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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Noisy DVD Playback

I have a new Aspire 5630 with vista installed. The disk drive is very high speed and whistles loudly when installing applications from dvd. I expect this and it is not a problem The trouble is that when i try to play a music DVD the same sound completely swamps the music and so DVD playback is a NO NO.

On my desktop PC I had a similar problem and had to install Nero Drivespeed which allows me to set playback speed to "silent"

This does not seem to work on vista ( neither does any other program that i have tried.)

Surely this must be a problem to a lot of people and I would assume that there would be a setting in the bundled DVD playback software to solve this problem. Or perhaps there is?

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Acer :: 4gb RAM In Aspire 5630
I recently bought 4gb of ram (kvr667d2s5k2/4g)

Kingston Memory/4GB 667MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 SODIMM (Kit of 2)

but my acer only recognizes 1 module at the time. i tested both modules seperatly but and both work so its not the modules. also the bios sees only 1. what is wrong here? according to the sites and manuals it should recognize both mdules.

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Acer :: Aspire 5735Fan Is Suddenly Noisy
I bought this laptop about a month ago from PC World. I hadn't had any problems with it and thought that I had made a great choice. Now, all of a sudden the fan makes a loud and very annoying noise (similar to that of a drill) for about 2 minutes and the stops. This happens when I turn it on and off too. Nothing I do seems to make any difference and it is happening more regularly now than three hours ago when it started.

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Windows 7
I downgraded this last year to run Win XP, now thinking about wipping it and turning it into a W7 machine.


Problem is no compatible drivers, i don't want to load W7 and get a big surprise that it doesn't work on this laptop.

anyone done a W7 upgrade yet?

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Adfdf
My scroll and media keys arent working now more.
ready project
How would I get them to work again.

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Buzzingpossibly Fan
I've had an Aspire 5630 for about three years and its just started a buzzing noise at the back left of the laptop.

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Touchpad + Keyboard
I have an Acer Aspire 5630 and since 2 weeks i'm having problems with the touchpad and the keyboard. I tried reinstalling Windows Vista which didn't work. Then i tried windows 7 and it also has the same problem( also tried new drivers etc) . With an extern keyboard and mouse it is able to use te laptop.

fn+ f7 doenst work. (because de keyboard doenst work )

The strange part is that when i acces the bios, de keyboard works.

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Acer :: Dull Screen Aspire 5630
When I use to plug my laptop into the mains you could see the screen got a lot brighter as though it was a power surge. For some reason that no longer happens the display is quite dull and tough to read unless in a dark room!

There was a distinct difference to screen brightness between 'High performance' and 'Power saver' mode. This is no longer the case and the laptop seems stuck in power saver brightness!

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Service Manual
Does anyone have the service manual for aspire 5630 series?

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Upgrade Options
my dad has an Aspire 5630 and he wants to know what sort of upgrades he can do on it, would he be able to upgrade the ram to 1GB and put an 7,200rpm HD in it?

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Power To All USB Ports Stays On
I have an Acer Aspire 5630 and the USB ports do not go off when Windows is shutdown, hibernating or when it goes into slleep (standby) mode. They only go off when I disconnect the AC power. I just bought an external USB drive as my internal is almost full, but I don't want to have the external drive on 24/7. Disconnecting the drive is a bit inconvenient as I use the laptop with an external display and keyboard and keep the laptop itself hidden behind my desk. I updated the BIOS to Ver. 3.60, but I don't see settings in the BIOS for USB ports. Can these ports be turn off programatically. Do I need a special Acer Application or drivers to turn off the USB ports? I removed all the Acer Management bloatware that came with the laptop. Are there any jumpers inside the laptop that need to be changed?

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Acer :: Aspire 5630- Windows Cannot Load The Device Driver For This Hardware
a have a acer aspire 5630 and my dvd driver has a problem this is what it says Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

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Acer :: Bluray Playback- Aspire 8930
I have an Aspire 8930 with Bluray Player.

Using the Acer Arcade software I can play DVD perfectly, however when I play BD the playback is jerky.

I have just updated the software to the latest version.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know how I can improve the playback?

