Dell :: AVCHD Camera/HDMI Input Display?

May 12, 2010

Trying to see my Sony AVCHD camera using a HDMI cable I just got with mini end for camera and regular end for my Dell XPS LAPTOP.

It doesn't recognize it at all...

Would this be a driver issue? And where do I get the correct ones. or a control device area?

One last question...

Where do we get our tag etc.# to get info from Dell or at least quicker response to a question.

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HP Display :: Does G7-2246nr Support Input Via HDMI Port

Oct 20, 2014

I have a g7-2246nr laptop  with an AMD Radeon HD 7520 discrete class graphics card. The processor is an AMD A6-4400M.  I am running WIndows 8.1 64 bit.
I would like to record video from a DSLR's HDMI output to the laptop. Does the laptop support this?

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HP 3125 Display :: How To Make HDMI Output Port Act As Input

Jun 10, 2014

I got a HP laptop, running windows 7 x64 bit Ultimate, and has 8 GB of ram. My tv is crappy now, and want to play my ps3, so, i was wondering if i can plug into my Laptop and get a certain driver that makes the HDMI port act as a input so i can play through my laptop screen, my resolution can go a little over 720p .....

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Dell :: HDMI And Input Monitor, Is It Possible?

Apr 21, 2009

i came across the fact that you can only monitor audio if you install the sigmatel audio drivers with XP SP2 compatibility, but now that i wanted to plug my XPS via HDMI to my flatscreen, lo and behold... no HDMI audio as it used to be.

is it possible to have both scenarios or does one cancel the other?

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Acer :: Aspire 8920G HDMI Input

Oct 28, 2008

i have a Acer Aspire 8920G and on the side there is an port with the name "HDMI" . If i plug a HDMI cable in from my Ps3 would my screen work as monitor ? so is the HDMI an input or (and) output

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Dell Inspiron 14r :: No Pen Or Touch Input Is Available For This Display

Nov 16, 2014

Touchscreen for my laptop is no longer working, among other issues. When I look at pen and touch under pc info, I get "No pen or touch input is available for this display." Which is quite odd since it is a touch laptop. I cannot find any of the drivers for the touchscreen. The only thing I have under "mice and other pointing devices," is the dell touchpad. I tried reinstalling synaptics touchpad driver, no luck. I updated BIOS and chipset drivers, no luck. I also completed all windows updates, still no luck. So, I reset my computer to factory settings, and it still does not work

I recently sent in my laptop due to problems of it not being able to turn on, and my battery and a/c adapter were replaced. I was quite happy. However, I do not want to send it back in even though it is under warranty.

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Dell Inspiron 7737 :: No Pen Or Touch Input Is Available For This Display

Feb 21, 2014

I've had my Inspiron 17 for 4 months and noticed today that the touchscreen isn't working.

How long ago the problem started as I generally use the old desktop/touchpad combination.

When checking PC settings it now says 'no pen or touch input is available for this display.'

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HP G60-44OUS Display :: No Input To Monitor

Mar 21, 2011

HP G60-44OUS Notebook PC  The original monitor or screen went bad and I am using a external monitor which has been working fine. Today I can not get input to the external screen. I hooked it up to my TV. It has work there fine. Today it will not imput to that screen either. The start button light is white and the wi-fi button is orange, suppose to be blue.  There are 3 activity lights.

The first (left) is on bright all time, which I think is normal. The middle light is dim. The right is off. As I can not see a display I am at a loss. Is there a key stroke for restart? It appears that the laptop is not  starting. Repeated pushing the start button does not seem to work.

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HP TS 15-f010wm OS/Software :: No Pen Or Touch Input Is Available For This Display

Jan 3, 2015

I have a HP TouchSmart Notebook Model 15-f010wm, Product number J8A22UA#ABA, Windows 8.1 with Bing 64-bit. 
The first 3-4 day I used this computer it worked like a charm. I loved it. Now some times the touchscreen will work for about 5 min or so and then stop or not work at all. When it stops working I keep getting a pop up in the lower right corner that says: USB device not recognized.

The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and window does not recognize it. (I have not plugged anything into this computer yet except the power cord)  When this happens and you go to the device manager sometimes there will be a yellow ! triangle under the Human Interface Devices drop down and some times the yellow ! triangle will be under the Universal Serial Bus controllers drop down. And if you go to they system screen the Pen and touch line changes to No Pen or Touch Input is available for this display.
I have tried to do a system restore. Also I've done a system quick test and a system extensive test. The results were battery check primary ok and all others said passed. And of course I can't do the screen test because the touch screen is not working.

