Sony :: Whats A Better Gaming Machine- Z Or MBP

Jul 22, 2009

if the sony Z590 was:
P8600 intel (2.4 ghz)
4gb ram ddr3
250gb hdd 5400rpm
geforce 9300gs 256mb no shared
1600x900 screen

and the macbook pro was:
4gb ddr3
geforce 9400 shared ram

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Sony :: 1 Year Old Vgn-fw180d Windows 7, Whats This No Driver Support

Oct 22, 2009

I went to check out the sony esupport website for my model number to see if sony put official drivers for Windows 7.

What I get on the support page is

"The hardware configuration of this model does not meet the minimum system requirements needed to run and provide the full experience of the Windows® 7 operating system.

Windows® 7 installation is not recommended and Sony will not be providing Windows® 7 drivers for this model.

* Have another question?

Windows® 7 provides great new features to enhance your computing experience.

Visit our online store SonyStyle® where you can choose from a wide variety of VAIO computers that come with Windows® 7 preinstalled. "

What is this? A laptop I bought a year ago with duo cpu p8600 @2.40GHz and 4 GB ram. Will not run windows 7 adequately? Thats funny because I have been running Windows 7 since the early betas and currently run the 64bit RC.

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Sony :: Is HD Streaming Available (capable) With This Machine

Mar 16, 2010

Sony VAIO® VPCEB17FX/B 15.5 with a Sony flat panel with HDMI?

The VAIO has HD and HDMI.

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Sony :: SR Or FW For Gaming?

Sep 6, 2009

I cannot pick which computer i want to get next month.

I am VERY interested in two models, the SR and the FW.

Both look and feel awesome when i checked them out at the store but I still cannot pick.

How is the heat on both of them when gaming?

How are they both with gaming? ( I am only interested in playing two games Diablo III and maybe World of Warcraft

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Sony :: Which Is Better For Gaming FW Or F

Feb 5, 2010

Which laptop is better for gaming
A Sony VAIO F with-
-16.4-inch high-def display (1600 x 900-pixel resolution)
-1.6 GHz Intel Core i7-720QM processor (with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.80 GHz)
-500 GB Serial ATA hard drive (7200 RPM)
-4 GB of installed RAM
-NVIDIA GeForce 310M with 512 MB of dedicated video memory

A Sony VAIO FW with-
-16.4-inch XBRITE-ECO high-def display (1600 x 900-pixel resolution)
-2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 processor with Centrino 2 technology, 3 MB L2 cache and 1066 MHz front side bus (FSB)
-500 GB Serial ATA hard drive (5400 RPM)
-4 GB of installed RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 with 512 MB of dedicated video memory

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Sony :: VAIO CW Gaming

Nov 11, 2009

I'm close to getting my wife one of the Best Buy Sony VAIO CW series laptops...and am curious what she can expect as far as gaming performance. Her main interest involves Warcraft, Dawn of Discovery, Sims 3 types of games. Anybody here with experience on what to expect out of the Nvidia 210 video card that is in these things?

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Sony :: Gaming With VGN-Z750D

Nov 27, 2009

I just sold my SZ650N and upgraded to a Z750D my previous laptop had vista, and this one has W7. Previous laptop was a 2.2Ghz and my new is one 2.66ghz and everything else is faster and better than my previous one.

Well im not sure what im doing wrong, but i downloaded the latest video driver to be up to date, and i tried to run some games that my SZ650 was able to run just fine, but with the Z750 it seems like its stuggling more, fan seems also louder as its working to hard, and sometimes the game would go black, and i would have to hit a few buttons to end up at the main menu or back in the game. few times the game would crash... im not very impressed with this laptop, unless windows 7 has some settings different or this laptop has some different features that i dont know about? I tried playing in "performance" mode (by hitting one of the buttons to go from silen, balanced, performance)

I just reformatted the laptop with Vista. Then i received my W7 CD upgrade and upgraded with a fresh reformat.

is there any online test i can run or something i can do to get some stats on my laptops performance to get an idea of whats going on, or some settings adjusted?

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Sony :: Laptop For Gaming

Apr 29, 2009

I was looking at pictures of the Sony FW online and I'm very interested in purchasing. I just wanted to know matter of factly which models are the gamer powerhouses in the Sony line?

