Dell :: XPS 1645: Can Any Body Provide The Latest Drivers

May 16, 2010

Before posting here I tried my best to search the forum posts to find my answer but there was lots of post in the search that I got confused.

I only need is the latest drivers list for dell xps 1645 as I am going for the fresh installation of Win 7. Including every single driver I need..

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Dell :: Latest Driver/Software Updates For Studio XPS 1645

Mar 28, 2010

The latest drivers and software packages are for Windows 7 x64 only. They are the absolute latest versions and many aren't even listed on Dell's driver page. There are some hardware items not covered here which you can find updates for at

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Dell :: Latest GFX Drivers?

Apr 16, 2009

I can't seem to find the latest GFX drivers for nVidia GeForce 9400M. Yes, I know of Dells web site, but I mean latest latest.

Is this the case that we need to wait for Dells generosity or is there a trick to this? I've downloaded the package from nVidia but all it wanted to install was the audio HD driver,

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Dell :: Latest Drivers For The ATI 3450

Dec 11, 2008

Whats the latest driver for this card and has it upgraded gaming/multimedia performance?

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Dell :: Latest Nvidia Drivers Slower Than Old One?

Jun 29, 2009

I've had a Latitude E6400 almost since it came out, so I've been dutifullly upgrading drivers as they've worked the bugs out. I'd like to keep up with the video drivers,

but I've noticed that the latest drivers for the Nvidia 160M are noticeably slower in Vista, particularly in window minimize/restore operations, than the original driver.

This is confirmed by my Windows Experience Index dropping from 3.5 to 3.3 on the aero video score. Has anybody else noticed this problem, or is it just my laptop? Anybody think of a solution? I've tried using the latest driver from the Nvidia site instead of the Dell driver, but the result is the same.

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Dell :: Does The Newly Ordered Studio Xps 16 Come With Latest Bios And Drivers?

May 16, 2010

So mine will be arriving this Thursday. will it have latest drivers and bios?

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Dell Inspiron 3521 :: Can't Install Latest Wifi Drivers

Apr 20, 2013

Every time I try to reinstall the wifi driver for my Inspiron 15 3521 (driver for Dell wireless 1704 version the install fails with a not very useful error message.

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HP/Compaq :: ATI Mobility Overclocking Now Possible With Latest Drivers

Jul 2, 2009

now there is a tool which you all can overclock ATI Mobility graphic cards even 2xxx/3xxx and 4xxx Series with the latest Catalyst drivers.

The Program is called GPUTool Community Technology Preview 1 from


I managed the overclock my HP Pavilion DV7-2070eg with the ATI Mobility 4650 from stock 500/677 up to 680/800!

It runs like hell and its stable even after 3 hours of Benchmarking and playing Armed Assault 2.

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Dell :: M1330 Bios A15 + Latest Intel Drivers = Dead Video

Feb 10, 2009

Was having an issue on bios A12 (I think it was) with the brightness (function keys were not adjusting it properly), so updated the bios to A15 and the latest intel drivers as advised. (have intel, not nvidia).

Now the screen on boot is either blank or with only blue lines.

Can hear it booting into windows so the system on the whole seems fine.

Have got it working successfully on an external monitor via the vga port. I have tried to reapply the A15 bios and reinstall the intel drivers but not changed anything. The display properties in windows shows the laptop monitor as stuck on 640x480 and low colours. screen is off on 640x480 and if upped to the only other option 800x600 gives blue lines.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Latest Drivers (for Advanced Users)

Jan 5, 2009

Last Updated: 21st November 09

since I havenít been able to find a thread listing all the latest drivers for the dv5t I've decided to make one myself. Let me be clear, this is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY.

For the average user you can find the latest drivers for your specific model at This thread may contain drivers that are not specifically targetted at the HP dv5t but appear to work with it correctly. These drivers may not include vendor specific functionality that HP may have added (although I have not heard of any instances of this being so). Some of these drivers may work with other series of laptops but this is NOT guaranteed. I cannot guarantee these drivers will work correctly for everyone here so please be careful - only install these if you know how to revert any changes you have made. I am only including WHQL certified drivers, so regardless of what site they come from you know they are authentic. I've tested some of these drivers on my machine and they work perfectly well however I am unable to test everything. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Without further ado:

Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility:
OS Support: Windows Vista, Windows 7
Notes: I recommend running the setup file from an elevated command prompt with the "-overall" flag (without quotes). This will assure that all devices are updated.....

