Acer :: 3810 (500gb) Is It Noisy- Fans - Hdd

Sep 26, 2009

Is it noisy? - hdd and so on

How long time does it take to boot up? or start up

Do you recommend it, for scool and such

the specs are Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400(1.40GHz) 13.3" Wide XGA 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD Intel GMA 4500MHD

The 14" model, does that only have solo cpu's , if so im gonna buy the 13", since it has SU9400

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Acer :: 3810 No WIN 7 CD

May 13, 2010

Just got my 3810 and want to do a clean install. Unfortunately Acer doesn't supply the WIN 7 OS. Which I new that but now I want to clean it up and do a fresh install. Can someone expalin how to do this? I have a memory stick. I don't feel I should pony up $20 for a disk from Acer.

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Acer :: 4810 Vs 3810

Sep 23, 2009

I am confused, a bit, which one should I go for

The processor is Su3500, RAM 2GB, 320 GB HDD for both 3810 and 4810.
3810 weighs 1.6 kg while 4810 is 1.9 kg

I like a light notebook suits my light body, but 300gm or a DVD RW drive the better

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Acer :: The 3810 With 3430

Oct 16, 2009

Is it safe to buy this model, with the recall going and all?

I am worried about things going wrong with it. I have never owned Acer before, and I have actually heard allot of bad things about them, but this computer looks really great and uniqe.

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Acer :: 3810 Different Batteries

Mar 15, 2010

since the 3810 is really noisy with AC plugged in, I decided to buy another battery to only run it on batteries.

But I found several different models running with the 3810 so I am confused and wonder if anyone has made experiences with original/3rt party batteries and would recommend a particular one. What I found so far are

4400 mAh; 6 cells; non-original EUR 34
6600Mah; 9 cells ; non-original; EUR 42
5600mAh; ? cells; ORIGINAL; EUR 115
5600mAh, ? cells; "100% New Genuine Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery" EUR 37

In particular, are the 6 and nine cells akkus of equal size or how much will it exceed the laptop?

And are original batteries worth thrice the price?

The original one has only six cells right? I did not find any ORIGINAL 9 cells battery or do they not exist?

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Acer :: TIMELINE 3810

Sep 27, 2009

I uninstalled all the extra software that this laptop came with. One problem i am having is every SECOND start up, the computers loads very slow. The next time i turn on the laptop it will load really fast and all the icons and stuff will pop up right away. Then the next time it will be slow again, windows load then only the wallpaper visible, the icons on desktop and the start bar is not there for about 2 mins.

I tried to restart and i noticed it is always on the second start up.

Also i tried to format my laptop with XP on a usb stick. When i get to the set up, it can not detected the harddrive but only the usb stick.

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Acer :: Aspire 3810 Thread

Dec 4, 2009

First things first is if you have a 3810 you might want to check when it was manufactured as some have overheating microphone lead issues:


Click here to see if yours is affected: [url]
Now that the bad bits out of the way lets move on shall we....

Link to the different configs you can get:


Personally for the price I would go for the LX.PE602.045 version. Its about £480 and for the price it a steal. Performance wise it will cope with day to day tasks and even more resource hogging programs like Photoshop [url], yes I know its not an ACER 3810 but it uses the same Intel SU4100 CPU. As you can see its competant enough).

And the 8 hours battery life!! You can get a USB GPS receiver and use it as a Sat Nav system, with 8 hours battery life you'll be fine

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Acer :: 3810 With Vista Ultimate

Feb 18, 2010

I have laptop acer as3810 aspire timeline, it is 13'3 inch and 4gb ram with 320 hard disk and intel core 2 solo su3500 processor, and with vista home premium and i want it vista ultimate.. so I bought vista ultimate cd with activation and all thing and I want to install it, but will it affect the 8 hours battery life, and all the programs will be deleted and in this laptop there is no dvd rom and no cd for acer programs and software.. If I will install windows vista ultimate how i will get acer webcam,acer gamezone,acer aspire as3810 pdf file,acer screensaver,acer wallpapers,acer recovery button, bluetooth, wifi, wlan wireless and the most important that when i change the volume and turn on bluetooth and the touchpad locker it make affect on the screen how i can let these effects still appeared on the screen after changing the windows vista home, are there specific software for this laptop in internet and where and how to let these effects still appeared and gained the 8hours battery life?