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Sony :: SR Vs. Z Gaming Perfromance

Apr 28, 2009

For some reasons I thought that the SR's 3470 video will perform better than the Z's 9400GS. however, I just talked to sony's rep and he told me that it is quite the opposite. He told me that I would experience superior gaming (not by a big margin tho) with the Z series laptops.

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Sony :: Old Vaio Z: Win7 + Gaming

Apr 28, 2010

I just tried gaming with windows 7 x64 + Nvidia 9300M GS

so far, all games (Aion / Guildwars etc ) seems to have this issue of random FPS spikes

e.g. 40 fps --> 7fps --> 40fps --> 5fps .....

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Sony :: Video Editing And Gaming On Vaio Z

May 11, 2009

I saw a Sony Vaio Z today in a local store, and was incredible impressed with it's weight and size and keyboard.

But if I am going to use it for some video editing(Avid Media Composer) and to play some future games(Dragon Age, COD4 MW2 etc) is it powerful enough .....

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Sony :: Is The UPDATED Vaio Cw Any Good For Gaming

Jan 9, 2010

First of all, I know that this isn't the place for "what laptop should I buy" threads, but I have a few questions that I think owners might have an easier time answering. I was looking for a portable laptop that could also handle gaming,

and I think the VAIO CW, which has been updated, is right for me. However, what I am most concerned about is the 310M graphics card that has been introduced. I was planning on getting it with the 230M, but it is no longer an option. For anyone with experience/knowledge how does the 310M fare? Cause I was ok with the 230M, but the 210M didn't seem good enough for me.

In addition, battery life is a big concern as well, because I will be taking the laptop to classes and stuff. I plan on buying the extended battery as a backup, but again, if anyone has experience .....

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Sony :: FW490Eco Vs. Hi Color Display And Gaming

Jul 6, 2009

This is the customization I am thinking of getting:

No additional Photo Editing Software
16.4" widescreen with XBRITE-ECO™ LCD technology (1600x900)
No additional Finance Software
320GB SATA Hard Disk Drive [5400 rpm]
Fresh Start
Standard Capacity Battery
No additional Anti-Virus and Security Software
WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n) with integrated Bluetooth® technology
ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD4650 graphics card with 512MB vRAM-good for games and movies
No Engraving
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P8700 (2.53GHz)
No additional Video Editing Software
CD/DVD playback/burning
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-bit
4GB DDR2-SDRAM (DDR2-800, 2GBx2) .................

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Sony :: VPC-Z112GX/S Approximate Gaming Framerates MW2/TF2

Mar 11, 2010

MW2 with native resolution (1600 x 900), No AA, No to all the special effects, Extra quality Textures and Map Resolutions set to Normal.

I get about 50 on some tree heavy multiplayer maps but anywhere from 70-90 on other multiplayer maps.

As far as TF2 goes I get about 100fps on most maps. haven't tried L4D or L4D2 yet.

I didn't get any choppiness attributable to the computer.


The fan on the side starts up and probably goes to full speed blowing out some hot air while playing MW2 but it goes back down during map interims.
The keyboard doesn't seem to get too hot around the wrist rest in fact it doesn't even seem to get warm.


Are really poor but what do you expect? At least the machine comes with some headphones. I don't have any experience with any noise canceling headphones so I can't say if they're any good with that respect.

This laptop really packs a punch. Diablo 3 and SCII should run just fine!

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Sony :: Notebook For Work And GAMING, Which Series

Feb 14, 2010

What is the creme de la creme in Sony notebooks that are gaming capable? Gaming for me are Strat games, Starcraft 2, maybe Crysis....

I want something solid, and at least midrange with respect to gaming. I don't care how much it costs.

I haven't checked Sony in a long long time and F series, CW, etc are confusing and I need to get up to speed quickly. Quality is paramount.

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Dell :: Whats The Word On The XPS 16?

Apr 26, 2009

So been shopping around and the only laptop that really has what I want is the XPS 16, looks good, big but not overly huge(have a 15.4 right now), great screen and good numbers other than that.

But whats the real experiences with it? I'll only get the RGB LED as thats the entire reason for me wanting it, I wont game on it, but I will use it for movies and things like that. Any experiences with it will be welcomed.

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Dell :: Whats The Max RAM A M1330 Can Handle?

Sep 29, 2008

Pretty much the title. I know there are 4GB single laptop ram sticks out there. If the M1330 is running a 64 bit OS (such as Vista x64 or XP x64), can I put in two 4GB sticks and will they be recognised?

