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Sony :: Vaio Z Bios + 8gb Ram

Any of you with a successful 8GB RAM upgrade?

If so please state BIOS version and which generation Z are you sporting?

I have a 1st Gen Z with Win7 and BIOS R2170M3; is that upgradable to 8GB?

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Sony :: Vaio Z VGN-591U W/ 8GB RAM
I have bios R2169M3.

Before someone asks, I was sick of dual booting and bought a VMWare Workstation license to accommodate personal and work need. 4GB works but I believe I would get more speed (and less disk access) by increasing memory capacity.

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Dell :: M1530 Bios & 6/8gb Ram?
I just stumbled onto this site and I've been reading posts for hours. I wish I would have found it sooner! I have a M1530, with 3gb ram running Win7 32bit.

So, from what I gather reading that the XPS M1530 will support either 6 or 8 gb of ram, but only with certain Bios versions?

And those would be either A11 or A13, both of which I can't find anywhere. It sounds like Dell removed these from their site so that we wouldn't have this capability.

If this is the only way this is possible, is there someone out there that has a copy of this file? Or is there another way? I currently have A12 installed.!

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Sony :: Z21XN/B And 8GB RAM
If anyone check whether the Z21XN/B supports 8GB Ram ?

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Sony :: Upgrading Ram To 8gb For SR 490
I currently have 4gb ( 2 x 2 ) DDR2 - 800

I was wondering if there are any other specifics I need to look for in the RAM?

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Sony :: New Z (1920x1080, No SSD, 8GB RAM, Etc.)
My Z configuration:

Color: Premium Carbon (non-glossy)
Palm rest: Silver
CPU: Core i7-620M(2.66 GHz)
HDD/SDD option: 320GB HDD with no optical drive and no SSD
LCD: (19201080)
Keyboard: US English with backlight
Memory: 2x4GB (8GB total)
USB: 3 x USB
Warranty: 3 year Standard (no upgrade) valid only in Japan
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Japanese
Wimax: Yes (ieee 802.16e)
WIFI Lan: MIMO 2x2
Bluetooth: Yes(default included)
attery: Standard (S)
Pre Installed software: Japanese..........

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Sony :: Z Doesn't Boot With 8GB RAM
I have just tried 2 x 4GB Corsair but my Z690 doesn't boot. Anyone who successfully boot Z with 8GB can suggest some other brands?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Series And 8GB Support
how to upgrade my VGN-Z36GD to 8GB.

I've read through the thread "How to make 1st to 3rd Generations of Vaio Z support 8GB" and there are some promising leads there especially from ZugZug an Sniper_Sung but the thread kind of abruptly ends without a clear resolution.

Another thread indicates that the victory was celebrated too early and the 8GB doesn't exactly work.

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Sony :: Vaio Z : 4GB Vs. 8GB Memory
My configuration is with 4GB single slot right now. Considering that an extra 4GB single 1066 DDR3 aftermarket DIMM would cost me about $170, what would I gain by upgrading it to 8GB in total?

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Sony :: VAIO SR190 Line Support 8GB Memory
I have the VAIO SR190 and want to upgrade to 8GB, but I have seen conflicting information if it will support 8GB.

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Dell :: Is 8GB Ram Overkill?
Studio XPS 16 on dell...I was thinking of getting the 8GB option...I didn't...but I might call them to do it...

The plus's are obviously less paging, therefore longer HDD life and battery life and slightly increased performance...

the negative is the extra $250 cost...which is quite a lot considering I am slightly overbudget after taxes...I do some weird stuff sometimes like photo editing and sometimes utilizing some virtual machines...but its not the norm. Maybe I just answered my own question...but I mean...for $250 I think its a pretty good deal to upgrade to 8GB DDR3 tho no? (btw I have a coupon thats why its $250)

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Apple :: Unibodys Can Get Their Ram Up To 8gb Or 16
Unibodys can get their ram up to 8gb or 16, i think. But i was under the impression that the macbook, white/black was Limited to 2gb. but i saw a few on craigslist, and ebay who claimed theirs was 4gb, i was wondering if this was possible, or if you could possibly even upgrade more.

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Dell :: Best Place To Get Ram For M1530 (8gb)?
my 1 year warranty passed recently and I'm pretty happy with the happy with it that I figure I might as well up the ram on it.

Now the unit has 4gb installed and I'm looking at maxing it out with 8gb.

I've searched high and low and can only find ram for about $160.00 for 4gb stick.

