Dell :: XPS 13 Config Confusion LED Display & 2MP Camera?

Jun 3, 2009

I just ordered a Studio XPS 13 from the Dell UK Outlet.

I noticed something odd about the spec. The display is listed as White LED (this was a big deal for me and is what I am after) but it also includes a 2MP webcam.

My understanding was that only the CCFL display shipped with the 2MP cam and the LED had a lower res one?

Any idea what's going on there? How can I verify that I have the LED screen when it arrives?

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Dell :: Memory Confusion

May 29, 2010

I have a 1640 with 6G of RAM installed, however when I run CPU ID CPU Z,

it is reporting my DRAM frequency at 532 instead of 1066 MHZ.

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Dell :: AVCHD Camera/HDMI Input Display?

May 12, 2010

Trying to see my Sony AVCHD camera using a HDMI cable I just got with mini end for camera and regular end for my Dell XPS LAPTOP.

It doesn't recognize it at all...

Would this be a driver issue? And where do I get the correct ones. or a control device area?

One last question...

Where do we get our tag etc.# to get info from Dell or at least quicker response to a question.

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Dell :: Slight Throttling Confusion About 1645!

May 30, 2010

On the featured systems, i was thinking of purchasing the second one which has the i7 processor, but i have a few questions before i would like to buy it.

1) This is a 1645 system meaning that throttling will be there right?
2) Does installing the A09 BIOS Solve the throttling issue?
3) Without using throttlestop is there any way to control the throttling?
4) Is it compulsory that throttling occurs on all the systems or some don't have it?
5) Will me playing NFS Undercover cause the laptop to throttle?....

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HP Pavilion Dv7 Display :: Computer Doesn't Detect A Camera

Jan 19, 2014

I know my Pavilion dv7 has an integrated web cam, because I have used it....but now it doesn't work,  the computer says it doesn't detect a camera...

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HP Pavilion Dv6911om Display :: Webcam Driver For Integrated Camera

Dec 20, 2013

I have reinstalled my original Vista Home Premium 32bit using the recovery partition. All is well, except I can't make the webcam recognizable to the system. Therefore, I can't use my Skype video call function. When I had the factory installed OS, Skype video call worked perfectly.
I have been all over the Internet trying to find software - YouCam, Quickplay, SP37849, SP46565, SP38361 and SP 45866 - all to no avail. None of the software would install, except Quickplay (SP38361).
In the Device Manager, under Imaging Devices, there is no webcam driver listed, only my HP 6700 All-in-One printer/scanner. Is there a possibility that only one imaging device can be installed at one time?

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HP Pavilion Tx1218au Display :: Cannot View Photos Uploaded From Camera

May 31, 2009

I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC tx1218au working on Windows Vista Home Premium and AMD processor and NVIDIA graphics. I have installed the latest updates for my laptop. The problem that I am currently facing started more than a year back and is still in continuity. I have uploaded photos on my laptop and on initial stages I was able to view and edit them with ease. Later on I was unable to view the photos. Even when I load any new photos from my camera I am not able to view them. The photos donot seem to be corrupt. I have tried attaching these photos to my email and opening the same on my desktop and viewing them from my desktop.

I have this desktop which runs on Windows XP and Intel Processor. Whenever I try to open any of my photos with any of the software programs other than Quicktime, the laptop immediately stops working and it does some memory dumping and then my laptop starts again. When I open these photos with Quicktime, it gives me a message that my image is corrupt and it cannot open this file. Most of the photos appear as corrupt on Quicktime except for a select few which opens but in such a way that the photo is painted in color blue or showing some shadowy images. Because of this above problem I am not able to work with my photos on my laptop.

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HP Pavilion 15-n020AX Display :: TrueVision HD Camera Images Are Not Coming Properly

May 30, 2014

I have HP Pavilion, Model No. 15-n020AX. I installed win8.1. Initially web cam was working properly. But suddenly its setting got changed and the picture is coming like any image without contrast (very Greeny). I trued several time to install and uninstall. Drivers are updated, it shows in Device manager.

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HP Stream 13 Display :: Webcam Doesn't Work - To Get Started Connect Camera

Feb 5, 2015

I have the hp stream 13 for couple days now. The first time I skyped the webcam worked. Now when I try to access the camera it says "to get started connect camera".  And so when I try to skype there is no video icon. Under imaging devices I see "hd truevison hd" and when I click on it it says it's not connected. So annoying and frustrating because I just bought this laptop.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: W540 FaceTime HD Camera (Display) Driver Not Installed

Nov 3, 2009

My new W540 (11/10/2014) Lenovo Solution Center under the Check-up tab alerts me that the FaceTime HD Camera (Display) Driver is Not Installed.  Such as it is, the camera, a 720P HD, works just fine.  A search of resources does not uncover any comment or Driver on this issue.  So, since there is no problem as near as I can determine, should I just ignore the lack of Driver issue, and if so, what is the procedure to stop the Solution Center from alerting me to this error?  But if on the other hand I should install the Driver, where is that to be found?
I'm using the W540 in the Ultra Dock with video on a second monitor, an Apple monitor, using a Thunderbolt cable.  There is no Thunderbolt port in the Dock, so I use the W540 port which surprised me that it works.
FWIW, it is taking me a lot of time learning the location of programs and utilities having moved from my old W510 Win 7(64) setup to the W540 Win(64) 8.1 setup.