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Acer :: 5630 Lcd
problem i have with my lcd screen.P01-10-09_14.18.jpg

As you can see the screen is completely white, its hard to tell by the picture but the edges off the screen are fading to black and there is lots of little lines running horizontally as well.

Now when i plug an external screen the picture comes up on the external and the computer works fine, just seems that the laptop screen is playing up for some reason.

Also when i turn the laptop off for an hour or so the screen suddenly comes back to life, sometimes for days and sometime for only a couple of hours.

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Acer :: 3810 (500gb) Is It Noisy- Fans - Hdd
Is it noisy? - hdd and so on

How long time does it take to boot up? or start up

Do you recommend it, for scool and such

the specs are Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400(1.40GHz) 13.3" Wide XGA 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD Intel GMA 4500MHD

The 14" model, does that only have solo cpu's , if so im gonna buy the 13", since it has SU9400

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Acer :: Noisy Recording From Built In Microphone In 6930G
when I try to record from the Microphone, there is a loud hum and crackling noise in the recording. I can barely hear myself talk.

I recently discovered that if I turn my Screen off by pressing Fn+F6, the background noise immediately goes away. But this is impractical when using the Camera.

And please no, "built in mics are cheap buy a external one comments"

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Acer :: Extensa 5630 XP Not Supporting 4 GB RAM?
Recently I bought new Acer Extensa 5630 with 4GB & 320 GB Hard disk.I installed Windows XP os ,on mycomputer properties, it is showing 3GB of RAM Size,I contacted the dealer who sold the laptop and he is telling 4gb is not supported for Windows XP.SO I changed the OS to VIsta home Basic stil it is showing 3GB instead of 4GB.

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Acer :: SDHC CArd In 5630
if i can get my Card reader built in to the ACER 5630 to read SDHC cards? surely it could be sorted with a driver update? real pain in the ass if no work around

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Acer :: 5630 Back Of Screen Melts
I have acer 5630 bought in 12/08, 5 months later---- charged overnight. Woke up in morning to find that top corner on back of screen is melted and bubbled up, like it shorted out from the inside. Sent to Acer and tech says " You had to put it next to a heat source". I told them NO WAY!, but they say there is no way this could happen without a heat source from the outside. I guess someone got in the house last night and took a propane torch to it, or maybe they held a candle to it for ten minutes. There is no damage to the screen and the unit still works fine. This is driving me crazy. Oh, I forgot maybe our chihuahua held the torch to it.

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Acer :: 5630 Power Adapter For Netbook?
I currently have two Acer laptops, an Aspire 5630 laptop and an Aspire One Netbook. The power adapter for the 5630 is a bit bigger (i.e., the "black box in the middle of the power cord) than the one for the netbook. The adapter for the netbook won't charge the 5630, however, when I plug in the adapter for the 5630 into the netbook, it says "charging" and seems to be charging the netbook fine. My question is whether this could do any damage to netbook or the netbook battery.

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Acer :: 5630 Bios Update Failure
I upgraded my RAM to 4gb and installed Vista x64 Home Premium. the system was only showing 3gb on start up so I updated BIOS to 3.50 via DOS as it can not be done inside Vista x64.

Bios update completed and notebook shutdown.

Now no power in notebook.

No lights on when connected via Power adapter or battery.

system will not turn on.

Downloaded and tried the crisis disk to reset the BIOS and still nothing.

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Acer :: 5630 Laptop Touchpad Software
I can't seem to load the Touchpad Software fot the Acer 5630 Laptop ? Do I use the Alps or the Synaptics Software ? When I load the Alps I get pop-ups on startup that don't go away asking me if I want to start Apoint.exe and other files. I uncheck the pop-up but it still keeps coming back ? When the computer fully loads and I right mouse click on the Touchpad Icon in the right bottom tray it shows up like regular mouse software. It used to have an area asking me if I want to shut the touchpad. Not anymore. As for the Synaptics Software if fails when I try to load it. Do you have a solution to this problem ? I do use a USB Mouse and never use the Touchpad.

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Acer :: Empowering Technology For Windows 7 X64 Extensa 5630
I need "Acer Empowering Technology for windows 7 x64 extensa 5630" for my laptop.

