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Sony :: FW Where's The Vaio Care To Reinstall

I want reinstall Vaio Care cause mine is closing after open, but I need the Vaio Care to FW 520, where I have to go to download? The site with drivers don't show Vaio Care

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Sony :: Vaio Z720D: Uninstalling VAIO Care, VAIO Update
Trying to get rid of these questionably useful programs -- but I don't see entries for them in add/remove programs in the control panel (or for any of the other useless VAIO software packages that come on OEM machines sans "fresh start")

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Sony :: What Is VAIO CARE
what is VAIO CARE? is it necessary for me to have it or can i uninstall from my notebook?

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Sony :: Battery Care On My Vaio FW490
life of the battery on my new Vaio FW490. The battery on my previous laptop (an IBM Thinkpad circa 2004), was always connected to the laptop, and almost always plugged in. I rarely used the battery. After a couple of years, I noticed that the battery could barely hold a charge for more than 15 minutes.

Is it a good idea to regularly run the laptop off the battery? Is keeping the laptop plugged in for long periods of time OK? What should I do to ensure that my battery lasts.

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Sony :: VAIO TZ: I Reinstall Vista From Partition
Could someone help, when i press f8 at boot, it doesnt have the option to reinstall OS.

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Sony :: New Vaio Care Software Update Out. (
User Interface has changed quite a bit.

It's also now compatible with IE8's rendering engine (previous Vaio Care versions would crash when rendering checkup reports. Boots much faster than it used to and seems to work with Vista a bit better in general, though I've not looked at every feature.

good piece of software to have an allow to run if you haven't before. FYI.

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Sony :: Battery Care On Vaio Z With BIOS Ver. R2165M3
if anybody else's battery care option on Vaio Z is not working anymore after updating the bios to R2165M3 version. Mine will keep charging my battery to 100% even when the battery care is set to 80%.

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Sony :: Which 3rd-party Software Can Replace Vaio Care
do you usually use Vaio Care via ASSIST button? I found that Vaio Care does not have enough feature as other system tools on the market, as well as it runs too slowly so I decide to uninstall it and use a better 3rd party tool.

software that can take care of my notebook?

after uninstalling Vaio Care, the ASSIST button does not run anymore, I'm wondering if I can use it to execute an application.

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Acer :: Can't/won't Say How To Wipe & Reinstall
A few days ago I phoned Acer's local home office in San Jose, CA. I understand Acer customers, like any of the reported support lines, are hard to get thru to. Fortunately I called their home office as they kindly listened to why I was calling (Acer's recovery instructions conflict and can't be followed), eg; the instructions refer to uses of their "recovery media" disk(s) as opposed to either "recovery disk" or "system disk" (which's what those two 'media' disks are labeled and Acer instructions are 'all over the place'; ie; conflicting and uninterpretable).

Of note, apparently calls from Acer's H.O. and are answered by support after "one" ring. Because Acer publishes some 5 sets of how to's for recovering their AOA150 OS's and few to none of those instructions agree with each other, including the instructions that are mailed with the "system" disk, I decided to at least clear up what the differences were between the "recovery" and "system" disks.

After nearly 20 minutes of repeating my name, most all the details I'd already answered, not to mention having reiterated my question something like 5 times (likely their support people have a so called supervisor who loosely listens to the goings on in their 'boiler room' and pretty likely the workers soon realize to keep the super's off their backs, they simply ask for your name and everything again, just to make it look like they're on another call)......................

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Dell :: Can't Seem To Reinstall Xp On 1545
after cleaning a malware trojan horse from my system, I need to reinstall my OS (Win. Xp). After repartitioning and reformating will I have to install all the way back to dos and an earlier version of windows and then upgrade to xp? I have dos disks and win3.1, and upgrades disks for 95, 98 and xp? I have a dell inspiron 1545.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv7 1211tx_Can't Reinstall IDT Sound
I have lost recovery partion. I reinstalled vista. everything is ok, but I can't install IDT, so the system sound is not working properly, some time it didn't work
It always appear an error when I try to install it: ExitError: Error=Device Object not present, restart the system and run set up again when I install IDT sound.

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Sony :: Can't Restore The System, Even With Restoration CD's- Vaio VGN-CR120E, Vista 32-bit
My mother's laptop had some issues, so I decided to completely restore the system. Restoration went through, however when it booted for the first time after restore, it gave me an error message that some file is missing or corrupted. I did second restoration...same problem but different file, tried 3rd time....same problems and different file.