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Lenovo B / G Series :: How To Get Latest Catalyst Drivers For G505

Jul 25, 2014

I am getting frequently the message ' Catalyst control center has stopped working' on my laptop. My laptop is G505(59379534) with win 8.1 64 bit os. I learnt that updating to latest catalyst drivers from AMD site may solve this problem. But how can I locate specific driver suited to my laptop in AMD site for downloading. Also today morning the message ' Display driver stopped and it was recovered successfully' was flashed in laptop. So I think latest display driver is also needed. Whether I have to install any updates for solving above problems if so how to identify required drivers for downloading.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV5-1010F Turnoff Video Issue Latest Nvidia Drivers

Apr 6, 2009

I installed the latest Nvidia drivers (179.48), Since I then when the video turns off the laptop does not respond any more and I have a black screen. I uninstalled the drivers and I reinstalled the original HP (179.04) and I still have the same issue.

I uninstalled the latest video drivers using the control panel.

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Dell :: XPS 1645 And Soundblaster X-Fi MB- Anyone Got These Drivers?

Nov 14, 2009

I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I have the driver DVD and all and went to Dell's website.

There are no Soundblaster X-Fi MB drivers or software available for the XPS 1645 and the ones for the 1640 won't install.

Can someone here with a factory installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi MB go into the C:

drive, and zip the Dell and driver folder up so I can get the drivers (and any other relevent folders you see)?

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Dell :: Xps 1640 Body Replacement?

Feb 24, 2010

last night I was holding my laptop in my hands and it slipped! The corner got cracked (the back panel)

is there any way I can find a replacement body or anything like that? My warranty just finished a few weeks ago...

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HP/Compaq :: Any Body Know The SetFSB Code For The Dv2

Jul 8, 2009

Recently tried the ATI GPU with some pretty good success now looking to OC the CPU using SetFSB tool.

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Apple :: Uni Body Mbp - Life Cycle

Jan 31, 2009

how long do you intend to use it before switching? What's your usual life cycle of laptops?

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Apple :: Uni Body Polycarbonate Macbook

Nov 25, 2009

I am thinking of picking one of these up for "temporary" main computer and then use it mainly just for a university laptop once I get an iMac or desktop early January. How is this laptop compared to the Macbook Pro? The performance/battery life all seems to be almost identical. The only thing pro sems to be giving me is a bit better hardware quality. The most important part is, how is the screen on it now? Is it better than before? comparable to the Pros?

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Dell :: Does Provide All Of The Custom And Third Party Software On A SXPS For A Clean Install

Nov 5, 2009

I get a free copy of Windows 7 Enterprise from my school. My question is, if I order a SXPS with Win 7 Home Premium, reformat the hard drive, do a clean install of Win 7 Enterprise, can I reinstally of the the Dell and third party software that came with the system, such as the Blu-Ray software player? Is there any disdavatage to doing a clean install?

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Dell XPS M1330 :: Battery Cannot Provide Sufficient Power And Stuck Key Detected

Mar 31, 2013

I bought my laptop Dell XPS M1330 in September 2009... I have not had problems with this until now.  Three days ago I turned on my laptop in order to read a pdf file , but I noticed the my file went constantly down and therefore, I was not able to read it... It seemed like the  "arrow pointed down key" was permanently pushed down! So I reboot my lap but I had the same problem. The next day, again, I turned on my lap and at that time the cursor was moving constantly to the left like the "arrow pointed left key" was pushed down!

I tried with Dell diagnostics and this showed me the next errors:

-ERROR CODE 3600:0853 PRIMARY_BATTERY_BAY The battery can not provide sufficient power.
-ERROR CODE 2C00:0423 KEYBOARD-Stuck key detected

When I was testing the keys (of the keyboard) this showed me:

Expected: e048  Read: e050....Expected: (something)  Read e050.... And so on

Should I have to replace my battery and my keyboard???

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Sony :: Doesn't Provide The Vista Dvd, Need To Use The Recovery Partition

Feb 2, 2009

I want to get the Z, but sony doesn't provide the vista dvd, so i need to use the recovery partition.

however, i want to use my own hard drive, so is there a way to "recover" the partition onto my other hard drive

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Dell :: Latitude E-Series Or -dockings Provide "power Over ESATA"?

Jun 16, 2009

Does anybody know, if the Latitude E-Series or -dockings provide "power over eSATA" ?

Dell-support says "no" - but the combined usb/esata-plug on the left side should deliver high power, they say.

Maybe it is possible to connect a external eSATA HDD or device without external AC, even if the plug is not official "power over eSATA"-standard.

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Dell :: What Disk Will Dell Provide With The Xps 16?

Mar 5, 2010

What disk will Dell provide with the xps 16? I plan on getting the MS Office, (word, excel, pp).

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Dell :: Latest Updates For Windows 7

Dec 2, 2009

While I'm still a fan of Dell, who ever is in charge of releasing updates needs to be fired at Dell, these updates are worthless

The Video update driver for the intel 4500 video is crap still Areo problem the A08 bios update fixes the video it seems but cause about 5 other problems

few windows 7 drivers in all ......

