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Dell :: Xps Studio 13 Ubuntu Wifi Signal Is EXTREMELY Weak

I tried to ask the Ubuntu Forums but they came up blank. Ok I am typing on my old laptop. I have a strange problem with my new Dell xps studio 13.

The Wifi driver on it is not working correctly. I can get my wifi to work but for some reason the signal is EXTREMELY weak. i MEAN I CAN BARELY USE MY WIFI it is that weak.............................

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Weak WIFi Signal
I am facing a problem with my Dell 1537. The WiFi signal as recieved by the laptop is very weak.

As soon as i reboot the singal strength goes to maximum.

All this time i get a very good signal on my other laptop.

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Dell :: E6500n Wifi Signal Led
is this suppose to work? it never lights up. the one to the right of the wifi led.

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HP/Compaq :: Weak Wifi On Envy 15
I recently got my HP Envy 15 in the mail a few days ago and I have to say I’m very happy with it. However, I have run into some setbacks.

The most major one is the wireless. Out of the box it was only getting 180 mbps of wireless N speed, which I knew was way to slow. After digging around the device manager I found that the 2.4 ghz frequency was set to 20 mhz and not auto. After setting it to auto I got 300 mbps, much better.

But heres the big issue. While it does get 300 mbps of speed while only a few yards away from the router, once I leave my room and walk away about 40 or less feet to the dinning room, the speed takes a HUGE nose dive, getting to around 20 to 12 mpbs of wireless internet speed. However, the signal quality is ‘good or fair’, meaning 3 out of 5 green bars. When I go to the living room, about 60 feet from the router, it goes down to 1.0 mbps wireless speed, with 2 out of five bars signal quality. Sometimes however, I can’t get any speed and it disconnects...................

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Sony :: Vaio SZ 4 Series Fan Replacement And Wifi + Processor Upgrade (Win7 + Ubuntu Feedback)
I had replaced mobo on my dead SZ 4 series (don't ask why) and couldn't stop there since I was in the move thus consequently contemplated about possible upgrades. For now I settled for fan, WLAN card and CPU upgrade. If it works well, I might install SSD also.

1.Fan Modification

As you all proud SZ owners know, fan is very noisy on this machines so it made me think if there is any possible modification to reduce the noise. Since the BIOS is controlling it there is not much to do on the RPM part (in win at least, but more on that later) I settled for a fan and fan casing swap from SZ 4 to SZ 7 series.

In the photos you can see that fans, fan casings and heat-sinks are of different design. Besides design differences, voltage and the amperage are the same, 5V-300mA.

Only way was to install the fan and the casing of the SZ 7 heat-sink to my old one as one of the heat-sinks bolt bushings is off for a few millimeters.

There has to be some care exercised when prying off the fan casing, some heating was required from the aluminium side on three pins were casing is attached.

Not to be simple, the difference is also in the inlet hole. One on the SZ 7 heat-sink is bigger and off centre compared to SZ 4s. Had to do some filing there, to match it to the size of the new fan. Fan of SZ7 is not bigger, it is due to different design of the fan eye and its volutes...................

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Dell :: Better Studio Speaker Quality In Ubuntu Lucid
Anyone else with a Dell Studio and the SRS Premium Surround Sound speaker notice that the bass and general speaker quality is skys and above better when listening on Ubuntu Lucid vs

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Dell :: Weak Battery
My cousin own a Dell Inspiron laptop and he gonna replace the laptop battery very soon, because its very weak.

He can't connect to his wireless network. Wondering is there any connection between a 'weak' battery and the laptop's ability to find the wireless connection.

There has not been any issue connecting to the network before the battery issue appeared. What to do before the new battery arrives?

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Dell :: Wireless NA Signal Can Go Through 3 Storey House
Before I'll order Lattitude E6400. I've some question about wireless network. I've heard that wireless N - A signal can go far than 2x , if compare with wireless G.

In E6400 series , there is an option for wireless : 5100 , 5300. The one I'll choose is 5300 wireless N (best option)

Is it possible to use wireless N for 3 storey house. I' ve plan to located ADSL modem on Ground Floor. Is it possible that a signal can run through 3rd Floor.