I decided to do restoration without "value added" stuff, it went through, booted fine into windows vista, went through all the vista configurations, booted into Desktop. Desktop was all black, and right away I got the error message, something to do with "hardware shell".
Did hadware test - everything is fine.

Finally, I ordered restoration CDs directly from SONY.
First try using Sony's own CDs - error, file is missing or corrupted.2nd Try - same thing, 3rd try - same thing.

And finally, after multiple tries, it boots into Vista Green Background with small rotating circle (Vista's HourGlass). Nothing happens afterward.

It is Vaio VGN-CR120E, Vista 32-bit

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Sony :: How's The Vaio SR's Fan Activity
So I returned a VAIO Z not too long ago b/c the fan was intolerably noisy due to the fact that it was always blowing.

However, in looking for a new laptop, I just can't seem to find anything similar to a VAIO in terms of looks/portability/battery life

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Dell :: Forced To Reinstall Vista On XPS 1530now Internet Doesn't Work
My XPS 1530 became very slow and everytime I would click on a window I got the round symbal and the screen would go white. After many reboots I saved everything of importance to an external drive and pulled out the Vista original start up disc. So I did that but for some reason only the blue tooth light comes on and the light to the left of it does not.

I click on internet and it says nothing is found. I get confused with add a network - I don't want a network I want to get back on my wireless.

I am typing from my 4 year old HP with XP and I never have these problems and it was dead easy to get onto the internet - just type in the password and I'm on.

I have had 98SE for 8 years and XP for 4 and in 4 months with Vista I can safely say that it does nothing any better than 98SE or XP did and it crashes freezes and bugs the hell out of me far more than the others combined.

Is there anyway I can load my XP start up discs for my HP onto the Dell - honestly I really want to be able to do this. Otherwise I'm going to sell the XPS 1530 - and buy a bloody Apple.

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Sony :: Battery Care (FW11M)
I did a clean install a while back, I don't have recovery CD's

I want to use the battery care function, so I installed the utility, but all the options are greyed out. I tried installing the Sony shared library and the utility dll, but still nothing.

Can anyone tell me how to get it working or if it's even possible, or if there is some other way I can stop the battery charging when it reaches a certain level.

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Sony :: New Z: Can I Mirror Just C Partition For Reinstall
Still setting up my new Z. I had to do a full recovery to get out of a bad software.

Due to some esoteric software, installing all my software on my C drive takes about 30 hours. (Much of it unattended but still, a huge effort.)

I am going to partition off the C drive for programs after the install. The D drive will be for my data.

I have a 1 Tb portable external drive.

Once I set up the C drive to exactly how I need it to be, I would like to somehow mirror that C partition onto the portable hard drive. Then if my C drive corrupts after use, I can just remirror it from the image on the portable drive quickly for a 'fresh install' performance.

But since the portable drive is 1 Tb, i still want to use the excess space to write other data without ruining the C drive's image.

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Sony :: Battery Care Lost After Win7
I have searched for a full solution to this but there seems to be none at the moment.

Anyway, i have a sort of quick half-solution that i can share if your battery is stuck at below 100% and can live without the battery care program.

Apparently the setting is saved in the battery memory, if you want to change the battery charge setting, stick it in another Vaio that has the battery care program working

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Sony :: Battery Care Function On TZ1xx
I recently bought a used TZ190N/B (32 GB SSD, US model) and I finished the basic clean install and I'm trying to install the programs/drivers that I need.

Does the Battery Care function/feature come standard with the US versions of the TZ1xx series? It is not available for download on the sony esupport site and is not listed in the programs list on my self-made recovery discs. The only thing remotely similar is "Battery Checker" in Notebook Utilites package, but that only verifies if the battery being used is a genuine Sony battery.

I ran a search and found that Battery Care can be downloaded from the link in post #4 of this thread: for the people who want battery care function after a clean installation
But I figured that if the feature isn't offered on Recovery discs or the sony essuport site, then maybe it isn't meant to run on my specific TZ... Will it work on mine?

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Sony :: FW: Missing Battery Care Function
I have a Sony FW285 with a clean install of Vista Ultimate done about 4 months ago.

I recently noticed that when I start up Vaio Control Center, Sony Battery Care and Power Management doesn't show up anymore. This is really bugging me since I have my battery set on 50% charge so I need a power outlet everywhere I go.