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Acer :: Debating Between Gateway MT6841 And 5630-6288
On the Gateway, it's a T2450 (2.0ghz) while the Acer has a T5550 (1.66ghz). I don't know which one is better, but I'm thinking the Gateway would be better (but bigger isn't always necessarily better?)

I was also wondering which one has better tech support and warranty also? This will be my first laptop and I hope it will last me for a long time. I guess I'm looking for a better bang for the buck.

Here are the links for both of them:

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Acer :: 5630 Ram - Geforce 7300go Extended Bios Sharing Possible?
I have an acer aspire 5630 with a geforce 7300 go.

I am suppose to have 1024mo RAM but it only shows physical memory 766 everywhere.
In bios, extended sharing is set to 766...and i can't change it, it's in blue.

My video memory is 128.

Is there a way i can change the sharing memory?... so i know if my ram is broken? It still under warranty for a month.

Also, my fan does a huge noise ... but only when i start it.

When a play games like cod4... it's heating but everything is fine, any isues? maybe a bearing? Should I change my fan? cleaning it up does nothing.

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Acer :: Win7 Won't Install On Vista Laptop 5630 Black Screen With Cursor
our laptop keeps throwing a flakey when trying to install Win7 Ultimate over the current crappy Vista OS.

Laptop passed the compatibility checker no probs & has all the updates installed, but every time we try, we get either

1. windows 7 install failure message then black screen with cursor


2. straight to black screen with cursor.

This is even after changing to the low res setting that is mentioned so often when googling the issue.

I've looked on the Acer site, but it says if I got it from pc world I should take it up with them?

Anyone here have any advice to get it to work, or should we just smash the laptop off a wall?

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Acer :: 8230 - No DVD Playback
I own a 8230 and will not play a dvd or bluray with Acer Arcade did in the past.

When I try it seems to open up a screen and says " this program cannot display the webpage" weird. Won't play any AVI files in my hard drive also.

all other programs with this sof ware seem to work ok.

It does ask to download an update V2.1.0 6010...but it fails....

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Acer :: 6930G WMP Playback
I'm having some minor problems with playback in Windows Media Player. The problem is that when I try and skip forward in a short video clip (.wmv), say 5mins, I can only hear audio and the screen stays blank. And in a longer video, 90mins, when I try to skip forward the video crashes completely and I recieve an error message saying "WMP encountered a problem playing the file". Web Help takes me here. I've followed instructions there but the problem still persists. However, If I leave videos to play without skipping forward, it plays perfectly.

I don't know if this is a problem with drivers or WMP itself. Or if its actually to do with the power of my machine itself. Anybody any ideas how to fix this? Specs are detailed in the signature below.

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HP/Compaq :: DV3 Noisy Fan
I just got the DV3 from Costco and was wondering if my new machine has a problem. The Fan is just so noisly compared to my macbook pro. The fan keeps going high and low by itself.

I downloaded the speedfan to see my tempearture. The result is.....78 degrees C without doing anything intensive. Is there a problem or is this just how HP laptops work?

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Dell :: XPS1645 FAN Noisy
On my xps the fan i running nearly all the this normal. It runs all the time if i turn on the laptop and do nothing on it. Sometimes it stops for 2-4 min. It is quit noisy...... Are you guys xps´ doing the same thing???

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Sony :: Noisy Vaio Sz-420
Lately my laptop is running hotter and hotter while at the same time becoming noisier

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9006ea- Noisy Fan
I have an HP Pavilion dv9006ea, IntelCore2CPU T5500 1.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Nvidia GeForceGo7600, Windows XPpro+SP3, Ubuntu, with a noisy fan. According to the manual there are 4 spare parts numbers. The easy part is between Intel or AMD, but do I need the fan for UMA or discrete video memory?