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Acer :: 3810 (w/ SU2700) Or 1410 (w/ SU2300)

Oct 22, 2009

I'm torn between the 13.3 and the 11.6. How do these two stack up in terms of processing power.

Intel Pentium SU2700 1.3GHz / 4GB RAM / 320GB Hard Drive / Intel GMA 4500MHD Graphics / 802.11N Wireless / Webcam / Vista Home Premium 64-Bit

and this

Intel Celeron 1.2GHz SU2300 / 2GB RAM / 160GB Hard Drive / Intel GMA 4500MHD / Webcam / 802.11N Wireless / HDMI / 6-Cell Battery / Windows 7 Home Premium

I think I remember reading that the SU2300 is better (or perhaps better bang for your buck) than the SU3500. I'm pretty sure the SU3500 is supposed to be better than the SU2700. So, does that make the SU2300 better when compared to the SU2700?

I'm haven't made up my mind on the 13.3" form factor, but the $499 price point seemed like a deal. Also, is the 13.3" eligible for Windows 7?

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Acer :: Same Screen For 3810 , 4810 And 5810 Timeline

Jul 28, 2009

Also same screen for travelmate 8371,8471 and 8571?

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Acer :: Bios Recovery 3810, 4810, 5810 Models

Oct 7, 2009

Few days ago I tried to update the bios and something went wrong. Now my Timeline 5810T is piece of hi-tech scrap.

I tried many ways to recover bios with Fn+Esc tricks using CD and usb flash with sort of different filenames (BIOS.WPH, jm31x64.fd, ICL50HW.fd, ...), but i'm not happy yet.

It seems, that the old finesses doesn't work with x810 Timeline series with Insyde bios inside. After many hours with uncle Google, it seems that nobody on the planet know the right way.

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Acer :: 3810 With Dual-core Proc. Reduced Battery Life

Nov 22, 2009

The Acer Timeline 3810tz is advertised to get 8+ hours of battery life. Those who have tested get about that amount while browsing the web and doing simple task, and this model contains a single core processor. I read somewhere that the Acer 3810 model with a dual core processor SU4100 get half that battery life and only goes about 4 hours.

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Acer :: Aspire V3-571G With Really Noisy Fan?

Oct 22, 2014

The fan of my computer has started to make a lot of noise as of yesterday. It's alright the first 5 minutes after start-up but then it goes crazy as long as the fan is running fast. The core temperature is around 47 C on both cores so it's not even that hot and I recently open it up to check if it was dust covering the fan but it was fine (I blew away as much dust as I could but there was really nothing on it). 
Here's a video of how the noise sounds : [URL] .........

In the end of the video you can hear the sound at the fan intake
 Computer specifications
Acer Aspire v3-571G
Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHZ
Windows 8
Bios v. 2.21
Bought August 2013
What should I do? Replace the fan? Is it dangerous to run the computer when the fan is making this noise?
My computer has become pretty slow latetly and therefore the fan is running fast more often, maybe it works to make a factory reset?

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Acer :: New Hdd For 6935gSeagate Momentus 7200.4 500gb St9500420asg

Nov 26, 2009

any opinions on the Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500gb st9500420asg hard drive when used in an acer 6935g. I am looking to replace my existing hitachi 250gb hard drive with the seagate, for when i upgrade the os to win 7 pro 64bit.

I am interested in the following aspects:
- Hard drive speed in real world use, ie is the laptop noticeably faster in use and in booting up, shutting down? Yes, i know it is 7200 compared to the 5400 but does the speed actually make a difference..?