I've tried reinstalling Battery Care, Power Management and Vaio Control Center but like mentioned, Battery Care just refuses to show up in Vaio Control Center

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Sony :: Vaio TT's Sibling
This is nice.

width="480" height="295">

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Sony :: How To I Reinstall Vista To New Hard Drive
how to i reinstall vista to new hard drive?

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Sony :: Power Mangement And Battery Care Functions Are Gone
The vaio power management and battery care icons are gone from Vaio control center. I have already desinstalled and re-installed Vaio ctrl ctr as well as pwr manag and all stays the same.

I had the battery care activated and now it does not charge over 80%.

Do you know how can I solve this without having to use the system full restore which is a real burden.

Is there a way to activate the power management, specifically the battery care function by any other means (eg: command line).

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Sony :: How To Set Battery Care- VGN-NS190D
I have sony VGN-NS190D. how do i set my laptop to charge up to 80% and stop charging the battery after it reaches 80% limit?

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Sony :: Battery Care Function On 64bit Vista
VGM-CR13 got Battery Care Function in its preinstalled vista. and the battery care function can limit the charge level of battery in 50% or 80%, but its 32bit version, can not be used in 64bit vista. though it can be installed, but the choice is gray, not accessible yet.

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Sony :: VGN-CR590e-Battery Care Function
I have a VGN-CR590e, I recently upgraded to Windows 7 home premium 64 Bit (windows upgrade advisor said my laptop could support it), after some intial troubles with the drivers for camera and sd card slots (which now work), the battery wont charge beyond 50%, before the windows 7 upgrade I had the battery care function enabled to super care mode (50% charge), however with the OS upgrade the battery care function has disappeared and I cannot change the amount of charge for the battery,

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Sony :: Can't Install Windows On My New Vaio SR
I just got my new Sony Vaio SR. I'm going to burn the recovery discs, and then wipe the entire hard drive clean and get rid of all the partitions and install Windows 2000 and Windows XP. But neither Win2k nor WinXP setup will run for some reason

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Sony :: VAIO AW Screen's Buzzing!
I have Sony VAIO VGN-AW360J.
About two weeks ago I noticed something weird with the brightness regulation of the display. When I tried to change the brightness

(always set up to the maximum) to a lower degree using the keys (Fn – F5) a high pitch noise can be heart coming from the screen (to be more exact -

from the lid of the laptop, below the VAIO logo), and it is very noticeable in a quieter environment. Continuing lowering the degrees of brightness would cause higher or less noise. The nosier setting is at 90% of brightness

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Sony :: VAIO- Can't Install Drivers
My problem is that I bought a VAIO laptop (VGN-FW31M) and it came with windows vista. So I formated it and installed Windows XP PRO SP·3.

(I had the common SATA driver problem but I managed to solve it).

The problem comes when I try to install any driver, even the CHIPSET driver.
I get a message saying:

"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software. Setup will exit"

I got all the drivers from the sony official site.

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Sony :: How's The Fan Of Vaio Z 13"
how loud the fan is (eg in VPC-Z116GX, Core i5), when the computer is idle, or just browsing, using word, etc ? Is it audible at all times ?

I currently own a Sony Vaio VGN-SR29VN (13", P8600), the fan is always working in similar conditions, even at low levels, which i find disturbing.

I'd hope the VPC-Z116GX is quieter...

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Sony :: Reinstall Applications After Windows 7 Clean Install
I am reading the various threads about how to go about performing a Windows 7 clean install.

I see and understand the requirements to load the Sony 'platform' drivers to get the various custom hardware working.

but what about reinstalling the original applications? Particularly some of the custom VAIO apps .....

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Sony :: Partition- Reinstall The Recovery On It In The Future- SZ 750 NC
SZ 750 NC.
I wanna create some partition on it ... how can i do that as when i wanna reinstall the recovery on it in the future , the created drives I've made don't change in default factory form ? can I use this software : paragon hard disk manager 2008, if i use this software , will the partition be remained on my laptop when i use recovery DVD ?

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Sony :: New VAIO FW, Can't Write Blank DVD+R
I've been a lurker for a while now and I just received my new VGN-FW390 today. I tried to create the recovery discs and the drive will simply not recognize any DVD+Rs. I've tried the built in Windows DVD Maker and Click to Disc.

I just got the computer today and I'm trying to get a clean version of Vista installed so I can get rid of these apps and install my own but I can't even get the recovery discs created.

The drive I have is the Pioneer BD-RW BDR-TD01 .....