Are there anybody know that we can use wireless ADSL Modem in this case?
A signal - How far can it go?

I don' want to extend a wire from existing modem. Just change to a wireless modem and I can use it for one desktop on ground floor and one laptop(wireless) on 3rd floor. Is this right?

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Dell :: Why Can't They Improve Notebook Weak Points?
For example, why can't they find another way to attach the power jack instead of solidering in onto the motherboard? A different typr of set up is needed, as they usually will work loose from the MB, and need to be repaired or replaced- An expensive fix .....

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Dell :: New Studio XPS 16 Wifi Issues
Well after my 1710 died, I requested the Studio XPS16 and finally got it. The thing is, its not working as planned.

I am not a noob to this, but I am stuck. I have (according to the Order Page) the Dell 1520 WLAN card. I downloaded the drivers and it still won't work. The WiFi light is on, but the laptop still thinks its disabled. When I go to enable it, it says it will be enabled, but it is stuck in disabled. Do I have a dud here?

I wiped the computer, reinstalled all the drivers... but maybe I am missing something?

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Dell :: Studio 15 Wifi Catcher
I got my s15 a few months ago. All was well except that I noticed my wifi catcher doesn't work properly. The manual says it should work like this:

Flashing white: Searching for networks
Solid white for 10 seconds and then turns off: Network found
Off (flashing white turns off after 10 blinks): No signal found

Also my catcher never even does '10 blinks' as above, it is always just 3.

When windows is running, the same button works and launches the available networks utility so the physical button works.

I've tried my catcher (always with laptop off) in numerous places including my own home (where my home wifi network is available) and coffee shops where there is a public hotspot. On numerous occassions I have gone into a coffee shop with the machine off. I've pressed the catcher and got

Flashing white: Searching for networks (well, 3 blinks)
Off (flashing white turns off after 10 (well, 3 in my case) blinks): No signal found

After this I've booted up and found / connected to a network straight away.

Last night I tried 'dell chat' with a support teccy and I got absolutely nowhere. Although they admitted that the catcher should work as I've said, they refused to accept mine wasn't working. They basically said they cannot help me.

I am looking for advice here if possible please folks. OK, so I know its not the end of the world but I hate having a feature on my laptop that does not work. I've effectively got a useless button that does nothing but flashes a pretty light 3 times when I press it.

I recently did a road trip in the US and booked my hotels as I went. The catcher would have been very useful here.

My suspicions with this are that it is either a) my laptop came with the higher
DELL WIRELESS 1510 (802.11N) card, or that its got 4gb of ram on vista 32 (home premium).

My g/f s inspiron's catcher works fine but she has the lower intel card.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I do about this? Really I think Dell should be fixing this as its one of the advertised features of the s15. I think I'd like to escalate this further but not sure who to speak to.

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Dell :: Flashing Wifi LED On Studio 1537
I just took out my Intel 5100 and put in a Intel 5300 card, my internet is working great, but sometimes even when it's working the wifi led flashes,

I was wondering if anyone know what that means, did I miss something? window vista automatically installed driver for the new card so

I didn't even do anything after installing the card, I did make sure to connect all 3, white, black and grey antenna to the card

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Dell ::wifi Connection On My SXPS 16 With The Intel Wifi 5300 Card
I'm having trouble with my wifi connection on my SXPS 16 with the Intel Wifi 5300 card.

I will be downloading something then at random times it looses connectivity and i will have to turn off my wifi and turn it back on then it works for a couple minutes and stops working once again.

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Sony :: CS Series Right Speaker Signal Not Working
I have CS18 sony vaoi , my right speaker of computer stop working , even the left speaker of headphones are also not working ,

i have check this with two different headphones , those headphones are working on other computer so they are ok ,

So is my laptop speaker is faulty ?? or my sound card is faulty ?? or my OS is faulty

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Sony :: Poor Wireless Signal- FW285D
I recently purchased an FW285D and its been great thus far.. I have been noticing issues with the wireless signal however. I have a dell inspirion 9300 also and it uses intel wireless... MY sony however is currently using the vista wireless system but i did see some intel wireless programs lying around.