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Apple :: MBu 13" And MBP 13" Keyboard/body

Jul 15, 2009

regarding the keyboard layout of the new MBP 13" and the original unibody MB 13", does anyone know if there is anything structurally different? Did Apple change the shape/design of the body of the laptop between the two refreshes?

I'm asking because I recently got a Moshi ClearGaurd for my keyboard and it's note quite a perfect fit. It fits well enough but kind of scrunches up when I use the outer keys (the arrows, etc). I don't know if this is because of the way it's designed or if it's the laptop. I bought this: [url]

I have the new MBP 13".

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Dell :: Latest Chipset Update For Pm45?

Feb 3, 2010

As I am in a hurry and Intel's site did not read my Studio xps 1640 as I have Dell's "latest" chipset update from 10/7/2009 ver,A01,

Does anyone know what the latest chipset update /firmawre is for the studio xps 1640 from Intel's site?

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Dell :: Latest Greatest Video Driver

Jun 8, 2009

I've been out of the loop for few years, as in, not paying much attention to my i9100 (w/ATI 9800...unmodded).

Now I've totally dumped and reloaded it with XP pro and I am using whatever MS uses for a v-driver when there is nothing else.

Everything else has been updated with the latest from the Dell site, and XP Pro too.

I use this rig for light to medium duty gaming, and soon, I hope, watching net TV on it....and then all the other standard computery things that don't really need anything fancy for a video driver ....

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Dell :: GREAT Gaming-result After Installed Latest Ati 9.9 (modded)

Sep 29, 2009

i just installed Catalyst version 9.9 from here:

+ modded driver-package from here:

(everything seems really fine. better FPS and more smooth playing) ....BUT in my old DELL-Ati driver 8.6 i could change my colour-saturation inside CCC (i found it under desktop properties i think)....but in this newset 9.9 i dont see any "saturation-controll"

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Dell :: Installing Latest Nvidia Notebook GPU Driver On New M4400...

Feb 19, 2009

I just received a refurbished M4400 and had no problem changing it to the A03 bios.

When I tried to install the latest Nvidia 179.48 notebook gpu driver (for Windows XP -32 bit), I get the following message...

"The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatable with your current hardware. Setup will now terminate."

Can anyone tell me why this gpu driver will not load? Do I have to do something different in order to get this driver to be accepted by this M770 business gpu?

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Acer :: 5672 Latest Bios

Sep 14, 2009

I found a BIOS v.3239 on the (Pan America) driver website. However I don't know if it's for Vista or still XP, the website doesn't specify like the acer europe site did, however that BIOS version is 3234.

So, does anyone know about the Panam acer site with the BIOS v.3239 for vista (or windows7)?

And no I don't need my BIOS updated from the 3234 version, just curious.

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Dell :: Latest XPS M1530 Owner Starting On The Warranty Exchange Road...

Mar 3, 2010

I contacted Dell yesterday morning via chat because my laptop has started crashing when playing fallout 3/wow, again... This time I remained persistent that I did not want another defective new motherboard with a bad 8600m GPU in it, installed for me. I explained that itís not a matter of IF the replacement will fail, but WHEN. I was persistent that I wanted a better solution than the motherboard swap. I asked to be transferred to the agentís supervisor.

When transferred I was told that they "redesigned" the motherboard/GPU so this issue was no longer occurring. I explained to the supervisor how he must have his facts wrong because that is not true. I was eventually offered a warranty replacement. It only took an hour of being firm but polite. I was told it would take 1 week to get an order number from the supervisor and I could reference the chat log number if I had any questions.

After I got off the chat, I realized that I forgot to get the dispatch number. Today I went back into chat to get my dispatch number and asked again when I have an order number for my warranty exchange. Today I was told 2-3 weeks for the order number and 4-5+ weeks to actually get the new system. The agents explained that the "We (dell) are seeing a huge backlog in our warehouse and that is the reason we are not committing on a earlier date." I asked why I was told 1 week the day before but I was only apologized to for being miss-informed.

Currently I feel like i am trapped and dell doesn't care about me as a customer, and that is a shame. I am going to be updating this thread as I progress through this process for a couple of reasons. The main reason is I hope that this will help me keep my insanity in check when dealing with the frustrations of spending my money for my "cool" xps 1530 with 4 year complete care warranty that was almost broke more than it worked. It would often take dell 2-3 weeks to get a tech out with the correct part to fix my laptop when it had issues. The second reason it to just document in one central location this process. Finally maybe I can help pass some peopleís time out there by letting reading about my story :-)

In conclusion, I am grateful that I was approved for a warranty replacement, and hope that everyone else out there who has ďdealtĒ with dellís bs regarding the 1530/1330 will get the same result. It just sucks the wait it looking to be about 1.5 months, lol :-)

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