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Sony :: Vaio FZ LCD Can't Change Brightness
I've done a search and couldn't find anything relevant.

My FZ of 28 months old has suddenly started making a faint buzzing noise from the screen.

At first I thought it was the fan, but I realized it's the LCD. I can't change the brightness for some reason using Windows 7 but it's on Max Bright. I've seen some threads of people having this problem on lowered brightness levels but this is happening on full.

When I shut the lid, the buzzing stops. It can be heard if I stand behind the laptop or place my ear beside either rear corner of the laptop.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Series Won't Take Windows 7
I have a Sony Vaio Z790J. I recently tried to install Windows 7 x64 (from msdn) onto my Vaio. It always gets through the install but the second time it reboots (when it tries to start the services, etc) I go straight to a BSOD.

I tried changing ACHI, RAID, IDE, none of those make a difference. Has anyone seen this? Of course I blasted my backup partition too so I can't restore Vista x64. Nice move on my behalf

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Sony :: Vaio Z Keyboard Doesn't Work
after i disassemble my vaio z the enter key and the delete key doesn't work, however rest of the keys work.

I even order a brand new keyboard from sony still have the same problem. Can any one please help me thanks.

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Sony :: Can't Install Vaio Event Service
Has anyone installed the newest VAIO Event Service from the following link [url]

I tried it and I got an error message that said "Previous Vaio Event Service is not intalled. Upgrade will be cancelled." I already have previous Vaio Event Service from previous installation.

The software should work with any VAIO Notebooks, not just FW. If anyone could try it I really appreciate it and please mention which VAIO Model you have.

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Sony :: VAIO Z: Can't Detect VGA Cable
I am connecting to a Samsung 32" LCD TV and it connects fine with my Toshiba, Alienware but with my VAIO Z, nothing happens only check signal cable is display (even though the VAIO Z identifies the second display as Samsung). When I restart the PC I saw the image transmitted. When it is fully restated they separate again as if it is not connected.

This occures with both graphics cards the Z has. I am running VISTA business. Is there something I am doing wrong. I do not have an HDMI cable now. Only the VGA. It this a faulty graphica card (both of them?) Both graphics cards work fine with no problem though or is it the port or the software?

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Sony :: After Servic, Unable To Reinstall System With Recovery Discs
A few days ago sony replaced mobo in my BZ model, because there was a problem with onboard GPU chip.

Now I am unable to do a system recovery with my discs that were made from the same laptop before sending it to repair. I also noticed BIOS was upgraded, but I doubt this is the case.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-NR 11S /S Won't Turn On
I have had this Vaio notebook for over a year now and this morning I went to open the lid and turn the laptop on and there were no lights or any response.

I took out the battery and put it back in to see if the connectors were loose but the problem remains.

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Sony :: Vaio Just Shut Off... Won't Turn Back On
I was just sitting there browsing the internet and the damn thing just shut off and now it won't turn back on. The battery was totally charged... so does that just mean it's fried or what? It's a year and a half old so .

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Sony :: Vaio SRcan't Create Recovery Discs
One of my users has a Vaio SR and is trying to create recovery discs (DVDs) using Sony's tool. Sony's application fails at 24% every time with the following error:

"The disc could not be created.: Missing source folder or files."

It's running Vista and is pretty new, although they repartitioned the drive recently have installed a lot of additional software and may have uninstalled some Sony software. I'm thinking these could be the cause.

If not, any recommendations for third party software that provide similar functionality (full system backup images to disc)?

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Sony :: Is It Common For Vaio's To Have Delicate Power Sockets
I recently sent my Sony Vaio FW in repair, the hinge was squeaky and on the verge of popping off.

They took it in and repaired it under warranty, but there is still a little play in the cylindrical shaped housing of the power socket.

Is this normal? do all vaios carry this vunerability?

I keep my vaio on my desk and avoid putting any stress on the housing of the power socket.. the power button housing on the other side of the machine feels rock solid.

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Sony :: Can't Adjust Brightness In Win7 X64 On Vaio CS
I just installed Win7, sticking as much as possible to this method:
VAIO FW Clean Windows 7 Install Guide

everything's working, all FN keys, volume multimedia zoom LCD out,
all but brightness.

problem is, using the FN keys, the brightness dialog is showing, but I can't increase or decrease it. brightness does not show up on power managment nor on mobilty center. the power plans from vaio ("VAIO optimized") are showing, but still if I pull the plug screen stays on maximum brightness...

