Dell :: E6400 Support Ddr3 Memory?

Jan 22, 2009

Does the e6400 support ddr3 1066mhz ram?

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HP/Compaq :: Does DV7T 2043cl Support DDR3 Ram

Aug 31, 2009

if its possible to swap the ddr2 ram for ddr3 in dv7t?

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Dell :: Wheres My MEMORY, Support MEM

Sep 23, 2008

received my inspiron 1420 ( already having issues and concerns) one of them, is, when i went into the dell support center, i clicked on the "about your system" section, and when i click on the Memory tab, it said that i had 3gb Total memory, but just 2.2gb of available memory. What does this mean? and where did the rest of my memory go?... i have a inspiron 1420, with 2.4ghz, 3gb ram, and nvidia8400...

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Dell :: E6400 And Business Support

Feb 16, 2009

i wanted to buy a refurbished e6400 from the outlet and wanted to know how does the dedicated graphics card on it run? the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M With PC-Card. also how is the customer service and do they charge a restocking fee for the business side and do they pay for the shipping back to them?

also how is the build quality of them? are they that great compared to a lenovo y530/550, cuz i like the design of the ideapads but there not as reliable as the thinkpads.

also does dell usually have like free shipping or discounts for the business outlet cuz i know they did for home.

and the Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD With Express Card or like the ones WITH PC-CARD are they much different from the regular 4500mhd or x4500?

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Sony :: VAIO SR190 Line Support 8GB Memory

Sep 11, 2009

I have the VAIO SR190 and want to upgrade to 8GB, but I have seen conflicting information if it will support 8GB.

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Dell :: Native Biometric Support Window 7 And M4400/E6400/E6500

Sep 29, 2009

Just logged on to dell's driver site. WOW, new drivers dated yesterday for fingerprint. Finally i'm getting native windows 7 bio support for my M4400. Downloaded and installed.

No, nothing, nada, shaite. Still no support. This is ugly. Just read online that Dell listens and now you can get Inspiron 10 with Moblin. What about business users that scream for native bio support for latitude and precisions. Dell needs to shape up on this point.

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Dell :: Which 2gb Stick Of Memory Should I Get For The E6400?

Feb 17, 2009



any of these:

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Dell :: Which Memory For Upgrading E6400?

Oct 31, 2009

I bought my E6400 about a year ago now and never got around to upgrading the RAM from 2 GB (on 1 DIMM) to 4 GB. Which memory do I need? I am still running Vista Business 32-bit (haven't looked into the new Windows 7 yet). How much will a 2 GB stick run me these days, and does anyone have a link to the correct memory I need

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Dell :: Ordering A Latitude On Memory And HD

Feb 15, 2009

I'm about to order an E6400 from the dell outlet and was wondering if you all have any advice before i order.

I want to upgrade the memory and HD, but i dont know what to buy exactly.

I want 4 gb of RAM, and the quietest and most inexpensive HD that is 250 or 320gb that I can get. I assume that a 5400rpm is quieter than a 7200rpm drive. Any ideas?

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Dell Latitude E6400 :: Upgrade To 8 Gig Memory

Jan 5, 2015

I have a dell E6400 Latidue with 4 Gig of memory I would like to upgrade to 8 gig. I need for my building control software. Were can I find 8 gig .All I can find is the 4 gig memory updates which is what I already done...

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Dell :: E6400: Can Read Sony Memory Sticks?

May 12, 2009

Can someone confirm that the E6400 integrated card reader can read Memory Stick cards (My Sony camera uses these)?

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Dell :: Studio XPS16 With DDR3

Jun 12, 2009

what advantages would I have going with the Dell Studio XPS16 with DDR3 ram over an HP with DDR2 ram? I have read a bunch of very technical stuff on here which unfortunately I don't really understand.

I plan on having this computer for about 4 years hopefully. If I get DDR2 will it be outdated in the very near future? Will I benefit myself by getting the DDR3?

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Dell :: DDR3 On Studio 1555

May 9, 2009

Can I install DDR3 on Studio 1555? the Intel PM45 chipset seems to support both DDR2 and DDR3.

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Dell :: DDR3 1066 Running At 800mhz?

Apr 4, 2010

Just got my 1647 set up (replacement for my 1640) and got sent an additional 4gb dimm and popped it in for a total of 8 gigs.