- Power (battery) useage, is there much reduction in battery life (20 minutes or more)?

-noise, is it noiser than the stock hdd, if so is it annoyingly noisy?

I have done my research on the web and in some reviews it is highly rated but in another they recommend the wd scorpio blue and in another the equivalent hitachi. So that is why i am asking here for peoples actual experience of the drive in an acer 6935g or similar acer laptop and not relying on the tests done with some other pc rig that they used.

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Acer :: Aspire 5735Fan Is Suddenly Noisy

Jan 4, 2009

I bought this laptop about a month ago from PC World. I hadn't had any problems with it and thought that I had made a great choice. Now, all of a sudden the fan makes a loud and very annoying noise (similar to that of a drill) for about 2 minutes and the stops. This happens when I turn it on and off too. Nothing I do seems to make any difference and it is happening more regularly now than three hours ago when it started.

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Noisy DVD Playback

Jun 16, 2008

I have a new Aspire 5630 with vista installed. The disk drive is very high speed and whistles loudly when installing applications from dvd. I expect this and it is not a problem The trouble is that when i try to play a music DVD the same sound completely swamps the music and so DVD playback is a NO NO.

On my desktop PC I had a similar problem and had to install Nero Drivespeed which allows me to set playback speed to "silent"

This does not seem to work on vista ( neither does any other program that i have tried.)

Surely this must be a problem to a lot of people and I would assume that there would be a setting in the bundled DVD playback software to solve this problem. Or perhaps there is?

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Acer TravelMate P653 :: Noisy Fan On Bootup

Jan 5, 2015

I didn't use my laptop over Christmas as I was away. It was left plugged into the mains but powered down.
The first time I booted it after my return the fan suddenly started up when the Starting Windows message appeared. It then remained at near maximum speed long after everything had loaded. This has never happened before.
I have managed to workaround this by pressing Fn + F4 which places the laptop in sleep mode. After several seconds the fan powers down.
If I then press a key to wake the laptop up everything is fine and the fan doesn't run at high speed. I can hear it gently running in the background.
For the remainder of that session the fan behaves itself. But when I start the laptop up from cold the whole process starts again and I have to repeat the actions to turn it off.
I'm mystified why it's doing this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Acer ePower Management v6.0 via the eRecovery Management utility but it has made no difference.
I've also checked the BIOS (F2 at bootup) and can see nothing there that influences the fan speed.

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Acer :: Noisy Recording From Built In Microphone In 6930G

Aug 10, 2009

when I try to record from the Microphone, there is a loud hum and crackling noise in the recording. I can barely hear myself talk.

I recently discovered that if I turn my Screen off by pressing Fn+F6, the background noise immediately goes away. But this is impractical when using the Camera.

And please no, "built in mics are cheap buy a external one comments"

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Acer Aspire V 15 :: Fans Won't Start

Mar 10, 2015

My Acer Aspire V 15 VN7-591G-757V not starting it's fans when under load, causing it to overheat. Updating the chipset driver and reinstalling the acer power management somehow fixed the problem for two restarts, but today I had the same problem again.

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Acer :: Effectiveness Of Laptop Cooling Fans

Nov 16, 2008

I'm considering purchasing an Antec notebook cooler fan for my Acer Extensa. How effective are these external coolers.

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Acer Aspire V15 :: VN7-591G-757V Fans Won't Start

Mar 10, 2015

my Acer Aspire V 15 VN7-591G-757V not starting it's fans when under load, causing it to overheat. Updating the chipset driver and reinstalling the acer power management somehow fixed the problem for two restarts, but today I had the same problem again.

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Acer :: Travelmate 290 Fans Kick On And A Couple Lights Turn On, But Nothing Happen

Jul 1, 2009

when I hit the power button, the fans kick on and a couple lights turn on, but nothing happens- the screen remains blank. I don't even see the acer splash screen like usual. Also, I'm pretty sure that the hard drive isn't spinning as well.

