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Acer :: Cooling Laptop

Well my wife and I picked up an Acer 6920G. So far we like it. She wants to use it sometimes at night in bed to play WoW so I was looking for a good cooling pad for it. So what are some good ones out there?

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Acer :: Aspire 5570 Laptop Cooling Mod
I've bought my Acer Aspire 5570 with T2450 Core Duo 2.0 CPU and Intel GMA950 Video 1.5 years ago and back then I wasn't into fiddling around with it, plus I also had warranty on it and didn't feel like voiding that.

But lately it has been pissing me off, because if I actually use it for anything other than browsing text-based web pages it gets hot. And if put under max load after 10minutes you run the risk of burning your hand if you touch the laptop underneath (75C according to RMClock Utility).

But now, since warranty is long over i decided to see what I can do to improve cooling.
After spending a good amount of time looking for service manual I found one on ed2k network and set it download. Eager to get the things rolling I took it apart blindly (wasn't hard at all) and of course, right when I was done with the last screw the service manual finished downloading... *sigh* (To save you from the same fate I've uploaded the service manual at the end of this post.)

I have cleaned the heatsinks (there wasn't much hair, since i used to blow it out with compressed air occasionally), reapplied thermal paste and then I noticed that about 3/4 of air vent on the bottom of the laptop (where air gets sucked in for cooling) was blocked by a piece of removable plastic, whereas the fan was big enough to use the whole vent......................

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Acer :: Effectiveness Of Laptop Cooling Fans
I'm considering purchasing an Antec notebook cooler fan for my Acer Extensa. How effective are these external coolers.

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Dell :: Replacing Laptop Fans, And General Cooling Tips For D830
I'd like to replace the fan in my laptop (Dell's Latitude d830) with a faster/better one. From what I've seen, most people seem to think that this is impossible.

I, however, find this hard to believe that Dell would have included the only possible fan that's compatible with this laptop, or that this particular fan is the best possible cooling option.

Why is it so hard to upgrade in the first place? I'm sure it can be done, I've opened up my laptop a few times in the past and it's not exactly rocket science .....

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Acer :: Cooling
Since my laptop gets quite hot and my nvidia 8 serie is dying slowy I was thinking, since I only use my laptop as a dekstop replacement anyway, of unscrewing the bottom of my laptop so the laptopcooler would have more effect.

My question is:
is this a good idea? or will my computer become polluted with dust which will make my hardware components defect?

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Acer :: 5920 Cpu Upgrade & Cooling Fan
I just replaced the T5550 cpu with a T9500 (SLAYX) in my Acer Aspire 5920. I cleaned and applied Arctic Silver 5 to the cpu and gpu. It started right up, but now it seems like the cooling fan doesn't ever shut down. When the temp. hits about 55 deg C.
(according to speedfan 4.39), the fan runs at full speed. With the T5550, it would need to reach about 65 deg before running full speed, but not for long.

I have system BIOS v.1.3810

Is it possible that I did a poor job of applying the Arctic Silver 5? Any settings that

I need to change for the fan to stop continuously running?

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Acer :: 5930G Cooling Solution
I got myself 5930G a week ago.

I removed all of the unnecessary programs that Acer put in (they do make decent laptops but really overbload the OS with stupidities) and optimized Vista as much as I could (which is working nicely if i do say so myself ... but I'm still considering on going back to XP SP3 until Windows 7 comes out.).

Right ... I also played Mass Effect for a while on the laptop (maxed out at native res of 1280x800 works without a problem).

Now the only thing is, I'd like to reduce the temperatures of the laptop.
The idle CPU temp is at about 52 degrees, while under load reaches about 72 degrees Celsius (which is pretty good considering the casing).

I will buy myself the ZALMAN ZM-NC2000B cooler ... but what I would also love to do is to undervolt both the CPU and the GPU.

I'm aware the RMClock is not exactly effective when it comes to P7350 cpu.
I tried to undervolt it last night, and as much as I reduced the current going to the multipliers, the temperatures remained the same under stress for prolonged periods of time.

