Dell :: XPS M1330 Battery Works Also With M1530?

Mar 10, 2009

Does anyone know if a battery from M1330 (6cells) can be used for a M1530 ?
I can find only M1330 batteries.

From what I saw here:

Product Fits:

Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1530

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Dell :: Oven Trick Works On M1330

Jun 3, 2009

i went to craigslist found a bad m1330 for 300 dollars. it had artifacts all over screen. so i took the mother board and preformed said oven trick and guess what! no more artifacts. this blew my mind

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Dell :: Only 1 Headphone Jack Works On M1330

Mar 7, 2009

Please post the link for the appropriate driver. I am using vista 64 bit premium. Thank you

EDIT: Please don't cross post and/or start multiple threads on the same topic.

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Dell :: M1330 (Windows 7): Two Audio Outputs, Only One Works

Dec 11, 2009

I recently upgraded my M1330 from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional, and I've lost the ability to use both audio outputs at the same time.

For example, on the front of my laptop, there are two audio outputs, so that two people can listen to something at the same time.

However, after going to Windows 7, I've lost that ability. Both of the outputs work, but you cannot use 2 headphones simultaneously.

I used the SigmaTelHD Vista drivers and no luck.

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Dell :: M1530 Dropped, UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME, But Works In Other PC

Feb 4, 2009

Looking for some help here and don't know where to turn.

My M1530 fell, it worked for a while, but then it crashed. On Vista startup, it will bluescreen with either an UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME or that IRQL_IS_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL (something like that anyway) error.

Dell's diagnostic tests gave an error on the Hard Drive DST Short Test of 2000-0142. Dell says that means a broken hard drive and they are sending a replacement.

I tried putting the M1530's hard drive into a Latitude D620, and it booted! Slowly, but it booted. I was able to see the drive and use it for a good 12 hours before I shut it down.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Meter (Gadget) That Works

Feb 10, 2009

gadget that shows the time remaining for battery life for the Pavilion DV series laptops? All of the ones I have tried say the % but never show time remaining.

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HP/Compaq :: 6930p: Un2400 Wwan Only Works When Battery Inserted

Aug 29, 2009

I am using a un2400 wwan UMTS modem on my HP 6930p (WinXP, SP3) and noticed that it is automatically deactivated when the battery isn't inserted into the laptop (PIN Code is also deactivated on the SIM card). Once the battery is installed, it works without any problems.

Can anyone confirm this being a normal issue with this modem?

(the Huawei EM770 modem on my eee 1000HG works with or without an inserted battery but it also doesn't require the firmware to be loaded first, so maybe these two can't be compared..)

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Dell :: Moving Bluray From Xps M1530 To Xps M1330

Apr 4, 2009

I have two xp latpops, m1330 and m1530. I'm just wondering if It's possible to exchange the blu-ray drive between the two (from m1530 to m1330).

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Dell :: Dodgy Hinge On M1330 And M1530

Sep 18, 2008

I was at the Dell shop in Hong Kong the other day and had a close look at the XPS M1530, and frankly I was quite dissapointed by the loose/faulty hinge, as in part of the rotation is very loose, if you know what I mean.

What worries me is that Dell uses the same or similar hinge design on other models (Studio series, Inspiron 13), so just out of interest, who here already suffer from hinge issues with their XPS M1330/1530?

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Dell :: 667FSB To 800FSB Pinmod For M1330/M1530

Jan 15, 2010

Does anyone know if a pinmod exists to force a 667MHz FSB CPU to run at 800MHz? The chipset supports both 667/800MHz FSB CPUs so I would think it's possible.

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Dell :: XPS M1330/m1530 Xsystems Dying After 1.5 Years

Jun 13, 2009

I've heard some stories of XPS systems (m1330/m1530) imploding after 1.5 years... anyone have any firsthand/secondhand info on the percentage of these or have I just heard about a few random people who have been unfortunate enough to have had disasters?

I have the nVidia GPU in my m1330, if that makes any difference - I heard about those dying, but I was under the impression that problem popped up out of the box and not 1.5 years down the road?

It's my only computer, so I use it most of the day, but I don't game (mostly word processing, browsing, working etc) and I try to be gentle with it.