Anyway basically when im upstairs in the house the internet cuts in and out constantly.. showing my network then saying its not available. 3 Other people use laptops in the house and they have no problems whatsoever including my dell.. I have it sitting beside my sony and it will stay connected while my sony keeps on having to reconnect. Its truly annoying. Its weird because it shows the wireless signal of my neighbours houses at a higher strength than my own connection and also has them ALWAYS up. No one else in my house gets this problem so i doubt it has something to do with my actual wireless router... which is a linksys WRT300N.

Does anyone have any ideas.. Will the intel wireless be better.. if i double click on the .exe file in my common(ifrmework) folder it just says i need to reinstall the program and restart.....

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HP/Compaq :: Dv3t Sound Is Pretty Weak
Friend got a couple weeks old dv3t with P7350 and Intel graphics. Even though it has SRS feature, still sound totally sucks. I cant beleive how quite the speakers are. Even at full volume, you have to be pretty close to notebook in order to listen clearly, unlike my dv6700t, which fills the room with not high quality, but decent enough sound - both volume and quality wise. and it get so hot while playing a little game on it, that the side grill almost gave me burn today. What do you guys with dv3t feel about sound and heat issues? Do you find it weak too, or my friend's dv3t has something wrong in it?

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Apple :: Time Capsule Signal Woes
I recently replaced an old Linksys router with a 1TB Time Capsule. I loved the idea of an integrated solution with passive backups. Unfortunately, I am starting to regret this purchase but I'm hoping that I am just missing something.

The TC sits upstairs in my office where my Linksys used to be. On the main floor, I tried to add my PS3 to the network. It ends up showing a signal strength of about 55%-65%, with NAT Type 3. My old Linksys gave me 85%+, with NAT Type 2. I also noticed that my laptop's network signal strength is four bars when I'm on the main floor, which is one less than with the Linksys.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Wifi Frequent Disconnect
my laptops wifi is frequently disconnecting after connecting for 5-10min.

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Dell :: Upgrading Wifi Card On Studio 1555
I purchased my Studio 1555 on Dell Outlet with a Dell 1397 802.11b/g wifi card, and I want to upgrade this card to the Intel 5100 a/g/n Half-Mini Wifi Card.

If I purchase this Intel 5100 off of AVADirect (link below), will it be compatible?

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Sony :: Vaio Very Weak Bass Output (external)
i bought a sony vaio AW laptop (the newest model, dont know the exact model, its an 18.4 inch etc..,

The bass is very weak, on the speakers and on the external output aswell.

I tried to play with the equalizer, but it didnt help, because probably the output on theese levels is so low, that it doesnt really help to play aorund with it..

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HP/Compaq :: No Signal To TV Tuner After Clean Install (DV5T)
I recently performed a clean install of Vista, all the appropriate drivers have been installed (Nothing is unaccounted for in Device Manager).

HP Quickplay and Windows Media Center both recognize the TV Tuner itself, and there is static snow whenever I select the TV viewing function.

Before the clean install, the TV function worked fine. I could pick up a few channels using the included antenna, and the cable TV adapter worked as well. Now, after the clean install, I pick up no channels. I was hoping it was just poor reception, but it no longer detects cable channels through the adapter as well.

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Dell :: Studio 1535 With Intel WiFi Link 5100
I'm getting myself an Intel WiFi Link 5100 to replace the current Dell 1510N card in my Studio 1535. Is the Intel WiFi Link 5100 fully supported by my laptop?

Are the number of wires same for both cards? Any specific steps that I need to do when replacing the card? This is my first time doing this so I'm a bit nervous.

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Dell :: Wifi Catcher Isnt Lighting Up Studio 1535
it used to then just stopped one day don't quite get why or how to fix help is appreciated

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Acer :: Aspire 5810T (Timeline)force Wifi On AND/OR Disable Wifi Button
I have an Acer notebook and I really want to have wifi always on. I accidentally keep turning off the wifi every once in a while,

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Acer :: 1410 & Intel 5100 Wireless Weak Connection
I'm really trying to like my new Acer 1410. Everything was working great until I tried to connect thru the wifi. Turned out the connection was really weak. This is in my house where all my other laptops have had no problem connecting.

