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Acer :: Aspire 4937G In XP Cannot Adjust Brightness

just brought acer aspire 4937G to replace my dead 5584(which the graphics card dead). so reinstall XP from old laptop to new one.

before i install the graphics driver, i'm able to adjust the brightness. but after i install the driver(latest from acer), i totally cannot adjust the brightness. is either very dim, or very bright.

i tried getting latest driver from nvidia, but during setup, only HD audio, dont have any display driver to install.

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Acer :: Aspire 4937G Mp3 Lag When Surfing Net
jus brought this for 2 weeks. clean install wit Win XP Pro SP3. but than wat makes me frustrated is tat when i use windows media player 11 to play mp3, as well as surfing net. somehow the song jus lag, but did not pause.

at first i thought is windows media player issue, so reinstall it, but stil the same. i than reinstall sound driver(Realtek), but doesnt help too. so went on to try other player, like winamp, media player classic. but didnt help too.

went on to power options to adjust to "Always On" which the speed n voltage wil be fix at max. it improve a bit only. however this only works on my previous laptop(Aspire 5584), but did not works on 4937G, when i observe it wit CPU-Z, Everest. the multiplier stil adjust either 6x or 10x. voltage also too..

i also did all the windows update, tweaks as well.

btw the processor n chipset using is T9550(2.66GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 6MB L2 Cache), Intel Cantiga PM45 Express chipset.

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Acer :: Copper Mod On Aspire 4937G (NVIDIA G105M)
i believe many of u experience gpu reaching near 100 degrees when gaming, causing laptop to jus turn off by itself.

a gd news here..copper shim solve the problem, which means it lower down temp to prevent tat from happening.

received copper shim in my mailbox yesterday.

thickness is 0.044", 1.11mm, 0.1cm

size is 0.75", 19.05mm, 1.9cm (kind of too big for gpu, becos the seller hav tat size for tat thickness, but nvm, look below)

wat i do next is to use a sand paper(fine one, not rough one), i use 1000cw since i had tat at home. lazy to go out to get more fine one.

do it on a flat surface, sand until like mirror effect.

now proceed to dismantle the whole laptop.

it seems tat the heatsink is too small for tat copper shim, but no need to worry, the surrounding alum is a little lower than tat copper.

using Arctic Cooling MX-2. apply on both cpu, gpu, n on copper shim after placing over gpu.

Stress test results

*Ambient Temperature: 32 degrees

Before copper mod, wit default thermal pad. i immediately stop the test b4 it blackout.

After thermal pad was replaced by Copper Shim.
temperature was still steady at 88 degrees after 11mins!

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Dell :: Studio 1745Can't Adjust Brightness
For some reason the brightness on my lcd isn't adjustable. It's stuck at full brightness, on battery, on power, doesn't matter. I've had this laptop for about 2 weeks now. When I first got it, the brightness levels were working, but now they are not. OS is Windows 7 Home.

FN - Brightness Down brings up a on screen display showing the brightness level at full and goes down by about 1, though I see no different in the brightness. It doesn't matter how many times I press the button, it never goes down more than 1.

Control Panel -> Display -> Adjust Brightness -> Power Options: The slider at the bottom shows the brightness level at lowest setting. The FN - Brightness adjustment will move this slider up / down on the scale, but there is no change in the screen brightness.

Anyone have any ideas as to why I can not adjust the brightness and how I can get it back to where I can adjust it?

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Sony :: Can't Adjust Brightness In Win7 X64 On Vaio CS
I just installed Win7, sticking as much as possible to this method:
VAIO FW Clean Windows 7 Install Guide

everything's working, all FN keys, volume multimedia zoom LCD out,
all but brightness.

problem is, using the FN keys, the brightness dialog is showing, but I can't increase or decrease it. brightness does not show up on power managment nor on mobilty center. the power plans from vaio ("VAIO optimized") are showing, but still if I pull the plug screen stays on maximum brightness...

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Sony :: I Can Not Adjust The Brightness On A VGN-Z12GN Under Win 7 In SPEED Mode
I have a Vaio Z, model is VGN-Z12GN.