So ... until I find a way to undervolt the cpu and get myself the forementioned cooler, I'd like to undervolt the gpu (9600m GT GDDR3)
If it's possible (and I know it is), I need to know of programs that can be used to acomplish this.

As much as I like my new laptop, it would be nice to further extend it's lifespan (even though it's brand new) and reduce the heat output.

I was also thinking on getting the thermal paste and applying it to cpu/gpu.
Although I'm not sure I want to go ahead with it as I don't want to void the warranty.

how to overclock the cpu/gpu in question without significant gains in temps.

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Acer :: A Good Cooling Pad For Extensa 5630g
a have a new notebook Acer Extensa 5630g and i would like to know a good cooling pad for him. i have a cooling master notepal d1 but i can't feel no difference on the temperature i think he is too small.

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Acer :: Aspire 5920G Cooling System
how does the cooling system for this notebook work?

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Acer :: My Charger Light Blinks When Its In My Laptop. And My Laptop Wont Charge
When I plug my acer laptop charger into the wall, the green light lights up accordingly. when i plug it into my laptop the greenlight begins blinking and my laptop does not charge. is something wrong with my laptop or charger? Yesterday my laptop just shut itself off, i wasnt monitoring the battery because at the time it was plugged into the wall. Now its not charging anymore, did I burn something out?

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Acer :: 7735-6719 Laptop Vs 7530-5682 Laptop
I have an Acer 7735-6719 laptop, but hate the keyboard and the restiction of pushing the screen back. A friend has the older 7530-5682..and is willing to swap... what are the pros and cons.

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Dell :: Too Much Cooling
I was thinking of making my own notebook cooler, one with a fan directly over the air intake.

I was wondering if too much air going into the intake will spoil the fan inside, kinda like the air is moving faster than the internal fan can handle.

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Dell :: Best Cooling Pad For XPS 13
I am looking at cooling pad for my 1340. Most of them have the fan in the center (like the Belkin, with great reviews) but my laptop gets hot at the very top left above the "studioXPS" logo and power button.

To me, this means I need a 3 fan-cooler with fans at the top corners as well as the center

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Dell :: XPS 13 Cooling Pad
Anyone know which is the best cooling pad to use with the XPS 13?

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Sony :: SZ3 Cooling Fan
I bought my Sony three years ago. The Model was SZ3VMP/X, 13.3 inch with Core2Duo T7400 and 2GB RAM and 120GB HDD.

Everything was ok till last year. It becames louder and louder. I cleaned Heat sink and still it was loud.

After that I found there is cooling fan, above left from the Touchpad. Last two days I can hear noises like fan is dying.

Is it possible to buy this fan somewhere, when not to open it and clean it. It looks like pretty complicate to open that part of Notebook. To remove the keyboard wasn't a problem or HDD.

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Dell :: Cooling The Studio XPS 16
I take back what I said about this not getting as hot as my 1720. It most certainly runs hotters, especially under a medium to heavy load.

What steps have those of you with a 16 started taking to reduce your temperature? Anyone done any neat heatsink mods, replaced fans, found a program to control the fans, any of that?

Happy to hear any and all input, I love the Studio XPS 16 so far but it does get mighty toasty...and for the record, the warm touchpad area doesn't really bother me, but the underside does.

