Acer :: Bios Recovery 3810, 4810, 5810 Models

Oct 7, 2009

Few days ago I tried to update the bios and something went wrong. Now my Timeline 5810T is piece of hi-tech scrap.

I tried many ways to recover bios with Fn+Esc tricks using CD and usb flash with sort of different filenames (BIOS.WPH, jm31x64.fd, ICL50HW.fd, ...), but i'm not happy yet.

It seems, that the old finesses doesn't work with x810 Timeline series with Insyde bios inside. After many hours with uncle Google, it seems that nobody on the planet know the right way.

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Acer :: Same Screen For 3810 , 4810 And 5810 Timeline

Jul 28, 2009

Also same screen for travelmate 8371,8471 and 8571?

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Acer :: 4810 Vs 3810

Sep 23, 2009

I am confused, a bit, which one should I go for

The processor is Su3500, RAM 2GB, 320 GB HDD for both 3810 and 4810.
3810 weighs 1.6 kg while 4810 is 1.9 kg

I like a light notebook suits my light body, but 300gm or a DVD RW drive the better

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Acer :: Overclocking 5810 Timeline

Sep 6, 2009

I'm a student who's looking for a laptop to use for only note taking, web browsing, and other low power programs. The most I might use out of a laptop is multi tabbed browsing (I already have a desktop replacement for gaming). Anyway, I saw the laptop Acer 5810 Aspire Timline today at Sam's Club for a cheap $497 (Seems like other places including internet sites sell them for $520 to $590). All the specs were pretty nice and the battery life looked great! The only thing that really let me down was the processor. It uses and SU intel processor, meaning it's a meant for low volt usage. In addition, it runs at a measly 1.3ghz! Do you think I can overclock it to atleast 1.6 - 18?

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Acer :: 3810 No WIN 7 CD

May 13, 2010

Just got my 3810 and want to do a clean install. Unfortunately Acer doesn't supply the WIN 7 OS. Which I new that but now I want to clean it up and do a fresh install. Can someone expalin how to do this? I have a memory stick. I don't feel I should pony up $20 for a disk from Acer.

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Acer :: Which 4810 Should I Get

Jan 11, 2010

My GF and I are getting a new laptop, and the Acer Timeline 4810 is at the top of our list. It's almost $200 cheaper than the ASUS UL80. I know Best Buy is far from the best source of info, but the kid we talked to said that the Acer is basically no more than a word processing computer and internet-surfer. Given we don't need much more than that, but I'd still like to get the best processor in this model I can, but there are so many configurations!

Would the best and fasted computer in this line be the 4810tz-4508? Does anyone think I should pony up and get the ASUS UL80?

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Acer :: The 3810 With 3430

Oct 16, 2009

Is it safe to buy this model, with the recall going and all?

I am worried about things going wrong with it. I have never owned Acer before, and I have actually heard allot of bad things about them, but this computer looks really great and uniqe.

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Acer :: 3810 Different Batteries

Mar 15, 2010

since the 3810 is really noisy with AC plugged in, I decided to buy another battery to only run it on batteries.

But I found several different models running with the 3810 so I am confused and wonder if anyone has made experiences with original/3rt party batteries and would recommend a particular one. What I found so far are

4400 mAh; 6 cells; non-original EUR 34
6600Mah; 9 cells ; non-original; EUR 42
5600mAh; ? cells; ORIGINAL; EUR 115
5600mAh, ? cells; "100% New Genuine Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery" EUR 37

In particular, are the 6 and nine cells akkus of equal size or how much will it exceed the laptop?

And are original batteries worth thrice the price?

The original one has only six cells right? I did not find any ORIGINAL 9 cells battery or do they not exist?

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Acer :: TIMELINE 3810

Sep 27, 2009

I uninstalled all the extra software that this laptop came with. One problem i am having is every SECOND start up, the computers loads very slow. The next time i turn on the laptop it will load really fast and all the icons and stuff will pop up right away. Then the next time it will be slow again, windows load then only the wallpaper visible, the icons on desktop and the start bar is not there for about 2 mins.

I tried to restart and i noticed it is always on the second start up.

Also i tried to format my laptop with XP on a usb stick. When i get to the set up, it can not detected the harddrive but only the usb stick.