W540 20GBCTO, Ultra Dock, W520, 4270CTO, W510, 4318CTO; (2)T500, 2081CTO; Y560, 064657U, Y530, 405166U; T61p, 6465CTO, A31p, and L2461x Multi-touch Monitor, Mini Dock Plus Series 3

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Dell :: Should I Buy This XPS 16 Config?

Mar 17, 2010

i7-720 (would consider 820, but everything I've read says it's not worth the money)
256gb ssd
ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4670 1GB
8 gigs of ram

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Dell :: & New Config

Oct 14, 2009

I just ordered a new XPS lappie from Dell. I couldn't get the lady in TX to give me a better deal than the online price (her loss), so I went back on Dell's website and got a gent from India on chat. He had me email him the config I wanted, he then called and gave me approx. $345 more off ($2069 versus $2414), plus I got a few small "extras" I wasn't expecting (leather accent on case, 3 years of McAfee versus 1, etc). I had to deny hi first offer (about $200 off) before he offered me the best deal.

I also opted for the LoJack Premium for 3 years, since it wasn't in the promotional configuration he was able to offer, which added $84.99. FWIW, the $2414 online config did offer 1 year of LoJack for free, which normally runs $32.99 to 45.99 (depending if Standard or Premium edition), so if you take that off the price I still saved $299 to $312).

Here's my config (thanks for commenting, in advance):

224-6716 1 Studio XPS 16 Notebook
317-2360 1 Intel CoreTM i7-820QM (1.73 - 3.06 GHz 8M/8 threads)
317-2364 1 4GB, DDR3, 1333MHz 2 Dimm
320-8335 1 Premium FHD WLED Display, Obsidian Black, 2.0 MP Webcam
421-1010 1 Dell Webcam Central v1.4
421-0188 1 Facial Recognition
320-8350 1 ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4670 1GB
341-8989 1 500GB 7200RPM Free Fall SensorSeagate Hard Drive
320-8352 1 Obsidian Black High Gloss Finish with Leather XPS 1645

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Dell :: Config A New XPS16

Jan 2, 2010

On my way from replacing a 9 year old Dell Desktop with a laptop and have it down to the XPS16 (though the Studio 15 / 17 may be a contender based on price)..........................................

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Config

Jul 17, 2009

Here is what I came up with over the phone for a little over $2,000, oh yeah the guy threw in an extra 9-cell battery too........................................

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Dell :: New XPS16 BIOS Reveals New Config

May 18, 2009

For all of you that have been waiting the new XPS16 BIOS shows:

"Support new PWM panel.
support new configuration with Gfx ATI Mobility Radeon?HD 4670"

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Sony :: Vaio SR Refurb Experiences & Config

Mar 22, 2009

I'm in the market for a new laptop with a 13-14" display. I've looked at some others (Dell XPS 13, HP DV3510nr, Macbook) but have not been too impressed either with features, aesthetics, or build quality. The XPS 13 has the features, but build quality seems so, so; and it seems that there is some concern over how hot it runs. So, I've now been looking at the Vaio SR. Specifically, an SR 290 refurb. It wasn't quite clear to me what the advantages of ordering the SR390 would be.

So a couple of questions:

1. How are the general experiences with the Sony Outlet Refurbs?

2. SR 290 vs SR 390? I'm not a gamer. Biggest processing challenge will most likely be running photoshop CS3.

3. Any other recommendations based on the specs below?

4. From reading multiple pages of this thread, it seems people are pretty pleased with this notebook.

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Dell Precision M4300 :: How To Check If Flash Cache Module Was Included In Laptop Config

Feb 19, 2013

According to [URL] ..., Dell M4300 laptop bought several years ago might include Flash Cache Module. Dell BIOS allows to enable FCM. Is there a way to check whether the module is actually installed w/o physically opening up the laptop? What part number or name might it have in System Configuration on Dell Support web-site? It shows that the laptop was shipped with 200GB SATA HDD (part no WT611 - [URL] ...., but there are no components listed with "FCM" or "flash" in their names.

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Acer Switch Desire 10 :: No Bootup - Bad System Config Message On Blue Screen

Dec 8, 2014

Bought a Acer Switch 10 new with Windows 8.1....after 5-6 days has to take into Acer service in Moscow after 'No bootable hardware detected' 3 weeks on have a blue screen and 'BAD SYSTEM CONFIG' AND nothing else!!!!!!!!!.....