I upgraded from the pre-installed Windows Vista to Windows 7 Professional (new, up-to-date legit copy from MSDNAA, no pre-release version).

When I am in Speed mode, I can not adjust the screen brightness by using Fn+F5 and Fn+F6. I really would like to have this functionality back again .....

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Apple :: Friggin Electric Sound When Adjust Your Screen's Brightness
it's that friggin electric sound when you adjust your screen's brightness. Not that the sound is loud or anything but it's so annoying. Even clean install of mac os didn't help.

And it's not the hard drive that's making the noise. It seems to be coming from top left corner. Blackbook is half a year old and it started to emit that friggin noise a month ago. So did anyone had the same or having the same problem and did anyone removed this god dammed irritating sound !

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Sony :: Vaio Z11MNB: Brightness Adjust Doesn't Work In SPEED Mode
I've just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my Vaio Z11MNB. As Google told me there is a problem with the FN + F5/F6 brightness adjust in speed mode.

All Sony software ist installed correctly and in the newest version I found.

As in many threads mentioned I followed the right order. But I still cannot adjust the brightness in speed mode

This thread Problem with Vaio Z Windows 7 brightness lead me to the right graphic drivers I thougt... Okay these drivers[url] are for the ZD790 but this shouldn't matter it's the same 9300GS chipset...

The following sony software is installed:

Another smaller problem: From time to time there is a yellow exclamation mark at the SD-Hostcontroller in the device manager. I've googled a lot but there seems to be no other driver than the windows included. VEN_1180&DEV_0822

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Acer :: 4937G - Locked After Some Time
after using for sometime(one is i locked my laptop, go out for few hours. the 2nd time is when i watching movies for around 15mins), the keyboard will somehow "off" or "disable", means u still can use the mouse, clicking everything n its fine, but the keyboard just cannot type anything.

i than decided to restart the laptop. but than after the os shut down, the laptop unable to restart. its just black screen. so i press the power button to off it. switch on, n it never boot up, not even bios appear. tried a few times unable to on.

i than plug out the power, which than able to boot up successfully on batt.

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Acer :: New Aspire One 751 : Brightness Cd/m2
How much brightness ,expressed in cd/m2 ,to be expected for this model based on the brightness of other models ?

Have the Acer netbooks good brightness in general for working outside ?

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Acer :: Aspire 9301- How High Do You Run The Brightness
Just interested how high you all set the brightness and whether anyone that has had invertor or tube failure was a "high brightness user".

So a quick poll, how high do you have the brightness turned up, is it quarter, half, full etc or expressed perhaps 5 out 15, 8 out of 15 etc.

I run 3 out 15 on the brightness, no display problems 3 years old Aspire 9301

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Acer :: Aspire 6930- Modifying Contrast And Brightness
I have an Aspire 6930 and would like to modify the screen contrast and brightness for watching a Netflix movie on-line.

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Acer :: Aspire 1410 / 1810T Fn + Brightness Key, Recognize The Problem
I know that the Fn + Brightness key issue on XP has been mentioned in other 1410/1810T threads, but I thought it might be nice to start a thread specific to the problem. After it's fixed we can add it with the other stickies.

I recently installed XP on a coworkers 1810T and because i'm interested in the machine myself i wanted to investigate the brightness issue and see if Acer is working on a fix, or even recognizes the problem.

My correspondence with Acer has been extremely frustrating and disappointing. I was considering using the 1810T laptops to replace our office's aging Lenovos but Acer's lack of support has made me majorly turned me off to that idea.

Here's my discussion with Acer, reverse chronological order (start at the bottom):............................................

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Acer :: Aspire 5102-(5100) Screen Brightness Adjustment
how do i adjust the screen brightness on my acer aspire 5102 laptop?

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Acer :: Adjust SPD On Nanya PC2-5300 On AS1410 SU2300
I've loaded my memory into another computer where the SPD could be read/written (non x64 OS) and I've tried to set the SPD on the Nanya modules to 6-5-4 to 400Mhz. I also copied the config of a DDR2-800 Nanya module that exactly matches the part number of what's installed in our system, but after clicking write, I reboot and have the same memory timings..