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HP TM2T 2100 Display :: Touch Screen And Pen Input Completely Dead?

Jan 11, 2011

i have a 2 week old tm2t (2100) laptop and its touch input is completely dead. i reinstalled os..

updated bios
updated graphics drivers
updated wacom drivers
after doing all these things also its not working.

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Dell :: XPS 13 Config Confusion LED Display & 2MP Camera?

Jun 3, 2009

I just ordered a Studio XPS 13 from the Dell UK Outlet.

I noticed something odd about the spec. The display is listed as White LED (this was a big deal for me and is what I am after) but it also includes a 2MP webcam.

My understanding was that only the CCFL display shipped with the 2MP cam and the LED had a lower res one?

Any idea what's going on there? How can I verify that I have the LED screen when it arrives?

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HP Pavilion Dv7 Display :: Computer Doesn't Detect A Camera

Jan 19, 2014

I know my Pavilion dv7 has an integrated web cam, because I have used it....but now it doesn't work,  the computer says it doesn't detect a camera...

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HP Pavilion Dv6911om Display :: Webcam Driver For Integrated Camera

Dec 20, 2013

I have reinstalled my original Vista Home Premium 32bit using the recovery partition. All is well, except I can't make the webcam recognizable to the system. Therefore, I can't use my Skype video call function. When I had the factory installed OS, Skype video call worked perfectly.
I have been all over the Internet trying to find software - YouCam, Quickplay, SP37849, SP46565, SP38361 and SP 45866 - all to no avail. None of the software would install, except Quickplay (SP38361).
In the Device Manager, under Imaging Devices, there is no webcam driver listed, only my HP 6700 All-in-One printer/scanner. Is there a possibility that only one imaging device can be installed at one time?

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HP Pavilion Tx1218au Display :: Cannot View Photos Uploaded From Camera

May 31, 2009

I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC tx1218au working on Windows Vista Home Premium and AMD processor and NVIDIA graphics. I have installed the latest updates for my laptop. The problem that I am currently facing started more than a year back and is still in continuity. I have uploaded photos on my laptop and on initial stages I was able to view and edit them with ease. Later on I was unable to view the photos. Even when I load any new photos from my camera I am not able to view them. The photos donot seem to be corrupt. I have tried attaching these photos to my email and opening the same on my desktop and viewing them from my desktop.

I have this desktop which runs on Windows XP and Intel Processor. Whenever I try to open any of my photos with any of the software programs other than Quicktime, the laptop immediately stops working and it does some memory dumping and then my laptop starts again. When I open these photos with Quicktime, it gives me a message that my image is corrupt and it cannot open this file. Most of the photos appear as corrupt on Quicktime except for a select few which opens but in such a way that the photo is painted in color blue or showing some shadowy images. Because of this above problem I am not able to work with my photos on my laptop.

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Apple :: MBP - Playing AVCHD On MAC

Dec 5, 2009

I just got a new MBP and a new Sony HDR-SR12 camera, and after recording on the camera about 10 hours of important for me video (me+wife Hawai trip, etc) I found it imposible to connect it to my MBP.

I call APPLE and they told me it's because mixed footage (I did record 2 clips in SD, and all the rest in full HD), so iMovie and Final Cut Express (which I also purchased with the MBP) is good for nothing in this case: won't import any video from the camera. FCE supports my camera (on the apple website at least) but not in my case. I erased the SD clips but nothing changed.

I ended up paying another... for Roxio Titanium Pro which says that plays AVCHD movies, but I will see after I am done downloading.

I am really pissed off, I spent like 5-6 hours trying to figure it out, calling Apple and researching the web and in the end I had to pay another $150 to make it work (probably). There are other cheaper options that crash on files over 1.2GB or have other problems. (many of my files are over that).

And to make it worse, on my PC with Win7 works like a charm, I don't even have to install Sony software or any other codecs/decoders: plain WindowsMediaPlayer does it with no problems. I also see the first frame of the movie in the Explorer, which again won't show up in Finder. I can play the files right from the camera, or copy them to HDD and run the from here, raw AVCHD with no issues.............

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Apple :: Avchd On A Macbook

Jan 5, 2010

can you edit an avchd video in imovie without the need of conversion software?