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Dell :: Very Noisy Latitude E6500
I just bought a latitude E6500 (intel 8600 - 2.4 GH, 3GB RAM, Samsung HDD 200 GB 7200; Vista Business) from an ebay resaler here in UK. From a one day experience I can tell that is is a beautifull machine but it is VERY NOSY all the time no matter what i do - it is like this from the time it gets turned on and stays noisy the whole time.When I put it next to my old Latitude D520 it is almost like a desktop noise. I am not sure if it is only the fan because there's no air flow coming from the radiators neither from the side one nor the vent on the bottom. I thought that there can be somehow that the fan is not working but it turned and blew very hot air for a vew seconds when i updated the BIOS. The noise is mixed with some high friquensy noises coming from where the wents and the proc is. I am confused if it is a hardware issue or it can be fixed somehow ... It comes with a 3 years warranty but i wonder if i should use the 7 day return policy and return it to the seller; which will be pityy because the machine is really beautiful..

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Dell :: Horribly Noisy DVD Drive
Is there any way the DVD drive noise can be reduced? When I put in some DVD/Cds it is so loud I can't even here the sound coming out of the computer. And the all laptop vibrate , I am almost afraid it will damage the drive altogether.

The thiing is, it does not do it for all dvd/ cds. but when it does, it is pratically useless using them. And when I am in a public place it is outright embarassing!

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Dell :: Studio 15- Heat- Is Fan Noisy
I've been frustrated all week dealing with a new HP dv7t that arrived on Monday (9/15). The moment I powered it up, the fan started running at full speed and hours it hadn't kicked off a single time. I've never heard a notebook fan more audible or more annoying before. It would be impossible to use the system in a library or other quiet setting without distracting others. Even with fan running at gale force, the wrist rest to the left of the touchpad was always uncomfortably HOT! I did figure out how to change the BIOS setting that had the fan set to 'Always On'. But it still ran 90% of the time!

I called this morning and got my Return Authorization, so it's going back on Monday and I refused to trade it for another HP....the fan in a store model I checked out yesterday was just as loud as that puts me back to square one- looking for a new laptop!

I've decided that I'd rather have a 15.4" model than a 17", so the Dell Studio 15 is high on my list. I also love the XPS M1530, but both of the nVIDIA graphics cards offered are included in the current nVIDIA mess that's been all over the news....

So, the Dell Studio 15 with the ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card and either the 2.1GHz T8100 or 2.5GHz T9300 is my front-runner at the moment. But I've got a few questions for those of you with some hands on experience and knowledge of the Studio models-

What percentage of the time does the fan run during normal usage (email, spreadsheets, internet)?

Is the fan noise muted like most other notebooks? Or is it more audible?

Are there any areas of the keyboard, wrist rest or touchpad that become uncomfortably warm to the touch?

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Dell :: M1330 FAN Is Loud, Rather Noisy Running
Recently my laptop became quite loud, rather noisy actually.

I do not know what happened, because now the FAN is spinning all the time.

If I boot up my system, the fan is already rotating very fast.

I flashed my BIOS to the newest version (A14) already.

I checked my hardware thru the Dell Diagnostic program and
apparently everything is working functionally.

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HP/Compaq :: Noisy Optical Drive At Start Up
on my dv7-1270us I have noise coming from dvd drive at is normal ?

because on my other 1175nr dvd drive is quiet at start

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Sony :: Continuous And Noisy Fan Operation In The F Series Laptop
If you are one of those customers whose Vaio F series Fan is on most of the times even if are just browsing , please do post here. It would also be useful if you figure out any specific usage pattern that might turn it off/on.

I would like to know if this issue is common to the entire F series or some defective model .

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Dell :: E6400: It's Normal That Fan Work Noisy When I Copy Files?
I got my E6400 + regular dock few weeks ago.
I'm working with Windows 7 64bit.
When the dock is connected and I'm transfer files from computer in my network to the E6400.. The fan start work at full power and it's very annoying

my temp is:
Core 0 - 33C (89F)
core 1 - 36C (95F)
ACPI - 42C (106F)
HDD - 44C (111F)

the processor is T9550 (I'm undervolting the processor)

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Sony :: NOISY Hard DriveVGN-BZ12XN With Vista Business
The Hard Drive LED light on my Sony Vaio keeps blinking EVERY SECOND. It's constantly writing. Half the time it's still totally silent, but every few minutes the hard drive will start spinning and writing like CRAZY. Like, I can't help but notice it and it disrupts my work. It's too noisy and the case is vibrating like I'm doing some heavy defrag process, even though I'm just reading online. My high-end new Vaio is noisier than my low-end 4 years old Toshiba. I mean, ?