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Dell :: Display Error Won't Allow Me To Adjust My Resolution
When I click on display settings, I get the following error message and it won't allow me to adjust my resolution, which right now is at a very bad setting.

I haven't installed any new drivers recently, this just occurred after playing a game that caused my resolution to lower ....

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Dell :: How Can Adjust The Lighting And Contrast On New Inspiron?
I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 1525 1.86 ghz laptop 3 days ago. I noticed that around bright lights in my room, its monitor is not displaying crisp and clear pictures. How can I adjust the monitor's picture and contrast? Many thanks.

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Dell :: How To Adjust Color And Calibration For Images On A M1730
I found the settings for video but i cant figure out where to change for my images and or websites. as red looks way to bright

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Sony :: VPCZ11: How To Adjust Refresh Rate To 60 Constantly
When I adjust the refresh rate on my Z to 60 Hz and restart it, it plunges back to 40.

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Acer :: Brightness Control
I don't know what has happened or if someone changed something but every single time I change the brightness control to 100% 2 seconds later it goes back to 0%. This is even when it is plugged in or has a full batter.

Even when i switch to that has brightness set to like 80% nothing happens. I went to maxium preformace profile and for some reason it is set to 0% when I change it to 100% and hit apply 2 seconds later it changes back to 0%.

Out side of windows(ie the login screen) I can change my brightness to 100% and it will stay there it's when I login it reverts to 0%.

I have the acer aspire 5100 laptop. Is there anyway someone could have changed something that makes this happen?

to 100% 2 seconds later it goes back to 0%. This is even when it is plugged in or has a full batter.

Even when i switch to that has brightness set to like 80% nothing happens. I went to maxium preformace profile and for some reason it is set to 0% when I change it to 100% and hit apply 2 seconds later it changes back to 0%.

Out side of windows(ie the login screen) I can change my brightness to 100% and it will stay there it's when I login it reverts to 0%.

I have the acer aspire 5100 laptop. Is there anyway someone could have changed something that makes this happen?

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Sony :: VPCF115FM- How Do You Adjust The Default Size Of A Browser/webpage
I just got a Sony VPCF115FM. I was wondering if there is a setting for the browser/webpage where it opens up and the size is what I prefer. Meaning that I don't have to keep using "Ctrl +" to enlarge the page.

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Acer :: Brightness - With Timeline 4810TZ
When I unplug (go to battery power), the green battery-light-led goes on and overrides the brightness-settings I do with Windows 7. This means whenever I plug-in or plug-out the brigthness gets reset to some value that Acer thinks is 'right' for me. I would like to decide myself what is right for me, but can't find out how.

What makes it worse is that at first it works like:

Unplugged: 30% brightness
Plugged-in: 40% brightness

Which is reasonable. However, after pluggin-in/out a few times, it goes all screwy. For example: unplugged becomes 50%, plugged-in becomes 10%, or some other seemingly random non-sense-making values. So, I would like to get rid of this.

Pressing the green led when it's on makes it go off and seems to give brightness-control back to windows-settings. However, as soon as pluggin-in and plugging-out again, the green led comes on again. Argh.

I read some other threads about similar issues, but people would always have Acer ePower Management or something installed. I do not. This happens on a fresh clean install of Windows 7. Bios is up-to-date. Happens in every power mode (saver/balanced/performance).................

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Acer :: Timeline Screen Brightness Goes Up And Down
i just installed Win 7 RC 64bit.

now, after every drivers/applications installed, i notice screen brightness goes up and down by itself, (it dims then goes back to bright).

This only happens when Power Saver button is pressed (lit green).
It did not do this with Win 7 32bit.

i assume, it is power saving feature interfering with win 7's power scheme.
Kinda cool.. but just wanted to know anyone else is having this *cool* trick..

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Acer :: Brightness Control Keeps Defaulting To 0%
I don't know what has happened or if someone changed something but every single time I change the brightness control to 100% 2 seconds later it goes back to 0%. This is even when it is plugged in or has a full batter.