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HP Pavilion 15-n020AX Display :: TrueVision HD Camera Images Are Not Coming Properly

May 30, 2014

I have HP Pavilion, Model No. 15-n020AX. I installed win8.1. Initially web cam was working properly. But suddenly its setting got changed and the picture is coming like any image without contrast (very Greeny). I trued several time to install and uninstall. Drivers are updated, it shows in Device manager.

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HP Stream 13 Display :: Webcam Doesn't Work - To Get Started Connect Camera

Feb 5, 2015

I have the hp stream 13 for couple days now. The first time I skyped the webcam worked. Now when I try to access the camera it says "to get started connect camera".  And so when I try to skype there is no video icon. Under imaging devices I see "hd truevison hd" and when I click on it it says it's not connected. So annoying and frustrating because I just bought this laptop.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: W540 FaceTime HD Camera (Display) Driver Not Installed

Nov 3, 2009

My new W540 (11/10/2014) Lenovo Solution Center under the Check-up tab alerts me that the FaceTime HD Camera (Display) Driver is Not Installed.  Such as it is, the camera, a 720P HD, works just fine.  A search of resources does not uncover any comment or Driver on this issue.  So, since there is no problem as near as I can determine, should I just ignore the lack of Driver issue, and if so, what is the procedure to stop the Solution Center from alerting me to this error?  But if on the other hand I should install the Driver, where is that to be found?
I'm using the W540 in the Ultra Dock with video on a second monitor, an Apple monitor, using a Thunderbolt cable.  There is no Thunderbolt port in the Dock, so I use the W540 port which surprised me that it works.
FWIW, it is taking me a lot of time learning the location of programs and utilities having moved from my old W510 Win 7(64) setup to the W540 Win(64) 8.1 setup.

W540 20GBCTO, Ultra Dock, W520, 4270CTO, W510, 4318CTO; (2)T500, 2081CTO; Y560, 064657U, Y530, 405166U; T61p, 6465CTO, A31p, and L2461x Multi-touch Monitor, Mini Dock Plus Series 3

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HP/Compaq :: Bestlaptop Setup For AVCHD Format

Dec 25, 2009

I got a Sony camcorder for Christmas. Right now I have an Sony SR with 2.53ghz processor, 320 7200 rpm HD, 4gigs of ram, and an ATI radeon HD 3470 graphics card. My AW-190 was stolen so I can get a new laptop. What do you think is the optimum setup for file transfers, fast computing, etc?

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Dell :: Display Port To HDMI Adapter For $15 ??

Jan 8, 2009

I just ordered an M4400 from the outlet, and in the Accessories page during the order there was no option to buy a DisplayPort to XXX Adapter for $15 like there is when you are buying a new one...

I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to find one after the fact, but now that I'm looking the only DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Dell has to order is $59.99 !! Any ideas one where to get one closer to $15?

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HP G60 228 Display :: HDMI Out Not Working

Nov 27, 2014

G60  laptop is working fine with all the latest driver updates...all windows updates... running windows 7, except that when i plug in the hdmi ..... to my toshiba tv... or any other tv for that matter.... the image of the desktop will not display on the tv.... yes  its all hooked up right..... but what does happen is that the display adapter recognizes the tv... it will show it   { TOSHIBA TV } on the drop down menu... 

When the cable is connected... you hear the default windows " yes im connected" sound & when removing the cable... the default "disconnect" sound is heard....

So the pc is recognizing it....but still no image at all on the tv .... cant identify... I've tried 2 different cables & 3 different tv's.... all the same results.....

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Dell :: M4400 Display Port To HDMI, Audio Included?

Aug 5, 2009

So with this I should be able to output video to my TV right? Does it have audio included?

Has anyone tested this? Any links to cheaper versions then the Dell adapter?

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HP G70 Display :: HDMI Causes Windows To Crash

Dec 23, 2014

I am trying to connect my notebook to the tv using HDMI output but when i connect the HDMI lead windows immediately crashes.I have updated the drivers for the graphics chip to the ones reccomended by intel for the chip i have (series 4) and the problem continues however if i take the driver back to the ones that come on the windows disc then i can connect without crashing but not run at fullscreen, only at screen ratio 4:3 and only at a lower than maximum resololution.
Hewlett-Packard Computer Model 360C Operating System (O/S) Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 Operating System Build (O/S) (build 7601), 64-bit Operating System (version) 6.1.7601 O/S Language 0809 System RAM 3.0 GB .NET Framework Version 3.5.30729.5420 CD or DVD Device Optiarc DVD RW AD-7561S ATA Device System Hard Drive Overview System Total Storage Size: 232.8 GB Local Disk C: 232.8 GB Used space: 24.6 GB Free Space: 208.1 GB Memory Detail Total Physical Memory 3.0 GB Available Physical Memory 1.4 GB Total Virtual Memory 2.0 GB Physical Drive 0 Maker   Model TOSHIBA MK2552GSX Bus Type SATA Internet Browser [1] Internet Explorer Internet Browser Version [1] 9.11.9600.17501