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Acer :: 4810 For Web Design

Dec 2, 2009

Im currently using an Acer Aspire 5920G. Im in the market for a new Laptop since the 5920Gs battery is terrible (lasts about 1.5 hours) and so I found this:


My only problem is that I feel the CPU is too slow to run programs like Dreamweaver CS4 and Photoshop CS4 adequately. My 5920G has a Dual Core 2.0Ghz Intel CPY where as this 4810 has a SU4100 at 1.3Ghz. I cant find any benchmarks for the SU4100 either which doesn't help............

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Acer :: Using Firefox On 4810

Apr 22, 2010

i'm experiencing weird behaviour while using firefox, when scrolling using the mouse it stops for a sec every now and then, when right clicking the menu doesn't always show up and the most annoying when loading a webpage, it takes ages.. that is until i learned that if you move the mouse pointer after clicking on a link, its instant!

anyone else having weird problems like this?

also is there any program that controls the dolby sound room? I had one on my 6920

i've noticed that the hang is every 15-30 secs, when watching a youtube video it hangs every 15-30 secs, very weird

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Acer :: Aspire 3810 Thread

Dec 4, 2009

First things first is if you have a 3810 you might want to check when it was manufactured as some have overheating microphone lead issues:


Click here to see if yours is affected: [url]
Now that the bad bits out of the way lets move on shall we....

Link to the different configs you can get:


Personally for the price I would go for the LX.PE602.045 version. Its about £480 and for the price it a steal. Performance wise it will cope with day to day tasks and even more resource hogging programs like Photoshop [url], yes I know its not an ACER 3810 but it uses the same Intel SU4100 CPU. As you can see its competant enough).

And the 8 hours battery life!! You can get a USB GPS receiver and use it as a Sat Nav system, with 8 hours battery life you'll be fine

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Acer :: 3810 With Vista Ultimate

Feb 18, 2010

I have laptop acer as3810 aspire timeline, it is 13'3 inch and 4gb ram with 320 hard disk and intel core 2 solo su3500 processor, and with vista home premium and i want it vista ultimate.. so I bought vista ultimate cd with activation and all thing and I want to install it, but will it affect the 8 hours battery life, and all the programs will be deleted and in this laptop there is no dvd rom and no cd for acer programs and software.. If I will install windows vista ultimate how i will get acer webcam,acer gamezone,acer aspire as3810 pdf file,acer screensaver,acer wallpapers,acer recovery button, bluetooth, wifi, wlan wireless and the most important that when i change the volume and turn on bluetooth and the touchpad locker it make affect on the screen how i can let these effects still appeared on the screen after changing the windows vista home, are there specific software for this laptop in internet and where and how to let these effects still appeared and gained the 8hours battery life?

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Acer :: Timeline 4810 Beeping

Aug 28, 2009

computer beeps everytime the adapter gets taken out and plugged in. I tried lowering the volume, turning the sound scheme to no sound. But the beeping still happens.

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Acer :: 3810 (w/ SU2700) Or 1410 (w/ SU2300)

Oct 22, 2009

I'm torn between the 13.3 and the 11.6. How do these two stack up in terms of processing power.

Intel Pentium SU2700 1.3GHz / 4GB RAM / 320GB Hard Drive / Intel GMA 4500MHD Graphics / 802.11N Wireless / Webcam / Vista Home Premium 64-Bit

and this

Intel Celeron 1.2GHz SU2300 / 2GB RAM / 160GB Hard Drive / Intel GMA 4500MHD / Webcam / 802.11N Wireless / HDMI / 6-Cell Battery / Windows 7 Home Premium

I think I remember reading that the SU2300 is better (or perhaps better bang for your buck) than the SU3500. I'm pretty sure the SU3500 is supposed to be better than the SU2700. So, does that make the SU2300 better when compared to the SU2700?

I'm haven't made up my mind on the 13.3" form factor, but the $499 price point seemed like a deal. Also, is the 13.3" eligible for Windows 7?

