Sony :: Nt User

Dec 10, 2009

Kind of weird never seen it there before. Can I delete this out of my user folder? Or is there a way to make it hidden

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000-when I Start It Up And It Gets To The User Selection Screen I Cant Find My Cursor To Select My User Account

Jan 15, 2009

i got a hp dv2000 and sometimes when i start it up and it gets to the user selection screen i cant find my cursor to select my user account. I keep moving my finger on the touch pad but cant find it. I have to hold the power button down it will shut off then i have to pull out the battery start it up and the cursor is now there this has happened like 5 times already what would cause this?

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Sony :: New Vaio User

Dec 10, 2009

After having HP/Compaq notebooks for the last several years I decided to go with Sony this time. I got the VGN-NW270F model.

Overall I'm really pleased with it. I especially love this keyboard style. I do a ton of typing and this keyboard is just great.

This is not so much a complaint as a question. I've never noticed this on other laptops before so maybe this is common to all, or maybe it's common to Sony or this particular model, not sure. But the chassis around the screen doesn't feel tight.

I noticed this when closing it the other night. It's not falling apart or separating or anything, but it just doesn't feel snapped/glued (whatever) in place. Also, on the left and right sides below the screen, it kind of pushes out a little. You can feel it, and only slightly see it if you're really looking.

I know this seems like a minor issue (if even that) so I'm not complaining. I'm just curious as to whether this is normal or if it's something that could potentially get worse.

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Sony :: Is Z Series User Upgradable

Sep 23, 2009

Can a person easily install more memory and/or a bigger hard drive in a Z? I know with my TZ it was impossible without a degree in electrical engineering, so I'm hoping the Z improves on that experience.

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Sony :: Vaio TT Series User Guide

Apr 20, 2010

I recently purchased a refurbished TT Series laptop from SonyStyle. It didn't come with much in way of documentation - I'm still trying to sort out what they gave me.

Is there a write-up anywhere about the TT series computers? For example, something that tells how to adjust the screen brightness? Most new devices come with a booklet that identifies everything on the device, and tells how to use it. I find I still have questions about my TT, and while they may be rather ignorant (I don't know much about the TT), I'm still trying to figure out an answer....

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Sony :: VAIO Build Quality And User Experience

Aug 16, 2009

I bought a brand-new VAIO sz-220 made in Japan back in 2006 for around $1400. Since then, I've experienced the following problems:

optical drive broken
speaker hissing
fan has unusual whizzing sound
fingerprint scanner broken
trackpad randomly fails to work (buttons/trackpad sticks, I've never spilled liquid, always have clean hands when handling the computer)
ac adapter broke
windows randomly goes into restart/shutdown sequence and freezes midway
laptop runs at 94C when placed on a desk and freshly internally dusted
laptop does not reliably turn off after initiating shutdown sequence (sometimes it freezes midway)..........

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Dell :: Satisified XPS 16 User

May 6, 2009

I just want to say how satisified I am with the XPS 16 since I recieved it at the end of January. No overheating or BSOD's.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro User

Mar 15, 2009

Well, I almost bought a base FW390, decided to wait so I could buy a upgraded version, and after using both a FW and MBP at best buy I am in love with the MBP.

Now, its quite a chunk of change and will be awhile before I can buy one but I wanted to hear from unbiased users about the cons of a MBP, i've heard stories on overheating units, bad wifi reception etc, etc.

So let me know MBP users, what do you hate about your notebook?

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Dell :: Am Looking For User Named FatTire.

Dec 16, 2009

I posted a message here yesterday looking for FatTire cause I would like to discuss sealing my boards against moisture and installing some cooling plates.

The reactionary admins erased my message before it could be recieved, so hopefully this time the message will remain untill I can get in contact with Fat Tire and discuss how to mod my laptop.

I am posting in this forum because FatTire was in on a discussion in THIS forum that exactly matches what I am attempting to do now in another forum. So even though I am chatting about this in the Alienware forum,

(as I am working on an Alienware laptop mod), I am CROSSSPOSTING here in an attempt to contact an expert who has not done this mod on an Alienware laptop before to my knowledge.

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Apple :: Graphics User Looking To Switch To Mac

Mar 30, 2009

I am a graphic designer and I a longtime PC user. I am looking to make the switch and since I have a 22" LCD monitor, the macbook is very appealing to me because when at home i can just hook it up to that and also have a very nice portable laptop.