I have read all the threads on the net and so far I've tried to disable:

Windows index
Windows defender
Windows search
Windows defrag
System Restore
I have uninstalled google desktop.
All Vista updates are installed.

I've checked the disk health, it's fine. Also no virus. No torrents running.

Nothing has helped.

Disabling Index and Superfetch seems to do the trick for most people having this problem but not for me.

This could be a specific Vista Business issue - maybe it has an extra "feature"?

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Dell :: Warning. Noisy Fan Due To Bad Control. Studio 1745/47/49 And Inspiron 1564

studio 17 fan problems

2nd description:

I've tried to collect all the info I can. Please add as you seem fit.

Recently returned a dell 1745 due to bad fan control. While idling the fan would rew up to max each 3-5 minutes easily detectable by speedfan (see the last link). The core temperatures would slowly ("") increase to around 38 degrees when the fan starts at horrendous pace for ~10-15 seconds and cool the cores to sub-30 degrees and the whole show starts again. This is a showstopper and noone should really by these products.

It is as though the cpu fan only has two paces. Silent and Noisy. There shoudl of course be some kind of gradient in the fan speeds at different temepratures but his has not been implemented though very easy for BIOS coders to do so. The fan vigorously tries to cool the cpu to 30 degrees each time it hits ~40 degress - we're talking intel cpus that could easily go to 60-70 degrees without fuzz.

While idling any laptop should keep a constant temperature - the current lineup of inspirons and studios (at least 1564, 1745, 1747 an 1749) cannot achieve this and unleashes fan hell very often.

Untill fixed (which dell seems very reluctant to) don't buy dell. It's simply not worth it.

This have nothing to do with throtteling. And don't even get me started on doing something "cpu intensive" like browing.

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Dell :: DVD Playback
i have a Dell XPS M170 (6800 Ultra) and i'm experiencing very poor DVD playback in Media Center and Media Player i'm using XP MCE 2005 i play COD2&4 AOEIII all on high but it won't play a DVD without skipping.... I though the 6800 Ultra was supposed to have good DVD features....

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Sony :: Blu Ray Playback
I have a VGN-NS190J Sony VAIO with Windows Vista 64 bit. It is supposed to be able to play blu-ray movies, but whenever I put one in, it cannot be read. The laptop can't detect it.

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Apple :: .MKV HD Playback
VLC player is lagging when seeking but otherwise plays perfectly. If this is normal for my config, what is the minimum hardware specs I would need on mac for it to be flawless?

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Dell :: Blu Ray Playback On Studio XPS 16
What program do you guys use to playback blu rays? i download anydvd, but its not playing it back, am i doing something wrong? does the vlc player playback blu rays?

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Dell :: Blu-ray Playback On XPS M1730
I have an m1730 with a T8100 CPU, 4GB RAM, and a 250GB 7200RPM HD. I just upgraded the DVD drive with a UJ-120 blu-ray drive and it's not working well.

I get severe stuttering, in both video and audio. Playback is smooth until the drive kicks in, which leads me to believe it's not reading blu-ray disk or not transferring data fast enough.

I did see some posts about not being able to enable DMA for this drive but if this is by design, then this drive would be unusable on my model. I'm using PowerDVD 9 for playback.

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Sony :: Z Blu-Ray Playback Quality
how is the quality of watching a Blu-Ray movie on the Sony Z? And how long is the battery life while watching a movie?

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HP/Compaq :: DVD/AVI Playback On DV7-1170US
first laptop i've gotten with a 17" screen. don't normally watch dvd's on computers but it supports blu ray and i'd like to give it a whirl. what all is considered the best program for playback and what is the recommended aspect ratio and whatnot? same question for just basic avi tv/dvdrips.

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HP/Compaq :: Blu-Ray Playback On DV5 With Win7
I have a DV5 1010TX, with a Bluray /DVD combo BC5500S. I tried Win 7 to find that the Blu-Ray playback using Media Smart DVD from the HP website is unstable & essentially unusable. With Vista the playback using QuickPlay is faultless.

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