Acer :: Opening Up Laptop

Feb 14, 2009

does acer warranty see if the laptop (6 screw plate) has been opened ?

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Acer :: What To Do First After Opening Laptop?

Mar 26, 2009

im gonna be getting my first laptop this weekend and ive never set up a computer before!

I was just wondering what do I do when I turn it on for the first time (straight out of its box)

*Does it need charging first?

*Do I install Vista on it my self? (Which I hope comes with the CD!)

*Then do I install my protection firewall thingy?

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Dell :: How To Turn On 9300 Without Opening Laptop Lid And Pressing Switch

Aug 3, 2007

I have this laptop permanently connected to an external monitor and have it standing upright. Every time I turn on the laptop, I have to flip the screen open press the switch and then close the lid just to turn it on. Is there a way to turn the laptop on without opening the lid and pressing the switch?

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Acer :: 1410 Resume On Lid Opening

Nov 21, 2009

just got my 1410 SU2300 machine. I did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro x64 and installed the updated Intel drivers for video and chipset from the Timeline Tweaks thread (all the others were from Windows Update). With the Win7 Home Premium that came with the unit, I was able to come out of suspend automatically when opening the lid.

Now, I have to press the power button to get the machine out of suspend. Could it be one of the power management drivers causing this problem? Is there a solution to it, or am I stuck like this?

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Acer :: Opening The Travelmate 8100

Aug 22, 2007

The time has come, I have to do something with my Travelmate 8101. Pentium M 730 1,6GHz seems a bit slow, as I can get a Pentium M 770 2,13GHz relatively cheap. The problem is, I can't seem to get it open! Does anybody have any experience with opening/modifying the TM 8100?

And also, how big a difference would the new processor do compared to the old one? I'm also considering expanding the memory from 1GB to 2GB.

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Acer :: Opening An Aspire 5050 Replace Trackpad

Jan 21, 2008

how to open up a Acer Aspire 5050. My right mouse button is constantly being pushed down, i've disabled it through the drivers but i would like the laptop to be fully functional. I was wondering why this could be happening.

I'm looking for a guide so i can investigate! Do you think it would be easy to repair? Or would i just need to replace the board underneath the buttons? The left click and the scroll buttons did work properly before this happened. Now only the left click works.

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Acer Aspire 5750 :: Cannot Boot - Just Keeps Opening And Closing

Jan 6, 2015

My 5750 wont boot past the acer logo screen which just keeps opening and closing. F2 wont work. One time I got to the safe mode screen by hitting F8 but now that is not engaging either. I removed the RAM and cleaned them well.  I also tried removing any left over power static by pressing power for about a minute. I do not have any cds for this machine since it was given to me used and it has worked fine for months until i recently removed a virus called DOS....

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Acer :: Aspire V3 / Restore Factory Settings Not Opening In Windows 8

Nov 7, 2014

I have an Aspire V3 which has become very crippled. As the laptop was not in my care before now, I had tried to use the Restore Factory Settings option in the Recovery Management tool, however when I click the button to restore, nothing happens.
I have tried running windows 8 in safe mode as well as pressing alt-f10 on start up. Nothing seems to be working. Is there any way I can reset this short of using a pre-made recovery disc?

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Acer Aspire V3 :: Windows 8 - Restore Factory Settings Not Opening

Nov 14, 2014

I have an Aspire V3 which has become very crippled. As the laptop was not in my care before now, I had tried to use the Restore Factory Settings option in the Recovery Management tool, however when I click the button to restore, nothing happens.
I have tried running windows 8 in safe mode as well as pressing alt-f10 on start up. Nothing seems to be working. Is there any way I can reset this short of using a pre-made recovery disc?

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Acer Aspire D255E :: Comes On - Displays Opening Screen Then Shuts Down In Few Seconds

Oct 6, 2014

I just bought an Acer Aspire D255E with a cracked display.  I tested it and it worked fine.  Replaced the display with a brand new one, and the result is that it comes on, displays the opening screen, briefly flashes what looks like the screen you get when you shut down abnormally,then powers down.  It will also power down in about the same time if I F2 into the BIOS.

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Acer Aspire E5-571-51ZL :: Running Windows 8.1 - Opening Lid To Restore From Hibernation?

Feb 23, 2015

I have changed the Windows power settings so that when I close the lid it goes into hibernate mode. However, when I open the lid it does not start the laptop and restore from hibernation. I have to open the lid and press the power-on button and then it restores from hibernation.
I have a much cheaper Toshiba Laptop that just automatically starts and restores from hibernation when I open the lid. As far as I recall there were no special settings that I changed in order for the Toshiba to work like that, just the setting in the Windows power option that permits hibernation when closing the lid. The Toshiba run Windows 8.0.
Does this model Acer have this feature? If so, how do I set it up to work?