Even when i switch to that has brightness set to like 80% nothing happens. I went to maxium preformace profile and for some reason it is set to 0% when I change it to 100% and hit apply 2 seconds later it changes back to 0%.

Out side of windows(ie the login screen) I can change my brightness to 100% and it will stay there it's when I login it reverts to 0%.

I have the acer aspire 5100 laptop. Is there anyway someone could have changed something that makes this happen?

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Acer :: 5810T Screen Brightness At 100% After Reboot
I set the power options to 50% brightness then click save changes and reboot, the display stays at 50% until about 30 seconds after i see the desktop and then the brightness goes to 100%

I have the brightness in the INTEL graphic properties, colour correction and brightness is set to -60 as low as it will go, and it says like that after reboot but the brightness still goes to 100%

Windows mobility center brightness does not fix the brightness either.

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Acer :: 1410 XP Hotkey Issue. Can't Dim Brightness
Has anyone installed XP on their Acer 1410 and got the hotkey software to work
properly? I can get everything to work (sound/bluetooth/video out) except lcd brightness. FN + left or right arrow key does not do anything.

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Acer :: Timeline 3810TZ Brightness Changes Automatically
I bought a 3810TZ with SU2700, but I have noticed that when on battery power and brightness set to low, the brightness of the screen would change automatically by itself according to the background. for example, the screen would darken if you have something dark open on the screen, and the screen would become brighter if you have a web page that's mainly white. Is this a feature in windows vista, or is the LCD screen defective?

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Acer :: 3810t When On Battery Power, It Seems To Fluctuate In Brightness ..
I am running Windows 7 RC1 on the 3810t, and have been experiencing some weird issues.

I am hoping that someone in the NotebookReview community has already struggled with these problems and can help me resolve them.

The first issue concerns the laptop screen. When on battery power, it seems to fluctuate in brightness and contrast without my express permission. I have looked around in video card and power settings, as I thought that maybe this was a "feature" to save battery power or something, but have been unable to find anything.

Secondly, the computer sometimes goes to sleep long before the time delay for inactivity has passed. The last straw came yesterday, when I continually struggled with waking my compy up, and then having it go to sleep three or four seconds later, over and over again. I won when i yanked the battery out. Except that I wanted to use the computer, so I guess the computer won...

Anyways, I think that this machine is great. The battery life is amazing, and it runs quickly and smoothly (I have the 3810t-6775 with an SSD --the performance of the SSD is incredible). Hopefully someone can help me with these minor (read: major) issues so that I can transcend into computing bliss.

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Acer :: Missing Brightness Icon / Launch Manager
I bought my Acer 3810TG a month ago with Vista pre-installed and recently upgraded to Windows 7. The only problem now is that the brightness icon has disappeared (when I press Fn+left/right arrows), every other icon is working fine though.

Anyway when I looked in the Launch Manager folder, there's a folder called OSDRC with pictures of the icons, where I noticed the brightness icons were missing.

I've tried reinstalling Vista, sent it back to Acer, installing the newest/previous versions of Acer Launch Manager but neither helped.

Is it possible that someone whose brightness icons are working can upload them here or have another solution to get them back?

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Acer :: Brightness Controls No Longer Work On Timeline 1410 Upgraded To Windows 7 (32 Bit)
I used the upgrade kit from Acer to do a clean install of Windows 7 to my Timeline 1410. Everything works great and I love this laptop... except that the brightness controls (Fn+Left/Right Arrow) do not work. It's locked at highest brightness.

I am at my wit's end trying to figure this out.

I have installed all the Win 7 drivers from Acer's site, particularly

- Newest bios
- Launch Manager
- Chipset drivers
- Intel graphics drivers

When I first boot it up, the brightness controls work fine during the BIOS steps. But once Windows takes over, the controls no longer function. In the Windows Mobility Center, there is no brightness control panel. [FWIW, my Dell, which does have functional brightness control, doesn't show one either.] All other Fn-combinations, like volume control, work fine.