As far as which macbook model to get is where I am having problems I know the entry level aluminum one is the P7350 @2ghz and the high end one is P8600 @ 2.4ghz. Either way I will be most likely upgrading the ram to 4gb but which processor should i go with? I get mixed reviews from apple friends some say I will definitely notice the cpu difference while some say it is only marginal in real world use. MY most intense program will be illustrator/photoshop / multi-tasking.

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Dell XPS 13 :: Brightness Gets Dim When Log On To User Account

Apr 16, 2013

I have a XPS 13 ultrabook and when I turn it on It is really bright how i want it but when I log on to my User The brightness gets dim, I have the brightness all the way up. How do i make it as bright as when I turn It on?

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HP Pavilion G6 Recovery :: User Profile Log On

Jun 12, 2014

On starting up my laptop HP Pavilion G6 an error is occouring " The User Profile Serivce service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."What is the problem? And what I have to do?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Documentation/user's Manual

May 31, 2009

Is there any kind of user's manual or documentation for the XPS 16, beyond what is shipped with the laptop? For example, I think I read the brightness of the keyboard backlight can be adjusted, but I'm not sure how.

I'm just wondering if there is a user manual on the machine or online that describes this and other things that are covered within software help guides

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Dell :: 2nd User Latitude D630Image Restore ??

Jun 12, 2009

How would I find out if the Dell Image Restore/Recovery Partition was still present on a Dell Latidude D630 ?

I am going to look at the machine with a view to purchase it and the vendor states the HDD is 148gb but the service tag factory configuration indicates 160gb. The missing 12gb tends to make me think the restore/recovery partition may still be intact ?

Were the D630's all shipped with a recovery partition irrespective of the operating system, ie, XP or Vista or was it O/S related ?

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 User Review

Nov 22, 2008

It's been over a full week that I use my Latitude E6400 in great depth and here is my review on it. Now, before I start, I would like to apologies for my English, mistakes found are not done by any means of disrespect among you, the reader. Another note, I believe reading several reviews which all says the same thing is kind of useless, so I tried my best to present thing that was not mentioned before. This explains the reason why I don’t show the usual benchmarks, temperature on the machine, etc…

If this is the first review you read, I suggest you to read other reviews on before reading this one. You can see me as a critical person.

Latitude E6400 Review

I use my laptop to run Office 2007 suit programs to type notes in classes, Steinberg WaveLab 5 to record them. I also use the laptop to do my assignments (Java/C++) at school and anywhere I want to go, as well as my own programming projects (large Flash application). Obviously, I use my machine to check my e-mail with Thunderbird, listen to music, and surf the web, etc... Ah yes, and I do plan to perform some light casual gaming on it on rare occasion.

System selected:Intel Core 2 Duo P8500 (2.26 GHz)Vista SP1 Business edition 64-bitDual Channel (2 stick) 4GB of RAM 800Mhz DDR2 (6-6-6-12) Samsung 1440x900 LED backlit display (LG, I believe)Backlit keyboardIntel Wireless N 5100 cardPanasonic DVD-Burner Dell 9 cell battery (made by: Panasonic)Nvidia Quadro NVS 160MHitachi 160GB HDD 5200RPMSuper detailed system configuration [56K modem warning!]:

When I received my laptop two weeks ago, it was damaged, there was a dent, passing through the process of asking a new one and compensation was easy. I was never put on hold, service was great and in proper English speaking staff (possible location of service: U.S/Canada). I had fun trying all to call all the provided services offered, and the service was very good, one could say almost excellent. I negotiated the price of my machine when I originally ordered it (this was the only time I talked to someone potentially in India), and the service was fast, again no hold time, and negotiation on the price was easy. The sale representative didn't know his stuff on the laptop and claimed to me that it had Latitude ON. Obviously I don't have it, as it cannot be added to the machine, and I asked compensation for that as well. This was done without issue, and I got an apology from the sale representative and its supervisor and Dell customer service supervisor (note that I also got another apology from Dell customer service when I informed them of the damaged machine).

Returning the machine for a replacement was easy and fast. Dell sent me a UPS label via e-mail, which I had to print and put on the Dell box, and call UPS to come and pick it up.