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Dell :: Cooling Pad- M1710
I want to buy a cooling pad for an XPS M1710 I just ordered but need some advice first. Some cooling pads out there blow air up to the bottom of the laptop, and others draw air from the bottom of the laptop and exhaust the hot air to the back or sides. Can somebody tell me whether the bottom of the M1710 draws cool air in, or blows hot air out? If the M1710 draws air in, then I will get a cooling pad that blows cool air to the bottom. If the bottom of the M1710 blows out hot air, then I will get a cooling pad that draws the hot air out

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Dell :: How Much Cooling Is Needed For XPS 16?
I have ordered Dell S XPS16 with the below configuration:

Intel Core 2 Duo T9550(2.66GHz/1066Mhz FSB/6M L2 Cache)
Obsidian Black High Gloss Finish with Leather XPS 1640
4GB, DDR3, 1067 MHz 2 Dimm

16.0 inch Wide Screen 16:9 1080p FullHD RGBLED LCD W/2.0 MP
ATI Mobility RADEON M96XT (this is HD 4670 right??) - 1GB
500GB 7200RPM Free Fall SensorSeagate Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate 64-bit

BluRay Combo Drive
Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11AGN Half Mini Card
56 WHr 6-cell (Will order 9 cell battery later with the 100$ gift card )
Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Internal (2.0+Enhanced Data Rate)

I plan to use the laptop mainly for Internet browsing, watching blu ray movies, some gaming. I do not plan to do any hard core gaming (some strategy and racing games like AOE, Ceaser, NFS etc.).

Please let me know what all from the below do I need to do for the heat problem (if any):

1. Undervolting CPU

2. Get Cooling Pad (I currently have Antec, but if needed I can buy Zalman NC2000)

3. Replace thermal compound .....

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Dell :: Studio 17 Cooling
I'm gonna purchase a cooler for my Studio 17 before it comes in. My question is, are the fans on the bottom of the laptop an intake or exhaust?

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Dell :: Who Is Using Cooling Pad, With Fans For Their XPS ?
I'm now very happy owner of a cooling pad with fans. My temps are :

CPU : 29 degrees
GPU : 40 degrees
HDD : 27 degrees

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Dell :: Which Bios Is Best For Cooling
Got a m1530 and, so far, it is fantastic.

i've been keeping an eye on temps and was wondering which is the best bios for cooling.

at the moment my fans don't really kick in until the gpu reaches 70c. The moment the fan starts (not super loud like when you play games but louder than the normal hum) the temp drops back to 58ish very quickly (talking seconds). However, in my mind, it makes more sense to keep temps as stable as possible.

Without fans running (or at least without me noticing them running), my temps normally hang around high 50's low 60's on the gpu. However, if i am doing lots of stuff the temps slowly rise to high 60's before the fan turns on and brings it back to 58-63. I think if fans were on more often i could easily have temps in the low 50's pretty much all the time..

I think I have bios 13 at the mo.. that or 12. is there anyway to increase fan usage?

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Dell :: I9300 Cooling
i have seen and read about cooling dock stations for the i9300 that involve removing the PCMCIA slot insert. i am curious if my notebook would benefit from leaving this slot insert out even without a cooling dock? would the extra ventilation be of any value? i am currently uninterested in buying a cooling dock.

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Sony :: Cooling Pad For SZ Series
My SZ-770 become extremely loud and can be used as waffle maker sometimes.

I've disassembled it and cleaned all the dust using compressed air, but it's too hot and too noisy.

I'm thinking about buying a cooling pad to partially solve the problem. But most of pads have fans on the bottom and I'm not sure that it will fix my problem.

Can anyone recommend a good pad for SZ series?

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HP/Compaq :: CQ50- GPU Cooling
my laptop runs extraordinarily hot (I believe it was a faulty fan/heatsink assembly.) So I purchased a replacement, opened up the laptop and replaced it.

Now I get underload temps Up to 94C on GPU (and around 80 on CPU -

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HP/Compaq :: Pavilion DV5- Cooling
despite the fact that it can only use 3 of its 4 gigs of RAM, I still love my new DV5.

There's only one, tiny kink...

It's getting hot. Very hot. My hands aren't burning, but I can feel the heat in my palms.

Speedfan readings:
Core 0: Average temperature's around 47C
Core 1: Avg. Temp. is 49C
GPU: Here's the real problem. IT'S ON FREAKING 54C!!!

These temperatures are bloody DANGEROUS. And I'm going to be using this for gaming.

