Dell :: XPS1530 One Day Repair?

Feb 19, 2010

Dell repair depot received my 1530 yesterday and they send it back today. It took them to check (fixed) the problem in one day?

I complained re: the heat issue of XPS1530, can they replace mobo in one day?

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Dell :: My XPS1530 Expirences

Apr 18, 2009

I have been on this forum for quite awhile, I don't have many posts but I am always reading everything on here. OK, so on to what I posted this thread for, Just figured I would give a little intro, So it doesn't seem like im completely blind on whats going on in the laptop world.

I have had a XPS 1530 for almost a year now. At first I loved the laptop. Then I started having a problem, The fan was going out, Made a horrible clicking noise. No big deal though, After dealing with CS that you cant understand and runs you in circles trying to fix it, Got it replaced and all was fine again.

A couple months later, I was working out in the garage, and had the laptop out there looking up some exploded views for a car part I was working on. A cup of water I had on top of the bench got knocked over..I went to catch the cup, and ended up knocking the laptop off the bench and the the cup proceeded to land on it, full of water. So, The laptop was fried. Again dealing with the same CS that sucked. I was able to send the laptop in, And got it back about a week later. So that was good.

I would have thought they would have just replaced the laptop, and not tried to fix it.

Anyways, I was looking over the laptop after I got it back and wasn't pleased. The plastics on the bottom were all warped and the media button plastic piece wouldn't stay in place. And it looked like water was still behind the screen. So I turn the laptop on, And it didn't last 30 minutes before the screen went out. To me this is unacceptable.

Even if I caused the problem in the first place, Thats why I paid for the accidental warranty. I would think I could get my laptop back fixed, OR a new one. Had to jump through a bunch of hoops for the CS again,..Sent the laptop back.

I got a refurbished one back about a week later, First thing I notice is all the stickers(service tag, etc. from my original comp) were taped to the back with scotch tape.. And all falling off and ripped. Open the laptop and the space bar is bent, there are scratches on the plastic by the hinges. The black plastic for the media keys is all warped. Start the laptop up.. Dead pixels all over the screen, Or scratches in the LCD is what is really looks like. The HDD was very noisy! And if you plug headphones in, Its really fuzzy. But either way, I have dealt with this stuff for months now, I had to get a bunch of college work done. But now that that's over. The laptop has only got worse, I'm waiting for the hard drive to stop working, Its making horrible noises. And the hinges don't work well anymore, And the computer is running hot, No matter what bios or drivers I install. I still have my full warranty for about another 2 months.

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Dell :: XPS1530 GPU 94C When Gaming

Mar 26, 2009

I have owned my XPS 1530 for about 8 months now. It has been quite some time since i took my original temperatures, but i remember running games like warhammer online, call of duty, etc, at a temperature of 45c idle status , and like GPU 71c under hours of gaming. I think the hottest it got was GPU 79 degrees. 8 months later i decided to try gaming again and to my surprise my laptop is getting SO hot that it burns my hands and my speedfan shows the GPU at like GPU 64 idle ( 69 when the batter adapter is in) and up to 91-95 when on a game. I used to have a zalman laptop cooler which kept my comp a bit cooler, but i only noticed it effecting my temp. by about 2-3 degrees. I am going to undervolt and get my broken zalman replaced but I need to know one thing:

Do I have defective hardware? Is it normal to see an increase in temperatures as laptops get older? I am very afraid that something is damaged. Also, is there a specific driver that i should be running which can help my graphics card cool down, or am i one of the unlucky few who have been given a bugged 8600gt.

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Dell :: XPS1530: Need Advise

Feb 2, 2010

My XPS1530 will be 2 years old this coming June 2010 and I donít have warranty anymore since last year but planning to get soon.

Since I just bought Vaio F Series (aside from defective wireless adapter, Vaio F series Monitor is sucks! Thatís why Iím keeping my precious XPS and returning the Vaio)

I have 2options of Next Business Day In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis Plus Nights and Weekends:

Option 1 (1year): $217.24
Option 2 (2years): $336.14 ....

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Dell :: XPS1530: Planning To Upgrade RAM & HDD

Feb 19, 2010

I'm planning to upgrade my RAM from 3GB RAM to 4 it worth it or upgrade to 6GB?

I guess my existing is 2 + I'll just remove 1GB and buy 2GB RAM (for 4GB Ram)....How about if I want 6GB RAM?

Also I want to replace my 250GB HDD to 500GB.

What's the effect of heat issue if I upgrade both HDD and RAM?

any advise where can I buy?

Here is my existing RAM : 3GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm, and HDD: 250G 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive

Thanks in advance.

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Dell :: XPS1530 Replacing Battery

May 1, 2010

After two years of using my XPS1530, I received an error or reminder message that I need to replace my battery.

