirect I found 2 nice Hds

Seagate Momentus 7200.3 ST9250421AS 250GB Mobile Hard Drive - 2.5", 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA-300 for $74
Hitachi / TravelStar 7K200 / 200GB / 7200 / 16MB / 2.5" Mobile / SATA-150 / Hard Drive for $90

It seems to me first one is much better, more size , more speed, but I don't understand why it is cheaper.

One guy told me Segate's disks overheat laptops. Is it true ?....

So... why is it cheaper? I everything ok with this brand ?

I am also planning to add more memory, 4GB instead 1GB.

Should I be concern about overheat ?

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Acer :: Aspire 5520 Overheat

Mar 16, 2009

I think my cpu and gpu temps are too high. The idle temps are: cpu: 40-50C, gpu: 60-70C. I'm installing WoW now, and the cpu is 74C, the gpu 75C. My CPU is: AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-60 (2.0 GHz), graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G. I'm using SpeedFan to watch the temps.

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Acer :: Ferrari 4000 Overheat

Jun 4, 2008

After using my ferrari for about 3 years now it's been with me in a lot of different places, climates, dust conditions and so forth. Lately I started to notice that the laptop was kind of hot , and the primary use of my laptop is internet browsing and office applications so no heavy cpu or gpu loads. The heat was annoying problem but not annoying enough to make me do any actions. But a week ago I noticed that when I watch flash based videos (like youtibe) laptop gets really hot and after 15-20min it just shuts off or reboots . This was annoying as shit. I tried things like putting it on a try of ice, didn't help, and since I don't believe in "gay" things like those cooling pads I decided to get to the root of the problem .

First thing I noticed was that the flow of hot air from the grill around the cpu was very weak, this gave me the hint that the radiator is probably stuck with dust. The solution I came to is simple: open the body clean it and see how it works.............

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HP/Compaq :: Clean Install Gen2 Envy 15 With I5-420m 3dmark Result. Under 3.5k

Mar 22, 2010

it's weird because I'm running Dawn of War 2 and Starcraft 2 in native resolution with max settings (water effect set to mid in Dawn of War 2)

The amd GPU overclock tool is also telling me that the default clock speed is 99/199

I'm guessing it's driver issues but i have no friggen clue. I installed the latest drivers and updated everything that needed to be updated.

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Acer :: Aspire 5940G- Old Battery Death- CPU Overheat During Games

Jan 2, 2010

my Aspire 6920G.

So far got many issues with it like: a year-old battery death, CPU overheat during games, and driver issues with windows seven.
I am considering of buying a new laptop, the 5940G, which has these specs -

Display 15.6" (1366 x 768) / Intel Core i7-720QM (1.6 GHz) / RAM 4 GB / HDD 500 GB / ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 / Blu-ray / Wi-Fi / Buletooth / web-camera / Windows 7 Home Premium / 3 kg. $1939,00 (normal price as for Ukraine)

You can read a detailed review with pics over here [url]

What makes me think about this lap, is the Acer brand. So far i can say, that the batteries acer makes are crap, because the 6920G isn't the first laptop i experience problems with (especially the battery problem)

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Acer Aspire 5750g :: Overheat After 5 Minutes Of Playing Games And Turn Off Instantly

Nov 4, 2014

I have problem with my Acer 5750g. When I playing games cooler work in passive mode, like it dont know that  should work as much as possible.
After 5 minuts without additional cooler it goes overheat to 100 degree and turn off instantly.
When i turn my laptop on, the cooler starting work very good, like it should work all the time when it overheating. But after few secounds its turn into passive/silent mode and doesn't work properly till overheat and turn off again.

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Dell :: XPS M170

Jul 23, 2009

I have a few questions, since I'm attempting to replace a dead video card to fix my Dell M170.

I want to replace the 7800 with the 6800 here:


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Dell :: XPS M170 With 4 GB Ram

Jan 28, 2008

I just want to know if the dell xps m170 can handle 4 GB? or the max is 2 GB?

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Dell :: M170 Temperatures

Oct 20, 2007

I recently purchased a M170 with 6800 Ultra off ebay and have been using it for the past week or so. During this time, I have noticed that the temps get quite high when running graphic intensive applications. I currently have an e1705 with a 7900GTX installed so I am familiar with the heat dissipated from a high end graphics card but the M170 seems to get very hot in comparison to my e1705. I am not sure what are considered high temps so I will just post my readings from I8kfan (these are the peak temps):

CPU: 95
GPU: 91
Mem: 77
Chipset: 80

Are these readings too high or about normal?

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Dell :: M170 With Motherboard Or Gpu

Jan 15, 2008

i'm having trouble with my XPS m170.

It has:

Pentium M 760 2Ghz
1Gb Ram
60Gb HDD
Geforce Go 7800GTX 256mb
Windows Media Center 2005

I was playing CS:S, and all of a sudden i was getting artifacts on the display. Than the computer froze up and i had to power the laptop down manually.

I was able to restart the computer in safe mode a couple times.

But wow when i try to restart the computer, i'm getting artifacts on the Dell Splash screen. And then it would freeze up.

What do you think the issue is? At first i was thinking the GPU is the problem. But now i'm beginning to think its the motherboards.

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Dell :: XPS M170 Go 7800GTXDead?

Nov 19, 2009

I have read a bit and I now have a short question. It relates to this video.

Having read a few topics, I take it my 7800GTX has died? I've only had the laptop for about 2 months before it died, so what options do I have now?

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Dell :: M170 + Pool

Jun 2, 2008

I had a little accident with my M170 that landed it in the pool. Luckily I have Complete Care, they are sending a box tomorrow.

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Dell :: WHO Still Has Their XPS M170/Gen 2- Or Has MOVED On With It

Dec 23, 2007

I'm still on my XPS M170, planning to moved to a Macbook Pro next year because of certain reasons but anyways its still working. some wear and tear on the paint.

Some questions:

If your XPS M170 has Windows Vista which drivers are you running?

OR if it has Windows XP which drivers are you running?

and how's your XPSM170?

For those who moved on /Upgraded to a better system, what is it? WHat did you did with your XPS M170 / Gen 2?

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