So I try for a couple of hours trying every setting possible on my router and on my laptop settings. Finally, I open up the bottom of my laptop and find out the black wire that goes to the Intel Wireless card isn't even connected! In fact the metal connector itself is missing entirely

So me not knowing much about electronics, I cut off a 2 inch wire (with connector) from my old laptop's wireless card and taped it to the new laptop's open black wire. Plug it in and now the signal is better, but it still sucks. Any advice anyone? I really would rather fix it myself if I can. Would it work better if I solder the two wires together? Or is the Intel 5100 a POS and nothing is going to help it?

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Dell :: Studio XPS13 And Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150
Before I buy one of ebay

Just wanna make sure with you guys that it will work with no problems

That it would work with the nforce 730i mobo with no compatibility problems

And this should replace my Dell 1515 wireless N card rite ...

I'm am interested in the WiMAX function so I could use clear's 4 network but remember reading awhile back that Intel Wifi cards can't work with the Nvidia mobo

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Getting Extremely Hot Near Touchpad
My SXPS m1640 gets extremely hot underneath the touchpad even when I'm performing basic tasks such as browsing the web. Is that where the graphics card is located? Is it normal for the m1640's to get very hot in this area?

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Dell :: Extremely Flimsy/flexible Lid
I just got my Studio 1555 today and am having some major issues with the lid. When it's closed, if I press it lightly the lid has a lot of flex.

When I open the laptop and lightly press my fingertips into the lid I can see the imprints of my fingertips on the screen! The quality of the lid is equivalent to that of a cheap plastic child's toy.

I contacted technical support and the rep was trying to just replace the lid with another...the SAME one .....

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 Running Extremely Hot
lately my Inspiron 1720 has been running crazy hot, and overheating (actually shutting down) while playing games (specifically Sacred 2).

For example right now I am only running Firefox and HWMonitor, and here is an excerpt from the HWMonitor report:

Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5750 hardware monitor

Temperature sensor 070°C (157°F) [0xF] (core #0)
Temperature sensor 175°C (166°F) [0xA] (core #1)

In fact shortly after saving that report, my computer actually shut down from heat. I have since restarted it and it is currently running at a roughly constant 52C.

The CPU gets into the 70s and overheats a lot when playing Sacred 2. However, strangely even after closing that game the temperature doesn't come down, such as what happened above .....

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Dell :: File Transfer Rate Is Extremely Low
i have found file transfer rate is noticeably low in my XPS M1530 machine. i was transferring 1.7gb file from I partition to G partition. it started sending 22mb/sec.

then there after i found it to b reduced to 10/12 mb/sec sometimes extremely low like 3 or 4mb/sec. why is that? how can i keep it constant at 22 or 20 mb/sec transferring rate.

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Dell :: ! XPS M1330 Extremely Slow On Startup
So lately (the last few days, just out of nowhere) I've been starting to have a problem with an XPS m1330. Every now and again the notebook starts Windows

A lot of the times it doesn't go past the welcome screen (after entering the user password etc.)

If it does get past the welcome screen it just is extremely slow for the first 5-7min then, it's normal again .....

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Battery Extremely Low After 1 Year
I have been using an XPS m1530 as my primary laptop and has been always plugged in (less than 10 times completely drained).

Now, after 1 year i just reached 1h30mins with surfing & music streaming at 3 steps below the higher brightness (and at the energy save battery scheme)

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Dell :: M1530 Extremely High Cpu Temps 95+
My cpu core hits the mid 90's when gaming. i undervolted it to 1100v @ 11x and the temps only hit the high 80's/low 90's during gaming but hit the mid nineties in orthos and was still going up.