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X230 - Automatically Optimize For Battery Lifespan Works?

Oct 30, 2013

My current x230 is set to "Automatically optimize for battery lifespan" under battery maintenance. I read that for this settings, it'll set your battery to hover around 80%~ base on Lenovo forum under w530 section. However, i'm always seeing my battery at 100% when AC is plugged in; Remaining capacity: 62.47 wh ; Full charge capacity: 62.47wh. Is it suppose to be lesser? I suppose it not healthy for the battery to be constantly kept at 100%. Any x230 users experiencing this too?
Would like my battery to last at least 2 years. usage :70% AC plugged in,30% on the go. 
Updated to the latest Power manager 6.63.1

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Dell :: XPS M1530/m1330 Touch Sensitive Playback And Volume Buttons

Feb 5, 2010

I have a question, isn't there a possibility to change the way how volume increases and decreases. If i press volume button once, then volume increases only 2 points, till 100.

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Dell ::about An Xps M1330 Battery

Aug 28, 2009

This one looks bigger than the original m1330 battery, so I was wondering if it will fit.
I`ve also heard about Mugen Power

who makes a lot of batteries for electronic devices, anybody got any input on that?

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Dell :: Good Battery For M1330

Apr 30, 2010

I just bought a 7200 mAh battery 9 cell from ebay. It dont last a month when the perfomance drop more than a half. So Im looking for a good batt that dont go dead so easily.

This batt was great for the first days. It last about 4 hours in high perfomance playing and 6 in normal use. Now it last 1 1/2 hour playing or less.

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Dell :: M1330 Battery Not Charging

Jan 1, 2009

My battery is not charging on my M1330. It's about 15 months old.

I've replaced the brick with no change.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 56WHr 6-cell Battery

Jul 2, 2009

Has anyone bought this battery from any aftermarket battery vendor? My XPS M1130 56Whr Lithium Ion 6-cell battery died two days ago. It's $149 + tax + shipping = $169 at Dell. I wanted to see if there are good deals out there from other vendors.

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Dell :: Won't Replace FAILED M1330 Battery

Jun 26, 2009

About a week ago, I had my motherboard replaced due to overheating.
Yesterday, before I had a chance to shut it down properly, I removed the AC power from the laptop and the laptop immediately powered off. I tried again, and the same thing happened.

I called Dell and asked for a warranty replacement and after determining that the battery had indeed failed, the XPS tech support rep told me that the battery is only covered for one year as it's a consumable and they offer a separate battery warranty, so she could not replace it.

So I explained to her that they did not offer that option when I purchased my system (as far as I recall) and I understand the cells wear out and don't hold a charge as they do when they are new, but, regardless, for the battery to completely fail is a defect and should be covered for the length of the system's limited warranty .....

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Dell :: M1330 Display Gets Dark On Battery?

Feb 5, 2009

With the power cable plugged in the display is Very bright. As soon as it is on Battery power the display gets dark almost too dark.

In power options I have the display turned up all the way while on Battery.

Is this a normal m1330 thing for the display to do?
I have the wxga with led back lcd screen.

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Dell :: M1330 Suddenly The Battery Drops

Mar 21, 2009

I own a Dell M1330 with the six cell battery.
Since one month something weird happens with the battery.

Power Saver Mode:
after ~1hour (battery is at 60-70%) suddenly the battery drops to 7% and I am out of juice.

Maximum Performance
after ~40minutes suddenly the battery drops to 7% or it goes directly into hibernate mode

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Dell :: M1330 Battery Time With 9-cell?

Feb 27, 2009

I did a search on here and and google and I came to the conclusion that if you dont know the specs of the computer you can't "accurately" guess the life of the battery so I'm hoping you guys can give me an estimate with my computer specs.

I'll post the things I think would matter most with the battery life.

Specs: Dell XPS M1330
2.2 ghz core2duo
LED screen
160 gb hdd (dont know speed, im sure you guys do with this size)

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Dell :: M1330 With W7 Goes To Sleep If No Battery But AC Plugged In

Nov 20, 2009

I bought a Dell XPS M1330 over a year ago and it came preloaded with Vista Home Premium.

Since I want to keep the batteries in good condition I run the laptop with no battery connected and AC plugged in whenever it sits on my desk at home.