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HP/Compaq :: DV3T Cooling Pad
I just got my DV3T. I noticed that the cooling pad I currently have will not work with this laptop since it sucks air from under the laptop, while the DV3T sucks the air from under the laptop and blows it out the side.

So are there any cooling pads that work well with the DV3T? Ones that blow air from the bottom to the top?

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Acer :: How To Install Xp On Laptop, Bought A New Laptop But Unable To Install Xp O
I have bought acer laptop.
1. This is Extensa 6702ZNWLMi
2. Intel Pentium M processor 735A
3. DVD-Dual double layer

Now when i press the power button it start and after some processing shows the following:
Linpus Linux Basic Edition v9.2 b060419c
[root@ localhost /]#

Now i dont understand this command [root@ localhost /]# and after this command cursor is blinking to write some thing.

I also dont know that how to launch that window in which i can change the boot priority. In my pc that i use in home i press del after starting my computer and a window comes where i change my boot priority and then boot from cd windows xp and install it. But in this case i dont know how to install xp. and my next question is that can i play cd in DVD-Dual double layer.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Need A Cooling Mat/pad?
I've owned a D630 for about a year now and have noticed that the bottom of the laptop can get very hot. My dad owned the same model for a couple years and he had multiple hard drive failures. His hypothesis was that the computer might have been overheating and burned out the hard drive.

However, in doing a little research, I heard it's not so much that the computer overheats as it is that the metal frame conducts heat very easily. So while the outside might be hot, the inside isn't at a temperature that's damaging to the parts.

Any experiences with this? Any help would be appreciated. If overheating is a common problem, I'll probably shell out the money for a cooling mat. If it's not a problem, then that's money saved.!

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Dell :: SXPS 13 : Cooling Solutions
I'm thinking of buying a SXPS 13, but I read that it is very warm compared to other 13" laptops, and it is not really pleasant for a "lap" usage.

Did any of you try advanced methods to improve the cooling system, such as adding a thermal compound, replacing the fan, changing the voltage in the BIOS?

Did it work? Did it avoid the warranty?

I also have one unrelated question, but I don't want to create a new topic for this: Does the display port allow us to use a Dual Screen?

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Dell :: Safest Cooling Pad/fan/whatever For The XPS16
I am waiting for my XPS to come and I want to know what is the best cooling device I can get on it. The reason I mentioned "safest" is because one person I know said sometimes it can be harmful to the laptop(I have no idea how true that is).

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Dell :: Water Cooling M6400
I like my M6400. Except that I am sick of the noise the fans make.

My M6300 runs at hotter temperatures without the fans almost ever kicking in for light applications. As a result it is a pleasant quite piece of kit to work with.

The M6400 is loud and annoying in the continuous on-off cycles. Notebook coolers with fans do not work well in my experience .....

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Dell :: Cooling Solutions For M1710
if there are any DIY mods to enable better vid card cooling.

i googled and am aware of "cooling pad" to put under the laptop, but its not a portable solution

i am looking for something along the lines of cut bigger vents / more vents or even a fan? or put in more efficient heat sink in there...

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Dell :: M1530 Cooling Fan Failure?
I'm not sure what is going on, but I think my cooling fan may have broke inside my m1530.

A couple months ago, I was having many heating issues that I diagnosed as just the poor thermal pad application from the factory. So I undervolted my CPU and applied arctic silver 5 to the heatsink.

Everything was well at first, but in the past few weeks my comp has started running really hot again.

It will idle around 45-50 C, which is pretty good and much better than before the thermal pad change. However, under load (especially graphical) the temps go up to 90 again now.

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Dell :: Latitude C600 Cooling Fan
I have a Dell Latitude C600 that I purchased with a non working cooling fan. I bought a fan and tested it in the laptop when it was apart and it worked. I tested it again as I put it together and it worked.

Once totally together it never comes on. Is there somewhere in the BIOS where I can control it or how else can I check it?

Shouldit always be on like my other 2 laptops? Thanks for any help. Also, it is a PIII 750 MHZ C600.