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Dell :: 8gb 800mhz Ram In A M1530
you can add 8gb of 800mhz ram?

whys that when you can only use 667 on the current processors that are in there?

maybe they might actually just add centrino 2 processors to the m1530?
i wouldnt mind, and i would probably buy one, as i cant be bothered waiting for the magical studio 13/16.

i quite like the m1530 design, so i hope they now add the processors and graphics card, and im buying one

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Acer :: Anyone Try Installing 8GB Of RAM In An 1810 Or 1410
Intel's website says that the GS4500 chipset supports up to 8GB of RAM.


Don't the 1410 and 1810 use that chipset?

Has anyone tried running 8GB of RAM in these units?

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HP/Compaq :: HD 500GB And 8GB RAM - DV5 1010EF
I have a DV5-1010EF and I would like to replace the original 250GB HD with a 500GB, and go up to 8GB RAM.

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Dell :: Windows 7 32bit Vs 64bit Question With 8gb Ram
Now heres just the question my sister's comp was recently replace with a studio xps 13 that was loaded with 8gb of ram now the question is whether i should format and install 32bit into the system or 64bit?

i understand 32bit windows can only use up to 4gb while 64bit windows can utilize over 4gb. It seems that the clear advantage would be using windows 64bit since it has 8gb of ram.

Wondering if anyone has any opinion to this? In using 32bit instead?

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Dell :: Are All Studio 1737's Upgradable To 8GB RAM? now has an option to order Studio 17's with 8GB of DDR2. Can I upgrade a 1737 built last year to 8GB (2 x 4GB)?

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Dell :: M4400Just Upgraded From 4GB To 8GB RAM, Should It Take Much Longer To Boot?
Just upgraded the RAM in my new (to me) M4400 from 4GB to 8GB.

I notice it takes MUCH longer than it used to for the BIOS screen to finish before Windows can start to boot.

Once the BIOS screen is finished, everything is normal and Windows runs fine.

Is this normal?

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HP/Compaq :: 8GB 800 MHz RAM And X9100 CPU In HDX 16
I have upgraded my HDX 16 to 8 GB PC2 6400S 800 Mhz RAM and X9100 CPU. I also have Seagate 320 GB 7200 RPM ASG Hard drive.

I was going to try the QX9300 but I was told that QX9300 will not work in a HDX 16.

It looks like the GPU is the bottleneck in this laptop. Im running DOXs 185.20 and when I try to overclock the GPU for anythingh over 574 MHz Core Clock or 535 Mhz Memory Clock, the screen starts freezing.

Let me also say that Im running BIOS F13-A if that has anything to do with it.

I have read some users overclocking up to 660 Mhz Core Clock in HDX 16. How do you do that?

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Sony :: How To Backup Vaio Z Original Bios While Flashing New Bios
Updated: Found a better way to backup Bios only, Please see the end of this message

Let say your Vaio Z is using Bios R4040M3 and you move to Bios R4041M3 to use the official VT support. Later on, you want to move back to R4040M3 to use the Advance Menu hack. Unfortunately, you cannot move back as Sony never publish the R4040M3 Bios update. This is my current situation.

I decided to investigate a way to back up the current Bios. Using a program called Universal extractor, I managed to extracted the files in the original Bios update. The bios update uses a program called Insydeflash to flash the Bios. The Insydeflash uses a file called platform.ini to control its setting.

In the platform.ini file, there is a section called [FDFile]. The section [FDFile] has a parameter called BackupName. If we put in a file name here, the Insydeflash should save your current Bios into that file. Unfortunately, I cannot make it work with the Sony supplied Insydeflash. (version 3.38).

I managed to get the newer version of Insydeflash (version 3.72). The newer version has a new ini section called [BackupROM], as the following:


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Sony :: BIOS Error After RAM Upgrade
I had recently upgraded my RAM (laptop in sig.) from 2GB to 4GB. Now, once in a while when I boot up, a POST BIOS "Error 0232: Extended RAM failed at address line 21" error message is displayed. I can then either boot normally or enter the BIOS setup and the OS (Win 7 64-bit) is working normally and recognizes all 4GB of RAM. I dual boot with Vista 32-bit, which uses 3GB of RAM.

I did the Windows Memory diagnostic upon boot up and it didn't find any error with the memory. I searched online without any conclusive solution.

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Sony :: VAIO- If A VAIO Had No Ram Should (if All Else Was Working) It Be Getting POST Beeps
I have just been given a VAIO PCG8A2M (GRX316MP) , i was told "it's broken but if you can fix it yo can have it" so having a quick look at it there's no sign of life on the display but the lights come on and i can here the HDD heads moving about.

Looking a little more i found that all the ram is missing , so now im not sure if its worth buying some ram to see if it works or not ? The lack of ram would prob explain the lack of display but i wonder if i should be getting POST beeps at least, which im not.

