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Sony :: Vaio VGN-SZ58GN Too Slow

i had this notebook from quite a while which i bought from ebay.

The configuration is as follows:-

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ58GN
Intel core 2 duo T7700, 2.4ghz Ram= 2gb, Windows Vista Business and 160 gb hard drive.

Before it use to run pretty good but now the notebook is driving me nuts as it gets very slow and lags after running for a while. I had the latest version of avg installed into it and it does not have any viruses or spywares. I have never opened any website which suspects me, all i use it for checking my yahoo email and listening to music or movies.

Sometimes it works pretty good but after a while all of a sudden it starts lagging on me and gets so slow that i have to restart it. Takes a long time to boot as well and at times after restarting the problem remains the same. I don't play any high graphic games or any kinda games on it, just surf internet and with such a high configuration its running as a old pentium 1.

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Sony :: Vaio P Slow
I love the Vaio P, but on every page I read that the Vaio P is slow. But what does everbody mean by slow and compared to what?

I have a Compaq Pressario
1.6ghz Intel Celeron
520 CPU
1024mb memory
256 shared intel graphic card (mobile intel 945 express chipset family)

It is running Windows Vista home basic.

So my question is; will the vaio P run slower than my compaq model? And in what? opening programms, etc.?

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Sony :: Win 7 On Vaio Z21MN/B SLOW
I'm using Windows 7 on my Sony Vaio Z21MN/B and it is slow. Whenever I'm doing two things at a time, it is lagging. When I move windows, its often slow and you have to stop working for a second or so. I am wondering whether the graphic drivers could be the reason for this.

I'm currently using the graphic drivers version which is the current driver on the sony homepage.

I'm wondering whether there are newer drivers and where I could get them from?

what I can do? I have the 32 Bit version.

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Sony :: Vaio ZWindows Media Player Slow
When I open an audio file with Windows Media Player, it takes about 3 seconds before it plays. The same thing happens whenever I jump to a different part of the track. It has been like this since I first got it.

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Sony :: Vaio Z: USB Flash Drive Not Mounting Or Very Slow Mounting After Sleep
I am having this problem with my USB flash drive (USB HDD powered from the USB itself seems to work fine). My flash drives are not operational after waking up from sleep in Vista. After a minute or so, it finally goes through, and it starts working. But right after sleep, for what seems to be an insanely long time, it doesn't respond at all. If I reconnect the flash drive, it starts working instantly.

Anybody have this problem with your Z and Vista?

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Sony :: Windows 7 Is Slow
Updated to windows 7 on my FW and it's definitely slower at booting up than vista. Vista was probably under 50 seconds and

it was fully usable after these 50 seconds. Now, in windows 7 it takes over 2 minutes for it to be fully usable.

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Sony :: New Nw Slow Wireless
I just got a new VGN-NW230 and the wireless seems very slow and has had problems connecting at times. The laptop has an Atheros AR9285 (it's N and the specs say it's 150 Mbps capable) and my router is a Netgear WNDR3700. I've updated the drivers on the Atheros and the router firmware is up-to-date.

The card only reports connecting at 65 Mbps. I have another laptop with an Intel 5100 card and it connects anywhere between 150-300 Mbps. For a "real world" test, I compared the speeds on The Atheros (Sony) is getting at most 1.5 Mbps down, while the laptop with the Intel 5100 gets 17 Mbps down

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Sony :: Slow Rip Speed
When I try to rip a CD, I'm getting some very slow rip speeds. Here's what I'm using:

Windows 7
Winamp Pro 5.571 & Windows Media Player 12
Sony Vaio Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P7450 (2.13GHz)with Intel® Centrino® processor with Blu-ray Disc(which seems to be a Pioneer BD?), 4GB RAM.
Lame version seems to be 3.98

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Sony :: Slow TZ From Today
Well, this morning working in the TZ wasn't at all the same..even the most simple task like opening the control panel it makes for ever...Is very strange, just from today! It doesn't even open some things as disk defragmenter, is incredibly slow, what can I do?

I checked the task manager, the processes are 64 but the strange is that the CPU Usage is stuck to 100%..