However, in Windows 7 it seems that Windows wants to put the laptop to sleep after 10-15 minutes if I do this

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Dell :: Battery Life For M1330 Or Other Options?

Mar 21, 2009

I woul like to know how much i can get with the 9 cell battery, LED display, ssd and 8400.
I am looking at a 13.3-14.1 with long battery life. Any other suggestions? I like the illuminated keyboard on the studio 1340, but it's heavier and i hate that leather part, plus the airflow problems.
Lenovo u330 is nice, but have some battery problems as i saw.

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Dell :: Poor Battery Life On XPS M1330

Nov 6, 2009

It's only since I started reading these forums to try and fix my fans being on all the time that I realised my XPS's battery life was way worse than most people's on here.

I have a six cell battery and out of a full charge I get maybe 1:35. this wouldn't be so bad except, when my warranty ran out 3 months ago, I made dell replace my current six cell battery which got around 1:17 full charge.

This current battery is only 3 months old, initially it did an two hours and a half but now i'm lucky to get an hour and a half out of it.

why my computer is eating my batteries? Other people talk about battery life of 3 hours plus

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Dell :: [m1330] Battery Worn Out In Couple Of Days...

May 30, 2009

I got my m1330 used with 1 light of battery health lit. I've been using it fairly for a month. One time I noticed I got only about 1 hour on battery power.

I don't know... i'm having serious problems with this notebook. It was very slow because got really hot until I upgraded it to A15 where it somehow works... What should be done for me to request a replacement?....

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Dell :: M1330 Battery Failed Can I Move Pagefile To E:?

Jan 27, 2009

Our M1330's 6-cell battery warned recently that it needed replacing soon (was at something like 67% original capacity).

I turned off the warnings and hoped it would last sometime longer but now the system thinks no battery is connected and the battery's self-test LEDs do not illuminate at all.

I am not sure how easily I can get a new battery shipped to Africa and we have frequent power cuts (the system is on a surge protector which drops the power when it goes out. Usually a generator cuts in within 10 seconds to restore power but the surge protector refuses to provide power for about 5 mins).

So I need to change from using Standby to using Hibernate. Trouble is little disk space and no hibernate file left.

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Dell XPS M1330 :: Battery Cannot Provide Sufficient Power And Stuck Key Detected

Mar 31, 2013

I bought my laptop Dell XPS M1330 in September 2009... I have not had problems with this until now.  Three days ago I turned on my laptop in order to read a pdf file , but I noticed the my file went constantly down and therefore, I was not able to read it... It seemed like the  "arrow pointed down key" was permanently pushed down! So I reboot my lap but I had the same problem. The next day, again, I turned on my lap and at that time the cursor was moving constantly to the left like the "arrow pointed left key" was pushed down!

I tried with Dell diagnostics and this showed me the next errors:

-ERROR CODE 3600:0853 PRIMARY_BATTERY_BAY The battery can not provide sufficient power.
-ERROR CODE 2C00:0423 KEYBOARD-Stuck key detected

When I was testing the keys (of the keyboard) this showed me:

Expected: e048  Read: e050....Expected: (something)  Read e050.... And so on

Should I have to replace my battery and my keyboard???

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Dell :: New Battery For Xps M1530

May 8, 2009

I know the safest place to buy it would be dell, but it's expensive. anyone have any experience with other sellers?

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Dell :: XPS M1330 9-Cell Battery Now Only Lasts About 100 Minutes After Updating Drivers And Bios

Feb 11, 2009

I actually have TWO 9-Cells, and they are both drain pathetically fast, whereas when I got it in August 2007, they lasted at least twice that.

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Dell :: M1530: 9-cell Battery Gone?

Mar 16, 2009

I was just about to pull the trigger on a m1530 via (US) but found I am no longer able to configure it with a 9-cell battery.

I know I can easily buy the battery separately - but I was wondering what the likely reasons for this option disappearing are - could this mean they have stopped making 9-cells (maybe EOL for m1530)?

Wouldn't they normally just delay the ship date if the component was due to come back later?

Side note: as an alternative, I'm considering the SXPS 16 - does anyone have both a SXPS 16 and m1530 and can comment on the size/weight difference?

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