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Acer :: 3810 (500gb) Is It Noisy- Fans - Hdd

Sep 26, 2009

Is it noisy? - hdd and so on

How long time does it take to boot up? or start up

Do you recommend it, for scool and such

the specs are Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400(1.40GHz) 13.3" Wide XGA 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD Intel GMA 4500MHD

The 14" model, does that only have solo cpu's , if so im gonna buy the 13", since it has SU9400

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Acer :: Timeline 4810 Win7 Battery (and Other)

Jan 8, 2010

For the past 5 months that ive owned m laptop, i have been running the Windows 7 RC.

However, given that i will be leaving the country for the next four months (during which time my RC license will expire) i did a clean install to an RTM (retail) copy of windows 7 ultimate 64 a few days ago. Since then, ive noticed some bothersome issues:

battery life is fluctuating heavily, and the predictions are nowhere near as high as they used to be (with the win7 RC i got 7 hours or so in practical use)

the Launch Manager software is not really working, when i unplug i dont see the battery logo come up on screen like i used to when i unplug, and instead get random changes in brightness and beep sounds when nothing seems to be happening (i think thats related to the optical drive management software) the other touch buttons, like wifi do show a logo on screen when clicked, but the battery button does not.

in the time i have spent writing this post, the battery indicator has predicted 5 hours, 5 hours 30 min, 7 hours 30 min, and 6 hours, all between 85 and 83%. i know it fluctuates some because its calculated based on usage, but this is way more than it ever did before.

in addition i cant install the VGA drivers from acer because it says my computer doesnt meet the minimum specs when i try to install.

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Acer :: Timeline 4810 Strange Noise

Jul 24, 2009

I bought a 4810 about a week ago & so far I'm pretty happy with it, but one things bothers me & I'm not sure if it's normal or not.

After the laptop's been on for awhile (maybe 30 minutes+) it will make a strange snapping or clicking noise (definitely not the hard drive.) It seems to come from the screen area although I'm not positive on that. It's pretty rare that it happens, but lately I've noticed it happening when the laptop powers off.

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Acer :: 4810 Tthe End Of The Freezing Saga

Feb 7, 2010

I flashed the BIOS, I tested the hardware, I custom installed Windows 7, yet still the freezing continued.

Now I've custom installed Windows 7 again, and this time I haven't installed or updated any drivers, apart from those that were installed during the OS installation.

So far, no freezing.

Obviously, this has limited some of the functions on my notebook, so I was wondering what was the best way to install each driver, one-by-one, to find out which one was the culprit?

I may leave it a few days, to make sure the freezing issue has gone away, but should I set a system restore point before every installation?

Should I also switch driver download to manual? I believe Windows will always ask permission to download (and I presume install) new drivers, but should I make sure?

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Acer :: Battery Light On Timeline 4810

Jan 3, 2010

How do I make the long led on the front of my Timeline work? It becomes all red only when it is charging, but if running on battery I am not managing to have it work, i.e. to have it indicate how much battery i got left...

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Acer :: Timeline 4810 German Keyboard Layout

Aug 25, 2009

Can someone please post a picture of the german keyboard version from Acer Timeline 4810? I'm considering buying one from Germany (lower price, SU9400 available) and I need to know if all the keys needed to my native language are there.

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Acer :: Aspire® 4810 Timeline Vs. Lenovo T410s

Mar 23, 2010

First of all I will admit that I have never used an Acer before (I am a Lenovo/IBM person) and I don't get how this whole brand works. I hope you will be able to help me out. So my notebook is Lenovo 410s and i am very happy with it; now I am helping to buy a notebook for my friend who has similar needs as I and I would recommend her Lenovo again, but hey I just stumbled across Acer and found it interesting. So I'd like to ask a few questions in the hope you will help:

1. Who are the best sellers in the US of Acer computers? It seems to me that Acer, unlike Lenovo, is being sold everywhere and I can't make sense of this mess - i.e. who to buy from.

2. Would be e.g. an Acer 4810 Timeline (or suggest any other type) be able to meet the following:
a) need a quite computer (noise of any kind is especially annoying)
b) need a light computer (carry it everyday ..anything around 4lb should do)
c) need more of a business model: don't do any gaming, only office, web surfing and an occasional video watching
d) need a solid and sturdy build
e) need an integrated webcamp, SD card reader

Now I have to say that Lenovo 410s meets basically all the wishes I've had for a laptop: it's very light (3.8lbs), very fast, fantastic build. The only two issues that I don't like about it: the quality of the screen is subpar and it does get noisy - by that I mean fan activity. But overall i have not seen a more impressive computer than this.
Thus would Acer be able to beat this? What about screen quality? Heat issues? How bad are the speakers? etc. Btw. does Acer offer Solid State Drives with their units?