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Dell :: Brightness
So I turn the brightness as low as it goes and finish up as quietly and quickly as I can but when there's a white background it's still kind of bright and I was just wondering if there was a way to turn down the brightness on the display even lower than what the power options let me do

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Acer :: The Aspire Or The Aspire Timeline
I'm planning on getting either both of these computers, Aspire AS5538-1096 or Aspire Timeline 5810-4784. Everything else is understandable except the part of the processor.

The Aspire as5538 comes with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core Processor L310 1.2GHz, 1 MB L2 cache. While the Aspire Timeline comes with an Intel Pentium Processor DU4199 1.3GHz, 2MB L2 cache. I mean, are intel making pentiums with dual core? Can it beat the Athlon 64 x2 1.2 dual core? Even if it costs more with the Aspire Timeline?

Here are links I found with some detailed information about these two products:

Aspire A5538-1096

Aspire Timeline 5810-4784

My main concern is, dual core, portability, and solid design. In better words, which is the best one?

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Dell :: 1537 Brightness Led
i just bought a 1537 with the wxga LG Led screen. i cant use this laptop without getting a headache. The screen is toooooooooo bright even turned down as well as adjusting the ati settings of gamma and brightness. its always to bright and strains my eyes.

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Dell :: How Many Brightness Settings Does Your LCD Have
I am trying to detemine whether I have an LED WUXGA screen and i got some good info from jet757f in another thread that said that LED screens have 15 brightness steps and that CCFL have only 7 brightness steps.


screen resolution:
# of brightness settings:
panel model:

screen resolution: 1920 x 1200
# of brightness settings: 15
panel model: LGD0135

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Dell :: Screen Brightness
I am running Windows 7 x64 RC1 and whenever I put the computer out of sleep mode the screen brightness is at max.

I normally put it on minimum, but sleep doesn't remember that

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Dell :: Studio 15 LCD Brightness
I have a problem with the LCD brightness...the LCD is very dim most the time (regardless of adapter or not)

Everytime I restart, the brightness is back to normal until window has finished loading, and then the brightness of the screen will suddenly dim alot and will continue to be dim until I restart again. I tried to edit this using power management but it does not work.

I also tried to adjust the brightness by pressing Fn and up arrow but the brightness is already set to max. The problem is that the brightness is correct on boot up but does not sustain that brightness after loaded.

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Sony :: P-Series Brightness Key..
I'm almost done, but I'm very stuck on the brightness key..
I have install most of the Vaio things using the guide from Z-series Clean install

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Sony :: SR Fn+F5/F6 Brightness In Windows 7
I just tried out the Windows 7 beta on my SR 220J/B and everything seems to work great except for the Fn+F5/F6 brightness controls.

Win7 seemed to work well out of the box, and I've installed the Alps and Synaptics drivers, along with the Upek fingerprint software (btw, I can't log in to Windows using my fingerprint, even though the log-in screen has the fingerprint icon...). I also installed "Vaio Event Service 2 ( -- All OS" from the Drivers & Software post, and the volume/mute Fn key controls work, but not the brightness.

How can I get Fn+F5/F6 to work?

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Sony :: Brightness FN Keys
I have upgraded to W7 pro, ran the companion DVD and everything is good except the FN brightness key (also changing brightness in W7 itself) they don't work.

I have been to the website and down loaded apparently the correct utility settings driver for W7 Pro 32-bit (at least it says on the website its compatable) and when I try to run it, it says it's for Vista only.


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Dell :: 1340 Saturation/Brightness
Whenever I log into my laptop, past the login screen, the screen immediately darkens and becomes way too unsaturated and dark to view.

This doesn't occur doing the login screen and fixes itself when I run a Display test on Windows 7, but it reoccurs when I open a new program.

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Dell :: Changing Display Brightness
I am not able any longer to change the brigntness of the display via the known keys if the light sensor is deactivated.
If the light sensor is activated I can adjust the brightness but I do not like the sensor.

I can change the brightness without the sensor when I am in the BIOS and during windows is booting.

My system: Precision M4500 with Windows 7 Professional X64
The problem also occours with a fresh and pure Windows 7 Installation ..

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Dell :: Sxps 16 Screen Brightness
i have the RGBLED screen and i was wondering how do change the settings on how bright the screen should be on different settings like power saver and high performance or when its running on battery or not.