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Dell :: Cooling Mods I9300, More CFM
I'm curious if anyone knows of a higher capacity fan or fans for the gpu and cpu heatsinks in an I9300/xps2.. I got to wondering if there are same size fans which move more air, maybe they spin faster, higher RPMs.. Also, would cutting slots or a hole in the left side of the cpu/gpu heatsink fan help or harm that side..? Anyone played with this, or experimented? My 7800gtx GPU idles at near 60degrees when fan control is set to auto..

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Dell :: Cooling The Sxps16 SouthBridge?
by what i read about the critical heating in the sxps16, i see that the problem is caused by the SB..

So.. anyone tried to cooling that component? Only with cooling pad? can't do a heatsink maybe linked to the heatpipe?

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Sony :: Replacing CPU Cooling Paste
I have just disasembled and cleaned, (to the best of my abilty), my SONY SZ2XP comp using compressed gas. Hopefully,

it will yield some results getting rid of all the dust, although i did feel like i could have done better if i managed to disassemble it further to reach all affected areas.

I'll continue to my question though, I unscrewed the heatsink and noticed that the thermal paste on the cpu looked really misapplied.

It has some big lumps of paste and seems very unevenly applied. I have owned this computer for about 2 years or so, and i have never disassembled it until now

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HP/Compaq :: DV2 Replace Cooling Pads
I checked out the service manual, to read up on disassembly. Thinking about opening my notebook up and removing the heat pads and replacing them with copper shims to reduce heat. that is, unless someone can find a way to downclock the GPU for cooling purposes... But I'd like to get it cooler so the fan won't have to run all the time.

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Apple :: MBP 13"cooling Temps
I know that the mbp can get hot when doing some heavy computing, however I was playing a simple online game the other night called plants VS zombies, check it out if you don't know it. Anyways after playing for only a few minutes I noticed that my macbook was getting very warm, and after about 15 minutes of playing it the underside of it was hot to the touch and the topside(keyboard) part of it was quite warm and I could feel the heat radiating off of it. I haven't even had it for a week yet but have done quite a few things including watching movies both on a HD and from a DVD. I have had multiple browser sessions open with wireless on music playing in I itunes etc. And I have played around with some other settings etc. Nothing else I have done on the computer has made any part of it warm to the touch, but this simple online game made it to hot to sit on my lap, and very hot to the touch and has me worried something might be wrong with it, I would hate to play a more demanding game, or do some video editing etc..which is one of the reasons I bought this computer over a PC in the first place. I still have 10 days or so to return it for a full refund or else exchange it for another I have tried restarting the system a few times and playing the game again and the temps shot right up again.

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Apple :: Unibody MacBook And Cooling Pad
I had a Dell E1505 before my MacBook and used a Targus Cooling Pad with it that also served as a USB hub. The Dell has alot of vents on the bottom and the cooling pad worked well but now that I have the uMB is there any reason to have the cooling pad even on as I question how effective it is? On top of that, is it even needed?

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Dell :: Other Ways Of Cooling An M1330 Apart From The Copper Mod?
What other things can i do to prevent overheating? I can't do the copper mod as it will be under warranty.

Depending on temps when i get it i will probably change the thermal paste with some arctic silver. I'll also undervolt the cpu and the gpu but will this be enough? I'm also looking at a cooling platform and i have a griffin stand which will get some air underneath it. Depends how hot it gets under load but are there any other tweaks i can perform or mods to improve cooling that wouldn't void the warranty?

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Overheating/Cooling
The processor (Core 2 Duo T5750) is idling at about 54-57 C which I gather is relatively high. Is there anything I can do about this? I ran ORTHOS with HWMonitor and the peak temperature is about 64 C for both cores.

In general, it's not too hot of a laptop, but when stressed, sometimes the area to the left of the trackpad gets unbearably hot.

I'm considering a cooling pad, but preferably nothing too expensive or obscure.