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-nr2853 Won't Boot
Working on my daughter's Sony. A couple months ago the CD/DVD drive stopped working,probably due to physical damage or bumping while open etc.

Now a couple of days ago when trying to start a screen came up about winload.exe, an unexpected i/o error--OXC0000e9 etc. Tried the option to boot into safe mode but nothing happened,computer just shut down after a while.

Today I tried the Vaio recovery disc using an external DVD usb drive,(I enabled the boot option in the bios). It says "loading Windows files" for about 5 seconds then goes to a small Microsoft logo for a few minutes and then shuts down.

I have Acronis True Image installed on another computer so I tried the emergency boot disc I had made. It brings up the Acronis program,reading it from the CD I guess. I tried the Startup recovery manager option but an error window came up "no hard disc recognized"

Now when trying to load normally without the DVD hooked up it says "Error loading operating system"

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z690 Recovery DVD's
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-Z690 with windows vista home premium 64-bits. I created the recovery DVD's and delete the recovery partition after that. Today I needed to format my HD and reinstall everything, and find out that my Recovery DVD's are nor working... well, not all them, just the second one (I copy the DVD's do my HD, and there is an error when I try to copy the archive "p27.sny" in the second DVD... it was bad recorded or something, because the DVD are not scratched...). Can anyone have a similar recovery DVD from sony Z series with this archive?

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Sony :: Windows7's NVidia Driver For Vaio VGN-FE31M
i have managed to install Windows7 in my 3years old Vaio VGN-FE31M laptop. so i just need the nvidia graphics card driver now. i have tried the latest one from nvidia website, but its not compatible. my nvidia is Nvidia Geforcego 7600.

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Sony :: Do You Enjoy Using The Vaio Z's Screen For Illustrator Or Photoshop Work
How many of you enjoy using the 13.1" (1600x900) screen on the Vaio Z for Illustrator or Photoshop? Do you all plug it into larger monitors before using any of these or other Adobe Creative Suite applications? I do a lot of complex Illustrator work that requires attention to detail, but also some light Photoshop work. Other than that, my use of the laptop would be limited to MS Office, Firefox, and iTunes.

Further, would you prefer a 14.1" (1440x900) screen for Adobe CS work, without an external monitor? Does the extra inch and lower resolution make much of a difference?

At this point, this is the only thing keeping me from hitting the order button on either a somewhat expensive, yet powerful Z (plus an extra monitor, mouse, and keyboard), or a relatively cheaper, albeit less powerful Lenovo T400S (without an extra monitor or other accessories).

(The T400S's beautifully thin (0.83") profile is also rather attractive in comparison to the Z's bulkiness.)

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Sony :: VAIO SZ5- Can't Switch Between Stamina/speed Mode
I have a VAIO VGN-SZ55GN but I found out that I can't switch between speed/stamina mode.

I had had the intel graphic driver installed automatically after I'd installed a new OS onto the laptop but I can't get the nVidia driver to work.

I tried shutting down the laptop, moved the switch to speed and turned on the laptop again but I still can't get the laptop started up w/ nVidia graphic card.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Series Manufacturer's Battery Life Claims Mystery
I've had eye on Z Series for couple days, but there exists a mystery I couldn't figure it out.

I've searched this forum and the net, still no answers.

On the sony's official USA website (

Sony claims VGN-Z790 CTO has upto 7.5 hours of standard battery life.

However, other preconfigured Z Series laptop such as VGN-Z790DND, VGN-Z798Y/X, VGN-790DLX, VGN-790DKX, VGN-Z790DMR, and/or VGN-720D/B has upto 6 hours of standard battery life. It's mystery I was unable to figure out.

what's difference between Z790 and Z720? (I mean fundamental differences like circuitry design or expansion limitations such as maximum ram support and so. Couldn't figure this out... probably one of those model number decryption wizard would know it.)

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Sony :: Mylaptop Doesn't Display Fullscreen- Vaio - VGN-NR180E
I have a Sony Vaio - VGN-NR180E and its 1024 by 768 pixels. For some reason when i was uninstalling program it changed my laptop screen and now I can't make it stretch or move the LCD screen. Its just in the middle and it has like black margin all around it. how can i make my laptop to be a fullscreen again? Please help me. During the time i was uninstalling programs I don't know what uninstall but it did show or said something with driver and said to restart your computer and I did and when the window pops up there were black margins around my window and my mouse can only stay inside my window.

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