Packaging of the laptop was excellent. The box properly protected the machine, and the size is not excessively big where it wastes uselessly space, and not too small like some laptops that you buy in store, which fells like it was made from paper masher. Moreover, putting everything back in the box was very easy. The packaging could potentially lose a full mark as the accessory box is pretty much empty and could make the box smaller. However, considering that more accessories could be added onto the box, and that the box layout is designed for all or almost all Dell laptops, I can't deduct marks for that.
I gave it a 10/10

Not much to say, I did get 4 disks with my laptop:
- Drivers and Utility disk
- Power DVD DX 8.0 disk
- Roxio version 9.0 DE disk
- Microsoft Vista 64-bit disk.
and 90W slim Latitude power adapter which I'll get to that later...........

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Apr 25, 2009

I have just taken ownership of my new laptop. It has the bluray disc drive and has the HDMI slot so I purchased a new movie disc and a HDMI cable - plugged then into my HD tv and nothing!

I have tried starting the computer up connected and also not connected to the tv and it makes no difference. I have used the Fn+F5 key to switch from my screen to the tv and still nothing.

The only thing I get is some times an error message sysing graphics driver error but I would expect a new laptop with ATI radeon HD 3470 be able to cope with a blueray disc output?

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HP/Compaq :: NEWDV6 2010 User Review

May 31, 2010

Long time lurker finally decided to join, best to start of my post count with a lengthy review on HP's new DV6 line.

I’d like to give people interested in HP's new dv6 line a heads up. This came about mainly due to the lack of reviews anywhere on the internet. Anyone with a dv6, feel free experience on the dv6.

Last weekend i purchased a HP DV6 3032tx with specs found here:

HP Pavilion dv6-3000 Entertainment Notebook PC series Home & Home Office

I went into JB HI-FI Australia buying a 13" mac and ending up getting this mainly due to the value, at a similar price as the dv6 was purchased at JB's cost price.

This has been my experience with the product so far

The third generation of the dv6 line has been completely revamped by removing the numeric pad (I personally hate the num pads), and adding a nice chicklet keyboard with some quick launch buttons. One stand out factor is the thickness. It' still 30mm thick however the actually visible thickness is less than 1" thanks to some beautiful tapered edge design. The aluminium/magnesium shell with black keyboard is very mac like, and reminds me of HP's premium ENVY line of notebooks. On the i7 models only the palm rests and lids have a nice looking imprint finish which is very subtle and maintains its professional look. When the system is on, a HP logo glows white on the bottom left hand corner of the lid...

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Dell Inspiron 17 :: Can't Load User Profile

Nov 2, 2014

I am still not able to use my laptop as the thing won't or can't load user profile, all I get is the message user profile service failed the logon. I ran the F12 at start up and performed the extended diagnostic test which tells me everything is just peachy.

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HP Omni 120 OS/Software :: How To Modify / Change User Name

Mar 13, 2012

I am in the middle of programming my new Omni 120 PC (AMD-E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics) computer but I want to change the user name (mind you, not add).  How do I do it?  I have yet to install the Virus protection on it.

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HP Dv4 2020ca OS/Software :: User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

May 14, 2014

My notebook Model is dv4-2020ca, Product : VM299UA#ABC  is operating by Windows 7.

I never change my passwords since I set up this notebook. Yesterday, when I logon to the notebook, the screen showed a message that my passwords not match.

Since I never changed my passwords, I tried to logon a couple of times. The screen then showed another message . It says the user Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded....

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HP Mini 110 Recovery :: User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

Dec 23, 2014

I can't log on to my laptop.messages always pops up  THE USER PROFILE SERVICE SERVICE FAILED THE LOG ON  and on the bottom it says USER PROFILE CANNOT BE LOADED.

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HP Dv6-1310ei OS/Software :: User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

Oct 1, 2014

I have tried to get into my laptop model:dv6-1310ei Prod no:vs080ea#acq,serial no:cn94769wf,pavilion dv6,,after typing my password,the result I get is "user profile service failed to login,user profile cannot be loaded....

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Dell :: Are The CPU / GPU User Upgradeable On The Precision M4400 / M6600?

Oct 21, 2009

Wondering if the the CPU and / or GPU on the Precision M4400 / M6600 are user upgradeable? Both in terms of is it physically possible and how does it affect warranty. If it voids the warranty, how likely is it that they can tell that it was upgraded if you swap the oringinal components back in before sending it in.