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Dell :: Opening A Inspiron 1720

May 11, 2009

Last night, I opened my Dell Inspiron 1720 (specifications in my signature) with the help of this website, to clean it.

I opened it till this step -

I cleaned this part, and vacuum cleaned the body. There was so much junk ....

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HP/Compaq :: Way To Turn On Envy 15 Without Opening Lid

Jan 8, 2010

Most of the time I use my Envy 15 on my desk and hooked up to an external monitor. In this mode I do not use the laptop screen, so have it set to just display on the external.

However, to turn on the laptop obviously I have to open it up and press the power switch.

What I want to do, is turn it on whilst keeping it closed. I used to be able to do this with my Dell Latitude E6400, as it has an option in the BIOS to turn on automatically when AC is connected. Thus, when I turned it off I would simply unplug power, then to turn it on again would just plug the power back in without having to open lid.

I have looked, and the Envy 15 BIOS is very limited and I don't see a similar option. Is there possibly another solution to get it to turn on when closed?

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Dell Inspiron 15R :: DVD Drive Is Not Opening

Apr 11, 2013

I am using Dell inspiron 15R laptop. Suddenly my DVD drive is not opening. I have inserted a DVD which I think got corrupted and from then on my DVD drive is not opening. Unfortunately, I am not able to even eject the DVD out. Whenever I right-click on Drive (E) for ejecting it is taking a lot of time and system is getting struck. I wonder this laptop has got an eject button on the DVD drive, as I never got an opportunity to try that way.

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Dell :: Lost Some Screws When Opening My M1330

Sep 23, 2008

I lost the screws that hold the door of the memory compartment. Do you guys know where I can buy them? I'm a perfectionist. I prefer the same kind/colour of screws that Dell uses. Can I buy them from any hardware stores?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Opening Files In SL

Sep 26, 2009

Double-clicking files in the Finder under Snow Leopard launches applications associated with the types of the files regardless of which applications used to create those files. I like it but I can see why those users who have been using Mac for 2 decades hate it. Other than that it forces one to adopt a new habit, I think it makes sense both conceptually and practically to ignore creator codes for most users.

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Apple :: .opening Encrypted Images In Windows

Jan 9, 2010

I'd like to encrypt my entire hard drive in this MBP. I use Time Machine, though -- and my understanding is that FileVault (a) is exploitable, and (b) requires that users be logged out for backups to occur. Both of those are big problems for me.

Behind that, the easiest way to encrypt things that really, truly should be protected somehow is to use Disk Utility to create a protected image, or such is my assumption. From what I understand, a .dmg can be converted to ISO within Windows (or opened with 7-zip). Is it at all possible for an encrypted .dmg to be converted/opened under Windows?

I ask because I'm not convinced I won't be on a Windows 7 notebook at some point, especially with updated HP Envy and Sony Vaio models coming. Could be wrong, but I like flexibility.

(I know that TrueCrypt serves a similar function to encrypted .dmg files via Disk Utility and is cross-platform, but still.)

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Dell XPS 9530 :: Does Not Wakeup From Sleep When Opening The Lid

Oct 28, 2014

My brand new XPS15 9530 has been having the same problem since I received it. Randomly (but usually after several hours of being closed) the notebook does not wake up when I open the lid.

I have removed the Intel wifi and bluetooth drivers, but the issue remains.

I have reset the power profile and the issue remains

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HP P1102w Networking :: Printer Utility Not Opening?

Jan 30, 2015

I just downloaded to OS X Yosemite and my printer won't work wirelessly.  When I go to open printer utility to check my wireless settings it won't open.  how to open the printer utility button so I can try and fix the wireless issue?  

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Dell :: Hundreds Of New Browser Windows Opening Up Randomly

Sep 22, 2008

I am having some trouble with my Internet explorer. At times when I am surfing, hundreds of new IE windows open up randomly and they keep on opening up till I kill the process in the Task Manager. I did a full system scan using Mc Afee but it says the system is clean.

if this is malware or some wierd IE bug?

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Sony :: Opening Photos On SR Takes Forever After Installing IE8

Apr 21, 2009

My 3-month old Sony Vaio SR laptop is taking an age to open up photos - and I think it was since I installed IE8.

Since the window boxes within Windows Vista are run using IE technology, I am thinking it is to blame?