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Dell :: 6800 Ultra Cooling Assembly
I'm in the processes of cleaning out my XPS Gen2 for the first time since 2005 (yes yes I know...) because it started shutting down during some games. The question I have is related to the heat pads on the video card memory, FETs, and on the chipset heatsink. I know these things suck. I want to use AS5 in place of them but there is a gap between the heatsinks and the memory/chipset/fets when you remove them. How have you guys gotten around this? Is there a better version of a heat pad and where would I get them?

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Dell :: XPMS 1530 Cooling Assemby
if the copper tubes around the fan assembly contain any liquid?

My machine is dead with suspicion of a spillage but no signs to where it could have entered.There are a few odd patches but a larger and heavier stain where the copper tube is near the bottom case.Thanks for looking.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1340 Custom Cooling
I have over clocked my 9400mg geforce card and processor from 2.4 to 2.7, the system is very stable I guess i found the "sweet spot".

Anyway we all know xps 1340 heats up like a skillet. Im think about modding it in terms of cooling/fans/heat sinks... Im trying to find a copper or a better heat sink than the stock one. or maybe a slighty stronger fan?

Does anyone know any sites or information how to make it cooler...?

I dont want to buy a cooling pad because I think it looks adds extra stug the a very small laptop.

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Dell :: Inspiron B120 Cooling Fan Replace
I need to replace the cooling fan on my dell inspiron b120 but I have one question.... do I need to do any programming after I'm done with the job? or I just need to turn on my pc and its going to start working like always?

I need to take everything apart to get to the cooling fan, that includes, taking the hard drive off, the keyboard, speakers, dvd room...

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Dell :: Artic Silver 5 Vs. Stock Cooling
i did some tests before and after applying artic silver to both my cpu and my gpu, here are the results:

Stock cooling temps :

GPU max: 81C
CPU0 max: 75C
CPU1 max: 76C

( the photo was actually incorrect, as i found it was from when i was testing overclocking setups )

then i opened up my lappy and applied some AS5:

and finally my temps are with the new AS5:
temps artic cooling.jpg

( wut? them CPUs are the only ones feelin it :P )

now the air that goes out of the vent is really hot, this did not happen with the stock dell cooling paste.

i just applied it, so should take 200 hours to take full effect


After about 190 or 200 hours of use, my temps are really the same... i dont know if it could be winter, because in winter my house gets a bit warmer.. i will, however, try to get to the same room temperatures i had back then and do the stress test

*Update (again )*

After removing and re-applying the AS5, i found out what i was doing wrong:

1- i did not put enough AS5, it needed a bit more for the heat assembly to have perfect contact

2- i did not put enough pressure on the GPUs screws because i was afraid of breaking it

After doing this i find that on the first stress test i get 3 or 4 C lower temps ( from 82 to 79 C ) il do some more stress tests and update the temps.

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Dell :: M1530 And Arctic Cooling MX-3 Issue
I recently replaced the thermal compound on my CPU and GPU (8600M GT) with some Arctic Cooling MX-3 and to my disappointment I noticed that my GPU temps seem to be ~3C higher than before (with stock thermal compound).

Since I've read other posts in which other M1530 owners had positive results when changing the thermal paste I was expecting to see at least a 1-2C drop on my gpu temps. I've done this many times on my previous desktop computers and this never happened before.

I tried various methods of applying it but so far I had no luck in bringing my temps back. Before applying MX-3 my GPU used to idle at 58-62 and now it reaches 65 when the fan kicks in and drops it to about 52. Likewise, GPU load temps go beyond 70-71 which did not happen before.

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Cooling Pad/Docking Station
Any suggestions for a cooling pad/docking station combo for the SXPS 16 that I could use in my office?

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HP/Compaq :: HP 6930p Palm Rest Cooling Pad
I just got a new 6930p. It's rather warm on the left side where the palm would rest and causes a rather big discomfort.

Is there any type of cooling pad that would cool it down?

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