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Acer :: CineDash Config - Acer 6935G And Windows 7 64bit Version

Mar 1, 2010

Recently I developed this simple application that lets you easily configure CineDash and other buttons functions on Acer laptops. This application, Acer CineDash Config, is mainly for mine purposes.

I tested it on my Acer 6935G and Windows 7 64bit version. It probably should work on other models and systems to.

Some of the features that Acer CineDash Config supports are:
32bit and 64bit systems
Configuring applications to run and captions for buttons:oArcade DeluxeoEmpowering tech.oInternetoE-MailMaking and restoring registry backup
Enabling media keys to work with other programs, like winamp, and restoring original key mapping file

Here's screenshot of it:

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Dell :: M1330 With LED And 2.0mp Camera

Oct 17, 2008

I placed an order last night for a refurb m1330. The spec for the system says that it is the LED screen and has a 2.0mp camera. I thought this config didn't exist -

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Dell :: M1210 Camera

Feb 23, 2009

I initially bought a m1210 dell laptop without the integrated camera option. I recently purchased a new cover for my laptop (the old one cracked.) this time it included the camera.

I installed everything together and it all looks fine But Im not sure If Im actually able to plug the cord for the camera anywhere.

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Dell :: Is My Mini 9 Webcam A .3 Or 1.3 MP Camera?

Mar 12, 2010

How can I tell if I have the .3 or 1.3 MP camera? I bought the 1.3MP but can't seem to get any resolutions close to that.

My mini 9 is running windows XP.

When I go to 'My Computer' and choose the 'Integrated Webcam' option and take a picture, the resolution is 352x288.

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Dell :: No Camera On 64bit M6400?

Jan 12, 2009

Does anybody know why the option for a webcam is not present on the Precision M6400 64bit configuration page (US)? This seems like a really basic option that should be available on their flagship machine.

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Dell :: M4400 Camera Upgrade Possible?

Nov 29, 2009

Just about to receive a previously loved M4400 that is missing 1 feature I need for work and personal use: the webcam.

The question to all the M4400 users out there is: has anyone replaced the camera module? If the only thing required for me to exchange the existing mic only module with a cam + mic module? Is a different bezel used?

What is the part or assy. number for the webcam/mic board? The bezel with openings? Ebay has some Dell bezelcams but none that specify for M4400 or E6x00

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Dell XPS 11 :: Why Camera Is Stopped Working

Feb 4, 2015

getting my camera to work on my XPS 11

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Camera Quality

Apr 27, 2009

I and my friend had little Skype video chat.

He owns Inspiron I guess 1525 and I have Studio 1535.

We did some test and his camera quality was perfect, but min e was horrible.

It really amaze me and here are the screen shots from his and mine camera.

I'm with Vista x64 SP 2 - for some reason Vista just don't want to work with Creative Drivers and freeze my skype and camera is was lunched.This is due to some bug in SP 2, with SP 1 was compatible with Dell Drivers.

So I'm with standard Vista driver.

My friend is on Windows XP and He told me - He is with drivers from Del's web or something like it.

Is this normal?

the difference is like day and night as you wil l note.

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Dell :: Adding An Integrated Camera To E4300

Jan 27, 2010

I have a Dell Latitude E4300 laptop that came without an integrated camera.

I am thinking of adding a camera to this laptop by ordering:

a) A new LCD Front Bezel and rear LCD cover
b) a Dell camera

I would love your advice on the following questions:

1) Is this possible?
2) Do all E4300s have a slot for adding a webcam on the mother board?
3) Will I need to update the BIOS or anything else to enable it?

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Dell :: Web Camera Not Found (XPS M1330) Probably Cable Disconnected

Nov 8, 2008

Last summer dell replaced my motherboard and since then, my webcamera stopped working. It cannot be found on device manager and the blue light next to it stopped blinking when my system is booting.

Thus, I guess that the technicial forgot to connect the camera cable on my mtherboard. Does anybody know how I can connect it? Owner's manual doesn't mention anything about the camera...

I have tried to install the drivers and the support software but then when I run Dell Webcam Center I get the message "No supported webcamera detected. Please plug in to continue..."

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Acer :: Which Camera Do I Have

Oct 28, 2008

I am considering upgrading my laptop to 64 bit Vista. How do I identify which camera version I have so I know which drivers I need? I've looked at the properties in device manager and it just identifies the camera drivers as 'Microsoft'.

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HP/Compaq :: CQ-50 W7 Camera

Jan 23, 2010

So i just reformatted this PC and loaded, W7 on it but im having a horrible time with the cam, the image appears dark now when before it was a much clearer image even in low lights.

The Cyberlink You Cam software that came with it, was ok so i re-dowloaded that again but im still having issues the lighting is very poor.

low lighting conditions or bad drivers cause this did not happen until i reformatted the thing. I really don't want to go back to VISTA

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