I know the lcd isn't dead as I tried hooking it up to an external monitor, but that didn't work.

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HP/Compaq :: HD 500GB And 8GB RAM - DV5 1010EF

Apr 12, 2009

I have a DV5-1010EF and I would like to replace the original 250GB HD with a 500GB, and go up to 8GB RAM.

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Apple :: Upgrade To 500GB HD

Apr 2, 2009

I currently have a 320GB Hard Drive. I separate it into 2 separate partitions of 64GB and the rest on the other.

What will happen if I were to get a new HD and I want to transfer everything over?

Basically, I have MacOSX and I want to install W7 in a separate partition of about 64GB or maybe less.

I want to upgrade to 500GB HD, and keep all the info and data I already have on my current HD.

I'm guessing the best way to do this is to just reinstall mac OSX and W7 and transfer the files over? What about programs?

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Dell :: 1730 Best 500GB Second Drive

Nov 8, 2008

What is the best 500 drive currently available? From a performance/noise/etc... I plan to use it as a 2nd drive (OS drive being 128SSD)

Per another post -thx Boo- Newegg has the Samsung on sale but how about the WD or Seagate.

Can folks share their experience with the 3 500's that are out there.


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Sony :: 500gb Hard Drive For FW

Jun 18, 2009

does it support the SATA 3.0gb/s hard drives?

looking at these in particular: ...

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Sony :: 128GB SSD Vs 500GB 5400 HDD

Oct 28, 2009

I am trying to decide between the following 2 Z's which are approx. the same price.

Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD / DVDĪR/RW / Hybrid Graphics / 802.11AGN / WWAN / Bluetooth / GPS / Webcam / Windows 7 Professional [ SON VGNZ880GB ]

Intel Core 2 Duo P8800 2.66GHz / 4GB RAM / 500GB HD / DVDĪR/RW / Hybrid Graphics / 802.11AGN / WWAN / Bluetooth / GPS / Webcam / Windows 7 Professional [ SON VGNZ850GB ]

I do everyday tasks like MS office,MS Streets, and use approx. 10GB for my multimedia files.

My first question is, will I notice the difference in speed? Will be the SSD with P8700 faster than the HDD 5400 RPM with P8800 in terms of boot,read-write documents etc?

If I go with the 128 GB SSD, how much free space can I expect to have on the drive after W7 ?

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Sony :: Laptop Is Better With 500GB 7,2K RPM Or 750GB 5,4K RPM

Mar 3, 2010

I am about to upgrade my laptop HD from 320GB 5.4k RPM to either 500GB 7,2K RPM or 750GB 5,4K RPM.

Which one do you think I should get?

Will 7200RPM will give noticeable different in speed compare to 5400RPM ?
How much in % do I get improvement in speed?

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Apple :: WD5000BEVT (500GB 5400RPM) - 1.5Gb/s

Jul 19, 2009

I am planning on upgrading my stock 120GB to a WD 500GB 5400RPM HDD. Because of SATA limitations on my 2007 MBP, it has transfer rates of 1.5Gb/s and not 3.0Gb/s. I was told that HDD's do have firmware or jumpers that can use 1.5Gb/s.

I've seen alot of members who have used this HDD, but I'm not sure if you guys have 1.5Gb/s or 3.0Gb/s transfer rates and whether or not it will work with this HDD. Can you guys clarify this issue for me?

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HP/Compaq :: DV3 Noisy Fan

Apr 1, 2009

I just got the DV3 from Costco and was wondering if my new machine has a problem. The Fan is just so noisly compared to my macbook pro. The fan keeps going high and low by itself.

I downloaded the speedfan to see my tempearture. The result is.....78 degrees C without doing anything intensive. Is there a problem or is this just how HP laptops work?

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