In sum, can anybody suggest a model that would equal the performance and specifications of Lenovo 410s and make a persuasive argument why to go with Acer and where to possibly buy it? (of course Acer being cheaper is one such argument).

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Acer :: 3810 With Dual-core Proc. Reduced Battery Life

Nov 22, 2009

The Acer Timeline 3810tz is advertised to get 8+ hours of battery life. Those who have tested get about that amount while browsing the web and doing simple task, and this model contains a single core processor. I read somewhere that the Acer 3810 model with a dual core processor SU4100 get half that battery life and only goes about 4 hours.

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Acer :: MXM Models And Cards

Jul 4, 2009

you've probably heard it told to you time and time and time again, that there is no way to upgrade a dedicated GPU on a notebook.

But as an Acer owner, you may very well be among the lucky few who CAN upgrade their GPU, since Acer has used the MXM standard on its notebooks for quite some time now.

(For a primer on what MXM is, go have a look at the best resource online for MXM.)

But if your system came with any Intel GMA, it cannot be upgraded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This topic will list which notebooks are CONFIRMED to be MXM-capable, as well as what slot they have, and what cards they were originally sold with (consider those safe upgrades). Any successful new-card upgrades will be linked to alongside the model.

A later post will document all the MXM cards that Acer has issued - although it's possible to use cards from other vendors, it's safest and more likely to be compatible if you stick with an Acer issue.............................

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Acer :: 6 Cell Aspire One Models

Mar 13, 2009

I can never find any in Ireland/UK/Europe. Which models in specific carry the 6 cell battery.

Would it be at all cost effective to get a cheap Aspire One and a seperate battery?

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Acer :: 'G' And 'Z' Suffix In Aspire Models

Mar 18, 2009

I noticed that some of the Aspire model numbers come suffixed with 'G' and 'Z', such as 4930G and 2920Z.

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Acer :: 9300 Bios Recovery

May 12, 2009

Acer 9300

I was trying to play a video and the computer froze. I waited several minutes and nothing responded. I finally had to hold the power button to shut it down. Now it will not go to the bios screen and the screen shows a bit of brightening but does not go anywhere.

I've googled for a solution and there are several pieces of possible solutions I have found but as is too often the case, there were no follow up answers to make the posts helpful or, the answers came tantalizingly close like the following for a similar problem with an acer aspire 5315:

"1. first download the attached zip file and unzip it.
2. burn the extracted disc image to disc using nero.
3. place the newly burned cd into your laptop cd drive tray
4. remove the battery and power cord.
5. press and hold FN and ESC keep pressed and insert power cord and then press the power on button
6. your notebook should power up but without any display.
7. you should see the cd/dvd drive activity light blinking as it reads from the recovery disc.
8. if all is well your laptop should power itself down after about 2 minutes
9. once it has powered down remove the power cord and wait about five minutes.
10. finally insert your battery and power cord and power up your laptop in the normal way............

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Acer :: Bios Recovery On 4810T

Sep 19, 2009

I bricked my Aspire 4810 TG while downgrading the bios. Does anyone know how to get the notebook booting again?

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Acer V3-771 :: Cannot Get Into BIOS To Rebuild From Recovery DVD

Jan 31, 2015

My Windows 8 install got corrupted and will not boot. So I just want to get the laptop to boot onto the recovery DVD or any DVD so I can rebuild it.
No matter how hard I press F2 nothing happens and I keep getting "No Bootable Device, Hit any key." This just takes me into an empty boot menu! I have tried with what I know to be bootable CD/DVD in the internal and have used external DVD drives.
I just want to get into the setup to boot onto the DVD drive.

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Acer :: Bios Recovery On Timeline Series

Sep 6, 2009

i turned my new travelmate 8471 into a brick by flashing it with the wrong bios (shame on me ) - now i am looking for a way to bring it to life again - any suggestions? Its really bad that it happened 3 days after i got it and i have no idea because these models are quite new to the market - acer support also didnt give feedback yet -

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