This is getting me down a bit cus the cpu ramps down during gaming and screws up the fps, and also im outside of the uk so cant get my laptop to dell (there are no dell suppliers where i am)

does anyone have any idea what might be wrong. am i reading the temps correctly? speedfan shows much lower temps (in the 70s) however cpuz, rightmark and hwmonitor all show temps consistent with eachother.

Its a t7500.

there's nothing blocking the outake at the back; i lifted the laptop up during orthos to let air out of the bottom but it didnt make any difference.

I've built a few desktops but i havent really tinkered with this laptop apart from adding more ram.

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Dell :: Replace Faulty Wifi Mini-card In 1501can I Use An Atheros Wifi Card?
Looks like atheros is highly recommended but I'm not sure if I have to be concerned about compatibility (meaning if drivers will be an issue)

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Sony :: AW120j Running Extremely Hot
Not sure why, but my 13 month old laptop has just started running really hot lately. It froze completely the other day while playing Battlefield 2 on it...

here's a screenshot of the temps it's reading coming from 2 different programs...

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Sony :: VGN-FE890 Extremely Hot/overheating
I'm pretty sure this has to be a common problem but so far I haven't been able to dig up substantial information about it, although I've found scattered evidence. Just over the 1 year mark and the 1 year warranty expiration for my Vaio VGN-FE890, it started running dramatically warmer, and when running intensive programs it would get extremely hot.

Specifically, it's the right 2/3's of the laptop that gets the hottest, with it getting hotter the farthest to the right. The laptop was originally very cool during the first year, so the change was easily noticeable when it happened.

I can easily hear the CPU fan going all the time when it's on and warmed up, sometimes louder/faster than others, so I know it's working. I need to do some testing to be sure, but at the moment I'm not certain if it's the graphics chip that's generating the extreme heat, or if it's the processor, but it's certainly one of the two. It's definitely not the battery or the HD. It's always very hot ever since the change, but it definitely gets dramatically hotter when running processor and/or graphics intensive programs, especially 2D and 3D games (too hot too touch the underside of the laptop). Needless to say, I haven't overclocked or touched the graphics (NVidia GeForce Go 7400) chip in any way.

Not looking for random idle guesses about the source of the heat, I can do that myself, but if anybody is familiar with the problem or owns a similar model Vaio suffering from the same issue I'd be anxious to hear about it. I want to determine if this is a known, documented problem with this model and/or this graphics chip.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp L2000 Going Extremely Slow
I have an hp l2005co (lance armstrong edition) that has started to go extremely slow. I tried formatting and even downgrading to xp. The xp installation took 6 yes 6 hours. I ram memtest86 and it found zero errors. I also replaced the hd with a new one and I got the same thing. I got an application that tells me the temperatures and idle they would hover at around 60 degrees celsius. I took the computer apart and took the terrible little cushion off the heatsink and applied some thermal grease and now it idles at around 48 degrees celsius. Even after I did that, it's still running excruciatingly slow. Startup times increased drastically though.

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Dell :: Latitude D620 Extremely Slow When Charging
When I unplug the charger, the laptop returns to normal speed. Does anyone know the reason why this is occurring and if it can be fixed?

Also, I don't think the laptop is actually charging

In the task manager I see the CPU usage at around 20% when its not plugged in, and the moment I plug it in, it goes to 100%, then I unplug it and it instantly goes back to 20%.

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Dell :: XPS 1530Wireless Internet At Home Extremely Slow
I have a Dell XPS 1530 and at school, my computer connects to the wireless internet fine and has normal speed as if it were connected to an ethernet cord, but at home,

it connects but is extremely slow. There are other laptops that connect to the router and they have fast speeds. My computer has vista home premium, 4 gb, intel core 2 duo cpu, t8300 @ 2.40 ghz.

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Acer :: Aspire 5100 Running Extremely Slow
I'm guessing I did this to myself somehow but I can't figure out how to fix it. It originally came with Visa but I downgraded to XP and had been using it without problems for awhile. It started getting a little slow so I recently installed (and soon after uninstalled) a bunch of optimizing / driver updating programs. After playing around with those, my laptop is running super slow... I can't watch videos, the buffer causes it to just show the image while the audio plays... After running Dr. Hardware it looks like my CPU is only running at 800mhz which is a lot slower than it used to.