CPU-Z shows 8 gigs, everything works fine..The Memory tab is blank so it doesn't show what its actually running at or its timings or dual channel mode or not...Which caused me to think it wasn't running in dual channel mode..So I got everest ultimate edition and it indeed showed it was working in dual channel so I was happy..But then I noticed it reported the memory was running at 100mhz and in ddr3 terms that effectively is 800mhz...The ram should be running at a base clock of 133mhz or 1066mhz effectively. All the tabs report it as being rated at 1066 and all that registers fine..Its just the "actual clock" reports it at 100mhz instead of 133..

I thought back to the 4gb dimm I recieved..It was refurbished which made me think it was the culprit..So I did some tests. I tested each dimm individually and each time (alone and together) everest reported 100mhz (800mhz)..

So is everest to be trusted? Are both my dimms bad? Whats causing my dimms to run at 800mhz instead of 1066? There is nothing in bios to tweak so how can I change this? And let me repeat, both dimms, when installed BY THEMSELVES (so 4gb total) still report it cant be the refurb dimm...

What gives?

My window index score on memory is 6.8..which is about what it was on my last machine which used the same speed ram..

Could everest be wrong?

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Dell :: 1640 Laptop And DDR3 RAM Frequency

Feb 25, 2009

Forgive me if I missed something (or know nothing about RAM), but why is CPU-Z reporting that my DRAM frequency is only 532MHz (Memory tab > Timings; also in SPD tab > Memory Slot Selection > Max Bandwidth = PC3-8500F (533MHz)?

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Dell :: Latitude E4300 & E6500 Why Not Both DDR3

Apr 12, 2009

I'm very surprised that Dell only provides DDR2-800Mhz memory support for Latitude E6500 instead of E4300.

I don't understand, the built in chipset of E6500 is a Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset that support DDR3 Memory so why the E6500 don't support it ?

Intel tech specs :

The Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset delivers Microsoft Windows Vista* Premium support with the highest level of Microsoft Windows Aero* experience.1 It delivers outstanding system performance through high-bandwidth interfaces such as dual-channel DDR3 and DDR2 memory support, 1066 MHz system bus, PCI Express* x16 graphics port and PCI Express x1 I/O ports, Serial ATA, and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity. Use of the Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset includes support for Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) 4.0, the next generation of remote client network management for business. Use of the Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset also includes support for dual graphics with ATI CrossfireX*, for extreme gaming.

Support for DDR3 and DDR2 memory technology

Does anyone try to upgrade E6500 memory to DDR3-1066Mhz ?

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Dell :: Install DDR3 Ram On Studio 1555

Nov 11, 2009

is it possible to install 4GB DDR3 ram on studio 1555 ?

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Dell :: Will DDR3 @ 1033 MHZ Come Recently On Studio 15

Aug 24, 2009

Im confused in goin for Studio 15 or XPS 16.and recently they introduced studio 14 with ddr3@1033 MHZ..But studio 14 is too small for me.Should i wait for New studio 15 or .go to xps ??16.Will the studio 15 with 1033mhz processor go with the the old ddr2 ram???

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HP/Compaq :: How To Knw My Gpu Is Ddr2 Or Ddr3

Mar 12, 2009

how to knw my gpu is ddr2 or ddr3? its nvidia 9600m gt

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HP Pavilion Dv7 :: Can Use 16GB Of DDR3 RAM?

Jan 11, 2015

Can I use 16GB of DDR3 PC3-12800 RAM (1600Mhz) in my dv7 even though it would 'exceed manufacturer supported memory'?
Product Number: XW899AV
Processor: Intel i7-2630QM @ 2.00GHz
Current RAM:  8GB (2X4GB 1333Mhz)

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Dell :: DDR2 Vs. DDR3 In M4400 / Hard Drive Order

Jun 11, 2009

I did some research on the Dell M4400 I ordered a few days ago. I got the minimum amount of Dell memory they would sell me of 1GB. I did the same with the hard drive (80GB/5400RPM) knowing I could get it a lot cheaper on my own.

Hard Drive
I've found a hard drive (Fujitsu MHZ2320BJ-G2 320GB 7200 RPM 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive - OEM) and a laptop drive comparison/ review in Laptop Magazine. Here is the hard drive listed above @ $69.00 for 320GB/7200RPM. [url]. I'll try it however I have been a WD guy for my desktop.