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Sony :: DVD Writer Slow On My CW
I own the VPCCW27FX from Best Buy. Last night, after burning a DVD, I experienced the blue screen of death. I noticed that my DVD writer only burns at 2.4x speed. I called Sony Customer Support and they could not provide me the with the optical speed of my drive and could not help me increase my burning speed. To the other people who own this computer or a similar model, what is your drive speed? Is there something wrong with my computer? It takes me 23 minutes to burn a DVD, a lot slower than my old Toshiba laptop.

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Sony :: Z And Slow Nvidia Card
When I am working in speed more for a while, when I try drag around windows i get this really annoying lag.

The window will kind of sputter as I drag it... but if i do it a few times then the dragging gets smooth again. Its as if the nvidia chip needs to wake up and run fast or something. It feels like garbage

but I dont get this ins stamina mode

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Sony :: Slow Graphics On Z117
I'm the proud (?) owner of a new Sony Z117 bought in Australia. Not sure if it's the same specs as elsewhere in the world so: i7 M620, 2.67Ghz, 8GBram, GeForce GT 330M, 250GB SSD, 1080 HD screen.

My main question is why is this machine so slow at playing 3D games? Not that I have much time for games these days, but when you buy the most expensive laptop on the market you expect to be able to play a game on FULL 3D settings!

I have Just Cause 2 running on my HP DV7-2111x running very smoothly - admittedly not on high 3d settings and at 1600x900 resolution.

But the Sony z117 with an i7 only manages 15FPS on medium settings. On full settings it runs about 10FPS - using the inbuilt benchmark.

I've done a bit of research and found that the graphics card is really second rate in this machine. But then I looked into it further and found that the sony ships with very old drivers, with NVIDIA offering much improved drivers (with countless performance improvements and bug fixes), BUT NOT TO SONY USERS.

Sony it seems does not want us using the newest drivers from NVIDIA, but do not offer their own update.

Anyway, after hours more research I realised that with some modification of the .inf file on the driver you can use the NVIDIA drivers. This improved the benchmark FPS to about 20 on medium settings.

I have seen on several forums people averaging 30-60 FPS on JC2. Are their graphics cards really that much better than the Sony's?

I really don't see the point of an i7 with 1080 screen if you're going to team it up with an average video card!? What is i7 for if not for intensive graphical applications?

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Sony :: Vaio Z720D: Uninstalling VAIO Care, VAIO Update
Trying to get rid of these questionably useful programs -- but I don't see entries for them in add/remove programs in the control panel (or for any of the other useless VAIO software packages that come on OEM machines sans "fresh start")

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Sony :: Guide To Disassembling A VAIO VAIO VGN-SZ75 GN?
Does anyone have a link to a website or PDF describing how to properly open and disassemble a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN?

I have a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN, bought about 8 months ago, and now I want to exchange the built-in hard-disc with a solid-state disc.

I need some guide with illustrations/pictures, how to reach the disc

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Sony :: VAIO- If A VAIO Had No Ram Should (if All Else Was Working) It Be Getting POST Beeps
I have just been given a VAIO PCG8A2M (GRX316MP) , i was told "it's broken but if you can fix it yo can have it" so having a quick look at it there's no sign of life on the display but the lights come on and i can here the HDD heads moving about.

Looking a little more i found that all the ram is missing , so now im not sure if its worth buying some ram to see if it works or not ? The lack of ram would prob explain the lack of display but i wonder if i should be getting POST beeps at least, which im not.

So my question is if a VAIO had no ram should (if all else was working) it be getting POST beeps ?

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Sony :: Vaio Z XP DowngradeWant Vaio Silver Theme I Had Ony My SZ
Just performed a successful XP downgrade on my Vaio Z520, but have noticed that on this copy of the Vaio Silver Desktop Theme/Appearance doesn't exist.

I had it on my SZ and loved it over the XP Blue. Is there a way to get it back? I still have the restore discs from the SZ.

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Sony :: VAIO TZ295N Vs VAIO TZ395N
I don't know whats the diference (besides the price), between VAIO TZ295N & VAIO TZ395N. Specs in all the websites I've checked say they have exactly the same components: Intel coreduo 1.33Ghz 2GB RAM DVD-RW and 64GB SSD Hardrive. I was wonder if the diference might be in the hard drive interface, with the TZ295N being PATA and TZ395N being SATA.