So my question is if a VAIO had no ram should (if all else was working) it be getting POST beeps ?

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Sony :: Vaio TZ More Ram Possible
I like everything in a vaio TZ. the only thing that prevents me from buying it is its support of only max 2gb ram.

Is there a way to tweak for the machine to accept more than 2gb? if so, what has to be done and what will be the maximum it can take?

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Sony :: Vaio Tz RAM Underclocked
I have a TZ250N with the stock ram. When I check the ram with "memtest" it shows :
177 MHz (DDR 354) / CAS 3-3-3-9 / Single Channel (64 bits)

Normally the ram should be DDR 667 .

I tried to replace the ram with another 2 gig stick from another laptop and I had even worst result 154 MHZ

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Sony :: How Many Slots For RAM In VAIO SR
how many sticks of RAM a VAIO SR could hold.

I'm thinking about purchasing an SR with 3 GB (1x1GB + 1x2GB) and just add another 1GB stick (a friend mis-purchased a laptop RAM thinking its a desktop RAM and gave it to me).

However, I'm not sure if there's room in the notebook to insert one more RAM.

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Sony :: Vaio Maximum RAM
I have a Sony Vaio FW and it states that the maximum ram is 4GB (which I currently have) on crucials and Sonys website.

However the laptop has a PM45 Mobile Express Chipset and on Intels website it states that it can take 8GB.

I bought my FW around the time they first came out last year.

My question is, will I be able to install 8 or 6GB RAM despite the limitations that Sony have said?

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Sony :: Vaio BIOS
I am very close to deciding on Sony for my next machine.

Half of the people hate them. Half love them. Half the reviews say there are crap. Half say they are machines built by Gods.

It is a lot to sift through.

The WEIRDEST thing I have heard is about the BIOS and how it is not really a completely hardware controlled BIOS like most are .....

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Sony :: Vaio FZ Model And Regarding Memory (RAM)
Regarding the FZ model, what type of RAM stick does it take?

Im not a technology expert but I know there are different types of memory sticks (in terms of the physical size)

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Acer :: Use RAM From Sony Vaio In Aspire
I have an old Sony Vaio VGN-FS742/W into which I had added a 1GB stick of RAM. Just bought an Acer 1410 this week, which came with a 2GB stick installed. But I'd love to add the 1GB stick from the Vaio into the Acer to bump it up to 3GB total.

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Sony :: Ram Upgrade Vaio AW11Z/B
I have a Vaio AW11Z/B and am currently running a 32-bit version of windows vista. I am going to upgrade to Windows 7 and am looking to install the 64-bit version as I can then use more ram. I would also like to know if I can upgrade my current ram from 2 x 2gb to 2 x 4gb,

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Sony :: VAIO SZ61 Extended RAM To 4 GB
I just wanted to let you all know that I managed to get 4GB of RAM installed and up and running on my Sony Vaio SZ61.

This despite the fact that both my local sony reseller and the sony helpdesk argued that this was not possible.

I bought the laptop two years ago, with 2GB on board. In my memory they back then said it could be extended to 3GB but i have no proof for that.

Anyway, steps i took where very simple:
-update the BIOS to version R00122S5(downloaded from the sony site were the SZ61 was not even on there anymore...) It was compatible with the SZ71 according to sony so i took the change but is updated smoothly.
-bought 2 SODimm modules of 2GB pc5300 compatible (kingston)
-opened the laptop changed the dimm modules and off we go.

I run dual boot mostly Ubuntu Linux Jaunty and occasionally the vista that came with the laptop.

In both environments it is recognized and i can use 3.8GB

The laptop now is again up to the job(every day heavy usage, testing on VMs and datamining applications with big datasets etc etc.)

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Sony :: RAM For Vaio FW 290 CTO
Will this RAM work in Sony Vaio FW 290 CTO ?


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Sony :: Vaio Bios Password
i have a sony vaio pcg-8l1m/pcg-grz615s the screen inverter broke so i replaced it since then its asking for a password as soon as it boots up

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Sony :: Possible To Access The BIOS On VAIO
This is my first laptop (VAIO NS105N) and I was curious as to if it were possible, and if so, how?

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Sony :: Upgrading RAM On VAIO VGN-FE770G
I just picked up a 500gb HDD for my vaio for cheap which i'm gonna install soon, and also wanted to upgrade my ram and put on windows 7.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what the best RAM upgrade that is compatible with this model laptop. One of my mates has a spare 2gb ddr2 800 200 pin chip laying around, but i'm not sure if this is compatible.

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Sony :: VAIO Vgn-z710dd Max RAM
I have this system, small but speed is ok; it came with Windows Vista 64 bit and free upgrade to Windows 7 and 4 GB of RAM.

if I can upgrade it to 8 GM of RAM?

