Dell :: Replacing Laptop Fans, And General Cooling Tips For D830

Aug 20, 2009

I'd like to replace the fan in my laptop (Dell's Latitude d830) with a faster/better one. From what I've seen, most people seem to think that this is impossible.

I, however, find this hard to believe that Dell would have included the only possible fan that's compatible with this laptop, or that this particular fan is the best possible cooling option.

Why is it so hard to upgrade in the first place? I'm sure it can be done, I've opened up my laptop a few times in the past and it's not exactly rocket science .....

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Acer :: Effectiveness Of Laptop Cooling Fans

Nov 16, 2008

I'm considering purchasing an Antec notebook cooler fan for my Acer Extensa. How effective are these external coolers.

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Dell :: Who Is Using Cooling Pad, With Fans For Their XPS ?

Mar 8, 2009

I'm now very happy owner of a cooling pad with fans. My temps are :

CPU : 29 degrees
GPU : 40 degrees
HDD : 27 degrees

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Sony :: Replacing CPU Cooling Paste

Apr 9, 2009

I have just disasembled and cleaned, (to the best of my abilty), my SONY SZ2XP comp using compressed gas. Hopefully,

it will yield some results getting rid of all the dust, although i did feel like i could have done better if i managed to disassemble it further to reach all affected areas.

I'll continue to my question though, I unscrewed the heatsink and noticed that the thermal paste on the cpu looked really misapplied.

It has some big lumps of paste and seems very unevenly applied. I have owned this computer for about 2 years or so, and i have never disassembled it until now

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Dell :: D830 Motherboard Compatible With D820 Laptop

Jun 23, 2009

my motherboard just crashed on me and I need to get a replacement for it and would like to catch two flies with one hit and upgrade my cpu while I`m at it but the d820 motherboard doesn`t support the better newer ones and i feel the d820 computer i own is still perfect for my needs.

Therefore I was thinking if the d830 motherboard has the same fit as the prior since after some looking into it they look very much alike but it would kinda suck if it didn`t fit.




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Dell :: New Laptop Fans = Quieter

Sep 12, 2007

So I've had my XPS Gen 2 which I've taken good care of for about 3 years now. Lately, I've been paying a bit more attention to my fan noise. It seems louder than when I first got the laptop, could be just me. And I know it can't be the infamous core2duo motherboard problem that the new laptops have since this is a 2.26 Pentium M.

So I'm wondering if replacing the two fans with brand new ones would minimize the fan noise and maybe even help with cooling (not that the current ones aren't doing their jobs). What do you guys think? And if you do suggest that buying new fans will solve noise problems or lessen noise problems, what is the part number? Or, is there a good alternative to buy the fans? (Ebay is a bit shaky since you get cheap imitations sometimes, but hey, it could work.)

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Acer :: Webcam Interchange & General Part's Compatable Cross Platform Notebook's & Laptop's

Dec 1, 2009

If I have a aspire 5517 what models share this webcam and microphone with emachines or other acer models? looking at a 5100 cam about like the rectangle not punched in my 5517...Think it will fit? is the Mic intergated? doesnt look like it... but I've never taken apart the bezel. Think the motherboard had extra ribbon clips for the camera thou but not sure now that it is back together...[url]

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Dell :: Aftermarket Laptop Fans For M1710?

Jan 1, 2009

I originally bought my XPS with the 7900 GTX but after having memory parity errors constantly happen after a year of ownership, Dell Support replaced my memory 4-5 times (errors in memtest86 on all new replacement ram.

After finally getting a good set of refurbished ram, the problems continued to happen. So after another call with tech support, they decided to replace my motherboard.

The motherboard was replaced and the problems still continued to happen. Eventually I realised it was the video card so we got that replaced (Luckily they upgraded me to 7950 GTX) and the problems went away.

Ok, so now 3-4 years of ownership and the problem occassionally happens when I play intensive games again...

My 3 year warrenty has ended so I don't exactly want to buy another video card.