It's still working though, but not sure what is the side effect of not replacing the battery immediately.

Do I need to replace my battery if it's still holding more than an hour or so?

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Dell :: How Works This Fan Pads Usb With A Xps1530?

Jan 19, 2009

i would like to know if somebody use or try this kind of fan pad usb with a dell xps 1530? ...

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Dell :: Notebook Cooler For XPS1530

Jun 28, 2009

can you guys recommend the best notebook cooler that will fit for XPS1530.

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Dell :: XPS1530 32bit Vs 64bit

Jan 12, 2009

I am designer and use Photoshop more .

If i use xp 64bit the performance improve or don`t improve?

Is there xp 64bit driver for 1530 ?

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Dell :: HDMI On The XPS1530 Wit XP Pro 64bit

Feb 6, 2009

if it's possible to get the HDMI (both video and audio) working running XP pro 64bit on the XPS 1530?

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Dell :: Last Release Drivers XPS1530

Jan 9, 2009

Please upload (or link) last release of xps1530 drivers (for xp) on this topic ....

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Dell :: Blutooth Software XPS1530

May 17, 2009

i am looking for a download link for the WIDCOMM blutooth software which came with my XPS. ever since i formatted the pc, didn't install this software to make the blutooth work. also looked in the cds i got with the system

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Dell :: XPS1530 Shuts Down When Gaming

Feb 26, 2009

I have just bought a new game - dawn of war 2.

Approx 30 mins into the game the laptop just shuts down, no BSOD, just powers off. When i reboot it there is no system error saying it was a major crash or any warning telling me why.....

I have installed a heat program to record the heat on teh GPU and the CPU, at the point of crash the GPU is around 85 degrees C.

I have taken the back off the laptop and cleaned the Heatsink fan, it was pretty dusty.

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Dell :: Is A 30" Lcd Screen Possible On XPS1530

Nov 22, 2008

I have a Xps M1530 with the 8600GT videocard. Is it possible to connect a
30" screen and get the maximum resulotion?

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Dell :: XPS1530 Can't Detect My Handcam Thru Firewire

Apr 3, 2009

i want to transfer my mini DVD to my laptop and burn it to my DVD.

Unfortunately my XPS1530 can't detect my Sony Handycam using firewire to firewire.

anybody knows how to configure XPS1530-firewire connection?

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Dell :: XPS1530 With WSXGA+ (1680x1050) Screen

Apr 27, 2009

I'm just awaiting delivery of my new XPS1530 with WSXGA+ (1680x1050) screen.

Looking through the archives Ive seen a lot of posts relating to problems with the Samsumng version of the screen and that the LG screen is superior.

However, a lot of the posts are at least 11 months old, so I was wondering what the state of play is now. Can I expect an LG screen or has the Sumsung screen been upgraded

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Dell :: XPS1530 With 8600mGT For Games Driver Update

Dec 23, 2008

I have a XPS1530 with 8600mGT and use 177.79 drivers. My question izzz if one of ya'll know wich driver is better because I intend to update if there is a better driver, wich performs better in some games.

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Dell :: M1710 Possible To Repair?

Feb 19, 2010

I own a Dell m1710 and my 7900GTX fried and burnt and fans are dead. Whenever i power up the screen is full of dotted lines and extremely off colored pixels. How and where can I get a cheap 7900GTX to replace, as well as fans. Dell charge me 500 bucks and my reply was NO

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Dell :: Onsite Repair

Sep 22, 2009

I was told that I would recieve a call to schedule my repair within 24 hours and it's been a week already. Is this normal? Is it true that they send the parts to you directly?

For some reason my order status on dell started out as "shipped." The order never went through a processing stage...

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Dell :: Repair Depot

Dec 14, 2008

I sent my Inspiron 1525 in to get the screen replaced because it was loose, the bottom replaced because screws would fall out, and something done about the over heating. Too many problems for only having the lappy for almost exactly 9 months.

I received a box about a month ago from Dell to send in my worn out laptop and kept pushing it off and pushing it off needing my laptop for various things. A few days ago though I got a new box and sent my laptop off to the Repair Depot.

The only problem is that the person who took my information for the box didn't give me a tracking number. So I have to wait two days! ((by which time the laptop could probably be back in my possession)) for Dell people to contact their repair depot and find out about the where abouts of my laptop.

I'm not entirely worried about the entire thing because I did remove my hard drive and I would be more than happy to just build another one and swap out hard drives.

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Dell :: BIOS Repair Weirdness

Oct 13, 2009

The keyboard stopped working on my E6500, so I sent it back to Dell, who promptly replaced the keyboard and sent it back to me.

Everything is working fine, but one strange thing has happened--the BIOS on it has gone from A14 (what I'd upgraded it to) down to A12 (what it originally came with).