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Sony :: Vaio Z11 Series RAM Upgrade
I know that many of us have been seeking an inexpensive third-party RAM upgrade for our new Vaio Zs. Fortunately, I've found a great solution. Not only does this module use precisely the same RAM ICs as the currently shipping Vaio Z11 8GB machines, those RAMs just happen to be manufactured by the world's largest DRAM manufacturer (by far), Samsung. This module has been tested for over a week, and it has truly been a completely stable solution. Plus, I don't suppose that it'll hurt to point out that this is the least expensive 4GB DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM module that I can find in the United States right now! Moreover, it's sold by a very reputable vendor, whom I trust - (they're still making the transition from their old name, SuperBiiz). They've got great prices, ship fast, and stand behind what they sell - no, I have nothing whatsoever to do with them, other than being a customer.

Rock-solid RAM that's the cheapest, too! For details behind all the testing that allowed me to finally post this, see this thread (which started off as a look into RAM speeds on the new Vaio Zs). To pick these up, check out the Super Talent 4GB DDR3-1066 Samsung Chip Notebook Module at - literally priced below any other 4GB DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM on Pricewatch, as of 3/30/2010!

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Sony :: Vaio Z BIOS Options Greyed Out
For some reason, when I access the BIOS settings menu, most of the options are greyed out (e.g. I can't switch off the requirement for a password at boot).

Any idea how to re-enable the settings?

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Sony :: R4041M3 Bios Update For Vaio Z
if it is possible to update my Z540C's bios (current version: R2168M3) to R4041M3 without any problems?

My concern is there might be some hardware issues that might compromise the performance of the laptop given the fact that my model is an older one.

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-140e Bios
i bought a battery from ebay and the battery came with a disc driver that had to be installed before the battery can work. i installed the driver but what it does is flash the bios with an update for the battery. long story short the battery does not work and will return it but i am having problems now with my video controller does not regognize my video card and reinstalling the original driver does not work and also my network adapter is gone does not see it at all. i treid to flash the bios with the backup that the battery update made but still no success still having problems with the video and network eithernet adapter. i think the update flash screwed up my original bios and i cant find the original bios anywhere. sony website does not have it. does anyone have or know where i can download the original bios for my laptop.

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Sony :: Can I Disable AHCI On Vaio Z BIOS
Now I update my BIOS to R4043M3 and can't find menu to disable AHCI in this BIOS version.

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Sony :: VAIO VGN-S460 BIOS
I own a Sony VAIO VGN-S460 wich has de heating known issue.

I found a post in this forum wich talks about a BIOS revision R0101V0 or R0102V0 that solves this issue.

However the post is closed (it is from 2005) and all de download links are dead and I cant find anywhere those BIOS.

I could find R0103V0, but it needs neither R0101V0 or R0102V0 installed for the update.

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Sony :: New Vaio-TT Bios Adds Support For VT

Bios R2021M4b

It did remove the BIOS-EFI hack I was running before. All the advanced stuff is gone...

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Sony :: Vaio Z11 Bios Upgrade
Can the Z11 bios be upgraded with the Z31 bios, if so is there any advantage?

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Sony :: VAIO Z690 RAM Speed And CPU-Z Question
I just received my z690 cto and I'm doing all the tests I can think of to check that everything is working properly.
I have one question about the memory.

I ordered it with 4GB ddr3 working at 1066Mhz and when I run the program cpuz the memory is recognized as DDR3 PC3-8500F but the "DRAM Frequency" is reported as 532 Mhz (instead of 1066).

Can anyone tell me if it is normal or if it should report 1066?

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Sony :: How Easy/difficult To Add RAM To Vaio Z540
The following model has only 1 gig Ram


How easy/diificult to add RAM and what is the typical cost ?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Patched R404 3M3 BIOS
Archive linked below contains Insyde FlashIT dump of R4043M3 BIOS which was patched by me. DISCLAIMER -

if you want to flash your BIOS with this version, you are doing it ON YOUR RISK!


What's in:

1. Advanced BIOS options are unlocked (do not modify unless you know what are you doing .....

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Sony :: BIOS Update In Vaio VGN-SZ48GN
I'm using a Sony VAIO Laptop. its model is VGN-SZ48GN. BIOS Version is R0111N0. I want to update this to latest version. Do you know anyplace to download this ?

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-S460 Stuck On Bios
I was applying arctic silver 5 on cpu heatsink today and disassemble my vaio s460 completely.after putting back everything when i power on it give that vaio sound and blank screen. When press F2 its showing Entering setup.....and stuck there.Could be motherboard or CPU problem or RAM?

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