I have the Notepal laptop cooler with aftermarket higher CFM fans then what came with the unit and if I turn that on when playing games it doesn't happen but sometimes I forget and parity error.

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HP/Compaq :: Laptop Getting Hot- Fans Not Going High

Sep 24, 2009

I seem to be having an issue with my laptop and it's the fans not going high or fast. I don't know when this started happening but the odd thing is that the fans are not broken because when I boot it up I can hear and feel the fans going fast but as soon as the screen gets to the Windows Loading Screen the fans go back down to normal or slow speed, which is normal but when I'm playing my games I expect it to speed up so it can cool down my laptop, nope instead at 97 Celsius it's still the same speed and doesn't even bother trying lol. This is getting quite annoying because I need a fan sitting on the ground pointing up at my laptop just to keep it cool so it doesn't just turn off on me now I'm debating weather I should take it to my local Future Shop seeing as how I still have it under there 2 year warranty but I kind of look at that option as my last resort till I can be sure I can't fix it.

If any of this information helps heres what I'm running:
HP G60-104CA Laptop
2 GB of RAM
1.90 GHz AMD Athlon X2 64 Dual Core Processor
256 MB of Video RAM (Taken from the 2GB of ram)
Running Windows 7
BIOS Password on Start Set to ON.
Startup Windows Password is ON

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Dell XPS 15 L521x :: Gets Too Hot When Gaming - Fans Go Crazy / Laptop Starts Beeping

Oct 8, 2012

Brand new laptop idles at 55° C, but at least the fans are quiet.   Casual web browsing, listening to music, and/or downloading files and cpu temp rises to mid 70° C and the fan starts humming pretty noticeably.  If I try to do any gaming, PC hits 85°+ C, fans go crazy,  and the laptop starts beeping.  I really like this laptop, but I need it to be able to handle my day to day activities.

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Acer :: Cooling Laptop

May 13, 2009

Well my wife and I picked up an Acer 6920G. So far we like it. She wants to use it sometimes at night in bed to play WoW so I was looking for a good cooling pad for it. So what are some good ones out there?

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Dell :: Replacing My Laptop

Oct 5, 2009

Well the worst happened and my trusted Dell M1710 powerhouse that I've had for several years was dropped into a tub of water. I've got the complete care warranty so I called Dell to get a replacement unit.

Well after waiting a little over a week Dell agreed to send me a replacement unit; however, since the Dell XPS M1710 is no longer in stock they're going to send me a Dell Studio XPS 16.

I was wondering if everyone here thought that was a fair trade or an upgrade?

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Dell Vostro 5460 :: Laptop Cooling Fan Sound Very Loud?

Dec 23, 2014

my Vostro 5460 sounds like rattling marbles very loud whenever the fan kicks in. I bought the laptop in Thailand but now live in the U.S. How to get spare parts or diagnostics?

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Dell :: Replacing Laptop Cpu M1210

Mar 13, 2009

I've got a Dell M1210 with an Intel T2500 (Yonah). It is showing its age, but I love the computer. Possible to upgrade the CPU on this, even if it voids whatever warranty I might have left? If so, what are the limitations?

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Acer :: Aspire 5570 Laptop Cooling Mod

Feb 17, 2009

I've bought my Acer Aspire 5570 with T2450 Core Duo 2.0 CPU and Intel GMA950 Video 1.5 years ago and back then I wasn't into fiddling around with it, plus I also had warranty on it and didn't feel like voiding that.

But lately it has been pissing me off, because if I actually use it for anything other than browsing text-based web pages it gets hot. And if put under max load after 10minutes you run the risk of burning your hand if you touch the laptop underneath (75C according to RMClock Utility).

But now, since warranty is long over i decided to see what I can do to improve cooling.
After spending a good amount of time looking for service manual I found one on ed2k network and set it download. Eager to get the things rolling I took it apart blindly (wasn't hard at all) and of course, right when I was done with the last screw the service manual finished downloading... *sigh* (To save you from the same fate I've uploaded the service manual at the end of this post.)