I have been pricing DDR2 and DDR3 and found other posts saying DDR3 wasn't worth it and will not work on this forum at this thread HERE and will not work in the M4400 however this review says it will HERE

The memory I found HERE is priced @ $57.99 Crucial 4GB (2 x 2GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Dual Channel Kit Laptop Memory Model CT2KIT25664BC1067 - Retail


"As a matter of fact the Montevina platform would in general also support DDR3 RAM modules. According to Dell, the standard equipment does not include DDR3 modules, because they still cost much and the availability is still limited while the performance gain of the new chips is rather small. But, they do not exclude that they will offer them later."

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Dell :: Memory Speed Affecting Windows Experience (memory Operations)

Oct 13, 2008

A friend just showed me his new Dell Vostro lappy. He has 4 GB of DDR2 800mhz memory on it when compared to my 4 GB of DDR2 667mhz memory on my XPS 1530

However, under his windows experience score - he gets 5.9 score for memory operations while I just get a 5.1. I can't believe that a couple of hundred mhz can result in such a drastic difference.

Is there something optimized for his system but not for mine?

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Acer :: Aspire 4736Z DDR3 RAM

Apr 16, 2010

On the spec, my current 4736Z system is running with Intel T4400 (2.2GHz, 1MB Cache, 800MHz FSB), 2GB DDR3 RAM with genuine Window 7 Home Premium 64bit installed.

As to my understandng, the new Window 7 can address more than 4GB RAM from previous 32bit Window OS.

The question that I don't understand is why can't I upgrade the 4736Z notebook RAM more than 4GB, said with the market offering of 4GB x 2 DDR3 RAM giving me the 8GB instead?

My reason being the Window 7 was installed and the system supports DDR3 also.

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Acer :: 9600 GT DDR2 Or DDR3

Jan 24, 2010

i have an acer 6935G and the memory installed is 4GB with DDR3 aswell as GPU which says DDR3.but since i've been browsing the forums for quite some time,i've seen people stating that acer doesn't really support DDR3 on this machines and it acts like DDR2.How can i change it to run as DDR3 than? And how am i sure it runs as DDR2 or 3?

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Sony :: HD 3650 DDR2 Or DDR3

Mar 10, 2009

I was wondering is the HD 3650 in the FW DDR2 or 3?

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Apple :: Upgrade To A 4GB DDR3 On A MacBook

Apr 15, 2009

I got a macbook pro and I asked them to give me an upgrade for a 4GB instead of the standard 2GB DDR3. I returned the notebook but they had a policy that I should keep the 2GB DDR3 I asked them to install. This costs about GBP 80. So I ended up with 2GB DDR3 that I paid for the GBP 80. I checked online and I could find them for a much cheaper price. Why then apple has it with this price? Are they any different? Is the GBP 80 the price for the 2GB DDR3 only or inclusive the price difference between 2x1GB and 2GB one chip DDR3. Because in the process I guess they had to take out the 2x1GB chips and insert 2x2GB chips to fill up the two internal memory slots. I asked them but they told me that it is the cost of just the 1x2GB DDR3 increase that I ordered?

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Apple :: 4GB Buffalo DDR3 SO-DIMMs

Jan 19, 2009

I have an Aluminium Unibody Macbook, and was wondering about this 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM available from, for around US$150. Its available via International Shipping (through one of the vendors), thats why I'm interested in it, as here in Australia we're receiving replies saying that 4GB DDR2 SO-DIMMs do not exist, let alone DDR3 Notebook RAM.

Has anyone had experience with Buffalo RAM? It is 1333MHz, I plan to get 1x 4GB Stick, (was hoping for 2, but it seems like only 6GB is supported anyway).

The Link to the Amazon Product is here,


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Apple :: DDR3 Upgrade For MacBook

Mar 1, 2009

I have searching for Macbook Aluminum's Ram.

Here are what I found on NewEgg


Why are there a lot of different prices ? What is the real different between them ? It looks like the same Specs.

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Dell :: M1530 Nvidia Geforce 8600m GT (256mb Ddr3) Just Isn't Powerful Enough..

Jul 7, 2009

Fair enough my hdd is only 5200rpm not 7k+ but 4gb ram and 2.4 intel core duo my FPS in WOW can drop to like 5 and thats with lowest gfx settings.

Beaware WOW has developed and a new add-on came out last year with better graphics...

I don't know what to do I love the portability of M1530 but the GFX side of things seems . I know its only a mid ranged gaming/performance laptop but its a shame you cannot upgrade it...

Anyone know any alterative laptops with like double gfx performance with same portability

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Acer :: Nvidia 9650m GT DDR3 Bios

Dec 21, 2009

if Acer has a bios for the 9650m GT DDR3

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