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Dell :: Whats The Best Graphics Card In A 12.1/13.3

Oct 12, 2007

So is the 8400 the best I'm gonna get in a small chassis.. 12.1/13.3? or are there any other brands that have a 8500/8600.

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Dell :: Whats The Difference Between Studio And Xps 16

Feb 1, 2009

Apparently.....Xps has leather material? and .4 more of an inch screen.

Is that worth $500 more???

I dont understand....

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Dell :: Whats The Difference Between The 15.6 Wled?

Sep 7, 2009

So im having a hard time deciding which screen would be better. Is the 15.6 wled better than 16 rgb wled. Or is it the other way around.

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Dell :: Whats The Difference Between .com And Small Business

Jan 10, 2009

I browsed through both and dell small business and I was wondering what was the difference? Am I not allowed to order from dell small business if I'm not a business? Also which ones tend to have better deals if their inventory is same/similar?

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Dell :: Whats Happening To M1730? X9000 Not Available

Sep 9, 2009

Whats happening to xps1730 is it being phased out?

x9000 no longer availble as an option?

also anybody now what the difference is between 8800gtx and 9800gtx card

how does the nvidia 260 compare?

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Dell :: Whats Faster 120GB SSD Or Raid ZERO

Oct 27, 2008

Picked up a great deal on a 1730 with a 128SSD and 320 2nd drive - Does anyone know if the 120 will be faster than if I were to go with 2 7200 rpm drives? The price difference for the SSD is "UP THERE" so I at least want to know if its as fast as a conventional 2 hard drive raid zero approach.

Also does anyone have any links to spec's for the Dell 128SSD? Is it the Memoright 128GB.

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Dell :: Whats This Line Acrosss The Screen

Sep 17, 2008

when i start up internet explore for the first time, i get a thin line that run's right across my screen, but when i minimize IE and maximise it again its gone. it only seems to be there when i first start up IE.

this was a response i got from another forum.

"My psychic powers tell me you have a graphics card with poorly written drivers. You should check to see if there is an update available from the manufacturer. Then install it. Reboot. See if your problem goes away"

i have had a brand new motherboard fitted today, and this problem was there beforehand, i also have the latest drivers installed.

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Dell :: Whats The Difference Between 15.6 And 15.4 Inch Screen?

Jun 16, 2009

I see that Dell only sells 15.6" screen sized laptops. What is the difference? Why did they make it 0.2 longer?

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Dell :: Whats Your Vista Reliablitly Score

Mar 2, 2008

if you right click my computer, then manage, then reliability and performance, monitoring tools, then reliability monitor (whew!) you'll see a graph that shows how "stable" vista has basically been for you. i'm just curious what everyones out there is. my last one dated 3-2-08 was 4.86 out of 10!!!! i started at 7.6. my wife has a cheapo $499 compaq with vista basic, 512 ram, not even sure of the processor, and i checked hers. in almost a year, she has never dropped below 8 points! her $499 laptop, is more stable than the $5000 plus laptop i use! the lowest i got was 4.02. i'm now slowly starting to creep back up. all sorts of different windows errors and such.

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Acer :: Aspire 6930G - Whats The Max HDD Size I Can Use With This

May 9, 2009

I have a laptop acer aspire 6930G with the configuration listed below in red ink.............I need to knw how to gain more performance out of it in terms of gaming and applications usage.........Also, whats the max HDD size I can use with this laptop

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HP/Compaq :: Whats The Circle Arrow Button

Mar 10, 2009

ive got a compaq v6000 had it about a year only just started to use it, am wondering what the lit up blue button too the left of the mute and volume slider buttons do. its like a anti clockwise circle/arrow i press it and it does nothing

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Dell :: 1525 Screen Needs Replaced But Whats Compatible?

Mar 1, 2010

Does anyone know which screens/laptops are compatible?

If there is a large range of screens that will fit I will most likely just buy a broken laptop with a good screen to fix it.

The service tag is 9TCL14J

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Dell :: Whats The Current Score With M1710 Replacements?

Dec 3, 2009

Its been along time but my second m1710 died today but is still in warranty.

Have been advised that the 7900gtx card no longer is replaced and that i would need to take the 7950gtx.

This is out of stock, back order of 25 units.

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