I have cleaned the heatsinks (there wasn't much hair, since i used to blow it out with compressed air occasionally), reapplied thermal paste and then I noticed that about 3/4 of air vent on the bottom of the laptop (where air gets sucked in for cooling) was blocked by a piece of removable plastic, whereas the fan was big enough to use the whole vent......................

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Dell :: Is Replacing My Dead E1705 Laptop

Feb 20, 2009

My Inspiron e1705 laptop would not boot. Turns out it is a bad graphics card. Dell no longer has the graphics card in stock to ship a new one to me, so they are sending me a whole new laptop. The support guy said all of the components will be the same or better.

Anyone have any idea what I should expect to get? Will it be a new laptop or refurbished? I really liked the laptop I have now, and wish I did not have to replace it, but if I truly get something better, then I guess it is ok.

I guess I should have asked Dell this, but does anyone also know if my warranty (which has 1.5 years out of 4 left) will still be good on the new laptop?

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Dell XPS 15 :: Replacing Laptop Hard Drive?

Jan 3, 2015

My laptop hard drive is about to fail and I plan on replacing it myself. However, if I'm unable to locate the original system drives, rescue disk, or Windows 7 software, what files do I need to make sure I copy before installing the new drive?  I may go ahead and purchase a new copy of Windows and do a clean install but I'm concerned about the BIOS and other drivers.

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HP Pavilion G6-1145sg Lockups :: Laptop Cooling Fan Isn't Working

Feb 24, 2012

Okay, so. I have an HP Pavilion g6-1145sg. It was working properly all morning, and then I put it to sleep temporarily (about ten to twenty minutes). When I went to turn it on, the screen was black and said something along the lines of "the system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly. Continued operation would not be recommended at this time... may cause unpredictable behaviour that could result in random shut down, data loss or possible system damage." 
Then after a few seconds it shuts off completely. There is an option to continue with system resume, and I clicked it once, but it didn't go all the way through to letting me use my laptop properly (I got to my desktop background and it shut down). 
I have had it since last August, and it has worked somewhat alright through until today. Of course, the system lags occasionally, but nothing serious, mostly just aggravating. 

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Dell :: Warranty Upgrade Tips

Jan 18, 2010

I was hoping to upgrade my warranty & was given the prices of 89, 109 & 139 for 1, 2 & 3 years cover.

any suggestions how i could get a reduction in this price? I'm looking at the 3 years warranty and will probably just buy it @139, but wondered if anyone else had success with a reduced amount?

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Dell :: Can Some One Give Me Tips On Overclocking GPU

Dec 7, 2009

Im trying to overlock my 9400mg a little bit as well as my processor p8600 2.4ghz core 2 duo with Nvidia performance tools (ntune).

Stock GPU clock: 450/1075/1100
overclocked GPU: 500/1075/1200

CPU stock FSB clock: 267 (2.4ghz)
Overclocked CPU clock: 301 (2.7ghz)

Now I noticed an option on motherboard tab "PCIe slot 1: 2500mhz"
should I increase the PCIe clock? to about 2700mhz just like the processor, or how much should I move it, or do I even need to move it? Is there any benefit of playing with pcie clock, or what does it effect in the system in terms of hardware?

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Tips For Vista

Aug 23, 2007

I just bought my first Dell laptop, an XPS M1710, 7600G, 7650 GTX, 4 GB RAM.

I am about to set it up, but before I personalize, I just wondered whether anyone has any good tips. I am going to use Vista Ultimate.

Should I format/reinstall since it comes with a lot of unnecessary software?

Any starter tips for Vista? I hear you can change initial settings to improve performance greatly. Is this exaggerated?

Should I overclock the CPU? If so, what speed is recommended, and are there detailed instructions anywhere on the site?

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Dell :: Any Tips On Reducing Temperatures While Playing

May 9, 2010

Is the GPU temp reduced if i play in 800x600 instead of 1200x800?

Do you have any tip for reducing the temps while playing?