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Sony :: (Old) VAIO Z BD Drive Fit In (New) VAIO Z Series
I'm wondering if the Blu-ray optical drive (Panasonic UJ-232A) of the (old) VAIO Z series will be able to fit into the (new) VAIO Z series? I would really appreciate it if anyone is able to answer my question.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm seriously thinking of selling my VAIO Z690 & just buying the base Sony VAIO Z (VPCZ112GX/S). I may just be able to afford that base model & the icing on the cake will definitely be the UJ-232A drive being able to fit into the (new) VAIO Z series & work.

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Sony :: Vaio CW Or Vaio E Series
Am planning to get a sony laptop for me. The design simply rocks I am getting mixed reviews about cw and E series. But i made up my mind to get one.

My budget is aroung 40000rupees. Thats around 800$. So suggest me a better one between these two for occasional moderate and less(mosltly) demanding games. I dont care whether its 14 or 15 inch.

Am looking at lower end versions of both the models.

Only difference is CW uses Nvidia Geforce 310 and the E series uses some Radeon 5000 series one. CW has 14 inch screen whereas E series has a 15.5 inch screen. In the models which i am looking at both have matte finish and both has WXGA:1366 x 768 VAIO Display.

which one should i go for. whether the screen quality will be on par to Inspiron one atleast? ( I dont need HD).

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Sony :: Vaio F11 Or Vaio E Series
im planning on using the laptop for videos, photoshop and a bit of gaming, maybe even a bit more gaming :-)

The Vaio F Series only has 330M Nvidia Graphics Card with i7QM and up to 8GB of Ram and up to 256GB SSD.

The E Series has ATI 5650 (a less powerful version, reduced clock speed) combined with a i5 520M with up to 6Gb of Ram and up to 500GB of HDD ? Why can i not choose SSD ?

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Sony :: Vaio TT AC Adapter On Vaio Z
if I can use the AC Adapter of a Vaio TT on the Vaio Z. The standard AC Adapter that comes with the Vaio Z is of 19.5V and the one for the Vaio TT is of 16V, which I don't know if it's enough for the Vaio Z to function properly or if there could be any problem or damage. Both machines have batteries of 10,8V.

I have an undervolted Vaio Z by the way (last multiplier at 0.9875) so I don't know if this could help in any way for my Z to work ok with the TT AC Adapter.

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Dell :: : Old Slow SSD's Or New SSD's
when I wanted to buy a dell with a ssd drive my friend warned me and said that the old ssd's actually become slower than normal hard drives once they've been fully written.

So, my question is: does dell give the old ssd's or the new ones? They do seem rather cheap...

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Dell :: Xps 16 Really Really Slow
why is my brand new xps 16 slow as hell ? It is slower than my four year old pentium desktop.

i scanned and there are no viruses, spyware, etc.

-opening programs take forever

-i cant listen to music while browsing the internet or the songs will skip every 2 seconds

-web videos skip and are basically unwatchable

-as i am typing this, no letters are coming up...i have to wait about a minute for the text to load to see if i misspelled anything.

-i hear a clicking sound from the hdd every so often

-i have the basic windows theme(no aero)

-startup programs have been cut down to just the basics

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Dell :: Very Slow WI-FI Connection
I have an XPS M1710, 2GHz and 2Gb RAM, XP SP3 (although was SP2 when this happened).

About 4 months ago, my WI-FI internet connection became very slow - I mean slower than dial-up, on 10Mb/sec broadband connections. It takes 30 secs to bring back a Google search for goodness sake! It had been working fine for 18 months, and it just suddenly ground to a virtual halt, and has been such ever since.

I've tried it in several different offices and homes where it was previously fine, and it's the same everywhere. The LAN connection still works fine..

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Dell :: Internet Slow
I've got an e6400 and the internet is PAINFULLY slow. This started a little while ago on any WiFi network I use. I changed the drivers and recently upgraded to 7 so I have no clue what it is. Downloading a driver from Dell was downloading at 3.7 kb/sec. It is insane. A computer right next to me is fine.

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Dell :: Studio 15 Slow
i just recived my dell studio 15 and noticed when i log in it takes a long time, in msconfig startup i have only the dell dock, audio and video.

when i put my password it says welcome for about 1 minute and takes another 3 minutes until everything is smooth.

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit Slow
Does anyone else notice windows 7 64 bit being really slow?

I can't even listen to music and go on the internet at the same time or my 1640 will slow down so much that i have to reboot. The CPU is at 100% nearly all the time no matter what.