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Dell :: Inspiron 8500 Repair

Feb 9, 2010

With all software issues decided as not the problem, I am trying to decide what piece of hardware needs replacing or is even fixable.

The Dell when first turned on looks like a tetris screen, lots of vertical lines and some horizontal, lots of colors. Next boot up will be more lines not as distinct and a white background. This second screen will stay with me through several more power offs, power on.

sometimes I will end up with the BSOD stop code which supposedly is a memory problem but the memory checks okay. Finally when the laptop is really warmed up, it boots normally and will work for the entire day. I removed the bezel and keyboard but have no idea of what is "normal"

If a cable had been evidently loose or cracked, that would have helped but all I see is a sys board which appears to have a slight film on it (normal?) The display cable is wrapped with electrical tape where it goes into the display unit. Is this normal? If anyone has had their 8500 apart and took photos, I'd appreciate access to them.

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Dell :: On Site Repair Time

Oct 1, 2008

Well my XPS M1330 finally succumbed to the nvidia gpu flaw. I called Dell on Sunday afternoon (it's now Weds AM) and within 20 minutes with tech support had arranged for on site repair.

Well Monday came and went, no call from the local tech to schedule my repair. Contacted Dell chat support yesterday (Tues) morning and within 10 minutes after checking on my status the rep said I should receive a call by end of business day. The rep then connected me to a supervisor for a quick survey...supervisor asked me some small talk questions and then gave me a # to call direct regarding my in home repair (800-654-1853). So now this morning, no call so I gave the # a is some company named "Bangtech"? Gave them my Dell Dispatch # and the lady there told me they haven't received the replacement part yet (new mobo). I explained today is now the 3rd day, she put me on hold, then came back and said they anticipate delivery today and I would receive a call by 5pm today to schedule.

My question is is this normal timing? My Dell dispatch says "NBD". I figured it would be Tues for the repair since I called Sunday afternoon and nothing would probably get shipped/updated until Monday. At this point it's going to be Thursday at the earliest.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 Repair

Jun 17, 2009

My laptop took a nasty fall when it was open. It still works fine, but one of the hinges is now broken... not only the plastic part, but the metal hinge is cracked in half too. I am worried if I keep opening and closing it, it may eventually do damage to my LCD screen.

I'm sure Dell will charge me a ridiculous amount of money to fix it, so I was going to have a computer savvy friend do it for me. Does anyone know what the part(s) I need is called and where I can find it. Also any directions to fix it would help so I can tell my friend exactly what to do

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Dell :: XPS Repair Turnaround Time

May 14, 2009

I need to send my XPS 1530 back for repairs due to a damaged lcd. The laptop is still under it's complete care warranty and was just curious what kind of turnaround time I should expect.

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Dell :: E6500 Paint Repair, Can It Be Done?

Mar 24, 2009

So after only 3 months, the paint has chipped off one corner of my e6500, leaving a freckle-sized spot of bare silver metal exposed. I'm not sure how it happened, since I didn't bang or scuff that corner, but it happened... anyhow, I'd like to fix it, if possible.

I tried coloring the spot in with a black Sharpie, but the ink just kept rubbing off.

I'm thinking perhaps black touch-up paint for a car might do the trick, but I've never used touch-up paint on anything before so I don't know A.

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Dell :: How To Repair Vista On Xp M1530

May 11, 2010

I have a duo boot laptop. the thing got a virus and I think I got that taken care of
I can use it using the xp boot up.

but the vista windows is a mess I have tons of HD video of the kids on it as well as pics
all my data is ok -

I have removed every program that I ever put on it except factory ones from dell

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Dell :: Home Service Repair Feedback

Jan 26, 2010

I'm almost down to my choice on laptop the Toshiba at bestbuy seems to be winning but today I seen an offer for the xps 16 that comes with a 2 year basic warranty which is in home repair after phone Diagnostics,Has anybody used this service?Do they come out right away? ....

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Dell :: Is The 21-day Repair Waiting Period Official?

Jan 2, 2010

I like numerous others had my video card recently fail, and I contacted Dell on 28 December. They told me that the card was on backorder and I would have to wait until the first week of February for a replacement.

They then asked if I wanted a 8700 temporarily installed until the 8800's were back in stock. I accepted that offer because I need my computer to be able to work.

After that call, I started reading this forum and saw that this was a widespread problem and dell was replacing systems with the AW M17. I also read that Dell had a clause in their warranty that said after 21 days they would have to offer me a replacement system .....

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Dell :: Question About Repair Depot And FedeX

Jun 3, 2009

I got a box from Fed Ex and I sent it for repair to Texas, I've been checking on the status of the package every now and then, now it says "Package returned to shipper", do you guys know what that means?

It says it was delivered today at 9AM and then returned to shipper at 10AM, I hope and really really hope that is not a shippers or address problem.

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