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Dell :: M6400: Comes With XP SP3 Pre-installed, But I Want To Install XP SP2 Instead: Anyone Have Any Tips?

May 31, 2009

I bought a M6400 recently, and asked that XP be installed and Vista be available.....
So I have XP Pro OEM SP3 preinstalled on the machine, and Vista Ultimate Sp1 available on a separate DVD... I'm not ready to go to Vista yet, so I want to run XP for now. However, I am certain that Sp3 is at the root of practically all the problems I am suffering, and I need to get rid of it. Anyone have any idea how to do this? The Dell XP disc has Sp3 on it, so I can't simply hit "uninstall" and get rid of SP3. I have OEM SP2 XP discs available and have a moderate knowledge of slipstreaming, so I just need some pointers.
My other laptop, a Lenovo T60P, has only Sp2 installed and is suffering none of the issues the Dell has, so I'm pretty sure that Sp3 needs to go.

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Dell :: XPS GEN 2 Nvidia 6800/7800 + Any Tips

Oct 13, 2009

Laptop started with verticle lines. Did some research, seems common video card problems - scoured the net for cheapest replacement (dell wanted crazy money!)

Found ebay seller who links to this forum (did not purchase).
Seems the link is for 9300' about flashing BIOS to make laptop think its an XPS...

But, MINE is.

DO i need both the battery and power supply? battery died a year ago and i just took it out. Laptop is desktop. Prefer not to buy Battery .....

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Dell :: Returning My M2400 For A Refund, Any Tips?

Jan 14, 2009

I bought a M2400 some days ago. I like it for most of the features: eSata, nice docking station, nice LED screen, backlite keyboard, etc.

But I can't live with the noisy fan that is on way too often when the laptop is docked.

I mean, I'm not using some CPU intentive programs here, I'm browsing the web and listening to music and the fan turns on!

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Dell :: Warranty Extention Tips (SXPS M1340)

May 3, 2010

My warranty on my SXPS m1340 expires soon. I started a system exchange two weeks ago and I'm getting a replacement system. This will be my second replacement, I've had various problems with my system. I don't want this system exchange to arrive without a warranty. I recently chatted with dell for a warranty extension and for a 1 year extension it cost $421.75. I said that's a little high and the agent called me and offered me $320.20 with a $75.00 gift card urging me to take the offer as it is "Limited". I told the agent to call back later. Should I take the 1 year warranty for $320.20 with the gift card or still try and play hardball with Dell. I definitely need to buy a warranty extension, I cant even count how many issues I've had with my system.

*Do these quotes include taxes?

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Dell :: Tips And Tweaks Of The Nividia GeForce 9400M, 9500M, And N10M-GS

Dec 19, 2009

Since I don't have a clue how to tweak my 9400m to the fullest of its ability's I thought I make a thread so we can discuss the latest drivers, flash beta 10, best settings for optimal performance ... etc

Link to the latest Driver for the 9400M, 9500M, and N10M-GS Link to adobe flash player 10 *beta* adds GPU-acceleration for smoother online HD videos

* Note- if anyone thinks I should add something, let me know and I will updat

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Dell :: SXPS 16 BIOS A11 And Updates In General

Oct 30, 2009

Anyone notice any difference going from A10 to A11 on an SXPS 1640?

Also, do BIOS updates have to be incremental? Can I say go from A10 to A14 when it's out, or I must go A10, 11, 12, 13, 14?

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Dell :: M1210 OS's Poll (General Curiosity)

Jul 21, 2007

What type of OS do you have running on your M1210.

-Windows Vista
-Windows XP
-Windows XP MCE
-Apple Mac OS
-Other (Linux, Ubuntu, etc)

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Dell :: General Question About Customer Service.

Apr 19, 2009

I keep hearing horror stories about consumer customer support and higher praise of business support.

My question is where does the support for a system such as the Studio XPS 16 fall in. I here that the XPS line has better support, but does that make a difference if I order it from the consumer (Home) section?

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