I think I got a bad one of the bunch. I already had to replace the power cord and the hdd.

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Dell :: Should Me E6500 Be This Slow
The E6500 I'm using has the P9500 (2.53 ghz, 6mb cache), Nvidia 160M, 2gb RAM, and 80gb 7200RPM HD. When I try to play a 1080P trailer from Apple's site, the thing doesn't seem like it can handle it. It's not smooth at all. I let it DL all the way too, so it's not a buffering issue or anything.

I was planning to use this on a 1920x1200 display, but if it can't even play the 1080p trailer properly...

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Dell :: Very Slow Latitude XT SSD
I have a Dual core 1.2Ghz, 3GB ram (Crucial) Dell Latitude XT with a 32gb SSD, I've been having problems with it since January,

it stalls, you can't even switch between tabs in Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla, Scrolling was very slow and glitchy. I stopped using it because

I was tired of Dell's useless CS i.e spending an hour on chat without any useful info, they replaced the HDD with a refurbished sandisk 5000 that was slightly better than the original but still too slow to use.

A couple of month ago, I asked them to send a regular hdd so I can see the difference, they sent me a refurbished 80GB that worked a lot better than the other two but started clicking a week or two afterward.

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Acer :: Aspire One Is So Very Very Slow
Last week I bought a small Aspire One 1.6 Ghtz Wind. XP with 1 gig ram and it is the slowest laptop I have ever owned.

I boot up and get on line, and then I have a 30 - 40 sec wait every single time I try to change screens.

The problem is not booting up, or even getting on line, but it takes too long to get from screen to screen once I am on line.

Before I throw this away, as I can not return it, please, what do I do with this $300 doorstop?

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Acer :: HDD Slow In AHCI
i did a test in HDtune and i found something strange :

ide mode : burst speed - 120mb/s
cpu usage : 6,7 %

AHCI mode : burst speed - 68mb/s
cpu usage : 21% ( no mistake )

is this normal ? Hard disk is WD scorpio black 320gb

in HDtune i see that my hdd is set to ide - 100mb/s instead of sata

also when i connect a usb device ( after 3 connects especially) i get a BSOD and the error 0x0000008E .

I never got this error before and it all started 1 month ago, out of the blue.

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HP/Compaq :: Slow Charging HDX 16
I recently got my HDX 16, however since a few days ago it has been charging extremely slowly. Ie. If I plug in in the early afternoon, it will take until night time for it to finally reach 100%.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6125se Slow USB 2.0
I just bought a Sandisk 8GB USB 2.0 memory stick. I'm transfering 4.7 GB worth of music and its taking 25 minutes? There is no way USB 2.0 is that slow, should take close to 2 minutes.

I checked system settings and all drivers seem installed correctly.

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HP/Compaq :: Why Is My Dv6529em So Slow
it has 1 gig of ram and has a amd turion x2 tl-53 proc, yet it is so slow, i have another laptop which is a hp 6720s with an intel celeron 530 1.73ghz single core and that is miles faster than this dv? also has 1 gig of ram both running windows 7 beta. little update, when i first turn the laptop on and wait for everything to load up i then click firefox and this takes 28 seconds to open up, surely there is something wrong here, aquamark3 shows around 2000 for the amd cpu and around 7000 for the celeron.

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Apple :: Slow Mac OS X Shutdown
My MacBook Pro used to shutdown in about 6 seconds. Now it takes over 40. I've added and removed a lot of software over time and am wondering if there are shutdown procedures being run where the software doesn't exist (resulting in a long search for shutdown programs that ultimately fail). Could someone tell me the filename and directory of the file that calls other scripts to shutdown? I'd like to take a look at this file to see if there's stuff in it that shouldn't be there. Alternative a shutdown log (if such a thing exists)

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Apple :: Programs Run Slow Even Wit More Ram
I just installed another gig of ram and it still runs as it did when i still had one gig what should i do?

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Dell :: SXPS 16- Slow Browsing
I have a Studio XPS M1640 and I'm experiencing extremely slow internet browsing with firefox and ie. My SXPS has the Intel 5300 card, which I've read has problems such as dropouts and slow speeds. I'm also running Vista 64-bit, which I'm assuming could also be part of the problem. Web pages take way too long to load, but my download and upload speeds are the same as they would be if I plugged directly into my router. Has anyone else experienced slow browsing with their SXPS 16? I'd love it if someone could give me a solution to this.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1720 Slow
i just bought a new dell laptop 1720, dual core T5250, 2gb memory, and nvida geforce 8600 gs, and im trying to play some source but its really laggy, i dont know if its my internet or what but im getting about an average of 50 fps, and my internt coneection i ested is download speed at 4922kbps, and upload speed at 489kbps.