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Acer :: Aspire AS5532 User Experience And Review

Dec 8, 2009

Hello every one, I am interested on the Acer Aspire AS5532 that is currently on sale at bestbuy, it have a single core AMD Athlon 54 1.6, with ATI video card, and also I am looking at the Acer 5517 from staples which have a 2ghz Turion II

I have used HP computers for the last 6 years and never owned an Acer, I know first hand that Acer quality wasnt the best a few years ago as I had to troubleshoot and fix my friend's Acer while in college, but now that my HP died I need a cheap and reliable laptop for the mean time. So I will like to know user experince with this models and if there is a review since I have search the forum and Cnet and theres is none.

Acer Aspire AS5532[url]

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Athlon™ single-core TF-20 1.6Ghz
3GB DDR2 memory
160GB hard drive
15.6" HD Widescreen Acer CineCrystal™ LCD Display
ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics
8X DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer Drive
Built-in InviLink high-speed wireless LAN (802.11b/g/Draft-N)
Multi-in-1 media reader
6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
1 year warranty

Acer Aspire 5517[url]

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor L310
3GB installed memory
250GB hard drive
15.6" HD Widescreen Acer CineCrystal™ LCD Display
8X DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer Drive
Acer InviLink™ 802.11b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader
6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader
Dimensions 14.4 (W) x 10.8 (D) x 1.1/1.5 (H) inches (6.1lbs)
1 year warranty

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HP/Compaq :: Service And User Manuals For Presario 1200XL500

Jun 29, 2009

I rescued an old laptop (Compaq Presario 1200XL500) from the recycling bin and would like to make it usable for a sixth grader. It boots with the base RAm but I would have to add one module. I need to find a user and/or service manual first so that I understand what this old laptop needs. No manuals seem to be available on the HP site. Are there other sites where I might find one?

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Apple :: An Avid Linux User/programmer Considering A MacBook

May 1, 2009

I've always said MacBook's would be my next notebook because frankly I don't care at all for Windows. But now that it's time for me to upgrade, I'm more cautious to make the jump because I'm still a poor college student. The higher price is obviously a drawback, but I'm always curious how about software (being a programmer and all).

Since Mac's are Unix-based, I know my most used programs will run just as easily as my Linux distro (VIM, LaTeX, gcc/python/etc.) Other than having more open-source packages and an open-source kernel, I can't think of any software-related differences to OSX. Mac's of course have better proprietary (Apple, Adobe) and driver support. Leopard is one sexy and reliable operating system, and getting the iPhone SDK is a plus as well since I just upgraded to the iPhone (and love it btw).

Anyway, I know most of the advantages of getting a Mac over a PC. But not as much about getting a Mac over a PC that dual boots Linux. (BTW, I know OSX and Linux can be dual booted or Virtual Machine'd, but I prefer to just have one primary OS for work/school/fun). I'd get the $1300 13.3" MB if I got a Mac and a 3rd party memory upgrade. A similar spec'd Core 2 Duo PC runs at about half that or a little more. So it's either shell out the money for a Mac or get a PC and install Linux alongside Windows as my primary OS.

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Apple :: New 13" Macbook Pro User - Hard Drive

Aug 25, 2009

I just bought my first macbook ever. I got the 13.3" MBP with the 160gb 5400 rpm hard drive.

I upgraded the ram already from 2gb -> 4gb, and I was considering upgrading the hard drive. Size isn't too much of an issue for me because I keep most of my songs/movies/pictures on an external, but I was planning on upgrading it to something faster.

I was looking at the 320gb 7200rpm Scorpio Black, and was wondering if anyone has it installed in their unibody MBPs. I was worried about whether it would cause it to vibrate more/be noticeably louder/generate more heat.

I was also considering the seagate momentus equivalent.

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HP Envy M6 Display :: When Logging Onto User Get A Black Screen

Sep 4, 2014

When logging onto user I get a black screen. However I can get task manager on, the advance system protector scans . There are no blinking lights.

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Lenovo B / G Series :: How To Make User Specified Backup WSI File

Jun 30, 2014

During One Key Recovery there is an option for user specified backup , but I don't know how to make a .wsi file ?

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HP ZBook 14 Lockups :: BIOS Guest User Password

Nov 17, 2014

I have a ZBook 14 on which I have defined a password for the Guest User of the BIOS. Accidentally I lost this password and now I cannot access anything in the BIOS. Is there any way to reset the Guest User password?

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