So when I open a photo in a photo album, it takes about 8 seconds to open. The photo sizes are only around 1mb each. Once the first photo is opened, I can browse to the next photo quite quickly. But if I close the picture window down and open another, it takes another 8 seconds to load up the photo.

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Apple :: New To The World Of Mac - When Opening A Program I Get The Rainbow Wheel

Mar 9, 2009

sometimes when opening a program I get the rainbow wheel, is this a bad thing? I hope this is normal and harmless meaning nothing.

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Apple :: Superdrive Mechanical Noise When Waking Up/ Opening Lid

Apr 17, 2009

Alright so I just want to know if I should be worried or not about this:

Lately, when I open the lid, the drive starts "moaning". You know that sound as if you just inserted a CD or DVD into it. It does it three times with a couple of seconds gap in between.

It still reads just fine, I just tried it with a DVD, but I'm still concerned about the sound.

Usually there is just a small and short sound when opening the lid, just like when booting up, when (as much as I can figure) the head realigns to center.

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Dell Inspiron 3521 :: Apps Are Not Opening And Closing

Jan 10, 2015

I own a Dell Inspiron 3521, and I'd been having an issue with apps not opening and closing when I do try. I went to fix this error. That's when I made a grave mistake. Somewhere along the line of me trying to fix it, I messed with something I shouldn't have and when I finished with my task, I was told to restart the computer to activate the settings. After I turned it back on it seemed normal up to the point after I saw the dell logo. It went black. At first I made the assumption that since I changed settings that it was still trying to configure them. But soon after,  I saw my mouse and a little signal flash in the bottom left of my screen. So I checked around and found out that I needed to reinstall windows with disc or USB. But I don't have access to either of those.

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Lenovo ThinkPad L R/SL :: Access Connections 6.10 Window Not Opening On R61

Nov 20, 2013

For some time now I have had the problem that the Access Connections configuration window doesn't open. The icon in the taskbar does work as expected, it shows the configured profiles and I can switch between them. But I cannot edit them or create new ones, because the configuration window doesn't start. The access connections task is running in the background, but there is no visible window. 

I'm using version 6.10 under Windows 7, and the problem exists on several different ThinkPad models (R500, R61). Reinstalling didn't work.

In two cases I know that Windows 7 has been updated from Vista, I'm not sure whether this is the case for all of the affected machines.

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Dell Inspiron N7110 :: Slow Or Non Opening Programs?

Mar 28, 2013

I have a Dell Inspiron N7110. Recently after updating my McAfee antivirus software my computer has been slow. The computer works fine when we first turn it on but after a few times of closing the laptop and reopening it to use it, the programs won't open. I try opening Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and my documents. Also the computer won't even turn off. It just stays at the blue logging off screen.

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Acer :: My Charger Light Blinks When Its In My Laptop. And My Laptop Wont Charge

Nov 14, 2008

When I plug my acer laptop charger into the wall, the green light lights up accordingly. when i plug it into my laptop the greenlight begins blinking and my laptop does not charge. is something wrong with my laptop or charger? Yesterday my laptop just shut itself off, i wasnt monitoring the battery because at the time it was plugged into the wall. Now its not charging anymore, did I burn something out?

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Acer :: 7735-6719 Laptop Vs 7530-5682 Laptop

May 6, 2010

I have an Acer 7735-6719 laptop, but hate the keyboard and the restiction of pushing the screen back. A friend has the older 7530-5682..and is willing to swap... what are the pros and cons.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Opening / Closing LID Causes Blue Camera LED To Flash

Mar 26, 2009

i found that whenever i move the LID to close it, open it or just move it for no reason the LED will blink.

Already had screen replaced, keyboard and etc.

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Sony :: Slowness On Opening And Clicking,acutting Or Flickerin When Maximize

Apr 5, 2009

while I am opening a folder or clicking its section.

For example: when I am open ms
, it does not open quickly and it does not open late at the same time, but there is a little slowness when it is opening.When I click its option like page setup, view or anything, computer waits very little time. As to game, it is good. I can play the goodgames, such as farcry2 and fm09 easily. My laptop features

i fell that when i open my computer icon that the window open slowly ( in cutting move ) in the upper title bar its take 2 seconds
is this thing flicker ?

its happen only when maximize windows and little in minimize windows

i tray to change the frame rate to 60 its work fine for 5 minutes and return back ?

i update the bios , update the drivers . nothing fix

is this hardware problem ?

this problem is more appearing in windows 7 than vista

512 9600mgt

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