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Dell :: 1557 Brightness Can't Change
I got my Dell 1557 about a month ago and for a while, it seemed just fine with my display brightness.

I could change it to however bright I want it to be. Then today, when I turned on my computer, my settings for my display brightness was at the highest when it normally is in the middle.

At first I thought nothing of it because I could easily change it with the F4 and F5 buttons, but after I logged on and tried to change it, nothing happened. Not even after I restarted the computer or reinstall the ATI Catalyst Center.


Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Core i7-720QM

4GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

Full HD 1080p High Brightness LED

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Dell :: E193FPp Monitor Brightness
So I've been using the Dell E193FPp 19" lcd monitor for a few years now. It is a lower end model (not ultrasharp) that I purchased 3 years ago. I'm not sure if it's because of aging or maybe I'm becoming more picky, but I've noticed lately that the brightness on this monitor simply is awful. White looks dull and greyish. I have the brightness at 100 and I'm really unhappy with the way it all looks.

Is my issue to do with my monitor being old, it being connected to a Dell Dimension tower that is 7 years old, a VGA connection, or something else? In the past 2 weeks I've done a lot of research and learned about VA and IPS panels. I've love to purchase an IPS panel but I fear it won't be a big improvement because it would be attached to a old Dell tower. Is this correct?

I wanted to get a new mac mini but they were not released at Macworld last week. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. The white on my monitor is a joke compared to my macbook pro at it's highest bright setting.

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Dell :: M1530 XPS Brightness Controls
I recently replaced the inverter in my Dell Xps M1530 laptop. I bought the inverter off ebay, and the listing said it was compatible for my laptop.
My problem is,

that since I replaced the inverter (screen looks great by the way), the brightness controls no longer do anything. The laptop is on constant highest brightness. If I use the Fn Up and Down arrows,

the brightness bar comes up on the bottom right of the screen and it actually moves left and right in line with what I am telling it to do, but the screen brightness doesn't change! I have tried going in to the power settings and display settings

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Dell :: E6400 Screen Brightness Changes
I have a Dell Latitude E6400 and am extremely happy with it as I've had no major problems with it so far (touch wood), but just last week, the screen started to go dim and then bright, really annoyingly.

I can tell it must be to with the sensor thing below the screen as when I put my finger over it, it goes dimmer.

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Dell :: Can't Increase Display Brightness
Everything had been fine until I did some updates, can't remember if this occurred after a video driver update or a BIOS update.

But now the display brightness maxes out at about half. When I hit Fn + up arrow, it starts off at about half and the little meter does go up (the sunshine puts on his shades), but the display brightness doesn't change at all.

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Dell :: Ultrasharp Screen Brightness?
I have a Dell Ultrasharp 1707FP. It is connected via DVI. I was looking at the on screen options, and i can only adjust the brightness.

My whites looked kinda yellow, and the whole screen did not really look that bright. but it still looked good, as i was very happy with it.

So i adjusted the brightness from 75 to 90, and it looks alot better, as now the whites are white and colors are also bright yet the dark colors are still dark.

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Sony :: SZ Brightness Controls In Windows 7?
I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 on my SZ5. Was surprised at how much works out of the box (fingerprint sensor, drivers etc) but the one glaring bug I found is that when I close the lid and the monitor shuts off, when I reopen it the brightness controls (FN+F5 and FN+F6) no longer work.

I also notice that the brightness controls in Windows' power options Control Panel disappears.

I need to restart my computer to resolve this (similar problems by other users: Sony Vaio SZ1XP - Windows 7 RC ). Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!

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Sony :: Vaio FZ LCD Can't Change Brightness
I've done a search and couldn't find anything relevant.

My FZ of 28 months old has suddenly started making a faint buzzing noise from the screen.

At first I thought it was the fan, but I realized it's the LCD. I can't change the brightness for some reason using Windows 7 but it's on Max Bright. I've seen some threads of people having this problem on lowered brightness levels but this is happening on full.

When I shut the lid, the buzzing stops. It can be heard if I stand behind the laptop or place my ear beside either rear corner of the laptop.

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