MOTHERBOARD INFORMATION Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Model 360C AA Number not detected BIOS Vendor Hewlett-Packard BIOS Version Hewlett-Packard F.65 BIOS Release Date 12/15/10 System Memory 3.0 GB Built-in Audio Driver Component not detected Built-in Audio Driver Version Built-in Audio Driver Status Non-Intel device detected
PROCESSOR INFORMATION: Manufacturer Intel Model Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz Intel Processor analysis tools Intel Processor analysis tools CPU Speed 2.0 GHz Link to Processor Specification Link to Processor Specification CPU Revision A4 CPU Type 00 CPU Family 06 CPU Model 0F CPU Stepping D

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Sony :: Display Setting When Connect To TV By HDMI

Jan 4, 2009

I just connect my VGN-Z591U to my XBR-1080P via 1.3 HDMI cable.I'm very disapointed about how the text look on the screen.It look very crappy,but orthewise picture and movie look perfect.When I chage setting to 720p the text look better but pictures and movies become worse.

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HP/Compaq :: How Important Is DVI / HDMI For A 24 Inch Display

Jun 12, 2009

I'm trying to decide between a HP 6930p (14.1") or 8530p (15.4"). I would prefer a 14 inch laptop. However, the 6930p only has a VGA port; the 8530p has an HDMI port. Probably 50% of the time its in use, it will be connected to a 24 inch display (a Dell 2408wfp).

I am concerned about the difference in picture quality between the VGA versus the digital connection? In practice, how much difference am I likely to notice? I will be using it mainly for office type work.

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HP Pavilion 17e135nr Display :: Hdmi Not Working

Apr 13, 2014

brand new hp pavilion 17e135nr window 8.1  tv is brand new 50inch visio.i know the cable is good (new) because my ps 3 works just fine so i unplugged the ps3 and hooked to the laptop to play a movie i down loaded and i selected HDMI 2 where the cable is hooked to on my tv, i get no input on the tv. so i win p and selected duplicate screen and i get nothing, no error messages , the movie starts and plays just fine on the laptop but tv says no input.. i didn't try to select second screen only it should play on both screens,  I dont think the HDMI port is working at all.

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HP 15-B137TU Display :: Can't See BIOS / POST Over HDMI

Sep 20, 2014

Picked up a 15-B137TU with a broken screen.  I'm looking to install Linux on this machine but I cant see the POST, BIOS or the boot select screen over HDMI - the diplsay only comes live once the Windows login screen comes up.  
The screen Im using is off my desktop and can show the BIOS and POST screens off that, so I know it is within the screens refresh / resolution range.
I've removed the broken panel so the internal monitor isn't pulgged in anymore, and I've tried hittng F4 / Fn-F4 to change the display but that makes no difference either.  
Is there any way to get the BIOS and POST screens working over HDMI on this (or any) HP Notebook?

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HP Pavilion G7 Display :: Connecting Laptop To TV With HDMI

Sep 2, 2014

I have a laptop HP Pavilion g7. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHzGraphics Unit 1: AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series Graphics Unit 2:Intel (R) HD Graphics 3000All the driver has been updated weekenden-

My problem is that I do not get the picture up when I connect it to my Panasonic TV, both during display settings and sound can see my TV, but there  No picture, have tried all display settings that are possible?but it works without problems on 32 "and 40" TV but not at 46 smart TV and my 50 "TV

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Dell :: 1737 RGB LED Display, Whats The Ms Response Time? Connecting To External LCD Via HDMI

Jul 5, 2009

Ok so the Studio 1737 premium display is the RGB LED display. Using LED's.

For example even high end HDTV's the most expensive $4,000 Samsung using LED back lighting lists a 2ms response time.

I have never seen such specs mentioned for the 1737's RGB LED display.

I know it has to be fast, because on my 22" Samsung LCD which is back lit using conventional CCFL has a 2ms response time.

and when I connect my 1737 to my 22 LCD via HDMI, I can tell that the response time, on the 1737 is faster, my guess is because of the LED's can adjust or turn on off faster than CCFL.

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