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Acer :: My Aspire 5520 Laptop Fan Is Extremely Loud
I've had my Acer Aspire 5520 for about 6 months now, and I did not get a warranty with it. Within the last month or so the fan has begun to get really loud. I have ways of quieting it down temporarily, hanging it off the table or propping it up, but even then the fan will burst into loud, annoying noises suddenly and for no apparent reason. It's kinda like a click-click-click noise, like when you put a strip of paper into a house fan (I know we all did this as a kid...) and the blades hit the paper as they go by, making really obnoxious noises...

So anyway, I'm just wondering if this is fixable, or if it isn't where I can find a replacement fan that works for my computer. I'm a software junky, and I don't really know enough about hardware, so when I went on Newegg and Frys websites I was unable to figure out what kind of fans would work for my laptop. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it, as I spend a lot of time in the library at my school and I don't want to disturb everyone else in the whole building. In fact, when ever I shop for laptops, keyboards are one of the first things I look at- if the keyboard is too loud or awkward I will NOT buy that laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Running Extremely Slow After Disassembly
i just disassembled my dv5t to fix an issue i was having with the screen. the screen seems to work fine now however it is running ungodly slow.

in order to get to my screen cables i had to take out the Following:

-hard drive
-WLAN module
-Switch cover & keyboard
-the display bezel

i'm not exactly sure what might be causing this because it was working just fine (except for my screen issue) before the disassembly

also it seems to run a little bit better in safe mode but its still slow

after playing with it for a while its main problem is booting and programs are crashing. it takes about 10 minutes to fully boot and then it runs at a normal speed however programs keep crashing like crazy.

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Dell :: Ubuntu Xps M1530
I would like to try ununtu on my xps m1530. I started ununtu from cd without installation, but i couldn't enjoy it, because after starting the mouse pad goes insane.

How to fix that.

Or ca someone provide me a link to this topic. And there are drivers for video, fi-wi, card reader....for ununtu?

I am not familiar with linux, but it seems interesting this ubuntu

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Dell :: Undervolting Under Ubuntu 9.10?
So I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 64bit on my M1530 and have a dual boot setup with the other OS being the NSA's Windows 7 64bit.

This is my first Linux experience and I am rightfully enjoying it. Thus far I have been able to figure things out OK, but I am a total Linux newbie and dont know of a way to undervolt.

I havent figured out if its possible to run RMClock and I dont know of a Linux alternative.

Most the stuff I find on google is years old and Im thinking there have been better solutions since then .....

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Dell :: Drivers For Ubuntu
where do i get drivers for my xps m1710 laptop? I'm thinking of putting ubuntu on it due to how well it works.

Here's what I need:

a 7950GTX Driver
a sound driver
a broadcom driver

i turned off the other stuff, so I'm not going to be needing drivers for them as of yet. where to get drivers for my m1710,

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Dell :: Mini 9 Ubuntu Webcam
Everytime we connect for a webcam chat, it breaks up and disconnects. Is it because of our internet or is it an issue with the operating system, etc? .

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Dell :: XPS1730 Gets Very Hot On Ubuntu Or Kubuntu 9.04
I wonder if anyone has tried the latest version of Ubuntu or Kubuntu on XPS1730. This laptop works very cool on Windows XP (Core2Extreme, 8700SLI, 4GB RAM).

It is just hard to find what might be the reason/solution .....

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Dell :: Mini 9moving From Ubuntu To XP?
I'm looking at ordering a Mini 9 but am disappointed to see that I can't get the fully loaded model (2gb RAM, 64gb drive) with XP.

If I were to order the Ubuntu model with all the bells and whistles (including Bluetooth and 1.3 webcam),

how hard would it be to install XP on it? I've heard that the webcam on the Linux version is not the same as on the XP version so I'm wondering if there'd be a problem with drivers, etc

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Dell :: Xps 1340 Ubuntu Image?
I cant find it on the dell website, I would love to set up a dual boot set up.

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