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Dell :: Slow Bios Boot
i currently have the a12 bios and when i turn on my 1530, it takes at least 30-40 seconds for the bar to load up.

It stops 80% of the way and then freezes then the dvd drive makes a noise and loads up. Like i dont know why it is slow to startup. What factors are causing this? Computer works fine.

its just the Startup dell bios screen that takes forever. I tried to go back with the A08 and A09 but all it did was make slower.

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Dell :: 780 Processor Running Slow
Today, after I started up my 9300, I noticed that things were running very slow, and my CPU temp was low, too. I8kfan is showing the processor running at exactly 800Mhz. It's a 780, 2.26 Ghz processor

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Dell :: My Webcam Reacts Very Slow
It seems my webcam react very slow. i think it's all r the same in all dell system. one of my friend bought a very lousy laptop today. even his built in camera is acting very fast and very clear as well. is there any1 who r concerned abt it as well

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Dell :: Slow USB Transfer Rate
I'm using a Studio 1535 here and I have a 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB thumbdrive. I noticed that the write speed of my thumbdrive is slow when I copy files from my laptop to the thumbdrive. However, the write speed of my desktop is very fast.

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Dell :: 1720 Slow USB Copy
I have already searched and followed any possible solutions I have found but I still only get about 4-5mbps either copying files onto a USB OR copying onto an SD card.

Before I enabled advanced performance in Disk policies I was only getting about 500kb/sec after that I get 4-5MB/sec

but I'm still not happy with that. My friends inspiron 15 copied the same files at 12MB/sec onto the same SD CARD!!!! I know I should atleast be getting 10.

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Acer :: Netbook Slow When On Battery
I have two Acer netbooks and they both run much slower when running on battery, particularly when browsing the internet. I've changed the power settings to "Always On" and "Home/Office" and it helps, but it's still not as good as when plugged in. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I can do? Also, does "Always On" or "Home/Office" provide faster performance when on battery power?

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Acer :: Aspire One Slow On Battery ...
My netbook runs very slow when on battery power. I've tried every power option and while "Home/Office" seems to work the best (even better than "Always On"), it still runs slower than when plugged in. I'd like to get the same performance on battery that I get when plugged in, even though I understand I may have to sacrifice battery life. Is there a way to do this, or at least to improve battery performance?

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Acer :: Aspire 6530G Slow
I bought an aspire 6530G about a month ago (Turion x-2 rm-72 2.1ghz, 4gb ram, 320gb hdd, Mobility radeon 3650, running vista 32 bit). Its currently running extremely slow and struggles to perform basic tasks my older lower spec xp laptop had no problems with, such as playing music from my external hdd. Startup seems to take an age also.

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Acer :: 6935G - Slow Keyboard
I have an annoying problem with my keyboard. If I try to type normally fast some letters wont make it to the screen. Its very annoying in the long run. Sometimes it makes me wanna smash it in pieces.

If I punch the keys accurate one by one its no problem, but its a little slow. Can I fix this with software?

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Acer :: Slow 532h Netbook
My mom has an Acer 532h 450N netbook and she complains that its slow. I go and take a look at it, disabled most of the junk that came pre-loaded with window 7 starter and installed the latest bios. CPU at 100% for youtube 360p, can't even smoothly scroll through PDFs. I restart it in safe mode which runs at 20 processes and cpu usage is constanly at 35-40% during idle state. I myself never owned an atom based netbook, are they this slow?

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Acer :: 5536 SLOW Start Up
I just recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5536-5883 with Vista. The problem is that it srtarts up kinda slowly. Could this be due to the endless amount of unneeded programs? If so, what can I safely remove?

Also, HOW do I remove items from just the start up? I seem to have forgotten.

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Acer :: Computer Works So Slow
i found my notebook-ACER is attacked by the virus. and i killed these virus by 360 anti-virus software, but there is in vain. my computer works so slow, i'm worry about it.
these anti-virus softwares are inavailable to my computer. what should i do?

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